May 24, 2006

horse pony sex women

It was a week later that Howard arranged our next meeting, It was a nice Saturday morning, overcast but warm.
Howard had given me a new outfit, I was to wear it that day. I put on the pink padded bra, pink suspenders,
dark stockings, pink frilly panties, pink blouse, short white pleated skirt and knee high white high heel boots.

I got to Howard’s house, Matt was there as well, we all got into Matt’s big camper van and we set off . We were
going to a friend of Matt’s country stables, they had arranged to go riding. We pulled into a drive way and
followed it round behind the house and parked near to a long stable block facing a small paddock. Howard and
Matt got out and told me to stay in the van they were only going riding for an hour. I watched them meet a man
at the stable entrance, he was about 35 - 40 dressed in a red jacket , tight fitting riding trousers and black
riding boots, a house whip under his arm made him look a little like an army major. I watched as Howard and Matt
saddled up there horses supervised by the major, then they mounted there horses and I saw them ride of over
the fields till they were out of sight.

I settled back in my seat and was just going to turn on the radio when there was a tap on the door, I wasn’t
quite sure what to do, again I heard the tapping on the door so I opened it, the major was stood there, he said
Rather than me being sat in the van on my own, I should go with him, he would show me around the place. He
took my wrist and helped me down the steps and we set off across the yard, he was watching me closely, he
said he liked my outfit as he continued to look me up and down.

We entered the stables, he showed me some of the horses, then took me into an empty stable and showed me
around inside, he was walking behind me, with the end of his horse whip he was trying to lift up my skirt,
eventually he did he said how much he loved suspenders and stockings. His interest was very noticeable he had
a sizable bulge in the front of his tight riding britches. We left the stable, he said we would walk to the far end
and he would show me the tack room where all the saddles etc. were kept and cleaned. He walked behind me his
whip holding the back of my skirt up, so he could see my suspenders and panties, all the way to the tack room.
We went inside he showed me all the equipment, polishes, saddles, bridles etc. taking every opportunity to rub
his ever increasing bulge against me.

He was getting bolder now, his left hand was lifting up my skirt and his right hand was running up and down my
thigh over my stocking tops. We were near the door, he reached out and locked it, he was quickly undoing his
britches his cock sprang out it, was quite a size, he pushed my head down the tip was oozing precum as he
pushed it to my lips, I licked around the head and up and down it’s length then it was thrust into my mouth he
was urgently thrusting it down my throat. He pulled his cock out and lifted me to my feet then he very roughly
threw me over a saddle in the rack down the middle of the floor. He soon had my skirt up over my back and my
panties down around the top of my boots, he reached into a pot if saddle soap and was thrusting fingers around
then up my ass, getting it nice and slippery, his cock slipped in and he was ramming into me as deep as he could
get. He began to use his whip on my buttocks as he roughly carried on shagging my ass, my ass cheeks getting
quite red from his whip, he began pulling all of his cock out then ramming it back in until eventually he thrust in
deep and I felt him shower my insides with his hot cum. He was breathing heavily from his exertions and left his
cock buried deep inside me I could feel it slowly going limp.

He pulled his cock out but kept me bent over the saddle. He wiped his cock and put it back in his britches then
he wiped around my ass with a cloth, his cum was coming out. When he was sure it was all wiped clean, he
picked up a small container with an air tight seal, came back over and took the top off and mixed some of the
liquid inside with some thick grease. Then he used his fingers to push a lot of the mixture up my ass and
smearing a little around the entrance, then he pulled my panties up tight as I stood up. It was then I picked up
the smell of the stuff, it wasn’t unpleasant but very unusual and quite strong. He pulled my skirt back down and I
tidied myself up, he said he had enjoyed the good shag. He unlocked the door and we went back the way we
had come, back towards the camper van and the small paddock. We were leaning on the top rail of the paddock
and watched Howard and Matt come riding back.

They entered the paddock through a gate at the far side which was opened by a stable lad who let in a pony at
the same time. Howard and Matt got off their horses the stable hand took them both into the stables after he
had tied the pony to the rail behind the stables near to us. Howard came over and said they had enjoyed their
ride. The major said I should go into the paddock a meet the pony, he opened the gate and we both went into
the paddock. We all walked towards the pony, a stable lad entered the paddock behind us pushing a short
padded bench on four legs with wheels. He pushed near to the pony, as we reached the pony I could see it was
a fairly oldish one very docile, it lifted it’s head high as we approached.

The major said I should go nearer and pat him, as I got close he turned his head towards me I patted his face
and tickled behind his ears, then I moved towards his back patting his neck as I went. The pony turned his head
and shoved his nose up under my skirt from behind and was sniffing my ass. The pony was getting very excited I
could see his dick coming out of it’s sheath getting longer and fatter. Howard came over and held my skirt up
high so the pony could get at the smell from my ass better. The major joined Howard and said the smell, which
was from a mare in season was what he had mixed in with the grease was working well, the ponies dick was fully
erect how and it was big. Howard said I would have to take care of the pony’s needs as I had got him all worked
up. Howard on one side of me the major on the other both held my skirt up and walked me round in front of the
pony, Matt had the video camera filming the scene, Howard was rubbing the cheeks of my ass through my pink
panties, the major was giving my pink suspenders a close inspection.

Then Howard grabbed hold of my panties and with the majors help tugged them down over my white boots and
took them right off. The pony’s rough tongue was rasping up and down over my ass, then they took me to the
rear of the padded bench and made me lay out on it face down, there was a small cup either side of the two
back legs, my legs were opened wide a knee was placed in each cup on the outside of the back legs of the
bench, it was a little like being hunched over on a motorbike. Howard and the major then pushed the bench with
me on under the pony, my head poking out between his two front legs, my unprotected ass was within easy
reach of his giant dick. The major guided the pony’s dick to my asshole and wiggled it around while the pony
thrust his dick forward trying to find the entrance.

Suddenly I felt the blunt end of the pony’s dick find the lips of my hole and with out any warning was forcing it’s
way into me, it was massive, the fisting I got last week meant I could take this new onslaught, Matt was filming
as the major rubbed some more grease around the pony’s dick as it jerked it in and out of my now huge ass.
Howard noticed how red my ass cheeks were the major said he had ridden me earlier and had to use the whip.
The pony’s dick came right out of my ass a few times and the major guided it back in then I felt a minor
explosion inside me as the pony’s cum more than filled my ass it was coming back around the pony’s dick and
running down my legs. Howard and the major pulled me out from under the pony after taking the dick out of my
hole. I stood up the cum was flowing out of my stretched hole, I turned towards were Matt was still filming me
from, to see a huge stallion standing behind him the major led me to him. He pushed me towards his head this
gigantic animal was sniffing around my ass his cock was soon nearly touching the ground, it was a fantastic size
Howard pushed me under the horse and told me to lick his cock.

I could not take it in my mouth it was far to big for that, so I licked the big flat end, I had to hold on to the
thing as the horse was waving his monster cock around. The major had brought over the bench on wheels and
had adjusted the height to suit the bigger animal. I was soon sprawled across the bench again, they pushed it
under the horse it was continuing to wave it’s enormous cock about, so the major grabbed it and aimed it at my
ass. With all the grease and pony cum around my hole it was soon expanding my already over-stretched hole it
was making me shriek and gasp as with out pity it just thrust itself deep into me. My ass was stretched to near
breaking point as it was thrusting in and out and jerking about side ways as well. Howard had his cock in his
hand wanking furiously as he watched the horse shagging me. The cock slipped out but the horse re-found my
hole with out any help and was back up me in no time at all. When eventually the horse shot it’s load of cum the
major pulled the cock out of me and aimed it at my ass as bucketful after bucketful sprayed all over my ass up
my back and down my legs I was soaked in the stuff.

They pulled me out from under the animal and I got up very slowly I could hardly shut my legs for the soreness
of my ass, the cum was dripping down my legs and running into my boots the backs of my stockings were soaked
as well. The major was about to let go of the horses cock when piss began to pour out, he aimed it directly at
my ass, in my haste to get away I fell, everyone laughed, the piss was quite hot as it was aimed all over me, I
was now totally soaked in the stuff. They eventually took pity on me and took me to the showers in the tack
room took all my clothes and left me to shower. I had finished my shower and with only a towel on I sat in the
tack room waiting for someone to bring me some clothes. Howard came in with an old raincoat which I put on
and he and I and Matt walked back to the camper van Matt was carrying my clothes in a plastic bag, he was
also carrying the video camera with the evidence of the horse riding me. We went back to Howard’s, then after
my clothes were washed and dried I went home to rest my very sore oversize ass, and had a good wank, then
wondered what he might be planning for me next.

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