July 10, 2007

farm sex-horny pets

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Jeannie Boyd sat on the porch in the early morning and sipped coffee and looked out over the farm.
My farm, she thought. All mine.
She felt a mixture of emotions: pride, a sense of accomplishment and, most of all, a feeling of contentment and satisfaction. She felt, she knew, that she had made the right choice in coming to the farm and settling down.
It had not been easy.
Six months before, she had been living in the city, pursuing a successful career. Then, fate had stepped in, as it often does. She received the news that her uncle had passed away and left her his farm.
Why her uncle would bequeath her the farm was a question Jeannie couldn’t answer with certainty. She hadn’t been particularly close to her uncle, and she hadn’t lived on a farm for years–not since she had left home after high school. She supposed it had something to do with the fact that she was her uncle’s only living relative.
When Jeannie had arrived at the farm, she had been overwhelmed. It was a medium-sized spread; actually, it was a combination farm and ranch, and Jeannie had thought: No way; no way am I going to be able to manage this. But she had found that it was manageable–thanks to Stumpy. He was a little old wizened bantam rooster of a man, and he had been her uncle’s manager and overseer for decades. And he more than knew his stuff. The farm-ranch was a going concern; crops as well as livestock were produced for market, and a number of workers were employed. (more…)

July 7, 2007

my experience into bestiality

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this is a story about my experience into bestiality. You see I have long been interested in seeing women pleasuring themselves with the use of dogs and other animals. I have always been addicted to sex with females and finding ways that I could aid them in their yearning for sexual satisfaction as well as satisfying my sexual needs.

Well I went to the internet to find out if there were other people out there that had this need. I looked and found that this is a very common sexual practice that takes place but it is looked down upon, so those that practice it have to keep to themselves. With this fact I found a site that people meet on and share their wants and needs and stories. There I found it hard to meet people quickly for the reason that it is against the law in many places. But I found a couple of females that I was able to chat with. From this I began chatting with one in particular. This is where my story begins. (more…)

July 4, 2007

my k9 bestiality story

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This happened several years ago and is the only time i have ever had the opportunity to see a dog really mount a woman and fuck her like she was his bitch in heat.
Early one saturday morning before the kids had thought of waking up I awoke with a huge hard on, I snuggled up even closer to my ex and began to kiss her neck and fondle her big 38 d tits, knowing this would soon get me the response that i desperately needed this morning.Soon she rolled over and i slipped the satin night gown over her head leaving her naked, as i sucked her tits and massaged her wet slit I soon got the response i was seeking. she had straddled me and was riding my hard thick cock as I sucked both her tits within a matter of minutes we had both cum and she was filled with our juices. As she rolled off me we could hear our German shepard in the back hard jumping against the door wanting to be fed or let in the house to wake the kids. I slowly got out of the bed and noticed we had left a huge wet spot on the sheets from our fucking but the wife was trying to go back to i went to the door to quiet the dog. Buddy was a great looking speciem about 4 years old and big for a german shepard weighted at least 100 lbs and shit huge turds that had to be picked up out of the yard daily. I wrapped a towel around my waist and went to the door to quiet the dog and as i opened it he ran past me like a shot and straight to our bedroom. Bounding up on the bed like a kid and licking the wifes face and smothering her with his body towering over her. I went back to the bedroom as quitely as possible not wanting to wake up the kids and saw that Buddy was now concentrating on the wet spot of cum on the sheet and was licking it as hard and fast as he could. (more…)

July 2, 2007

my wife had sex with our dog

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Today was My Wife’s birthday, and I had to go out and pick Rose’s present up this morning. Rose was awake chatting on the Internet all night when I left. While I was out getting her present she stayed home and was online all day. Rose was sitting down naked at the computer and surfing the web. She then went to a search engine and typed in k9 for dogs, as she had been talking about getting another pet. She thought she could do some research. She clicked on a couple of links until she came upon a subject from her passed.

On this site, there was a picture of a Great Dane fucking this woman doggie style. At first Rose was a little offended, but then she started to remember when she had her first doggie experience, she started getting aroused by the sight of the woman being fucked. Rose surfed through the rest of the site looking at all the different pictures and reading a couple of short stories. All this excitement made Rose put her hand down to her wet pussy, and Rose rubbed her clit slowly and let out a little moan of pleasure. She continued to play with herself and browse the site until she saw that the site was offering Ј1,000 pound for a video of human and k9sex. The site was giving this for good quality picture of a dog; fucking a woman. Rose just sighed realizing it was a great idea to have fun and earn some extra cash, but she had no dog. (more…)

June 30, 2007

gay men having oral sex with dog

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I was down stairs playing final fantasy 1 dawn of souls while i had my female pit on my bed.I started to feel a little friskey and i was licking her love box (fyi) she tases beter than any dog i have licked before i started to finger her as she licks my cock.Iam still in the prosses of loosening her up she is 3 1/2 yrs old i just got her from a freind he was just going to take her to the pound cause he could not aford her any longer so i took her of his hands.Anyway im slowly working my middle finger inside her and like she allways does looks over at me with loveing eyes as if too say ohh after i pleasure her for a while i desided to do something new if she would let me and liked it.i pul my finger in her mouth and with another one slowly and gently opend her mouth and she was not agitated or anything she was just as calm as could the little horns on my head appered so i slowly placed my cock inside her mouth and my head touched some teeth needless to say ouch so i had to position my self a little better and she took my cock in her mouth she did not try to bite me or pull back so i started to pump her slowly it felt prety good not great but ok.Then she pushed her head on my cock and i slid in her throat and she started to swallow and oh my god that felt great (more…)

June 25, 2007

mmf dogsex story

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“Mmmm, that pickle tastes good.” Jenny said as she slobbed on her boyfriend’s dick.

“Wow, you are a good lil dicksucker jen aren’t you?” He said.

“yeah, Mmmmpgh” She licked his cockhead and his dick plunged out of her mouth for a moment. “How’d you get so good?” Brian asked her. “I had a good teacher.” She said gleefully. Here he is now…A a black labador retriever entered the room. He has a shiny, glossy coat of hair. The mut looked the girls fat pink butt and then at her tits. I saw a bright red cocktip emerge from his black fur.

“Care to join us?” The white girl said as her plump ass jiggled freely around on the carpet floor. She patted the dog on his head as he drooled, salvia eminating from the beast’s mouthflaps. Brian pull the bitch back towards his plump, long, and hard dick. She gulped down his cock like a piece of meat her eyes on his crotch.

Then the animal came at her from behind, It was obvious he was intrigued by the fresh stench of pussy in the air; not only by his glowing red doggiekawk. He sniffed her warm smelly butthole and she raised in in the air slightly. Brian wanted to force his erection in her lovehole deeper as jennifer reach back to try to get the dog to mount her.

The dark animal put his left front leg paw around around her leg after failing a few times. I recoiled in horror at the sight as I pushed my hand down on my balls harder. I was stroking my cock furiously and couldn’t wait for more to come. The furry beast was desperately trying to mount the woman, and I knew that soon it would be fucking her full force. Jenny pushed back on brian’s pelvis with both her hands, his cockmeat flung out, slinging a bit of lubrication in her eye. (more…)

June 21, 2007

italian beastiality story

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Prima di tutto, questa (S)fortunatamente NON и una storia di fantasia, ma la pura veritа.
Per farla breve arrivo alla tenera etа di 40 anni convinto che tutte le mie fantasie sull’animalsex dovessero rimanere tali finchи..incontro una tipa verameeeente fuori,con lei si poteva fare veramente di tutto:non conosco i vostri gusti ma dato che siete quм presumo che non sarete proprio dei francescani per cui un paio di cosette ve le racconto.

Avrete sentito parlare di giochetti con la cera?Beh, a lei gliela colavo direttamente nella topina, dovevate vedere la sua faccia a metа tra la sofferenza e l’estasi la prima volta che gliel’ho fatto.Un altra volta le ho fatto infilare l’astuccio di un sigaro nel culo e l’ho mandato a casa cosм,poi le telefonavo per sentire come stava, lei mi pregava di poterselo togliere ma l’ho tirata avanti quasi 8 ore, fino a quando non sono arrivato io e non l’ho sostituito con chi di competenza.

Finchи chiacchera chiacchera siamo andati sull’argomento e..SUPERENTUSIASTA!! Tutte le volte che scopavamo mi chiedeva:” E allora, il cagnetto quando arriva!!?”Adesso direte, problema risolto,che figata, ma provate a pensarci un attimo:quando finisci di fantasticare e arrivi alla realtа ci sono dei problemi pratici, o per essere precisi uno solo:dove trovare la bestiuzza compiacente!? (more…)

June 19, 2007

animal horse cock fucking

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Even after three weeks the heat of the city bothered me. Marcus, who ran the Middle Eastern end of The Company, told me that it was much more pleasant out in the desert, drier and less humid. That part of my upcoming trip I was looking forward to; spending a weekend in the desert in the traditional nomadic tent of the person The Company was trying to impress (and as a consequence sell several million dollars worth of executive jet aircraft to) was not my idea of how to spend a marvelous time. I kept having visions of dining on.”..ripped out sheep’s eyes…” my fault for listening to all those Souxie and the Banshees records as a student I suppose.

Still, my host, Sheikh Mohammed Hassan Al Bakir, seemed a pleasant enough fellow. I’d first met him at the airfield. I was piloting our flying sales demo model when he’d come forward and asked to take the controls. For someone who wasn’t type rated on executive twins he flew very well, only later I found out that he’d flown fighters for his country’s airforce; indeed it was rumoured that he’d flown during that little contretemps over in Kuwait a couple of years back. Anyway we’d got to talking, I took him through a full power stall and recovery and after we landed he invited me to stay for the weekend.

The Company, needless to say, was utterly delighted that we got along so well. The day before I was due to go I was summoned to Marcus’ office, for a little pep talk on sales procedure I assumed and so I’d got my macho “I’m a pilot not a salesman.” speech all prepared; hell I even wore my Ray-Ban’s in a vain attempt to look like something out of “Top Gun.” The speech wasn’t quite what I’d expected. (more…)

June 15, 2007

beast sex dog fucking and sucking

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It was a typical Friday night and it was after dark by the time I got home, and I was grumpier and more tired than usual. It was nights like this that made me appreciate living alone with my three year old golden retriever, Samson, on our isolated ranch. I enjoy company as much as the next person, but there are times when I just wanted to be on my own. This was one of those nights.
A large shadow moved across the deck as I approached the side door and I felt the tension start to leave my shoulders as a dry nose was pushed into my hand and then a warm, furry body was wrapped around my hips, a bushy tail brushing against my nylon-clad calf.
“Hey boy,” I smiled, stroking his large, satiny head and tugging gently on his ears. “What are you doing outside?” I frowned and stared into a well-lit living kitchen. “What the hell?” I grumbled, knowing I had turned the lights off this morning. The door was no longer locked and I sighed, stepping side. “Hello?” I called out. Only two people other than myself had a key to this door, and I knew my guest wasn’t my mother.
“Well hello!” a tall, slim, lovely brunette stepped into the kitchen and I sighed again. Georgia had been my best friend since seventh grade and we had lived together all through college. In fact, we had lived together up until the day I married, a mistake that took me ten good years to rectify.
Georgia in town meant trouble, for me. Her smile was wide as she handed me a glass of wine. She was obviously fresh from a bath, unless that really wasn’t my expensive bubble bath I was smelling, and she was wearing my favorite robe. My temper simmered and I took a deep swallow of wine, not too happy to notice that it was a Chardonnay I had been saving for a special occasion.
“Oh, how can you have that smelly old dog in here with you?” she waved her hands in disgust and reached for Samson’s collar. Having experienced this same situation before, he scooted behind me. I scratched his ears and glared at her for the both of us. (more…)

June 11, 2007

horse sex mare

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It was a calm spring night. I was out in the stable at night and Anett, my primary lover, was really in heat. Anytime i went near to her she lifted her tail and looked on me with her big beautiful black eyes. Oh yes, i really love those cute eyes. After a good dinner and some chating with the groomers i said that i’m tired and i’m going to sleep. But ofcourse i didn’t want to sleep so much. I was just waiting for my time. Firstly i decided to visit my dearest mare at 11 o’ clock. The night was a littlebit cold but much better than in the winter. (At new year’s eve i had sex with a mare in -15C! That was COLD!) I went out to my wonderful lover. She lifted her tail, spread her legs and looked on me. I understood that today she doesn’t wish to time with foreplaying so i grabbed a bucket and stood behind her. She was really hot from the inside and ofcourse she was wet too. As my hardness slid into her she winked and squirted. It was so good that i was afraid that i will not hold on a minute before coming. But then she suddenly stepped aside. Firstly i didn’t had an idea that why she had done this but then some noise catched my attention. Ofcourse one of the groomers came out to look around before he goes to sleep. And now i understood that Anett, my pretty mare, just saved me from being caught. Oh my, she is so great. Then i heared other noises so i decided to come back later because it seems like that everybody is still awake. So i’ve gone back to bed and decided to sleep an hour or two. I reeached for my mobile phone and set it’s alarm colock to 1:00. I fell asleep really fast then woke up suddenly like if i was aware of something. I reached for my phone and turned it on. I looked on it’s clock and realised that i slept a littlebit more than i planned. It was 3 o’ clock in the night. Well, i smiled, it’s an excelent time for mating Everything was calm and quiet but it gone even more colder. I’ve gone to my beautiful lover who again spread her legs, lifted her tail and looked back to me. Well, i decided that i will give a little foreplay to her so i went to her head and kissed her nose. We shared breath and i carresed her neck and her ears. She gently nuzzled my face and i kissed her. I felt her teeth with my tongue. She slightly opened her mouth and she touched my tongue with hers. (more…)

June 9, 2007

gay fucking horse pussy

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It all started two months ago when I was away from an Internet source of any kind. I went to a farm to help a friend of mine Tom out with breaking Horses to Ride. I then met the horse I was to break, not knowing that she was the meanest horse he owned. Her name is Angel an Appolosa (she doesnt act like one thouge). The first thing I had to do was try to put a saddle on her, it didn’t happen, instead she bit me in the arm. Tom asked “Are you okay David?” I said yes I’ll be fine. So I came down every day after that for a month strate to she her and try to get to know her. Then I was able to saddle her. That is right when things started to heat up, when I fell deeply in love with her, and like wise her to me. The following morning I came down to the barn to see her. I went into the pen with her she greated me with a lite nip on the leg, I then gave her a hug which she was not afraid of. I then left to do the work Tom had asked me to do. I came back that night right before supper to see her, I walked up to her and gave her a kiss on the muzzle, hugged her, and gave her a scratch behind the ear. I came down the day after this time I was greated with a whinny dirrected at me. I then proceeded into the pen when I got in she liked my face (To some that would be a kiss), then turned a walked away five ft. and took a piss right in front of me. At that point I didn’t know what to think until I saw her cunt winking at me. I told her no at first but the aroma of a mare is very strong, my sexual urges over powered me to the point of going to grab a bucket, put it behind her, tare all of my clothes off, climb the bucket, and do her right then and their. (more…)

June 2, 2007

fat girls having sex with animals

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Dusty began to bark excitedly, and the mattress began to bounce up and down with his eager jumping.

“Shhhh Dusty,” the big blonde whispered, holding a finger to her lips.

It excited her that the little dog was so horny but she didn’t want him to wake the whole ranch up. Have the dog in her room in the middle of the night was a naughty secret — knowing they might get caught only made it more thrilling.

Dusty growled quietly in anticipation, watching the curvacious blonde undress for him.

“In a minute, Dusty, in a minute,” Debbi promised softly. She untied her flimsy nightgown and let it pool at her feet. Her enormous milk-laden breasts jutted outward, their fat pink nipples visible through the sheer bra that strained to contain them.

Debbi leaned over the bed as she gently undid her bra. The bra came undone and a moment later Debbi’s gigantic creamy tits swung forward, her nipples hardening with excitement. On the bed, Dusty sat up in the hopes of getting a slurping taste of those jiggly breasts. Debbi giggled and leaned forward, allowing the little dog a flashing lick or two at her nipples before she stood upright.

“You can lick my big titties all night, boy” she whispered. “But first I need some hot doggy cock.”

Dusty whimpered with frustration but was happy to see Debbi continue to undress. In another moment she had peeled off the gauzy bra and expect for a pair of lace thong panties, stood naked at the foot of her bed.

Debbi paused a moment to adjust the big vanity mirror and turn the kerosene lamp down to a mere flicker. The shadows in the room deepened, and the reflection of the plump girl and the little dog took on a erotic and mysterious glow. (more…)

May 28, 2007

first time beastiality

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A friend of mine, has a Cocker Spaniel male. We also worked together and sometimes he would bring the dog in while he was working and leave it in the back. This dog was a sucker for bellyrubs, fairly obviously as after awhile he would show quite a bit of pink.

Well, eventually curiosity got the better of me and I decided to give him a ‘helping hand’ to which he rather gratefully started to push his hips up against my hand. I just couldn’t help myself then and went in for a closer look, gathering up any courage I had (and trying to pay attention to hear if anyone was coming down the hall), I lowered my head toward his growing stiffy.

Sticking my tongue out, I pressed it against the rather moist looking tip of his erection. Didn’t taste bad at all (actually, I find dog musk rather lovely, and their pre tastes so much better than a human’s), so I then opened my lips and ‘took the plunge’, pressing it into my mouth for an eager suck. My hand pulling down on his sheath to let his knot out. I tried to get as much of his shaft into my mouth, bobbing my head along its length as I sucked, running my tongue over the end to get as much a taste of him as I could. My hand busily running over his balls and swelling knot. (more…)

May 26, 2007

beastlove story

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I’m still having trouble searching for inspiration for a story, and my editor isn’t best impressed with me. I am seriously fucking depressed about the whole issue, inspiration isn’t like cooking, I can’t just turn it on and it’s done.

I saved my file and walked over to my bed, there must have been two dozen people on my contact list who were online but none of them ever talked to me, it’d have been nice but it wasn’t going to happen. I slumped into my bed, it was only 10pm but depression had caused me to feel much more tired than I was. I sulked into my pillow and sighed, that seemed to wake Rufus up and he looked at me. Rufus is Border collie and the most beautiful dog I have ever seen, he’s understanding for a dog and apart from house training has never disappointed me. He got onto the bed and made that whining noise whenever something was wrong. I rubbed his head between his ears and he licked my face and nose, causing me to laugh. My nose is my special spot and Rufus seemed to know that. He licked it again and just stared at me, his right front paw on my chest.

I don’t know why and still don’t but I kissed him on the lips then and he licked me more, his tongue searching. I willingly accepted, and my tongue joined his. I hugged him then and whispered into his ear how much I loved him, it struck me then how lonely I was, I hadn’t had a good loving partner in almost a year and here was Rufus, my best friend… Humping my belly?! I stopped hugging him and
laughed, he seemed to be smiling as well, panting slightly. (more…)

gay fucking dog pussy

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Chole was a German shepard. Around 4 years old. I knew her virtually all of her life. Her owner was one of my best friends. I use to hang around his house all the time. Whenever I was there I always paid special attention to chloe. She was such a beautiful dog. One night I had spent the night on my friends couch and was woken up at 7 in morning by Chloe licking my face. normally id be furious by being woken up so early but since it was her I didnt mind. I signaled for her to come up on the couch with me and she obeyed and hoped into my lap. I started petting her and thinking about something I had read on the internet the day before. It was about women who fucked dogs. I really got turned on by the idea and wonderd if there were any sites with men fucking female dogs. I didnt really find any but really enjoyed the idea. So there I am with a beautiful bitch and a hard on. Knowing it was early and that her owner wouldnt be awake for hours I decided to go for it. I whipped my couck out and just started rubbing against her. She didnt seem to be against the idea so i started rubbing back by her tail and to her pussy. After inserting a few fingers and wiggiling them around inside of her she started to get up. Imeditly i pulled them out thinking she was uncombfortable. I was wrong. She got off the couch turned by my face and presented herself to me. I couldnt believe it. I was so lucky so I started to do a little oral on her. She loved it and so did I. After about 10 to 15 mins of oral I couldnt take it anymore I stood up and started to ease my way inside of her. Making sure she wasnt hurting in anyway. Her pussy was so tight and so hot. I couldnt believe how great it felt. We fucked for about 20 mins. She was moving with me in a great rythem and i could feel my balls tighten. I knew I was going to cum and I pumped the biggest load of my life into her. That moment was amazing. (more…)

had sex with bull

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It was a bright sunny afternoon on the farm and I could hardly wait for evening to arrive. I had plans for after dark as the day began to change into evening my anticipation heightened. Soon it was late in the evening and the sun had gone down for the day, leaving the sky with a purple tint. Dad was in the barn milking cows and I was in the shed working on my truck. I kept looking toward the barn wondering when he was going to be done milking cows.

After an hour or so I heard the milkers being put away and I knew that I soon was be able to enact my long awaited plans. Dad soon came into the shed and told me that he and mom were going out for the evening. Dad walked to the house and after what seem like an eternity he and mom came into the shed getting into the car. As they left, they told me not to stay out here to late.

Now was the time for me to put my awaited plan into action. My excitement heightened as I looked to make sure they were well down the road for the evening. After making sure they were safety gone for the evening I rushed back to the shed turning on the radio to make it look as if I were working in there. I nearly knocked the radio off the bench with excitement as my hand reached the knob.

After making the needed adjustments, I was off. I left the shed and walked into the dim lighting, only to be fully lit now and then by a passing car’s headlamps. My patience was going to pay off very shortly. I walked to the back shed where we raised several young bulls. They were about six months old and were very tame as compared to a full grown adult bull. (more…)

May 25, 2007

sex with your dog

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George, Linda’s dom, had thought it would be an interesting test of Linda’s submission to have her fuck Brutus, but of course George hadn’t done any research on the subject.

When George got his inheritance he bought a big house on the edge of town, along with a Corvette, plasma TV and two big male Great Danes, Brutus and Mark Anthony. The house sat on five acres and he had a very generous dog run built. The property had chain link fence all the way around it and the dogs were allowed to run free most of the time, but when need be they could be put in the dog run.

Linda fit into George’s life style nicely, she was young, thin but shapely, and, by any standard, beautiful, although small, standing only five foot two and just over a hundred pounds.

They had been sitting on the terrace at the back of the house one day, Linda was naked as George always required when they were alone, and Linda had gone to refill their glasses with iced tea. When she returned with the filled glasses Brutus had come up behind her sniffing her ass. Linda did her best to shoo him away, but with her hands filled there was little she could do.

“I think Brutus likes you.” George said with a grin.

“Too bad.” Linda said as she handed George his tea.

“You don’t like Brutus?”

“I like Brutus just fine. But I don’t want his nose up my butt.” Linda said as she sat in her lounge chair. (more…)

how can i get my girlfriend to have sex with a dog

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I’ve never told this story to anyone before, and I’ll bet my ex-girlfriend hasn’t either. About 10 years ago my then girlfriend and I were living in a small country town, sharing an apartment in a single story block. One day I came home from work to find she had brought home a stray dog, a blue heeler cattle dog. The dog was friendly, and very affectionate, and she called him Prince, and I remember that I didn’t want to keep him. One Friday night, we arrived home from our usual evening at the pub, followed by a couple of hours at the nightclub, and we were both fairly smashed. The finale of these evenings was usually some pretty uninhibited sex, if we were still sober enough.

On this particular night I went into the bathroom to relieve my bladder, then as I washed I heard my girlfriend (we’ll call her Sarah) giggling in the bedroom next door. I dried up and sneaked to the bedroom to see what wickedness she was working on, and found, when I peeked around the door, she was sitting naked on the edge of the bed, legs spread, and Prince was licking her pussy! He licked her harder, and she lay back a little and spread her labia to give him better access. I found my cock hardening, and quickly stripped, and then went in to join in the fun.

Sarah was unrepentant about being caught with a dog licking her cunt, and encouraged me to let him lick my throbbing cock. I did, and enjoyed it thoroughly, although not as much as she did. Prince licked her some more, and then I pushed him out of the way and slipped my cock into her very wet pussy. While I fucked her, Prince put his head under us and licked at her pussy and my cock and balls as they churned together. I came fairly quickly (try fucking while someone licks your balls), and Sarah wanted more. I wanted a bit of a rest, so while Prince was licking our mingled cum juices from her cunt, I suggested she let him fuck her. (more…)

May 23, 2007

k9 anal sex

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This is a story describing the first time I experienced k9 sex. I am not quite a pro at it yet; I have only experienced it less than a handful of times. This is a true story that actually happened to me and sparked my very perverted sexual fantasies. This is a graphic story of a very perverse subject. I’m going to tell it the way it happened though; I hope I don’t offend anyone. Here goes.

I’m just your average 5′7 blond-haired green-eyed party girl. It all started late one night. I had been at a party and was a little toasted. I got a ride from a really hot guy and arrived at my friends house, that I would be house sitting for the next month. I decided not to fuck him since I was still a little too far out of it to enjoy my self, so I proceeded into the house my self. I had no underwear and had on a very short Catholic school style skirt. I was stumbling through the house and found my way to a very long hallway that led to my bed. I then tripped on something and fell to my hands and knees. Then all of the sudden my neighbors black lab jumped on me from behind. I had forgotten all about him. He wrapped his paws around my waste and started to hump at my exposed backside. I thought to myself, “Man, this dog is trying to fuck me.” The whole situation was very funny to me.

May 21, 2007

beast girl house sitting

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It was late August and my best friend had gone away on vacation. She had asked me to go out and keep an eye on her small country home while she was away.
The day my story happened, I woke early and decided that I was going to make the 1 hour drive to her house early so I could spend the rest of the day at the beach.
I got into my car and made the 1 hour drive in good time and noticed what a hot day it was going to be by the 19” degree temp already.
I pulled down the dirt driveway to Gina’s house greeted by her faithful pal Gus a Rotti Akita mix. I hoped he was not too lonely as Gina had been gone almost a week. I put my car in park and opened the door. Gus almost jumped into the car with sheer delight to see me. I told him to get down and ruffled his furry head.

I took the keys for Gina’s house out of my purse and walked toward the house. Gus happily followed licking my hand and upper thigh. I laughed at this silly creature and put the key into the lock. I went into the stuffy house and left the door open as it smelled unlived in and stale. I decided to check her houseplants to see if they needed water. The plants were fine, but I decided to feed the fish and grab an iced tea.
There was a note on the kitchen table for me telling me that the fish food was under the china cabinet in the hutch. I walked over to the china cabinet and opened the lower doors.
As I did this I felt Gus give my ass a playful lick and I pushed his nose away. I walked over to the magnificent fish tank and sprinkled a liberal amount of food and closed the tanks lid. (more…)

May 18, 2007

dog sex erotica

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I met Kenny at a party I went to a few months back. I’d only gone at the last minute because I’m so shy I usually just sit in the corner all night, which is never fun. But something niggled in my gut, so I thought “what they hey, you can sit at home and do nothing or you can go to the party and do nothing”. At the very least I could observe people for my psych class.

I didn’t dress up all that much, just a nice tee and jeans. I did decide to swipe some eyeshadow over my eyelids, and put on some gloss but that was about it. Its not that I’m not pretty, I sort of am, not hugely beautiful, but not ugly either. I have some weight on, which I feel self-conscious about being surrounded by all these supermodel looking women. Well, they can starve and vomit to stay a size 2! Its not that I’m huge, I just look it next to them.

Anyway, I’d been at the party for about an hour when a few guys turned up. One of them was Kenny. I only noticed him a little later when I felt him staring at me. When I turned around he smiled; I blushed and quickly looked away. No-one had ever noticed me before. It was horrible to admit that at 23 I was still a virgin, hadn’t even been on a date yet, so I was a little embarrassed. That didn’t seem to deter Kenny because within 15 minutes he was beside me and talking to me. I felt awkward, but not for long, he has such a natural way with him, it was easy to talk with him.

He was an outgoing guy a little older than me, and really attractive. Several of the women tried to get his attention, but he seemed to have eyes only for me. I thought I was imagining things, but then at the end of the night, he offered to walk me home (a few streets away) and when we got to my door, he asked for my number and if we could go out sometime. Talk about shocked! I quickly agreed and arranged a date for the following saturday. (more…)

May 17, 2007

teens dog fucking

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My name is Tammy. I have a “love” for dogs. Not the standard form of love but a deeper more primitive form. I’d always had fantasies about what it would be like to be fucked by a canine. However I didn’t know where to start. I began researching information online. One night while internet surfing, I came across a website for other dog “lovers”. In it I found a posting from a man that offered specially trained dogs. His posting also said that he and his wife also offered free coaching with the purchase of one of their “friends”. This appealed to me because I live alone and am afraid of getting myself in trouble. I’d heard that it was possible to not only hurt the dog but yourself if you didn’t know what to do. I finally got up the nerve to post back requesting more information. The next day my post was answered by a man named Steve. He said that he and his wife had several prospects for me. It all depended on what type, temperament and size of dog I would like. He suggested that we meet in order to discuss my needs. I found out that Steve and Cindy lived in the North Texas area. I lived in Joplin. It was a long drive but I thought what the heck. It will be worth it just to learn from the experience if nothing else. The next weekend I began my road trip on Friday night after work. I drove through the night and met them the next morning for breakfast at a local cafй. When they walked in I was surprised to see what a handsome couple they were. I don’t know what I was expecting but was pleased to see that they seemed “normal”. As we sat and talked I became more relaxed and began discussing what my expectations were. Cindy assured me that the first time can be quite scary but with some help anyone can overcome any inhibitions they my have. They told me that they raise their dogs from puppies, conditioning them from a very young age to be familiar and comfortable with humans. Their dogs are very gentle and loyal companions. (more…)

zoophilia and women and dogs

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Shhhh! My mother may be asleep, wait out here while I check. “Whispered Shelly to her two male companions.
“Okay.” Carl whispered. Carl Fields grinned knowingly at Greg Sullivan, as the two of them sat down in the darkened hallway outside the Burnside’s front door. They started talking about the exhibition she had just put on. What they had seen in the movie was nothing like what Shelly had just accomplished. They talked about getting a camcorder next time she was over “taking care of the dogs” and make a movie of there own.
‘Man I wish I had a dick the size of one that that Great Dane’s got. Then maybe Shelly would suck me off, just thinking about her sucking on that gigantic thing gives me a hardon.’ Said Carl.
Me too, and man can Shelly ever suck a cock, it looked like she liked sucking that Great Danes cock better than her mother sucked my cock. Maybe she would take him on again. Agreed Greg. Maybe we should have brought him along too?
Yah! ‘Do ya think Shelly’s mother does the same thing?’ Asked Carl.
I don’t know. Said Greg. I sure hope so. All I know is I need to fuck something real soon this jacking off shit is for the birds. Watching Shelly suck on a big dog cock, while Candy sucks me off would be great.
Shelly closed the door, but left it unlocked, so that the two college students could come inside, when she determined that the coast was clear. Kaiser should present no problem to the healthy young individuals in either case, since one was the dog’s trainer and former master, and the other one was at least familiar to him. “All three young people had decided that it would be better if Shelly went in alone first, just to see what the situation was.”
After all, it was about five thirty in the morning, it was the longest that Shelly had ever stayed out on a date in her life. Additionally, it was the first time she had ever done quite what she had done tonight. Although from now on she knew she was not going to be so prudish, as she licked her sex ravished lips tasting the residue of her exotic sexual entertainment. Her well used pussy vibrated with the thought of what she had done with high hopes of doing it again real soon. (more…)

May 15, 2007

womens sex with dog

My older Sister had gone off to College so my parents decided to rent her room out to a local College student who had been referred to them by a friend who knew her all through High School. I could hardly believe my eyes the first time I saw her, she was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful individuals god had ever created. In High School she had been a leading cheerleader as well as Home Coming Queen and the object of desire of every male student that laid eyes on her. She was a perfect 38-24-34 D cup and most thought that even at her young age had undergone breast augmentation surgery, not true. Those beautiful tits were as real as her perfect hips and legs to die for. She had a way of walking that was normal to her but put the guys in a state of excitement watching the slow undulating kind of one hip at a time was she moved without even thinking about it.

The two large bedrooms on the second floor, mine and the now rented out one shared a common bathroom between them. We each had a door into the bathroom and when both doors were open could see into each others bedrooms and quite often our new roomer would walk into the bathroom in nothing but her panties and flimsy half bra which did nothing to either hide nor support those two luscious tits each of which were a large as a nice cantelope. She often would give me a knowing smile before she would close the door knowing my eyes were glued to that cleft between her legs that formed when her panties rode up into it and made it stand out prominently. I was to learn later that she did this deliberately knowing the tension it would cause me and delighted in the fact that her little high school neighbor found her attractive. As with a lot of extremely beautiful women, she was a real tease knowing well the effect her charms and physical attributes had on men and loved to exhibit them. (more…)

May 12, 2007

watching animal sex

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In the late 80’s I had just graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in biology and needed some money and a way to spend a summer before going on to graduate school. In the past I had worked at my uncle’s garage but by now I was tired of the grease and noise. One of my professors introduced me to a population biologist and I found a job.

My backpacking and hunting experience pursuaded Dr. ____ to give me a job going into the Adirondacks to catalog sites used by the Adirondack Martin. The martin is one of the largest of the weasels. It is a beautiful mahogany beast that it hard to spot. One of the best ways to find him is to look for the remains of porcupines. The martin has figured them out.

So every week I would load up about fifty pounds of supplies in the backpack including a camera, binoculars and a spotting scope and camp out while locating sites where we might observe the martin. By early July I had found five possible sites and set a routine. In the early hours I would find a hiding place and set there with my scope, binos, camera, some water, a snack and a load of insect repellant and wait.

There was one spot near a pine grove that had a natural clearing. It was about a half mile from the nearest trail, had a source of water and was a pleasant place to lie and wait. I was there one early afternoon when I heard a noise I was not happy to hear. It was a dog. (more…)

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