February 27, 2006

brutal gang rape

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It was turning out to be a really bad day. For the first time since my boyfriend took off with one of my mates, one of my friends finally talked me into joining them for an evening on the town celebrating my nineteenth birthday.

As I was dressing for the night, I thought ” I have to get me something tonight, it’s been more than a month since last time” . I felt incredible horny and sexy slipping on the thin, long and narrow dress I had bought just for tonight, and in a flash of insanity I left my panties in the drawer. It made me incredibly horny to feel the abscense of fabric between my thighs and the occasionally brush of cold air on my pussy as I was walking down the stairs to the taxi and my friends.

Me and three of my mates from work had entered the fourth night-club half an hour ago, and my friends had already made themselves dates for the night and I was still alone. I guess it was my own doing, because every time a guy made attempts to get into conversation or ask for a dance, I kind of saw my old boyfriend for my inner eye, and ended up offending the guys before they even knew what hit them. Every single of them backed off as soon as they discovered the mood I was in, and by closing time I was a little drunk so to say and still alone. I figured out I best got home before the rush started and it would be impossible to get a taxi.

I got out of the club and headed for the nearest taxi-stop. But I must have miscalculated time, because when I got there, there must have been about 100 persons waiting already, and someone told me there hadn’t been a taxi for almost 20 minutes. I tried a few other taxi-stops, but situation was the same. I figured that if I were to get home before daylight, I had to find some other solution to the transport problem. Walking 6 miles in high healed shoes and with a thin narrow dress was out of the question even though the night was warm and dry.

This left me with a solution I never would have chosen if I was alone and sober and thinking clearly. Although I was alone, I was not the least sober and probably not thinking at all, so I ended up in a pirate taxi. The pirate taxis had their own assembly point in the middle of the town, and when I got there, I stumbled into the back-seat of the first car I laid my eyes on. There were two very dark African-looking men in the front seat, and under normal circumstances I wouldn’t even consider leaving myself in the mercy of such peoples, but now I just wanted to get home. I told them where I was going, and the car took off. During the trip the guy in the front passenger seat tried to start a conversation with me, but he soon gave up. He kept staring on me from time to time, though, and it seemed that the driver also looked more than normal in the rear view mirror. When we got to my address, the stopped and asked for 20 bucks.

I reached for my purse, but it wasn’t there, in fact it wasn’t in the car at all. I must have forgotten it in the night-club, and I realized with a shock that I couldn’t pay the guys what they wanted for the drive. It also flashed before me the rumours I had heard about females unable to pay for pirate-taxis whom had been forced to have sex with the driver or had literally been raped by the drivers. I told them I didn’t have money on me, but that I had some money in my flat and could go up and get them their money.

“Nooo,…I don’t think so” the driver said, and with a grin on his face he said to his pal: “See, I told you she had no money. She didn’t have no purse, and there’s surely no place to hide money in that outfit” .

As I was trying to open the door and get out, the car sped up and drove away from my house. The doors couldn’t be opened from the inside, they had probably turned on the child safety. Realizing that I couldn’t get out of the car, I grasped a good fistful of the drivers hair and pulled backwards, but in the same moment the his friend sprayed something in my face. At first I feared it could be mace, but in the next moment I felt dizzy and sleepy and then everything turned black……

When I was regaining consciousness I couldn’t first figure out where I was. I was lying face down, and my arms and legs was immobilized. There was some sharp lights coming from behind, or from my foot-end, so to speak, and I could hear car engines idling. Then I realized that my arms was tied together and stretched forward and fastened to the end of a narrow wooden board. I was lying on the end of this wooden board, with my belly on the edge of it, and my legs were stretched out backwards and slightly downwards and spread wide. They were secured to the ground I realized, and the wooden board must have been some sort of bench.

Then, as I remembered what had happened and realized in shock that I was probably going to experience what I had feared when I couldn’t pay the pirate taxi, I lifted my head to look around. The first thing I saw, was a scenic picture of the town core, or rather the lights from the town. From the angle and the altitude I realized that I was on a viewing point at a small mountain rising up in the middle of the town, a very popular place for people to walk in the weekends. Turning my head I could see, on my right side, two other girls lying on each one’s bench tied in the same way as me. On my left side I could only see the woods. Looking back, I could se several sharp lighting points, and in the lights I saw the silhouette of several people.

“Ahh, The last one is awake, then we can start.” A deep voice said.” Well my ladies, you probably wonder what you are doing here in this situation. Well it’s quite simple, each one of you has purchased our services without being able to pay for them. The next few hours you can think of as …. paytime!”.

I could hear several people laughing, and then the same voice said. “You may begin, fellows. By the way, ladies, you can shout as much as you want and if you can, but no one can hear you at this distance, even if they were awake at 4 am.”

I realized in horror that the rumours were true. I was about to be raped because I couldn’t pay the taxi fare, in fact I was likely to be gang-raped. As the two other girls started to sob and plead for them to be released, I started to swear and threaten our captors verbally. Suddenly I felt someone lifting my dress up and pulling it up until it was lying around my waist. Than I felt a hand touching my pussy and applying something cool. I realized that it must have been some sort of lubricant, and in the next moment I felt something else touching my pussy-lips.

“Can you feel this, cunt, it is something that is black, round, two inches wide and nine inches long” someone said while stroking his cock-head up and down over my pussy and asshole smearing the lubricant all over the area. I was pulling and bucking and trying to get free, but I couldn’t move even half an inch. As I continued to swear and threaten him he stopped his movement with his cock-head between my other pussylips and said:

“Right you are, it’s a nigger-cock, as you would said it, white slut!” and with that he slowly pushed his cock into my still dry pussy.

I gasped in pain as he pushed far inwards, and after pushing in what felt like one foot of cock, his cock-head hit my cervix mound deep inside me. in incredibly pain I felt his balls hit my pussylips and realized that I had 9 inches of cock inside me, if he told the truth. That’s much more than I ever experienced before, and I hardly thought it could be true. But as he started to pull his boner out again, I found it to be very true. His cock had withdrawn some lubricant into my pussy, so next time he pushed inside it didn’t ache that much. In the meantime I could hear both the other girls screaming in agony as they received the same treatment as I did. As my rapist sped up his fucking, I turned and saw the other two girls also being raped by black men, and the other guys I could see en my limited angel of view, was all black. I could count seven or eight men in addition to the three already in action, and figured out that each of us was going to be raped at least three or four times, if no one of them wanted to try more than one pussy………I was going to be very wrong in my calculations!

My rapist had now picked up the pace and was banging me savagely. He had reached forward and pulled my dress down from my breasts, tearing the shoulder strips, and my whole dress now was around my waist. He had a firm grip of my breasts, as for to hold me still, but I couldn’t move after all. He was squirming my breasts so hard it was hurting me, and all the time he was banging away in my pussy. From my right side I suddenly heard a moan where I earlier had heard screams, and I was wondering what was happening. The second girl away from me looked as if she had fainted, but her rapist still banged away on her.

The closest girl was still very much conscious, in fact she was moaning and moaning as if she actually liked what was happening to her. The lubricant had made my own raping less painful after a while, and thinking of the situation and realizing that the other girl actually liked to be raped, I started to feel a tingling deep inside me. It took me a while to realize that my body was in fact betraying me, even if I still was fighting to get free, my body reacted as it usually did when receiving a treatment as this: I actually got aroused myself.

Still thinking thoughts about rape and abuse, my body started to work with the rapist. I started lubricating on my own, in fact I got so wet thinking about this perverted situation that precum literally poured out of my pussy along the cock and dripped down on the bench I was lying on. The squirming of my breasts added to the lust, and I started humping back on my rapist as good as I could. My lust rose to new heights as he was pumping his iron in and out of my pussy. I could feel his cock grow even a little more, and then I suddenly felt his cum pour into me in rapid strong blows while he was holding his cock still deep inside me. This pushed me over the edge as well, and I came in an violent orgasm pulling my bondage and bucking as hell. Then my rapist pulled out leaving my pussy wide open and his cum pouring out and down on the bench.

As my own orgasm receded I felt like fainting from exhaustion, but the suddenly the next one plunged inside me. He was even bigger than the first one, and I gasped again as he hit bottom of my pussy. My pussy was feeling little sore after the first round, but it was well lubricated from no.1′s cum, and this one pushed his cock inside almost without resistance. When he hit my cervix it felt like he pushed even further in, moving my internal organs to make room for his cock. He pulled his cock out again until only his head remained inside, and then plunged in again. He continued fucking this way, and each time he reached bottom, it felt like his cock-head was all the way up in my stomach. I soon started to get aroused again, and while the guy was fuckin away in my pussy, I started moaning loudly. After a while he started pulling his cock all the way out between each stroke, and then plunging all the way in again. Each time he pulled his cock out, I could hear a distinkt poop as the vacuum inside me pulled air inside, and each time he plunged in again I could hear the sound of air escaping along his cock out again. These sound made me even more horny, and I was responding to his fucking the best I could. After a short time he came deep inside me too, and the feeling of his semen pouring into me in short powerful bursts felt like lava spreading all over my abdomen. I didn’t reach climax this time, and as he withdrew his cock, my pussy stayed open for a long time, and I could feel the cum inside me slowly running out my vaginal canal and down to the bench underneath me.

The feeling of the mild wind blowing over me also reached the inner parts of my vagina, and the chilling feeling was sensational, actually it was so arousing it pushed me over the edge again and several seconds after he withdrew, I had my second orgasm without anyone even touching me. I got a few minutes break before the action began again.

Now someone came forward along the bench and sat down in front of me. My head was pull up and backwards, and the guy in front of me inserted something into my mouth. After inserting it he did something on each side of my head, adjusting some screws I found out later, and my mouth was pulled open wide. It pulled my mouth open so wide that my jaws almost dislocated. Then the guy in front of me slided himself towards me with his stiff cock aimed directly at my mouth. I had never given oral sex to anyone before, and I feared that this big cock would mean trouble to me. As he inserted his cock in my mouth, I tried to pull away, but to no avail.

I also saw that the cock was covered in half dry semen and probably cunt juices, and realized that he had just been fucking me, or maybe one of the others in the cunt just moments before. By the size of his cock I assumed that this was the guy that had fucked me in my pussy just moments ago, and I watched in horror as he inserted inch after inch of what must have been 11 inches of cock into my mouth. The light fell just so I could see everything going on in front of me, and when the had inserted just 4 inches of his cock, he hit the back of my mouth. As he touched the back of my mouth, I started gagging, but he paid no attention to that. He just kept pushing his cock further inside my mouth, and while I was gagging and convulsing he just pushed his cock in further and further until I finally could feel his balls against my chin. In my horror I realized that I had 11 inches of cock in my throat in my first blow-job!

I was still gagging and had no chance of breathing, but he just kept it still deep down there The cock-head must have been all the way down in my stomach. After a few seconds without air, I started to feel dizzy and I feared I was about to be suffocated, but the lack of oxygen also led to my body started to go limp and the gagging nearly stopped. Then he pulled his cock out again and let me draw a few strokes of air, and then he started all over again. After five or six times with this treatment my throat kind of got used to his cock, and I was able to control the gagging reflex almost down to nothing. Then he started to fuck my throat with long, powerful strokes. He pushed his cock in so his balls slapped to my chin, then he withdrew to his cock was in the back of my mouth, allowing me to draw in or blow out air each time his cock was out. We quickly found a rhythm that worked well, and I started to lick his the underside of his cock while it went out or in.

The very thought of the perversion in the situation made me aroused again, and when a new cock was pushed into my now contracted, but still very wet pussy, it took only a few strokes before I came again. The two cocks were now working in and out of me in each end simultaneously. It felt like they met inside me each time they bottomed in their respectively holes Each time they bottomed felt like a small orgasm of itself, and after just a few minutes of this double-fucking I had my fourth orgasm. The two guys came almost at the same time, and while my own orgasm raged through my body, I felt their cum both in my cunt and in my mouth, pouring out, warm and sticky and in enormous amounts. The guy fucking my throat pulled his cock out and sprayed some of his semen in my mouth and all over my face. While he withdrew completely and disappeared, the guy in my pussy didn’t go limp even after his orgasm, and he now withdrew his cock and aimed it at my ass. Well-lubes as he was, he simply sunk it into my ass in one long blow.

This was another way of sex I hadn’t tried before, and it felt only disgusting at first. It ached a lot when he forced his tool inside me, and he was clearly not of the smallest on this one either. He started to fuck my ass in long hard strokes, and after a while a warm feeling started to spread around my ass. In the meantime my mouth, still spread wide open by the dental gag, was drooling with cum and saliva. Soon another guy came in front of me and pushed his cock inside my mouth, and although not as big as the last one, he still filled my throat far down towards the stomach. This time I almost didn’t gag at all, and he fucked my throat for a long time before he came almost at the same time as the one in my ass. When the guy in my ass came, it gave a feeling I never felt before, and the warmth lasted a long time after he withdrew.

While all this went on, I could hear cars leave and other arrive. We were clearly meant to serve as fucking-objects to quite a large amount of men. The girl next to me was now fainted or asleep, but one guy still fucked her ass, and the third girl, who looked very young (She was 16 I later found out) was now awake again and seemed to enjoy being fucked in both mouth and cunt at the same time. It’s amazing how the basic instincts can take control of the body in such a situation, and that the body can make the best out of such abuse even though the brain thinks otherwise.

During the next hour or so we were all three raped by so many men, the majority black or otherwise collared, I had no chance to count. We were all three converted from rape-victims to cock-hungry sluts, and I found myself wanting it never to end, although both my pussy, my ass and my throat was very sore. Finally it seemed like the had got enough, and the gag in my mouth was removed. I could hardly pull my jaws together, and my mouth was full of dried cum and saliva. My back, my ass and pussy and my thighs was also covered with dried sperm and the bench I lied on was also full of cum that my belly and my breasts swas smearing around in.

Then I heard the deep voice again:” Well, ladies, you can now consider your taxi-fares paid. We are now about to release you, but in order for us to get out of the area and in safe distance from here, in case you want to tell the cops about this, we have provided your bondage with a chemically release link. This works by a chemical reaction triggered by light, so when the daylight comes, the process will start. It will go quickly if it gets sunny today, a little slower if its clouded, but within an hour or five your hands should be released and you should be able to release the rest of the bondage yourselves And if you don’t, you’ll still be found when people come here for their Sunday walk. Goodnight ladies” .

And with that the last car sped up and drove away. I now thought that our rape was over, and I thought I could just relax until the release link broke. But after about ten minutes we heard several cars approaching again. They stopped in the same location as the others, and we could hear several people approaching us again.

” You see, I was right, ay! They do this every Saturday night. They take all the women who can’t pay and drive them up here to rape them. Then after they’re gone, for some reason they cant get loose until several hours. We can do what we want with them, just be careful and don’t let them see you, guys. And no names, of course.”

By the way he talked and by the sound of his voice I realized these was teenagers out for some free pussy. They had probably staked out the place and found out when the others left, and now they were going to have some action for themselves. They dried of us most of the cum, and then it was all action again. We all had cocks in all our holes, mouth cunt and ass, and some of them even managed to take me in both ass and pussy at the same time. The way I was lying on the bench, they must have been acrobats to manage that, but it felt good though.

Some time during this session I heard someone burst out: ” Hey, this ones name is Sharon. She’s in my sisters class.” After that she, the 16 year old, got the most attention for a while, but they soon came back and worked the other two of us again. After about a hour and a half, they seemed satisfied too, and left. We were now so exhausted that I think we all fell asleep, at least I did.

I was awakened by some barking and some cracking sounds in the woods. I looked around, and the other two were still asleep, but it was almost light now, cloudy though. Then I heard the barking again, closer this time, and realized that if there were dogs in the neighbourhood there most certainly was people too. I felt ashamed by the thought of being found like this, but I didn’t want to be suspended in this position any more than necessary. Suddenly a large dane broke out of the woods at my right side, seconds later to be followed by one more. As the dogs approached us I suddenly started thinking of what these dogs could do to us before their owner reached us. The dogs were running around us sniffing and snorting, and I suddenly discovered something that made my hair rise and sent a cold feeling through my body. I could see that both the dogs were male dogs by the thing that appeared underneath them as they were sniffing my pussy and the other two, who both had awaked now.

One of the dogs started licking the cum of my face, and I could see its cock grow larger and larger as it did so. It must have smelled an unmistakably scent from us, and like all other creatures they got horny from that smell. After having licked my face he played attention to my pussy licking that too. All the time I could see his organ. It must have been nine or ten inches long and 2.5 inches wide on the widest part close to the root. Then suddenly it stopped licking me, and although the licking actually felt good, I feared what would happen now. Then suddenly I felt his paws on my back, and then he clasped me around my waist. Thank god for the dress that was still there, otherwise he would surely tear my skin with his claws. Then I felt his cock protruding against my pussy.

This was what I had feared, I was still not able to except that a dog should take advantage of me. But I had no chance to move or do anything else to prevent him from doing what he wanted, and I could imagine what he wanted, finding what he thought was a bitch in heat ready and apparently willing (she didn’t move) to be taken. After a few strokes his cock ht home, and with one mighty blow he pushed his cock all the way in until only the knot on the base of his cock was outside my pussy. As he started to fuck my pussy violently and fast like a rabbit, I turned my head and saw the 16-year-old get the same treating from the other dog. She gaped her mouth wide open and gasped for air as the dog pushed his cock inside and started fucking her. The dog fucking me, pushed harder and harder for each blow, and I could feel the knot on his cock entering a little more into the cunt each time he pushed violently in.

Finally he had stretched my hole wide enough and the knot slipped inside. The moment it slipped inside, it felt like it grew to double size, it felt like a balloon being pumped up and ready to explode. And explode he did, the dog that is. I came and came inside me, squirting what felt like gallons of glowing heat semen inside me. During this fucking I had been concerned with the disgusting fact that I was being raped by a dog, but my body had betrayed me again. Without me noticing, I had worked against the dog and actually worked myself to the edge of a new orgasm, and now I took off like a new year firework rocket. I was coming and coming all the time, and through the fog in my orgasming brain I realized that the dog tried to pull his cock out of me, but couldn’t. I knew enough about dogs to know what was happening, and each time he moved to try and withdraw from me, he also pulled my vagina and my internal organs, and the sensation renewed my orgasm every time. I could swear this orgasm went on for the full 25 minutes it took before the dog released from my cunt. And when he did, the feeling of his cum pouring out of my now wide open and sore pussy renewed the orgasm another three or four times before it finally feded out.

Before I fell asleep again, I caught a glimpse of the 16-year-old orgasming just as violently as I did, and the girl next to me was being taken in the ass by a man who must have been the owner of the dogs.

Next time I woke up, it was bright daylight and my hands was free. I untied my legs, and although stiff from lying in the same position for so many hours, I managed to get over to the other girls and untie and wake them up. We found a small water-stream and washed of the worst of the cum, and then we managed to fix our clothes so they covered the most necessary. Under the bench I had been tied to I found my purse with all my money and my mobile phone. I figured out that the guys in the pirate taxi must have hidden it when they found out they wanted me as one of the victims that night. We called a taxi, a real one this time, to take us home.

While we waited for the taxi, I talked a little with the girl who had lied next to me. She could tell, to my shock, that this was the fourth time she’d been here, and second time this month. After the first time she thought her life was ruined, and it was in fact in some ways. She never more cared to get a new boyfriend, because as she said ” boyfriends only means trouble” . She told me that after she had recovered from the first time, she found out that she had changed from a normal person with normal sex urges and into a cock-hungry slut that was craving cocks all the time. Every time the urge for a solid gang-bang grew too big, she just put on some cheap dress, took a taxi to town and went into the first pirate taxi she could find saying ” I’m broke, I can’t pay” . She knew that each time she did this she would get as much sex as her body could take. After this she spoke to the 16-year-old, and I saw the 16-year-old nod several times to what se said. Then the taxi came and drove us home.

It took me ten days before I could walk normal again, and after 13 days my body felt all fine, no more aching or soreness or anything. Now I’m sitting in front of the computer writing this. I have a tight armless top on, no bra, a short miniskirt, no panties and a couple of high healed shoes and no stockings. When I’m finished, I’ll take a taxi into town, find me a pirate taxi and tell the driver to drive me home. But I’m just bringing enough bucks for the taxi into town……………..

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