May 9, 2007

Cindy having sex with horse

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Cindy had never done this on her own. She had enjoyed the pleasures of animal sex,
mostly with dogs, with her friends many times - but had never actually fucked a horse without
anyone else present. She sat on her bed, jeans around her knees (no panties), with one hand
feeling her left breast inside her blouse and the other working her clit. Two fingers slipped
up and down the lips of her pussy, pushing inside on each stroke. She imagined the horse,
Samson (a huge black stallion), pumping his giant cock deep into her pussy. Remembering how
good it felt, she found it hard to resist going down to the barn and getting it on with him. It
didn’t take long for her to make her mind up… She got off the bed, pulled up and fastened her
jeans and headed out for the barn. She bounded down the staircase (two or three at a time) and
stepped `out` into the yard - then headed over to the barn. Cindy slipped through the doors of
the barn and moved quietly inside, shutting the door behind her before walking nervously across
to the horse- pens. She unfastened the gate to Samson’s pen and stepped inside, calming him by
patting his huge, powerful shoulders. Cindy was already breathing heavy as she stroked down
Samson’s flanks and under his belly. He snorted, knowing where she was going, and shuffled
uncontrollably sideways towards her. She stepped back, always keeping her hands on Samson’s
shiny coat, feeling his muscular body, not wanting to break contact with this magnificent
animal. She nibbled on her bottom lip, a little worried about controlling the animal during
sex. She knew it would be dangerous, but this just turned her on even more. Reaching a hand
slowly downwards, under Samson’s belly, Cindy began to fondle the horse’s growing penis.
Within seconds she was able to wrap her fist around the first protruding five inches of
horse-cock. She began to jerk the horse off, slowly, carefull not to over-excite him. Cindy
could feel her fist being pushed open as the cock in her hand grew more erect, she edged her
head down and took a look - already ten inches she thought… She felt it was now a good
time… Dropping onto one knee, Cindy leant in and licked the end of Samson’s dick, again -
this time allowing her lips to rub over the tip of the dick - which was already wet and
dripping with pre-cum. As she took the end of Samson’s cock entirely into her mouth the horse
stumbled backwards a step, she followed with her upper-body - keeping the cock in her mouth
with suction. She could taste him. He tasted good. After a few minutes of sucking Samson’s cock
had expanded to a size that Cindy just about couldn’t take in her mouth anymore. She took it
out and coughed a little as she rubbed the oozing cock-head around her face, spreading his
pre-cum over her cheeks, forehead, eyelids and nose. Cindy waited there for a while, jerking
the horse now with two hands toward her open mouth, her tongue hanging out whilst pre-cum
dripped onto it. She swallowed down everything that dripped near her mouth. Once she could no
longer resist it, Cindy lead Samson out of his stall and over to the harness that her friends
had set up for the previous session. Samson was pretty frisky by now, skipping about, his hoofs
clicking on the concrete floor. Cindy positioned Samson under the harness and began to fasten
the heavy leather straps under his chest and front legs. She tried to remember all the straps
she had watched being fastened, making sure she got them in the right places… And wished that
she had payed more attension that time instead of masturbating. With Samson all fastened up,
Cindy worked the pulley mechanism that raised the front end of his huge body until it was
suspended six inches off the floor. Cindy pulled a couple of bails of straw and placed them
under the horses muscular torso. As she stepped back and removed her blouse (exposing her firm
breasts to the cool air), Cindy noticed that Samson’s cock was now fully erect - well over
eighteen inches long (something like two feet in fact!). She grinned to herself, fingering her
now soaking pussy, juices running down her thighs as she removed her jeans.
She eased under Samson and lay back on the bails of straw (these were stacked two bails high so
she was really squeezed between the straw and the horse). Reaching down around her thighs she
took hold on Samson’s huge meat and rubbed the tip over her dripping pussy, her lips soaked and
already hanging half open. With one thrust she had the horse three inches inside her, Samson
immediately started to pump with his hindquarters, the harness supporting his bodyweight and
stopping him from moving to far forward.
Cindy moaned as the horse’s cock pumped six, then eight inches inside her, filling her out and
stretching her pussy walls again. She raised her long legs and grasped them tight around
either side of the animal, her arms reaching up and gripping at Samson’s flanks. Pumping her
hips down toward the horse’s cock, she forced herself deeper onto it - ten inches, twelve…
God, it hurt so good!
As Samson pumped hard into her, Cindy felt ready a huge orgasm brewing, her pussy burning from
the stretching, she was ready to explode. She tightened her thighs on his sides, her heels
moving across his sides pushing against the buckles of the harness, working their way between
Samson and the harness (providing her with stirrups to support her legs). With her hands she
gripped tightly on the main buckle of the support strap. She pulled herself upwards, forcing
herself onto the horse’s cock.
Samson pumped uncontrollably, bucking forward hard, harder, desperate to get everything inside
his human lover. Then the harness came loose! Cindy gasped as Samson’s full weight came down
ontop of her chest. As he was released, Samson’s huge member rammed all the way into Cindy’s
pussy… She screamed from shock as twenty inches of horse-cock squashed up into her body.
Although she found it hard to breath, and the horse’s massive member was straining her
love-hole, Cindy felt her orgasm explode from her pussy and fill her whole body with heat.
Samson continued to pump his powerful hindquarters toward the supermodel, his cock sliding in
and out of her tight (to him) pussy. Cindy held on for her life, with every thrust the air was
smashed out of her body, she felt as if her ribs were about to collapse - but was overwhelmed
by the sexual energy of the occasion. She could feel Samson’s cock swelling inside her pussy,
growing suddenly, it hurt but she knew what was coming would be worth it…
Samson came like thunder! Hot cum exploded into her pussy, filling her up in one shot… She
could feel the hot liquid inside her. It was awesome! Samson continued pumping for a few
moments, more cum shooting into her - she could almost feel her belly swelling up (there was no
room for the cum to get out of her pussy past that huge cock that was filling her). Then the
horse staggered backwards, losing interest in the slut supermodel. As he backed way his cock
broke loose of Cindy’s cunt and a virtual waterfall of cum splashed from her body.
As the cum drained out of her pussy, Cindy hugged herself - her ribs ached. Her pussy throbbed.
She was in pain, but did not regret one second of her first ’solo’ horsefuck.

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