July 26, 2006

hot rape unafraid

I so was incredibly horny last night when I got off the computer. As soon as I went to bed I pulled my thongs to the side, and I began to rub my clit, well not on the clit, but around the clit. I was thinking of our conversation about non-consensual sex, and I was so hot. My fingers were not enough, but before I got some assistance, I slipped a finger into my pussy and I was so incredibly wet, almost sopping wet. But like I said my fingers were not enough, so I got up and got my 5 inch dildo, the kind that feels real except it was purple. It was thicker than most dildos, too.

I began to play a fantasy in my head. This might seem a little vague. Well, vague might not be the right word. I pictured you grabbing me from behind, and forcing me against a table.

You told me, “You are going to suck my cock now!”

You pushed me down to my knees and hauled your raging hard cock out, and grabbed me by my hair, and shoved my face into your cock. Your cock being so wide I could barely fit it in my mouth.

Tears began streaming down my cheeks as I put your cock in my mouth. You still had a handful of my hair and you began fucking my mouth.

You began moaning, saying, “Put some effort into it, make me feel like you are enjoying my cock in your mouth!”

So I began to suck and slather my tongue the best that I could, because your cock was so wide and my jaw was beginning to hurt. I grabbed your balls and began to rub them along with it, and with my other hand, I had it pressed against your pubic area with my index finger and thumb wrapped around the base of your cock (if you can picture what I am taking about).

You moaned, “You like my cock don’t you, you like sucking my cock, don’t you?”

I did not reply, just cried as tears still streamed down my cheeks.

“ANSWER ME?” you growled, and I let out a moan against your cock, meanwhile this whole time I was actually enjoying it. I was getting so turned on by it I could feel my panties getting wet.

Then you let go of my hair and pushed me off your cock.

“Stand up! Stand the fuck up NOW!” you demanded.

So I did. You turned me around and pushed me over the table, and you hiked my mini skirt over my ass, holding me down with one hand on my back. Your other hand caressed my ass cheeks all the way to the crack of my ass, you hooked your finger into my panties and followed it down to my pussy, and you felt my wetness.

“You’re liking this, aren’t you? You fucking slut!” You slapped my ass cheek hard, and it hurt, making me cry out, making me even more scared, but yes I was liking it.

You let go of my back, and you knelt behind me.

“Do Not Move!” you growled, pulling my thong down to my knees. Spreading my ass cheeks, you began to lick from my asshole to my pussy. Once there, you made your tongue like a hard rod and pushed it into my tight hole, and I felt and heard you groan. Your breath felt so hot against me. You began to rub around my clit with your fingers, and with your other hand flat against my ass check you reached with your thumb and began to push it against my asshole. Meanwhile I can feel my knees beginning to get weak, I am too scared to move, I didn’t want to get hurt, you could feel my legs beginning to shake. Simultaneously you inserted your tongue back into my pussy and your thumb pushed into my asshole. I whimpered and moaned at the same time…I can not handle this much more… I couldn’t believe I was about to cum. Almost like you knew, you pulled your tongue out of my hole and inserted two fingers and began to ram fuck my pussy, while your thumb slowly moved in and out of my ass…. I closed my eyes, and held my breath, because here it came…I did not want you to know I was having an orgasm, I did not want you to know I was enjoying it, but I was… oh god was I ever…. but you knew, your fingers could feel the muscles in my pussy pushing your fingers out with each pulse. You pushed against each pulse, and my juices began to ooze onto your hand.

You pulled away from me and stood up, I am crying uncontrollably now. You turned me over and put me up on the table (it was a very heavy, sturdy table). My ass was at the edge, you pulled my panties completely off, and spread my legs wide. You got in between my legs, and pulled your cock out again. You had your pants around your knees. You spread my legs wider, and rubbed your cock up and down my shiny, wet, shaven pink pussy. You pressed it against my opening, and I gasped

“Please don’t do this, I don’t want to get pregnant,” I began to sob.

“Shut the fuck up” you yelled.

You grabbed me, and pulled me off the table and onto the ground. I began to squirm to try and get away, and you smacked me across the face, and I screamed out. You slammed my back against the floor, and put your hand over my mouth, and pried my legs open with your own.

“Shut your fucking mouth you stupid bitch”

I breathed hard through my nose for my mouth was completely sealed by your hand. Your other hand grabbed your cock, and guided it to my opening……your began to push it into me, but there was resistance. I was squeezing my cunt as hard as I could, so you couldn’t get in. You grabbed my throat with your other hand, with the other still on my mouth.

“I know you are pushing me out, and if you don’t cooperate with me, you are going to get hurt.”

I let go and your cock started to slowly penetrate my pussy, but still with some resistance.

“Bitch, I am going to….” you growled at me.

I cried out from under your hand, “I let go, I can’t let go anymore!”

You let go of my throat and mouth, and grabbed my legs and pushed them against my chest so my pussy was angled up towards you, and you pulled out a bit, and slammed your cock in, slapping your balls against my ass. Your cock was very thick, and painful. I felt like I was going to split in half. You pulled back out, and this time slowly going back in, to the hilt. You continued this with deep throaty moans. Sending shivers up my spine, each time you thrust into me, my pussy was getting wetter and easier to slide into.

“You are a sick bitch, you’re loving this aren’t you, I know you came on my fingers.” You looked into my eyes, and you could see the tears but also a glimmer of lust.

You put my legs down on either side of you, and ripped my shirt up over my breast, ripped my bra open, and grabbed onto my swollen tits. Still humping your cock into my pussy, you licked and left hot trails between each breast, licking and sucking each nipple. Sending shots of electricity to my already aching clit. The feeling of the head of your cock barely pulling out before you pushed it back in was enough to make me cum again. It felt soooo good… I felt so full. A moan slipped through my lips, you looked into my eyes again, and bit one of my nipples. I cried out in pain. But it felt sooo good. I felt my hips begin to meet your thrusts, I didn’t even realize it right away.

I couldn’t help it, I tried not to, but I moaned again… and you looked at me again, but this time you smiled. You pulled out of me, and stood up. You put your hand out for me to grab on to. I hesitated, and you grabbed me by my shirt, and hauled me up, and you slammed me up against the wall. Another screech came from me. You immediately came close to me, and instinctively I wrapped one leg around your hips. You smirked at my advance, and you guided your cock into me again. This time you took no mercy, and slam fucked me into the wall. I wrapped both of my legs around your hips, and my arms wrapped loosely over your shoulders. You buried your face into my neck, groaning, growling. The feel of your breath on my neck was making my nipples rock hard, but I was sooo scared to react. I began to cry again. My pussy was so hot, and wet…I could feel the pressure of another orgasm coming, but I didn’t want to. I didn’t want you to win. Why was this feeling so incredible? You slowed your pumping down, and wrapped one arm around to the small of my back, and the other hand was holding one of my legs up. You began to go in a hot slow sexy motion. Sliding ever so slowly, making my cunt quiver.

“I want you to cum on my cock bitch” you whispered into my neck.

My head lulled and my mouth landed on your shoulder, and you began to speed up just a little, keeping the same gyrating motion going.

“Cum for me, I know you want to, I can feel your pussy clench on my cock” you said in a deep husky voice, which told me you were about to cum.

I began to breath much harder against your shoulder, my nipples were so taut, so sensitive. My clit began to throb, and then the overpowering warm sensation began to swarm through my pussy walls, at first slowly throbbing, then quick, tight pulses. I could not hold back my vocals this time, I bit into your shoulder, crying out, trying to muffle my cries. You began to slam fuck my pussy again, almost like you knew what I liked when I cum.

Moaning and growling at me you said, “It feels good don’t it, yeah…your cunt is mine…you are going to fuck me whenever I want you to fuck me, right?”

I didn’t answer, you pulled me away from the wall a little and slammed me back into it. “RIGHT?”

“YEEESSS!” I screamed in pain.

“I am going to cum in your pussy!” you growled.

I could feel you cock grow bigger into my sopping wet pussy, and it was making my pussy so crazy…I could still feel the buzz from the last climax….its building another one cause your cock has been rubbing against my G-Spot, I began to feel a different feeling, it felt like I was going to piss myself, but from experience, I knew this was it, this is the G-spot, so I let go and I began to shake incredibly, I was no longer in control, each time my pussy pulsed, my whole body shook with it, and I screamed out, and I could feel the increased amount of fluid that actually gushed out each time you pulled out, and you knew this was an ultimate climax for me, you could feel it all over your cock, rippling, soaking, and that was enough for you, you pushed me hard against the wall, and began to pump your cock’s juice into me.

The end of my fantasy…. Unafraid.

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