December 18, 2006

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I was flicking my bean this morning, getting wet fingers fantasizing that I was little red riding hood getting caught and raped by a pack of wolves in the forest, (a favourite of mine. Yes, I can get quite nasty sometimes), and I wondered afterwards how difficult would it actually be to have sex with multiple dogs. If any one knows, perhaps you could let me know?

So anyway, I thought I’d stretch my fingers again for you all. The fantasy then:

It was a furnace hot day. I was making my way to Grandma’s house as her dealer was out of town. I was taking her some of my homegrown for her Arthritis. I’d heard there were wolves in the forest, but not this far out, not near the towns surrounding it. So I thought I’d take to the shade of the big trees and cut across the South West corner of the forest.

It happened as if by magic. There was no sound, no scattering animals, or bird’s alarm call. They weren’t there, and then they were! Three HUGE wolves. I tried to yell out, but fear had stolen my voice. Something hit me from behind and knocked me to the ground, winding me. I hadn’t seen that one, there were four, it stood back a little way, watching. I looked about to find an escape route, but I was surrounded. At an unseen signal, they took it in turns to come in and snap at me, not hurting, but herding me I guess. Each time, they took a piece of clothing away in their jaws, in under a minute they’d ripped and shredded my clothes. I was naked.

I started to edge towards a fallen tree, to hide under or behind it. They let me get up onto it, followed my every move with bright yellow eyes and flared nostrils. I slipped and landed on my back, spread eagle, with my legs hanging over the end. In a flash one of them was upon me. Jaws closed round my neck, but then stopped. I was being held completely immobile by my throat, but why? A second wolf padded up and tried to push itself between my legs. I brought my knees up to try and kick it off, but it was too heavy.

With my legs pushed back as they were, its furry sheath was rubbing against my bum hole. I could feel the hot, wet tip of its penis pushing against my rose bud. To my astonishment the pressure increased, it began to try and enter me anally! And with the aid of its natural lubricant, it was succeeding! I’d let a few of the village boys do me that way before now, so I knew how to relax and take it so it wouldn’t hurt. I thought that was the best thing to do, just take it and let them leave. It was big though, and made me wince as it forced itself right in. “Oh God, it’s tying with me!” I thought as I felt its knot swelling inside me. And it was. Growing up in a rural village a girl picks these things up. With a few grunts and shoves I guessed it had cum in me, as it was now fully tied with my very stretched ass. It got down off me and turned around. “All I have to do is lie still and wait,” I thought. “It’ll go down and come out. No one need ever know.”

A third wolf, the biggest, the pack leader I guessed, walked up and sniffed at my pussy. It began to lick me there. I tried to close my legs, but the wolf at my throat growled very quietly and closed its jaws just enough to let me feel how sharp its teeth really were. I opened my legs a little and let the lapping continue.

Despite the fear, the sensation of my ass being full of cock, and the licking which was now going inside me as well as over my clit, coupled with the feeling of being held down by those hot, threatening jaws on my neck and the cool woody air against my fully exposed body started to make me feel quite breathless and flushed. I could feel myself quickly relaxing down there and was ashamed to admit to myself that a lot of my wetness wasn’t from the wolf’s saliva. “Oh no, no, I can’t. I’m actually getting aroused by this!” I couldn’t understand it and was disgusted with my self, but I couldn’t help it.
I was dripping and the big male knew. He’d smelt it. Climbing over the first wolf, he pushed my legs up with his shoulders and mounted me, easily sliding his cock into my sodden pussy he started to hump me. I was shocked and very scared, but so thrilled to find I was getting really turned on as the huge animal shot hot pre-cum inside me while rubbing my inside spot with his growing knot. I opened my legs wide to see what would happen. I gasped and shuddered with arousal as at once he started to fuck me as hard as he could. I lay panting, embracing the feeling of being scared witless while having two big dogs fuck me.

The one holding my neck in its jaws let go and stood over my face, its own organ growing hard. It rubbed the tip of its hot hard-on across my face, spurting little jets of pre cum over me. I knew what it wanted and having felt how sharp it’s teeth were on my neck, was in no position to deny it, so I took it’s penis into my mouth and began to suck gently on it feeling it grow wider and hotter.

The one between my legs slowed down, then stopped humping and got off me. It turned round and stood next to the one in my ass. Both were still locked in me, still filling me with their cum. The last wolf came and stood over my body, straddling me, it began to rub it’s already swollen cock between my boobs, humping faster then as they got more spunky and slippery, firing steaks of pre cum up my neck and under my chin.

I knew the first two would pull out eventually, both having shot their doggie seed inside of me now, but the other two would keep trying until they’d shot their loads properly. I had no choice, if was to get free, I’d have to make them cum fullyas well.

I took their cocks, one each, in my hands and closed my fingers round them the best I could behind their knots. I pushed my boobs together with my elbows so the wolf straddling me would have something to fuck properly, and carefully took the other one deeper into my mouth. Letting him rub the underside of his cock on my tongue. I could feel his runny pre-cum filling my mouth and had to swallow or gag. I cringed inwardly and swallowed. It didn’t actually taste unpleasant, and I surprised myself again by being curious enough to want to taste more.

With a squelch, and a hot river of cum ran out of me, the one in my ass pulled out bringing tears to my eyes. I daren’t grit my teeth and couldn’t scream as I had another huge wolf’s penis spunking in my mouth. The first one, now free to move about, turned round and began to lick my clit. I couldn’t help but get more turned on it felt so good, so with the new licking and the knot pressing against my G-spot I started to cum myself.

The cock I was sucking was suddenly pushed right to the back of my throat almost down my neck, and again, and a third, forth and fifth time as this wolf tried to start fucking me in my mouth. I moved my mouth away and gripped it tighter in my hand before it choked me and started to give it head properly, willingly trying to deep throat it, but with me controlling the depth this time, to MAKE it ejaculate in my mouth.

It wasn’t long before a thick wad of hot dog semen was bulging my cheeks out, some was running from the corners of my mouth. I took a deep breath through my nose and swallowed hard just in time for it to happen again. Each time I swallowed the wolf pumped a fresh jet of it’s sperm into my mouth, hardly giving me time to swallow the previous load. It felt like I’d drunk a pint of the stuff before it’s hard-on started to go down. I gasped for air as it withdrew from my mouth. I put my head back and saw a ring of my lipstick around its fat penis, almost at the knot. I was amazed at how much of it I’d taken.

That left one more. I pushed my boobs together a little more, gripped its huge knot with both hands now, and let it have its way. I lifted my head and watched it’s shiny, red cock shooting backwards and forwards like a piston between my slippery, glistening breasts.
“I’ve just had two of those spunk up inside me, one’s still locked in my pussy, and I’ve made one cum in my own mouth!” I thought to myself. I was transfixed by the idea, I lay there, still tasting dog cum, feeling like the most disgusting, sick, vile, worthless whore that’d ever been. I held that feeling, concentrated on the wolf licking my clit, and felt another orgasm welling up again. I stared at the thing in my hands, with wide eyes and open mouth as the feeling grew and spread over me.

A mistake on my part, as more hot streaks of canine cum were suddenly launched into my mouth. I closed my eyes tightly, knowing I could only lie there passively while this huge dog fucked my breasts and came over me. With that thought my second cum slammed through my body. I convulsed, twitched and moaned. All the while loving the feeling of seemingly endless squirts of hot, thick, sticky dog sperm going in my mouth, hitting me in my face and hair, Running down my neck and shoulders. From between my boobs it ran down my sides and over my belly. Then the wolf pulled out of my pussy with a plop, the sensation almost too much, making me cum harder than I thought possible. Feeling it’s sperm running out of me down my legs, lying in what felt like a lake of the stuff I screwed my face up to scream as my orgasm peaked. No sound came out, more sperm went in, as the last wolf to finish using me shot his last three massive streams of dog spunk right to the back of my throat. I coughed, swallowed, and passed out.

When I came too, I was still naked and dripping with four loads of wolf spunk. The big animals were gone. I groaned weakly, wiped the cold sperm from my face, opened an eye, gasped with shock and quickly shut my eye again. Something landed across my left breast, then on my face. Standing over me masturbating, and now cumming over me, was a large man, the village woodcutter. “If you’re into that,” he said to me wiping his cock in my hair, ”Why don’t you get down off that log and onto your hands and knees, we’ll sort you out, won’t we boys?” With him were a couple of his Great Danes. I never did get to Grandma’s house that day.

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