January 25, 2006

gang rape

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Connie stepped out of the shower and reached for the large terry cloth towel hanging on the rack. She towelled the excess water from her long, blond hair as the water droplets on her smooth, tanned skin sparkled in the sunlight from the window. Slowly, almost sensually, she rubbed the towel over her firm, well shaped breasts and down across her flat, hard stomach. Placing one foot on the edge of the bathtub, she leaned over to dry her long, shapely legs.

Returning the towel to the rack, Connie stood naked while she combed out her still damp hair and reached for the blow dryer. Using the medium heat setting, she began drying the thick, silky hair that fell well below her shoulders. As her hair dried, the blow dryer fluffed out the hair and created a frame for her pretty, heart shaped face.

Finished with her hair, Connie applied eyeliner to accent her deep blue, almost violet, eyes. Her eyelashes were long and thick, so she had no need of mascara. She completed her makeup by applying a pale red lipstick to her full, luscious lips.

Connie padded down the hall of the apartment to her bedroom. She removed a pair of white satin panties from the top left drawer of her bureau and stepped into them. Next, she put on a matching white satin garter belt, which was cooler and more comfortable than pantyhose in hot weather. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Connie slipped one of the nylons over her right foot and slowly pulled it up over her thigh, smoothing it as she went. After clipping the garters to the top of the stocking, she repeated the process with the left leg.

Connie walked to the closet and selected a white sundress with spaghetti straps and slipped it over her head. Again reaching into her closet, she picked up a pair of white high heeled sandals and carried them to the bed, where she sat down. Slipping the sandals onto her feet, she buckled the straps around her trim ankles.

Connie checked her reflection in the mirror and decided she was pleased with the results. The golden blond hair and tanned skin accented by the white dress, the long legs made even shapelier by the high heels, the beautiful figure that protruded in all the right places. Yeah, Connie was pleased with the way she looked on this beautiful summer evening.

Connie was looking forward to tonight. It had been a stressful week at work and she needed to relax. Rick, her husband, was out of town on business, so Connie had arranged to go out with three of the girls from work. They planned to meet in the Flats, the old warehouse district of Cleveland that had found new life as an entertainment Mecca of restaurants and night clubs. The plan was to meet and have dinner at the Watercourse, an upscale seafood restaurant on the east bank of the Cuyahoga River. After dinner, they would walk over to Sandy’s, where they could listen to jazz on the outdoor patio overlooking the river and sip a cocktail or two. Just a quiet, relaxing night.

Picking up her small white purse from the end table, Connie left the apartment and carefully locked the door behind her. Taking the elevator to the ground floor, she crossed the parking lot to the two year old Ford Taurus that she was still making payments on. Unlocking the door, Connie slipped behind the wheel and started the engine. Exiting the parking lot, she turned right on State road and headed for the freeway. She took 480 East to 77 North, which took her right into downtown Cleveland. Exiting from 77, Connie followed East Ninth to Superior Avenue, where she turned left. Just before the Detroit-Superior bridge, Connie bore right, over the hill and down to Old River Road, the heart of the Flats.

Friday night was normally crowded in the Flats, but tonight was worse than usual. There had been both a baseball game and a country western concert in downtown that afternoon, and many of the spectators from those events added their numbers to the normal crowds of partiers. Connie was forced to drive to the far end of the Flats and turn east on Front Avenue before finding a place to park. Although the lot she found was dark and outside of the main area of the Flats, it was still crowded with parked cars. The space Connie finally found was back in the rear of the lot, out of sight of both the street and the lot attendants booth.

Connie opened the car door and swung her feet out to the pavement. She locked and closed the door of the Taurus and took a moment to check her purse. As she turned, two forms leaped out of the darkness and drove Connie against the side of her car, knocking the wind out of her. One of the assailants grabbed her left arm and clamped a hand over her mouth, while the other grabbed her right arm and pressed a knife to her throat.

” One sound, bitch, just one sound and I’ll cut your fucking throat from ear to ear. You understand?”

Connie stood frozen in terror, her eyes bulging in their sockets.


Connie nodded her head and the hand covering her mouth was removed.

” You do what you’re told, you may just get out of this alive. No screaming. That’s the first rule.”

” Please,” Connie nearly whispered ” don’t hurt me. My money’s in my purse. Credit cards, too. Take it. Take it and go. I won’t scream. Please, just take it and go.”

” Hold her, Bill.” the one with the knife said. Bill took both of Connie’s wrists and twisted her arms behind her back. Leaning down, the other one picked up Connie’s purse from where she had dropped it and began checking the contents.

” How much is there, Vern?” the one named Bill asked.

” VISA, MasterCard and over two hundred bucks. Not bad.”

” You’ll let me go now? Please?” Connie begged.

” Not quite yet, sweetheart. There’s something else you have that we’re interested in.”

Connie sucked in her breath as Vern reached under the hem of her sun dress and grabbed her crotch. She tried forcing her thighs together and twisting her body to get away, but the offending hand kept squeezing her crotch.

” Oh, no! Oh please no! You can’t!” Connie whimpered.

” We can do any damned thing we want, bitch!” Vern growled as he held the knife in Connie’s face.

” Listen up,” Bill whispered in Connie’s ear ” We’re going to party with you. You co-operate, you walk away after. You don’t co-operate, you die. We still party, only the ending changes. The choice is yours.”

Connie felt the sickening twisting of fear in the pit of her stomach. She felt the horror of what was about to happen. There was nothing she could do and she knew it. She could only try to survive.

Connie closed her eyes as Vern reached up with the knife and slowly cut the two thin straps that held up Connie’s dress. Vern slid the dress down, exposing her bare breasts, and let it drop to the ground around Connie’s feet.

” Nice. Real nice.” he said.

” Please stop. Please.” Connie moaned as Vern leaned over and began sucking on her nipple. His hand went to her crotch, his fingers working their way under the material of her panties. Slowly he pulled the panties down from under the garter belt.

” Let’s get everything out in the open.” Vern grinned as he used the knife to slice both sides of Connie’s panties. He dropped the now useless piece of satin on top of the dress laying on the ground. Connie stood in front of Vern wearing only her garter belt, nylons and high heels. Her entire body trembled with fear.

” Please let me go. Please don’t do this. Oh God, don’t hurt me.” Connie sniffed through the tears that ran down her cheeks.

Bill was now holding Connie’s arms behind her with one hand, his other rubbing across her stomach and up to her breasts, squeezing and rubbing them. Vern moved in close, pinning Connie between Bill and himself while his hand moved between her legs.

” Nnnuuuuhhhh” Connie moaned as Vern forced a finger up inside her. ” Stop. Please stop. Aaahh …ohh please.”

Bill continued squeezing Connie’s breasts while Vern licked her neck and finger fucked her. Connie was moaning and crying as the two men continued abusing her. Vern forced a second finger up inside her and continued the abuse. The constant pumping of Vern’s fingers inside her began causing Connie’s body to react. Her vagina began lubricating itself as nature intended.

” I’ll be damned! The bitch is getting wet!” Vern laughed, causing Connie to blush bright red with shame.

” Shit!” said Bill, ” She must really want it bad. Let’s get her back to the van!”

Vern straightened up and took his hand away from Connie’s vagina. ” Okay. We’re going to walk back to our van. Try to scream, try to run, you’ll regret it. Understand?”

Bill and Vern each took one of Connie’s arms and began walking the nearly naked young woman across the parking lot. Someone would have to see them, Connie thought. Anybody who saw the way she was dressed would know what was happening. Someone would see them and call for help. The click-click of her high heels on the concrete had never sounded so lonely to Connie before.

” Please, leave me alone! Don’t do this to me! Oh God, please don’t!” Connie begged as they led her farther back into the dark parking lot.

Connie couldn’t believe that this was really happening to her. She had never been sexually promiscuous. She had only slept with one man before marrying her husband, and even that had been during a long term relationship. The thought of having two men taking turns using her body was both terrifying and sickening to Connie. She felt the knot of cold fear in the pit of her stomach grow as they approached the rear of a battered old Chevy van. Not both of them, she thought. Oh dear God not both of them!

As they reached van, the rear doors were thrown open without Bill or Vern touching them, confusing Connie for an instant. How had the doors opened on their own? That was when her fear turned to stark terror. There were three more men in the back of the van!

” OH DEAR GOD NO! EEeemmuumphh…..mmuunnhhh.” Connie tried to scream, but Bill was ready and clamped his hand over her mouth.

Connie was fighting now, struggling to try and break free, but her efforts were useless. The men were too strong and there were too many of them. Bill and Vern each had one of her arms twisted behind her back. Eddy, jumping down from the van to help, grabbed Connie’s ankles and lifted her feet from the ground. She tried kicking, but Eddy had his arm wrapped around both of her ankles, pinning them together and immobilizing her legs. Connie continued struggling in vain.

” Come on, come on! Hand her up!” Carl instructed.

As the three men on the ground lifted Connie towards the rear of the van, Carl grabbed her under the arms while Dave grabbed her legs. They hauled her into the van and threw her roughly to the floor as Bill, Vern and Eddy climbed into the van and closed the doors.

Connie rolled to a sitting position and began scuttling backwards across the floor, trying to get as far away from the five men as possible. She ran out of room when she moved into the corner formed by the side wall of the van and the back of the drivers seat. Her attackers were in a half circle around her, staring at her nearly nude body like a group of starving wolves eyeing a helpless lamb. Connie shook her head from side to side, looking from man to man through her tears.

” Please, please let me go! Oh God you can’t do this! You can’t! P-please!” Connie begged.

Carl looked towards the front of the van. ” Okay, Mark. Let’s go!”

Connie’s eyes grew large as she snapped her head around to see another man behind the wheel of the van and yet another in the passenger seat. Seven! There were SEVEN of them!

Suddenly, as the van began moving, they were all over her. Hands were grabbing and squeezing every part of her body. Pulling her head back by the hair, one of them clamped his mouth to Connie’s, forcing his tongue deep into her mouth. Two others were sucking and chewing on both of her breasts. She felt a fourth move between her legs, licking her vagina and sucking on her clitoris while he shoved a finger up her ass. Both of her nylon clad legs were being held in the air while the final two were kissing and nibbling on her calves and thighs. Only Mark, who was driving the van, was not involved in mauling Connie.

” Stop it!” she yelled when she finally broke her mouth free. ” Please stop it! Leave me alone!”

Connie felt hands grabbing her legs and arms, dragging her out onto the floor of the van. She tried to fight, but it was hopeless. Four men were holding her down, her arms over her head and her legs spread eagle. Rick had occasionally asked her to wear a garter belt with nylons and high heels while they made love, but she had never done it for him. Now, she thought, she was going to do it for these seven strangers!

” Let me go! Don’t! You don’t have the right to do this! LET ME GO!” Connie pleaded as Carl knelt between her legs and began undoing his trousers.

” Don’t worry, honey. We’re going to take real good care of you. You’re going to love this.”

” No! Oh no! Please don’t hurt me! No! Get OFF of me!” Connie begged as Carl lowered his weight on top of her, kissing and liking her neck as he guided his penis to her vagina. Connie shifted her hips back and forth, trying to keep him from entering her, as she tried breaking her legs loose from the hands that gripped her ankles.

” Oh God no!” Connie’s panic grew as she felt Carl beginning to penetrate her. ” Get out of me! Leave me alone. No! Oh no!”

Carl continued pumping into Connie, penetrating her deeper with each thrust. The others were laughing and joking, yelling encouragement to Carl as he brutally raped the helpless young woman.

” N-n-no! P-please …uuhhh… stop! Please get ..uuhhh.. o-out of me! Oh no! Aaahhh! Oh God please help me! Oh…oh…ooohhhaaaAAAAAHHHNOOOO!” Connie screamed as Carl finally forced the full length of his penis deep inside her.

Carl had his full weight on Connie, crushing her against the cold metal floor as he drove himself into her over and over again. Connie was crying hysterically, tears running down both sides of her face as she continued trying to break away from the hands that held her down.

” Uuhhh …uuhhh… oh no ..uuhhh.. no p-please …oohhh… p-please st-stop … it hur-hurts” Connie begged as Carl continued pounding brutally into her.

” Fuck her good, Carl!” ” Tear her open, man!” ” Make her come, dude, make her come!” Connie heard the others laughing and joking, adding to her shame at what was happening. Not only was she being raped, she was being viewed as a floor show, a live porno show for the amusement of these vicious men.

Carl’s pace increased as his breathing got heavier. He began groaning in pleasure. Connie could feel his penis swelling even larger inside of her. She began feeling nauseous as she realized that he was getting ready to come inside of her!

” Oh no! Don’t Please don’t! Please get OUT of me! No!! NO!! OHHHHNOOOOOOOO!!!” Connie screamed as she felt Carl begin to shoot wave after wave of hot come deep inside her body. She could feel it coating her insides as Carl continued grunting and sweating on top of her, driving into her with the ferocity of a wild animal. Finally, as his penis quit twitching and throbbing inside of her, Carl collapsed on top of Connie and lay still while she continued sobbing.

After a minute, Carl lifted himself off of Connie, withdrawing his softening penis from her as he did. Connie could feel his come leaking out of her body and onto the floor of the van.

” Okay, boys. You all know the line up.” Carl grinned. They had cut cards to see who would be first, second and so on before they had gone hunting tonight.

” You’re in for a treat, sweetmeat.” Bill grinned at Connie as he moved into position between her legs. Connie’s eyes bulged in her head as Bill pulled out his penis. It was HUGE! Connie would never have believed that anyone could have a penis that big.

” We don’t call him ‘mule dick’ for nothing.” chuckled Carl.

” Rip her good!” Vern laughed.

” Oh dear God NO!” Connie’s voice trembled with fear as she spoke. ” Oh please NO! You CAN’T! PLEASE DON’T!”

Bill chuckled as he began lowering himself onto Connie. ” You’ll love it, babe. You’ll never want to go back to no little dicked mother fucker after you get this!”

Connie’s terror increased as she felt Bill place his massive organ against the entrance to her vagina and begin to push. Even though she was wet from Carl’s come and her own bodily fluids after the first rape, Bill was so huge that he could not easily enter her. She felt as if she were being torn apart as the head of Bill’s penis began forcing it’s way into her.

” UUUHHHOOOO!! N-NO! OH GOD P-PLEASE STO-OP! OOHHHAAA! IT HU-HURTS! NNUUHH…NNUUUHH…OH NO!” Connie was snapping her head from side to side, twisting her body in a futile attempt to get away from Bill. Her eyes were shut tightly, her teeth clamped together in pain as Bill forced his massive dick deeper into her.

She could hear the others laughing at her agony, encouraging Bill to drive his massive dick into her trembling body. Laughing at her. Laughing at her shame and her pain.

Bill groaned as he drove into Connie with increasing force. Grabbing her by the shoulders, he would pull her down onto his dick as he forced himself upwards into her. More and more of his huge member disappeared into Connie with each vicious thrust.

” NNNAAAHHH!! NNNAAAHHH!!! N-NO! UUHHH…UUHHH … P-PLEASE STO-OP! NNOOO! P-PLEASE NNOOO! UUHHH…UUHHH…UUHHH…OH GOD! UUHHH…UUHHH OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GODNNNNOOOOOOAAAAAAARRRRRR!!!” Connie’s head snapped back and her back arched as she screamed in pain as Bill finally drove his monstrous member completely into her. Never had she imagined that such pain could exist. Connie was sure that she would not survive being raped by this ungodly huge cock.

Connie’s body was twitching and trembling as Bill continued his assault on her. He was repeatedly pulling almost all the way out of her, only to drive himself back into her with vicious force. Each time he drove into her, Connie’s body would jump, every muscle snapping tense with the intense pain of the brutal rape.

” OH JESUS!! OH JESUS CHRIST!! PLEASE N-NO M-MORE!! P-PLEASE STO-OP! I CA-AN’T T-TAKE ANYMO-ORE!! STO-OP I-IT!!” Connie screamed in agony, feeling as if her insides were being torn apart.

Bill was moaning deep in his throat as he began thrusting harder and faster into Connie’s battered body. He was rapidly approaching orgasm and his assault increased in it’s violence. With every thrust, he bottomed out in Connie, causing her body to jump in pain.


Bill could feel his balls tightening. Pounding faster and faster into Connie, he neared orgasm.

” OOHHH….OOHHH…P-PLEASE….P-PLEASE…..OHHHAAAAHHHHHHOOOO!!!” Connie’s body stiffened as Bill impaled her on he dick, holding it at the very limits of her depth while he repeatedly shot come deep inside her. She could feel the huge dick throbbing inside her as it dumped more and more of the thick, hot liquid into her.

” Whoa shit!” moaned Bill. ” Good one!”

” Please. Oh please, take it out” Connie whimpered as she felt Bills huge dick softening inside her. Even flaccid, the size of it caused her pain. ” Please take it out!”

Slowly, Bill withdrew the monster from Connie’s trembling body. She moaned as the head finally left her and her vagina slowly began returning to normal size.

” You’re up to bat, aren’t you Dale?” said Carl.

” Damn straight!” said Dale as he relinquished his grip on Connie’s right wrist to Carl.

” Please leave me alone.” Connie whimpered as Dale positioned himself between her legs and pulled out his rock hard penis. ” No more. Please don’t hurt me any more.”

” Don’t worry, sweetie. I’m not as big as mule dick.”

Dale dropped onto Connie and clamped his mouth over hers, forcing his tongue into her mouth as his hands roughly squeezed her breasts. He continued kissing her as he moved his hand between them, grasping his penis and guiding it to her vagina.

” Uuuuhhhhhhhmmmmm” Connie moaned around Dale’s tongue as he easily penetrated her wet, battered vagina. Dale moved his mouth to Connie’s breast, sucking and chewing her nipple as he stoked himself in and out of her.

” Ohhh … uuhhh … uuhhh … st-stop! Ohhh … P-p-please …uuhhh … st-stop. Ohhh …. no uuhhh …. no m-more …. p-please no more…. ” Connie groaned in pain as Dale fucked her as hard as he could, still chewing roughly on her breasts.

” Let her legs go.” Dale told Dave and Eddy. ” I want them in the air.”

Dale shifted his position so he could get his arms under Connie’s knees and lift her legs, allowing him to penetrate her more deeply.

” Uuuuuuhhhhnnnnn.” Connie groaned as Dale drove deeply into her body. ” Oh God. Oh dear God, why me? uuhhh … uuhhh Why me? uuuuuhhhhoooooo.”

Dale shifted Connie’s legs higher so that her knees were now over his shoulders. He pushed forward and laid his weight on the back of her legs while he grabbed each side of her head with his hands. The tops of Connie’s nylon clad thighs were nearly touching her breasts, and she could see her high heeled feet bouncing over her head.

” Uuuhhhoooo … uuuhhhoooo … uuuhhhoooo … p-please …. oh please….” Connie pleaded while Dale continued driving himself deeper and deeper into her body.

” Oh man. Oh Christ does she feel good! Oh yeah! I’m going to paint your guts good, girl!” Dale moaned as he continued driving himself repeatedly into Connie’s aching body.

Carl and Vern were kneeling on the floor, pinning Connie’s wrists above her head. Dale had by now crushed Connie into such a position that her knees were on either side of her head, and her lower legs were between Carl and Vern. As Dale continued raping her, Connie felt Carl and Vern licking and chewing on the backs of her calves, their free hands rubbing and squeezing her legs.

” No more! …uuhhh … uuhhh P-please let me-e go! …uuhhh …uuhhh … oohhh… ” Connie moaned as Dale began fucking her harder and faster, driving deeper into her with every thrust. Her feet and legs were bouncing in time to Dale’s frantic pace as Carl and Vern continued chewing and licking her calves.

Connie’s moans of pain increased as Dale, approaching orgasm, drove into her with ever increasing ferocity. Harder and faster he drove into the very depths of her agonized body, pounding into her with sadistic glee. The tops of her thighs were now crushed against her breasts, her ass lifted off the floor so that Dale could drive even deeper into her.


Dale felt his balls tightening, felt the load of sperm preparing to explode from his body. He was pounding into Connie like a jackhammer, driving faster, faster, causing her to moan in pain with each vicious thrust ……


Connie felt Dale blowing his load deep inside her. Felt wave after wave of semen flood her vagina and mix with the come from the first two rapes. Felt him coming more with each thrust into her. Then finally, mercifully, his thrusting slowed as the last of his come drained into her body, slowed and then stopped as he collapsed on top of her, crushing her legs against her chest.

Dale laid on top of Connie for a moment while he caught his breath. Then slowly, he lifted his weight from her, withdrawing his dick from her as he did so. Connie’s legs dropped to the floor as Dale released them from his grip.

Connie laid on the floor, whimpering quietly, a look of shock and defeat on her face. The repeated rapes had taken their toll. There was no fight left in Connie, and Carl could see it in her eyes.

” Let go of her wrist, Vern. She’ll be a good girl from here on out.”

Carl was right. As Dave knelt between Connie’s legs and began undoing his pants, she slowly shook her head from side to side and mumbled ” No more. Please. No more.” But Connie didn’t fight. She didn’t move. She lay still, her legs spread and her arms at her sides, while Dave climbed on top of her and slid his dick into her. A low moan escaped her throat as Dave penetrated her, but nothing more. She didn’t try to twist her head away as Dave forced his tongue into her mouth.

Dave continued raping Connie, rubbing his hands over her body as he slid his dick in and out of the depths of her body. He took her breast in his mouth, sucking on the nipple. Connie closed her eyes and lay still, moaning in pain as Dave used her like a piece of meat. That’s all she was. A piece of meat with a warm, wet hole for the deposit of sperm. She just wanted it to be over. Let them all use her. Let them all rape her. Then it would be over. Then they would let her go.

” Uuuuuhhhhhhhhooooooo.” moaned Connie as she felt Dave dump the fourth load of sperm into her battered body. Four loads. Three more to go. Oh God! Three more! Oh God, why me? What did I do to deserve this? Why me, God?

The van continued slowly cruising the streets of Cleveland, careful to obey all the traffic laws, so as not to be pulled over by the cops. Waiting at red lights, people in other cars sat mere feet from the side of the van, unaware of the brutal gang rape that was proceeding so close to them. Unaware that a young woman’s existence was being torn and shredded almost within arms length of where they sat. So close. So close. But there was no help for Connie. No rescue from her tormenters.

Bill had taken over driving the van so that Mark could take his turn raping Connie. Kneeling between her legs, Mark hooked his arms under her knees and lifted her legs. Connie didn’t fight. She didn’t try to stop Mark. She moaned as she felt Mark penetrate her, but nothing else. Mark continued kneeling between her legs, her knees over his arms, pounding into her again and again. Connie remained still, her eyes closed and her teeth clenched while Mark continued his assault on her.

” You’re being entirely too quiet, bitch. I’ll have to do something about that.” Mark said.

Connie felt Mark slip his dick out of her, felt him shift position slightly, and then a new panic gripped her as she felt his dick pressing against her asshole.

” NO!!” Connie screamed. ” NO! NOT THERE! PLEASE NOT THERE!!”

Connie tried twisting away as Mark began penetrating her ass, driving deeper into her with each thrust. She tried pulling away from him, tried pushing him away with her legs, but nothing worked. The pain was tremendous as Mark entered deeper into her bowels.

” OOOHHHHH! N-NO!! OH P-PLEASE QUIT!! OHHH!! OHHH! OHHH!” Connie cried out as Mark drove himself completely into her asshole. She could feel his balls slapping against her as he relentlessly sodomized her.

” That’s better.” Mark murmured. ” Yeah, I like to hear them cry and beg!”

” Go man, go!” ” Rip her a new asshole, bro!” ” Pack her poop chute!” the others were cheering Mark on as he viciously raped Connie’s asshole, enjoying her pain and agony.

” OH GOD STOP IT!!” Connie was screaming as she felt Mark tearing her insides with his vicious rape. ” NO MORE!! OH GOD! OHHH!! OHHH!! UUHHH!! UUHHH!! UUHHH!! OHHH!! OOOHHHHHHNNNOOOOOOOOO!!’

Mark continued driving into Connie as his dick swelled with his growing excitement. Pounding into her with all his might, he could feel the warm wetness of the blood from her torn and battered bowels.


Mark’s pace and viciousness increased, his excitement growing with Connie’s increased pain. He began groaning as he neared orgasm.

” OH GOD! OHHH!! OHHH! ST-STOP! UUHHH!! UUHHH!! P-PLEASE! OHHH!! UUHHH!! OOOHHHAAAAAAAA!!!” Connie groaned as she felt Mark shooting his come deep into her bowels, his dick throbbing with each wave. Her body stiffened in pain as Mark drove his dick completely into her ass and held it there while he shot the last of his come into her. Finally, as she felt his dick softening inside her, he pulled out of her ravaged asshole.

Connie collapsed on the floor, completely exhausted from her ordeal. The pain in her asshole was excruciating. She felt the warmth as the mixture of come and blood leaked from her asshole and ran down between the cheeks of her ass.

” You know,” Vern said as he stepped up to take his turn ” that looked good. I think I’ll fuck her in the ass, too.”

” Oh God PLEASE don’t! PLEASE!” Connie pleaded, her eyes bulging in terror.

” Roll her over, boys!” Vern laughed as Carl and Dave grabbed her and forced her onto her stomach.

” NO!! OH PLEASE DON’T!!” Connie screamed as she felt Vern kneeling between her legs, felt him lowering his weight onto her back. ” I CAN’T! PLEASE! I CAN’T TAKE IT!”

Vern was laying on Connie’s back, his full weight crushing her to the floor. She felt his hand snake between them. She felt him guide his dick to her battered asshole.

” NO!! PLEASE DON’T!” Connie begged as she felt Vern begin to penetrate her. ” OHHH!!! OHHH!!! AAAHHH!! OH GOD!! IT HU-HURTS! OHHH!! P-PLEASE NO!! STO-OP!!”

Vern was moving his whole body on top of Connie, grinding her against the cold metal floor as he stoked in and out of her asshole. He was enjoying the sight of her tightly shut eyes, the grimace of pain on her face as he continued the sadistic anal rape.


Vern was driving into her with ever increasing speed and force as his balls swelled and tightened. He began moaning in pleasure as he felt Connie’s tight asshole beginning to milk the come from his dick. Connie felt him swelling inside her as his pace increased even more.

” NNNUUUHHH!! NNNUUUHHH!! NNNUUUHHH!!! OOHHH GODDDD!! OOHHH!! OOHHH!! P-P-PLEASE!! OOHHH!! STO-OP!! OOHH NNOOO!! UUHHH!! OH GOD!! OH!! OH!! OH!! OH!! OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” Connie felt Vern coming deep in her bowels. She felt the heat of his come flooding through her. Felt his dick throbbing inside her as he continued thrusting into her. Finally, he slowed, then stopped, laying on her back and breathing deeply.

Finally Vern lifted himself off of Connie. She laid on the floor in agony, not moving. She had lost track of how many times she had been raped. Was there any one else, or where they done with her? She couldn’t remember.

Bill pulled the van into the parking lot of a 24 hour supermarket in Bedford Heights, one of the south eastern suburbs of Cleveland, and shut off the engine. It was Eddy’s turn, and Bill always enjoyed watching Eddy.

In the rear of the van, Eddy took Connie by the shoulders and gently rolled her onto her back. ” Please don’t hurt me.” Connie whispered. ” Please don’t hurt me anymore.”

” Shhhh. No ones going to hurt you.” Eddy said as he laid down beside Connie. He softly stroked her cheek with his finger tips. ” It’s going to be alright.” Eddy told her as he lightly kissed her lips.

” Please. Please don’t hurt me.” Connie repeated, her shattered mind fixated on the pain she had been through.

” I won’t. I won’t hurt you.” Eddy reassured her as he softly moved his hands over Connie’s body, lightly kissing her neck.

His buddies didn’t see anything strange about what Eddy was doing. It was Eddy’s way, and they had seen it before. While they had laughed and yelled encouragement during the previous rapes, they remained quiet while Eddy gently played his hands and lips over Connie’s body.

Eddy placed his hand on the side of Connie’s face and turned it gently towards him. Leaning over, he began softly kissing her lips. Connie was looking at him with fear in her eyes as he continued kissing and touching her with a gentleness she had forgotten existed.

” It’s alright.” Eddy whispered in her ear. ” It’s alright. No ones going to hurt you.”

Eddy slowly shifted his body on top of Connie, kissing her gently as he did so. Somewhere in her shocked mind, the gentleness registered with Connie. She wasn’t being hurt. She reacted as much to the absence of pain as she did to the gentleness.

Slowly, Eddy changed position. Kneeling between her legs, he slowly rubbed both hands up and down Connie’s legs, enjoying the feel of the nylons she wore. Eddy had always been a leg men, and Connie had excellent legs. He rubbed his hands over her thighs, up to her stomach and over the satin of her garter belt, up to her breasts. Gently, softly he rubbed her breasts, looking into her eyes as he did so. A small moan escaped Connie’s throat.

Leaning over, Eddy began kissing Connie’s thighs. Gently using his tongue, he licked and kissed her over her thighs, working slowly up towards her stomach. Continuing the gentle kissing and nibbling, Eddy laid between Connie’s legs, his chest resting lightly on her pelvic area while he kissed and nibbled Connie’s stomach. His hands gently kneaded her breasts as he continued flicking kisses softly over her stomach.

Eddy moved farther up, gently kissing and nibbling Connie’s breasts as his hands softly rubbed her sides and face. Connie closed her eyes and sighed. Confused, abused and in a state of shock, Connie’s mind had reacted to the gentleness. Some level of her mind, recoiling from the pain and abuse, was desperately seeking a safe haven, a place without pain. In her confused state, Connie’s battered mind embraced this gentleness.

” Uuuoooohhhhhhh.” Connie moaned as Eddy gently penetrated her body, lightly kissing her as he did. Connie looked into his eyes as he began to slowly, easily move inside her. It was as if he was trying to avoid causing her any pain. As Eddy leaned down to kiss her, Connie closed her eyes and returned the kiss.

Eddy had his left arm under Connie’s shoulders, holding her close as his right hand softly stroked her hair. His lips touched hers in a long, soft kiss. Slowly, Connie’s arms moved up and around Eddy’s back, pulling him close as she lifted her legs and wrapped them around his hips.

Carl grinned and winked at Bill. Damned if Eddy hadn’t done it again!

Eddy continued kissing Connie and softly massaging her body with his free hand. Connie returned his kisses as she rubbed the back of his neck. Her hips began moving in time with Eddy as he slowly moved inside of her.

” Ooooohhhh.” Connie moaned as she nuzzled into Eddy’s shoulder. ” Oooohhhh.”

These were not the moans of pain from the previous rapes. They were moans of one body responding to another. Moans of acceptance.

” Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh.” Connie continued responding to Eddy’s gentleness, oblivious to the fact that six other men were gathered around them, watching everything they did.

” Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ooohhhhhhh.” Connie was moving in time with Eddy, her pace increasing as his did, her pelvic area grinding against his. Connie felt the stirrings deep inside her. Slowly, she was becoming aroused.

Eddy was kissing and fondling Connie, moving in cadence with her as he felt his own excitement grow. He drove into her with a quickening pace and she responded, moving with him, driving her hips forward to meet his thrusts.

” Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH! MMMMMMM!” Connie clamped her mouth onto Eddy’s, darting her tongue in and out of his mouth as he did the same. Their tongues intertwined as the pace of their thrusting increased.

” OHHH! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH!” Connie moaned as she pulled Eddy tighter against her. She felt the feeling of arousal growing inside her, felt her body responding more and more to Eddy’s attentions.

” OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!” Connie groaned as her body was wracked by a tremendous orgasm. Her entire body trembled, pushing Eddy over the edge as well.

” Oh God!!” Eddy moaned as he began shooting his load into Connie. Connie was still in the throes of her own orgasm as she felt the heat of Eddy’s sperm filling her insides. The throbbing of his dick inside her caused her to groan as her orgasm began abating.

” Mmmmmm.” Connie sighed, holding Eddy close, her legs still wrapped around his hips, as the trembling of her body slowly ceased. Eddy collapsed on her with a sigh of contentment.

” All right, Eddy!” Bill hollered. Suddenly, all six were cheering and applauding.

Connie was violently jerked back to reality by the yelling and catcalls, torn from the quiet, safe place her mind had created back to the awful reality of this dirty, battered van. She saw Eddy’s face above her, felt his softening dick still inside her, and with terrible clarity remembered exactly what had happened.

” Oh no! Oh God no! I couldn’t have! I couldn’t have done that!” Connie sobbed.

” You sure did, sweetheart. You fucked my brains out, and you not only enjoyed it, you came yourself!” Eddy grinned at her.

” Oh God no!” Connie collapsed on the floor, the realization of what she had done driving the last of vestige of her dignity and self respect out of her.

In some ways, Eddy was the worst of the lot and more sadistic than the others. While the others battered the body, Eddy went for the mind. With the others, Connie could tell herself that it wasn’t her fault, that she tried to stop them but couldn’t. But with Eddy, she would never have that escape. She would always remember that she had co-operated with Eddy. That she had responded to him. The reason wouldn’t matter. The psychological battering she had already suffered wouldn’t serve to excuse her guilt. She had responded to Eddy, and she would never be able to forgive herself.

” You know, watching Eddy kind of turned me on. I think I’ll just have to face fuck the bitch.” Carl chuckled.

Connie heard him and whimpered. She didn’t want him in her mouth, but she didn’t have the will left to even put up a token resistance.

” No.” Connie whimpered as Carl knelt over her face and rested his buttocks on her chest. ” Please don’t. Let me go. Please, just let me go.”

Carl chuckled as he put one hand behind Connie’s head, lifting it towards him as he guided his dick to her mouth with the other hand.

” No. Please stop! Pleasuuuaaaagggggmmmpphhh.” Carl stuffed his now hard dick into Connie’s mouth. Taking her head in both hands, he held her tightly as he began thrusting his dick in and out of her mouth.

Connie had never given a blow job before, had never even had a dick in her mouth before. As Carl drove deeper into her mouth, Connie began choking and gagging on him. Carl couldn’t have cared less. He continued thrusting his dick into her mouth, pushing back to the top of her throat, and then, into her throat.

Connie couldn’t breathe with Carl’s dick buried in her throat. He was still thrusting, but he didn’t withdraw far enough to leave her throat. Connie began fighting as panic set into her mind. She tried pushing Carl away, twisting her body and kicking with her feet and legs.

Carl still had his dick buried in Connie’s throat. He was humping her face faster and faster, driving deeper into her throat with each thrust. Her choking and retching only served to arouse him further. He could feel her throat contracting on his dick as it tried to expel the offending member. Connie’s lungs were beginning to burn from lack of air. She was becoming light headed, on the verge of passing out.

” Oh shit!” Carl moaned.

Suddenly, Connie felt his dick explode in her throat. She was gagging and choking as he shot thick, hot come down her throat in wave after disgusting wave. Still he kept humping her face, fucking her in the mouth until the last drop of sperm had been shot from his dick and into her throat. Carl quit moving, but he held Connie’s head in place, enjoying the feeling as his dick slowly softened in her mouth.

” Damn!” mumbled Carl. ” Good shit, man.” He let Connie’s head drop to the floor and pulled his dick from her mouth. Standing up, he looked around. ” Any body else want some more of this?”

” Yeah!” said Dale. ” Me and Bill got something we want to try.”

” Oh God, no more. Please no more. I can’t. I canuuummppphh.” Connie was cut off as Dale, kneeling above her head, stuffed his dick into her mouth. He grabbed Connie’s head and forced himself deeper into her mouth.

Connie felt someone moving between her legs. She felt arms under her knees, lifting her legs to expose her vagina. Suddenly, it hit her. Bill! Bill was MULE DICK!!! OH GOD NOT AGAIN!!

Once again Connie felt the huge cock being forced into her body. She felt as if she were being torn in two. She felt as if the dick in her throat and the dick in her pussy were going to meet in the middle.

” AAARRRUUUUGGGGGGG!!!” she tried screaming around the dick that was filling her mouth as Bill drove his immense organ into her body.

Now both of them were driving into her. Dale was choking her as he drove his dick into her throat while Bill caused her body to jump and twist in pain with every vicious thrust deep into her. Connie’s feet bounced in the air as Bill repeatedly drove into her. The other five laughed and cheered as they watched the vicious double rape.

Dale and Bill were thrusting into Connie with increasing ferocity. Her gagging and attempts to scream, her twitching trembling body was driving them to the peak of arousal. Both of them were ready to orgasm.

” Oh shit! Oh shit! NOW, BILL, NOW!” Dale yelled.

Connie felt both men blowing their loads into her. She gagged on Dale as he pumped his sperm down her throat and jumped in pain as Bill drove his huge dick completely into her and shot his come deep into her body. They continued driving into her, choking her and hurting her until they finished depositing every last drop of their come into her.

Slowly, with a sigh of contentment, Dale pulled his dick from her mouth and stood up.

” Oh God. Oh God” Connie groaned in pain. ” P-please get o-out of m-me. Oh p-please.” Bill grinned at her and pushed into her. ” Ooohhhhhhh! Oohhh please stop! Please.”

Bill laughed as he slowly pulled his dick out of Connie. She collapsed on the floor as the last of Bill’s tremendous member exited her.

” No more. Please no more.” Connie’s voice was barely above a whisper. Her eyes were glazed as total shock began setting in.

But the night wasn’t yet over for Connie. The rapes would continue for the next several hours. She would be repeatedly raped anally, orally and vaginally. Three times she would be raped by two of them at once, and once by three of them at the same time.

When the seven were finally satiated, they used ropes to tie Connie’s arms and legs to tie down points on the side walls of the van. Her body formed an X on the floor of the van, with her spread legs facing the rear doors. With Connie completely helpless, they drove to various spots in the worst sections of town. There, they sold Connie’s helpless body to anyone who wanted in for twenty dollars a crack. They made eight hundred and forty dollars that night.

Connie would never be sure of how many times she had been raped that night. She would never even be sure of how many different men had raped her that night. She remembered whites, blacks, Hispanics, Arabs and Asians, but she had no idea of how many.

Once finished with her, the seven rapists dumped Connie at the side of the road in the Metro-Parks. She was found there by a park Ranger in the morning, trembling and in shock. It would be weeks before Connie returned to some semblance of awareness and could tell what had happened to her.

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