January 14, 2006

rape my wife

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Frank was sitting in the kitchen of his apartment with his wife Jessie sat opposite and his business partners Rick and Tom sat in the other seats.

Frank had fucked up big time, lost a lot of money in a bad deal and this was supposed to be a clear the air meeting. He was scared shitless of Rick. It was rumoured that Rick had mob connections and had battered to death one of his previous lover’s ex boyfriends with a baseball bat. How true these rumours were, Frank didn’t know, but he sure didn’t want to find out. Rick however, was the only person that Frank could get to lend him money for this deal which went south very quickly.

‘Frankie, Frankie, Frankie’ said Rick in a patronising voice. ‘You’ve fucked up big time and I’m afraid I’m going to have to punish you for it’. ‘I want you to shut your mouth and not say a word until I leave coz if you do, Tom here is going to have to shut it for you’. Frank looks over to Tom who to his surprise pulls a metal bar from his coat jacket and lays it on the table without saying a word.

‘I was thinking of just breaking your fingers, that was until I saw what a lovely piece of ass your wife is. She’s managed to change my mind and you can keep your hands in one piece. You see I’m going to punish you by fucking your missus in the ass instead’. Jessie opens her mouth to protest but is cut off by Frank. ‘Now Jessie, same restrictions apply to you I’m afraid, no talking until I leave’.

Frank’s head is spinning, they’re going to hurt his poor Jessie and he’s going to have to watch and there is nothing he can do. Jessie was still in her work clothes. White blouse, black skirt, which comes to just above her knees. Jessie has a rather slim figure due to her height of 5 ft 10 inches. Her breasts aren’t that large, just a ‘b’ cup, but her ass more than makes up for it. A perfect peach. Jessie has lovely big brown eyes to go with her long flowing brunette hair which comes to half way down her back.

Rick starts to talk again. ‘Jessie, I want you to stand up, remove your skirt and panties, you can leave the blouse on if you wish, do it now’.

Jessie slowly gets up from her chair, trembling as she teeters on her 2” heels. Even though she is tall, she likes to wear shoes which make her taller to make her feel superior to her shorter work colleagues. Her terror however is making it hard to stand up right in the shoes she’s got on.

She is having a hard time trying to undo the buttons on her skirt. Rick doesn’t seem to be in a rush and seems to enjoy her discomfort. After what seems a age to Jessie, she manages to undo the double buttons and the zip comes down easily. She drops her skirt to the floor and gingerly steps to the side.

‘I want you to rip your panties off’ says Rick to Jessie. ‘A few hard yanks should do the trick’. Jessie looks at Rick, then Frank and back to Rick with her eyes pleading for mercy, but the silence was deafening.

She looks down at her knickers. She only bought these knickers last week, cost quite a bit. They’re figure hugging which makes her ass look even better if that’s at all possible. She puts her right hand inside the left leg and pulls hard, but the material is stronger than it looks. She grabs hold with her other hand as well and pulls again and you can hear the material rip, she pulls again, twice, three times and the leg is broke. She puts her hands into the other leg and repeats the same action until she is left holding her panties in her hands which are now visibly shaking.

‘Be a dear and shove you panties into your mouth for me, don’t want you to bring the neighbours running when I’m putting it to you’ says Rick while sporting the biggest grin possible. Jessie complies, but can only stuff half the material into her mouth leaving what looks like a handkerchief drooping out of her sexy mouth.

‘Now then Jessie babe over the table you go, ass up nice and high for me’. Jessie slowly shuffles towards the table and duly bends over showing her peachy ass to Rick who is now stood behind her rubbing his groin area. ‘Spread your ass cheeks, show me that hole’ snarls Rick. Jessie complies immediately, she is totally terrified now and wants to just get it over with. Rick bends down behind Jessie until his nose is nearly pressed into the crevice of Jessie’s ass and then delivers a load of spit directly onto Jessie’s anus causing Jessie to make a high pitch squeal. ‘Need to lube you up just a little, don’t want to hurt my cock too much if I can help it.’ Rick then proceeds to spit half a dozen times into Jessie’s gorgeous asshole, each time accompanied by a quiet squeal from Jessie.

Rick finally stands up and unleashes his manhood from his trousers. Franks looks at it with disbelief. Frank’s own cock is a decent eight inches which is something that Frank has always been proud of and used to boast about it every chance he could get. Rick’s looks about the same length but the girth was something else. It was like, twice the size of Frank’s in that regard. My god, he’s going to kill Jessie with it and there is nothing he can do about it except watch.

‘Right then Jessie, time for a good hard assfuck, normally I would go slow and take my time, but this is not about the sex, this is to punish Frank for being such a dumb fuck that he lost all my money. I’m afraid this is going to hurt, just a little, but be a good little girlie keeps those asscheeks apart and just remember this is all Frank’s fault’.

Frank looks at Jessie and hearing Rick’s taunts feels like he wants to die. He’s right, this is my entire fault and here I am doing nothing. I might as well be dead.

Rick places his massive cock head against Jessie’s anus which gives her a big shock causing her to let go of her cheeks momentarily which then close around the shaft of Rick’s dick. Rick quickly slaps both her ass cheeks very hard. ‘ahhhhh’ goes Jessie as she regains her hold on her buns spreading them again so that only Rick’s helmet is pressed against her asshole. Her panties stuffed into her mouth aren’t going to be good noise blockers. Rick leaves his cock resting on Jessie’s ass while Jessie is nearly going into convulsions with fright. She’s felt his cock now and knows it’s going to destroy her. Reaching forward, Rich takes hold of Jessie’s bra through her blouse with one hand and her hair with the other. He pulls slowly but firmly on her hair causing Jessie’s head to come off the table and arch back. Rick continues pulling on the hair until there’s a gap between Jessie’s tits and the table. The ‘ahhhhs’ are coming with more frequency from behind Jessie’s gag now. Jessie opens her eyes for the first time in a while and can see Frank’s other partner Tom just staring at her with what looks like drool coming out of his mouth. She quickly shuts her eyes again

Now that Rick has got a decent enough grip on Jessie he starts to exert pressure on Jessie’s anus which causes Jessie’s latest ‘ahhhhhhhhh’ to go up a notch in volume. Rick’s cock starts to bend under the pressure but suddenly gains some purchase on Jessie’s ass and start to enter the forbidden place. Jessie has only had anal sex once before, didn’t like it and has not had anything apart from toilet paper near her ass since. Her asshole was now on fire even though it’s not even in yet. Rick is pulling harder and harder on Jessie’s hair and his buttocks are clenched as finally the sphincter gives way the head plops into Jessie’s ass. ‘noooooooooo’ screams Jessie with the pain, ‘oh god, please stop, pleaaseeee, help’. Jessie’s pleading through the gag falls on deaf ears as Rick clenches his buttocks yet again and sends about four inches of his cock into Jessie’s tight ass. Jessie has let go of her own buttocks and is frantically trying to push Rick off. Rick’s response is to start thrusting his hips back and forth into Jessie, gaining inch by inch into Jessie’s ass. After about a dozen thrusts his cock is buried balls deep in Jessie. Rick lets go of Jessie’s hair which causes her to flop back onto the table, swats her hands away and grabs both ass cheeks and then start to pound on her, hard strokes using about half the length of his cock in each motion. Rick starts to slap her ass leaving hand prints. ‘noooo, stop, ugh, ugh, please, ugh, help me, ugh, ugh.’. Every thrust was causing Jessie to grunt in pain. One minute passed, then another, and another. Rick’s cock was stinging in pain from where Jessie’s asshole so tight, having the knock on effect of retarding his ejaculation. Rick leans forward and grabs hold of Jessie’s shoulders bruising the collar bone and begins to fuck even harder. ‘Mommmie, ahhhhhhhh’ screams Jessie her hands now balled into tight fists above her head hammering into the table in frustration. Tears are streaming down Jessie’s face.

All of sudden up stands Tom, who can’t take it any longer and fishes out his own average sized cock. Seeing this Rick starts slapping Jessie’s thighs effectively moving her across the table to the left until she is near the edge. This allows Tom to grab hold and lift her head up to cock height and pull her panties out of her mouth. Jessie’s eyes fling open at this only to see Tom’s cock waving around in front of her face. ‘Open your fucking mouth, cunt and keep those fucking teeth away or you’ll fucking lose the lot’ screams Tom as he pushes and pushes at her mouth. Jessie opens her mouth to let out a scream from the latest hard jab in her ass from Rick’s cock which is all the opportunity that Tom needs and he stabs his cock straight into Jessie’s mouth and down her throat causing her to gag and choke. Tom starts to face fuck Jessie screaming at her to open her mouth wider. In out, in out, Jessie’s throat starting to burn from the friction the cock was causing on her throat. ‘Open your fucking eyes slut’ Tom shouts as he slaps her face which still continuing to jam his cock into Jessie’s mouth. ‘Keep em fucking open’. Jessie opens her eyes to halt the slaps which were being rained down on her face. Tom leans forward and grabs hold of her left tit and squeezes as hard as he can. The tears are now stinging her eyes and she is blinking like mad to stop the pain.

All of a sudden Rick’s cock leaves Jessie’s ass only to be forced straight into her bone dry pussy. Jessie screams around the cock in her throat at this new intrusion. Both Tom and Rick pound away at Jessie like madmen. Frank’s head was on his chest. He can’t look anymore. Tears are running down Frank’s face as well as that of his wife. Tom and Rick manage to last another five minutes, Rick coming first in Jessie’s cunt while Tom pulled out and come in Jessie’s face getting a little up her nostrils and some down her throat.

Both men clean their cocks on Jessie’s skin before putting them back into their pants. Rick turns to Frank and say’s ‘looks like our partnership is over, be seeing you.

Tom and Rick head for the door leaving a sobbing Jessie and Frank on their own at last.

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  1. joe shaw says:

    fuckin hot man i want to fuck her mouth too.

  2. Clara says:

    Loving the story..thanks for sharing it and love to read more

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