July 29, 2006

dog sucking

Tiffany was a bright young girl. She was a blonde whose breasts were almost as big as your head. She had just turned eighteen and had recently lost her virginity to her boyfriend from school. Ever since that night she would come home slightly more horny than she used to: one night especialy.

Tiffany has had her black lab, by the name of Buster, for about 3 years. She absolutly loved the dog. She usually got up extra early to walk him. Every day after school she would walk inside and the dog would be sitting in front of the door waiting for her.

One day after school, Tiffany went to her boy friend’s house to fuck for the second time. She arrived home smelling like sex. The moment she walked in Buster got a whiff of the sex smell and immediately went to the source. Tiffany would not have minded as much if she had been wearing pants and panties, but if she had been wearing them this story would probably never happened.

So Buster went up Tiffany’s skirt and got a couple licks at her cunt before she pushed him away. The feel of his tounge touch her cunt was surprising and arousing. She pushed him away and told him to never do that again.

The dog waved the command off and went for it again. Once again Tiffany was filled with pleasure and surprise. She pushed him away, but this time a little less forcefully.

Tiffany walked to her room with Buster trailing behind. She locked him out and sat on her bed trying to figure out what had just happened. She heard Buster scraping on the door whimpering.

She walked over to the door and unlocked it. She stopped the dog before he could go for her cunt and led him over to her bed. She decided she was going to let the dog lick the juices that were still inside her.

She put down a towel and removed her clothes. The dog ran toward her cunt and started to lick with his rough tounge. She was amazed at how good it felt and how fast she felt the orgasm coming. She moaned and told Buster to go harder. Buster understood and pressed in closer to the dripping cunt of his master.

Tiffany felt the orgasm all throughout her body. She shuddered and felt Buster licking up all the juices. She had never experienced an orgasm this extreme, not even from the vibrator she kept hidden under her bed.

She got up from the bed petting Buster in her most affectionate way. She noticed 3 inches of red cock emmiting from Buster’s sheeth. She had seen it before, but considering how horny she was she felt a sudden urge to fuck her dog.

She shook it off telling herself that it was too perverted, but the more she thought about it the more she wanted it. So she got down on her knees and started petting Buster. She went down his belly till she reeched the enlarging cock that had now reached 5 inches. She grabbed it and started beating off her dog. She noticed a large ball emerging from the sheeth. It was the size of a tennis ball.

She wanted Buster inside of her right then and there. She got on all fours and spread her legs. Buster mounted her and started to thrust his hips, each time missing her cunt. Tiffany reached back and guided Buster into her.

With one big thrust, Buster shoved 7 inches of cock into her cunt. She screamed with a mixture of pleasure and pain. His cock stretched her lips much farther than her boy friend had. Buster was humping his new bitch so fast that she felt another orgasm surge through her body.

Tiffany realized with horror and delight that Buster was going to put his large knot into her cunt. She started to feel bits of Buster’s precum as his knot banged against her cunt. Finally, with one hard and painful thrust, Buster’s entire cock, knot and all, entered her cunt.

Immediately Tiffany felt her orgasm at the same time as Buster started pumping load upon load of his cum into her cunt. She could feel her cunt full of both pussy juices and dog juices.

After what seemed like ages, Tiffany felt Buster’s knot shrink and, with a loud pop, exit her cunt followed by a flow of cum. Buster began to lick every last drop of it up. Tiffany turned around, hugged Buster, and thanked him for the wonderful fuck.

She got up and headed to the shower telling Buster that this would not be the last time.

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