March 18, 2007

dog with girl sex

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It happened early one morning. I woke up extremely horny.
As I lay there half awake and half asleep I reached down
and started stroking my pussy. I kicked the blankets off
so I could explore every inch of my naked body. Well, one
touch of my finger and my love juices started flowing. I
probed deep into my love hole and pulled my fingers out
to get a taste. That’s when TJ, my 3 « year old Rat
Terrier, licked my pussy!

He always sleeps with me and has never done anything like
that. The smell of my pussy juices must have gotten him
worked up. At first I let the waves of pleasure take me
as his tongue probed my pussy lips. Then I pushed him
away because it made me feel a bit uneasy. The feeling
his warm tongue gave me made my pussy ached for TJ to eat
me out good. He must have read my mind because he went
right back to lapping up my love juices. It felt so good
I spread my legs wide to let him get all he wanted.

Just as I was about to explode with an orgasm, I thought
to myself, ‘What are you doing! This is a dog!’ I quickly
pulled TJ’s head up. He was panting as hard as I was, but
I was still uneasy about letting him get me off.

I pulled him up between my legs and placed his front paws
on my tummy. TJ pushed forward to get the rest of his
body up on me, and I felt the warm, hard tip of his cock
rub my clit. The sensation sent a wave of orgasms running
through me. My pussy contracted wildly and I screamed
with pleasure. Once I caught my breath, I picked TJ up
and saw a thick, pink, 6″ cock throbbing between his legs
and squirting precum.

“Wow TJ! For a little dog, you sure carry a big package.”
I wondered what kind of orgasm I’d have if I let him fuck
me with it. My mind kept saying, ‘It’s a dog! Snap out of
it!’ My pussy, though, ached for more of what TJ had. I
gathered myself together, took a shower and headed for

I didn’t get much work done that day. I kept thinking
about TJ’s thick doggy dick all day. I was surprised how
easy his dick matched up to my pussy. I thought about how
easy it would be for me to lay on my bed, put him between
my legs and let him fuck my honey hole to his little
heart’s content. I was so horny that I reached between my
legs at my desk and rubbed my pussy.

By lunchtime my panties were so wet I had to take them
off and put them in my purse. I continued to play with
myself the rest of the day stopping just short of orgasm.
At the end of the day, I was so horny I could hardly wait
to get home. I walked into the house and dropped my
clothes at the door. TJ was just as happy to see me. As I
carried him to the bedroom, I could see the tip of his
pink dick sticking out of its sheath.

I lay down on my bed, and TJ wasted no time in picking up
where he left off that morning. He probed my wet pussy
with his tongue. I arched my back and let the waves of
pleasure take over my body. I let TJ lick my pussy until
it was close to exploding and then I pulled him up. My
hands were shaking with nervous anticipation as I reached
down and pulled the skin back behind the knot on his
dick. I lay back again and guided his thick prick into
the opening of my pussy.

As soon as TJ felt my wet pussy he lunged forward. His
thick cock slid into my well-lubricated love hole and
then nature took over. TJ started fucking me hard and
fast. I clenched the blankets on my bed; spread my legs
wide and moaned with ecstasy as he pounded my honey hole.


I began to feel the sensations of an orgasm building deep
inside my pussy as TJ fucked me wildly. Then my pussy
exploded with contraction after contraction of an intense
orgasm. My twat clenched down taking every inch of TJ’s
rod as he continued to pound me. As my orgasm subsided, I
heard TJ whimper and felt his cock begin to swell inside
me. He was going to cum! As he thrust forward one final
time I felt his dog knot slip inside me. TJ began to
shoot his load. His swollen cock pulsated fast and with
each pulsation I felt huge gobs of warm doggy cum
squirting in me.

The thickness and quick pulsating of his cock must have
hit my G-spot. Unlike the first orgasm, this one hit me
so fast and hard that my entire body quivered. And then,
something happened that had never happened to me before.
My pussy began to squirt my love juice with each
contraction of my orgasm. There was so much that it felt
like I was peeing. Huge globs of my pussy cum mixed with
dog cum was pouring out of me. My pussy was gushing.

With each gush, I screamed at the top of my lungs, “OH MY

When it was over, TJ slid his limp love pole out of me
and licked himself clean of our little cum bath. I lay in
bed exhausted and satisfied. Over the next few weeks, TJ
and I continued to get each other off.

I was disappointed when I had to go out of town to house
sit for my best friend. I couldn’t bring TJ along because
she had just moved into a new house in the country. I
didn’t know if she’d like a dog in the house. I was
pleasantly surprised when I walked in to see Julie
standing beside a large, tan bullmastiff. “Oh my gosh!
Where’d you get that horse,” I said.

“This is Goliath. I rescued him from the pound,” said
Julie, “He’s a big teddy bear.”

After Julie showed me around her new house, she took off
for her business trip. She’d be gone for three days. It
was just me and Goliath.

Later that afternoon, I was sun bathing in the backyard.
Since she lives in the country, I didn’t worry about
anyone seeing me, so I laid out nude. As I lay there with
my eyes closed, the warm sun caressing my body, I started
to think about TJ. Then I felt a shadow come over me. I
thought the sun had gone behind a cloud. I opened my eyes
and saw Goliath standing over me. His front paws were
positioned on either side of my shoulders. I looked back
between his legs and wondered. TJ was a little dog and
had about 6-inches. “What do you have hanging big fella?”

I was a little scared because Goliath didn’t know me, but
I slowly reached back and stroked his sheath and balls.
To my surprise, he stepped forward. I continued to stroke
him and was shocked when I pulled back his sheath and out
popped the most massive cock I’d ever seen. It started to
get longer, harder and thicker. It was all of 14″ if not
more. My pussy instantly got wet.

Goliath reacted by lowering his head and exploring my wet
honey hole with his tongue. By now his cock was rock hard
and hanging right in my face. I’d never sucked a dog dick
before, but Goliath’s tongue licking my pussy made me
lose all my inhibitions. I rammed as much of his cock as
I could into my mouth and started sucking. The whole time
I was excitedly thinking, ‘I am doing 69 with a dog!’ I
continued to please his rod as he lapped up my warm love
juices, but I wasn’t going to let him cum yet. I wanted
him to fuck me.

I’ve always liked fucking doggy style and Goliath was big
enough that he could mount me. I slid out from under him
and crawled on all fours around him. My pussy was totally
wet. I could tell by the way his thick prick was
throbbing that he wanted to get deep inside me too. I
positioned my ass in front of his face. Goliath took a
step forward and then I felt the weight of his chest land
on my back.

With me only weighing 115 lbs and Goliath weighing at
least 140, I didn’t know if I could support him. I
propped myself up on my elbows and forearms and looked
between my legs. I could feel him humping and trying to
find my sweet spot with his massive cock. I reached back
and guided his cock in front of my tight pussy. He thrust
his hips forward and sliced into me. The feeling of pain
and pleasure was more than I could stand. I thought I was
going to pass out. He didn’t go in all the way on the
first thrust, but it was all I thought I could handle.

I braced myself for the rest of him by clenching the wet
grass. With Goliath’s second thrust, he slid his entire
14″ love muscle deep inside my pussy. The sheer length
and thickness of his prick caused me to erupt with a
gushing orgasm.

IT! MY PUSSSSSYYY!” I was gushing huge loads of pussy
cum. The warmth and extra lubrication plus the
contraction of my pussy sent Goliath over the edge. He
began to fuck me fast, deep and hard.

I was breathless from the waves of pleasure running
through me. I looked between my legs and could see his
massive rod penetrating me with each thrust of his
powerful hind legs. My breasts were jiggling back and
forth with each of Goliath’s thrusts. I began to gyrate
my hips in rhythm with his fucking motion.

CUM AGAIN! YES!” I yelled.

Goliath pounded my pussy for what seemed like an
eternity. Then I felt his thick dick begin to get
thicker. “SHOOT THAT LOAD IN ME!” I screamed.

He thrust his hips hard twice to try and get his knot in
me, but I couldn’t take anymore. He gushed a wave of dog
cum. It squirted into me with such force that it broke
the tight grasp my pussy had on his cock and spewed out
of me. The violent throbbing of his dick cumming in me
drove me crazy. My body quivered like I was going into
convulsions and I began to gush again.


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