January 29, 2007

girls sex with animals

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Shortly after twilight Dianne looked out the kitchen window of their
ground-floor apartment and saw Kye talking with Olaf Jensen, the
building caretaker’s overgrown son. Like most Vietnamese, Kye was as
lean as a whip but with surprisingly large bones, and tall for a
fourteen year old, Mark had said. He would probably fill out nicely now
that he’d be getting the proper nourishment, but at the moment he
looked like a gaunt little boy beside the muscular teenager of Swedish
heritage he was laughing and talking with, displaying that enthusiastic
carefreeness which had been constantly a part of him the entire three
days he’d been with her.

The observing, curvaceous young wife of two years absently brushed at
her wealth of straight, long blonde hair, sweeping it behind her
shoulders on either side as she let her sultry green-eyes play over the
friendly scene the two made sitting side by side, facing the smoldering
incinerator where Olaf was burning trash for his father. It pleased her
that Kye had made a friend so quickly, though she readily understood
how and why he would with his young, irrepressible personality. His
spirited, toothsome smile seemed almost perpetual, and she doubted that
his energy had ever run-down in his whole teenage life. But probably
what impressed her most was the innocence in his flashing dark-eyes,
after all the horror he had seen and been through, losing his entire
family at the age of seven and spending four years as an orphan in an
American Mission School, then running away to become a little ruffian,
or whatever, in the Saigon streets for the past three years.

That their new ward wasn’t drenched in total bitterness was an
amazement to Air Force Captain Mark Keller’s stunningly lovely wife.
Yet even had he been, the love for him he had immediately kindled
inside her would hardly have been less; though she couldn’t imagine how
he could pull at her heart-strings more than he already had.

Actually, she supposed she was being unnecessarily safeguarding with
this peeking out the window or door at him every few minutes, but she
couldn’t help herself. He was still just a boy in a foreign country to
her, and Mark’s “… Now don’t worry about him, Honey, he’s very
capable of looking after himself …” hardly cut any ice. What he’d
been forced to do to survive on the streets of Saigon was to be a far
cry from his new life in the peaceful San Diego suburb of La Berdina,
California. It would take a little time, but she intended that he would
know a different sort of life now, one overflowing with love and

Sergeant, Kye’s big German shepherd dog, a fierce appearing, heavy-
shouldered animal with an astonishing docile nature, strolled into the
scope of her windowed scene to seat himself before his young master,
his massive animal-presence bringing to mind the whole story as Mark
had unfolded it to her three days before on his return from Viet Nam.

It had been Sergeant’s barking in the hold of the plane which had made
Mark order an investigation, turning up their pair of stowaways, and
both suffering from lack of proper air-pressure. All the same, her
handsome thirty year old husband had told her, Kye was grinning, and
obviously proud that he had done what he had said he would the day
before … not let Mark go back to the United States without him!

Dianne had yet to learn the particulars of how Mark and Kye had become
such fast friends. Her pilot husband, even after eleven months in Viet
Nam, had had only a few hours to spend with her, and though both of
them were frantic to pass them in a more intimate manner, Kye and
Sergeant’s presence had made that impossible, along with any lengthy
private discussions. Mark had gotten special permission to house the
boy and dog in his own home while military authorities and immigration
people were deciding what was to be done with them. Fortunately,
Sergeant had undergone myriad shots and didn’t have to be impounded,
Kye producing the animal’s papers before the commanding officer at
March Air Force Base.

“The truth is, that damned dog is better off than I am,” Mark had said
with his famous (to Dianne) grin. “Here, I’ve got to go back to the
base to get separated and these two wild hunyaks work their way right
into the population.”

Dianne had been so over-joyed to see him that if he’d said “peanuts” or
whatever, she could have laughed herself silly. She’d hugged and clung
to him, hardly noticing the strange boy and his dog during those first
few minutes. Mark was home! Safe and sound! Home with her and almost
for good!

“It’ll take another week or so, baby … processing and all that,” he’d
said, holding her on his lap in his favorite chair while Kye stood by
with a great smile lighting his handsome, young face, his breath-taking
German shepherd mimicking him with open jaws and beautifully erect
ears. “No longer than that … and it’ll only be a matter of minutes if
I can catch a flight to cover that hundred miles down here to La
Berdina before we’re together for good!”

“Oh darlinggg …” she’d moaned, kissing him passionately on the lips.

“It is super to be home again, right, Captain Mark?” Kye’s enthusiastic
voice and winning smile had interrupted in almost perfect English. “I
don’t blame you, Joe! She, your Mrs. Captain, is very beautiful!”

“She’s Mrs. Dianne, Kye, and I expect you to look after her until I get
back,” Mark had said. “Can you and Sergeant handle the job?”

“Yes sir! You know we can, Captain Mark! You bet! Right on, eh?” the
boy had exuberated.

“Right on, Kye!”

There had been more before Mark had to leave, and the greater share of
it pertaining to young Kye Tsen Dang and his German shepherd, Sergeant.
Whether the authorities would allow them to stay in the U.S. was
certainly questionable and as well, doubtful. But while he was there,
Mark wanted Kye to know what the American democratic way was like!
Could she find it in herself to put up with him until something was
done …?

“Put up with him? My God, darling, I love him already! Both of them!”
she had exclaimed, kissing her husband first, then the teenage live-
wire she was presently looking at through the window, as well as
Sergeant’s massive head.

Dianne backed away from her vantage point, glancing toward the west to
see the heavier night shadows creeping onto them. She wouldn’t call
him. He had been told to come in when it was dark. He still had
minutes, but above all, she wanted to know if he would mind her. After
all, it was impossible to think of him as a normal boy … at least, as
she’d been taught the meaning of the word.

Turning away, the shapely blonde girl in her skin-tight, white shorts
and pullover jersey began to take the dishes from the dishwasher and
put them in their proper place. A tiny smile of excitement played
around her sensuous young lips. It was almost beyond belief that Mark
was back and that in a few more days he would be with her for ever and
ever! Then, again she thought of Kye. Would she feel the same about him
if it were not for Mark? … Yes … yes, she would! He was a beautiful
boy! My God, in just three days she’d come to have such a strong, warm
affection for him! They would adopt him! The authorities had to
understand, and although she knew nothing about such things, she felt
certain they would agree. Why wouldn’t they? Wasn’t that better than
sending him back to the horror of war? God, no one could be that
inhuman! Mark would find a way, especially once he knew how she really
felt …!

He was so wonderful, her Mark! God, what a perfect marriage they’d had
from the very beginning … finding each other sexually that first time
… a rarity, she knew … but they had! And the last magnificent night
before he’d left her … she’d taken him in her mouth!

Remembering, Dianne had thought both of them were going to lose their
senses! It hadn’t been a new thing in her mind, only in the doing …
and she had, gulping and swallowing the seething, delicious nectar of
his excitedly boiling sperm right down into her belly! She’d lived a
year on that memory, with the occasional help of her fingers, and at
that very moment she could think of little else! Days … hours …
that was all, and she would do it again …!

“We have come in, Mrs. Dianne!” Kye interrupted her sensual reverie,
barging through the rear door with Sergeant before him. “The sky is
darkened, besides, Olaf doesn’t believe many things I say. Oh, come off
that shit, he says, and I don’t know what to think!”

The crude four-letter word struck Dianne with a bit of an impact, but
not enough for her to make an issue of it. She reminded herself that
she had to remember all of the unbelievable ingredients that went to
make up this boy, this entire picture, plus her own accepted
responsibilities to him. Besides, it wasn’t as if she’d been raised in
a household where such terms weren’t tossed about. Though her mother
had been religious and her father, somewhat, her dad had always shown a
tendency toward ribaldry in his remarks … and many of them dealing
with sexual aspects. Both of her brothers had been wild, while her
younger sister wrote her letters that Playboy wouldn’t print.

“I-I wouldn’t let anything that Olaf says bother you, Kye, if I were
you,” she casually replied. “These American boys are different and can
be pretty harsh sometimes, dear …”

“But he is Swedish he says. Did he lie?”

“No. His parents are Swedish. He is an American, Kye, born in this
country,” Dianne explained, wiping her hands. “Just as your sons will
be American, darling, when they are born here.”

“Do you think that will really happen, Mrs. Dianne? Will they let me
stay?” he questioned excitedly.

“Well … Captain Mark is working on it, Kye. I don’t know. Let’s hope
so, eh? We both want you to remain here …”

“You really mean that, Mrs. Dianne?” he almost gasped out, his young
mouth and dark eyes agape.

“Of course I mean it, darling …

He bounced forward then and kissed her on the cheek while Sergeant
barked in a throaty tone she’d not heard before from him. Kye said:

“You make me so very happy, Mrs. Ma’am! I want to dance … but instead
I’ll go take my shower! Thank you! Thank you …!”

His exuberance, his open heart-felt joy, had softened Dianne like a wet
sponge. Even her breathing was uneven as she walked to her bedroom. Oh,
Mark had to do something! The authorities must be made to understand
the necessity of keeping this boy here! His whole future depended on
it, and after all, wasn’t that the basis of the United States of

She began to undress, thinking these things, the pleasant mood her
thoughts had woven for her responsible for the little shivers of happy
excitement which continued to flutter through her. In the privacy of
her shower, those same tiny thrills persisted, and magnifying
considerably whenever she let her mind dwell on Mark and what their
first night in bed together again was going to be like!

God, she was acting like a wanton little hussy, and reveling in the
knowing of it, the sensually incited young woman shamelessly realized
as she smiled to herself. And why not? There was certainly nothing
wrong in a wife’s having erotic desire for her own husband, she happily
thought, toweling dry and slipping on her short, green chiffon nightie
with its almost see-through over-wrap. She would read awhile and
hopefully unwind some, but sleep wasn’t going to come easily for her
tonight, though she was determined not to do it … and tonight he had
even left his door open with the light still burning.

Peering around the frame of the opening, the young wife wearing her
usual smile, poised her knuckles to tap against the casing … but
never did! Instead, her smile seemed to crystallize into a waxen-like
expression of stunned amazement, her large eyes widening accordingly as
she stared at the unbelievable scene taking place on the bed before
her! At first in those rushing flash of seconds, she couldn’t quite
comprehend that it was actually happening … it was too lewdly
bizarre! … With the door wide open … and lying there totally naked
…! But it was! He … Kye was playing with himself, his legs
stretched out and locked at the ankles, his nudely exposed young loins
straining fervidly upward off the bed to the rhythmic massaging of his

Dianne might have jumped back out of respect for another’s privacy had
she not been taken so completely unaware by the lewdly shocking
spectacle, but as it was there were still a few seconds before
Sergeant, lying at the foot of the bed watching his young master’s
eagerly strenuous actions, saw her and barked his greeting. During that
lapse of brief moments before she was recognized, Dianne couldn’t help
but fasten her widely disbelieving eyes on the focal point of the long,
thickly hardened penis which he was clasping tightly in a rapidly
working fist! She gaped at its bulbous young head being moistly exposed
with every vigorous down-stroke, and the size of his excitement bloated
testicles resting against his tightly joined thighs, the racy
impression that his genitals were the most developed part of his slim
young body registering incredibly in her mind.

Though repelled, as well as feeling a wave of shocked anger sweeping
rapidly through her, the already sensually keyed-up Dianne couldn’t
deny the tiny little tingling sensations the sight of his sizably
swollen young penis was adding to her own shameful arousal. Her
breathing had reflexively quickened with the surge of blood suddenly
pounding through her veins and she couldn’t restrain the audible gasp
which escaped her, announcing her presence to Sergeant.

Abruptly, at the animal’s bark, Kye sat upright, his preoccupied face
lighting with its usual lavish smile at the sight of her! And to
Dianne’s stupefied awe, he continued to grasp hold of his lengthy
penile hardness and lewdly continue stroking it while he shamelessly
grinned at her!

“You have come to say good-night to me, Mrs. Dianne?” he questioned,
flashing his white teeth and dark eyes. “So, you see, you have caught
me making myself crazy-happy! But I just had to … I am so filled with
joy from what you and Captain Mark are doing for me! My cock, it got as
hard as a stone … you see? It always does when I am very, very
excited about something, and then I have to do this until it shoots out
its juice and makes me feel like I am popping open from head to toe

The abashed young wife could do absolutely nothing but stand there and
stare at the obscenely incredulous sight. Her knees suddenly felt as if
they were filled with water! She read the innocence on his handsome,
youthful face and immediately wondered if he were some sort of mentally
deficient idiot! Yet, at the same time she knew that was impossible …
Mark would never have brought a degenerate moron into their home …!
His casual use of the four-letter word cock … his frank description
of the orgasm he was straining toward, plus the inconceivable fact that
he had never wholly stopped and was still rhythmically caressing his
thickly hardened young cock, was enough to make her wonder if she
wasn’t losing her own mind!

Later, Dianne concluded that it was probably the intensive flush of
blood pounding feverishly through her already wrought-up body which
jolted her to her senses when somehow, she heard herself chokingly

“Stop it! Do you hear me, Kye? Stop that … that horrible thing you’re
doing to yourself this very instant!”

He did … almost, but not letting entirely free of his husky young,
lust-incited hardness, the angered sharp tone of her voice causing his
smile to crumble in a hurt confusion. He had only to look up at her
usually gentle, beautiful face to know that she was enraged, but for
the life of him, Kye couldn’t imagine why. He had remembered to close
the refrigerator door when he got his glass of milk … had turned off
the shower faucets tightly and washed the ring from the bathtub! What
else was there that he could have done wrong …?

“J-Just what do you think you’re doing to yourself young man …?”
Dianne managed, realizing that she had to say something … that she
just couldn’t simply stand there gaping down at his exposed young
loins. The lewd sight of which was in spite of her shock, beginning to
have an uncontrollably lustful effect on her. She had moved into the
room and toward the bed where he sat upright, still utterly amazed at
his expression of innocence … now, hurt innocence … clouding his
good-looking, teenage face. Either she had to be going insane, or he
was really convinced that what she’d caught him doing was perfectly

“B-But I told you, Mrs. Dianne!” he explained, a little quiver in his
voice. “I was making myself crazy-happy like I always do when it gets
hard …”

“L-Like you always do?” Dianne interrupted, repeating his outrageous
confession more for her own benefit than his, her mental capacities
finally acknowledging the fact that he was openly confiding the truth
to her! She sensed her breasts rising and falling unhamperedly beneath
the sheer material of her nightie and thin diaphanous robe as she sat
down beside his young, naked body on the bed. “H-How often is that, Kye
… that you do it to yourself, I mean …?”

“Oh, no more than once a day, Mrs. Dianne!” he quickly answered, a
glimmer of his warm smile returning. “Although sometimes I have done it
twice … and once with the three girls I was able to make it squirt
nine times! The three of them were very proud of me and that night I
had extra meal rations …”

“Oh my God!” Dianne gasped, her mouth slackening, even as she nervously
moistened her lips with her tongue tip. There was a horrifying aspect
to his obscene confession, and she felt a sense of repugnance at her
own self for the tiny sensations of lustful excitement his admission
had sent rippling through her. At the same time, the young twenty-three
year old woman realized that he obviously was not to blame, at least
not entirely. “W-Who were these three girls you mentioned, Kye? Tell
Dianne all about them … everything …!”

“Yes! Of course, if you really would like to know, Mrs. Dianne … ” he
started, then stopped as she reached out with her small white hand to
touch him.

Dianne swallowed tightly. It was impossible for her to fix her mind on
anything as long as he continued to even gently stroke his still
rigidly hardened young penile flesh the way he was and she reached over
to still his slowly massaging fist. She might have touched a shorted
electric outlet! The hotly fired wetness of his blood-filled cock-head
brushed against the soft palm of her hand, sending a mild current of
sensual voltage racing maddeningly through her loins and belly.

Dianne caught at her hitching breath, jerking her hand away as if his
young, hardened cock were a white-hot firebrand searing into it. Kye’s
dark eyes widened in a pleased expression, his teeth gleaming through
stretched lips. He said: “You are excited too, eh Mrs. Dianne? I am
glad! Now I know you are not and will not be really angry with me!
Sometimes, the girls, they became angry for one reason or another …
usually when business was not good, but if I offered to let them suck
on me they grew very friendly and everything would be all right again!
Maybe you would feel better if you sucked it, Mrs. Dianne …?”

“Kye! My dear God! Do you realize what you’re saying?” the still
mentally staggered young guardian spat at him, grasping the muscled
sinews of his lean, naked arm with her long sharp nails.

He winced, his short-lived smile again shattering, the confusion inside
him mirrored in his eyes. What was it that was eating out the ass of
Captain Mark’s beautiful wife? Fuck, he didn’t know … could not
understand, and that was for almighty goddamned sure! Maybe, as Captain
Mark liked to say, she had a cunt hair crossways up in her pussy! He
knew he had not done one thing wrong … not the refrigerator door, nor
the bathtub ring, nor …

“Oh God … listen to me, Kye!” Dianne breathed heavily, desperately
trying to get hold of herself, surely aware that this went deeper than
anything she could ever imagine. There was no vulgar lust or evil
degeneracy in those innocent teenage eyes, only hurt confusion at the
moment, and she had to know what under heaven’s name, made this boy
tick in his strange world of guiltless lewdness! “Please … just sit
there and answer my questions. Who-Who were the three girls you spoke

“Kim, Chen, and Lea?” he quickly answered. “Why, they were whores, Mrs.
Dianne, and I pimped for them. Kim was my twin sister, but too young
really. At fourteen she is very skinny, and even I did not like to fuck
her. She had no tits to play with, and guys always like big tits to
hold onto while they fuck. We used to pull on them sometimes to make
them bigger when there was nothing much to do, but I do not think it
helped at all. Even so, the older Joes asked for her because she could
suck the cum out of them better than Chen or Lea, but I preferred to
fuck her in the ass.”

Dianne stared at him as he spoke with an inoffensiveness she couldn’t
begin to believe. His unconcerned use of four-letter words, his
absolutely debauched story handed to her in a half-dozen sentences
which included blatant sex, incest, and sodomy of the most abominable
nature, was almost more than she could comprehend! On top of that, his
tightly curled hand had never stopped fondling and caressing his long,
thick teenage cock, the sight of his openly lewd manipulations making
her wonder if all the Western splendors she had visualized for him
could even hardly concerned with the democratic way Mark had spoken of,
or the least of so-called Western culture! He’d brought his own with
him, war-steeped perhaps, but surely inbred … and intoxicatingly so
for her, no matter what ever happened from this moment forward!

She gaped down at his swollen, teenage cock, her green eyes slightly
glazed now and fixed on the blood-engorged head in its moistly pulsing
state, and the length of its thick-veined hardness below the heel of
his clasping hand! God, it was almost the size of Mark’s as she
remembered it! Maybe not as thick, but as long … or at least, nearly!
And his young balls, they had bloated more beneath the never-ceasing
working of his hand, filling with his virile teenage cum … waiting to
explode out their dynamic young load of hotly seething sperm … but
into what?

“You-You keep stroking yourself, Kye! What will you do when it cums!
Where does it go …?”

“Oh, I have a handkerchief, see? It doesn’t squirt up in the air and
all over that way,” he quickly answered, producing the cloth. “Do you
want to watch, Mrs. Dianne? The girls used to, sometimes. And often
they would sit back with their mouths open trying to catch it and
swallow it!”

“What?” Dianne gasped, hearing every word he’d said perfectly, but the
salacious meaning of them reverberating inside her like a tremendous
bell that was being rung again and again! She could picture three naked
girls sitting close to his lustfully hardened boy-cock with readied
mouths, trying to gulp at his squirting sperm like fish gulping at

And then he did for her the totally mesmerizing thing; he lay on the
bed, his upthrusting, youthful length of penile hardness thickly caught
in his drubbing hand!

Dianne heard the tiny whimper escape her as she feasted hungering eyes
on his feverishly inciting young loins. While he slowly worked the thin
outer skin of it up and down, revealing again and again the moistly
turgid head, she watched entranced, the bloated sac of his young,
inflated balls dancing and swaying obscenely down between his clasped
thighs! She wasn’t drunk, at least not on liquor, yet her brain was
whirling as if it were thoroughly drenched! Never had she known more
wanton desires as were raging inside her at that moment, not even with
Mark, she wildly realized, feeding her impassioned eyes on the sight of
his youthful, sperm-filled young balls pulsating heavily beneath the
pumping heat of his stroking hand!

Dianne’s decisive movements and actions in crawling up onto the bed and
rolling toward him, her face level with his stiffened cock-in-hand,
were intentional motions which the inflamed young wife blanked from her
mind! She caught at his slender wrist and brushed his hand away,
watching his rigid naked penis in its teenage hardness snap downward,
hugging at his lean belly. Then, she reached and took it inside her own
warmly curling fingers, its throbbing length of solid, thick flesh
within her hand at last, unleashing mindless forces of seething lust
inside her that she had never before realized were a part of her!

She inched forward, laying her cheek on his smooth, hairless thigh and
licked out with tiny, feverish tongue at the side of his whitely
swollen young rod, licking as high up its hardness as she could without
lifting her head!

“Unnnggghhhh …!” Kye grunted, lying back and stretching out almost
languorously. “That is super, Mrs. Dianne! You are so beautiful it
makes it much, much better! Every man, Captain Mark says, wants a
beautiful girl sucking his cock! Will … will you suck mine for me …
all the way until I cum in your mouth?”

Dianne had reached such a state of wild, uncontrollable excitement that
she hardly cared or knew what she was doing! The only thing that
mattered now was to suck this handsome, teenage penis before her in all
of its hot, blood-filled hardness. The burning name of her husband had
registered in her thoughts, but not as emphatically as Kye’s plea for
her to do it to him!

Will you suck mine for me … all the way until I cum in your mouth?

Even as she climbed up over him, kneeling on all fours between his
nakedly spread young legs, Dianne knew in the back of her lust-inflamed
mind that there was something of Mark which had become a mystery while
he had been away … but it hardly mattered at that moment! Nothing
mattered, only the sensually erotic delight she was about to mindlessly
bury herself in … their young teenage ward’s feverishly hardened

Chapter 2

The wave of glowing desire swirling erotically up through Dianne’s
excited young body was not something spontaneous, she knew, nor was the
young boy totally responsible for being the factor releasing it. The
simmering lust which was driving her mindlessly on was as inbred in her
female make-up as the naked youth’s innocent lewdness beneath her …
only the intensity of the lecherous flames licking hotly over her flesh
was a strange new delight she had never before experienced.

God, she was so, so hot! She could feel the heated wetness which had
seeped from between her vibrantly flushed pussy lips trickling downward
in warm little rivulets to moisten the smoothly tingling flesh of her
inner thighs as she clutched them tightly together. The natural
muscular action caused pressured sensations of erogenous pleasure to
ripple through her impassionedly fired loins and belly,

She kneeled up over him between his slender legs he had spread wide for
her, his naked, scantily haired loins directly beneath her lust-incited
face. She held the man-sized length of his thickly hardened cock inside
the curled enclosure of fingers and small palm, her other hand moving
almost tremblingly down to gently cup and weigh his cum-filled young
balls between his legs. The vibrant heat his teenaged genitals sent
wildly prickling through her raised a tiny guttural mewl of blind
sensuality from deep in her throat. She began to work its tightly
clinging foreskin up and down, her sultrily glazing eyes feeding on the
tempting deliciousness of its damp, satin-smooth head, the feel of its
hot, hardened ridges like sensuous vertebra in her hand. Then her
lustful manipulations caused a tiny clear bubble of pre-cum to bead at
the little slit of its fiery, mushroomed tip and her eyes staring
hungrily, she eagerly groaned out her approval …!

Watching from his comfortably reclined position, his head raised by the
pillow, Kye was beginning to wonder if the beautiful Mrs. Dianne was
ever, ever going to get to the actual sucking of his cock. She was a
little shy, perhaps, had not done it much and didn’t know exactly how
to go about it. Though it seemed odd to him that any girl would need
instructions on such a natural thing, remembering how his sister, Kim,
had immediately mouthed it and swirled her tongue around it the first
time he had ever let her touch it. And knowing Captain Mark, it seemed
ridiculous to believe he had never fucked his lovely wife in the mouth!

Almighty goddamn! If only it did not ache so much, his super-hardened
cock! It was her soft little hand holding and working the outer skin up
and down, while her other warmly cupped his puffed-up, burning balls!
And the way she was staring down at it so hungry like … as if maybe
she was going to bite off its swollen knob …!

With that, Dianne suddenly lowered her desire-slackened face to his up-
thrusting, hardened penile-shaft, one hand continuing to teasingly
stroke it while with the other, she drew her nails beneath the
vulnerably sensitive sac of his young balls. Kye grunted aloud to the
teasing stimulation, then saw her tiny, pink tongue dart out to lick
hotly at the drop of seminal fluid oozing from the little slit at the
tip of the sleekly pulsing head!

“Oh darling … so good … good!” the entranced, blonde young wife
lustfully whispered, beginning to lick it all over with hot, wetly
sweeping tongue strokes.

“Uuunngghhh …” Kye grunted in response, his narrow hips lurching
reflexively upward at the very second her hot, wet tongue made contact,
then began to wiggle into the tiny, slightly cumming slit of his piss
hole! Almighty goddamn! She knew how all right, all right! And she was
so gorgeous pretty … playing with his hurtfully thumping cock with
her tongue tip! Christ, he wished she were stripped naked so he could
see how her big beautiful tits stuck out round and firm … and if she
had blonde pussy curls all around her cunt! “Unnnnhhhhh!” he groaned
again, louder this time, a series of wild chills charging up his spine
as he watched her lower her softly pursed lips down onto it, then
enclose the wetly glistening head in a warm Up-locking pressure that
was unlike anything he had ever known!

Many times the Vietnamese teenager had been sucked and used in sexual
orgies by many different girls and women, but never had he felt such
warm sensations of excited passion as he did at that moment with
Captain Mark’s beautiful young wife, and he whimpered out in a small,
emotionally breaking voice. Compulsively, he thrust his trembling young
loins upward, shoving his blood-engorged hardness deeper up into the
warm wet cavern beyond his new mother’s ovally clasping lips!

Actually confused by the unfamiliar love-emotions surging through him,
Kye watched the lipstick glossed rim of her saliva moistened tips
tighten elastically around his hotly inflamed cock, then slip downward
onto its sensitive thickness until her nose was brushing tightly into
his sparse young pubic hairs, nearly the entire jerking length of it
sucked right up into the liquid heat of her honey-filled mouth!

He gaped through flashing dark eyes, amazed now that it was really
happening, his youthful breaths coming in ragged, panting gasps. Here
he had only been in this new great country but a few days and already
his cock was being sucked … and Captain Mark had said it would not be
the same in America! Maybe, he had been away so long he had forgotten!
But would he forget about his own beauteous Mrs. Dianne …? Kye
watched in excited fascination as she sucked her lips up off its tip,
then began to lick at it hungrily with her wetly moistened tongue,
brushing and washing it all over up from his belly to the bottom of its
head glistening and sticking out like a ripened plum from its pulled-
back foreskin. This was not tike the hustling bitches in Saigon! She
was doing it not for money, but to please him and to make her own self
happy! He could see that in the lustful expression greedily masking her
lovely face, the realization of such knowledge making him feel more
joyous and wanted! Oh, he would love her very much and let her suck his
cock whenever she wanted to! Shit … she was licking it all over,
bathing and loving it with every tantalizing sweep of her hot, wet
little tongue! Then, she was going back down the aching length to its
thick base once more … and … and even below to his prickling balls
…! Almighty goddamn! No one had ever done that to him …!

Dianne’s smoldering belly and loins were a burning inferno of
intoxicating passion. Frenzied thrills from the very forbiddeness of
her act were madly racing through her. The delicious, sweet taste of
his fire-filled young genitals was nearly driving her to the point of
orgasm with the mere thought of her obscene licking and sucking of
them! God, he was so young, handsome and willing… and right then, so
completely exposed to her slightest lustful whim! He had to cum for
her! She must know the taste of his hot, fresh youthful sperm squirting
into her mouth! Would it be like she remembered her husband, Mark’s …
gush after gush of the warmly seething cream flooding into her throat
and on down into her feverishly wanting belly? Oh God, she had to know!

Saliva dribbled down her tongue as she licked the softly yielding,
flesh of his cum-filled young balls with warm, wetly painting tongue-
strokes. The urge to slide her hands beneath his thighs and lift them
upward to get greater access between his legs was more than she wanted
to deny. He sensed her desire and helped, drawing Ns knees all the way
back against his chest, until she was eagerly gaping at his nakedly
revealed little anal mouth! She trailed her wetly exploring tongue
excitedly down along the raised pink ridge between his widespread
buttock cheeks as though drawn by a magnet. Her brain swimming
lustfully, Dianne circled the tip of it around the tiny puckered hole,
laving his smooth inner ass-cheeks with the warmly flowing moisture
from her mouth. At last, with a surge of blinding passion, she
stiffened her tongue like a tiny baby penis and tried to penetrate the
hotly clenched lips of his young asshole!

“Ooohhh! Mother, mother!” Kye lewdly choked out, his teenaged hips and
buttocks uncontrollably squirming around on tile extended tongue-tip
probing relentlessly at his sensitive little anal mouth. Christ, no,
never had he known anything to equal what beautiful Mrs. Dianne was
doing to him! He raised his head to better see down through his widely
spread legs to where her pretty face with its golden halo of long
blonde hair was nuzzled tightly up between his completely open buttock
cheeks! Then, as she slowly raised her head, again licking upward
toward his painfully churning balls, he saw that she had reached back
between her own spread thighs beneath her nightie and guessed that she
was finger-tucking her own cunt …!

Dianne wished that she had stripped naked so that her desire-swollen
breasts could hang free to sway down against his thighs while she
sucked him, but she didn’t want to stop now to do it. Her pussy was so
hot and wet! She had to caress it, and had spread her dampened thighs,
reaching back up between them to moistly draw a finger through the wet,
sensitive flesh separating her passion-flushed cunt lips! Ooohhh Goddd!
It felt so heavenly, she groaned, trembling as she directed her
fingertip to gently stroke the erectly quivering bud of her tiny
flaming clitoris, flashing sensations of intensified pleasure rippling
hotly through her lust-infused body.

Quickly, she trailed her tongue back over his cum-bloated, young balls
and up along the solid lance of long, thick flesh to its throbbing
head, slipping her roundly ovaled lips wetly down over it once more. Oh
God, it was even more wildly intoxicating than she remembered with her
husband, Mark … this exotic feeling of his swollen teenage cock
totally filling her greedily sucking mouth! Yes … they would do it
again and again when Mark was away … oh, so many, many beautiful
times …!

Kye sucked in his breath with the burning sensations of pleasure her
wet, eager tongue sent racing frantically through him. He could
suddenly think of nothing except the delightfully erotic act his new
mother was performing on him. Shivers rippled up his spine, raising a
groan from deep in his young throat. She brought her liquid, soft lips
down all the way then, enclosing the entire sensitive head of his cock
once more in a wet, heated pressure, their tensiled fullness clasping
tightly just below the rim to trap it hungrily inside the hot, fluid
shelter of her mouth.

“Almighty goddamn!” he choked, rifting his head higher to stare down at
her snugly clasping lips. He vaguely wondered if Captain Mark might
kill him if he knew! Somehow, he didn’t think it would be the same as
his sister Kim sucking the Captain, though he, her own twin brother,
never minded. But American Joes were different … though he could not
think about that now! The sight of his hardness disappearing up into
her widely ovalled mouth increased the lewd sensations he was
experiencing a hundred times! Oh shit! He had better not ever let
Captain Mark know! She sucked him too well, and he would surely want
her to do it again! She was probably the best in the whole world …
and the prettiest! Now, she was skillfully massaging the soft, sperm
weighted resilience of his aching balls with one hand, and stroking the
thick base of his rigid cock between thumb and forefinger of the other,
while she began to suck rhythmically up and down.

Kye could feel the velvety smoothness of her wetly heated tongue
twirling crazily around it at the peak of the withdrawal, the fiery tip
flicking provocatively across the split at its end. Uncontrollably, he
flexed his buttocks, his eyes fixed on the lustful sight of her slowly
bobbing head below, his cock hurtfully throbbing to the depths of his
groin. Hot goddamn! She was going to draw his whole insides right out
through the tiny hole in his cockhead!

Kye knew that she sensed his frenzied reactions by the way she began to
suck with mounting intensity, the tips of her even white teeth scraping
gently into the resisting hardness of his screaming cock. He could see
their little white trails where they had scraped the blood from beneath
the surface of the skin! Then, she was slipping her hands beneath his
buttocks to cup them in her small, warm palms trying to lift his loins
up tighter to her bizarrely slaving face! Her hot, liquid tongue
rotated with mounting fervor around his expanding cockhead and Kye
realized that he was quickly heading toward that unraveling point of
crazy-happy joy as she suddenly took nearly all of it up into her
hungrily working throat! Goddamn, he had always been amazed when they
did not choke on it, but none ever seemed to, nor was Mrs. Dianne as
she groaned out and sucked on and on!

Blinding waves of rising heat were wildly building in the intricate
depth of his sperm-churning balls. Excitedly, he watched her white
goddess-face toiling with a hungry, omniverous passion above his
furiously fired loins. He could see tiny rivulets of perspiration
running in thin droplets from beneath her long blonde hair and down her
cheeks as she relentlessly sucked and strained to draw out the seething
cum bubbling hotly below in his balls. The muscles in his stomach
tightened until he felt they might snap from the pressure; still, he
arched his back even further, shoving his aching cock deeper up into
the heated wetness of her voraciously sucking mouth. His breathing
hissed from his lungs as he watched the thin, pink ridges of inner
flesh sensually pulling out from her lush lips clinging tightly to his
pulsating hardness. No … sweet fuck! It had never been like this
before for him! Never … never …!

And … and oh shit, it was time to go all crazy-happy …!

A boyish groan gutturally arose from somewhere in his chest as he felt
the scalding, white sperm starting its furious charge from deep down in
the sanctuary of his balls and begin squirting out in hot fiery streams
into her voraciously sucking mouth and throat! He watched her cheeks
expanding and hollowing eagerly to his spewing cock, her Adam’s apple
visually reacting in her avid swallowing of the warm, flooding gushes.
Hungrily, she continued to suck his white, hot jism into the caressing,
wet softness of her mouth while his hands reached down to clutch at the
sides of her head, holding her fast against the throbbing heat of his
cum-splitting loins, thrusting his cock deeper and deeper up into the
depths of her greedily milking throat!

Once, Dianne choked and coughed but quickly regained control, moaning
around his squirting hardness fucking into her mouth and throat, while
her own mind-shattering climax overwhelmed her as she plunged her
rhythmically skewering fingers deeper up between her thighs into the
wet, wildly exploding flesh of her cunt! Desperately, she flicked and
stroked her tiny, palpitating clitoris, still sucking and nibbling
hungrily on his deflating young cock long after it grew limp and
useless in her wet, sperm-coated mouth…!

Chapter 3

Sleep was a total impossibility for Dianne though she had gone
shamefully to her room, plunged it into darkness and crawled onto the
bed to avoid looking at her own conscience-stricken face. That she had
not only let it happen, but had even encouraged it was now so
incredible to her as to be like the living unreality of a nightmare one
finally awakens to bathed in cold perspiration … except that this was
no bad dream … it was the horrifying truth!

She couldn’t cry. It might have helped, but venting tears had never
been a part of her character. Though how in God’s name she could ever
face her husband again after the obscene lechery of her act with the
young boy was at that moment beyond all reasoning. Her brain felt like
the main-spring of a watch that had been wound too tight and unable to

How long she lay there in an almost numbed state of bitter remorse
before getting up again, slipping on her robe and quietly going into
the kitchen, the guilt-filled, young wife had no idea. Her slender
hands trembled as she poured Bacardi into a glass, filled it with ice
and added Cola, the only alcoholic drink she had ever been able to
stomach, and certainly she had to have something before that main-
spring helplessly snapped! She carried her glass into the living room
to sit in the darkness near the front window, unable even in her
wretchedness to deny the tiny sensations of lust still lingering inside
her from her lewd sucking of Kye’s young virile hardness!

The handsome teenager had shockingly amazed her in every respect,
Dianne thought as she sipped rapidly at her Cuba Libre. His genuinely
innocent immoralness … lying there openly stroking himself … and
the obscene things he had told her … God, it had all been too much
for her in the smoldering, sensually fired existence she’d been
struggling through, waiting forever it seemed … waiting for Mark …
And what was there about her pilot husband which had suddenly given her
an uneasy feeling, as if there were some shady mystery connected with

Dianne emptied her glass and quietly went to the kitchen for another.
Kye would know, she felt certain … if he would tell her. She returned
to her chair in the darkened shadows of the living room, deciding that
she would question him as soon as possible … tomorrow morning,
perhaps … if she could face him …

He’d actually been sleeping when she had finally raised her head from
his sperm-drained young loins, a trace of his inevitable smile fixed on
the handsome lips of his contented, teenaged face. She hardly
remembered how long she’d lain there with the spent flaccidness of his
long, softened penis still between her gently nibbling lips, futilely
struggling against the wave of anguish she knew was going to overwhelm
her … and it had. But now, with the soothing warmth of the Bacardi
working into her blood-stream, she was beginning to unwind a bit and
her pangs of guilt lessening.

By the time Dianne had finished her second drink she’d concluded that
she could live with her sordid skeleton, but that she must have Kye’s
sworn promise never to reveal their secret … and to never do anything
like that in front of her again! In fact, she would insist that he vow
to stop his lewd playing with himself altogether …! And then, she
smiled to herself in the darkness. Of course, it would be impossible to
hold him to that, being that he was a very lusty young man, but he
surely could be more discreet about it just as she would have to be if
he were to remain with them!

A little tremor of excitement rippled through Dianne’s soft, susceptive
body at the latter thought, and she arose intending to go to the
kitchen for one last drink. They’d tasted so good besides lifting her
spirits, but she was no drinker and two were plenty she decided.
Anyway, she knew she could sleep now.

* * *

Naked to the waist with his skin a rich tanned color, the broad-
shouldered, thick-chested blond teenager straightened up from his yard
work to look at Kye sitting on the rim of his wheel-barrow. He licked
at his red, wormish lips with thick tongue, his small blue eyes
narrowed in a doubting expression;

“You sure’ve got an awful lot of shit, Kye, for one little guy,” he
partially sneered. “How the hell old did you say you were?”

“Fourteen … almost fifteen!” the slender Vietnamese replied,
surprised at his new friend’s put down.

Olaf Jensen’s sneer became a one-sided grin. “Well, I’m sixteen and
almost seventeen, buddy, and if I’d laid just half the dolls you say
you have I’d figure myself a real cock-hound.”

“Cock-hound …? What is that, some sort of animal?” Kye innocently

“Yeah, human animal!” Olaf said, sniggeringly wondering if the scrawny
fink actually thought he believed all the crap he’d been trying to hand
out about fucking, pimping, and getting sucked-off everytime he turned
around. “The way I see it, you Vietnamese must run around with your
stiff cocks in your hands all the time so you don’t wear out the flies
of your pants!”

Kye thought about that, finally deciding his big friend was making a
joke. Olaf was laughing, so he laughed with him. Then, he said:

“No, it is not quite like that, Olaf, but I do not lie to you. In
Saigon things are very different than her in La Berdina. There is
always a girl ready to fuck or suck you, but usually for a price. It is
the way she gets money to eat, or help take care of her family. There
are always many Joes who pay well and because I use to bring them to my
girls, Kim, Chen, and Lea, were very generous with me … especially
when business was slow and they were high on yum-yum …”

“High on what?” the big boy interrupted.

“Yum-yum. It is a drug, an aphrodisiac the girls take to make them very
hot so they will do a bang-up good fuck job on Joe and make sure he
comes back!” Kye explained.

“Never heard of it,” Olaf said, his doubting expression returning.
“Sounds to me like more of your shit, Kye …”

“Is not shit!” Kye snapped, feeling anger for the first time with his
new friend. “Is almighty goddamned truth! Yum-yum is an ancient drug
used in my country for centuries! Really, its name is Dhattura! The
girls put it in their tea and fuck all night without ever stopping they
are so hot! The Joes who have been there all know! You ask any Joe

“Huh! I don’t know any Joes,” Olaf said, bending back down to his work
and still not convinced that he should believe the skinny little
bastard. “Anyway, you better keep that cock of yours in your pants
around her, buddy, or somebody might blow your lousy head off.”

“Who would do something like that … blow my head off?” Kye
questioned, amazed that anyone should get that angry over such a
natural thing.

“Ha, just about any chick’s old man who might catch you slipping it to
his daughter, is all,” Olaf sneered, wondering if the goddamned dope
was as stupid as he pretended. “You want to let laid, fellow, you
better high tail it back to Vietnam and your yum-yum broads, ’cause you
can bet no American dolly’s going to fuck or suck you!”

To Kye, there was suddenly no question but what the big teenager had
meaningfully insulted him. His emphasis on the word you had separated
Kye from all others, and he knew it was because of his Asian blood. He
was hurt, but more enraged than anything. Now, he wished he had brought
Sergeant outside with him instead of leaving him so Mrs. Dianne could
feed him. He would order the big animal to take a fat chunk right out
of this grinning sonofabitch’s almighty goddamned ass!

“So, maybe you’re wrong like hell, Mr. Olaf!” Kye spat at him, getting
to his feet. “Because Kye’s already been sucked until his balls almost
burst like a fucking mortar shell … and by an American dolly, too!”

“Here we go, more shit!” Olaf sneered, then chuckled as he wagged his
big blond head.

“Let’s see you explain your way out of this one, yum-yum boy? Just
where the hell you been to meet any American girls, eh?”

“Right here! Where in the almighty goddamned hell do you think?” Kye
swore, too angry to say more as he started toward the front gate to the

“Hey, wait a minute, Kye! Where are you going?” the husky teenager
called after him, his lustful interest really fired this time by the
other’s insistently honest tone. “Come on back and tell me about it! I
believe you, no crap …”

“No crap is right!” Kye snapped, for the first time feeling he had the
upper-hand with this big oaf he no longer was sure was his friend. He
would have to walk to the park and think about that, for friends were
very important to him, such as Captain Mark and Mrs. Dianne. In Saigon,
one always was skeptical of so-called comrades. Too many times they
would turn out to be just that … the enemy … but he had thought all
American were buddies. Now, he didn’t know what to think …

* * *

Dianne had slept, but not restfully. She had dreamed insensible, sordid
things which she barely remembered upon awakening to a brilliant
sunshine. Evidently, she’d cried in her sleep, too, for her eyes were
puffy and red-rimmed when she’d opened them. The soothing effect her
midnight drinks had taken was long gone, though, the warm glow of a new
California day helped. She immediately thought of her obscene
performance with the young boy, but forced herself not to dwell on it.
Then Mark and the mysterious “whatever” surrounding him raced into her
mind and she bolted from the bed, remembering she intended to question

Quickly, she splashed her face, brushed her hair and slipped on her
robe, going over in her mind how she would approach and draw the
information she wanted, as well as the pledges she would insist he
make. She trembled nervously as she walked into the kitchen, the
thought of facing him for the first time since … since their sinfully
forbidden act the night before having its full impact on her.

“Oh! Good morning, Mrs. Dianne!” his voice radiantly greeted her like
an elated clarion call. He stood near the back door with his hand on
the knob, ready to open it. “I have eaten and am going out to join my
friend, Olaf … if it is all fight? I-I hope you slept well, Mrs.

As always, with everything he had done since being there with her, his
greeting, warmth, and smile overwhelmed the young, blonde wife. For a
moment, she did little more than gape at him, then down at the almost
laughing German shepherd staring upward at her with great brown eyes,
his ears gallantly erect. She said:

“H-Has Sergeant eaten, Kye?” all the things she had readied in her mind
to discuss with him a sudden conglomeration of confusion.

“No, Ma’am! I know he is hungry, too! You can always tell by the
pathetic gleam in his eyes!”

Dianne couldn’t help but smile, for certainly the great dog was
expressing just such a took. She said: “Well … leave him here with
me, dear, and you go ahead. I’ll feed him. We’ll give him some of that
roast from last night.”

“If you do, he will be your friend for life, Mrs. Dianne!” Kye said,
grinning. “I will be outside with Olaf.”

“All right, darling … and … and there’s a park two blocks from here
if you’d like to walk there, but don’t go any farther. Promise?”

“Yes, Ma’am, of course! What ever you say …!”

At the slam of the door behind him, Dianne sighed heavily. She’d said
none of the things she wanted to, but she wasn’t sorry. Later, once she
got her bearings about her there would be plenty of time. She’d passed
the most critical moment of all … she’d faced him, and he, her, as if
nothing had ever happened between them the night before …!

She watched Sergeant ravenously gulp at the entire remainder of the
roast she’d cut up for him while she sat at the table with coffee, for
the first time in her life enjoying one of Mark’s favorite drinks,
coffee royal. How he loved it, invariably smiling at her as he splashed
the cognac into the cup and reminding her that she didn’t know what she
was missing. Very soon, all of those little splendors would be
happening between them again … and they would be so happy.
Oooohhhh… what was this uneasiness eating at her concerning the one
man she loved and wanted with all her heart! God! She’d love him as
much even if he were the nation’s number one wanted criminal! Wouldn’t
she? Yes! Yes! Then why was she letting this ridiculous bit she’d built
up in her mind gnaw at her so? Damn … she wouldn’t … She absolutely
would not! Mark Keller meant too much to her to toy with! He was her
whole life … and now, there was Kye to think of …

The curvaceous, blonde young wife made herself a second, then a third
coffee royal before returning to her room carrying it. Through the
living room window she glanced to see Kye and Olaf, a little thrill of
excitement rippling through her at the sight of her ward’s handsome,
teenaged smile. Sergeant’s almost silent treading behind her reached
her ears and she smiled back at him.

“You coming with me, darling? Well … okay, but I’m going to take a
shower … Guess I did make a lifelong friend after all with that
roast, eh?”

Dianne paused to pet him, pleased at his warm, loving whimper for her.
She laughed and entered the room, setting the coffee cup in the
adjoining bath before coming back and quickly slipping out of her robe
and tiny nightie. She moved to the right of the open window to catch
its draft, a sense of well being filling her with the refreshing breath
of clean, cool air brushing over her satiny nakedness. At first,
Sergeant seated himself to watch her, then dropped prostrate,
stretching out his front paws and she smiled down at him as his eyes
rolled up at her.

“Lecher,” she whispered, walking toward the door to close and throw the
locking bolt for certain privacy. “If my husband could see you watching
me naked now …”

Diane laughed once more as she walked toward the bathroom, determined
to keep her pleasureful mood all day, no matter what. She flitted about
the tiled room doing personal things, her sultry green eyes at last
catching her own nakedly tanned curves reflected in the full length
mirror on the back of the door.

For a moment, she stood unmoving, consciously, admiring her symmetrical
shape … the full, pink-nippled breasts and slender waist flowing into
the flared arch of her seductively curved hips and smoothly rounded
thighs. Mark raved over her long legs, the shape of her calves, slender
ankles and tiny feet until she was embarrassed. Though he was always
fascinated by the white outline her swim-suit halter left across her
breasts, it was the white stretch of her hips and lower belly where the
curly triangle of sparse, blonde hair began to sprinkle over her pubic
mound and vaginal lips that mesmerized him most … and at that moment
too, Was causing tiny shivers of excitement to ripple over her!

Oh Mark, lover! Please hurry home! I need you so badly, darling …!

Dianne sighed, smiling sensually to herself. Those damned coffee
royals, she thought. They certainly had a kick like a mule … and a
sexy one at that! She stepped into the shower-stall, regulating the
water, the fine spraying needles exciting her naked, soft flesh, the
whole uplifting process adding to her happy mood.

She remembered her Mark’s often spewed philosophy that nothing was ever
as bad as it first appeared and felt confident that Kye was not about
to tell Mark and hurt her. He loved her and there was little question
about that, then after seeing him by the door earlier, her fears along
those lines were rapidly leaving her. Yet … even so, it must never
happen again! She’d already made her mind up to that … still, she
couldn’t quite imagine what had ever taken place in her chemistry to
make her lose so complete control to throw herself into the wildly
abandoned act of sucking him to completion, and then … then
swallowing it …

Distinctly, the entire lewd scene passed through her mind in compelling
review, graphically reminding Dianne that it’d been as if she’d had
absolutely no command over her desire to possess him … to feel and
stroke his hardened young cock in her hand … and then suck it like a
street whore into her mouth! A quiver of excitement fluttered over her
curved nakedness as she remembered the sweet taste of his swollen young
cock, and the hard, maddening feel of it to her experimenting tongue!
But when he’d finally shot his delicious, virilely fresh young sperm
into her mouth and throat and she’d swallowed it …

Oooohhh …!

Damn, she better stop thinking this way! Her sinful thoughts were
keying her right up again! Even the feel of her own hands as they
soaped the soft, yielding flesh of her breasts, stomach and thighs were
causing tiny, electric-like prickles to dance teasingly up between her
warm, sensitive legs! Oh God … enough of this nonsense, she decided,
even as she sensuously raised bubbly suds over the silken curls and
fleshy lips of her stimulated vagina, forcing herself to ignore the
provoked excitement which thoughts of Kye’s youthful nakedness and
hardened thick cock had quickly aroused in her.

Through sheer will power, Dianne rinsed off and toweled dry, a series
of tiny tremors still rippling over her naked, soft curves with every
step back into the bedroom.

Sergeant whimpered and she smiled down at him where he still lay
watching her every move. He wagged his tail and animalistically licked
at his jaws, and her soft, sweet-smelling hand when she bent downward,
petting his great head. She couldn’t help but wonder if, or what, he
was thinking as his big brown eyes seemed to rake over her, almost
lustfully ogling her nude body. It gave her an odd sensation of
exhibitionism as she stood there for a long moment almost tauntingly
posing before his gleaming animal eyes. Then, with a final smile and
pat, she picked up her manicuring set and walked to the bed, climbing
onto its middle with intentions of making dainty her feet which Mark
raved so much over.

The task required an almost lewd sitting position with legs widespread,
and bent at the knees and the curvaceously exposed Dianne couldn’t
resist looking at her reflection in the mirror of the vanity. As she
did, Sergeant’s sudden leap up onto the bed took her completely by
surprise, not only startling her but causing her to gasp out and lose
her balance, falling backward onto her elbows. With that, the big
animal immediately moved forward between her open legs, almost as if
she had spread them for him in obscene invitation, and Dianne could do
little more than gape up at him in shocked wonderment …

Chapter 4

Sergeant’s unexpected advance between her naked spread-open, legs
hardly frightened Dianne as she still lay propped on her elbows where
she had fallen back in surprise, for although he was a massive dog he
had never shown the slightest ferocity. She was simply awed by his
abrupt move and unpredicted position between her openly spread thighs.
She stared at him, her sultry green eyes reflecting the bewilderment
inside her, watching as his rounded brown ones continued to sweep over
her exposed curves almost as if he were feasting on them before taking
his sexual fill! And then, he moved in even closer up over her,
dropping his big head to lick out with a liquid, hot tongue against the
smooth flesh of her naked white stomach!

Dianne couldn’t help but gasp out at the astonishing contact and she
swallowed tightly as the full length of seething animal-flesh began to
lick moistly over her reflexive, muscle-tightened belly! Again and
again, he did it while she continued to lay there beneath the hotly
spread length of its taunting, wet caresses, his feverish licking
causing incredible lewd sensations to begin weirdly spiraling through

My God! Wh-what was he trying to do to her? Her eyes widened as she
gaspingly watched his long fleshy tongue licking heatedly upward over
the quivering smooth lips of her navel! Higher and higher he inched,
until he was finally lapping the undersides of her exposed breasts,
ever-creeping upward over them toward their tiny, pebble-hardening
nipples … and at last, there! She couldn’t restrain the excited
little moan escaping her lips when his burning, moist flesh actually
reached them, wetly grazing the pink, sensitively rising buds again and
again to send wildly arousing spasms whipping through her now
tremulous, unresisting body!

Ooohhh …! What was happening to her, anyway? She must be losing her
mind! The damned liquor had numbed her so-called thinking capacities!
Good Lord, she had to put a stop to this … this bestial performance
before it went any further! But … but, she didn’t want to move with
the inconceivable rising heat his eagerly licking tongue brushing wetly
over the naked mounds of her breasts was creating inside her! She heard
him whimper deep in his throat, her widened stare fixed on his almost
loving performance. Then, his gleaming brown eyes raised to meet hers,
their obvious, desire-fed glow level with her own. Dianne felt her
breath quicken when he moved upward and startlingly began to run his
warm, liquid tongue in hotly swirling caresses over her face!

Oh God, she shockingly realized, he’s actually kissing me!

A feeling of gentle warmth filled Sergeant’s powerful body as he
tenderly licked over the pleasing, soft beauty of Dianne’s white flesh.
The pleasant taste of her breasts, and now her beautifully appealing
face very much intrigued him. She was unlike the other female humans he
had known and been trained to perform with. Her warm eyes reflected
emotions which not only made him happy inside, but avidly excited his
natural mating instincts in a manner he and not experienced before
except with his own kind, its unique sensation spurring him on.

Dianne reactively turned her head to move her face away from the huge
animal’s hot, licking strokes. There wasn’t any question in her roused
mind but what he was actually kissing her … showing her in his own
way his affection for her! She closed her eyes and abruptly he stopped.
Then, she felt the weight of him jiggling the bed and she opened them
to see him backing down between her still openly spread legs!
Mesmerized, she watched him poise his massive head between her lewdly
parted thighs, then slowly lower it, his heated animal-breath taunting
the fringe of soft, blonde pubic curls there! His cool, wet nose
brushed against the sensitive, warm flesh of her inner thighs … and
finally, the puffy, flushed lips of her undeniably excited pussy! She
heard his almost mewling whimper as he sniffed her rising female heat,
taunting her susceptibly naked loins as though he were making an actual

Once more, the urge to stop this shameful act before it went any
further raced through Dianne’s lust-glazing brain, but was quickly
forgotten as she felt his cold, damp nose suddenly probing wetly into
the smooth vale between her partially spread buttocks, and finally down
against the tiny puckered ring of her anus!

“Oh … oh you devil!” she choked, lurching uncontrollably beneath the
erotic contact. “Y-You better stop … and right this minute …!”

Ooooohhhhh …!

His exploring tongue had snaked out to lick wormingly up and down the
smooth crevice surrounding her tightly clenched little anal mouth, the
tip burrowing teasingly up into its baby-like lips!

Dianne wasn’t sure whether it was shame or the tantalization itself
that made her try to squirm her naked loins away, but when the no-
longer docile brute raised his head and warningly growled, she quickly
stopped! Fear of him, she knew then for the first time, and she froze
as he lowered his great head once more, the wet, seething tongue
beginning to lick at the narrow pink crevice between her helplessly
spread thighs! She began to tremble and groan uncontrollably as he
wetly drew it upward over the full length of her openly spread pussy.
Ooohh God! The lewd sensations were stabbing wildly inward to reach
deep into the nerve centers of her shamefully fluttering belly!

Again he did it, this time, his raging, fiery tongue spreading through
the yielding, hair-fringed lips of her cunt like a fluid blade! It
didn’t stop, but continued to relentlessly splay wide the pink
sensitive flesh, pausing at last to lunge in a penetrating curl far up
her moistened, dilating vaginal passage! “Oooh God,” she gasped and
spasmed convulsively, dropping her head back on the bed and writhing in
reactive bodily contortions to his oral rape … but he never stopped
… and she wasn’t sure that she wanted him to now as she mindlessly
drew her legs back to give him greater access to her hotly responding
vaginal plane.

At that intensively breathtaking moment, the nakedly enchanted Dianne
was not sure of anything but the sudden thrill of erotic passion his
mercilessly ravaging tongue was generating through her lasciviously
vulnerable young body. Her moans unrestrainably increased, while her
mind slipped deeper and deeper into an unknown spell-binding oblivion
of sensuality that she could not and did not want to fight! Again and
again, his pleasure bringing animal-tongue grazingly bathed her exposed
loins, from the snug, eagerly reacting lips of her rhythmically flexing
little anus, upward through the glistening, liquid crevice of her
erotically aroused pussy. At its peak, it maddeningly hesitated, almost
as if trained, she wildly thought … then, it penetrated to flick with
that same knowing at the trembling bud of her tiny clitoris,
irresistibly magnifying her building passion a thousand times!

Dianne lost all track of time, and how long it went on she had no way
of judging, only that it did, the heavenly seating tongue licking
relentlessly through and over her moistly inflamed cuntal flesh until
she was gasping and writhing her whole naked body insanely on the
mattress beneath it!

“Oooohhh … oohhhhh …!” she chokingly groaned as he flicked the
tormenting length in a hot, Just-keening curt up into the clutching
little mouth of her sizzling vaginal channel. “Ooohhhh … yes … yes,
lover! Do it for me! Make me cum, Sergeant darling …! Please … lick
me more … more … oohhh, lick me! Lick me, you beautiful brute …!

Dianne hardly knew what she was saying, her overwhelming desire had
built to that intensity … but abruptly, she realized the loss of his
delightful tongue and lifted her head to gape in confused

“Oh please … please don’t stop, lover!” she almost pathetically
hissed down at him, suddenly grasping hold of his huge head with gentle
hands. “More, baby … lick it more … please …?”

He let her guide him back down between her quivering, anxiously spread
thighs, a whimper an animalistic groan of her own, the blonde, lust-
intoxicated young wife drew her knees back to her breasts, pulling his
nose back tight down into her wetly throbbing vagina!

His loving tongue flicked up the fire-filled passage like an attacking
lizard, his own whines blending with hers as he fiercely lashed and
penetrated again and again into the glistening pink flesh between her
lewdly spread thighs and buttocks.

” Oh … ooohhh … yes! Lick it, lover … lick my cunt!” she
lustfully begged, undulating her opened, obscenely positioned loins and
rounded white buttocks frantically up against his hotly flicking

Sergeant could keenly smell as well as taste the exotic delight of her
human female lust, the pungent, aromatic flavor firing his sexual want
higher and higher. Though he had known many human shes, none had ever
captured his natural impulses as did this soft, white female with the
long, sunshine hair. He had sensed her warmth from the beginning, but
now he could feel her love flowing through the affectionate, smooth
curves of her entire body. Especially, it was there down between her
welcomingly spread legs where he licked with his rut-heated tongue that
he knew the unhidable, sensitive realness of her. This yielding pink
flesh of her open cunt in its hotly flowing poignancy revealed her
innermost secrets and as he greedily and lovingly tongued the wispy,
curl-fringed softness, he sensed the rising heaviness in his own animal

Dianne felt his tongue suddenly desert her lewdly offered vaginal
opening with a certain decisiveness, and she quickly raised her head to
see him backing off several steps.

“Oh … oh no, darling … what’s wrong?” she moaned to his entreating
whine. “Please, don’t stop? Not now, lover! Wh-What is it you want,
baby? Oh God … show me, darling! Show Dianne some way …!”

He moved to her side almost as if he’d understood, nosing against her
naked hip in an action she realized that she understood! God … he
wanted her to turn over onto her stomach! There wasn’t any question now
in her wildly infused brain but what he had been actually schooled to
this! Gently, he nudged again, the whimpering sounds coming from the
depths of his great chest!

The very lewdness of the act itself made her do it. Her mind raced in
the sensual pool of lustful pleasure he had already created for her.
She had to know what was next, she realized in her erotic intoxication,
lowering her legs to roll over flat onto her stomach, no thought of
fear or resistance in her sensually fired mind. Again, she spread her
shapely legs wide, sensing that he wanted this as did she, picturing
hedonistically her own naked, smooth curves in her mind’s eye. She
heard his panting, then felt hot breath against the soft mounds of her
partially raised buttocks. At last, she delightedly felt the heat of
his long, wet tongue slithering into the smooth satiny crevice
separating them!

Dianne groaned audibly, feverish sensations of open lust stabbing ever
stronger up through her desire-inflamed cunt and belly. She hardly
realized it as she reached back behind her self with her small hands to
lasciviously spread the lushly-rounded cheeks open, offering him full
access to her tiny, palpitating anus! Then, his loving hot tongue was
insanely licking against it, again wetly splaying open the thin, curl-
fringed lips of her seething pussy to graze the pink, blood-flushed
flesh on its lewd upward stroke.

Oh God! She was going to lose her mind completely! She was … truly!
And then, her animal lover was nuzzling his long nose beneath her
pelvis and making lifting gestures, his desire as clear to her as if he
had spoken! She raised up, something of obedience flashing through her,
elevating her widespread buttocks as she knelt subjectively before the
massive beast in complete slavish acceptance of what he was about to do
to her.

Once more, as if wanting her to know his deepest feelings, he drew his
thickened, splaying tongue upward through the full length of her
passionately weeping cuntal crevice, and Dianne gasped out her sensual
pleasure. She tried to widen her knees even further to open the hotly
pulsating slit between her thighs wider to him. His long, curling
animal-tongue thrust lovingly, sweeping with a fluid heat through the
inner blood-flushed flesh and flicking at the hungrily grasping mouth
of her vagina, enticingly stroking her offered loins to more intensive
heat before he moved to a new, and even more shocking position!

She tensed as the massive dog’s muscular, furry body crowded in behind
her toward her nakedly trembling buttocks, suddenly aware that he was
raising up on his hind legs and his powerful forelegs were grasping at
her upthrusting hips! Good Lord! He must be mounting her, she thought,
wildly twisting her head to look back over her naked back … and he
was! Oh, my God! He actually was! He intended to fuck her as though she
were just another female animal of his own kind!

Her desire confused brain whirled with the impossible, lurid idea, yet
remembered, too, that somewhere she had heard, or read, of such
unnatural acts being committed! God almighty! she inwardly gasped, her
body tremoring to the lewdly growing sensations Sergeant’s lashing
tongue had set aflame in her palpitating loins. Then, her lust-hazed
eyes caught sight of their lewdly locked position in the vanity mirror
and she groaned helplessly at the lewdly provocative reflection. The
beastial obscenity of the big German shepherd astraddle the white,
widespread moons of her smoothly ovaled buttocks sent unbelievable
waves of wildly rising fire searing through her nakedly quivering body.

Abruptly, she gaped at the breathtaking sight of his glistening,
scarlet cock emerging from its long sheath, wet and hard, the moistened
tapered end slipping and dancing as it moved forward to probe the damp,
pink crevice of her maddeningly excited cunt! She felt his strong
canine body jerk against the flesh of her supple, white buttocks, saw
his dangling thick length of hardened cock trying to penetrate the thin
vertical mouth of her defenselessly upturned vagina!

He whined loudly, his forepaws making new demands against the soft
sensitive flesh of her naked hips as he thrustingly humped forward on
his hind legs behind her, desperately struggling to bury the sleekly
throbbing shaft up inside her!

Dianne saw it all in the mirror, and with a sensuously escaping moan
she shifted her hungrily quivering buttocks back at it in an effort to
capture the lengthening hardness, the feverishly impassioned tension
inside her reaching an almost totally unbearable point! Ooohhh yesss
… she wanted it … had to have his long, thick animal-cock buried
deep up inside her fire-filled cunt! God … she had to have it racing
into her inflamed belly before she became delirious with her building
desire! Nothing else mattered!

She reached underneath her breasts back between her full, widely spread
thighs, grasping the slippery animal-organ to spread her softly curling
pubic hair with the tip and guide its hotly pulsating head to the mouth
of her eagerly waiting vaginal hole! Immediately, he humped forward,
bursting it from her grip as he split her vulnerable young cuntal
channel wider and wider, sending the tong rod of hard, thick animal-
cock deep up into the hotly squirming passage between her wide-split

Dianne watched in the mirror with bulging-eyed fascination as the
burning, scarlet rod of stiffened dog flesh slithered forward with a
wet, fierce charge, burying itself all the way up to the hilt in her
inhumanely stretched vaginal passage. Sergeant’s heavy, sperm-bloated
balls swung down with a savageness, flatly smacking against her golden
pussy-hair, as her breath gaspingly exploded from her lungs.

The intensive, pressuring sensation of impalement came bursting again
through her loins and she grunted gutturally to it, then choked out:
“M-My God …!” Her widened green eyes gaping unseeingly as her
panting, excited animal-lover began to fuck rhythmically up into her
from behind. Her head jarring from his every powerful, breast-quivering
plunge, Dianne tried to concentrate on the long, scarlet length of
hardness wetly searing into her as she began to lewdly grind her naked
buttocks around and move in a slow, lurid tempo backward to meet his
brutal, breathtaking strokes!

Unequaled sensations of base-lust filled her sensuously slaying body as
she thrust backward onto the ever-thickening cock skewering deeper and
deeper up into her raging hot belly from behind! Furiously, his
muscular animal beauty battered and thudded resoundingly against her
yielding, widespread ass-cheeks, his pulsatingly huge cock a relentless
shaft of glistening, sadistic joy sinking to its full length deep up
into the soft, quivering flesh of her belly! With unrestrainable,
whimpering mewls, she lewdly rotated her rounded, working buttocks back
at Mm faster now with an obscene frenzy, grinding her hotly clinging
cunt walls back over the length of his hardened, piercing animal-cock
with a masochistic cry of wanton passion.

The signal flashed through her lust-inflamed young body then, the
unmistakable beacon of ecstatic fulfillment! It spiraled through her
seething loins like the prickling of a million warning needles, and
gnawed at the base of her quaking belly with the promise of enchanting
rapture. She moaned loudly to the jagged edges of her growing erotic
bliss, gaping at the mirror hungrily to see the massive dog’s wet,
thick cock disappearing up between the soft whiteness of her roundly
absorbing buttocks, his furious fucking of her tempoed in quickened
jerky animal strokes! She saw her own pink cuntal flesh moistly
clinging to his huge hardness when he pulled out of her, then vanishing
back up inside with his heavy, buttock-flattening charge, his heavy
cum-laden balls smacking solidly below between the spread-open lips of
her hungrily welcoming pussy.

Her brain reeled in the throes of wildly roused passion, her eyes
feasting on the sensual spectacle of her full white breasts quivering
and swaying like hanging mounds of lush, pink-crested fruit to his
beautiful, battering barrage! She saw the flailing veil of her long
blonde hair when she tossed her head in cadence to the moans of gasping
pleasure hissing out shamelessly from her pleading lips!

“Oooohhh darling … fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me senseless!” she cried
back at the furiously humping German shepherd. “Harder, lover …
harder …!”

It was the waiting lilt in her helplessly pleading cry that made
Sergeant know her sexual delight. He whimpered back in response as he
ardently thrust into her from behind, his basic instincts urging him
on. He knew that he was bringing her joy by the way she was eagerly
grinding her soft female cunt back onto his heavily aching hardness.
The wet warmth of her human vaginal channel was greedily clenching at
it as they always did, but this one was like a bitch mate of his own
breed, and his heart pounded lovingly in his chest for her.

He sensed the dribbling wetness against his loins that trickled down
the soft, smooth backs of her thighs from where he fucked into her, and
he saw the thin, sheen-like droplets of perspiration that had gathered
on her naked white body beneath him. His own tongue hung loosely from
his opened jaws in heated frenzy. The moment of culmination was near!

Abruptly, Dianne raised her lust-slackened face to wail out a guttural,
animal-like groan from deep in her throat. Her lust glazed eyes grew
round and unseeing. “Oh Goddd! I-It’s too much … too much! Y-You’re
driving me mad, loverrr …!” And her voice died in a strangled mixture
of choked sob and ragged sigh, her head tossing frantically from side
to side, her long, golden hair flailing as she began the first
convulsions of her climax, skewering her white, passionately undulating
buttocks back onto his long, thick rod of canine hardness with a
sluttishness that she never realized she was capable of!

The first spasm struck her then and she cried out again, slamming her
rounded white ass-cheeks back hard against the rhythmically fucking
dog-cock with a desperate, frenzied lunge. At the same time, Sergeant
responded with a forward thrust and growl, his massive hardness
beginning to spew its scalding animal sperm deep up into her soft,
wildly constricting belly with long, hard jet-like spurts.

“Oh God,” she moaned, the lewdness of her act drowning her. “Oh God,
he’s cumming all the way up to my tits!”

Again and again, Dianne wailed and moaned, her crazily jerking buttocks
beginning to contract convulsively to the huge heated eruption
exploding hotly in her belly and loins in the universal ecstasy of all
animals! She threw her head from side to side in the sensuous joy of
her bliss … at last, opening her eyes on the mirror to see the
combination of human-animal cum oozing whitely from her tightly
clenching cuntal mouth still clasping and milking hungrily at her
animal lover’s slowly deflating cock. Thin rivulets of their sticky,
white fluids ran hotly down the smooth tanned columns of her inner
thighs … and when she could no longer watch, her stomach filled
almost to the bursting point with his warm animal sperm, she pitched
forward on her breasts, gasping a great sigh of pleasureful relief …

Dianne lay unmoving for a long, long moment, unable to think of
anything but the beautiful, wildly fulfilling orgasm she had just
known, feeling his movements on the bed behind and over her. Oh, Kye
had been so right about the wonderful brute being her friend for life
… but she doubted that just giving him the roast had been totally
responsible … God … what had ever possessed her to let him commit
such a forbidden, debasing act on her? She’d been no better than a
debauched little animal herself … and the way he had gone at her from
the very beginning, as if he’d been trained to it!

She knew that she should be feeling repugnant shame, but strangely
enough, she wasn’t! Why … because she knew he could never tell a
soul? Yes, at least, that was undoubtedly part of it. God, what
insanely wicked thing had suddenly come over her, anyway …?

Then, she felt his hot, wet tongue licking the smooth, sensitive flesh
of her naked buttocks and the small of her back, tiny sensations
immediately re-inciting her almost exhausted loins and liquidly filled
belly! It stopped, and smiling, Dianne rolled over to see him leap from
the bed and trot to the locked door where he stood looking at her with
open jaws and wagging tail, knowing then in her heart that it would
happen again, that she would never be able to help herself!

“Just like a male,” she spoke to him softly, her smile still evident as
she arose from the bed. “Now that you’ve seduced me, you beautiful
darling, you want out …

Chapter 5

Olaf Jensen waited impatiently for over an hour, hoping Kye would come
back so that he could question him further about the “American dollie”
who he swore had sucked him. In the Asian boy’s absence, the oafish
teenager had given it almost undivided thought, until finally he was
convinced that Kye had told him the truth! Except, he knew that this
newcomer to the building had not been anyplace to meet a local girl …
which meant that whoever he was referring to lived right there! And the
only girl he was most apt to have been that close to in just three days
was … was Mrs. Keller!

Jesus Christ! That beautiful, mind-blowing job, with those terrific
tits and crazy tight ass going down on a little fink like Kye was
almost impossible to imagine! Even to think of her spreading those
gorgeous long legs to get fucked seemed sacreligiously unbelievable to
Olaf, though he knew the Captain damn sure did it when he was home, but
it was still beyond anything he could picture in his mind. Shit, she
was just too beautiful, like something you simply kept around to look
at …,almost as if she were above anything to do with sex. But who in
hell else was that scrawny little bastard talking about if not her?

The thinking about it alone was enough to stir his loins inside the
faded, tight jeans, a rush of blood surging through the long length of
his penis to arouse it toward hardness. He worked on, but with
increasing glances over the brick wall down the street in the direction
Kye had taken. Shit, he had to know more, he suddenly decided, picking
up his T-shirt and slipping it over his head as he walked toward the
gate. He’d even chance his old man getting up-tight if he found him
gone, but that wasn’t likely this time of day. He was soused on his
beer and probably sleeping in front of the glaring TV. The old bastard
… the way he’d ridden him ever since he’d gotten busted for having a
couple of joints on him. You’d think the old fart was some sort of
model to pattern one’s self after! Hell, he hadn’t been worth a goddamn
since his mom died … and those frigging witches he picked up to bring
home in the wee hours of the morning …

Kye probably went to the park, Olaf thought, stretching out his long,
powerful legs in a quickened gait. Maybe he was screwy, but he really
believed the little character, and after logically putting two and two
together, who the fuck else was he talking about but Mrs. Keller …?

Kye was feeding squirrels in the park from a bag of peanuts when Olaf
found him, having decided as he walked, to use every ounce of finesse
he could muster with the younger, foreign boy. He sat down gently
beside him so as not to scare the tamed little animals away, aware that
his new acquaintance was intrigued by the way they were accepting the
nuts from his extended hand.

“You see, Olaf!” Kye explained in a whisper. “They’re not afraid of me!
They eat right out of my hand! Is not that wonderful? In my country, a
squirrel, should you actually see one, is frightened to death! The war
has destroyed all the warm, God-given things!”

“Yeah … Sometimes, I come down here and feed ‘em, too,” the older boy

“You do? Oh, that’s nice! Little animals make me feel good inside!” Kye
said with his usual exuberance. “You see? I am not angry anymore, and I
was when I left you!”

Olaf nodded his blond head, studying the other with his small blue
eyes. “I’m sorry about that, Kye … but what you were saying about
getting sucked … well …”

“It is all right. I understand, Olaf … but you must believe that I
would not lie to you.”

“Oh sure! I believe that!” the big teenager emphatically implied. “But
you know, you’ve only been here a few days, and then saying it was an
American dollie … well …”

“It is true! And it happened last night, in fact …!” Kye said without
thinking and catching himself too late.

“Last night? I saw you when you went in last night, Kye,” Olaf
immediately picked up, realizing he had his opening. “The only girl you
were with was Captain Keller’s wife! Now … how do you explain that,

Kye swallowed tightly. A squirrel captured a peanut from his hand and
ran off. Something of a vacant nature swelled in his lean belly. He
remember his own thoughts about wondering if Captain Mark would kill
him should he know what had happened, and how he had intended to say
nothing so that she would do it again …!

“Come on, Kye, you’re not trying to make out that a beautiful girl like
Mrs. Keller would ever suck your prick, are you?” Olaf grinningly
questioned, unable to play his finesse game, or hide his mounting
excitement as his heavy, boyish cock stiffened uncontrollably stiffened
inside his jeans at the mere thought. “Sonofabitch, there you go again,
kid, handing me all that shit …

“Is not shit! I told you that before!” Kye angrily spat, taking the
rest of the peanuts and strewing them onto the ground. “Kye does not
be! And Mrs. Dianne thinks much of me, too!”

“But not enough to suck your puny cock, buddy-boy …!”

“Yes! Yes, she does and she did! Last night!”

“I don’t believe it!”

“She did, almighty goddamn, she did! How much you want to bet, Joe?”
Kye spat at him, irresistibly throwing his Saigon street jargon at the
other’s taunting face.

“Prove it! Make her do it again … then I’ll believe it!” Olaf teased,
getting to his knees. “Let’s see you make her do it again, Kye boy, if
you ain’t throwing out that Vietnamese shit of yours …!”

“All right, I will!”


“Tonight! You come by my window and watch! ”

“How? The venetian blinds are always closed!”

“I’ll fix them! You’ll see that Kye does not lie! Then you will

“You bet! I’ll gladly apologize, Kye … but you’ve got to prove it
first …

* * *

Captain Mark Keller caught a bus from March Air Force Base into the
nearest four-corners of Edgemont and chose a little tavern where beer
was the strongest drink, perching himself on a stool at the corner of a
little patronized bar. The handsome, gray-eyed officer wanted nothing
except privacy to think this night. He decided he’d chosen the right
place. A jukebox whined out country music and a pair of rolled-up
shirt-sleeved, burly men wearing hard, construction hats played a
limited game of pool on a special, small table in the center of the
room. There were no females. Mark sighed and gulped at the cold froth
of his beer.

What the hell was he going to do? Even if Kye and Sergeant were allowed
to stay, and it was beginning to look better for them. Could he re-
adapt himself … ever in God’s world?… after the life he had been
leading? … the sensual world he’d come to know? Christ, he surely
didn’t want to hurt Dianne! The truth was, he loved her so much that it
did hurt! But …! Yeah, that was it … all the buts! And how in
Christ name did he get over those buts … only to find himself back in
a world that would no longer do it for him!

And what the hell was he going to do for a living once he was shed of
this uniform? Christ, he just couldn’t go back to the hum-drum of
drafting, not after the wild, easy life and kind of money he’d been
making. On the other hand, operating a string of whores and using boys
for pimps wasn’t exactly looked upon as being an acceptable profession
in the good old U. S. of A. either. Yeah, he’d made a bundle, all of it
nicely tucked in his gear at the base, and more than enough to set him
up soundly in some legitimate business or other … but what? And how
was he about to explain where he’d come by a hundred-grand to Dianne
when he was supposed to have been fighting a police action for his

Hell, he’d done his share of the fighting; he had no compunctions over
that, and he’d been small potatoes compared to a score of other
exploiting operators he’d brushed against in Nam, but it was Dianne and
how she would react if she knew the truth that was really gnawing the
hell out of him. Among all of her other attributes, both intellectual
and physical, she had a code of morals that wouldn’t quit … or should
he say ethics? Christ, he could just imagine the expression on her face
if she was ever to learn that her loving, hero-husband had been known
on the Saigon streets as Mr. Ace, South Viet Nam’s number one
whoremonger! But there was little chance of that unless he told her
himself, and the more he thought about it the stronger his conclusions
became that it would be like cutting his own throat! She would just
never understand and he knew it!

The handsome Air Force officer finished his beer and ordered another,
while the twangy Western music continued to the solid clacking of pool-
bails behind him. He thought of the bars in Saigon where untold numbers
of cuddly little teenage bitches competed for your cock, each one
highly, self-skilled at her own sensual specialty and trying
desperately to out-do her sisters. Christ, what they couldn’t conceive
of to make a Joe happy was beyond the sexual imagination. Then, with a
touch of yum-yum to fire them even more … goddamn … just thinking
about it was enough to set him right off!

He shook his head and gulped at his beer. Damn, if he didn’t love
Dianne so frigging much … but how was he ever going to go back to
their mild forms of love-making after marinating for almost a year in a
culture where even eating was secondary to fucking … and the male was
king …?

* * *

The smoldering residue of sensual pleasure both Kye and his beautiful
German shepherd had left warming Dianne’s voluptuous young body
continued to glow teasingly inside her throughout the day. Regardless
of what she did to try and occupy her mind, her thoughts invariably
returned to one or both of those lewd, erotic episodes, until before
the day was passed she had intimately relived them in every detail a
hundred times. This was not to say that she didn’t feel like some kind
of shameless deviate from the abnormal act of sucking a young teenage
boy to orgasm in her mouth, or being taken from behind by his massive
dog; yet God knows, she was neither sorry, nor any longer conscience-

It actually amazed the young blonde beauty when she finally did realize
her total lack of remorsefulness, and the longer she milked at her
memories the less self-reproaching she became, even when thoughts of
Mark entered into the picture. In fact, it had been under the hairdryer
at the beauty shop where she had gone for an uplifting shampoo and
manicure, that she found herself defensively referring in her mind to
her young husband’s mysterious “whatever”. Why she had suddenly decided
that there was a cloak of shadiness veiling the image of this man she
loved so much, Dianne couldn’t pinpoint, but she remembered there had
been a series of little things said or implied by Kye in his youthful
innocence … and then, there was that certain attribute called woman’s
intuition involved … for whatever that was worth.

It was true; she knew it was … just as she realized that she could
never love him less no matter what. But did he have this kind of love
for her? What would his opinion of her be now if he knew the truth
about her sexual involvement with Kye and Sergeant? God, she shuddered
to think of that!

In the living room enjoying her second Cuba Libre, Dianne again checked
the window to see if she could catch sight of her handsome young ward
and his lovable German shepherd. Not even Olaf was anywhere to be seen,
and it was getting on toward dinner time. She hoped he hadn’t wandered
off someplace and perhaps gotten lost … but that was ridiculous, she
reminded herself, remembering that he was unlike any boy she had ever
known. After what he’d been through, to get lost in a peaceful little
suburb like La Berdina would be next to impossible.

Her warm, inward smile was mirrored on her sensuously, full lips as she
walked to the kitchen to prepare a light meal for them. She planned to
take him to a movie later, and then perhaps they would stop somewhere
for ice cream or something. Sergeant would have to stay home and look
after things, but they wouldn’t be very late. Then, they could sit
around for awhile and talk. Perhaps she could begin to carefully draw
some of the information from him concerning Mark which was going to
plague her until she learned the truth. Then …


A sensation of lust-incited desire fluttered through Dianne’s simmering
loins and soft, tingling belly, followed by another of inner-shock as
she forced herself to face the truth flashing deep from the hidden
recesses of her subconscious mind. She dropped the head of lettuce
she’d taken from the refrigerator to rinse, onto the floor with a
bouncing, splat-like sound which reminded her of hot flesh against
flesh! God! What was happening to her? She … she very definitely had
intentions of seducing him … of taking up where they had left off
last night! Yes, and somewhere in that obscenely forbidden memory, she
had seen Sergeant’s long, thick scarlet hardness … both of them
together loving her in a wild three-way lust while she gave herself to
them both at the same time in a blinding passion of sensual debauchery!

Oh God! Oh God! She must be totally perverted! Never had she felt such
a total lack of self-control, nor anything to equal the ever-building
flames of erotic desire as those racing through the rounded little bowl
of her belly at that moment! The urge to reach down and finger-fuck
herself crazy there was almost unbearable! Instead, she picked up her
drink and drained it, quickly making another, and it was then that Kye,
with Sergeant, burst in through the back door …

* * *

He had been reluctant to do it, but there was no other sure way if he
were to prove to Olaf he was not lying. So, while Mrs. Dianne was away,
Kye had busily made a spoonful of yum-yum powder into a colorless,
tasteless, odorless liquid with water and spilled a few drops into all
of her liquor bottles. He had also spilled several grains into her tea
and coffee for good measure, but being extremely careful not to use too
much, well knowing its reaction. Then, he had gone back to the park to
feed the squirrels, while Olaf’s huge, drunken father reprimanded him
for leaving without permission.

“You stupid little sonofabitch! How many times do I have to tell you
that you don’t leave here without asking me first?” the monstrous man
with the graying hair and red-rimmed eyes had raged, causing Kye to
take several steps backward.

“Aw, Paw, I just took a quick walk down to the park …”

“I’ll quick-walk you, you dumb asshole! I’ll let Judge Reynolds put you
on ice for a year or so if you don’t get on the goddamned ball!” the
massive man whose belly was huge and who wore a scraggly gray-beard
warned, then gulped from his can of beer. Even Sergeant had shied back,
a deep growl bunching in his throat.

Kye had caught his pet by the scruff of the neck and led him away
toward their door, the thought occurring to him that maybe Olaf
wouldn’t be able to get out tonight anyway. Well, no matter; he’d go
ahead with his plans just the same. The idea of Mrs. Dianne sucking him
again was anything but unexciting, though he still couldn’t help but
think of what Captain Mark might do to him if he knew! And Captain Mark
was the best friend he’d ever had … at least, he had been, up until
he’d met Mrs. Captain Mark …

Chapter 6

Dianne had several drinks from one of Kye’s doctored liquor bottles and
throughout their hastily thrown together meal, she felt as if a huge
raging bonfire had been built up between her thighs! She uncontrollably
squirmed downward against the cushioned rim of the dining room chair,
forcing its ridge to pressure against the lips of her wetly seeping
pussy! She was alive with erotic sensations which were eating sensually
at the very lining of her belly! God, what was wrong with her? She’d
never been more sexually hot in her whole life!

“… So he said he sometimes came to feed the squirrels, too!” Kye went
on, watching her rising reaction to the yum-yum and stuffing his mouth
with everything in sight. “He is not an easy boy to like, Mrs. Dianne,
but I have seen his father, and it is not all his fault!”

“I-I know, Kye,” the young, feverishly impassioned woman answered,
surprised at her own voice and the words it spoke. God, she could never
stand to watch a movie. She’d go insane waiting! At that very moment,
in her lewdly fired mind’s eyes, she could see his young swollen cock
in all of its beautiful hardness, the moist, blood-engorged head
filling her hungrily sucking mouth …! “I-I thought we’d go to bed
early … read, maybe together …! Would you like that?”

“Sure! I love to read American books. You have something hot? Something
that tells all about fucking, maybe, Mrs. Dianne?” he questioned
intentionally with innocence. “I used to read them in Saigon …!”

He went on, but the blonde, insanely fired young wife hardly heard him.
His use of four-letter words had been like a bellows inside her! She
couldn’t help herself as she reached over and clasped his slender young

“We … we don’t need those kind of books to inspire us, darling!” she
sensuously whispered. “We have each other … and our own ways …
don’t we?”

“You bet, Ma’am … you bet we do!” Kye replied with an enthusiastic
gun, wondering if Olaf was going to be able to get to the window. “You
want to go now … into the bedroom, I mean …?”

“D-Do you, Kye darling …?”

“Sure! I mean, yes! Let’s go get naked together!”

“Ohhhh … you … you luscious young darling!” Dianne exclaimed,
getting up from her chair to stumble around and hug his head tightly
against the softness of her desire-swollen breasts. She bent down and
kissed him on the lips, flicking her tiny wet tongue hotly into his
mouth as she held him, fired all the more by the way he accepted and
began to suck it! “Ohhhhhhh, God! Go into your room and strip naked for
Dianne, lover! Hurry! Please, hurry …!”

Mindlessly, she hustled through the apartment to lock both back and
front doors, switching off lights as she hurried excitedly into his
bedroom to find him standing and waiting for her, still fully clothed.
He gunned, then licked out to moisten his young, dry lips as she said:
“You’re not undressed, darling, like I asked you …?”

“I wait for you to do it for me, Mrs. Dianne!” he said, his youthful
dark eyes aglow, the bulge in the front of his jeans noticeably
stirring. “It is much more bang-up that way!”

A tremor of feverish lust raced through her at his words and the
visible sight of his teenage arousal. She closed in on him, one hand
moving gently behind his head while the other reached down between them
to grasp his viriley swollen young cock inside his pants between her
thumb and teasingly milking fingers.

“Oh, Kye … little lover, it feels so thick and long tonight!” she
gasped, incredible sensations of lecherous passion rippling over the
hot flesh of her wildly incited body. “I-I can’t wait to see it again
… hold it naked and hard in my hand! Ummmmm … come on, darling,
let’s hurry and get undressed … so you can see me totally naked for
you for the first time, too!”

Hot zing! That was it, all right! He had to see her all beautifully
naked, even if Captain Mark killed him! Shit, he would kiss and suck
her delicious white tits … see and feel the silken hair on her hot,
fleshy cunt between her legs, with its wet, pink crevice opening right
up and sucking inward for him! He would know whether it was blonde
pussy-hair like the long golden strands tumbling down around her
shoulders! Almighty goddamn, right now, nothing else mattered, because
his stiffened cock had already begun to hurtfully throb and there was a
dull, tingling ache churning below in his sperm-filling balls!

“You sit right here on the edge of the bed, little lover, and watch
Dianne,” she hissed, quickly kissing his young lips, her breathing
raspy as she leaned down then backed away before him, intensive waves
of wantonness goading her wildly on as she began to strip her clothes
away before him.

Kye did sit, staring through eagerly anticipating eyes, while her own,
which were fired with the burning gleam of lasciviously rising heat,
fed on the innocence of his youthfully handsome face. She slowly
unbuttoned her blouse, slipping out of it, knowing that it was her
curved white body in its complete nakedness that his eyes were
impatiently waiting to feast on for the first time. Realizing that, she
intentionally taunted him with slow, enticing movements, savoring with
pleasure the expressions of mounting excitement lighting his handsome
young face.

She could see the swollen outline of his hardness jerking furiously
inside the imprisonment of his jeans, and she continued to move with
the teasingly slow lethargy of a girl undressing in the privacy of her
bedroom. She gently slithered her shorts down over her smooth, rounded
hips and let them puddle uselessly at her feet on the floor. She heard
his little quickened gasp, knowing that he was staring with fixed eyes
on the soft, puffy mound between her partially spread legs, undoubtedly
seeing the wetness from her hotly moistened vagina dampening her
panties and the thinly flattened pubic curls slightly visible through
the sheer material. Then, as she teasingly removed her bra, letting it
slide with tantalizing slowness down her arms, she saw his dark, young
eyes jerk upward, locking there on the jutting, unveiled firmness of
her breasts, their tiny buds rising sensitively to the brushing air
like little marblish gems. Without looking directly at him, Dianne made
them sway and jiggle resiliently by tossing the lacy garment of her bra
toward a chair, knowing the impelling intoxication she was boiling up
inside him as well as herself.

At last, she rolled her brief bikini panties down over the smooth arch
of her full hips and rounded white buttocks, causing the teenager to
choke out a gasp of unhidable admiration, sending thrills of sensual
delight prickling over her nakedly exposed curves. Breathing heavily
now herself, Dianne kicked them away, her lush white breasts dancing as
she nearly ran to him to drop onto her knees between his legs.

“Hot balls, Mrs. Dianne, you are the most beautiful girl in the world!”
he praisingly blurted, eagerly clutching at one full breast as he
hugged her soft, naked loveliness tightly to him and tried to kiss her

Dianne moaned with the erotic bliss of it all, finding his lips and
sucking his young, sweet-tasting tongue between her own, holding him
that way for a long, sensuously intoxicating moment before reaching
down and unfastening his jeans.

“Lie back, darling! Now, Dianne will undress you and make it ‘bang-up’
the way you like it!” she ordered in a smiling whisper, and he did.

Kye excitedly lifted his lean, young buttocks and let her slip his
pants down, his brain a whirling mass of hotly building entrancement.
He raised his arms to let her pull the T-shirt over his head, and then
she was pressing him back down onto the bed with gentle hands against
his bared chest, those same warm, velvety hands moving down to slip
inside the waistband of his shorts to eagerly work them over his hips
and down his tensed legs … until he, too, was completely naked! She
knelt there between his spread thighs, gaping down at his hardened
young cock and sperm-filling balls in the same greedy manner she had
the night before … as if she were maybe going to devour the whole
goddamned length of it right down into her yum-yummed, little belly!

She was hot like a fucking incendiary bomb! Sonofabitch, he hoped he
had not given her too much, but goddamn, he could not worry about that
now! He raised up, perching on his elbows to watch her small, white
hand slowly encircle his rigidly throbbing, cock to send a tremendous
jolt of excitement charging through his loins as she drew it up
straight away from his muscle-tautened belly. Then, she began to jack
its thin layer of outer fore-skin up and down, pulling it down tight to
pop out the moist, pulsating head. Her greedily watching eyes and open-
mouthed expression seemed to be caught in an almost hypnotic spell, Kye
thought, as he breathlessly watched her, and for a long moment she
hardly looked like Mrs. Dianne at all … more like the yum-yummed
Saigon bitches who fucked and sucked the Joes until sometimes they had
to fight to get away from them! Almighty goddamn, had he given her too
much? Maybe, he was just a little bit scared now …!

Then, her beautiful face lowered down over it, her long blonde hair
brushing tauntingly against his tensed thighs and belly, but he could
still see her mouth opening wide as she held his hotly jerking cock
right by its root with finger and thumb! Her tiny, pink tongue lashed
out, slithering over the smooth bulbous head with a nerve-shattering
lick, its heated little tip flicking into the miniature slit at its end
to capture the tiny drop of warm wet pre-cum which had bubbled out

Spasms of intensive muscular reaction racked Kye’s young body and he
groaned as he watched her lush, tongue-moistened, lips slip wetly down
over his cock-head, sucking it up heatedly with a tightly locking
pressure into the feverishly liquid cavern of her mouth!

Mindlessly, Dianne began to suck and lick his delicious young hardness
while near-frantic sensations of wildly charging lust raged through her
impassioned body. With avid, hotly working tongue, she began to explore
the fully swollen length’s every ridge and wrinkle, possessively
cupping his sperm-bloating balls in one palm, the other’s thumb and
forefinger clasping at its thick rigid base. Oh God! She was going to
go stark-raving mad tonight, she thought wildly to the ever-mounting
fires incredibly consuming her. Kneeling lewdly between his widespread
legs, she visualized the lascivious sight her mouth around his penis
must make for him as she slavishly worked her head up and down over his
excitedly straining loins! She sensed him lifting his lean hips
rhythmically upward to flick his hardened teenage cock up between her
wetly fastened lips and deep into her greedily sucking mouth! Then, she
began to swallow in blind, omniverous passion, trying to work its head
farther down into her desperately milking throat!

A super-thumping throb began in Kye’s lustily fired young loins and
muscle-steeled belly. Sweet mother-fuck! Already, she had sucked it
into such a hardness-that it felt like a red hot gun-barrel pulling at
his groin! He was still propped on his elbows and gaping down in
lascivious awe at his Mrs. Dianne’s wild, feverish sucking of his
burning cock. Last night, she had nearly sucked the guts out of him,
but tonight she surely would, along with everything else he had inside
him! Oh Christ! He hoped that stupid Olaf was out there watching! But
most of all, he hoped that she did not kill him …! Almighty goddamn,
maybe he would have to call Sergeant up to help … and he looked
apprehensively to where the big animal lay watching from the floor near
the foot of the bed. It would not be the first time he had needed his
faithful friend to help fuck the fires out of a yum-yummed filled girl
… but he would wait awhile longer to make sure …

And then, suddenly she stopped, raising her head to look up at him with
crazily gleaming eyes. “Crawl up onto the bed, darling!” she sensuously
hissed. “We’re going to do other things, too, tonight! Oh God, Dianne’s
so hot, baby … so hot!” and she followed him, lying down beside him
to smooth her hot hand lustfully over his naked, young body, feeling
the sleek, developing muscles tense as she explored all the secret
hollows and crevices of him.

Her glistening lush lips which had been fastened around his screaming
hardness found his, her tiny cock-flavored tongue darting into his
mouth to nearly destroy him. She lifted her silken fleshed, full white
thigh on top of his, pressing the soft give of her hot, curl-fringed
pussy tightly against his hip with a lewd, undulating motion. “My
sweet, baby-lover, I’m going to make you happier than any girl has
you’ve ever made love to!” Dianne hotly gasped into his young face. She
ran her slender fingers through his hair and began to inch upward in
the bed, until the ripe, full mounds of her hardened-nippled breasts
were even with his face.

She took his young Asiatic handsomeness in her hand, cupping it beneath
the chin, the urge to sadistically squeeze it almost uncontrollable as
she drew his teenage mouth closer to the tiny, berry-like nipple of one
swollen breast. Then, holding the resilient, white mound of tit flesh
in the other, she hissed: “Suck it, Kye darling! Take my titty in your
mouth and suck it for Dianne!”

Unknown sensations of sadistically edged passion raced through the
fire-filled center of desire up between her legs as she watched his
eager young lips part. Then, with lustful delight, she pressed the
nipple into his hotly sucking young mouth!

“Yes … yesssssss, darling … oh, you know how, don’t you? You
beautiful cock-boy!” she obscenely gasped, sensually delighting in the
lewdness wantonly tumbling from her lust-slackened lips. “Suck it and
lick it with your tongue like you would do a Saigon girl, baby! Bite it
if you want … only love it and me my darling fuck-love! Y -Y-Yesss
… like that … even harder, love …! Oooohhhhh Goddddd …! Hold it
and squeeze it, Kye … suck .. suck …!” she choked, smoothing her
own hand down his naked chest and belly to fondle his ever hardening
cock and cum-laden balls. She heard and felt his excited moans gurgle
against the white, electrified flesh of her breast from his youthful
mouth when she grasped the hot, blood-rigid rod his cock offered, and
began to stroke it with obscene vigor.

Holy Shit! She did not need yum-yum, this gorgeous almighty woman whom
Captain Mark would undoubtedly kill him over! He had sure as fucking
hell made a mistake, because she was going to burst all of his red
corpuscles! He had never been so cunt-stricken in his life, nor so in
love with a girl! He had never even dreamed of that happening to him,
for love was simply fucking and sucking, and his life had been filled
with little else … but never like this! She was so beautiful! Why
would Captain Mark ever leave her to go fight a crazy war … and then
become Mr. Ace? How could he fuck and lick all those other girls when
she was waiting here for him? Was he sick upstairs, maybe …?

“You like that, don’t you Kye lover … sucking Dianne’s breast while
she strokes your beautiful cock?” the passionately infused young wife
lewdly whispered, her lust-hazed eyes gleaming salaciously as she
watched his lips tighten and relax their sucking action, while his
young tongue stabbed and taunted her prickling nipple. Oooohhh, what
could she - do next to pacify the wild unreasonable fire eating at her?
She’d never get enough tonight, she knew it … knew it! “B-But this is
just the beginning, little lover! Your Dianne wants to make you the
happiest boy in the whole world …!”

Kye realized that he was not his normal self. Hot shit! He had fucked
and sucked nearly all night before and never knew anything to equal the
sensations his Mrs., Dianne was bringing him, and as well, knew, that
he was absolutely no match for her! That was what frightened him,
because she was wildly high on yum-yum, and he was well aware of what
happened to even a normal, passionate girl when given the drug! Oh
balls! Captain Mark would probably bayonet him … cut off his cock and
stick it in his mouth the way the Viet Cong did! He had it coming, all
right … but it was horrible to think of!

She had pulled away from him, easing the delicious white mound of her
breast from between his lips and letting go of his aching cock. But she
was moving around in the bed to climb up over him, too, her beautiful
tits and ovalled white buttocks jiggling as she half-settled herself
just above his throbbing loins, the sensual smile on tier face enough
to make him want to fuck her all the way to goddamned hell!

“You have such a handsome young cock, Kye darling!” she spewed down at
him as she straddled his legs just below his loins. “Thick and long for
such a young boy, I would imagine,” she said, reaching down and
grasping it again between both of her eager hands.

Kye watched that, but also locked his eyes on the sensuously flushed
lips of her golden-haired cunt and the thin ribbon of glistening, pink
flesh between! It was really his first true look at the tight, hair-
fringed hole up between her thighs. Hot zing! She was taking him apart
piece by piece, and it was all his fault with the fucking yum-yum for
Olaf’s sake! But … but he did not care! Captain Mark could cut off
his nuts and stupid Olaf could die … nothing would make any
difference to him tonight! His beautiful Dianne was all things!
Almighty goddamn, he was in love …!

The naked, lust-blinded young wife’s wantonly contorted face reflected
the lecherous passion which had taken complete, incredible command over
her. She let free of his rigidly throbbing cock and with spread white
thighs astraddle of him, kneed herself upward until the silky triangle
of her blonde pussy-hair with its glistening pink crevice separating
the thin, blood-fleshed lips was above his chest, only inches from his
avidly straining eyes.

“Do you like it, little lover … Dianne’s hot, naked pussy?” she
lewdly breathed down at him. “Is it as enticing as the others you’ve
seen and played with?”

Kye swallowed tightly, gaping at the erotic, mind-bending spectacle of
her nakedly displayed cunt at close range. Surely, he had never seen
such a breathtaking pussy, for sweet fuck, there could not be another
like it in the whole world, he would bet his ass! The delicious sight
of it so close to his face made his brain spin in lustful fascination,
the way it was so wonderfully centered right up there between her
widespread thighs.

“Hot damn! It is the most gorgeous, tight looking cunt I have ever
seen, Mrs. Dianne!” Kye sincerely praised with excited gasping breath.
“I-It makes me want to fuck it crazy …!”

“Oh, you lovable little doll!” she hissed hotly down at him, her
breasts rising and failing with rhythmic little swaying movements to
the maddening desire burning inside her. “Then, feel of it for me! Look
at it closely and play with it, lover! Spread it open and show me how
you would do it if I was a Saigon girl!”

Dianne’s breathing rapidly increased as she watched his slender young
hand move upward between her lasciviously spread thighs, then caught in
her throat when she saw and felt its warmth brushing the silken strands
of soft pubic-hair lining her hotly flushed cunt-lips.

“Ohhhhh … that’s it, my darling! Yesssss, Eke that!” she hoarsely
choked. “D-Does it feel warm and nice up between my legs, baby … soft
and furry like a little pussycat?”

“Hot shit, yes!” Kye almost frantically exclaimed, amazed at the surge
of fiery sensations just the feet of her hot, yielding cuntal flesh
charged through him.

“T-That’s my little lover … squeeze and play with it for Dianne like
she does your little boy dingy!” she breathed, suddenly grinding her
naked hips and buttocks around and around with unashamed lewdness,
pressing her sizzlingly heated cunt hungrily down against his
caressing, teenage hand. “Ohhhhhhh … that feels so good, darling …
mmmmmmmmm …

Godddd …!”

Kye’s heart was pounding with a never before wildness in his chest when
he took his hand away, then with thumbs resting on the hot, pouting
tips of her hair-fringed cunt, he began to draw them teasingly apart,
spreading the soft blonde curls as he opened the tightly clinging outer
folds until its smooth inner walls lay completely exposed before the
youthful excitement of his dark, fire-filled eyes. Eagerly, he feasted
on the not unfamiliar splendor of an exposed inner-cunt, except that
this one was more pink and deliciously moistened, its intricate
delights and small, inwardly clenching vaginal mouth like no others he
had ever explored! His own tight young loins and belly churned
passionately, his achingly swollen cock throbbing spasmodically behind

“Oh God, darling, shove your finger up my pussy-hole and finger-fuck
me!” Dianne begged, lewdly squirming her nakedly spread loins and
buttocks above him, abruptly feeling the delicious shock of his long,
slender finger slipping up into her vaginal mouth, then on upward into
the hungrily grasping channel of it!

“Oooooooohhhhhhhhh … another, lover quick … finger me with two
fingers … way up, baby … deep inside my cunt … yesssssssss!”

The obscene, heavenly delight of it! The enchanted, lust-maddened wife
mindlessly groaned. And she was using him to her own lustful pleasure,
that realization adding sadistically to her blinding passion. Yes …
she would show him the difference between real American women and his
little Saigon sluts! She would use rather than be used … train him to
do every lewd thing she wanted of him … train him just as Sergeant
had been trained!

“Do you love it, Kye baby?” she rasped hotly down at him.

“Almighty goddamn! I do, Mrs. Dianne! I do …!”

“Then kiss it! Lick it for me so that I can watch you! Hurry, Kye! Do

There was a sharp demanding edge to her tone which Kye noted with
surprise, almost as if she were suddenly chastising him! Oddly enough,
he did not mind, in fact, the idea made his painfully aching cock lurch
behind her, and he put his hands on the smooth roundness of her naked
white hips to draw her softly moistened loins down closer to his face,
which she willingly pressed forward toward him.

He raised his young face without hesitation, knowing the delectable
pleasure of licking pussy, especially one you love. With pursed mouth
he tenderly kissed one fleshy, hair-fringed lip, the exact closeness
sending an aromatic, sensual raciness to his brain, causing his rock-
hard cock to hurtfully spasm once more. He inhaled her delicate, pussy
aroma, a perfumed piquant scent which wildly taunted his already keyed-
up senses! Almighty goddamn! She was sure as sweet fuck going to
scramble his dimwitted brains!

He thrust his saliva moistened tongue out until it made contact with
the seethingly moist, velvet-like flesh, the smooth liquid feel of it
sending crazy chills along his spine, its warm delicate aroma making
his young nostrils flare ardently wide.

“Ohhhh … it’s beautiful, baby! Yessss … lick it all over and shove
your finger back up inside my cunt hole at the same time! Aaaahhh yes
… that’s the way, darling … like that … like that!” Dianne gasped
and squirmed above him.

Kye felt her small hands clutch at his hand, fingers entwining in his
hair. She began to moan chokingly, forcefully pulling his face into the
wetly splayed crevice of her cunt until his nose was sunk deep in the
hot, liquid flesh and he could barely breathe! He lashed his tongue
around wildly, probing her secret folds of intimate pussy-flesh,
finally licking and caressing the tiny little bud of her excitedly
quivering clitoris and felt her tremor all over, her breaths almost
exploding from her lungs.

He knew that she was flailing her head back and forth above him, and
suddenly he forced his tongue to join his finger, spearing them both up
into the seething, fluid depths of her naked pussy!

“Ooohhh!” Dianne moaned, grinding her burning wet loins harshly down
against the young, handsome face she held locked tightly into the wet
inferno between her widespread thighs. Frenziedly, she pressed his
mouth into the yielding resilience of the hair-framed flesh, sensing
her hot vaginal walls opening and closing in a moist little sucking
action around his young thrusting tongue and finger!

“Dear God, little lover, you’re driving me mad!” she gasped out,
abruptly raising up to quickly move back down over him and again clutch
the full aching length of super-hardened cock-sinew between both of her
warmly grasping hands. “But Diane has got to have something bigger and
harder up inside her pussy … something like this wonderful, beautiful
cock in her hands, darling!”

“Uuuuggghhh … hot fuck!” Kye lewdly exclaimed to the feel of her soft
palms warmly clasping his long and tormentingly thickened cock once
more. “I think it is me who is going to go crazy like a loony bird,
Mrs. Ma’am! Oh, shit almighty!”

Dianne tittered in the glazed debauchery of her obscene lust, feeling
him lurch as she placed the heavy-veined thickness of his rod up
between her legs, pressing her hungrily throbbing cunt-lips almost
completely around it. She held it there with her fingers as she began
to move her hips and buttocks back and forth in a slow, lewdly grinding
motion above it.

“Ohhhhh … hot zing! It is going to blow-up between your legs, Mrs.
Dianne!” Kye grunted out loudly, thrusting his pelvis, upward to her
rocking motions, as she continued to hold his full throbbing penile
length tightly between the hotly searing folds of her golden-haired
cunt lips.

“No! No, little lover! Not until Dianne is finished with it this
night!” she warned, again using that chastising tone. “Look! Your cock
is caught right between my pussy-lips, rubbing beautifully up and down
against my little cunt hole …! Oh God, it’s making me so wildly hot I
could scream!”

“W-We will both scream, I think! Almighty goddamn, Ma’am! Kye is going
to die and this is for certain sure!” he choked, his young voice

“Oh, sweet little lover!” Dianne said, as if she hadn’t heard a single
word of his almost desperate plea. “Now, I’m going to fuck you good,
little baby!” she added, her lust-glazed eyes swimming in shimmering
green pools of lecherous abandon at the feel of his blood-engorged
young cock-head rubbing nakedly up her hungering vaginal mouth. And she
leaned forward down over him, flattening her full, firm breasts against
his chest, and found his lips with her own to kiss him hotly. Then
groaning in his mouth, she simultaneously plunged her voraciously
throbbing cuntal channel hard down onto his upthrusting young cock. She
absorbed it to the hilt, deep up inside the wildly seething walls of
her omniverously feasting cunt …

Chapter 7

The moment his father had left for the tavern, Olaf had beaten a path
outside to the particular window Kye had instructed him would be fixed
for him to peek through … and he saw that it was! Jesus, he still
couldn’t believe it! The little inky foreigner was lying through his
teeth, but he had to be sure. Anyway, just catching a glimpse of Mrs.
Keller in a nightie, or something like that would be worth the effort
… But he’d never expected to see anything equal to the wild, fucking
sight nakedly taking place on the bed before him!

Christ! She was sucking him! Actually had his cock locked tight in her
hungrily working mouth as she knelt there between his legs on the
floor, lewdly pumping her head up and down on it. Sonofabitch! He
hadn’t lied! Goddamn! He’d never seen anything like that in his fucking
life! And … and what the hell … they were scrambling up onto the
bed and … he was sucking her tit … then, she was spreading her legs
and getting right up over him!

Goddamn, but she was luscious! Her firm white tits were even bigger
than he’d imagined them, and what a beautifully curved ass she had! Man
… that white and tanned skin … like smooth, soft satin! How he’d
love to touch it … run his hot hand over those lush curves … and
the fucking way she was straddling Kye! S-She must be a hot, hungry
bitch all fight!

In jarred, lust-fired awe, the big muscular boy enviously watched their
unbelievable, nakedly twisting performance with incredulous, bugging
eyes, feeding his own hungrily building drive mostly on the
intoxicating beauty of Dianne Keller’s nude body grinding obscenely up
and down over the stripped boy on the bed! Almost immediately, his own
long, thick cock burst into hardness at her every provocative movement,
the sight of her displaying her pink, golden-haired cunt wetly above
the kid’s face, then him feeling of it and finally flicking his tongue
out and licking it, nearly blowing his fucking skull! Without
hesitation, he pulled open his fly, unleashing his own heavily
throbbing length of hardened cock-flesh. Oh wow, it felt good to pump
it up and down while he watched Captain Keller’s wife getting fucked
shitless by that scrawny little Vietnamese kid. Shit, he didn’t intend
to miss one second of this wild, frigging circus …

* * *

“Unnnnnggghhhh!” Kye’s voice exploded in wondrous delight, feeling the
warm clutching heat of Dianne’s inner cunt walls sucking like a hungry
baby’s mouth at the length of his aching cock! His breath had burst
from his lungs with the skyrocketing sensations she had sent
convulsively through him, those same sensations immediately growing
more intense as she raised and lowered her hips and widespread buttocks
in a vigorous, rhythmic tempo of fucking. Each resounding slap the soft
white moons of her naked ass cheeks made against his lean hard flesh a
sensual ecstasy all its own!

“I-I’m raping you, little darling!” Dianne gasped in burning salacity,
her mouth inches above his as her possessively clenching vagina
slithered hotly up and down on his pleasure-bringing young cock, her
knees drawn forward on both sides of his rib cage to snugly imprison
him there, while his searing rod of hot, hard flesh filled and massaged
the viscidly seething walls of her cuntal passage with the obscene up
and down movements her wildly rising hunger demanded. “Yesss …
Dianne’s fucking you with her cunt… raping you, baby! Is it a good
little pussy … better than your Saigon bitches? Would I make a good
whore for you to pimp for, Kye lover?” She lewdly hissed, her brain
whirling in a delicious vortex of lust to which she was abandonly
giving herself with total unrestraint.

“Oh, sweet goddamn!” Kye choked out in his own erotic delight as she
wildly ground her smoothly curved hips and widespread buttocks up and
down on his raging spear of throbbing young cock-flesh in an ever-
increasing frenzy! His young mind reeled blankly with the intensity of
the pyramiding pressure boiling in his boyishly churning balls, and he
said: “Y-You would make the best whore in all Asia … I swear it is
so! Mr. Ace would pay ten thousand American bucks for you …!” And
then, he remembered … knew that he had said something he should not
have … but she hardly seemed to notice … she was so crazy and yum-
yummed up with all he had put in her liquor bottles.

She sat back upright then, but never slowing down the plunging
absorption of her greedily sucking cunt, her long blonde hair
disheveled and flailing around her soft, white shoulders, the sight of
her supple nipple-hardened breasts roundly jouncing and swaying before
him enough, he swore … to melt his back bone! His cock was on fire
… even more-so now the way she was fucking it up into the hotly
steaming little hole between her thighs almost to her belly!

Kye raised his head to better see, and realizing this, Dianne reached
down between her legs with both small hands to spread the fleshy, curl-
fringed cunt lips open for him so that he could watch his glistening
young cock vanishing wetly up into it. She gasped: “Can you see it all
now, little lover …?” Then, a more salacious idea struck her and she
exclaimed: “Wait, darling! Let me turn around on top of you! You can
watch yourself fucking me much better from behind …!”

“Almighty shit!” the gaping teenager exclaimed in his smutty street
jargon, certain that she would make the greatest whore the world had
ever known! He watched her twist about over his genitals, spreading her
long shapely legs wide as she again straddled him, then reaching back
with both small hands she pulled at her ass cheeks, spreading them
apart for him so that lie could see not only the complete and crazy-
exciting delight of her moistened pink cunt with its flushed, curl
lined lips, but the tiny puckered little circle of her asshole
centering in the smooth white crevice no more than an inch above it!

It was not a sight the likes of which he had never seen before, but it
was one unequaled in its fiercely erotic beauty, just as were her
beautiful face and smoothly rounded curves to the fourteen year old
Kye! And the way she was so shamelessly exposing it all for him
provoked fire-filled sensations to lip almost torturously through his
teenaged groin, his balls aching to get back at her! She twisted her
head around to smile wickedly back at him.

“How does it look to you spread open from behind, sweet lover?” she
actually taunted, waggling her buttocks around in lurid little
movements before reaching down between her open thighs to grasp his
still heavily hardened young cock once more. While he watched with
openly bulging eyes, she pressed the smooth, bulbous head into tile
eagerly nibbling lips of her vaginal mouth.

“Unnnnngghh … almighty goddamn!” Kye blurted as she ground her
insatiable loins downward to meet his reflexive upthrust, her
omniverous cuntal throat swallowing the full length of his surging,
hardness up into its hungry sanctuary, his cum-inflated bails smacking
hard against its wetly pouting lips. “I think you are going to kill
poor Kye, Mrs. Dianne …!”

“Aaaahhh … you sweet little lover!” the lust-crazed wife mindlessly
whimpered in her wildly rising passion. God, she had actually raped him
first, she was convinced! He’d been helpless, just as he was at that
very moment .. defenselessly pleading with her now! She could feel his
boyish hips strenuously lifting and falling, driving his feverish hard
cock with eager thrusts up into her ravenously devouring vagina … but
it was not enough!

“Oh God! Fuck it hard, darling!” she obscenely gasped. “Harder! Ram it
up into me! Ooohhh …!”

Suddenly, she was spreading her knees as wide as possible and raising
her head and shoulders on extended arms and hands, until her naked back
was hollowed inward like a ski-slope, her lewdly exposed loins and
widespread buttocks lowered down on top of him until his cock was bent
achingly forward in its penetration!

“Ohhh!” she wildly moaned. “T-Take your hands and spread open my ass
cheeks as you fuck into me, lover! Y-yessss … that way! Oooohhh
Godddddd! Fuck it harder, Kye … harder!”

Harder?” It was almighty goddamned impossible, he frantically panted!
He was battering the crazy hell out of her steaming tiger-mouthed cunt,
until his poor, beaten little penis was screaming and his raging balls
about to rupture! Shit, even her ass hole was throbbing open, its tiny
puckered lips working like a baby’s pinkly sucking mouth! Now, she had
twisted around to see him gaping with raised head, her green eyes like
a pair of flashing emeralds he had once seen in a temple idol’s head.

“Go ahead, baby! I know what you’re thinking. Do it!” Dianne lustfully
gasped. “Shove your finger right up me from behind while you fuck my
pussy! Dianne wants you to finger fuck her asshole …!”

Sweet mother fuck! Never in his whole life on the streets had he known
anything like this! She was too much for him … for anyone! Probably
that is why Captain Mark went to the war … it was a quicker way to
die! Almighty goddamn, Sergeant would have to help work the yum-yum out
of her like he did in the shows with Mr. Ace’s girls! It was no use. He
could not do it alone … but first …! He gaped at his hurtfully
numbing cock pushing and pulling at the hair-lined lips of the wetly
glistening cunt up between her obscenely straddling thighs, the tiny
coral petals of its inner lips clasping eagerly around his rigidly
glistening organ.

He still cupped the smoothly rounded ovals of her ass cheeks, spreading
them wide apart with the outward pressure of his thumbs and rolling
their lush softness upward as if they were on ball-beatings, the pull
tugging at her vaginal mouth and drawing her whole cuntal area back
toward him in lewd exposure! Excitedly, then, he moved his finger
toward the tiny circle of soft spongy flesh that he could make pop
partially open when he spread her buttocks wide! He ran his middle
finger up and down the length of her ass crevice, collecting moisture
from where he fucked into her! Then, pressing his fingertip against it,
he watched in lustful fascination as it wormed slowly into the tightly
resisting little hole, feeling immediately the smooth rubbery walls of
her anal channel clutching greedily at his invading finger! Abruptly,
then, she whimpered and a sense of sadistic dominance raced through
him! He didn’t stop … instead, he pressured the worming digit all the
way to the palm of his hand up inside her hot, voluptuous ass hole!

“Aaauugghhh …! Ooohhh … y-yessss, little lover!” he heard her gasp
and watched her nakedly churning buttocks moving wildly back and forth
on his embedded finger and painfully throbbing cock! “D-Don’t you move,
darling … just hold him there and let Dianne fuck back against both
of them … Oooohhh … yeessssss …

* * *

Olaf had watched it all, partially mesmerized and partially ready to
blow his mind as he continually stroked his long, thick cock with
tightly clutching hand, gaping through the window from his voyeur’s
vantage point. As incredible as it seemed, it was all happening right
before his eyes and he knew it! Jesus Christ, what she hadn’t done with
that little fink wouldn’t be worth mentioning! They’d sucked and licked
each other … he’d played with her luscious tits … and then she’d
begun to fuck him! But it was the goddamned obscene ways she was
fucking him that was driving him ape!

With open mouth and lust-charged loins, Olaf Jensen vigorously fisted
his cock while he watched the naked lewd antics of the curvaceous Mrs.
Keller fucking the little Asian bastard in the most erotically lewd
ways imaginable! Like some eagerly clutching little mouth, her ass hole
gripped at his middle finger, while her wet, pink cunt-opening
simultaneously devoured the full length of his cock right up inside her
voluptuously working little belly!

Olaf could only stare, as her deliciously spread ass cheeks and blonde
hair-fringed loins plunged down and backward onto Kye’s heavily swollen
young cock, and stiffened finger, making the overgrown teenager wonder
what she’d do if it was his long, husky cock and thick finger she
suddenly found her hot little fuck holes filled with!

Goddamn, he didn’t care anymore even if they saw him! What could either
one of them say … especially Captain Mark Keller’s cock-happy wife?
Yeah … the bitch … if he used his head … but he couldn’t let the
old man get wise! Christ, he’d kill him for sure … but maybe, it’d be
worth it! Shit, why not? He’d fuck her silly … make her suck him and
cum in her mouth, too … and that little foreign bastard could stand
right there and watch them doing it together …! Man … man … his
balls were painfully churning.

“Oh … oh, God, Kye lover … I … I think I’m going to cum … very
soon!” Diane groaned with a rush of sensually gasping breath. “C-Can
you, darling? Are you ready to cum up in me, my sweet pet …?”

Was he ready to cum? Almighty goddamn! A hundred times he had nearly
splintered apart from head to toe! And each time she had done something
different to him like no girl he had ever known, the unbelievable sight
of her naked curved beauty caught up in some new wildly erotic position
reacting like a spigot inside his raging loins, shockingly bottling up
his crazy, boiling jism with the overwhelming unbelievableness of it!
Now, if it were possible, he was almost wild assed afraid to cum
because he knew his brains and all inside his young body had liquefied
into scalding sperms and was going to squirt out his raging hard cock
like a wide opened fire hose!

But he was extremely happy too, for he had not had to use Sergeant, but
had, after all, proudly done it himself! He grinned, staring at her
looking back at him with beautiful, lust-slackened face and the glazed,
yum-yummed eyes of the most wonderful sex-doll in the world! He glutted
himself now on the way she was thrusting her magnificently clinging
rectal mouth and hungry, wet pussy back onto his finger and fiercely
throbbing cock!

“Yes … yes … holy shit, yes, Mrs. Dianne … Kye is ready to go
crazy happy … even if he dies doing it!”

He plunged his finger deeply up into the hot, clasping sheath of her
desperately working rectum, rotating and circling around in its tight
rubbery walls in tiny teasing massaging motions, at the same time
thrusting his burning hard cock up to the very depths of his balls in
her cunt, sensing the hotly triggered spheres beginning to pulsate and
burst out their hotly scalding sperm deep up into her open belly.

“Oooouuggghh …!” Dianne cried out in an ecstatic wail of blissful
joy, their naked bodies writhing in a wild, uncontrolled series of
obscene spasms, the result of their bursting orgasms foaming back and
down out of Dianne’s ravenously milking vagina in a white, creamy
torrent which flooded hotly over the teenager’s cock and balls. For a
long while they continued to batter against each other in wildly
resounding lust …!

Chapter 8

The effects of the drug which Dianne Keller had unknowingly taken into
her body through the Bacardi in her Cuba Libres were still heating the
sensually stimulated girl for many hours into the night, long after she
had left an exhausted and sleeping Kye to go into her own room. The
incessant arousal smoldering in her belly and down between her legs
drove Dianne to fingering herself into a series of wild climaxes in the
darkness, the last one aided by the handle of her hair brush. With her
long legs nakedly drawn up and back until her knees were touching her
shoulders, her still swollen breasts flowing over her chest beneath
them, she obscenely plunged the brush handle with a wild fucking motion
in and out of the hungrily grasping hole in her hungrily upraised
loins, while with the other she stroked and caressed the flaming little
bud of her erectly palpitatingly clitoris in an insane effort to put
out the lustful, unceasing fire incredulously tormenting her. At last,
near exhaustion herself, yet still filled with maddening desire, she
had been tempted to quietly steal into Kye’s room and coax Sergeant to
follow her back to her own bed, the lascivious thought of his long,
thick animal-hardness battering into her seething pussy wantonly
irresistible … But instead, she realized upon awakening, that she had
mercifully lost consciousness.

It was almost noon the following day when she opened her eyes to a
smiling Kye who was gently jostling her by the arm. For a long moment,
it hardly occurred to the sleep-benumbed Dianne that she lay uncovered
on her bed and stark naked. When she did discover the fact, she bolted
upright with a start, drawing her thighs up tightly together as she
crossed her arms over her lush breasts to feebly shield them from his
young, ogling eyes.

“Kye! What’re you doing in here …?” she embarrassedly snapped,
sensing the flush to her cheeks as she gaped at him.

“It is the telephone, Mrs. Dianne! Captain Mark is waiting to speak to
you! I knocked but you do not hear me, so I have to come in …!”

“Mark is on the phone, now?” Dianne interrupted the explaining teenager
who was still avidly smiling at her.

“Yes, very much waiting for you, Mrs. Dianne!” he said, quickly
scooping up her green silk gown from where she had tossed it over the
chair and handing it to her. “Here, I will look the other way if you

Dianne’s memory bank overflowed then, filling her with a wave of
scarlet-cheeked confusion, the full impact of shame yet to come. She
swung from the bed, slipping the robe around her while he stood with
his lean back to her, and then she, too, had to smile when she saw that
he was grinningly watching her in the vanity mirror.

“Oh, you lusty young devil!” she reprimanded, but gently enough, the
ridiculousness of her sudden modesty at this point absurd even to her.
“You and I are going to have a very long talk the moment I hang up that
telephone. So don’t go away …!”

With that, Dianne hustled to the phone, desperately trying to clear and
prepare her mind … “H-Hello … Mark darling …?”

“Yeah, where were you, honey, in the bathtub?”

“Yes … yes, I was showering,” she managed to lie with a light-hearted
tone. After all, it was crowding twelve o’clock noon. “Sorry to have
kept you waiting.”

“That’s okay. I just wish I’d been there to watch that sexy little
event,” he said.

“M-Me too, darling.”

“Well, it won’t be much longer, baby … but listen, Kye and Sergeant
have to appear before a special hearing up here at the Base tomorrow
morning. They will have to fly up this afternoon. Can you make the
arrangements and take them to the airport?”

“Why … certainly, darting,” Dianne replied, a feeling of apprehension
tightening in her belly. “I-Is there anything wrong, Mark? I mean …
how does it look for them?”

“God, hon, I really can’t say,” he answered, his voice straining for an
uplifting tone, she thought. “I’m trying to pull all the strings I can.
How’re they doing, anyway? Are you all getting along together?”

“Y-yes … yes, of course! W-We’re doing fine, dear,” Dianne finally
got out, guiltily wondering if that might not be the greatest
understatement she had ever made to him. Oh God! “But … but … Mark,
they just can’t send them back … can they?”

“Damn, baby, I wish I could say no, they can’t … but the fact is that
they can …

“And you believe they will!”

“I didn’t say that, Dianne,” he hastened to correct, “but … well,
just don’t get your heart set on them staying … It’ll be easier to
take that way …”

“Oh Mark … just the thought makes me ill!” Dianne choked, the mixture
of emotions tearing at her inside enough to make her burst out in a
torrent of tears. “God, I’ve come to love them both so much, darling!
They just can’t send them back there! It would be inhuman …!”

“Dianne, for Christ’s sake, get hold of yourself, honey!” his voice
came sharply commanding over the wire to her. “I know how you feel, but
you hardly know them. Kye is just one of millions of boys who have been
bred and suffered in their crazy war, except that he’s lived like a
prince in comparison to some! Look, as much as we both want to help
him, yeah, and the dog, too, we’re going to have to go by the decision
of the authorities! Now, the best we can do is hope, and I swear, baby,
I’m doing everything I can for them!”

“Oh, I know you are, Mark darling. I-I’m sorry … I’m over emotional
this morning, I guess …” the young, strung-out wife apologized,
running fingers absently through her long blonde tresses while she
stared unseeingly with the tears that had welled up into her eyes.

“I understand, doll. Believe me, I do … ”

But he didn’t, she knew. There was no way he could understand, for even
she couldn’t analyze the almost frantic love and possessiveness for
both the boy and his dog which had taken such a lecherous hold of her!
It was not only warped and wanton, it was as addictive as the most
depraved drug habit, and though only moments before she had been
prepared to admonish her young lover that neither of them could ever
let, nor expect such lewd sexual acts to happen between them again, now
she was desperately frightened that they wouldn’t …!

“Dianne … Dianne …? Are you still on …?”

“Y-Yes, yes, Mark, I’m here … I-I was thinking what would be the best
thing to do …”

“Well, after you hang-up, call the airport and find out when they can
catch a flight up here,” he said, detailing her necessary moves. “Try
to get something into Riverside and not L.A. … Then, you’ll have to
call me back and let me know their arrival time. That’s all, outside of
taking them to the airport … and keeping that cute little chin of
yours up the way I remember it. Now, how about it, baby, can you handle

“Yes, of course, I can, darling,” she managed, firming her voice for
him. “I’ll take care of everything on this end. And you, Mark …? When
am I going to have you for good …?”

“Just a few days, angel. Hang tight a little longer if you can. Can I
count on you?”

“Y-You bet, lover!”

“Okay … okay … then, let’s leave it right there! I’ll wait for your
call back … and here’s the number …

* * *

At three-thirty that afternoon, it was a weepy, lonesome Dianne who
returned to their ground-floor apartment with a sensation of emptiness
she could only compare to walking into her grandfather’s home an hour
after they had buried that loveable man. Never had she felt such an
emotion of loss as she had on that day, for her Grandpa had been very
dear to her. But she knew it again now, and there was no Grandma,
aunts, uncles and other relatives to help share and minimize it. The
morose feeling was one she had to endure alone.

The young wife made herself a Cuba Libre, feeling as if she were
rattling around in the empty apartment as she walked into the living
room and slumped down into Mark’s favorite chair. Her mind, as it had
ever since she’d left the airport after seeing them off with kisses and
hugs, continued to function along the same fines. It reviewed in
intimate detail all she could remember of her lewd acts with Kye,
though much of it seemed fogged, and even as she knew remorseful shame
time and again, the pain of Kye’s and Sergeant’s loss by far outweighed

She would never see either of them again, she felt certain. Their brief
passing through her life had been a meaningful phenomenon, perhaps
meant to make or break her! And she lingered on that teeter-board,
didn’t she? Shame continued to spiral through her like wafts of choking
smoke, but she could cough it away, and when it was gone there were all
the breaths of sensual excitement that Asiatic street-boy had raised,
then erotically satisfied within her!

Oh, the little, lovable devil! With his whores and Joes … and his Mr.
Ace! Who was he? Mr. Ace! That absurd alias, or was it a title of sorts
…? She tried to think of when they had talked about such an
individual and couldn’t. Yet, the name had registered with her! Mr.
Ace… He would pay ten-thousand American bucks for you …!

Dianne shook her head and drank heavily from her glass. So much had
happened so quickly between them … and Sergeant …! God, she
thought, her half-morbid, half-invigorated mind racing back and forth
between the somber and the sensual, the ultimate realization finally
fixing itself that Mark Keller would very, very soon again be her whole
overwhelming world!

C-Could they find it together? Now, so much had happened during their
separation! She loved him! There wasn’t the slightest doubt in her mind
about that … but … but love was many things, wasn’t it? Could he
… would he love her as that fourteen year old boy had done, like an
innocently smiling little slave, firing her so that she could do the
same to him? God, she had never realized the importance of such love-
making, where each subjects one’s self to the other’s passionate

Dianne drained her glass enroute to the kitchen to make another,
contemplating changing the mini-dress she had worn to the airport for
shorts and halter. The tingling feel of the cool liquid spilling down
her throat pleased her, and on the second, she drank half of it right
then and there. Damn, she needed an uplift of some sort, and it was
nicely doing the job.

Suddenly, she was very confident that Mark would manage something. He
loved them both as much as did she, and even before …! Yes, he would
… her darling, Mark, and then … then, she would have all of them
around her!


The bell at the front entrance rang before she had retraced her steps
into the living room. Setting her glass down, Dianne walked to the
door, tugging it open, annoyed at having her private world interrupted.
She had expected an unknown face, a salesman of some nature, but
instead she looked into that of the young neighbor boy, Olaf.

“Oh … Olaf… what … can … can I do something for you?”

* * *

Knute Jensen was anything but a gentle person, and aware of it, the
massive, bewhiskered man took certain pride in the fact. His own
father, a brute who had believed in the wisdom of the horsewhip as well
as the evils of education, had been his cruel teacher. He’d hated his
father with a passion, and the day he had found him dead in the barn
from a heart attack, he had taken the old man’s bottle of whiskey from
its hiding place and sat down beside the dead body to laugh and drink
himself drunk.

As near as possible, he had raised Olaf under the same rules of
tyranny, except that the law, as well as his wife while she lived, had
demanded the boy attend school until he was sixteen. Knute had realized
the waste of this, but a poor man couldn’t fight the law and a wise man
never argued with a bitch-woman. He was only sorry that she had died
before their overgrown offspring had been arrested for using and
selling marijuana. Christ, how he would’ve gloated and taunted her with
that. As it was, his only satisfaction came in the knowing that he had
been right, and his continual punishment of the son whom the court had
seen fit to release to him on probation until the boy was twenty-one.

Naturally, Knute had snatched the big oaf out of school immediately and
put him to work around the building where he himself had been caretaker
for five years. Now with his bitch-wife dead and cold in the ground and
the boy to do the work, the fat, barrel-chested father was enjoying his
version of the fruits of life for the first time in his half-century of
living, drinking his daily fill of booze and wenching with the tavern
sluts to his lusty heart’s content.

But the goddamned kid was not only lazy, he was sneaky and
undependable, traits he’d inherited from his mother. It was necessary
that Knute have one eye on him all the while if they were to keep the
work up around the building, which was exactly what the grey-haired,
bearded man was doing at the moment, only to see his muscular, blond-
haired son standing at the open doorway of the Keller apartment talking
to the Captain’s sweet-assed young wife.

Just what in hell was he up to, anyway? Knute had seen her drive off
with the foreign kid and his dog, then come back alone, deciding that
it couldn’t be him Olaf was looking for. Anyway, there was no goddamned
time for him to fuck-off with that scrawny little shit! If he didn’t
have enough to keep him busy, Knute could damn sure find more … But
sonofabitch … she was letting the stupid lunkhead in … stepping
aside and … sure as hell, Olaf was going in and closing the door
behind him!

J-Just what in hell was going on, anyway, the powerful man wondered as
he swilled from his can of beer, his red-rimmed eyes fixed on the
closed door. Hmmmmmm … maybe she’s having trouble with that drain
again … or the leaky faucet in the bathroom …? Whatever, he’d just
stand right there and watch for a few minutes … and that fat-headed
kid better not be too damned long at it either …

* * *

“I-I couldn’t imagine who it might be,” Dianne said with a questioning
little smile. “Y-You know, of course, that I had to take Kye and
Sergeant to the airport. They have to be up at March Air Force Base
tomorrow morning … ”

“Yeah, I saw you leave … then come back,” the big boy said, shifting
his solid weight almost nervously from one foot to the other. His small
blue eyes moved wetly over her in a sweeping glance, causing an uneasy
feeling to flutter through the blonde young wife. “I-I been waiting to
talk to you about something … something important, Mrs. Keller …”

“Oh …?” Dianne followed with surprise.

“Well … what is it, Olaf?”

“I-It’s going to take a few minutes to explain, Ma’am, and … and if
my Paw sees me standing here … well …” he said, hoping she would
take the hint.

For a hesitant moment, Dianne stood silently surveying the older boy,
well aware of the strict treatment his father subjected him to, and
why. She’d never had much contact with the big blond youth, actually
having little reason to, and she wondered if maybe it was not his size
that made her feel uneasy around him. However, she knew about his
scrape with the law and felt that his father was unnecessarily
punishing him, especially after the court had been lenient enough to
let him free on probation … besides, he had befriended Kye, and that
had found a soft spot with her …

“C-Come in dear,” she finally invited, stepping to oneside and holding
the door for him, subconsciously fingering the low-cut front of her
revealing summer mini. She closed the door and followed, pointing
toward a chair. “Sit down, Olaf,” she offered, easing down onto the arm
of another and carefully angling her long legs into an inconspicuous
position. “Now … what is it you want to talk to me about?”

Olaf dropped onto the davenport and edgily rubbed the palms of his big
hands against his thighs. He stared at her, his thick tongue licking
out to moisten his worm-like lips. “I-I guess I might as well come
right out with it, eh …?”

Dianne continued to study him, noting the trace of a half-smile tugging
suggestively at his mouth, a feeling of tightness beginning to gnaw at
the base of her belly. It was the way he had said it, plus the dull
gleam in his blue eyes which she had not noticed before that made his
grinning expression one of luridness to her, causing sudden little
chills to apprehensively race up her back.

“J-Just what are you trying to say, Olaf?” she managed, the strain in
her voice apparent.

The heavy-set, blond headed boy leaned forward in his sitting position,
once more licking at his thick lips, then said: “I saw it all last
night, Mrs. Keller … between you and Kye on his bed, I mean… you
sucking him and he licking your cunt… then, the way you got on top
and fucked him … like maybe you weren’t ever going to get enough!
Yeah … I watched it all, Ma’am … and I thought it’d be nice if you
did the same thing to me, eh …?”

Dianne sensed the blood drain from her face as the impact of his
horrifying statement struck her like a severe blow-to the solar plexus.
For a moment, she thought she might faint … almost wishing she could!
Awe-stricken, she gaped at him, unable to think, move, or speak! She
was petrified!

“Hope I haven’t upset you, Mrs. Keller,” he went on, the lewd grin
distorting his oafish face glaring meaningfully at her. “I mean, you
don’t have to worry about me telling anyone … like your husband, or
the fuzz, eh? That is … as long’s you’re nice to me … Maybe, a good
suck job, then a fuck would do … for this time.”

“Ooohhh … my God …!” Dianne moaned, the full meaning of his
intentions shockingly registering in her mind, his filthily spewed
four-letter words tormentively bouncing against the walls of her skull!
In seconds, rage followed, fuming and born out of growing desperation
at his brazenly vile attempt to blackmail her!

“Y-You better get out of here, Olaf Jensen … and right this minute
before I call your father!” Dianne heard her own unsteady voice
breakingly threaten. “I mean it! Get out this minute …!”

“Oh shit, lady!” the broad-shouldered youth vulgarly spat with a
snigger. “Now just what the hell good would that do you? I’ve got you
cold and you know it! Last night you and that Asian fink went the whole
suck-fuck route, and how do you know that maybe I didn’t take a few
pictures of your little party? But whether I did or didn’t, you’re sure
going to have one hell of an explaining job if I let the word out. And
don’t think for a goddamned minute that the fuzz couldn’t make that
little scrawny shit spill all he knows! Anyway … why take the gamble,
Mrs. K? All you have to do is just lead the way into the bedroom and
strip down … the rest I’ll take care of itself … once you get an
eyeful of a man-sized cock!”

No, she wasn’t going to faint, nor was it as simple as a nightmare she
could awaken from! But worse, were the incredible, tiny sensations of
ridiculous excitement his obscene demands and use of lewd terms were
stirring up inside her! Good God! What insane thing had suddenly
happened to her chemistry that she could be sensually aroused by the
likes of this overgrown young monster who intended to actually force
her into having sex with him? She must be losing her mind for certain!
I-It just couldn’t be the drinks … could it? She’d had only two …
but …

Abruptly, Olaf got to his feet, his move frightening Dianne onto her
own. She retreated a step with a sharp intake of breath, not trying to
hide her open fear. He was still half-grinning, his small, teenaged
eyes beady with growing excitement.

“D-Don’t touch me, Olaf! Don’t, Dianne hissed, her green eyes saucered
as she took another step backwards, then dropped them to the swollen
bulge in the front of his faded jeans. The obvious outline of his
thickly lengthening penis was like an irresistible lodestone to them.
“Oh God … God! Stay away from me! Y-You horrible young boy, you …!”

“And you’re a cock-sucking cunt!” he spat bitterly, reaching out to
catch her by the wrist and jerk her tightly against him, his powerful
teenaged arms wrapping around her. “So, I’m a horrible young boy, am I?
Well, you don’t know the half of it, you child molesting bitch!” he
hoarsely added, smothering his young wormish-lips down onto her soft,
ripe ones, his meaty hand suddenly twisting into her long, blonde hair
from behind.

Dianne reactively struggled against the overwhelming might of him, both
revulsed and sensuaIIy stimulated by the wet, tongue-ramming feel of
his half-opened mouth covering hers, and the pungent odor of masculine
perspiration acridly filling her head! He held her then with one vise-
like arm around her hour-glass waist, his huge hand ensnarled in her
hair to force her head back and her face up to him. With the other, he
plunged it brutally inside the front of her low-cut mini with a little
ripping sound, until he was harshly clutching the naked, yielding flesh
of one sensitive breast inside her wispy bra! She whimpered against his
brutal, slobbering mouth and tongue as he began to animalishly maul the
resilient, tender mound, kneading and gouging its defenselessly giving
whiteness, finally pinching its tiny nipple into unwanted hardness with
an almost savage ignorance.

“Oh God … please, Olaf?” she pleaded, twisting her mouth free.
“You’re hurting it! Don’t … ohhhhhh, please, Olaf …?”

“Please, my ass!” the big teenager leered back at her. “You weren’t
begging Kye off you last night, lady, and it ain’t going to do you any
good to try it on me! You’re going to put out, damn you … even if I
have to rape you!”

“That’s exactly what you’ll be doing … raping me!” Dianne gasped,
trying to wedge her hands between them and against his deep young
chest. “And you know what they’ll do to you for that? There won’t be
any probation like you’re on now …!”

“Don’t try to hand me that crap, Mrs. Keller!” Olaf snarled down into
her paled, emotion-filled face. “You aren’t going to take the chance of
turning me in and we both know that. How would you ever explain Kye to
your husband, saying nothing of the cops? Now, come on … it’s going
to be nicer for both of us if you cooperate … but either way, it’s
going to happen, Mrs. Keller … you’re going to suck my cock and balls

The horrible truth of his words washed through Dianne’s brain like a
raging, resistance-crushing tidal wave! She was totally helpless
against his compromising advances and she knew it as well as did he!
There was absolutely nothing she could do but submit to whatever he
demanded of her, the shocking realization inciting an unbelievable
feeling of subjugation within her, a tell tale, masochistic groan
raising in her slender white throat.

Oh dear God!

His hot breath rasped down into her face. He continued to hold her
tightly against him, his hand cruelly wound in her, hair, the other
gentling as it kneaded and explored her now completely exposed breasts
from his tearing of the front of her dress and bra. He mashed his thick
young lips down onto her lush, unresisting ones again, spearing his
long, hot tongue wetly into her mouth to lewdly lash at her own. Her
mind continued to swirl with the incredulity of the situation and the
baffling thrills of sensuality his lustful young manhandling of her
were shamefully filing in her tense, soft belly and rapidly moistening
loins. He hauled her tighter to him then, grinding his solid, masculine
pelvis against the supple give of her yielding little belly and she
felt it … the long, thick hardness of his swollen teenaged penis
through the material of their clothing, its unmistakable throbbing
presence quickly wiping all else from her unknowingly drugged brain!

A wild sensation of unsolicited arousal charged through Dianne at the
feel of its startling hugeness pressuring into the resilience of her
excited, round belly. Tiny quivers of mounting desire swept
uncontrollably upward along the smooth hollow of her back, a second
little masochistic moan escaping her as she slipped her arms around his
neck, mindlessly forcing her revering loins tighter to him! God, was he
just a boy? She could barely conceive of that any longer with the hot,
promising feel of his lengthy rod of thick hardness pulsating against
her trembling belly which was now straining smotheringly to it!

God forgive her … but it was happening to her again, just as it had
the night before with Kye … the blind desertion of all control at the
mere feel of his young, throbbing cock! But this made even less sense
to her than her reaction to Kye! There had been a strong feeling, a
possessive love for that enchanting, young darling, while this one who
was more of a man than a boy she wanted to loathe for forcing her to
submit … yet she couldn’t help herself! The same insane and lecherous
sensations had already reared into being within her feverishly
smoldering loins, plus the weird masochistic thrill which was causing
her to strain shamefully against him, her breathing shortening in its
panting gasps!

Olaf sensed the collapse of her weak resistance, a surge of young, wild
lust rocketing through him. Hell, it’d been a lot easier than lied
expected! She’d just seemed to come unglued the moment he’d ground his
hard cock into the hot softness of that rounded little belly of hers!
Christ, it was enough to drive him bonkers, but there wasn’t any doubt
about it the way she was fuming on! She was actually kissing him back
now, and sucking his tongue, her sexy, fucking hips and that quivering
belly rubbing in little circles against his ever-stiffening cock!
Goddamn, her beautiful big tits were burning right into the palms of
his hands! He’d had a few girls before, but none of them had tits as
luscious as hers!

He jerked his head upright and spoke while he continued to fondle and
massage her warm, passion-swelling breasts. “W-Where we going to do it,
Mrs. Keller?”

Dianne stared up into the lust-filled, small eyes of his young, excited
face, her breathing coming in roused, heaving breast movements. His
powerful teenaged loins with the enthralling long thickness of his
hardened penis remained burningly pressured against the trembling
resilience of her straining belly, and she felt the first sensuous
seepage of warm vaginal moisture oozing from between her fleshy pussy-
lips to dampen the thin strip of sheer nylon snugged against them
between her tingling thighs. No longer did she feel any urge to resist
him; that only meant denial for herself, and she had already reached
far beyond that point! She had to see it … hold it in her hand …
suck it into her mouth just as she had for Kye!

“N-Not here,” the impassioned young housewife whispered huskily. She
took his hand and he let free of her. “Come on … into my bedroom …
If we’re going to do it, let’s … let’s both get naked so we can do it
right …

Chapter 9

Olaf could hardly wait to see her stripped naked again with that
terrific voluptuous body of hers, only this time it would be just for
him, the remembered sight of her lushly rounded curves just about to
orbit him! Christ, he’d never had such a case of hot nuts in his life!

“All right … let’s not waste time, darling,” Dianne hotly whispered,
turning to face him in the center of the bedroom, the rippling, rounded
mounds of her full white breasts still erotically exposed through her
tom dress and bra, their tiny pink nipples raised into marble-like
hardness. “Well …?” she pressed, moving closer to begin tugging up
his T-shirt, her sultry green eyes sparkling with a gleam he had
noticed for the first time.

The husky teenager hadn’t realized that he was hesitating … but he
was, the wild expression in those sexy eyes of hers temporarily sapping
the boldness from him, making him remember that she was a woman … an
adult woman, not some scared shitless school girl like the few he had
managed to seduce! Goddamn … supposing he wasn’t man enough for her
after all? Or maybe he’d shoot his load right off like a baby-assed
kid! Christ, wouldn’t she have the laugh on him though, after all his
big friggin’ talk …?

“Well, Olaf …? What’s wrong, darling?” Dianne urged, catching the
flash of apprehension that passed over his face. God, she couldn’t let
him get cold feet now! And he was … he was! Ooooohhhh …! She
stepped back and with a minimum effort stripped away her damaged dress
and ruined little bra to stand in front of Mm wearing only her tiny
black bikini panties. She watched his lower jaw grow slack as she
provocatively wriggled them down over the smooth, flared arch of her
hips and full tanned thighs, lifting each long leg in turn to step out
of them. “There … now don’t tell me the boy with the big hard cock
isn’t brave enough to take what he came for?” she lewdly derided,
spreading those long shapely legs slightly apart as she placed her
hands on the rounded curves of her smooth, white hips and lustfully
smiled at him.

“Christ!” he swore half under his breath, the sound of the weird change
coming suddenly over and the word cock tumbling from her moistly
ripened lips firing him almost as much as the revealed sight of her
curvaceous, naked beauty. She was goading him, trying to make fun of
him and he knew it. He felt the perspiration beading out on his
forehead as he let his eyes rake lustfully over her mind-bending
delights from head to toe and back again … from the golden triangle
of curls between her rounded, full thighs, sparsely covering the thin
crevice of glistening pink flesh separating her pouting cunt-lips, to
the firm white mounds of her hardened-nippled tits he had already made
a hand-shaking acquaintance with!

He felt his breathing laboriously increasing in his cotton-dry throat,
his long length of hardened cock-flesh adding a hurtful spasm in its
confinement to his wildly building, sensual appetite. The bitch! He’d
show her! Tease him, would she? Okay … but nothing was going to go
wrong with this deal! He’d show her the difference between a finky kid-
cock and something man-sized! Yeah, and she was going to suck it all
the way, too, until he shot his goddamned load right into her pretty,
taunting mouth …!

Dianne intended to torment him further if necessary, but suddenly he
was pulling and ripping at his clothes, his oafish face abruptly
assuming an animal-like expression of almost frightening lust. She
backed away toward the bed, having second thoughts concerning her
wisdom in needling him. But there was hardly time for that now, for in
seconds he had stripped naked and immediately she was too taken up with
the long, rigid thickness of hardened penile-flesh poling out from his
young, hairy loins! She gasped at the unexpected bigness of it, her
eyes sweeping down to the heavy, sperm-bloating sac of his teenage
balls hanging virilely between his powerful legs … and then he was
moving toward where she had almost breathlessly dropped onto the edge
of the bed.

“Now, goddamn you! You’re going to suck it!” Olaf luridly blurted. “And
you’re going to suck it ’till I shoot right in your mouth! So don’t try
to fight me, or I’ll shove it all the way down your fucking throat!
We’ll see who’s afraid, you bitch!”

Fight him? Damn, she could almost cry with the insane craving … the
maddening desire torturously burning inside her! Fight him? Dear God,
only to get at him and plunge his handsome thick cock into her mouth!
Yes, yesss! She had to suck its hot, nectarous cum from the depths of
his beautiful, sperm-laden balls down into her own hungry throat and
belly …!

“You understand me, damn you?” Olaf snarlingly spat down at her,
grasping a handful of her long, golden hair once more for emphasis.

“Yes, yes! I do understand, Olaf!” Dianne masochistically whimpered
from the sharp pain to her scalp, tiny sensations of mindless lust
racing fierily through her drug-incited, susceptible young body.
“Please, get onto the bed for me …”

“When I get ready I’ll get on the fucking bed, bitch!” he coarsely
sneered, his sudden sense of power over her charging sadistic waves of
new excitement through him. “I-I thought of this all night, lady, just
the way I wanted you to do it! And there’s more, too! When I watched
you and Kye, I couldn’t help but wonder how your tits and ass, your
hot, wet cunt would feel to my hands … and now I’m going to find out
all of it! And you’re just going to do every single goddamned thing I
say! You got that straight?”

“Y-Yes … yes, darling … but please let go of my hair! You’re
hurting me …!” Diane begged, and finally he did.

He made a mean grin and straightened above where she sat, moving in
closer until his long, thick cock with its moistened, purplish head
partly visible from its uncircumcised foreskin was nearly level with
and only inches from her face. Dianne gaped at it, its proximity making
it seem huge! It was bigger than Mark’s in both length and thickness,
as were his bullish, young balls! And while she gaped at it, his hand
suddenly dropped down to lewdly grasp hold of the thick, hardened
organ, then obscenely pulled the loose outer skin back away from the
glistening, spongy glans!

“Kiss it, Mrs. Captain Keller!” Olaf commanded in a hoarse, almost
cracking voice. “Kiss it and lick your hot tongue all over the head!”

The passion-inflamed, naked Dianne, not wanting to give away the
lustful anxiety which was almost frantically consuming her entire wits,
leaned slowly forward. She placed her pursed, warm lips to its hot,
rubbery tip and held them there before excitedly letting her little
tongue slip between them, its wiggling, wet end stealing the pearlish
drop of his youthful pungent semen oozing from its tiny slit. Then, she
wormed the very minute point of her tongue into the baby-like opening
in his cock-head, causing him to jerk spasmodically, his powerful young
frame shuddering from the contact.

“G-Goddamn!” he cursed, thrusting his strong young loins obscenely
forward. “You hold it … and take it in your mouth! Suck it for awhile
so I can see!”

Olaf watched in sensual fascination her small, white hand reaching up
to lewdly curl part way around his thickly swollen hardness, feverish
bursts of young, bottled-up lust slashing through him like hot-bladed
razors when he saw her lush, lip-glossed mouth open and slip widely
over the huge, mushroom-shaped tip of his wetly throbbing cock-head! A
knee-jelling quake rocked him from head to toe as her dainty feminine
tongue began to caressingly twirl around it … and then her other hot
little hand was weighingly cupping his tingling, heavy balls between
his spread legs, while her liquid heated mouth and soft, ovalled lips
began to work back and forth! Jumping fuck! There it was! The luscious
aristocratic-looking Mrs. Keller was sucking him … him, Olaf Jensen
… taking his overgrown hard cock right into her beautiful, sexy mouth
the way he’d pictured it last night and a hundred nights before!

Dianne couldn’t contain the moans of delight rising passionately from
deep inside her and humming out along the fused veined rod of his
hardened cock she was sucking deep into her mouth toward her throat.
She felt the sensuous secretions seeping wetly from her smoldering
vagina to dribble between her hot, blood-swollen cunt-lips, saturating
the bed covering beneath where she sat. If he weren’t standing between
her widely-spread thighs, she could squeeze them together and
deliciously pinch the tiny bud of her erect clitoris with those
sensitive, hair-lined pussy lips … but he was …!

“W-Wait! Wait! Christ, that’s enough of that for a minute!” she heard
his command. “Now … lay back and hold your legs up! I want to took at
your cunt, Mrs. Keller! I’m going to open it way up wide and look right
up inside it! Hold ‘em up and back … spread wide!”

Once again, the sensations of servile lust washed over Dianne in a
torrent of mind-destroying subjugation. She did exactly as he ordered,
drawing her shapely, naked legs back as far as she could and spread
them wide so that the flat, gold and pink plane of her exposed loins
and upswept buttocks were completely vulnerable to his any warped whim!
Unprecedented sensations of blinding salacity raked over the tingling
nerve-ends of her nakedly displayed body as she lay obscenely sprawled
open for him in the most debauched of positions. She couldn’t help but
think what a lustfully arousing sight she made for him with her long
tanned Jags so luridly drawn up and yawning openly to present to him
her feverishly moistened cunt! She could feel the cool brush of air
caressing the tiny mouth of her anus between her lasciviously splayed

God, whatever it was that had totally destroyed and degraded her, she
no longer wanted to know! Only these deliciously abandoned obscenities
mattered, and the ultimate pleasures they would bring her …!

Olaf dropped to his knees, leaning forward between her held-back,
upraised legs and full, widespread thighs. Christ! He could see her
tiny, pink asshole all puckered and inviting, perfectly centered in the
smooth, secret crevice between the satiny moons of her taut, white
buttocks. And above, maybe an inch away, began the thin, moistened
ribbon of pink inner flesh dividing the almost kissing, curl-fringed
lips of her fleecy cunt in all its golden wonder! With hot, rasping
breaths, the teenager feasted on the glistening, tight delicacy, his
large youthful hands moving forward.

With thumbs which caused her to lurch when they touched the hot,
pouting swollenness, Olaf breathlessly parted the raggedly clinging
folds of outer flesh, his eyes simultaneously gaping at the child-like,
recessed hole of her dimpled anus, watching its ovalled, tiny lips
working like a baby’s mouth beneath his teasing cuntal exploration.
Then … he saw it … her cunt-hole, a viscid coating of sensuous
moisture glossing the palpitating opening as well as the delicate
little petals above, which he quickly spread apart to find her tiny,
glimmering clitoris erectly quivering!

His ignorant young brain reeled with the raciness of the sensual sight.
Fuck, he was going to blow his cookies if he didn’t do something to let
off the crazy-wild pressure mounting in his aching cock and balls soon!
Should he fuck her? No! Another time he’d do that! She had to suck him
off first the way he’d planned! Yeah … it was time for her to swallow
his cum …

Dianne lay willingly in her obscene position, her quaking, naked body
an absolute sensual mystery to her, completely unaware that she had
reincited its maddening drugged lust with two uplifting drinks which
had added fuel to a never-quenched fire. Her matching brain was sinking
further and further into the same hellish heat of masochistic flames
this brutal boy’s lustful enslavement of her was firing … And she
never wanted it to stop! Uncontrollably, she vaguely realized, she was
reveling in her vulnerable helplessness, and she moaned out in soul-
consuming passion at his youthful handling and fingering of her
defenselessly exposed cunt …!

Then, abruptly, he bolted to his feet and clambered onto the bed around
her, throwing himself onto his back and spreading his strong legs wide
apart. “Come on! Get up here between my legs on your knees and suck me
off, Mrs. Keller!” he demanded, his thick, young voice still and
brittle in its authority. “Hurry up! I want to watch you … see those
pretty lips wrapped around my cock and your head bobbing up and down on
it! Do it now, damn it …!”

In her desire-inflamed haze, Dianne quickly got onto her knees and
crawled between his spread legs, feeling the full weight of her hanging
breasts erotically rippling and swaying with her movements, her long
tresses grazing his muscular thighs and stomach as she positioned
herself. There was no revulsion inside her for the oral performance he
was demanding of her. It was the very wanton act she had been hungrily
awaiting, and for a moment, fearfully thought he was going to deny her!
Eagerly, she stared down at his long, ceiling-pointed thickness of
towering young cock, then clasped it between finger and thumb at the
hairy base of its broadening root. Never hesitating, she drew down its
heavy foreskin and plunged her ovalled lips over the moistened rubbery
knob of its fire-filled, swollen head, locking them in a pressured
suction just below its coronal rim while her tongue began to excitedly
lash and swirl …

* * *

One of his TV programs had drawn Knute Jensen’s attention from the
window where he had been watching for the reappearance of his son from
the Keller apartment. Almost an hour and three cans of beer later, the
huge bewhiskered man remembered, once more beginning to angrily
contemplate the boy’s long absence.

Just what in hell was that stupid sonofabitch up to all this time? No
plugged up drain or leaky faucet should take this long to repair …
besides, come to think of it … he didn’t have any tools with him!
Yeah … there was something mighty goddamned fishy about this … and
he intended to find out what it was!

The big man decided on using the back door where he could pretend he’d
knocked if he didn’t see them through the glass in the kitchen. The
front way demanded that he use the buzzer; besides, as building
caretaker, he was expected to use the service entrance … which was
another thing that bothered him: Olaf had gone to her front door. Well,
he’d just see what this was all about … and if that goddamned
lunkhead was just sitting on his ass in there, pissing away the time,
there was going to be hell to pay …!

Through beer-blurred, red-rimmed eyes, Knute saw that the kitchen was
empty through the glass of the door, then hesitated, giving it all
second thought. Christ, did he dare just walk light into a tenant’s
apartment this way? Shit … it could cost him his job … but that
frigging-assed goof-off of his was in there … and for what? Maybe the
door was locked anyway …! He tried it, quietly turning the knob …
No, it wasn’t, and he let it swing silently inward …!

Knute let another intensely listening minute pass before he took a wary
step inside the little kitchen; the whirring sound of the refrigerator
was all that greeted his ears. He listened for voices … none! Shit,
now that was crazier yet, because he knew the kid was in here, had seen
that blonde, sweet-assed beauty let him in herself… unless he’d left
through the back door… but where the hell was he if he had …?

A moan-like sound reached Knute, then, causing the huge man to prick up
his ears. Once more, he was almost positive he’d heard another! Walking
stealthily, Knute crossed the kitchen to peer into the empty living
room of the small apartment. Suddenly, he most definitely heard a
gutturalish groan … and it was coming from one of the bedrooms along
the little hallway! He moved toward it, peeking into the first empty
one … and finally the second …!

Jesus Christ!

Had he been slugged with a crowbar, Knute Jensen wouldn’t have been
more stunned that he was at the sight taking place on the bed! He’d
found him, all right, both of them, and as naked as a pair of fucking
jay-birds! Sonofabitch! That luscious, sweet-assed cunt was sucking
Olaf’s cock … plunging her pretty, lush-lipped mouth down on it like
one of Maude Tawney’s downtown whores, except Maude never kept anything
like this curvy bitch in stock!

Knute didn’t try to hide his presence in the open doorway, but neither
could he move or speak for a full minute, the jolt had been that great!
What at first had been a wave of shock and growing rage was rapidly
turning into unhideable, raw lust inside the huge, bearded father, plus
a never-before measure of respect for the son he’d been certain hadn’t
brains enough to catch a cold! And goddamn, here he was being sucked
off by the most delicious piece of naked woman Knute had ever laid his
eyes on! Not only that, but the kid was a real chip off the old block!
Christ, he’d had no idea that Olaf had a cock on him like that!

Knute locked his small eyes on the voluptuously naked, full rounded
moons of Mrs. Keller’s gorgeous white ass staring up at him … her
smooth, tanned thighs spread just enough for him to clearly see the
moist, pink ribbon of flesh between the pouting lips of her blonde,
hair-fringed cunt and his own heavy cock gave a mighty lurch inside his

Sonofabitch! Damned if maybe he hadn’t had this kid of his figured
wrong all along …

* * *

“Ooooooh … shitttt!” Olaf grunted to the intensive sensations her
hot, nursing mouth had sent raging through him. His loins jerked
convulsively in an upward, heaving motion, his small eyes riveted in
desire-glazed captivation at the sight of her moistened, ripe lips
ovally absorbing his thick cock and beginning to slide up and down the
blood-engorged rod of the rigidly aching hardness.

“Oh goddamn … he’d fuck her, too! He’d fuck her in the ass and cunt,
just as he was in the mouth! She couldn’t do a frigging thing but let
him! He could fuck her any time and any way he wanted to …!

And then, Olaf horrifyingly saw the huge, menacing figure of his father
filling the doorway, his little red-rimmed eyes glaring down at them
like some medieval monster out of a fairy-tale!

Oh, Christ! He was going to kill them both!

Frantically, he tried to struggle up to his elbows and at the same time
stop Mrs. Keller who was sucking his cock feverishly like a mad woman
… but he saw his father’s big hand jerk up toward his bearded face to
lay a finger across his lips in a gestured order of silence! Olaf
stared at him in fretfully petrified wonderment, until the leer twisted
his thick lips and he began to pull at the front of his pants …!

Shit, this was too much to pass up, Knute Jensen had goatishly
concluded almost from the moment he’d first discovered them! He was
going to have some of that delicious looking young cunt if it was
humanly possible … and he’d fucking-well decided that it was, after
considering all the angles! Olaf had caught and read his signal and was
already laying back with a disbelieving sigh of relief, as if he’d just
been granted a reprieve from the gallows. Goddamn, the kid was okay …
yeah, okay, and they were going to be a hell of a lot closer from now
on! Knute couldn’t help but proudly grin down at him grunting and
groaning now as the boy watched the top of the bitch’s bobbing head and
began to uncontrollably rotate his teenage hips, sliding his husky
length of hard cock up in and down out of her mouth with a lewd, wet
sucking sound, his young hands suddenly winding in her long blonde

Knute saw her tiny black panties on the floor and reached down,
snatching them up, holding them to his nose. They were sheer, sexy
things, no more than a wisp of diaphanous nylon, but the blend of
perfume mixed with the tangy aroma of her excited cuntal secretions
sent wild sensations of lecherous lust charging through his massive
body. He watched her sluttish performance while he inhaled deeply from
the crotch of the tiny garment … watched in lewd fascination the
puffing of her smooth white cheeks as her head bobbed obscenely up and
down over his son’s husky young cock like some subservient degenerate,
and Olaf began to ram the length of thick hardness upward between her
ovally sucking lips with a new excited fury.

The teenager couldn’t believe it was happening, but it sure as hell
was! Instead of beating them both half to death, the old man was going
to join them! Jesus Christ, the lusty old sonofabitch couldn’t resist
the mind-bending sight of her naked, upthrust ass and blonde curled
little pussy! That was it, all right, and he was stripping, a goddamned
look of admiration on his whiskered face, the first one Olaf could ever
remember seeing there meant for him! Proudly, he grinned up at his
father, his own face broadening with every pelvic upthrust into her
receptively sucking mouth, while she moaned in ravenous, abandoned
passion between his legs!

Olaf lifted his head again and watched with lust-mounting eyes as the
young naked wife’s softly nibbling lips clasped greedily around his
growing cock fucking upward into her grotesquely contorted face. Oh
what a fucking surprise she was in for, he thought, glancing at his
Pa’s huge, rock-hard cock cleaving the air when he finally kicked off
his shorts and stood naked like a mountain of hairy flesh behind her!
Jesus, his old man must have the biggest cock in the world … and he’d
lay money it was the meanest, too! But he couldn’t concentrate on that
at the moment, not with the way she was sucking him!

He watched the tensiled rim of her moistened lips clasping around his
painfully throbbing cock as though held there by some unseen force. He
gunned salaciously as he fucked her mouth with merciless thrust, gaping
at her hungrily slaving, sucking and licking his blood-pounding rod of
prick-flesh in a frenzy of lust he could hardly believe.

She’d taken both small hands to possessively cup and squeeze his sperm-
inflated balls, and he could see the sticky, white fluid dribbling from
the corners of her widely ovalled mouth in lewd, thinly trickling
little rivulets. Stressing sensations were churning in the very depths
of him as she omnivorously pulled at his expanding cock, the hardened
sinewy length of it like a fusion of her distorted face and his pelvis!
He heaved upward with hollowing buttocks, lifting off the bed as he
drove it far up into the wet heat of her eagerly sucking mouth and
throat, until the wiriness of his pubic hair was brushing the tip of
her pretty little nose, while his near-bursting balls danced beneath in
her hands in a bloating build-up of tormentively seething pressure …!

Dianne was completely oblivious to all but Olaf’s hardened, thick
length of cock-flesh throbbing deliciously between her passionately
nursing cheeks and tongue, the licking flames of sensual desire raging
more intensely with every passing moment within the burning core of her
drug-incited young loins. She felt them from the feverishly heated
outer lips of her blood-throbbing pussy to the intricate depths of her
wildly impassioned belly. The hungering fluid channel of her swallowing
vagina-throat pulsed with a desirous greed of its own, while her mind
could conceive only of the moment when his intensely hardened young
cock would suddenly ejaculate, squirting its thick, virilely youthful
cum into the mouth and throat, that
single thought driving her wild with sensual anticipation …!

Abruptly, a vague sense of reasoning flashed through her passion-dimmed
mind as she felt new and additional weight sagging the bed behind her,
and she tried to jerk her head upward to look back, but Olaf’s hands
entangled in her hair held her fast onto his hard ramming cock!

God! What … who … what was happening?

“Don’t get upset, Mrs. Keller!” a harsh, slurry voice came down to her,
its familiar ring not registering clearly at first. “Just go on sucking
cock and keep your lovely little ass raised high up in the air that
way! Daddy’s got a present for you back here …!”

“That’s it Pa! Go ahead, ram it to her!” Olaf exclaimed, elated and
still hardly believing his new-found camaraderie with the man he’d
grown up to hate. “She fucked and sucked that goddamned foreign kid
last night and I saw them!”

“So you decided to get a little of your own, eh boy?” Knute questioned,
putting two and two together.

“Well … why not, if she’s passing it out that cheap? Ain’t that
right, Pa?” Olaf quickly answered and asked at the same time. “Wouldn’t

“Ha! I’m here doing the same thing, ain’t 1, boy?” his father reminded
him with a chuckle.

“Yeah … yeah, you sure as hell are! Goddamn, Pa … you’re okay …
okay, and that’s no shit, honest!”

“You’re all right too, Olaf my boy … but
we’ll talk about that later, eh?” the naked gorilla-like man said.
“Right now, kid, let’s give this luscious little bitch a father-and-son
double-fuck that she won’t ever forget …!”

Dianne heard them laugh obscenely between them, even knew that she
should be feeling some of the horror of panic or revulsion, and at the
very least, shame … but none of these emotions remotely touched her!
Only the lustfully burning sensations which were insatiably firing her
naked desire mattered! God! They had to love her… to fuck her in
every obscene way imaginable … squirt their scalding, white sperm
into her passionately craving body! It was the only way … only way
…! She had to have their pleasure-bringing hard penises plunging into
her …!

Knute’s massive cock was already pulsating in its mounting, almost
hurting need and he stared lustfully at the warm, and voluptuous, white
young body bent lewdly before him. He slid his hands up the soft inner-
sides of her thighs to the sparse, golden-lined lips of her cunt and
stared lustfully at the thin pink separation, tracing its moistened
slit with a forefinger all the way up between the creamy moons of her
buttocks to the hairless, puckered hole of her tiny, slightly pulsating
anus. Her fleshy cunt-lips, the tiny puffy folds of flushed delight,
quivered excitedly to his touch, while the moons of her exotically
rounded ass trembled and began to rotate before him in tiny greedily
seeking little circles.

Christ! She really wanted it bad … This was going to be the hottest
fuck he’d ever had …

Chapter 10

Captain Mark Keller didn’t dare look over at the beaming Asian boy
beside him in their plane seat, afraid that he would start kissing him
all over again. And, he could be thankful, too, that Sergeant was below
in the hold. He grinned to himself, as pleased as was the shrewd,
appreciative boy beside him who had finally settled down enough to look
out the window at the peaceful country below them.

The handsome, young ex-Air Force officer was happy now that he had not
told his wife all of the truth when he’d called earlier in the day. The
facts were that he had been separated from the service that very
morning, and had then been informed that Major-General Whip was
arriving for an overnight stay at the base and that an emergency
hearing had been set up for Kye with the old General setting on the
panel. Mark’s commanding officer had arranged it all, emphasizing
General Whip’s influence with the Immigration people. If he took to the
boy, and Mark, there was no doubt that he could pull the right strings.
The surprise had come when the General dryly insisted that the hearing
be held immediately, that he had other things scheduled besides setting
on panels having to do with the future of dogs. So less than an hour
after Kye and Sergeant had stepped off the plane in Riverside, they had
been rushed into the hearing!

Damn, Mark could still hardly believe it! “After all, gentlemen, isn’t
finding some
measure of peace for these war-torn people … especially the young …
what we are all fighting for …?” General Whip had tossed amongst
them, and that was all that had been necessary. Five minutes later it
was over, and it had taken them exactly two hours to clear the base and
climb aboard this commercial plane which was flying them back south to
San Diego and La Berdina.

All in the same day, and what a surprise it was going to be for Dianne
when they walked in on her, waiting in the apartment and wondering.
Goddamn, she had a son, now! Son and dog … plus a rich husband …
who still didn’t know exactly how he was going to break that news to
her, or how she would take it. But he’d made up his mind to tell her
the whole bit, including the history behind “Mr. Ace”. It was the only
way if they were ever going to make it … a clean slate with nothing
weighing on his conscience. As for the sexual end of it …? He still
wondered how he was ever going to re-adapt himself in that category
after knowing the never ending delights of his eastern bunnies … but
he was damn sure going to try. His Dianne was more than worth the
effort. Yeah, and now that his family had suddenly grown, it was going
to need room … a little ranch, maybe, on the outskirts of someplace
… half-way up a mountain and with a swimming pool!

Of course, re-educating Kye, as well as Sergeant, away from their sex-
oriented patterns of existence wasn’t going to be an easy, overnight
job. Christ, they were steeped in it, both of them, and a certain Mr.
Ace could take a
good share of the responsibility for
that … which was another reason why he had to lay it all on the table
for Dianne. It was going to require every bit of patience and
understanding both of them together could find inside themselves to
Americanize these two street hellions, and probably then some, which
was why he’d suggested that Dianne play guardian to them for a few days
once he’d decided to try to help them.

Knowing Kye’s innocent use of street jargon, and spiced with four-
letter words, he’d had no doubt but what the boy would naturally resort
to it on an average of every other breath, and he’d reasoned that if
Dianne didn’t blow her fuse on that score the young tiger might have a
home. And evidently she hadn’t! He remembered her reply over the phone
when he’d asked her how they were all making it together. “We’re doing
fine … they just can’t send them back … can they …?”

As yet, Mark and Kye hadn’t found time to discuss the boy’s stay with
Dianne because of their crammed schedule, but the youth’s unsolicited,
glowing praise for his young wife was enough to convince the ex-officer
they’d managed to hit it off well. That it was all going to work out
for them, Mark felt certain. There was just the one problem … sex …
and in a few hours he was going to be better able to evaluate their
future in that department …

* * *

“Spread ‘em out for me, honey!” Knute Jensen lewdly commanded the
mindlessly keyed-up blonde wife kneeling nakedly between
the spread legs of his son. “Reach back with both little hands and pull
them pretty ass-cheeks apart for old daddy, eh?”

Dianne knew that she should be screaming in fear and debased shame, but
she felt none of these emotions, though she was nearly dwarfed between
these two massive brutes … father and son, both of whom were stripped
as obscenely naked as was she! Time after time the delicious young
spear of rigid hardness she was passionately sucking had nearly
strangled her as Olaf rammed it toward her throat with cruel, boyishly
excited thrusts, but the incessantly burning desire brought on by the
yum-yum powder was greater than any pain they could possibly bring her
and she answered with little uncontrollable groans around its long,
throbbing thickness.

Now, Knute Jensen’s lascivious demand only added new fuel to her
sensuously inflamed desire. When she’d first felt him taunting her
upraised pussy-lips from back behind her, she knew something wonderful
was going to happen to her, additional ripples of erotic anticipation
charging pleasurefully through her. And now, as he had ordered, she
reached back with both hands while she spread her thighs wider, then
lewdly pulled the soft, fleshy ovals of her buttocks apart, nakedly
exposing the entire panorama of her seething cuntal slit and anus to
the huge, bearded man.

Knute Jensen’s red-rimmed eyes were like glowing hot coals of lecherous
fire, his heavy length of long, thick cock already beginning to feel as
if it were weighted with lead at the sight of her perfectly rounded
young ass. She was undulating it seductively around while she did as he
had commanded and reached back to luridly
draw apart the full, smooth ovals. As she did so, he saw the warm
glistening droplets of seeping moisture in the sensitive flesh of her
pink, spread-open cuntal crevice! Christ, he couldn’t stand much of
this! The tip of his cock was beginning to burn like a lighted torch!
He inched forward on his knees between the long, tanned legs she had
invitingly opened wide for him, grasping hold of his long, heavy-veined
hardness as he moved, levelling and pressing its blood-filled tip just
inside the nibbling wet heat of her fleshy, hair-fringed cunt-lips. He
heard her groan around his son’s swollen cock at the electrified
contact of his fingertip, and he grabbed the sweeping arch of her
smoothly rounded hips brutally in his hands, driving its full, thick
length solidly up into the liquid sheath of her hotly throbbing vaginal

Dianne had excitedly felt the huge bulge of his fiery cock-tip slip
wetly between the lips of her hotly seething pussy … then, the
soaring charge as its long, thick rod of blood-stiffened flesh burst
into her from behind, plowing its way deep up into her helpless belly
with ferocious delight, crashing savagely against her cervix to
shockingly confuse her for a moment with its sharp pain-pleasure, and
she grunted helplessly around the pumping, hard cock in her mouth! It
seemed for that long moment of sensual torment that her mercilessly
invaded vagina was ablaze, impaled on a searing length of white-hot
metal, its blunted end smashing half way up to her breasts … and God,
yes, she wanted it to!

Oooohhhh! The absolutely obscene deliciousness of it! She couldn’t get
enough, even between the two of them salaciously fucking into both ends
of her defenselessly bent,
naked body! Blindly, she thrust her small hand down between her hotly
quivering thighs to find the pulsing nerve-center of her tiny clitoris
and flick her fingernail teasingly against it!

Oh Godddddd… Oooohhh…!

Knute Jensen quickly concluded he’d never had anything to equal the
likes of the curvaceous young bitch bent in slavish nakedness before
him! The goddamned sight alone of her voluptuous white body in its
obscene position, prostrate and helpless beneath his rod-hard length of
aching cock fucking furiously up into her, had immediately caused the
swirling pressure to begin building in his heavy cum-bloated balls.
Christ, they felt as if they weighed a ton! His time was coming damn
soon! He could feel the tightly locked cuntal ridges inside her still
giving way before his battering onslaught as he tried to tunnel deeper
up into her hot, tremulous belly.

He hunched in closer behind her nakedly quivering young body, gritting
his teeth in goatish lechery as he fucked into her from behind with
long, hard lunges. His heavy buttocks hollowed and rippled flabbily
with every brutal thrust, his massive, sperm-filled balls swinging down
hard to slap against the wet, simmering flesh of her wide-splayed cunt-
lips below. Sadistically, he held her upturned, hips in total
subjection to his mean, stone-hard cock skewering relentlessly up into
her, his own broad hips and pelvis flattening the smooth, white moons
of her resilient buttocks with loud, breast rippling smacks. He
squeezed her soft, satiny flesh in his cruel hands into thick ridges
… small, bloodless hillocks of her untanned hips and buttocks, until
when he released them the ridges settled back slowly,
leaving angry red marks fringed with white bloodlessness on her creamy,
unsunned skin. Each time he thrust, his fingers gripped harder, mauling
her sensitive, tender flesh from waist to thigh with sadistic delight,
wondering if the cock-happy bitch was completely immune to pain!

He stretched the quivering white ovals of her working ass wider with
harsh fingers, watching the sensuous pink folds of moistly glistening
cunt flesh clinging tightly around his mercilessly rampaging cock.
Then, he levered forward until his knees were partially in under her,
and with a loud grunt strained his aching, ever-expanding rod a half
inch deeper up into her. He felt the hot, fleshy resistance in the very
depths of her fervid little belly give before the blunt turgid head.
The added pressure up inside her raised a responsive guttural moan from
deep in her throat around his son’s husky young cock fucking into her

Dianne’s unseeing eyes opened and closed in a glaze of drug-infused
passion. There was … had been … pain from the huge, brutal penis
plunging up into her inflamed vaginal channel to the burning depths of
her hungrily craving belly from behind, but it had been incredible joy
since the beginning! Her brain swam ecstatically and her whole naked
body was alive with impassioned, lustful bliss. She lewdly ground her
receptive buttocks back hard onto the punishing length of solid thick
hardness fucking deeply into her and felt the tiny rivulets of her own
viscid vaginal moisture dribbling warmly down the soft flesh of her
inner thighs, while the growing bubble in her seething belly and loins
signaled of what was soon to come!

Wantonly, she tasted and sucked at Olaf’s
delicious young cock filling her avidly nursing mouth to her throat,
the maddening thought of it soon squirting out its hot, youthfully
fresh sperm driving her on in near-frantic anticipation. Oh God, how
she wanted that … spewing wildly into her mouth to dribble down her
swallowing throat into her desperately hungering belly … his
scalding, sweet young cum …!

There was nothing else in the universe except the two long, searing
cocks ravagingly flicking into her wanting mouth and greedily throbbing
pussy. The very lewdness of her helpless position between them and the
lustful mental vision of her naked young body being obscenely fucked at
both ends simultaneously flashed again through Dianne’s drug-incited
brain, causing the ever-increasing hunger in her insatiable belly to
maddeningly chum beyond all measure of control. She ground her offered,
naked ass back abandonly onto the massive, penile shaft pistoning up
into the liquid inferno of her grasping vaginal hole, squeezing and
releasing her cuntal muscles like a hot, velvet-lined fist around the
big sinewy cock while at the same time she mindlessly sucked with
impassioned joy at the near-bursting teenage hardness stuffing her
mouth to her throat. Her cheeks grotesquely hollowed and bloated
outward to the rhythm of her masochistic little moans around it. Her
eager tongue licked unceasingly over the blood-engorged head, lashing
its sensitive, tiny split at the tip with every opportunity. God, why
didn’t it squirt his hot cum into her mouth? She had to have it filling
her belly, just as the huge cock fucking into her from behind would
flood her feverishly milking pussy …!

Suddenly, Dianne felt the increased fury of the monstrous penile
thrusts fucking up into the
intricate depths of her fire-filled belly from behind, plus the naked
young hips crushing up tighter and tighter against her perspiration-
covered face. She could feel Olaf’s poling hardness begin to tense and
jerk in her ravenously sucking mouth, his hands winding cruelly in her
hair. His heaving teenage pelvis closed in on her as if he were trying
to shove his pulsating cock all the way down her throat and she tried
to accept it! The pubic hair of his youthful loins tickled her nose as
she cupped his bloated, cum-brimmed young balls hungrily in her warm
hands and began to gently pressure them!

“Oh … oh shit, pa … I’m going to cum!” Olaf gutturally choked. “C
Christ! Suck it hard, Mrs. Keller … I’m c-ccuuummmiiinnnggg…!”

Abruptly, it erupted like a wild, uncontrolled geyser and Dianne’s
eagerly slaving mouth was flooded with an unleashing of hot, thick
sperm which raged down her excitedly swallowing throat in a fury of
volcanic fire. She fought for breath as she gulped with lustful greed
at the white, viscous fluid wildly jetting from his pumping boy-cock,
all the way back to the depths of her desperately constricting throat
muscles. Passionately, the blonde, naked wife milked his young, pulsing
balls for every last drop of his sweet-tasting cum, while Knute
watched, the obscene sight almost, but not quite, triggering his own
raging buildup.

In her vanity mirror, he had watched it all, and now he saw his son’s
shriveling, kid-prick begin to slip wetly from her still desperately
sucking mouth. She took a deep breath, then swept her tiny pink tongue
over her jism-coated Ups, lasciviously capturing the last of the
remaining drops of his sticky boy-semen which
had trickled there from the corners of her mouth …!

Oh God … if only there were more, Dianne hungrily wished as Olaf
squirmed from beneath her, a never ending stream of the sweet,
delectable nectar spilling down her throat to drench the incredulous
lustful flames which were eating her alive! Again and again she lewdly
licked at her sperm-glistening lips, wishing it could go on forever.
She spread her hotly tingling thighs wider, working her knees further
apart, then thrusting her naked buttocks higher and back against the
hard plundering cock fucking with buttock flattening humps between
them. With each battering stroke, she felt with near-delirious rapture
his hugely swollen, cum-laden balls spanking with loud slaps the erect,
tire-filled bud of her tiny clitoris, while his thick mass of pubic
hair tantalizingly brushed against the sensitive inner-cheeks of her
ass. She dropped her perspiration-filmed torso until her swollen
breasts were squashed against the satiny bed-covering, the smooth
material sensuously taunting their little, hardened nipples. There, she
writhed and mewled in lust-blinding ecstasy on the hammering thick cock
burrowing its unbelievable full length up into the clutching wet heat
of her omniverous vaginal passage from behind.

Its smooth, rubbery head grazed the flat hardness of her sensitive
cervix, probing deeper and deeper where nothing or no one had ever
before reached! The slavish sensations masochistically filling her were
almost as pleasureful as the overwhelming feel of his raging, massive
cock brandingly debasing her! She was a lowly serf bent humbly before
him while he fucked brutally into her from behind,
working animalishly up to that ultimate moment when he would empty his
burning male lust into her naked, hungering cunt!

Lewd bliss surged through Dianne like myriad tongues of licking flame.
Oh God! She wanted to be taken this way again and again! Subjected to
every obscene demand he, or whoever, could think of to satisfy her
naked, desire-racked young body! It couldn’t end .. it just couldn’t

Jesus Christ, it was time … time! Knute mentally clocked. His
goddamned boiling load was right on the verge of blasting into her! The
bitch was going to cum, too! She’d suddenly raised her head and begun
to flail it wildly from side to side, her long blonde hair sweeping
crazily back and forth …!

“Oohhh … ooohhh … Goddd … I-I’m going to cummmmm!” she suddenly
bleated, her voice dying away in a choking whimper that never stopped!

“Shit, girl … the feeling’s mutual!” Knute blurted. “Fuck back hard,
baby… daddy’s cumming too! Fuck back harrdddd …!”

Every muscle in Dianne’s voluptuously squirming young body contracted
as she felt the erotic jolt of maddening, sensual rapture spasm through
her screaming, drug-keened loins and belly. She wailed and cried
beneath the huge battering cock, while the sphincter muscle of her tiny
asshole clenched and flexed rhythmically opened and closed like a
fish’s mouth! Her buttocks flexed to tense hardness while again she
gurgled a wailing moan when her convulsing body finally unleashed in
the earth-shattering moment she had been frantically striving toward!
There was no time, no space, no motion in all existence, only the
immeasurable bliss of
her insanely dynamic orgasm as she was struck again and again with the
spasmodic twitching of every straining muscle and cord in her
climaxing, young body. Then, Olaf’s father began spewing his reservoir
of seething, thick sperm far up into the hidden recesses of her
desperately trembling belly in pleasure-bringing spurts of scalding
joy, and again she climaxed, screaming and slamming her upthrusted,
naked buttocks frenziedly back onto the incessantly spewing length of
his thickly jerking cock …

Chapter 11

Dianne had heard their lewd chuckling between them as they left the
apartment. She still lay on the bed, obscenely sprawled in her wanton
nakedness, her lust-hungered belly a pool brimming with the liquid heat
of their thick, viscid sperm. She thought of crying and couldn’t.
Mark’s semblance fought to penetrate the barrier she’d mentally erected
against him, but it could not. She stretched out her long legs and lay
on her back, letting her small, slender hands wander down over the
curves of her naked, white body to the sensual, lusty cunt mouth
between her legs, feeling its still generating heat beneath the coating
of lewd wet sperm saturating it.

But worse, were the intensive shocks of erotic sensations her exploring
fingers sent racing through her yet inflamed young flesh!

Dear God! I’m still alive with the same sluttish want! Why? What’s
happened to me? Twice I cum, but… but it’s not enough! I’ve got to
cum again … and maybe again and again! I’ll go mad if I don’t … but
nothing seems enough! I must be sick! Letting those two animals use me
as they did without even a
struggle! But even then, they weren’t enough! God, I’ve got to cum
again! Either that, or kill myself…!

The latter thought, though only a figure of speech when she’d first
thought it, grew immediately, until it was all out of proportion in
Dianne’s torturously confused mind. She found herself thinking of ways
to commit the act, even mentally writing the note she would leave for
Mark. It actually helped, because it took her up from the bed and she
slipped into a wrapper, going to the kitchen where she made herself a
Cuba Libre, then slumped in her husband’s favorite chair to contemplate
in detail her macabre thoughts.

It was not a lightly passing obsession with the young, anguished wife.
God, how could she ever offer herself to her husband, let alone face
him, after the terrible things she had done in a matter of a few days?
She was sick! Mentally broken, and sexually destroyed! Even if she
could lie her way through it, the truth was that Mark could never look
to, or satisfy these obscene sensual needs which had incredulously
swept over her!

But she didn’t have the courage, or whatever demented emotion it took
to destroy oneself and the beautiful overwrought blonde girl knew it!
Instead, she sat in her husband’s chair sipping one yum-yum spiked Cuba
Libre after another in an effort to drown the unbelievable sensations
of continuously pyramiding desire ravenously licking and taunting her
nearly naked, curved body with lustful temptations beyond reason.

God, it was as if she had been sexually starved for eons, rather than
just having sucked and
fucked two huge, brutal cocks, the result of their merciless ravaging
still filling her craving, hot belly with the warm, liquid pool of
their lewd semen! And rather than utter debased shame at the obscene
thought of ignorant father and son savagely using her defenseless body
in which to vent their animal lust, she felt nothing but the greedy,
burning hunger in her unsated loins they had merely fed and left
tormentively smoldering there! Whether she was ill physically, or
mentally losing her wits, hardly mattered at that moment … only the
intensive, passionate sensations which had so quickly rekindled into a
glowing furnace of salacity in her hot, cum-filled belly and the
inflamed, throbbing core between her gently massaging thighs held any
meaning for her!

She had to do it … had to do something before she went stark raving
wild, the whimpering, drug-provoked Dianne blindly reasoned, almost
bolting to her bare feet and hurrying back toward the bedroom, her
drink still in her hand.

* * *

“Now, don’t say anything about me coming, Kye. You got it clear?” Mark
instructed his new young ward after putting the Asian boy and his
German shepherd in a taxi at the airport. “I’ll be right along behind
you, but I think a dozen red roses would be kind of nice to walk in
with, don’t you?”

“Sure, if you think so, Captain Mark!” Kye agreed with his usual
exuberance. “American women, they like red roses, eh?”

“They sure do, red flowers of all kinds, in fact, and you better
remember that if you plan to catch yourself an American girl,” Mark
advised, grinning.

“Sure, goddamn, you bet, Captain Mark! Kye’ll remember for sure!”

“Now there you go again, Kye, swearing already, after the talk we just
had,” Mark gently reprimanded, reminding himself again that the
transforming task wasn’t going to be an easy one.

“Oh shit, I forgot! I am sorry as hell!” Kye quickly apologized. “I
will try to be very careful from now on, Captain Mark …!”

The ex-officer shook his head and laughed before closing the taxi door
and instructing the driver where to take them. As they drove off, the
handsome, broad-shouldered husband sighed to himself. Christ, he hoped
he hadn’t bit off more than he could chew with those two hellions …

The bounds of the young Asian boy’s happiness knew no limitations as he
sat in the rear of the taxi hugging the massive neck of his faithful
Sergeant. At last, he had a real home and family, and above all he was
going to be an American! He would make Captain Mark and Mrs. Dianne
very, very proud of him … but he must remember not to swear or use
the four-letter words like fuck or cunt any more, as Captain Mark had
said. Though he could not understand why, being that they were words he
had learned from the American Joes. It did not make great sense to him
when his new guardian said that such words were not openly spoken in
American society. In Saigon the Joes seldom used any other words at
all! Oh well, he would not question it. Captain Mark knew best. But he
was happy that the Captain had not said anything about fucking, though
he would find someone else and he would not put his cock into Mrs.
Dianne any more. He felt certain that his new guardian would not
approve of that, in fact, would probably kill him if he knew that he
had already done just that as well as let her suck it.

Americans had some unusual ideas when they were in their own land, but
he very much liked them and vowed to get used to all of their ways.
Right now, he could think of little else but seeing Mrs. Dianne again
and telling her everything, and as he climbed from the taxi with
Sergeant close behind, he broke into a trot, racing toward their
apartment door …!

He didn’t bother to ring but flung open the barrier and charged inside,
rushing through the empty living room to glance into the kitchen, then
running toward her bedroom when he didn’t find her there. With Sergeant
inches behind him, Kye brought himself up short in her open doorway,
his young jaw falling loosely open while his dark eyes immediately
lighted with a familiar light.

Almighty goddamn! This was almost the way he had left her, beautifully
naked on the bed, except that she now had her hand down between her
long tanned legs which were spread wide apart so that he could see her
fingers working in the wet, pink crevice of her golden, curl-fleeced
cunt! Her full, rounded breasts were rippling white mounds of
marshmallowy flesh, quivering provocatively from her diligent fingering
of her sweet, glistening pussy! She had not yet seen him, but he
immediately noticed the glass filled with drink on the stand beside her
and remembered then, the yum-yum he had spilled into the bottles!

An empty gnawing suddenly gripped at his entrails. Mother fuck! Had she
been drinking the goddamned crazy-wild stuff very long? Captain Mark
was going to kill him for sure when he found out! Oh, good goddamn …!

Dianne saw him then, quickly sitting upright, her own glazed green eyes
passionately glowing at the sight of her young, handsome lover! “Oh
darlings, you’ve come back to me! Oh God, quick, come and kiss Dianne!
Hurry …!”

Kye did, rushing into her held open arms and she hugged him tightly
against the full, nipple-hardened mounds of her naked, white breasts,
kissing his youthful smiling face while little whimpers escaped her.

“Don’t say one word, darling!” she breathlessly gasped, beginning to
pun at his clothes. “Just get naked for Dianne quickly, darling! Oh, my
beautiful little lover, you … both of you have come just in time!
Hurry! Dianne wants to suck and love your delicious hard cock while
Sergeant fucks her from behind …!”

“Bu-But, Mrs. Dianne …!” Kye desperately tried as she practically
tore the clothing from
him and Sergeant whimpered with great head cocked, his ears erect and
twitching, the female heat of her sensual passion filling his keen,
animal nostrils.

“Oh darling, we’ll talk later! Not now!” Dianne gasped as she tugged
his jeans and shorts down at the same time to expose his already
hardening, familiar young cock which had brought her so much loving
pleasure. “Oh God! It’s so beautiful, little lover … so beautiful!
Quick get on the bed and spread your legs wide so Dianne can get
between them! I’m going to suck the cum right up out of those handsome
young balls for you …!”

It was this obscene statement and the lewd spectacle of his curvaceous,
naked wife lewdly crawling onto the bed between their new young ward’s
somewhat helplessly spread legs which greeted Mark Keller as he stood
in his bedroom doorway holding a bouquet of elegantly wrapped red roses
in his hand!

Total astonishing shock was hardly adequate to describe the sickening
sensations which made his legs suddenly feel like strands of wet
macaroni! The flowers, forgotten, dropped from his hand as he braced
himself by catching hold of the door casing. Christ, was he flipping
out or was it actually happening! He shook his head as if to clear it,
knowing that Kye couldn’t have been in the house over ten minutes …!

From his position, Mark could see little else but the obscenely bent-
over nakedness of Dianne’s curved beauty, the rounded, fleshy moons of
her untanned buttocks facing him and spread slightly apart, enough to
view the
enticing sight of her thin, pink cuntal crevice between her smooth,
full thighs. But taking one step to his left was enough to give him a
view of her already bloating and hollowing cheeks as she absorbed
nearly all of Kye’s sizeable, hardened young cock right down into her
throat, her hands slipping beneath him to cup his ass-cheeks and pull
his teenage loins up tighter to her face! Her eyes were closed, her
lushly hanging breasts swaying and jiggling in sensuous delight while
mewls of passion hummed from deep in her chest! Good Christ! She was
revealing in it like one of his own yum-yummed Saigon bunnies!

He couldn’t believe it … but there it was, right before him, his
little morals-minded house wren sucking the youthful, if seasoned, hard
cock of the boy he’d pledged to give a home to!

Fuck! The whole world was turning upside down, because even as he
watched the lewd, impossible scene, his own lusty length of prick-flesh
had begun to stretch and jerk! Just the mere sight of his ethical
Dianne sucking a young boy’s stiffened rod, and especially this case-
hardened, young veteran pimp whose very teenage sister had sucked Mark
off nightly with a skill western girls could only hope to ever attain,
was somehow setting him tight off! Tit for tat! And he couldn’t seem to
hate his obscenely slaving wife or the scrawny, ungrateful bastard
beneath whose straining cock she was furiously trying to draw the sperm
from! Christ, he had to be losing his mind, but truthfully, all he
could suddenly think of was that everything was going to be all right
for them!
Kye saw him then and began to blurt out frightened exclamations in his
native tongue, at the same time struggling to force Dianne’s hungrily
fastened lips and sucking mouth off the length of his hardened boy-

“A little late for that, isn’t it, buddy?” Mark spat at him, moving
close to the bed.

At the sound of his voice, Dianne’s feverishly working head jerked
upright to stare in growing, glazed surprise at the presence of the
husband whose existence she had temporarily forgotten.

“It is my fault, Captain Mark!” Kye cued, quickly scurrying from the
bed to stand nakedly before this man he loved, his young lengthy
hardness rapidly losing its rigidity. “You must not blame her! Go
ahead, kill me now, I am ready …!

“Shut up, you little cock-hound! I’ll take care of you in a minute!”
Mark ordered, unable to control his anger at catching them this way,
even though the obscene spectacle had quickly fired the sensual
passions of lust he had gluttonously been feeding daily for the past
year. Then, to his wife who had raised up and was sitting back on her
naked, curved haunches like some artistically sculpted work of white
marble, her lovely face slackened as it gaped upward at him, he hissed:
“I think you were putting it mildly, baby, when you said you were all
getting on well together! Just how long have you been in the whoring
profession, anyway …?”

“Oh Mark, darling … please? 1-1 can’t stand it! Fuck me, lover! Right
now! I’ll go crazy if you don’t! Beat me … anything … but please
fuck me!” she begged, reaching down with one
hand between her slightly spread, smooth thighs to sink an extended
finger into the wet, hair-lined crevice of her pinkly flushed cunt and
obscenely stroke the wetly glistening inner flesh around the tiny bud
of her excitedly erect clitoris.

The unexpected lewd act caused Mark’s hardening, thick cock to give a
wild lurch inside his shorts, while his brain reeled in a mixture of
mounting lust, self-blame, and a fierce urge to punish both of them!
Christ, he’d never even known this voluptuous bitch …!

“Please, Captain Mark, listen to Kye! It is all my fault! Do you not
see it in her face … her eyes? She is high … on yum-yum!”

The native term for Dhattura slammed into Mark’s brain with the force
of a clubbed blow! What only seconds before had been building anger and
a raging urge for revenge was as quickly wiped away by his immediate
frightened concern for his voluptuous naked wife’s uncontrollable
passion. The aphrodisiac was as old as time, and though non-addictive,
a sexual stimulant which swept away morals like a tidal wave as it
raged through the female organs! He’d seen his own girls fuck as many
as twenty men, one after the other while they slavishly sucked and
fingered themselves for additional orgasms in between, stopping only
when their young naked bodies were totally exhausted!

“Jesus Christ! How much has she had?” Mark snapped, grabbing the naked
boy harshly by the shoulders. “Answer me! How much …?”

“I-I do not know, Captain Mark! I-I put it in the bottle of whiskey …
but not very much,
just a sprinkle!” Kye exclaimed, his young voice cracking.

The urge to slap him hard across the face was almost uncontrollable for
Mark, but somehow he held himself back, and the reason was the panting
curvaceous girl on the bed … his beautiful naked wife who was still
fingering her impassioned young pussy and staring at both of them
through desire-hazed emerald green eyes. Goddamn, he’d take care of him
later, but right now they both … yes, even Sergeant, had a job to do!
It was the only way, even if they had to work in shifts! They had to
fuck that potent, mind-blinding drug out of her system if it took them
the rest of the day and night! Otherwise …?

Mark thought about that for a moment, remembering the fifteen year old
girl someone had given a heavy dose to right in his own brothel and
they’d found her trying to ram a whiskey bottle up inside her tight,
young vagina! Christ! He reached down and ran his hand through her
passion-filled, naked wife’s long blonde hair. He’d never realized how
much he loved her, he thought, as she whimpered to his touch, then
grabbed his hand and began kissing it. Wild charges of masculine lust
burned through him at the thoughts of the sensual hours before them.
Sonofabitch, he was as much, or more of a goatish bastard than the
young boy who had admittedly confessed to him!

“Please, Mark darling! Please? Don’t make me wait any longer …?” she
pleadingly begged, clutching at his hand. “Oh God, darling, I need you
so bad! But now … now …

“Almighty goddamn! You want to kill me, Captain Mark?” Kye half-

“Don’t talk like a stupid little ass!” Mark snapped, beginning to pull
at his clothing. “We’re going to give her the shock treatment … all
of us, and hope to Christ that wears her down a little bit!” he added,
unable to restrain the lust-filling excitement firing through him at
his intentions as he stripped himself naked, watching in uncontainable
excitement her slender white fingers working feverishly in the exposed
pink flesh of her shimmering wet pussy. He swallowed tightly and
ordered in the sadistic tone he knew he had to use: “Get up on your
knees, wife! You like your fucking bizarre, don’t you? Well, you’re
going to get it, and in a manner you’ll never forget! Because I’m going
to punish you for being a bad little girl while daddy was gone! You
understand that?”

Lost in the intense heat of her maddening desire, Dianne had no idea
what sort of chastisement was in store for her, but well knew as she
was aware of her own name that some was coming … and she wanted it!
Dear God, she deserved and wanted it so badly … whatever he chose to
do to her! Obediently, she dropped forward onto her hands and knees,
bending her head low to again raise the slavishly presented, spread
mounds of her quivering buttocks in masochistic, servile delight.

Dianne felt the weight on the bed behind her, and abruptly, the heat of
his strong, masculine body as he moved in between her spread legs from
behind! Oh God, he, too, was going to do something terribly beautiful
to her, she reasoned
in her befogged brain. Yes … yes … he was going to punish her! Then
… then she felt his big warm hands on her trembling, naked buttocks,
smoothing over them and up toward her waist and back down to her
thighs, moving in between them to tease the moist, erogenous lips of
her hotly inflamed pussy! He leaned over her back, his long, thick cock
heavy and poling between her sensitive, inner thighs, pressing against
the quivering, hair-fleeced mound of her inflamed, waiting cunt.

“I’m going to fuck you in the ass, Dianne!” he huskily whispered down
against her hollowing back. “I want you to know so that you can cringe
when I start to worm my cock up into your tight little asshole and
you’ll know what’s happening and why! You’ve been naughty! And I’m
going to punish you for it … not gently either! So prepare yourself,
wife, because if you make the slightest move to right me, I’ll whip
your ass until you can’t sit down for a week!”

“Oooooohhh … yesssss … yes, Mark darling… do it … do it! Split
me open back there! I want you to, lover!” Dianne mindlessly chanted.
“Oh God … please … yes! Punish me, baby! Fuck my ass! Hurry,
darling … hurry!”

A tremulous jolt of shameful excitement roared through Mark, kneeling
animalishly up behind her. Christ, already he was losing his sense of
mental balance to irresistible, mounting lust! A year of eastern
debauchery was showing its effects and he knew it with those
sadistically whetted sensations which were ripping through
him … but he could pacify himself in the knowing that it was the only
way he could help her … that it had to be done for her sake!

He gaped down at her curved, white nakedness spread lasciviously open
for him, the fleshy smooth ovals of her beautiful rounded buttocks
waggling in hungry invitation, the tight, little pink mouth of
hairless, puckered anal flesh defenselessly exposed before his already
throbbing cock. Damn! He couldn’t stop now if he wanted to …!

He slipped his middle finger up into the liquid heat between the furry,
desire-flushed lips of her pouting cunt, beyond its nibbling vaginal
mouth up into the sleek, throbbing tightness of her hotly clutching
channel. Her upturned, white hips and fleshy ass-cheeks jerked
spasmodically from the erotic intrusion, repeating the tremor when he
smeared the warm, viscid moisture over the dimpled little hold of her
offered ass. He did it several times before dipping the blood-engorged
head of his swollen cock between those wetly saturated pussy-lips,
finally nuzzling its rubbery tip snugly up against her tiny, excitedly
working anal lips.

It was a terrible thing he had done, Kye realized as he stood naked
beside the bed watching Captain Mark’s lewd preparation of Mrs.
Dianne’s tiny pink asshole between her upturned buttocks. At the same
time he petted Sergeant’s big, whimpering head, knowing his animal
friend was wondering when, and if, he were going to play a part. They
would both be lucky now if they were not sent back to Nam, he reasoned,
and it was true that they deserved
it. Nevertheless, his cock had grown crazy-hard once more with sensual
excitement at Captain Mark’s obscenely methodical preliminaries and the
sudden, bitter twist to his handsome face. Then, Mrs. Dianne’s small
hands were clenching into little fists, as if now she were becoming
afraid! But it was the only way, Kye knew, and she had to endure it no
matter how painful …!

And Captain Mark did not look as if he intended to show her any mercy!
Abruptly, with the help of his thumbs on either side of her tiny,
puckered rectal mouth stretching the babyish lips partially open, he
pressed his purple, bulbous cock-head forward against it, squirming his
strong, hairy pelvis in an effort to worm the spongy tip inside the
tightly clenched little hole …!

Mark thrust forward then, and through the haze of apprehensive
excitement passionately controlling her senses, Dianne felt and heard
the excruciating popping of her torturously stretched anus!

Her breath caught in her throat as an agonizing spasm of pain crashed
reality through to her brain and reflexively she twisted, squealing
back at him, while at the same time, straining and resisting her naked
buttocks to be free of the inhumanely tormentive cock worming up into
her expanded nether channel! God almighty! She could never take him
there! It was going to split her wide open, she realized in growing
horror, frantically thrashing her obscenely positioned buttocks in
helpless desperation!

Dianne heard his laugh then, an almost brutal
sound reminding her of Olaf’s father, and felt his strong fingers
gouging into the sensitive flesh of her sore thighs the bearded man had
bruised before him! He held her in a vise-like grip, her every tiny
move only helping to worm the long, thick rod of his burning hardness
deeper and deeper up into her defenselessly cringing rectal passage!

“Shove back, damn you!” Mark snarlingly ordered, slapping her sharply
across one lush, white buttock. “Come on do it! Shove your ass back
onto it, Dianne! I’m not going to stop, and the quicker we get into you
the better it’s going to feel! Now do it! Shove back!”

Dianne couldn’t restrain the tears of pain nor the guttural cries of
mind-shattering torment erupting from her throat. Ohhhhh Goddd! She
knew he had torn her back there! His raging cock was ripping her rectum
apart! But … but … ohhhhhhh … s-she had to endure it …! He was
punishing her … and … and she deserved it …!

“Y-Yesss, darling …!” she pitifully moaned. “Y-You’re killing me …
but I deserve it … want it! D-Don’t stop! Fuck it, darling! Oooooh
yesss … punish me … fuck my ass, Mark lover…!”

She hunched back then with a determined suddenness as he pressed
forward, feeling the impaling agony of his long, throbbing hardness
worming relentlessly up into her, the bloated, mushroomed head of his
thick cock plowing the resistant, virginal flesh of her rectal passage
before it until finally, with one last buttock-flattening lunge, he
ground it all the
way up inside the warm, rubbery depths of her obscenely stretched ass

Dear God almighty! Her brain screamed in her sodomized torment! Then,
she felt his hairy pelvis smack solidly into the smooth vale between
her lewdly upraised and widely spread buttocks, while his heavy, sperm-
bloated balls swung hard down against the splayed, feverish lips of her
wet, seething pussy below. She was stuffed to the hilt with his angry,
chastising cock, unable to move and afraid to breathe with the
unbelievably tormentive pressure which felt as if her thighs were about
to split apart!

His body stilled momentarily, as if he might have found a tiny fleck of
mercy for her, and while the walls of her forever stretched rectum
slowly attempted to adjust, the burning pain began to subside. She
still felt torn and obscenely expanded out of all proportions there
from his sodomizing invasion, while at the same time she weirdly began
to fall back under the sensual captivation of whatever it was
possessing her, enjoying a growing sensation of passive atonement.

Mark grunted aloud as his obscenely positioned young wife twisted her
head around so that he could see the revived passion on her beautiful
face; then she tightened her clutching anal muscles around his
throbbing, thick cock buried to its lengthy depths beyond her widely
ovalled asshole, making it wildly pound. He made another guttural sound
when the luscious mounds of her white buttocks began to chum back
against him in a slow, grinding undulation. He felt her hotly clutching
rectal flesh constrict
warmly and tighten around his hard, pulsing cock as he began to fuck it
in and out of her, watching with lustful fascination the pinkish ridges
of raw anal-flesh clinging to it each time he drew out, then disappear
back inside with his smacking, inward thrusts.

She was ready now for phase two … and it was going to be a long siege
at best, Mark wildly reasoned.

“Oh! Ohhhhh, darling … what’re you trying to do …?” Dianne choked
out, as suddenly his strong hands caught at her hips and rolled to one
side, pulling her bodily back on top of him to raise gasping moans of
unexpected pain from her as throughout the acrobatic feat his imbedded
length of impaling hard cock tunneled deeper up into her almost
acclimated back-channel! Then, he lay sprawled beneath her, her
smoothly hollowed back tight against his hard stomach and chest, her
long shapely legs obscenely scissored on the outsides of his, while his
rigid length of stiffened cock-flesh was interred in its entirety to
the very depths of her colon. “Oh … oh God!” she groaned again, but
not without a strong trace of erotic entrancement in her tone.

“Now, pull your legs way up and back, baby!” Mark ordered. “Higher!” he
demanded, reaching up with his hands behind her knees to lever them
back tight until they were flattening the white mounds of her full,
nipple-hardened breasts into her chest, the strain causing her to
whimper and gasp. “Okay, Sergeant! Up here! Your work’s cut out for
you! Come on, boy!”

“Ooooohhh …” Dianne moaned in
uncontrollable passion, raising her head to look down between her
lewdly yawning legs at the beautiful massive animal moving up over her
as Mark spread his own legs wider for him! Then his animal head lowered
between her vulnerable open thighs, his hot breath taunting her
moistened pubic curls. His cool wet nose brushed against the soft,
tingling flesh of her inner thigh … and then the splayed, fleshy lips
of her inflamed pussy crevice! “Oooohhh … do it, darling! Lick my
cunt you precious brute! Lick it for me …!”

Kye watched with wild excitement, bending close to see Sergeant’s long,
thick tongue lick up through the glistening, pink flesh of Mrs.
Dianne’s beautiful, golden-haired cunt, spreading its puffy lips, which
Captain Mark’s huge cock rammed up her ass was already stretching open,
even wider! She began to tremble and groan crazy-like, while again and
again he did it, until suddenly he was mounting her and wrapping his
front paws right around her drawn back thighs, and Kye had to grasp
hold of his own throbbing hardness to gently stroke some of the ache
out of it!

He watched Sergeant’s wet, scarlet cock slip forward and down hugely
from its long, protective sheath, the tapered end waving like a
dripping flag-staff as it dangled forward to probe the moistly readied
crevice of her open, pink cunt!

Mumbling unintelligible sounds, Dianne reached down, grasping the
slippery animal organ to guide its hotly pulsating tip to the nibbling,
wet mouth of her sizzlingly waiting
vaginal hole!

A grunt of sheet delight burst from her as it slithered up her hungrily
squirming channel, spreading it wider and wider to the hot depths of
her quivering, fire-filled belly, until finally, she heard and felt his
heavy, animal balls smack wincingly into the spread-cheeked flatness of
her deeply impaled ass and join the other beautiful, hard cock fucking
up deep into her equally stretched rectum. Insane sensations of
maddening lust raised continuous moans and whimpers to gurgle in her
throat, the twinges of pain their hardened cocks thrust to the hilt up
inside the dual passages between her legs, adding overwhelming,
masochistic bliss to it all.

“Christ!” Dianne heard Mark swear, his long, thick spear of hardness
beginning to plunge furiously up into her rectal canal, while
Sergeant’s huge, skewering cock raced up into her seething vagina with
merciless, humping animal-strokes! Oh … oh … oh … oh! She’d never
imagined such lust fulfilling ecstasy in her life, and she clung to the
neck of the German shephard brute on top of her nakedly offered body,
while her husband erotically stroked the undersides of her drawn back
thighs, following them smoothly down to the tautened cheeks of her
rounded, upturned ass.

“Yes … my sweet darlings … Dianne’s your slave!” she passively
gasped. “Love me like this forever … sandwiched between you …
fucking my ass and my hot pussy …! Ooooohhh … where is Kye, my
little lover! Come up here beside me, baby, so that I can suck your
sweet young cock! Hurry, little
lover …!”

Mark could see damn little lying beneath the voluptuous naked body of
his drug-incited wife, but he’d heard her and felt Kye scrambling onto
the bed, then, he saw Dianne’s head twist, her face turning to the side
as the young hellion’s lengthy, teenage cock burst into view right
above him. One of her small hands reached out to curl around it,
immediately beginning to work its foreskin back from the swollen fiery-
tipped head. Kye kneeled in closer and Mark saw Dianne’s lushly ovalled
Ups open wide to slip wetly over the blood-engorged knob, her soft hand
dropping down between his legs to cup his sperm-filling, young balls
and draw him in tighter to her. She began to move her twisted head and
bloated cheeked face back and forth, her tensiled lips locked snugly
around the hardened sinewy length, until Kye excitedly picked up the
rhythm and began to grinningly fuck deeper and deeper into her greedily
sucking mouth and back toward her receptive throat!

Christ, there was no doubt in Mark’s lust-filled mind that it was going
to work out for them! Not even the east with all of its sensually
skilled bunnies could match this one beautiful girl who was
passionately fucking them together, and he’d wager his hundred-grand
that they’d never need yum-yum again either! Shit, she was something
else! He’d just never known her was all …!

Goddamn …! He could feel Sergeant’s huge, animal-cock through the
thin membrane dividing her vagina and rectum, racing frenziedly in and
out of her steaming, wet pussy as he increased
his own upthrusting strokes into her gorgeously stretched and clutching
asshole … at last finding a tempo to which she excitedly responded.
He visualized the frayed, pink ridges of cuntal and rectal flesh
clinging to their cocks like tiny pink tongues wrapped lewdly around
them when they pulled out of her, vanishing again when they pistoned
back into her, the mere thought goading the building pressure in his
belly and aching balls like a needle about to prick a balloon …!

Oh God, what heavenly punishment they were delivering into her
lustfully craving body, Dianne mindlessly reveled as she sucked
feverishly at the delicious young rod of familiar hardness with cheeks,
tongue, and swallowing throat muscles. It would cum soon, she reasoned
from its throbbing swollenness and the way her young darling was
frantically working his pelvis up tighter to her face, its bulbous
young head going right down into her throat with his every eagerly
grinning thrust! Oooooohhhh! How wonderful it was, and would be for the
four of them from now on! Never had she been so happy as she was at
that moment, undulating her naked, pleasure-filled buttocks and
squeezing with her avidly working cuntal muscles at the long, thick
rods of human-animal cock fucking beautifully up into her, knowing she
was giving all of these whom she loved so passionately as much joy as
they were bringing her!

She writhed and squirmed her deliciously sodomized ass downward to give
Mark full access to her sensuously tingling anal passage,
and then upward to receive the length of Sergeant’s throbbing lance of
searing animal-cock racing smoothly up into her tightly grasping cunt.
All the while, lust-blinding sensations of love and passive joy
intoxicated her young, nakedly offered body. Omniverously, she sucked
at the handsome boy’s cock stuffing her nursing mouth and throat,
anticipating the sweet, youthfully fresh taste of his hot, young jism
flooding down into her intensively craving belly. Nothing registered
but the three pleasure-bringing cocks of her own loved ones fucking
lustfully into her at every bodily entrance, and she rocked with erotic
bliss to their loving, rhythmic barrage.

Oh! Almighty goddamn! Kye inwardly gasped, his boyish grin of happiness
changing to one of almost simpering childishness. Shit! He was about to
go all crazy-wild inside with that ass-tearing, unraveled feeling! Yes,
yes! He sure as shit was! The way Mrs. Dianne was sucking him, his
balls, he thought, might turn inside out! Sweet mother fuck! They were
all humping into her as if they were raping, goddamned commies, but she
did not mind, he could see from the way she was giving them back every
powerful cock-stroke they were ramming into her … until everyone,
including himself, was groaning like mad and Sergeant’s whimpers
sounded as if he were going to have pups!

“Oooohhhh! Sonofabitch, Mrs. Dianne … It is going to shoot now! Now,
Mrs. Ma’mmmmm … nooowwww …!”

At his cry, Dianne strained her face closer to him, reaching behind his
slender, young body
and clutching at his naked buttocks to pull his jerking, teenage cock
all the way down into her throat, holding her breath, her nose-tip
brushing his sparse, pubic hair as the virile pumping rod began to
squirt its hot, ambrosiac cum in thin, thrilling spurts into her
greedily swallowing throat!

Mark watched it all not inches away … gaping in lustful disbelief at
the exotic way she absorbed his lengthy young cock down into her
beautiful gullet! He saw her cheeks hollowing and bloating, her slender
throat constricting as she voraciously struggled to swallow it all. He
could see too, Kye’s rhythmically pulsing balls and groin as he pumped
his boy-sperm hotly down into her belly! Shit! Nothing had ever jolted
him with a more goatish surge of lust, and he drove his full aching
length of lustfully expanding cock fiercely up her ass, rifting them
all inches off the bed! She whimpered loudly around Kye’s now quickly
deflating young penis in her still working mouth, while Mark delighted
in the hot scoring feel of his bloated cock-head reaching the underside
of some new, untouched organ within the intricate heat of her soft
belly, its brushing tantalization erotically caressing the now hair-
sensitive tip of his hurtfully aching cock!

He swore out in his inflamed lust, even drowning Sergeant’s animalistic
whimpers, as he watched Dianne’s tiny pink tongue lick hungrily at her
sperm-coated lips, then gasp: “Aaaaah … yesssss … fuck me, my
darlings! Oh God, yes! I can feel you both so beautifully! Your
wonderful hard cocks are buried deliciously inside me, Mark darling! I-
I love you … will always love you! But … but … fuck me faster,
lovers! Harder and faster … please?”

It was immeasurable! Dianne groaned, tears of sensual joy streaming
down her smooth cheeks to the rhythm of the two loving lengths of rigid
cock-flesh slamming into her in unison. She wished that it would last
forever, yet knew that it wouldn’t. But there would be other … many
other times! … And now, the room was beginning to vaguely rotate
around her like an enchanting carousel! T-The ever-mounting ecstasy of
it … their hands and beautiful furry paws gripping and clutching at
the soft, resilient curves of her perspiring, naked flesh, while she
lay in helpless delight, impaled from above and below …! It was too
much for her to endure any longer without something cataclysmic
happening! She was going to cum! Her brain swam! The universe stopped!
Tremendous sensations of impassioned rapture were about to burst inside

“Now! Now! Now!” she suddenly wailed. “Oh God, please? Together, Mark!
Cum in me together! Pleasssseee? Fill me … huurrryyy! I’m
cuuuummmiiinnnggg …!”

At that precise moment, her young handsome husband clutched tightly at
the smooth, upturned ovals of her tautly quivering ass and thrust his
expanded, hardened cock mercilessly up into her convulsing rectum,
whispering his love for her at the same time into her ear!

Dianne felt his hot, scalding cum squirt deep
up into the forever-stretched confines of her back passage, bringing
her own hesitating orgasm on in a wild crescendo to send shuddering
spasms of ecstatic sensation rocketing through her in muscle-twitching
spasms of crying happiness. She could feel every contraction of his
thickly pumping cock as it jerked out its load of boiling, thick sperm
deep … deeep up into her eagerly absorbing belly … even up to her
painfully throbbing breasts, it wildly seemed! Then, Sergeant whimpered
and growled in the depths of his massive throat, almost a warning, she
thought, as she drew her thighs back as far as she could, her breath
heaving from her lungs when his exploding animal-cock also began
spewing out its thin, powerful jets of hot, devoted jism far up into
the recesses of her already sperm-flooded belly, her own gushing
secretions blending and puddling hotly with his, an almost insane
paroxysm of lust-filled joy momentarily overwhelming the lot of them

* * *

“You better sleep,” Mark said to Kye. “She’ll wake up in a few minutes
as hot as a blistering furnace … thanks to you!” he added, measuring
his beautiful, young naked wife’s condition by the girls he’d so
memorably fed yum-yum to. “Tomorrow sometime, it’ll be fairly well worn
off. Right now, we’ve still got a man-sized job to do … so talk to
that dog of yours, you hear?”

“Y-You bet, Captain Mark! We will do our part, honest to hell we will!”
Kye exuberantly promised.

“You bet your lusty young hide you will,” Mark said with a chuckle,
lying back and lighting a rare cigarette. In all truth, he’d never felt
better in his life! Christ, Nam was never like this, and he’d had it
right in his hands all along! What fantastic times they were going to
have together! He could still hardly believe it … but he wouldn’t
know for sure until the yum-yum wore off … though he’d bet his one
hundred G’s he was right …!

“You want to play chess while we wait for Mrs. Dianne to wake up,
Captain Mark?” Kye interrupted his thoughts.

“I told you to go to sleep!” Mark laughingly snapped. “And you better
start minding me, boy … son … or I might just get all up-tight with
you and have a whip at your backside, you understand that?”

“Yes sir! I sure do!” Kye said, dropping back onto the pillow next to
the curvaceous naked Mrs. Dianne. But how were you supposed to sleep
next to a beautiful girl tike her without slipping your almighty
goddamned cock up into her warm pussy, and his was getting as hard as a
shell casing … Damn, sometimes he was not so sure that he would make
a good American after all. They had such unusual customs …

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