September 1, 2007

mature woman having sex with dog

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my name is jane im a 43 5foot 8in. female with red hair and 115 pounds. this is my true story so far. i have been married for 25 years to a man that never did anything for me. he didnt work after i came into some money. my son gave me a dog named spot when he want off to college i got him at 1 years old . my husband and sleeped in different rooms in my house that i got from my dead mom one night i was in bed with a glass of milk when spot jumped on the bed it went all down the front of my nightgown. i was pulling the gown over me head when spot started to lick me tits. i had trouble getting the gown over my head as he licked me and was laughing. when i got it off i grabed him by his head and asked him if he was having fun with me hejust kept licking ilooked down at my tits and my nipples were nice and hard itold spot its beed a long time since they have beed that hard boy did he work them over i have not felt that good in long time his tongue was soft but roughin a good way i sat there and was enjoying this vary much. the bed was wet from the milk so i stoped spot and cleaned up the mess. a few weeks later i was in bad thinking about what happenedmy husband was out playing card and would not be back till late so i called spot he came running in and jumped up on the bed this i had no milk. we played for a little bit spot is a dalmation so he likes to play i got up to take off my nightgown and put some honey on my tits then got back on the bed spot went after the honey and knew just what to do and i loved it. after 5min. or so i was going to put some more honey on me when spot hit the jar it went all over my stomachand down to my pussy. spot just kept licking like a champ soon he hit just the right button (more…)

August 31, 2007

wild wife sex with dog

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I met my wife, Allison while attending college at a large Southern University. I was a senior and 22; she was a sophomore and 19. She was then and still is, fifteen years later, one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen in real life or in the pages of any magazine. She is 5’2” and 102 lbs with long blond hair and a perfectly proportioned body. Her breasts are just the right size for her frame with large nipples that are very sensitive to the touch. Her ass is nothing short of amazing, firm and perfectly shaped with those dimples just above her cheeks. Her whole body is firm and lean; you can bounce a quarter off her stomach.

Allison has always been very open minded toward everything especially sex. We started having sex on our second date and by the next morning she was taking my 8” cock up her perfect ass. We had many great days and nights fucking in every possible way. Within three months of our meeting we had even gotten into three ways with her roommate. It turns out that Allison and her roommate had been lovers for three years and knew how to make each other cum.

At the time I lived in a rented house a few blocks from campus with my black Lab, Bo. The house had a nice size back yard with a large wooden privacy fence around it. Bo loved to play and run in the yard and spent much of his time outside even though he had free run of the house. Allison took advantage of the private back yard as well spending time nude sunbathing almost every nice day when she wasn’t in class. She and Bo were becoming great palls and she often walked Bo in the mornings after I left for class. (more…)

August 29, 2007

girlfriend first time dog sex

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I have always wondered what it would be like to see my girlfriend with a male dog. I have a St. Bernard that I have let mount me many times and had my ass filled with come many times. He is very large weighing in at 160 lbs and when he fucks, he never lets you have it your way. It’s his way only,,, hard, fast and very deep.
I came home from work one day and noticed I wasnt greeted by our dogs when I walked in the door. They was always at the door when I would come home from work. We also have a lab, and a akita mix. All males.
I walked towards to bedroom when I started hearing sounds coming from the sun room. As I turned towards the sun room, I was amazed to see my girlfriend laying on the couch with her legs spread wide with all three dogs taking turns licking her pussy. I was surprised that with them all being males, they were’nt fighting over the bitch to see who was the dominant one. They were just licking themselves and my girlfriend. No one noticed I had came in, so I decided to see how far she would go with them. I was watching them tearing that pussy up with their tongues when the lab noticed me and ran my way. My girl friend jumped up and acted like she was playing with them and asked me when I got home. I looked at her and told her I just walked in and walked to the fridge to get me something to drink and acted like I didnt see nothin because after seeing her with them, I had plans for later tonite for her. The evening went on with out nothin being said about it and I think she actually thought I didnt see anything. I sat next to her on the couch watching T.V. and started feeling her up. I had my hands in her underwear, rubbing her clit till she started moaning. I proceeded in putting 2 fingers in her pussy and noticed how wet she was. (more…)

August 27, 2007

dog sex fucking and sucking

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Every couple of months or so, two of my girlfriends and myself like to get together at my place with our dogs for a sort of free-for-all session. Some might call it an orgy or sex party, and I suppose it is, but the main idea is just to socialize in the nude and have some fun with our dogs. We’re not lesbians, but we’re not afraid of physical touching and intimacy either when it seems desirable and… just nice. Some readers may have seen my previous postings and so are somewhat familiar with Nan (that’s me) by now. But let me introduce the small cast of characters that attended our party two weeks ago Saturday.

I’ve mentioned my friend Jennie in a previous posting. She’s a pink, blond (sometimes) sexpot in her early twenties; I introduced her to dog sex over a year ago. She has a Boxer called Dodger and a German Shepherd she named Baxter (for mysterious Jenniesque reasons). She brought only Baxter to our party.

Lacey is a stunning black woman about 40, a more recent friend. I have never seen a woman with a more beautiful body (pronounced “booty,” she tells me). She and her big Rottweiler, Tag, have had a sexual relationship for several years. Both Lacey and Jen work in the same offices I do, which is where we met.

I’m Nan, as I said, and I’ve written often about my love life with dogs. (See my earlier accounts “Charlie” and “A Woman’s View” for more about my nefarious past.) I’m 32, brunette, nice face, good figure (Jen calls me “Ms. Bubblebutt”); current love of my life is my big golden retriever, Mike. (more…)

August 25, 2007

dog sex recipe

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I don’t know if this is the right place to post this but it’s really a story that happened to me. If this isn’t the right place please move it or tell me.
Anyway I was chatting in one of the animal sex chats with a male friend one time and he mentioned that my name, “Doggybred”, sounded like something to take out of the oven and eat with butter on it while it’s still warm, with some cool milk.
Well that conversation went on for a while and we finally came up with this kinda hot recipe for DoggyBred
One very fertile stud dog
One very horny girl
A very wet juicy pussy
at least 12 eggs ready for fertilization (This recipe cannot be doubled)

Take hot chicks clothes off so dog can see that girl is ready to make DoggyBred with. (more…)

August 24, 2007

girl having sex with her dog

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Sue woke up, gently opening her eyes. Was it real? Had it really happened? It didn’t take long for her to confirm that it had. She was naked lying on her neighbour’s bed with their big alsatian dog named Fierce sleeping next to her on his side. The radio was still playing silently in the background as it must’ve been all night. “Awesome, just awesome” was all she could think.

It all started a week ago. Sue lived in a New York appartment and her neighbours, a young couple and both good friends of her, had won a trip to the Bahamas. Before they’d even asked, Sue had already offered to care for their dog while they were away. Not that she had what had happened in mind, she just liked dogs. Also, she’d taken care of him before on occasion and that always went well.

Two days before her neighbours were supposed to return she was surfing the internet in their appartment after having taken Fierce for a walk. She had her own computer, but being a poor student with a low income she couldn’t afford to have high speed internet, so she used dial-up instead. Her neighbours had a much better internet connection however and Sue was sure they wouldn’t mind if she used their computer to surf. (more…)

August 22, 2007

my first bestiality experience

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I had just turned 20 and I was a junior in college. I am about 5′8″ long brown hair and with a pretty small frame. I had decided to move into a house on campus with my best friend Tracy. But with Tracy came her 4 year old black lab mix Tex.

I had always been more of a cat person but I always loved dogs so I didn’t mind him living with us. A couple weeks after I moved in Tracy and I went to a party a fraternity was having. I had 2 drinks and I started to feel a little tired, I could never hold my alcohol well so I called it a night and managed to stagger the 5 blocks back to the house. Once I got there I stumbled to my room and started to undress, I turned on the light ,I didn’t bother to close the bedroom door because no one was home. I removed my cami and started pulling down my mini skirt when I heard a faint wimper coming from the door.

I looked over and saw Tex eagerly liking his crotch. I simply thought he was just cleaning himself so I went on with pulling down my skirt. I fell but I caught my self on part of my bed and tried to pull down my panties when i felt a hard tongue pressing into my covered pussy.

being a little drunk I just laughed and nudged Tex away gently and pulled off my panties and started to stand up. but before I could do so I felt a strong force pushing me down on all fours, it was Tex. I tried to get up but he growled and bared his teeth. I was a little frightened now because Tex had never shown any aggressive behavior toward me before, but I figured i just might have scared him. I started to get up again then I felt a small but painful nip on my inner thigh. I got back down and tried not to move. (more…)

August 19, 2007

women sex with animals list

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Her dreams of the morning slipping away, she stretches her body out across the bed, lightly brushing Dave’s leg with her foot. She opens her eyes and again looks at the strange ceiling fan spinning above her. It’s been three days now and she still can’t get used to waking up so far from home. Still stretching, she gently kicks Dave’s leg in hopes of waking him. He moans a little, rolls over a bit and farts, still oblivious to the morning sun now peaking through the blinds. She quietly giggles at his flatulence and secretly sniffs the air.

Max, seeing she is awake, quietly comes to her, resting his head on the edge of the bed just in front of her face. His ears perky and an anxious smile in his eyes. His tail gently waging behind him. She smiles and slip out of bed, taking care not to disturb Joe anymore. She ventures to the kitchen and opens the door for Max. Seeing the bright morning sun shining in she steps out onto the back porch to have a morning smoke.

Having finished his morning business, Max sits himself in front of Kathy, whimpering slightly. “Good morning, Max” she says as she pats him on the head. “Thank you for last night. You were wonderful.” Max’s face breaks into a panting smile as he whimpers a little more. She pats him on the head as she shifts her legs to allow him to come closer. Not really paying attention to the fact that she has on a pair of Dave’s loose fitting boxers and one of his dress shirts…unbuttoned.

Max lightly smacks his lips and nudges at her leg with his muzzle. Kathy giggles at Max, “what do you think you doing? Didn’t you get enough last night?” Max replies with another moan and waging his whole body. “You silly puppy” she says grabbing his head between her legs and scratching behind his ears, “your daddy isn’t awake yet. Don’t you think we should wait for him?” (more…)

August 16, 2007

dog sex penetration

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We had been talking about my interest in Animal love for some time and finally I let My GF Dawn into my(what I though Bizzarre)Interest in seeing her Make love to a dog.We had been having troubles and I had been looking outside our relationship at another woman who I found attractive and wanted to put the proverbial boots too.I told Dawn that I wanted to make love to this woman but she was resistant thinking that If i had made love to her I would leave her and go off with this other girl(little did we know that soon we would be closer than ever)despite my insistence that that would never happen Dawn came up with a better Solution she confided that she was at least Interested in the idea pf making love to our dog Maxx and to please me she would start training him(with my help)to join us in our lovemaking.I was astounded,that she would go all the way with Maxx and bring into our lives such a taboo and yet exciting new thing into our sex-lives after 16 years of being together.All that day I thought about what Dawn had said and the Idea turned me on tremendously,I mean I swear My 9 and 3/4 Inch Cock was hard as a rock every time I thought of her sweat pink tightness speared by our dogs fully engorged dick.I almost blew my load right there I swear when I thought of her fully Knotted with Maxx with Milky thin dog cum pumping out around Maxxes cock while she gyrated her hips and stimulated her G-spot with his great big knot.Dawn absolutely freaks out when Im going down on her and I take three fingers and curl tham upwards and put pressure on her G-Spot,I mean sometimes she will cum so hard she will squirt out sweet pussy juice all over my face.Knowing how she cums so hard with the pressure of my fingers I was thrilled of the idea of her Lovely Flower filled to its fullest while Maxx came inside my sweat loves Pussy.Anyway that was the Fantasy at its highest,The reality of training Maxx was somewhat different.Turns out Dawn was having much the same thoughts as me but she wanted more information about the subject,Thank god for all my years of internet surfing on the subject I knew just what to do.In mere moments I took dawn to the ZOOSKOOL site and we began reading together all about making your pet your lover.I could tell as we read that Dawn was getting hotter and hotter as she was playfully kissing my neck and grabbing and my now stiff dick as we finished all 3 of the lessons we found last I could see the fires burning in my Dawns Brilliant Green eyes and that lusty glow that always meant”Im ready baby take me now”The thrill was indescribeable.As we shut down the PC for the night she looked at me smiled and said”I think youd better bring a towel to bed with us tonight”and cast a lusty look at me and maxx standing close to each other.I was blown away my most thrilling fetish was going to be reality finally! (more…)

August 14, 2007

canine love

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I am a 33 years old woman and this is my real story on how I knew the canine love. I live alone in a small apartment and sometimes I go to the nearby casino and play at the slot machines. While I was playing at the slot machines, several times, it happened to sit next to a very beautiful lady, who was playing in the adjacent slot machine. Occasionally we had some short discussions about different issues. So, I knew her name is Annie that she is 39, a vet doctor and after having lost her husband, several years ago, she lives alone. Last Friday evening we were playing again next to each other and having got a bit more familiar, she suddenly asked me what I think about men. I told her that my last relationship with a man was 1 year before and that since then I hadn’t had any relationship. “Poor girl” she said giggling “you must be very horny all this time and what do you do to satisfy your desires”, she asked. I laughed telling her that in my case one word gives the answer “masturbation”. When I asked her how is her sexual life since she became a widow ,she told me that its 5 years now she doesn’t care for men anymore and that she lives alone having for company only her two dogs. Then she asked me if I like dogs. I said innocently, that I like them very much and that I would like to have a dog but so far I couldn’t get one. She then drooped to my side and whispered in my ear “Nicky, you are so sweet and so innocent. I can find a dog for you, if you like, but first you must learn how to train him to please you. A male dog can satisfy your sexual desires much better than a man. I would like to introduce you to my dogs. So instead of loosing our money here we may better go to my place. We can have some drinks there watch some videos and stay together for the rest of the week-end . What do you say?” (more…)

August 11, 2007

man and mare sex

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It was early summer and my Dad asked me to walk the pasture along the creek and hoe the bull thistles that were invading the pasture. It was a job I hated but the pasture and creek were one of my favorite places to get away from family. I worked my way down one side of the pasture and when I finished, decided I would take a break and mosey on down the neighbors place, following the creek.

I crossed under the bridge where the road spanned the creek and on down to where his pasture opened up into a field. There was a high hill on one side and the trees along the creek on the other affording much privacy. Only in places could you see the road.

As I came up the bank into the pasture, a number of cattle were grazing there. But what astonished me was that the saddle mare was in full, wet heat and a 2 year old bull was trying to mount her. She stood with her tail arched to the side and he tried a number of times to accomplish the task. He simply couldn’t get his cock up that high. But watching him try gave me the boner of the week and it was aching in no time.

I slowly approached the pair. The mare nickered to me as I neared her head and stepped toward me. I petted her along the nose and neck, snorting softly into her nostrils. As I worked back along her side, I pinched her gently but firmly with my thumb and forefinger – ‘nipping’ her as a stallion would. As soon as I did, she swung her rump toward me, tail high, winking mightily and the juices streaming from her. I knew I had to have this beautiful lady. I walked a few feet toward the creek, stopping to talk and nicker at her. She came to me immediately. Slowly I walked to the path that led down to the creek. She stayed right with me. The little bull ambled back to the cows. (more…)

August 8, 2007

family pet sex

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I don’t know where to begin. I still don’t know if it really all happened. Although it did and will live in my memory forever. My name is Elizabeth; Liz to some Bethi to family and friends. I am a 36 year old white female. I am slightly overweight for my size. I am five foot eight inches tall and I weigh 160 lbs. It doesn’t look bad on me and most men and girlfriends have told me I look like a sex goddess. (Chuckle) This story started when I was thirty and weight 15 lbs less so I presume to some I looked sexier. I had a fairly normal life; nice suburban home, five bedrooms, den and recroom. We have a big yard where its traditional to barbecue on Sundays and invite friends and family over. I have to girls in their preteens who are normal everyday kids, going to private school. My husband George works for a large corporation and makes lots of money. I don’t have to work but I do to keep busy and useful. The other member of our family is a mutt. He is part collie and german shepherd and god knows what else. I am not an animal person so I hardly ever pay attention to him(at least not then). He was just a large dog we had to feed and take of. The usual ofcourse, feeding, bathing, brushing and walking him outside. My husband usually takes care of all that and the kids sometimes help. Charlie seemed to favor me of all the members of the family. Perhaps it was his effort to make me like him. (more…)

August 6, 2007

stories about gays having sex with animals

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My buddy Clint had this great log cabin where we had partied many times and entertained some rather sexy women in the process. We sat around and talked because it was one of those days that made you stay inside. It was cold and snowing and sitting with a buddy drinking some hard liquor telling dirty jokes and smoking cigars was far more fun the going out in the dead of winter. We remembered the night we swapped our dates and fucked them while in the same bed next to each other. I didn’t think it strange when he commented later that night that I have a nice big cock. The fact was that he did also but my interest that night centered around the slutty girls that we played with.

The more we talked the more we drank and soon got rather buzzed. After a while Clint put a porno video in and we sat and watched and kept drinking. There was little doubt by the bulges in our pants that both of us were turned on by what we say. Without a word Clint unzipped his pants and removed a long thick hard on and started to stroke it. He never looked over at me, he just watched the film and took long slow strokes on that great looking cock of his until I heard him say…. “are you going to join me?” (more…)

August 5, 2007

big dog cock sex

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Sharon, Carey and I were staggering back from the Zone when a huge dog scared us off the sidewalk. I thought he was going to eat me! (Hum…..that wouldn’t be so bad). He hit the chain and barked like we had just stolen his master’s furniture. Sharon and I wanted to get the hell out of there. But wait! Carey, the little do-gooder, thought the poor puppy was just suffering from a case of misunderstanding. She staggered around, trying to focus on this man-eating monster, just inches out of reach of his huge teeth. (and tongue I may add). We called to her, begged her, pleaded with her! But, her mind was made up. She would not leave until that woman-eater was her friend! Just to let you know, Carey is a basic person. Food, water, shelter, sex. That is all she thinks about. In her bleary state, she figured that all this poor puppy was missing, was sex. Who would have known!!!!!! She seems to reach the conclusion that she wants!
Carey had worn the shortest skirt possible to the Zone! To top it off, she had put on her favorite thong. It is just short of dental floss! It served here well tonight.
She cooed, and clucked at the mad dog. He would have nothing of it! So, she resorted to her first talent. As this barking maniac continued to let us know he was pissed, Carey pulled aside her thong and began rubbing her pussy. After a minute of this excellent display, the huge brute stopped in mid-bark. He seemed to breathe deeply and begin to slobber. (more…)

August 3, 2007

hot dog cum squirting

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yesterday afternoon i drove out to my friend’s farm. We were supposed to meet for a bit of cocksucking,i pulled in and was greeted by his dog dingo,a small terrier type dog,i petted him and looked around the property surveying the place. His hound dog john was tied in his run and was happy to see me,i went over and said hi, eyeing his beautiful sheath and his stiffening cock…i looked around and saw the neighbor out in his fieldit was just around dusk and my friend still hadn’t showed up…i went to the other side of the house which was more secluded and dingo followed,i got on my knees and reached under him and grabbed his sheath…he started thrusting and soon i had his cock and knot out,i layed on the ground and placed his squirting cock in my mouth,it tasted so good so i let him thrust away at my mouth for a while.John must of sensed what was going on because he barked a few times so i stopped and went over to him,i put his chain on dingo and went a few feet away so i could suck on john a bit,i pulled his sheath back to reveal his hard cock and knot and slowly eased under him like i did dingo and put his squirting cock into my mouth and let him move as he wanted…after a few minutes he pulled away and tried mounting me,since it was my first time i was a bit nervous so i walked around the house seeing if any car lights were approaching, i saw no lights and heard no sounds so i headed back to where dingo was tied and pulled my jeans and boxers down and knelt on the ground close to dingo with my ass away from him. (more…)

August 2, 2007

women and horses sex story

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That night I laid in my bed wondering what had come over me. When my husband had come home late that night, I was already in bed. I hoped to avoid any amorous suggestions, but he had rented a porn movie and after watching it spent 20 minutes cheerfully plowing me, oblivious to my lack of response. After he came, a fountain of warm cum all over my perky breasts, I went and cleaned up. He held me close when I returned to bed, but I still couldn’t get my body to soften in his arms. He kissed my neck softly as he drifted to sleep and told me that he would be in town all day tomorrow, working on the same deal he had worked on today. He started to tell me about the deal, which would bring in more money, and more horses for me to train, but drifted off to sleep before finishing. I lay perfectly still beside my husband, trying not to think of Cowboy and the fucking he had given me that day. It took a while, but I finally cleared my mind and fell asleep.

By the time I had woken up in the morning, Nick had already left. A note from him on my bedside table informed me that the man with the miniature horse mare would be there in an hour. I hurriedly got up and started preparing to receive the new horse. (more…)

July 26, 2007

bestiality girls free videos

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Wow! Lesley is a beautiful brazilian girl with a super tight body, you will not found one inch of fat on her, she really is THAT fit. In the movies she have oral sex with a horse. In both the movies she makes the animals and herself cum multiple times….

P.S. Some of the models have made up to 20 different movies

beast chat room

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About 4 months ago, I was talking online to some people in a beast chat room. We were all having fun, enjoying eachothers storys and the like. One person really had my attation. We kept up with the room, but slowly stoped talking to the others and just were talking with eachother. Her screen name was Xellergrl, and she was a little naughty. When I say a little, I mean a lot. And when I say naughty, I mean she has done some things I can only dream of. She was funny, intertaining, and very nice. We talked for hours that first night and then we swaped screen names. We kept talking for a while, chatting when we had time and the like. We started to get personal, talking about our family, what we are doing in life and all kinds of stuff. We were on a first name basis, she calling me Noz, and her name was Tammy, which I though was very cute.

After a while, I told her that I was in Michigan for school and she was kind of shocked. She said that she was living in Michigan also. I have been wearry of telling others where I live on the net, afrade I might get harrassed or blakmailed for what Im into, but she seemed to been trustworthy. We kept talking for a while, we were getting to be really good friends and even having fun by swaping stories and pictures/movies with eachother. The pics she sent me of here were very nice. She was a little older then me, going on 35. She still was sexy. The positions she could get in while “playing” with here animals were amasing. She had a few dogs, couple of horses, some pigs, and a roster. (more…)

July 25, 2007

K9 erotica

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It was a hot summer day and I was really horny. I was playing with a dog on the floor and without any warning he jumped up on my back and started humping me.

I felt him poke into my inner thigh a couple of times and then skid off of my panties and bump into my clit.

That shocked me and I quickly pulled away from him. I sat on the floor trying to catch my breath, my heart was pounding.

I slid my hand down into my panties and found that I was soaking wet. My clit was throbbing like crazy; I was so turned on and horny that I could hardly stand it.

He came over to me and put his nose under my thin summer dress. I took him by his head and lifted it up and looked in his face. He looked back at me and seemed to smile, then licked my fingers and panted.

No wonder he did what he did, I had thought, he had picked up my horny, wet scent.

I was just about to get up and go outside for some fresh air when I caught a glimpse of his cock. I leaned over to get a better look. It was red and looked wet and was throbbing up & down under his belly.

I realized that I was staring at it and couldn’t seem to take my eyes off of it. He just stood there panting, as if he was waiting for something.

Then suddenly, an image of him fucking me flashed before my eyes. An exciting thrill rushed through me that seemed to wash away my ability to think. (more…)

July 24, 2007

teen dog slut

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Elsa was tired - it had been another long day at the kennels and she was not used to being on her feet all day. That wasn’t to say she didn’t enjoy the work, but she was so used to sitting down most of the time at school that this Saturday job, looking after the dogs all day, was really tiring. There was only one other assistant, a dreamy guy called Matt Briggs who was also in her class at school whom she really fancied. There was no way he fancied her though - Elsa considered herself plain and fat with greasy hair. This was not just her opinion, she was ostracised by the other girls in her class and she had read the graffiti in the girls’ loo that read “Elsa Lanchester - SQUEAL, SQUEAL, SQUEAL” with a crude drawing of a pig next to it. Elsa knew she had little chance of getting a boyfriend, let alone a boy like Matt. She would dream though, her vivid dreams had Matt sweep her off her feet and shower her face with manly kisses - he would be desperately in love with her and unable to resist her charms. Then her fantasy would become more sexual, though not detailed. Matt would take her to a beautiful room somewhere and undress her, then, after lots more kissing, would put his cock inside her and make love to her. Elsa was a bit vague on what an erect cock looked like, she had only seen crude drawings of them on the back of bus seats, and of course she had seen her dad’s flaccid cock when she was younger, but it seemed more like a plump white sausage.

Elsa was desperate for that contact though, she spent a lot of time in her fantasy world of good-looking, mostly naked men who adored her with their cocks. Elsa regularly masturbated, at least twice a day while fantasizing. With all her close contact with Matt at the kennels, she had even taken herself off to the girls’ loo one lunchtime and pleasured herself there. As she was shunned by the ‘in-crowd’ of girls at school, Elsa found it difficult to know whether what she did was ‘normal’. The few girls who didn’t actively dislike her seemed shocked when she asked them if they played with themselves. One girl who admitted it said she had only tried it a few times. Elsa was amazed - she wanted to do it ALL the time. Whether the girls were lying or not, Elsa realised this was a ‘dirty’ subject and did not mention it again. (more…)

July 20, 2007

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It seems so long ago to be honest, and it has been ten whole years to the day almost. It was just before Christmas 1987 when I was 20 and dating David, but he went by Dave. He was nice enough and all, the family liked him. I was in love with him for sure. Our relationship was going well I thought but not everything was perfect. He would get into moods from time to time that made me question his commitment to me. As Christmas neared that year I was wondering why, during the month of December, he just didn’t seem to call very often.

I got a call from Dave on the 23rd that year. Just two days before Christmas. He was wondering if I could meet him downtown. Sure I said where and when, no problem. We met at the appointed spot and time and went to dinner. It was a nice place, but that is all I recall now, as very shortly afterward the meal arrived at the table, Dave dropped the bombshell. He really didn’t have feelings for me as I did for him, and he made that very clear. I cried, he got a bit weepy but was not all choked up. The final blow was about to be thrown up, that he was seeing someone else. I was mortified.

I do not recall much of the trip home on the bus. Stepping off the bus was tough as I was in deep thought about what had happened and was trying to figure out how and or what and when to say something to the family, as they liked him. Does my face show too much? (more…)

July 18, 2007

being licked out by a dog

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I’ve had this fantasy of being licked out by a dog for several months now and wanted to no if fantasy was as good as the real thing.

I met a guy I have known for several years and he came and picked me up and brought along his staffi cross labrador with him.He’d arranged for us to stop in a hotel with the dog so i could have fun.On the journey I got to know the dog, I started tickling him and getting him comfy around me.As we drove I started to rub his sheath to see how he’d respond as he is only two years old.He seemed happy with that and lay further across the seats so I could get a better grasp of him.I played with my pussy a little and let Bobby lick my fingers he seemed to like the taste so I took off my panties so he had an easier position,he seemed a little uneasy so I decided to leave it till we got to the hotel.

After a few hours at the hotel Bobby seemed relaxed again and kept sniffing around me unfortunately my period had started so there was nothing on his part he could do.Yet again I started to stroke his sheath and he became comfy and licked my arm with delight.I started to feel him get harder so I got faster wanking him.It must of been his first time as he came lots and splattered the sheets just enough time for me to go under and suck the remainder of his juices. (more…)

July 17, 2007

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I had only just turned 18 and was in the middle of my last year of schooling, I was the typical nerd of my class, I would describe myself as medium height, dark brown should length hair and thick black rimmed glasses.
I got the high grades but wasn’t very popular with the rest of the school kids.

One day I was sitting alone eating lunch like every other day, when this dark shadow cast over me, I looked up to see who it was, It was Katie and her two follows Misty and Clare.
Katie was one of the most popular Girls in our class and the school.

Katie asked if I would like to go over to her house after school and they would give me a make over, and help me look more beautiful and hopefully get some attention from some of the boys at school.
I had seen a lot of movies where the popular girls do the make over on the ugly girls in school for dares etc but I thought screw it, it was worth a risk as there was a boy I was interested in.

After the school bell rang I started walking home when Katie and her posse, caught up to me and reminded me that I was going over to Katie’s place for the make over.
After a short walk we got to Katie’s house and she took me up to her room. They sat me down and started doing my hair up and putting make up on me.
After an hour they had finished and Clare took a picture of me with her digital camera and she made a comment about how she had just got a larger memory card and how she needed to fill it up. (more…)

July 15, 2007

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It was the next Friday evening, and once again Amy was
alone in the house with just Max for company. Her
parents had said it would be very late before they got
home, so Amy would have lots of time for her fun and
games with Max.

As soon as they had left, Amy turned off the downstairs
lights and made a bee-line for her bedroom. Max was
scampering ahead of her, as if he knew what doggy
pleasures lay ahead for him, and Amy laughed aloud.

For three evenings past, she had shooed Max out of her
room, locked the door and fired up her computer. She
had gone on-line, on a strange quest, all the
information she could find on women and girls having
sex with dogs.

She had emerged from it a different and much wiser
girl… and also much hornier! She couldn’t believe the
perversions that were out there, apparently animals
figured large in some weird people’s sexual fantasies.

She had been lucky in finding an adult erotic story
site called ‘The Kristen Archives’ and downloaded
several stories. As she had read them on her scrolling
program, she had been quickly reduced to a horny mess
of young female sexuality, finger-fucking herself to
lots of juicy orgasms. (more…)

July 12, 2007

hot girl and dog sex

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After the long session we took some food out to the pool and Crystal brought out a portable bar and everybody fixed a drink and ate hour’s De’ Voure while we rested and stood in the water while our bodies rested and replenished our energy. The dogs had been put away in a special kennel that Crystal had had built. I later learned that everyone in the group basically had the same arrangement in their back yard.
“Kyla, how long have you been fucking dogs?” Penny asked me.
“Actually, the other day was my first time with Sam. I saw Marissa and Sam and I got so hot I just had to try it. Up until then I didn’t know that people did this. I suppose I should have guessed it considering all the attention most people give their pets, especially dogs.” I replied.
“You think you would like this from now on or is this just a new experience you had to try?” Felicia asked me.
“I don’t really know where I am going with this. I don’t own a dog and I plan to start college in the fall. I guess for now I am going to enjoy this and see what happens. I know that I won’t be able to look at a beautiful dog and not think about fucking it,” I told her.
“There’s plenty of time to think about it. For now let us help her enjoy her stay and each one of us can enjoy her as much as we can,” Crystal told the group.
I looked at Phoebe and asked her, “How did you get started Phoebe?”
“I started pretty young. My parents got me a cocker spaniel when I was very young seeing as I didn’t have any brothers or sisters. Scruffy and I got pretty close and things just happened. I used to fall asleep with him lying between my legs and he would lick my pussy. Then I just naturally started playing with his dick and finally sucking it. It kind of became routine every night. I’d suck Scruffy’s dick and he would lick my pussy until I passed out from so many orgasms. (more…)

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