May 31, 2006

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This is a story of an experience I had a few years ago when I was 19 years old.
My friend and I had been out to a party and came home a little drunk. She was alone at home , her parents were out of town and Ginger her yellow lab was the only one home. He was happy to see us return and followed us to the living room. We turned on the TV and started flipping through the channels when we came accross a porn flick on one of the channels. We were both a little tipsy from the wine and started to mimick the scenes in the porn movie laughing and having fun while taking our clothes off and rubbing our brests and rubbing our vaginas. We were both down to our white silk panties and a our blouses. (more…)

May 28, 2006

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Chapter 1

The thick, black king snake twisted its way from round Joan Engle’s
neck and headed between the alley of her breasts. As it moved the
forked tongue darted in and out of its mouth and there seemed to be a
hiss. It was not possible to tell, however, if the sound came from the
snake’s mouth or was merely the sound of its cool, dry body slithering
across the smooth flesh of the girl. Everything about its movement
seemed to suggest silence and cunning. For the snake was a born killer.
Oh, not of people, of course, but of their snakes. Especially its arch
enemy, the diamond-back rattler. And this was a big King. Over six feet
long and thicker in the middle of its body than a man’s forearm. If one
were to happen upon the scene by chance something ominous might appear
to be taking place. But if the observer looked more closely there was a
peculiar aura about the way the girl’s head lolled back and her eyes
remained closed. And the snake seemed to know what he was about. (more…)

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Chapter 1

A naked woman in her early thirties came out of the house. She closed
the door behind her and turned, watching the couple out near the pool.
They too were naked, dancing belly to belly and cheek to cheek. The
portable tape player was too loud now. All the neighbors were in bed.
She stooped and turned down the volume, balancing a tray with four fresh
drinks carefully on her tanned thighs. The eight-foot-high concrete
fence around the back yard kept out prying eyes from the Leatherman
patio, but the sound of sweet music from back in the big band days could
antagonize their new neighbors. She didn’t want that. The high fence had
set tongues to wagging and acted as a barrier down here in the South.
Montgomery, Alabama, the Heart of Dixie. She chuckled at the lack of
Southern hospitality they’d received. The only thing warm about Alabama
was the weather. (more…)

May 25, 2006

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The great serpent watched with unblinking slitted eyes, below her there stood a hairless ape, carying with them, as they often did, a great many things attatched somehow to there bodies. The great serpent did not know why they did this, only that they did. Stirrings of hunger formed in the center of her great coils. This one was alone, apart from all others of it’s kind, and seemingly had no knowledge of her presance. She decided then and in that same second, struck. The human was enfolded in her coils and lifted helplessly into the air where she hung, being pulled remorslessly against the tree, the breath crushed from it’s lungs. She squeesed, waiting for her prey to exhale, then she would pull tighter around it, preventing it from inhaling. In but a short time the prey would quietly and peacefully suffocate. The blood to the brain sevearly hampered by the constriction that prevented the normal flow of blood thru the body to reach the brain. (more…)

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Tiffany entered her house panting. Her after school runs
always left her somewhat drained and much in need of a shower. She
went up to her room to undress and greeted her brother’s large German
shepherd who was sitting in the hallway.

“Hi Max,” she said. “You get left alone again today?”

Tiffany had found a note downstairs from her mother telling
her that her parents would be out all evening. As she started
undressing, she noticed that Max had followed her in. Max had been
staying in her room since her brother went away to college, and
Tiffany was used to undressing in front of him. (more…)

May 24, 2006

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It was a week later that Howard arranged our next meeting, It was a nice Saturday morning, overcast but warm.
Howard had given me a new outfit, I was to wear it that day. I put on the pink padded bra, pink suspenders,
dark stockings, pink frilly panties, pink blouse, short white pleated skirt and knee high white high heel boots.

I got to Howard’s house, Matt was there as well, we all got into Matt’s big camper van and we set off . We were
going to a friend of Matt’s country stables, they had arranged to go riding. We pulled into a drive way and
followed it round behind the house and parked near to a long stable block facing a small paddock. Howard and
Matt got out and told me to stay in the van they were only going riding for an hour. I watched them meet a man
at the stable entrance, he was about 35 - 40 dressed in a red jacket , tight fitting riding trousers and black
riding boots, a house whip under his arm made him look a little like an army major. I watched as Howard and Matt
saddled up there horses supervised by the major, then they mounted there horses and I saw them ride of over
the fields till they were out of sight. (more…)

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Bonnie’s remark caught me off-guard.

“My next dog is going to have a big tongue.”

My girlfriend’s little beagle was enthusiastically licking her hand when she
said it. We had been drinking tequila. Alcohol always makes Bonnie more
uninhibited, but even so I was a little shocked at what she had said.

“Why’s that?” I asked, trying to sound naive.

“Because they say you can train a dog to do anything.” she replied.

“I hear peanut butter works well.” I offered, dropping all pretense of not
understanding what she meant.

“I’ll have to remember that.” she laughed.

Bonnie frequently made risqu comments when she drank. I was never quite sure
how serious she was. I think shocking me and keeping me guessing was part of
the enjoyment she got out of it. (more…)

drunk beastiality

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May 21, 2006

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Rhonda Baker lay prone across the queen-sized, walnut-framed water
bed on her belly, her arms bent at the elbows, her beautiful young face
resting in her hands while she watched the Democratic convention on her
television set perched atop her antique dresser. Politics had never
appealed to her sense of justice, but on a hot summer afternoon the
paunchy-bellied frustrated lobbyists and their prissy wives parading
around in sexless shirtwaist dressed before the cameras, helped pass the
time and add a few laughs on an otherwise uneventful day.
Her shapely buttocks, covered only by a brief black bikini, jutted up
proudly behind her at the base of her long tapering back and her legs were
bent at the knees, her ankles clapping together in mid-air. The soft
August breeze blew the curtains aside and poured into the room, whisking
across her nearly naked back like the tender touch of a lover, and the sun
slanted to make golden stripes across the burgundy bedspread. (more…)


Laughing, Kirsty jumped off the bus, deftly side-stepping the dog shit on the pavement. Her friends banged on the windows as the school bus slowly accelerated away. A dented red micra blared its horn as the bus carved back into the traffic stream.

Reaching into her bag she retrieved her last stick of chewing gum. As she unwrapped the gum she planned her nights TV viewing. Tonight it was Eastenders. It had been getting boring, but the last episode hinted that things might soon change. The empty gum wrapper falling from her hand, she stepped into the local corner shop.

Kirsty made her way to the magazine shelf and started looking through the large variety of teen magazines. Having made her selection she looked around the shop. There was an old, smelly man looking at a top shelf publication. He looked her way and ripple of disgust ran down her spine. The shopkeeper was busy serving a customer. (more…)

May 18, 2006

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”We’ll be back tomorrow at about eight thirty”
”Yes mom” said the girl standing at the doorway holding a bowl of cereal in one hand and slowly closing the door with the other
”Cindy, make sure the house is still tidy for when we get back” said her mother opening the car door in the driveway
”Yes mom!” said Cindy ‘Cya tommorrow!’
”Cya” shouted a deep voice from the passanger seat

The door slammed shut. There stood cindy. She was about 5 foot 4 with black shiny hair to her shoulders and blue eyes which glowed with innocence.
‘Yes! home alone at last!’ she thought happily. Although she was eighteen, and was very mature for her age, she still could not believe her parents trusted her enough to look after the house by herself.

”Howlie, here boy” she called going down on her knees.
Suddenly a large brown alsation dog came running around the corner from the kitchen and into the hallway towards Cindy.
”I think its time boy, do you think its time” Cindy said softly kissing howlie on the nose and letting him lick her face.
”Come on boy, upstairs we go”
Cindy got up and started to walk towards the stairs, when the phone rang. (more…)

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May 17, 2006

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ALL of the names, places, and animals in the following story are pure
fabrication. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely
coincidental. No animals were harmed in the creation of this story.

John is a 35 year old man who grew up on a farm in central Wyoming. Although he lived with horses, cows, sheep
etc. he never had a sexual encounter with any of the farm animals. This fact is what makes his story an interesting
exception to the “RULE”. Take a close look at what he has to say.

Can you believe it? Here I am, 35 years old and I’ve been divorced four times! All four of them cheated on me.
Boy, can I pick the losers. Well, that’s what I thought. The last one said I was “sexually dysfunctional” what ever
that meant. Granted, I rarely initiated sex and sometimes it took a long time for me to obtain an erection, but you
have to remember, I work hard maintaining this country home and working a full time job. Little did I know at the
time it was a case of disinterest. It just seemed like I couldn’t get aroused without a long period of manual
stimulation. Fantasizing was not something that I was encouraged to do as a child. Hearing “Stop daydreaming and
pay attention to your work BOY! ” everyday has the tendency to do that. Dad was strict, but never mean or
abusive. If I got a whipping, I did something to deserve it. (more…)

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I live perhaps 15 minutes from a long-time friend whose family
keeps four horses on their homestead. I visited them for quite a
number of years before ever getting inside the barn for even a peek at
the horses there. I immediately took to them. Just being around them
made me - dizzy. The smell of hay and the usual smells that accompany
the equine persuasion were very pleasing to my senses.

It took another year or so to realize that I was more than
just attracted to them, but turned on by them. I found myself looking
at horses by the roadside with a hand on my crotch, rubbing fitfully.
Pretty soon it evolved into finding early morning time to make trips
to my friend’s barn to acquaint myself more intimately with the
horses. I would go there in the night and stroke their sides and pat
them and do all the things that would endear me to them.

There were two who took to liking me. One was a tall brown
male and the other was a female pony. (more…)

May 14, 2006

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Lucas had just started in the new college, which was nice since he was fed up with the old college. His mother had gotten a new job in the city, so they had moved half way across the state to get here. Lucas liked it, it was a new chance to start all over. He had fallen right in with the other youth at the college. He had made new friends, and were more active in his studies at this new college.
It was Thursday, as Lucas walked up the driveway to a rather big house. This was where Pete lived. Pete and Lucas were studying together today. He rang the doorbell, and shortly after a woman in her late 30’s opened the door. They glanced at eachother for a brief moment, then Lucas said “Hi, I am here to study with Pete. Is he….” , the woman cut him off and said “Ah yes. Well Pete isn’t home right now, but do come inside.” She opened the door wider, and Lucas stepped inside. “I’m Maria, Pete’s mom” the woman said, and Lucas nodded and replied “I’m Lucas.” “I know” said Maria and smiled. “Well, you can wait in his room until he comes back” Maria said, beginning to head down the hallway. Lucas followed.
She opened the door to Pete’s room, and smiled. (more…)

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It was a beautiful sunday, the skies were clear and the entire town had been pretty quiet. I had spent the day out with some friends and I had met this chick named mariela. She was beautiful she was about 5′5, long dark brown flowing hair, and dark brown eyes and very delicate white skin. I was just about the complete opposite. I was about 5′7, short light brown hair(miami style), and light brown eyes. I had met her for the first time today and she seemed to be a very nice person. We lived in a small country called Costa Rica, this happened (true story) when we were around 15-16. Anyway we talked for a long time at the bar, then me and all my friends (there were about 6 of myfriends including her) kinda got board cuz the DJ sucked so we decided to buy a shit load of rum and go to my house to continue partying. My parents were out of the country so the house was all ours! Anyways we all got so damn drunk that a few of my friends (about three including mariela, not including me) decided to sleep over. It was my best friend, a guy called Juan Carlos and another chick named Diana. Juan was a 6′1 dark haired, slighty plump and diana was a 5′6 blond, blue eye’d hot chick and mariela. Everyone fell asleep around 3am, but I couldn’t sleep. we were all in a tent outside next to our outdoor partyhouse(can’t make a mess in the house). There i was at 3 in the moarning in my boxers under a sleeping blanket trying to jerk off. I had met the hottest chick and made her a great friend and a very(well-known)hot chick was next to me. suddenly i heard a noise outside. it was my dogs. Rambo a black dog with a white chest and Cueball, a white dog with brown spots. both beautiful mix breeds between an afghanistan and a some other mutt. They entered the door and slowly ever so cautiosly not to wake up anyone searched the tent, but i was already awake. I forgot to say that me, including everyone else were most probably still pretty drunk. Cueball was the horniest of the two, he approached me and started licking my face noticing i was up. I saw his huge sheath hanging between his legs I was so horny an drunk that I reached out and started to stroke his cock. I sliped out of my sleeping bag and my boxers, being so drunk I didn’t care if I was caught or not. the other dog, rambo, started to lick my body. It felt so good I suddenly found myself whimpering for more. (more…)

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Once upon a time there were three (not so little) dogs that lived in the woods south of a small farming town. They had little to do with the humans of the town, generally only seeing them during hunting season. I somehow had the misfortune of getting to live in this town for the summer one year. Since I wasn’t part of the town I seemed to have a lot of time on my hands. I used this time to read and walk through the woods. One day as I was walking through the woods I heard what sounded like a dogfight. Being the ever curious zoo I had to find out where these sounds were coming from. I climbed to the top of a ridge, and there in a small clearing in the valley I saw three large shepherd-looking dogs. They weren’t fighting, they were playing catch with something. One of them would toss it high in the air and the other two would fight to catch it. I leaned up against a tree so I could just watch them in their play. Pretty soon they quit playing and looked up in my direction (I was upwind of them). Since they appeared to know I was there I figured I might as well just go on down there to see how friendly they were. When I got to the clearing I sat back on my feet and put my hands on my knees to let them approach me if they would. One of them did come over and slowly sniffed closer and closer until we actually touched noses. (more…)

animal bangers

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I watched from the front window as my wife and three children backed out of the driveway and disappeared down the street. I watched with mixed emotions because I knew I would miss them terribly but I was also looking forward to some ‘bachelor time’. At thirty-five, my wife, Susan, was a knockout. Miraculously, after three kids and another on the way, Susan still had the body of swimsuit model. She was tall and lean with large, firm breasts, a flat stomach, and shapely legs. She had informed me of our impending fourth child just a few days before and I was both excited and nervous about becoming a father of four. Our youngest child and only daughter, Mandy, was almost seven. It had been a long time since I was father to an infant. Our twin sons, Jack and Andy had just turned twelve the week before. We weren’t really planning on having more children but we were still happy with the surprising news. Under a lot of duress from her job, Susan had decided to take a break and take the kids for a week in the country. I didn’t mind but I couldn’t come along either. I was saving up my vacation time for the birth of our child. Sighing I reached down and patted our dog, Tex, on the head. “Guess it’s just you and me buddy.” I said and Tex yawned as if agreeing with me.
The next two days passed rather peacefully. (more…)

May 12, 2006

animal farm sex

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I used to live on a big farm, it belonged to my rich father who always shipped us out to it every summer. Me and my brother were the only ones there besides the grounds keeper. She had long brown hair that she always kept back in a pony tail and couldn’t have been more than twenty five. She always had us a room ready when we arrived, but never more than one room. She didn’t figure that brothers and sisters should have any problem sleeping in the same room, or in the same bed. One summer when I was about seventeen and my brother sixteen. I found out a little secret not many people ever get to enjoy.

One morning I had gotten up early to fix myself some breakfast, and go for a horse back ride, I woke up my brother Jeff and went to Sara’s room to wake her but she was no where to be found. Me and Jeff looked every where for Sara before finding the note “Going in to town. p.s. don’t forget to feed the horses” stuck to the barn door. Well I said, Let’s go feed them now and get it over with till this after noon.” I walked into the first stall and put some fresh hay in the bin for the horse. Then I went into the second one only to find my brother pointing at the horse. Its big cock was hanging out. He looked at me said, “Now that is a big dick!” “Oh yeah,” was my answer. (more…)

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It was a warm spring afternoon and everyone in
the house had gone out for one reason or another. I was
home all alone and was feeling kinda horny. I laid on
the couch and watched some porno flicks and played with
my dick which was rock hard and had a lot of clear pre-
cum dripping from the end. Right about that time our
German Shepherd walked into the room and came over and
started to lick the pre-cum off the end of my hard dick.
The roughness of his tongue felt so good as he licked
all around the head of my dick. I was really turned on
and put my dick in a better position so he would keep
licking it, I wanted to shoot my load in his face right
then and there.

Our Dog was about 2 year old and at that age
was ready to fuck anything in sight. I had often caught
a glimpse of his big red cock when it was half out of
its furry covering. By this time he had cleaned all the
pre-cum from the end of my cock and just stood there
waiting for more. I was so fucking horny I reached down
and started to pull on his cock through the furry coat.
Right away he stood very still and arched his back up.
A few more strokes and his big red cock started to stick
out of his furry coat. (more…)

May 7, 2006

dog sex double-penetration

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Because of my positive experience with my dog fucking me
vaginally the last couple of days, I wanted to let him fuck my
asshole. I got on my hands and knees
and my husband had to keep the penis from entering me too fast.
Once the spincther muscle relaxed, I told my husband to let the
dog stroke me at his normal speed. We allowed the penis to
penetrate up to the bulb and slowly I was able to accept the
bulb. The bulb penetrated beyond the spinchter,which took a
little time to allow penetration of the last two inches of the
huge penis( I was able to receive the entire 10 inches, the
eight inches from the tip and bulb and the two inches behind the
bulb. The spincter muscle opened wide enough to allow the bulb
into me but closed down on the last two inches behind the bulb. (more…)

animal sexual behaviors

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I have heard a lot of people said you do not have to learn sex. This is partially right. If sex is only referred to the species propagation like animals, it may be true that we do not have to study this subject. Since we are human beings, our demands on sex are far more than the fundmental animal needs. However, a lot of animal sexual behaviors can be applied to human beings.
I learned sex from farm animals. I grew in the farm. When I was a kid, my parents raised pigs, chicken, turkeys, dogs and cats. I also help my parents to do animal propagation. Naturally, I had to understand the animal sexual behaviors. For examples, when a female pig is ready for fertilization, she will refuse to eat. You might wonder that she is sick. If you check her external sexual organ, vulva or lips of her vagina opening, you will find that it swells and wets, and becomes pink. Once she is mated or inseminated, her external sexual organ will return to nomal and she will start to eat in few hours. Obviously, the sexual hormone in the animals can drive both sexes crazy. Once it is neutralized by the opposite sex, the animals become calm and controllable. This behavior can be applied to human beings too. It is one of the most important subjects in military. When the male and female soliders are in one warship, the ship will naturally become a love boat. If they are deployed in the field, the wild battle field becomes a hot bed. It is not supprised to me that in the first seven months of the US Army’s deployment in Bosnia, a lot of female solider got prognant. Sex is an attractive force for both sexes, more powerful than the universal gravitational force. When I saw the behavior of the female pig, I realized the power of sex (LOVE ?). (more…)

May 6, 2006

pet hardcore sex

Jill Valentine slowly opened the door as it gave off a loud creaking. She forced it all the way open and proceeded out. She was in some sort of large garden, although all the plants were dead. Her hand nervously clenched a pistol. Suddenly, from one dark corner of the room there was a tattering noise. As she approached it she saw 2 eyes glare at her. Just as she raised her gun something leapt at her from the side. It grabbed her arm, causing her to drop the pistol. It skidded several metres away. As her eyes refocused after the shock she saw it was a zombie dog. It was semi rotting, but had a while to go yet. Its teeth sank into her, drawing a lot of blood. Her eyes went back to the dark corner as she saw another dog emerge.
The 2 dogs circled her; Jill was weak from her wound and was barely standing. One of the dogs paused and stared at her. Jill could see an evil lust in its eyes. Suddenly it pounced forward onto her. Its paws pushed with great force at her thighs. Jill could not stand up to it and fell down. Her ass crashed on the floor as the momentum kept going, pulling her down onto her back. She ended laying on her back with her massive breasts keeping her from getting up. Jill had no energy to move at all. (more…)

animal fuckers

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There Is Nothing Like A Dane With her back porch door opened, Laity sat down on her country sofa and laid a tall glass of ice tea onto the floor. Sunlight lazily streamed passed the door and a soft warm breeze enveloped her nude body. The sweet scent of garden flowers teased her nose and caused her to breath deeply and expel a large sigh of disgust. She was definitely frustrated. Here she was, a top junior executive employed by a Fortune 500 company and she couldn’t find any eligible males to satisfy her wanton passions. A five-digit salary that prompted her to leave Ohio and settle in California seemed useless to her now. When she volunteered to be transferred to her company’s branch office in Marin County, California; she didn’t realize how valuable straight males would be in the city. All of her male associates were cordial and efficient but did not express any sexual interest at her: they either were involved, fat, ugly or gay. Not that she didn’t try. She often went to Victoria’s Secret to buy enticing lace undergarments. She spent a entire week’s paycheck to buy that blue-laced brassiere which allowed her ample nipples to show through her blouses. Her female associates often joked about the “thumb tacks” that seem to be posted on her breasts. All she knew was that she spent a fortune buying soft and lacy undergarments and nothing seemed to be happening! Back home in Ohio, the type of silken wear she would wear could cause all-American cocks to stand up and salute the flag. Ohio, where there were plenty of real men with thick salamis ready to rock her into ecstacy. How she missed these strong men who could tease her cunt lips with their strong, forceful turgid cocks! Blue veins marbling their extra large cocks. (more…)

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