April 15, 2006

man sex with animals

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My mom always had atleast 20 dogs throughout my entire life, getting new dogs everytime one would die or she wouldn’t like one and so forth. For this I despised her and her dogs. I hated the dogs becuase they were loud and there were so many. Whenever one would come near me I would physically abuse it, such as kicking it or smacking it to get it to go away. My mother had than bought two new bassid hounds and I loathed them so bad for their hounding barks and messy habits. I complained about them so much I forced my mother to pin them up in a playpen, and when they broke through that, I bought them a small cage to put in. Oh I hated them so bad, but after a while I began feeling sorry for them being enclosed in such a boring small space. I than built a fence outside in the backyard to keep them from escaping and they could have some fun. The neighbors than began to complain from their barking and they were trying their best to escape by digging underneath the fence, so we had to bring them back inside. The hounds than got really really dirty habits, such as rolling around in their own feces and just plain old making messes, so my mother decided to sell them. One thing I noticed about them one day outside one was in heat and I became a bit curious and aroused, but I thought it was nothing to be concerned about. My mother than bought another puppy bassid and I was outraged, but I didn’t say anything. Mom wanted to take her to the gas station with us and she got carsick and it was just so cute and funny I started to laugh. We brought the new bassid puppy home and for half a year I would smack her and threaten her, but she did go away. I was bewildered, so much I had a nightmare with her in it and she was telling me “no matter how much you abuse me I’ll still love you and will always be faithful at your side”. I woke up, this had to just be a dream I thought she must just be retarded and doesn’t know shes getting hurt by my smacks. I was wrong she’s not a retarded bassid hound, she just wanted to be closer to me. I realized this and began to love back toward all my mothers dogs. My life had changed and I had falllen in love with a dog. I began feeding her more snacks and table scraps and pampered her by scratching her out of reach itchy places and petted her for hours, but I still did this with the other dogs but not as much as my bassid. She became much more intimate with me during her second heat and I could tell she wanted something from me other than a snack or a pet. I bought her a nice red collar with a shiny buckle saying top paw and petsmart. I began petting her everywhere and she really seemed to like her new collar. The next day she had her back turned to me on the table and I began petting her intensely and she would not turn around so I leaned over her back to kiss her on her head and than I had accidently got a boner against her vagina lips. Immediately she pushed back and I got arroused, I than stepped back, she backed into me as well and began pushing back and forth. I tried telling her it wouldn’t fit and I would try to get with her. Dissapointingly my penis didn’t fit only the cap of it would go in her vagina ,but I still had enough satisfaction to cum inside of her. If only it could go in her deeper and I could’ve had better sex. oh well sad ending if you ask me. Heres a question Have any of you males had success penetrating a bassid hound?
How do you do it? I could only get it in so deep maybe I did something wrong.

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