February 6, 2006

rape young girl

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Ary was the kind of girl who aroused everybody. At the town she turned up all us with her shapely figure, her pointed breasts, her way to move around. And she knew it. She used to show herself in the most provocative dresses, she liked the way men watched her with desire, she enjoyed to crisp men’s feelings. She knew she was beautiful because of the attention she always got from guys All of us thought how it would be to fuck her, even against her will.

We used to watch her at all times, looking for a place where she would be alone. Yesterday in the afternoon something happened. We knew she used to walk alone at the desert seahore. She was wearing a bikini top covered with an opened blouse and a short white mini skirt allowing the sun to warm her long tanned legs Her breasts moved up and down in every step. We met her and she didn’t show any reserve.

–Hey Ary, what are you doing here? Do you think this is a safe place for a girl?

–Why not?- she raised her shapely figure and we could see and almost feel the tighter breasts under her clothes.

–Well sometimes something might happen to girls who met strangers…—and we watched viciously at her nipples. We surrounded her and my friends kept their eyes on her figure. She stared at us suspiciously, placing a hand over her chest, trying to cover the unbuttoned blouse.

–It looks that we might have some fun …I said

–What do you mean?…

Suddenly she stepped back realizing that something awful might happen. One of my buds approached her and in a quick movement grabbed her by the arms .Her chest became more pronounced while she started to fight and looked scared while saying:


–Don’t move…you are going to enjoy it…–I said softly

–Please—she moaned—please, let me go,… Just go, please, please don’t…. don’t do this

–Hey –one of my friends said — you want to go first? Now, she knew we were going to rape her and that she was going to pay for all her beauties

– Noo…. please…. don’t, — She begged.– — You aren’t going to… please!

–Come here– I grabbed her, and started touching her breasts, placing my hand over one of them and moving upwards her blouse. The warm tits aroused me while she started to fight to free herself, crying and moving wildly

–No… let me go. What are you going to make me? ..Noo…

We had been waiting for this pleasure, such a long time. And now, there was Ary, all for us, no matter what we wanted to make her. By God, we were going to get our chance! We thrower her over the sand while holding her arms and legs and started to rip her clothes and massage her bared exposed breasts We were going to remove her skirt. and she tried to prevent it by moving right to left.

–Noo…no please, noo… Nooo!

I placed myself over her and sucked her left nipple while rubbing the right one. She tried to get away but I squeezed her breasts and became more excited with her cries and movements to free herself. I unzipped my cock and showed it to her fully erected. She stopped moving and moaned horrified.

–No…Noo… Why are you doing this to me?

–Just relax…you are going to have a great time… How do you like it?


–OK guys lets fuck her,hold herЎ Here I am!

She was horrified, she never was fucked before and she shacked terrified.

– Nooo! … Nooo! Stop! Nooo! – and moved widely to avoid what was going to happen. And then she felt my entering . She squeezed her cunt trying to prevent it, but it brought more pleasure to me

– Nook! Stop! Nooo!” No no no! Aaahh!!! –she screamed.

–Ooh yes….yesss…. I sighed The others watched the rape scene eagerly.

–YEAH!! Fuck her good, buddy! Harder! She became hysterical and cried uncontrollably

–Nooo…..no.no.noo – she shaked her head , but that increased the pleasure of my rape

–Woauu…Thatґs good…oh yeah…oh yeaaahhh…—and after several pushes, I cum on her while feeling exhausted. She lied down, still unbelieving hat had happened. She watched us in terror, since she knew this was not going to be the end. Then I was replaced by another boy , who has been waiting for his turn.

–No, no more…please,… she begged My friend opened his mouth gasping in pleasure:

–Oh boy…great!!…, here I am ..

Ary watched him approaching her like a wolf. At class she used to tease this guy moving her body and letting him watch the roots of her breasts. She noticed how aroused he became, and she knew that he massaged himself afterwards at the men’s rooms. But now he was going to rape her. She couldn’t stand it. He bended over her, holded her tits ,squeezed her nipples and placed his thick cock between her legs.

–Well Ary, you deserve it…

She moved wildly, trying to avoid the rape, but it was useless. We hold her firmly and she couldn’t move, while my friend placed over her and started to rape her beautiful body, with his fully erected cock.

–Yeah..baby…you are real good…—and he penetrated her.

–NOOO…ahhhh!!! She felt him moving up and down,

–Ahhh… good,good…oh yeah…

She couldn’t stand it, and after a couple of long minutes , he was done, moaning with pleasure:


She gasped horrified, still unbelieving what was happening. She had been raped again, and there was another boy still waiting…She remembered how nice it was to arouse the guys, how she liked to show her covered breasts and to move around as a whore. She even thought of necking with the nicest boy, and ending before anything might happen. And now she was being wildly raped without feeling any pleasure, but horror .

While watching how my friends were enjoying Aryґs rape I was becoming aroused again, just with the sight of how they holds her, and how she moved and cried. I felt how my cock became stiffer while this was happening. So, I decided to have a second chance. In fact, Ary had aroused me so often, that I felt I deserved this joyness.

–Well, Ary,… now you know how a man tastes… And I am going to give you another chance .. You will see…

My friends lied apart and left her over the sand. She seated up, covered her naked breasts , crossed her legs and watched me in terror. I sensed the horror in her eyes.

–No, no… please… don’t do it again… no more, please,… –she begged

I touched her breasts… squeezed her nipples… and began pressing her body backwards. She let me do, quietly, but suddenly she became wild.

–NOOO…NOOO… –and standing up she started to run, trying to escape from us.

–Hey, hold her…hold her!! We cached her, and thrower her over the sand, she fights furiously, …

–NOO…Help me!! …Somebody to help me!!

–You, shut up!!. –I placed my hand over her mouth,.—hold her, this is going to be the best fucking in my life… — and placing my body over her I opened her legs apart and moved my cock inside her.


–Yeah…yeah…oh boy, oh boy, ob boy—I said in every push. My cock was deep in her as a hammer— Oh yeah, oh yeah… oh yeah…

My friends laughed:

–Good, fuck her… … again, another…

And she cried as mad: –AHHH!!!…AHHH!!!

Then I cum on her…–Boy, how was it!!. My second fucking on her. Oh boy…My friends were laughing madly. Ary lied on the ground at their disposal. Her blouse was hanging open showing her gorgeous breasts. Although the have just finished with her, it was a great idea to have another round.

.–So why we donґt do it again?

–Okay, who should be the next?

One of them approached Ary while holding his still softened cock.

–You see lady,,, it is going to grow up in a minute… all you have to do is shut a little…

She watched him, with that awful thing coming to her. Oh God, he was going to rape her again!

–No,,, have mercy… no more, please..—and she tried to escape, but we holds her, turning upwards her body. She moved wildly, this time she seemed to fight furiously. By God, we were going to fuck her again, …no matter how much she cried. We grabbed Ary’s legs, placing his arms under her knees so we could lift her legs and penetrate her more deeply. He pushed her legs high enough that he could grab her breasts with both hands. And he went inside with a gasp of pleasure:

–Oau…oh yeah…yeaahh…

–Ahh!!…Oohh… —she felt a sense of pleasure… – oh..oh… oaahh…ooh… slow, slow…oh yes…yes.. slowly, a bit slowly…oh yeaa… —

We were amazed. With this rape, Ary was becoming aroused, it was obvious. She did not fight any more, she just lied down, and turned her head aside, gasping with closed eyes.

–Slow, slow… oh yes… oh yes… oohhh…yeaaahhh…

When my friend was finished, she watched at us.

–Boys…, you hurted me …but now…well, it was good…I don’t know what happened, I was so scared before…I guess that I didn’t felt anything the first time, but now…My God!

We couldn’t do it again. But , we helped her to get dressed, and promised to meet the next day again.

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