October 3, 2006

young teen raped

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Toya could hear the pounding of hooves as the raiders came closer. They had been approaching for some time now, and the men of the village were ready for battle. She sat in her hut, listening to the sounds of combat as the raiders collided with her fellow peasants. She could hear the cries of pain as the men she had grown up with were butchered in defense of the little hamlet. She heard the elder yell for the women and children to escape the village, to flee to freedom.

Toya reached under the pile of blankets for her short sword. She spun around in time to see a raider step into her hut. His leather armor had specks of blood drying on it, and he held his axe out warily. She backed up until she was against the wall of the small home. The raider lunged at her, teeth bared. With a deft sidestep, she parried his swing and aimed a kick right between his legs. As he doubled up from her attack, she plunged her blade through his spine.

She let the dead raider collapse onto the floor as she took his axe as well and ran outside. Two more raiders began to circle her, weapons held high. A few swift attacks with her two weapons left both of them lying on the ground. The rest of her village was already being taken over. She saw one of her fellow villagers, Ayana, being dragged out of her own hut. Ayana’s husband was lying face down in front of the tiny building. Toya dashed forward and jabbed her sword through the raider holding Ayana. A large raider with a lot of gruesome trophies on his armor, probably a commander of sorts, looked towards the two women.

Toya could not understand what he said, but then three more raiders leaped at them. Toya attempted to fend them off, but a lucky blow from one of them left her with only the axe left, and within a few more swings, she was disarmed wholly. Yet they had not actually hurt her during the brief altercation. The raiders moved in closer to Toya and Ayana, now both unarmed. As Toya pivoted to keep herself between the raiders and Ayana, she heard a muffled gasp from behind her. As she spun to see another raider had grabbed Ayana, the three raiders who had attacked her all pounced, grabbing her arms and waist.

The commander walked up, grabbing Toya’s robe right above her chest. He yelled something to the other raiders, then with a powerful tug, tore her robe off, revealing her nubile body to the raiders. She began to kick at him, but all that did was allow him to grab her legs. He said something to the raiders holding her, and they shoved her to the ground, with the commander still holding her legs. The one who had been holding her waist let go to help with Ayana, while the other two held Toya’s arms down. The commander roughly shoved her legs apart and then undid his belt, pulling down his armor enough to allow his thick, erect cock to spring out. He kneeled down between Toya’s legs, motioned for the other two to lift her up slightly, and then thrust himself deep into her vagina in one painful thrust. Toya screamed in pain as the commander reached out and took each of her arms in one of his hands. The other two raiders let go of her. One of them undid his pants as well, then grabbed her head and turned it towards his erect member.

Toya attempted to clamp her mouth shut, but the moment she did so, the second raider reached out and pinched her nipple. As she gasped, the first raider slammed her head down over his cock, causing her to gag. The commander continued to thrust into her pussy as the raider forced himself down her throat. The other raider grabbed her robe and tied it around her hands, then used a small dagger to pin her wrists to the ground. He then climbed on top of her and plopped his dick between her breasts. Grabbing one in each hand, he began using them to massage the sides of his cock, and then started to get a thrusting rhythm going with the commander. As she was being tit-fucked, skull-fucked, and raped at the same time, Toya managed to glance over to where Ayana was.

The cute little brunette was currently on her knees with a raider behind her, burying himself deep in her ass. Her arms were tied behind her and her mouth was full of the other raider’s dick. They were rocking her back and forth between them, eliciting an occasional moan from the other villager. Toya was snapped back to her own reality when she felt the commander start to grunt and stiffen up more. With a loud moan, he came deep in her womb, squeezing her thighs as he did so. Her mouth was given a break as the raider pulled out and moved around behind the one that was still giving her breasts a good mauling. The commander moved away as the raider positioned himself and jammed his cock deep into her womb, jabbing at her cervix. He took only a few more thrusts to finish up, adding his cum as well to the commanders already stirring about inside her.

The commander grabbed her head and thrust her mouth over his flaccid member, forcing to her suck him back to erectness. As she did so, the raider tit-fucking her stopped and got off. He and the commander discussed something quickly, and then the commander, now hard again, pulled out of her mouth. She was pulled to her feet and turned towards the raider. He grabbed her hips and thrust himself into her vagina, but as he did so, the commander placed his cock between Toya’s ass cheeks. She began to say something, but the commander wrapped one hand over her mouth and the other one grabbed one of her tits. As the raider pulled out, the commander shoved forward, impaling her ass on his member. The force of him doing so pushed her forward onto the raiders cock again, burying it within her once more. The two began to alternate thrusts, pushing Toya back and forth between the two armored men. She began to feel heat stirring in her pelvis, and before she knew it she was having an orgasm of her own, all over the invaders throbbing cock. This set the raider off as well, who began to cum deep inside her pussy as well. The commander kept on thrusting into her ass as the raider pulled out, letting cum begin to slide down her inner thighs. The commander finally came as well, letting another bout of his seed loose into her bowels, and pulling out with a noisy ‘pop.’

They buckled their pants and ran off to meet up with the other raiders, leaving Toya dripping and breathless. She rolled over to look at where Ayana had been, and saw only a discarded piece of cloth. She could hear the hoof steps beginning as the raiders started to leave. Toya fell asleep right where she lay, not knowing what else she could do.

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