September 1, 2007

mature woman having sex with dog

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my name is jane im a 43 5foot 8in. female with red hair and 115 pounds. this is my true story so far. i have been married for 25 years to a man that never did anything for me. he didnt work after i came into some money. my son gave me a dog named spot when he want off to college i got him at 1 years old . my husband and sleeped in different rooms in my house that i got from my dead mom one night i was in bed with a glass of milk when spot jumped on the bed it went all down the front of my nightgown. i was pulling the gown over me head when spot started to lick me tits. i had trouble getting the gown over my head as he licked me and was laughing. when i got it off i grabed him by his head and asked him if he was having fun with me hejust kept licking ilooked down at my tits and my nipples were nice and hard itold spot its beed a long time since they have beed that hard boy did he work them over i have not felt that good in long time his tongue was soft but roughin a good way i sat there and was enjoying this vary much. the bed was wet from the milk so i stoped spot and cleaned up the mess. a few weeks later i was in bad thinking about what happenedmy husband was out playing card and would not be back till late so i called spot he came running in and jumped up on the bed this i had no milk. we played for a little bit spot is a dalmation so he likes to play i got up to take off my nightgown and put some honey on my tits then got back on the bed spot went after the honey and knew just what to do and i loved it. after 5min. or so i was going to put some more honey on me when spot hit the jar it went all over my stomachand down to my pussy. spot just kept licking like a champ soon he hit just the right button
i was al ready wet and now ther was something new to taste and he liked it . i opened my legs so he could get all he wanted ihad never felt anything like this befor he put me to new hits that i didnt know were there. i enjoyed this for weeks then one day i told my husband to get out for good and we divorced igot me a computerand started to look things up and i found you all.after looking at the stories and pictures iknew what was next with some help from someone named mary i went the next step i had noting on igot on my knees and called spot to me mary told me what to do and i did. spot jumped up on me and tryed to fuck me but keeped missing the right place i grabed his vary nice big dick and put it in for the first time omg it hurt at first like i knew it would my now ex husband had a small 6in. dick my son was the only thing good to come out of it spot was 9in. and 1and a half thick. so i knew i would have to go slow and i did with marys help i held on to his knot to keep it from going to deep to fast. it was like being fucked for the first time but much better so much better i could feel everything i pushed and pulled nice and slow in lost count how many time i came. when i let go of his dick he drove it in deeper and deeper oh god it was great i started to push back in to him.we didnt tie that night but we did2 nights later. i came home from work got cleaned up i got on my bed on al 4rs and called spot he came up on the bed and started lick my vary swollen lips each lick opened my lips more and more then he pushed his tongue inside to get more of my juices out he would turn his tongue to the side to go deeper thats what makes me have my best orgiasim when he eats me. after a good 10min. i call him up on my back i had to help him find the right hole once there i let him go i saw him from underneath go right in he pushed hard then i saw his knot that looked like a mid. size orange. i was starting to hurt a little but did not stop spot what a feeling to see my lips open up for his knot ihad 3 orgiasims that was great i looked back agin in time and could feel his knot slipping in.icame agin once in he moved just a little more every little movemenetmade him hit my g spot i think i passed out i dont know for sure all io know it was the greatest moment in my sex life now spot and i sleep in the same bed and fuck when we want i am his and love it

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  1. kingi46 Says:

    that is the best story i have heard it sound like ur husband is crazy i would join u and the dog kingi

  2. charles Says:

    loved your story it was great

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