March 6, 2007

women stories of having sex with dogs

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I have been active in the zoo lifestyle for over 10 years off and on and have been enjoyed by several different breeds as well as their owners. I am open and experimental and enjoy life.On this particular day I had decided to take myself off for a walk in the woods as it was a mild day, sun was shining and it felt good.
I drove to the woods and parked up, grabbed some food and drink and made my way to this little clearing I knew about deep in the forest but was not well known by others - a perfect day for contemplation. I got to my spot, spread my blanket out, fluffed my pillow (I was well prepared) and laid down with my book and was happily reading and relaxing.
About an hour after I arrived I heard a noise and saw two gorgeous labs bounding my way - I was annoyed that my time had been interrupted by them as I knew that there had to be an ‘owner’ not far behind and, figuring it was a weekend, probably some noisy loud family out for the day. I sat up quickly and pulled down my clothes which I had raised as it was warm and waited for the inevitable ‘family’ to come, claim their pets and begone.
The dogs meantime had come over and were busily slurping me and saying hello as only they can - and to be thruthful I was enjoying playing with them and stroking them.
At this point a well built man appeared calling their names, he came out of the trees like a bull. He was not so tall but he had massive shoulders and chest and his legs looked like tree trunks in jeans !
When he saw me and the dogs he just stopped and stared at me, he said nothing but just stood there watching, I was a little embarrased and went to stand up when he came over to me. By this time the dogs were getting a little too frisky and I was trying to keep them off of me, wondering why he did not call them off or at least say something.
He came over to me and said hello and asked if he could join me - I was intreguied…. he had a fine shape and I was ready for some company so I said yes and offered him some food.
As we sat there chatting I absently stroked the dogs who were laying beside me and, not thinking about it had spread my legs a little and one of them was now moving up between my legs to smell me. At that point the man looked down and seeing this moved toward me and made me lie back, raise and open my legs and invited his dog closer.
It was so quick and done with such ease that I complied immediately…… we both knew at that instant that we were both in the same lifestyle and I was going to really enjoy my day in the woods !
The first dog started to eat me out, my skirt was now raised above my waist and my legs open as he ran his tongue up and over my (by now) very wet pussy and his tongue was burying itself deeper. The man moved down and spreading my legs even wider he opened my ‘lips’ so I could feel the full force of his tongue moving up and over me as the man then gently (then with more force) started to finger me to open me out. I was in heaven, I was moaning and so very hot that I was being taken, in the open, in the forest, by a complete stranger.
He continued to finger me as I was being licked and I then rode my first orgasm as I came over and over feeling the rough tongue lapping at my clit suddenly joined by yet another rough tongue also feeding from my sopping wet pussy. I had never been licked by two rough tongues before knowing that usually dogs were pretty well individual and there was always one ‘alpha’ but these two seemed to be fine with it. (I found out later that the man had trained them this way)
There I am. laying on my back. I have the pillow under my hips, legs open and stretched wide apart, bucking and cumming with two lab tongues licking me and the man fingering my pussy and by now stroking my breasts. I was beyond caring about anything as I moaned and whimpered there on the ground and started begging to be fucked…… I wanted to feel a hot cock in me and I wanted it now but the man was having no part of that yet - he was making me wait.
He drew one of the dogs away from my pussy and made him come up and stand over my face and told me to bring his pet full out of his sheath. I looked up and saw the bright pink/red tip of his cock protruding and could feel dots of precum hitting my face. As I lay there with this hot tongue licking at me I reached up and slowly stroked his cock helping to bring it further and further out of his sheath until…….. it plopped out and hit my waiting mouth which was desperate to lick and suck the seed from him.
As I sucked him the other dog started to nibble at my pussy and drive me into more desperation to be fucked but the man was holding me down and telling me to let myself go - something he did not have to tell me twice as I came in yet more crashing orgasms.
I ran my tongue over the long cock now in my mouth and watched as it grew steadily and hungrily sucked the precum from him as I could feel it. Suddenly the dog between my legs was gone and the man was now fisting me harder and harder preparing me for what was to come because I had no doubt that I was to be well used as the bitch for both of these fine animals over the course of that afternoon.
Just as I was going to cum yet again the man barked a command and both dogs withdrew from me. The man slipped his arm under my body and flipped me over and made me get on my knees with my head down on my arms. He positioned me, raising my skirt up over my waist and freeing my ample breasts from their bra so they hung down and spread my waiting lips apart, with a slap on my ass he called over the dog whose cock had (until a few seconds previously) been in my mouth being sucked of all his precum. The man snapped another command and the dog mounted me and entered me in one swift movement - so surprising and so startling that I cried out as he entered me fast and hard with his large cock, no build up, no warning just a hard, animalistic thrust and then his riding me thrusting his cock deep inside of me. Now I understood why he had prepared me before, this cock was large for a lab and I could feel him swell even more stretching the sides of my vagina as he rode me on and on.
The man encouraged me softly but told me that I was to accept the cock of his beast as I was his bitch and I must submit to his will…… oh what fine words and oh so welcoming as I gave myself completely to the cock and opening my pussy to him feeling him stretch and thrust into me with every stroke. In what felt like seconds (but I knew it was not) I could feel his knot battering at my pussy doors…. I wanted it, had to have it, was desperate for it and allowed my body to be moulded into the dog to give him clear and free access. The man went under me and reaching up made sure he opened my pussy lips so entry was free and then I felt it ram into me, stretching me to my widest as he drove home his knot and cock deep inside me. As he did this the man flicked my clit several times and started rubbing it between his fingers driving me into even more frenzy as I felt a complete bitch and there for total use I was close to passing out as I could feel him battering me and his swelling had stretched me to breaking point. He came…………. his cock driven deep insde me hitting me cervix and making me whimper and moan and my body cumming over and over with all these feeling that I had not had in a long time. I was a slut, I wanted more, I wanted to float on a cloud.
As things settled, the man moved from underme and helped turn the dog so we were now one but in a state of relaxed heaven……… the man came to my face and gently kissed me and told me this was only the beginning, that not only was I the bitch to his dogs but I was his bitch as well and he planned to use me for the whole of the day and I would submit - and you know what………… not even knowing his name or where he was from I wanted it.
At this point the man undressed in front of me - slowly - letting me see his broad chest, big arms and then his HUGE cock slip out and I am kneeling there impaled with the dogs cock and begging him to continue fucking me and he complied by raising his cock to my mouth and making me run my teeth and tongue over him to suck him to greater hardness and accept my fate as the bitch for use by all.
The dog withdrew and the man commanded me to to continue laying there as he went behind me and using his hands and fingers and tongue he ate me out and spread the cum from the dog over my pussy, legs and ass then, straddling me himself, he spread my ass and slowly started to lower himself into me moving back and forth so as not to hurt me. I was in ecstacy feeling his manhood drive into my ass as this could make me cum even harder (if possible) as he spread me and made me his own…… body opening up for him and wanting him deeper and deeper. I know I screamed as I felt him drive into me and I know I was whimpering as he was riding me and filling me deeply but this did not stop him as he rode me to several orgasms.
Suddenly he stopped and then moved backward drawing me down on top of him my back against his face his cock still deep inside me and driven all the way into me……. he bent and raised my legs over his and spread them and then called the other dog over, bracing both him and me for the assult yet to come.
I now realised what was going to happen - I was to be mounted by the second lab as well as having the mans cock in me……. was this possible - could I take it ?
I was their slave……I wanted to be possesed and taken as their bitch and was open for it. I reached down and opened my pussy wide as the second dog came toward me and moved on top of me. I grabbed his swollen cock which was moving back and forth in my hand and helped position it against the mouth of my pussy and then felt him push himself into me.
I know no words to describe the feeling I had at the time. I could feel the man in me, his legs bracing mine back for entry and his large hands pulling and kneeding my breasts and now I could feel the beast driving himself into me as well, no refinement, no taking care just pure fucking and stretching me out beyond my comprehension. I wanted it all, I could feel the dog ride me, pushing himself into me as he straddled both me and the man. I could feel the man bracing himself and keeping himself inside of me as we could both feel the swelling of the cock of the dog pounding into my dripping and flowing pussy.
I could feel his knot battering my pussy but there was no room to enter so my clit was being stimulated a tthe same time and I was moaning, whimpering, blabbering as I was being taken again and again.
When I finally thought I could take no more I could feel the ultimate swell of his cock as he pushed his seed deep into me hitting my cervix and making me scream and buck as I also came over and over. The dog was driven deep into me and I could see his breath, feel his body shiver as he delivered all his load.
As is the case when not knotted he withdrew quickly still leaving me reeling from what had just happened, I was still cumming, great waves rolling thru my body as I shuddered over and over. With no warning the man then flipped me back up and onto my knees, reached over and moulding myself against me he grabbed my breasts and rode my ass very hard and deep until he himself came deep inside of me making me squirm and scream all over again and almost pass out from all the continuous pleasure I had been subjected to.
He then withdrew from me and left me there, a complete slut and bitch for use. Cum was dripping from my pussy and ass and I was totally exposed and vulnerable to any/all around. I must have stayed like that for several minutes before coming to and trying to get some semblence of decency back into me. The dogs were sitting quietly. I looked at the man - disbelief, shock, pleasure floating over my face as I realised what we had just done. He looked back at me and smiled and told me that this was just the beginning - then he told me his name.

As he said that was just the beginning, for the rest of the day it was memorable and I still see him…………. but thats another story for another day.

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