August 2, 2007

women and horses sex story

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That night I laid in my bed wondering what had come over me. When my husband had come home late that night, I was already in bed. I hoped to avoid any amorous suggestions, but he had rented a porn movie and after watching it spent 20 minutes cheerfully plowing me, oblivious to my lack of response. After he came, a fountain of warm cum all over my perky breasts, I went and cleaned up. He held me close when I returned to bed, but I still couldn’t get my body to soften in his arms. He kissed my neck softly as he drifted to sleep and told me that he would be in town all day tomorrow, working on the same deal he had worked on today. He started to tell me about the deal, which would bring in more money, and more horses for me to train, but drifted off to sleep before finishing. I lay perfectly still beside my husband, trying not to think of Cowboy and the fucking he had given me that day. It took a while, but I finally cleared my mind and fell asleep.

By the time I had woken up in the morning, Nick had already left. A note from him on my bedside table informed me that the man with the miniature horse mare would be there in an hour. I hurriedly got up and started preparing to receive the new horse.

I took a quick shower, rinsing a sheen of nighttime sweat from my body, but kept my long blonde hair from getting wet. It would take too long to dry. I dried my body thoroughly, and dusted talcum powder all over me. I applied a subtle bit of makeup, accenting my big blue eyes and my large full lips. Then I slipped into my red lace thong and demi-bra set, and hurried to the bedroom I shared with my husband. I pulled out a pair of hip hugging riding pants, and a light clingy sweater, and slipped into them. Just as I was heading downstairs to make some breakfast I heard our Great Dane, Disaster, warn me of a visitor.

I went down to the front door and peeked out the window before I put my shoes on. Pulling up in the stable yard was a shiny pickup and a double horse trailer. I rushed out to help the man unload his mare, edger to get him away and to watch Cowboy take the mare like he had taken me yesterday. When the man stepped down from his truck, he did a double take at me. I always dressed in clothes which showed me to my best advantage when I was accepting mares for breeding. No word was exchanged as the man led his mare down the ramp of his trailer, and handed her lead to me. Then the man looked at me and smiled.

“She was teased this morning, she looks ripe for breeding.”

“Good, that means Cowboy can get down to business with her. If all goes well, I should be calling you in a week.” I slipped my hand onto the man’s arm and casually ran it up and down. He turned to stare at me again.

“It’s a nice looking operation you have here. Your husband must be a very proud man.” I noticed that the man wasn’t looking at any of the stock Nick had turned out, nor was he looking at the barn and outbuildings. He was staring at my breasts, then letting his gaze drift down to my feet, then back to my breasts. I knew my nipples were standing firm from my breasts, and this in turn was turning the man on. I could see the beginnings of a hardon in his pants.

I let out a little giggle that brought the man’s eyes up to my face. Sensually, I licked my lips, and let my fingers circle the man’s first two fingers. “My husband is very proud of it, yes, but he doesn’t mind sharing it with other people. He’s rather generous that way, as long as he can supervise.”

There was no mistaking the man’s raging hardon now. I knew that I had teased him enough. “I better get Lady into the barn now. Perhaps you should call my husband tonight to arrange another breeding, later on. I am sure he wouldn’t mind at all.” I winked as I walked away, tossing my hair over my shoulder, so the cool spring breeze blew it around my face. As I took the mare into the barn, I could hear the man practically running to his truck. I turned to wave at him, and saw a pained expression on his face. He was about to blow his load in his pants. I giggled again, and led the mare into the barn.

Once I had Lady in the barn, I could see Cowboy looking over the modified door to his stall. When he saw the mare and smelled her, he trumpeted his challenge. I stopped to rub his forehead and noticed that his cock was already half erect. I let Lady and Cowboy sniff noses, then watched happily as Lady presented herself to Cowboy. This breeding would be easy.

I took Lady into the large breeding stall at the end, and tied her halter rope to a ring at the end. She was looking around anxiously for Cowboy and I assured her that it wouldn’t be long before he was there. Then I went down the aisle, and got Cowboy. He practically lunged away from me when I clipped the rope to his halter and let him out. His hardon was in full bloom now, and he was excitedly slapping it against his belly. I stopped in the aisle and gave his balls a quick squeeze, and licked at the huge head for a few moments, then as he started to hump against my mouth I led him down to the breeding stall. Once I was there, I let him loose, and he mounted the mare immediately. With one quick motion he buried his giant cock into the waiting mare, and I slipped my hand into my pants as I watched. I found my cunt soaking wet and rubbed quickly at my clit. I moaned with each thrust Cowboy made and envied Lady for being ridden by the stud. I pinched at my nipples with one hand and thrust rapidly into my sopping cunt with the other, but I didn’t get a chance to orgasm before Cowboy grunted and shot his huge load of horse cum into the mare’s cunt. He dismounted her and roamed around for a moment and then went back to nuzzle Lady. His cum flowed from her cunt, and I fought the urge to taste some of the mixture. I noticed that Cowboy had another erection, and thought that he would breed with Lady again, but Lady had other ideas. She snorted as the stud approached her and kicked out when he tried to mount her. The poor mare was spent, and I would need to breed her again the next day. But poor Cowboy was left up shit creek without a paddle. He slapped his erection against his belly angrily, demanding attention from the mare, demanding the right to mount her again. I quickly led Lady to a stall waiting for her; Nick had set it up that morning; then I went back to Cowboy. He was still slapping his erection against his belly and charged at me as I entered the stall. I knelt down and took his cock firmly in my hand and started stroking it. Cowboy began humping immediately, but I didn’t want him to cum yet. I wanted to feel him inside me again. I wanted him to mount me.

I took off my clothes quickly, then sucked on Cowboy’s cock. I savoured the taste, different from my husband, yet so much the same. I sucked and licked at his cock, taking nearly nine inches of it down, and squeezing his balls. Cowboy rammed his cock as far into my mouth as he could, and grunted. Suddenly I had horse cum gushing down my throat. He kept cumming and cumming, and I didn’t stop sucking. I hadn’t meant for Cowboy to cum in my mouth but there was nothing to do about it now. I could feel his massive cock receding, shrinking and I sighed. I let the cock fall from my mouth and turned to put my clothes on. As I gathered up my clothes and started to slip my bra back on, I felt a nudging behind me. I turned to look and there was Cowboy, ready for round three.

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