March 11, 2006

horse farm sex

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Mike led the mare to a near-by wall where a rope would be tied around her neck and the other end of the rope would be tied to the wall. He had no problem getting the stallion that was all too keen on getting some action. The stallion then sniffed the mare’s sent.
I had my attention focused on the stallion penis becoming slowly erect. Hanging only a few inches long down between his legs, his cock slowly grew longer from its sheath like a snake slowly slipping its way out of its hiding place. It finally became fully erect and was several inches of throbbing horse meat. Seeing a horse erection in real life was incredible. The stallion was now ready to go so I turned my attention over to the mare’s rump. She had her tail raised indicating that she too was ready for some action. The stallion rested his head on top of her rump while his dick stiffened and pointed more directly to its destination. He then lifted his body to straddle her with his front legs cuddling her while he went for the stab. Unfortunately when he thrusted his hips, his huge dick missed her rump and (luckily) my head and ended up humping the air. This was my closest encounter of a horse’s dick. I had my face just inches away from it, being thrusted back and forth, wobbling up and down while the stallion was grunting in frustration. He then manages to find the middle of her rump but he’s trying to push his way into the wrong hole. There is no way that huge dong was going to fit. I could feel his desperation as he kept thrusting between her buns trying to bung his huge sausage into that tiny hot spot under her tail.
Mike finally grabbed the huge cock and guided it to the mare’s cunt. The dick looked too big for the mare’s cunt but Mike then easily slid the head of the dick in her and then suddenly the stallion made a huge thrust and his dick was inside her like a shot;
right up to his sheath. The stallion then pulled it out of her so that only the first few inches near the head of the cock was inside her and then he shoved it all back in again. I was amazed at the velocity of the stallion’s inward thrusts. The stallion was in pure ecstasy. He was grunting and snorting with every thrash of his huge body, shoving his monstrous cock with great force in and out of her tightened cunt that seemed to crush his cock.
A minute later and this moment of pleasure for the 2 horses was about to get even better as the stallion’s grunting was turning into a mixture of a whinny and a moan (it was hard to describe the sound he made so I just call it a moan). The depth the stallion shoved his cock into her shortened so that he could speed up his jacking motion. The stallion’s moans started to become louder, his thrashings became faster and then a loud wail came from the stallion when he blew his load, again and again, inside her. It could be heard sounding like farting sounds from an emptying plastic sauce bottle being squeezed as he squirted his hot cum inside her. His last squirt was met with the stallion shoving his whole length inside her cum-filled cunt that made a sloppy sounding “sphloof”.
The exhausted and orgasm shocked stallion lay on top of her, motionless, with his dick still inside her very hot, wet and slippery cunt, breathing heavily. After a few seconds of catching his breath, the stallion then eases his way off the mare. His dick slowly slips out of her cunt and when the head had popped out, a splash of cum then splattered onto the floor and the stallion was back on all fours again. Cum was trickling out of the mare’s vagina and there was traces of sperm still dripping out of the stallion’s limp penis.
‘Man, that was incredible!’ I told Mike. But was no longer next to me. Instead, he called to me from the other end of the shed. I turned around and saw Mike with another stallion, taken from his area. In its place was another stallion in its area. I ran over to them both and saw him with a cylinder shaped object in his hand. The stallion he was with was slightly erect after watching the other two horses. Mike then let the stallion sniff his shirt. It must have had some mare sent on it because the stallion had become fully erect.
‘Go on,’ said Mike ‘have a feel.’
That line took me by surprise.
‘Go on,’ he said again ‘there’s no one within miles of this place but me and I do it. In here, we can do anything we want.’
He wasn’t pressuring me into it. He never pressures me into things I didn’t want to do. I just went with the opportunity.
I walked over to its hind legs, side on and knelt down slightly to get a better angle. The horse’s penis was way longer than my arm. I reach out for the huge organ and then gripped it. The stallion’s skin on the penis felt familiar but unique. It was so soft on the outside but hot and stiff on the inside. His cock was so thick that my fingers couldn’t reach all the way ’round to my thumb. I then slowly ran my hand down his cock towards the head. I reached the head and I then gently rubbed its surface with my thumb. It was very soft, hot and smooth. The stallion made a low sounding moan and Mike told me not to be so kinky. I then ran my thumb over the hole. It had a drop of sticky pre-cum since I had pleasured him. I then ran my hand upwards, gently and slowly towards the sheath. It was thick skinned and felt as soft as the dick. My hand then came to the final destination: the balls. I cupped them in my hand but they were too big to rest on my hand all at once. They felt like 2 orange sized eggs in a hot skin bag. The horse made another low moan and Mike said that I’d make a great stallion toy.
Releasing the ball bag, Mike then went on to do what he had planned with the contraption. He then told me that the contraption was used for semen collection; an artificial cunt (or stallion dildo). Other than the hole for the penis to enter into, the other hole was to be covered up by a bag (or condom as Mike called it) to collect the sperm when the horse came. But on this occasion, there was no condom there to stop the cum. Mike calls this contraption the bazooka for reasons I was about to find out!
He led the horse to a mounting platform. The stallion must have done this before because it then mounted the platform and it started humping the air. This stallion’s dick was bigger than the one that fucked the mare.
“hold it now”, Mike said, “feel its power.”
I grabbed the huge cock and it started humping my hand at a faster pace. As it violently made love to my hand, I imaged what it would be like as a mare. If it wasn’t for the fact that mares only go on heat for about one mouth a year then I would definitely have wanted to be a horse in another life.
“O.K, time to load it up!”
I stopped masturbating him and made way for the toy. Mike carefully aimed the tip of the artificial cunt to the head and then slipped it in. The horse increased its pumping and started to moan a bit. The balls that swung back and forth between his legs, slapping against its belly was filling up with litres of sperm that the stallion was so desperate to release. I moved over to observe the end of the toy where the head had emerged. It was dripping pre-cum like a tap. Then, at last, I heard the stallion make the most wonderful sound.
“He’s gonna blow!”
The stallion quickens its pace and then… cum! Litres of cum spraying, splashing, blowing out of that big, hard cock. Thick, white hot cum splattering against the shed wall and floor. The huge male was screaming in ecstasy as his sperm explodes out of his flared cock until its balls had run dry and the sperm had slowed to dripping. The horse rested and then pulled out and was put away.
After watching 2 orgasms, my own dick had become painfully erect (painfully mostly because I chose to wear my tightest pair of jeans). Mike came back and I tried to hide it.
“you don’t have to hide your emotions from me. I get hard every time.”
He then grabs a plastic apple crate and walls up to another mare. He then parks the crate behind her and then he stands on it.
“This is how I relieve my emotions!”
He isn’t about to…?! Then he undoes his fly and pulls down his pants to reveal a hard on very similar to mine. He grabs his cock and then slips it all the way inside her! He wastes no time with spreading his legs and pumping his hard cock as fast as his hips can manage.
So, this is his non-human girl friend I never knew about! He has had many human girlfriends but he never told me he did this!
I walked closer to where the action was. Mike was pumping his dick in that mare’s pussy like he’d never had a decent fuck in ages. His moans matching the speed of his fucking. The juicy sounds of their lovemaking can be heard as the heat of the moment intensified. But then, he did something unexpected; he pulled his dick out. He then turned to me and said:
“It’s your turn.”
I didn’t know how to feel; scared? Nervous? Excited? All I wanted now was to get rid of this hard-on the best way possible and besides, I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like inside a horse.
I stepped onto the apple crate that once held mike’s weight and took off my pants. Mike grabbed the mare’s tail and moved it to the side, revealing the view before me: below the tail was the puckered anus about the width of the head of my cock. It looked like a donut with a tightly closed hole in the centre. Just below was a stallion’s target: a 3-inch vertical slit, also known as the cunt. It suddenly opened, exposing the clitoris and just as quickly closed. That contraction is called ‘winking’. I needed no encouragement. I slid my cock in all the way and was greeted with the best feeling. The first thing to hit me was the heat. The tight cunt meat was like hot lava engulfing my rock hard cock. The tightness wasn’t bad for something that is designed to take on a cock 4 times my own width. She suddenly winks again, and I feel her hot lava being tightly squeezed onto my cock and then releases. I sigh at this feeling I get every 3 seconds. I start to rock my hips slowly back and then forward, back and forward; closing my eyes as the electric stimulations takes me for a hot ride. I quicken my pace as her cunt starts quivering and the mare makes a deafening squeal as she hits orgasm. The walls of her cunt crush my cock as she convulses very violently and her hot, orgasmic juices squirt onto my waist. I held my cock still to ride out the crushing waves of her storm.
“Try her ass.” Mike suggests as the mare’s orgasm finishes. I pull out and find the anus. With the help of her juices I slid into her ass. OH MY GOD!!! This felt many times tighter then her cunt, the heat scorching my cock and her ass was contracting from her past orgasm. I started pumping my hips as fast as I could as ecstasy engulfed my cock. “OOOHHH YES, OOOOOOHHHH YYEESSS YOU’RE AAAHH GOOOOD GIRL!” I was lost in waves of ecstasy as I could feel the fire welling up in my balls and the heat intensifying as i was about to cum… “UUUHHHH, UUUUHHHH YESSSS GIRL YESSS, YEESSSSSSS YEEESSSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I scream as hot cum explodes out of my cock and into her loving ass. Another wave of ecstasy hits as more and more cum shoots inside her hot ass.
It seemed like hours before my cum subsided and I regain conciseness of the real world. I wake to find myself lying on her soft, furry back with my limp cock still in her ass; I didn’t want to pull out.
“Fuck,” mike announced, “you know how to put on a show. Now it’s my turn.”
“Go ahhheead,” I manage to breathe out, “I’ll jussst watcccch fffrrrom here.”
He had already picked out his partner: a stallion. It was lying on its side on a small pile of hay. Mike walks over to the male’s underside and crouches down between the horse’s forelegs and hindlegs. “Me and the horse have done this before, haven’t we Chester?” He then raps his hands around the horse’s sheath and slips his hard cock inside that and starts fucking it like a cunt! He then runs out of fucking space as his cock is pushed out by an emerging horse erection. Mike starts rubbing the stallion’s huge cockhead with his own pre-cum making the cock grow longer and thicker until it had reached its limit. WOW!! It doesn’t matter how many of those you’ve seen, they still amaze me (or maybe it’s jealousy).
Mike then gets up and walks over to crouch down at the ass end of the stallion. “This is how to ride a horse side-saddle.” mike says as he puts his cockhead to the tip of the stallion’s very tight, puckered anus and starts to rub himself up and down it. The stallion then lifts its head and looks into Mike’s eyes like it’s trying to say: “FUCK ME! TUG ME! MAKE ME CUM NOW, KINKY BOY!!!” and as if Mike could understand him, he then presses his cock inside. His journey of entering the male made torturously slow by the stallion’s tightness. Mike, in his own world of ecstasy, had his eyes tightly shut and his mouth open, letting out every erotically verbal emotion escape. Finally, his bone was fully buried inside the male and as he locked it there to savor the pleasure, the tightness, the heat, he grabs the stallion’s giant cock and starts tugging it. The stallion’s ass starts to tighten and contract around Mike as he jacks the big boy. “OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH YYYEEEAAAHHHH!! THAT’S THE WAY BIG BOY!” Mike says in internal bliss, but the horse could also have been saying that as it starts to moan and whinny. Mike, wanting to get his part on the action, gritted his teeth in pleasure as he slides his cock outwards until only the head is inside and then gasps as he shoves the whole lot back in; every sensitive spot heavily stimulated by the ever-tightening ass. He did this continuously, only gradually getting faster and faster. In and out and in and out and in out in out in out etc. The hand jacking the huge stallion’s cock pulled faster and faster, jacking jacking jack jack jackjackjackjacjacjacja….…. Incredibly erotic moans and squeals came from the stallion as he was getting his cock whacked off while his ‘g-spot’ was getting one hell of a massage.
Meanwhile, I was getting another hardon inside my mare’s ass. I started pumping my cock to the rhythm of Mike’s moans and fucking. But the screaming of the words: “TUG HIS COCK FOR ME!!!!” forced me to remove myself from my mare, which in my state was the hardest thing to do.
I got down from the apple crate and walked over to where the action was. I got myself a closer look where Mike was pumping his hips at the stallion’s big rump; fuck, that asshole’s tight.
I then turned my attention to the cock. It was the longest and thickest of all the stallions and it was squirting out enough pre-cum to fill a bucket. Mike stops wanking it and now up to me to finish the job. I grab the cock with both hands and I begin jacking it faster than I could shack any coke bottle. The stallion, finding 2 hands better than one, changed its moans into continuous squealing. His teeth were bared and he was trying desperately to get extra speed out of my jacking by humping his hips. My arms were already aching when I aimed the cock upwards towards the corner of the shed roof and wall.
Meanwhile, Mike was now cuddling the horse while pumping his hips faster than a car’s piston; he was in his own world. Mike then lowers a hand down between the stallion’s legs and starts to massage the horse’s massive balls. The stallion’s eyes widened and he began squealing louder and louder. Mike urged the stallion on “YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSS, YYYYYYEEEEESSSSSS, CUM FOR ME, BOY, CCCCCCCCCUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMM!”

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