November 29, 2006

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Vicky Norwood had been hiking for hours, and her body was beginning to feel the effects of the workout. She wasn’t exactly in bad shape, but she wasn’t in very good shape either, as she’d been neglecting her exercise routine since she and her boyfriend had broken up several months before. Her body had begun to collect its fair share of meat, and she had never been quite the looker. She stood about five feet tall, give or take an inch or two, and her breasts were nothing to gawk at. In fact they seemed to always be right in between perky and large, and it drove her absolutely up the wall. In spite of all her flaws, she had quite a cute face, and short strawberry blonde hair down to her shoulders.

All in all, she figured it could be worse, and flung her pack off her shoulder onto a nearby log and sat beside it. Her thoughts raced at a mile a minute as she dug through her pack in search of a water-bottle, now annoyed that she hadn’t organized her pack ahead of time. She so loved being out in the woods, even though at the moment she was close to a small, quaint little town, she still felt perfectly alone and secluded, and was definitely looking forward to the weekend alone, apart from everything but the cool, refreshing breeze.

The sun was just now beginning its descent towards the horizon, and she figured that this was as good a site as any to pitch camp, and she quickly busied herself with her small, one person tent. After struggling with the tent for a while, she went in search of firewood, leaving most of her gear back at her tent. She’d managed to collect a number of large enough logs and a handfull of kindling before sitting back down, needing a break, and cursing herself for leaving her waterbottle back at camp. As she sat, admiring the view of the lush, fertile woods around her, she began to get chills up her spine. It had been a place just like this where she’d first given herself to her boyfriend. It seemed as if it were years ago, but in reality it was only seven or eight months past. She let out a sigh as she began to reminisce about the good times they’d shared. They’d never been a very sexually adventorous couple, but they were definitely very active. As these thoughts passed through her mind she found herself unconciously brushing her hand over her groin, the chills returning, however, now for a different reason. ‘No… I can’t do it out here out in the open…,’ she thought. She quickly, however, began to rub herself harder, her body not paying the slightest heed to what mind was telling it. She bit her lip gently as her fingers clammored clumsily with the zipper to her khaki shorts. As soon as she’d managed to work it down, her fingers dove through, pushing her panties aside and rubbing furiously at her budding clitoris. Her teeth dug deeper into her lip and she lay back, hips arching into the air as her free hand worked to unbutton her shorts. She practically tore her shorts off, her boots the only things keeping them on her legs, and she quickly focused both of her hands on her flowering vagina. Her fingers worked over her swollen labia and clitoris, firmly pushing them against her furry blonde bush, and she began to slip a finger inside herself. She held her finger knuckle-deep in her cunny as she began to buck her hips back against her palm, her juices now flowing freely, and seeping from her cunny in a musky, sweaty mixture. Small squeals began to escape her throat as she bucked her crotch as hard as she could manage, an orgasm beginning to overtake her, her entire body trembling from head to toe as wave after wave of pleasure permeated her being.

She lay there in a heap for a few minutes, just breathing and trying to pin her racing thoughts down, and she slowly began to bring her hand to her mouth, suckling her juices off of it, not sure what else to do with them, not wanting to stain her clothes any more than they already were. Her crotch always had a very musky, heavy taste to it, and it was no different now, causing her nostrils to cringe, but her tastebuds seemed to like it well enough, and she quickly had licked and suckled her hand clean.

Later that evening she was finally able to relax for real (not that what she had been doing earlier wasn’t considered relaxing, it just wasn’t the same for her). She had all the firewood she’d need gathered, and had a roaring fire going and had eaten dinner some hours ago. The woods were dark now, and she had to admit, somewhat spooky so late at night. The wind seemed to howl through the trees, and every now and again she thought that she could hear a distinctively canine howl every now and then. Deciding that it wasn’t worth being spooked by a bunch of dumb woods, Vicky squelched the fire, realizing too late that the moon was completely covered and she could barely see. She ended up crawling to her tent on her hands and knees, having to feel around with her hands until she spilled in the entrance, tripping over the groundcloth beneath.

Happy that she’d finally managed to make it, she quickly switched into her jammies, having to practically peel her panties from her crotch, as the juices had long since solidified her crotch hair to the small white panties. After wrestling her way into her jammies she curled up atop her sleeping back, the hot summer night being too much for a sleeping back and pajamas.

She lay awake for near half an hour, sweat dripping down her body and soaking her jammies before she reached down with a huff and peeled them off completely ’stupid things!,’ she cursed, using them to towel off her sweltering cunny and slick, glistening tummy and breasts before throwing them annoyedly into a corner, and unzipping the flap to the tent on both sides so she could get a good cross breeze going. The soft breeze against her soft, ample body quickly lulled her off to sleep.


The sun had set and the small pack of stray dogs from the nearby town set off in search of food, knowing from experience that they would be much less likely to run into hikers from the town who would run them off or stone them if they went out late at night. The pack was four strong, and was lead by a large, and particularly mean looking rottweiler. The other three dogs were nowhere near as impressive, all three mangy mutts whom noone in the nearby town had wanted. The small pack had been working their way through the woods they knew now by heart. Every smell in the forest for miles around was known to them, as they’d been prowling these woods for going on two years now.

The dogs had been stalking through their woods for only a few minutes before they’d picked up a smell that all but the large rottweiler leader hadn’t smelled before. A bitch in heat. The smaller, younger dogs were nipping nervously at each other now as they picked up their pace, heading in the direction of the smell. The pungent smell of the bitch now filling their nostrils as the pack raced through the brush, every dog yelping excitedly. The large leader stopped suddenly and the three smaller dogs nearly plowed into his rear end, and they soon realized why he had stopped. Before them stood a human tent, and the bitch-scent wafting from the tent, suddenly didn’t smell as appealing as it had before.

The large rotty crept forward silently, continuously sniffing at the air, ears perked up trying to detect any sound coming from the tent. All he could hear, though was the slight up and down breathing of a single human inside the tent. Now more out of curiosity than sexual urge, her peered cautiously into the tent, and what he saw and smelt before him made his rosey-red, slick, and veiny cock nearly fall out of its sheath. Before him was the best smelling bitch he’d ever seen. And better yet, her legs were spread wide, just waiting for his tongue. Instinct drove him further into the tent and he began to descend on his target.


Vicky was having the most pleasant dream. She was back with her boyfriend and they were off in some long-forgotten hayloft or some other secluded meeting place. Her vagina was hotter and more on fire than it usually was, and her hips were reeling in excitement and stimulation and she reached down to softly caress her lover’s chest, but as she grabbed for it, all she was able to grapple was a handfull of hair.


The bitch tasted delicious, her fluids were nearly spilling from her cleft and the large dog savoured the taste of her. Her cunny hair was now matted down with her juices and his saliva, now dripping in a lewd mixture down the crack of her ass and onto her sleeping back below. Rudely, in his mind, interrupting his reverie, the unruly bitch let out a loud scream as she awoke, reaching down with her hands and batting wildly at his head. She had taken him completely surprised, and before he knew it, she had fled out the opposite side of the tent. Well, he wasn’t in shock for very long, and quickly went chasing after his prize, his pack following nearly in step behind him. It was just as well, he thought. He enjoyed chasing prey almost as much as mating with bitches, and this way, he was sure to have both.

Regretably, the chase ended far sooner than the big rottweiler would have hoped, as the bitch had tripped over a root and was now scrambling away from him on her hands and knees and a pathetic speed. She obviously didn’t realize how close he was, and he gave her tasty, hairy cunny a big lap before rearing up on her back, before she could even react. She continued her struggles beneath him, but his powerful forelegs latched possessively onto her thighs, her meaty hips ironically sealing her fate, as they were perfect for the large dog to grasp onto and hold her by. She was clawing at the ground trying to get away from him before he even began thrusting ‘Oh god, get off me! Please!’ She kept pleading with him, and he didn’t understand why. She was obviously in season, and he was a strong, well suited alpha of his own pack. She should be grateful to be his bitch. With that thought in mind he aggressively thrust forward, taking out his annoyance on the little, hairless bitch beneath him. He pounded his haunches mercilessly against her backside, gaining little purchase, but coming closer and closer to scoring a hit each time. She continued to struggle and plead, but he would have none of it, thrusting harder and more aggressively grappling her hips, jerking her back against him each time she let out one of those annoying little protests.


She couldn’t believe what was happening. This dog was trying to mate with her! And he was being so rough with her, that her only thought was to escape, these plans running a mile per minute through her mind, but in the end, the only one she could manage was to continue struggling as hard as she could, desperately trying to grab his lock on her wide haunches. ‘Oh no, please let me go!,’ she couldn’t understand how the dog could continue his sexual onslaught with her struggling like this, but her pleas fell on deaf ears (or at least deaf to her) and the massive beast continued to rut against her.

His large cock was continuously spearing against her bottom, leaving slick trails of pre-cum, and when it would pull back, it would messily squirt pre-cum all over her hairy cunny. She pulled one last time, and it was completely the wrong thing to do, as it rotated her hips just that much higher in the air, and the dog’s penis sunk into her soft, warm cunny, causing her to yelp with surprise.

He had her now, there was nothing she could do but bury her face in her arms and cry, and she did just that as the dog began to push his stout, red cock into her hairy cunt. Once it had sunk in to the knot he began to buck harder and faster once again, and she had to get back up onto her knees to keep her face from being plowed into the dirt. Her c-cup breasts jiggled lewdly along with her soft tummy beneath her body each time the massive dog rutted into her, his knot sinking in a tiny bit more each time he thrust. She began to let out small squeals of delight, her mind screaming at her to stop showing any sign that she liked it and just try and get away, but her body obviously was responding just as nature had intended.

Her pussy was being stretched almost painfully as the largest part of the knot slipped past and the massive tool bottomed out inside her now very loose vagina. She felt something hot and wet drip into hair and, looking back up over her shoulder, all she could see was copious amounts of saliva falling from the massive canine’s mouth as he began to cream inside her. She knew now that it was done, and there was no point in struggling. She was his, and unless she wanted to be hurt, she’d better do exactly what he wanted. She sobbed lightly as his drool drip-dripped down into her hair. The dog’s penis was exploding inside her, nearly directly into her womb. He was obviously determined to impregnate her with his litter, as he didn’t even turn. He was enjoying this too much and didn’t want to spoil it. He just held her there as he came deep inside her. He hadn’t had a bitch this good in a long time. Usually they just sat there, but this one was more fun. She struggled. He secretly hoped that it would take her a number of these copulations to be impregnated, eyes closed and penis happily lodged inside his inert, sobbing bitch.

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