June 20, 2006

rough sex victims

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When the revolution came, I saw in my naïve way a world painted in blues and in yellows. Colors of the new, lone party drifted off the massive flags that spread like raindrops through the city. I watched them dance in the sky as the coated the earth. They melted into the faces of passersby, ran through the streets and alleys. They dipped into the water we drank. No: they were the water we drank.

I knew the revolution must surely have wonderful things in store for me. I was a fervent, vocal party man, and always had been. When the recession had crushed many businesses and taken food from the mouths of babes, I had taken to the streets to put posters up. When the government’s efforts to restore order failed, I staged rallies. When the troops were sent in, I fought. I deserved my place among the heroes of the revolution.

It had been difficult, too. For a great while there had been no response. Culture had been drifting back towards older times already, but some of the views we espoused were still too radical. His Excellency had confided in me then, bunkered in an old warehouse and living with rats, that it was all a part of his plan.

“The people will respond,” he had smiled as he tapped his sternum, “when the people need to eat.” Until then, we had to be prepared.

Sure enough, when the time came to move we were able to move faster and more efficiently than our enemies, and had swiftly gained power.

And now His Excellency was excellent, indeed. (more…)

June 18, 2006

best friend rape

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Im a 19 year old virgin not becaue i want to be but in truth ive dated alot of guys but never wanted to have sex with anyone of them but recently i have been having urges. Me and my best friend have been friends since elementary school but we have never dated each other. I want him to fuck me so bad… i dream sucking his dick and feeling his dick inside me, i need a guys advice.. what would you do if your best girl friend came onto you? Would you do it?!?

wrong woman rape

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A California man has pleaded
guilty to residential burglary after he set up a meeting with a woman
on a rape fantasy Internet chat page, but instead broke into a
different woman’s apartment.

Michael Todd Howard, 35, pleaded guilty in a court in San Diego
Tuesday in return for an expected sentence of one year in jail and
probation, prosecutors said. (more…)

June 16, 2006

raped whore

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I knew that Buzz had found me out the minute he came through door. He had that darkly burning look in his eyes. He stood at the kitchen door and stared at me for what seemed like forever.

“You’re a fucking whore, Mindy, a fucking whore. I saw you with Dan today. Stupid bitch!”

What could I say? I was busted. “I’m sorry Buzz, it just . . . it just kinda happened. It was only a blow job. Its not like I fucked him or anything.”

“Only a blow job, huh.” an evil smile flashed across buzz’s face. “You got two choices bitch, come with me and do exactly as you’re told or get the fuck out. And you got ten seconds to decide.”

“I’ll do anything Buzz, anything you want . . . please…”

“Get in the truck” he said coldly as he shoved me towards the door. I’m gonna teach you a lesson.”

I walked to the front door and then out to the truck and got in. Buzz slid behind the wheel.

“Get on the floor. I don’t even want to look at you, you whore.” (more…)

forced sex lesson

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While his lips swept over hers, breathing her in like the prey she was, he stood back to look at her in her glory, the chains moving with her as she moved to pull against the cuffs on her wrists, as if she could get away. Folding his arms, it made him smile at how cute it was she thought she could get away still. However fertile she was, however young she was at 18 to his 35, however innocent, he was going to get inside of her head and corrupt her. Soon, she would be at his feet, kneeling to plead servitude to his whims. As his eyes floated over her, he lusted after the perky breasts in the white lace bra showing through the buttons he ripped off earlier. How long could he withstand looking at her. Watching her was such a game to him. Ah, yes, the capture….. (more…)

June 15, 2006

raped by my boss

Well it had been about a month since Mary Jane’s car had rolled into the car park of our construction site and I still smiled at the memory of that morning every time I went down into the basement car park as part of my duties on site. The same pallet of masonry blocks remained as a reminder of the four guys fucking her atop of them.

I was still coming to work early each morning to have a couple of quiet hours to myself to do office work before the site works started each morning. And each morning I kept one eye on the window hoping to see Mary Jane standing in front of her own bedroom window, across the road from the site, giving me a morning flash of her beautiful body. Whenever her bedroom light came on just before she opened the curtains I used to stand by my office window hoping for an early morning show. But Nah, nothing happened even though I knew she could see me standing there. Unfortunately she didn’t give me the opportunity to set up the theodolite and admire her more closely through its telescope.

Then early one Saturday morning, my site office door suddenly burst open and in stormed Mary Jane. (more…)

hot chicks rape

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Sara Parker studied her reflection in the mirror as the make-up artist fluttered around her. Her face, although not conventionally pretty, was attractive and her wide, pouty smile gave her a provocative look that most red-blooded American men found sexy, along with her carefully tousled “just fucked” blonde mane of hair.

“Miss Parker, you must be so excited about this scene. Any woman in the country would trade places with you, I mean, who doesn’t want to be in bed with John Watson?” Angie giggled as she worked on Sara’s eye make-up.

“I don’t,” muttered Sara under her breath.

But it wasn’t like she had a choice. Andy Batuzzo, this episode’s director, had made that perfectly clear after the first read-through. As usual, the cast had gathered around the breakroom table, Andy’s cigar smoke hazing the air. Sara had given him a dirty look for smoking, but had received only a smirk in response. Flipping through some newly added script pages, she was stunned to realize that the episode now ended with a sex scene. A sex scene between herself and John. (more…)

June 11, 2006

kidnap & raped Sara

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A week previously, Sara had been living a quiet, if not terribly exciting, life in a village on the northern coast of Scotland. Now, though, she was in a small room below the deck of a Viking boat, with eleven others from her village, having been taken as booty after a raid. Her hands, like those of the rest, were tied behind her back, bound loosely to the wall by a chain. Except for that, she figured she’d been treated not too badly. They’d not been hurt, and they’d been fed. Could’ve been worse.

As the sun, visible through the small cracks in the deck above, set once again, late at night, here in the summer, two of the Vikings entered the room. She’d seen a lot of them, since they were the ones who, it seemed, had been ordered to take care of the girls. They scared the hell out of Sara. One of them was a giant, with arms were as big around as Sara’s legs. He had a long, blonde, scraggly beard, several scars, and a number of fresh wounds. Her brother, she remembered, had gotten a couple good swings in with his sword before being felled, right before her eyes. The other guy was big, by any ordinary standards, though he didn’t seem so next to the first guy. (more…)

June 10, 2006

rape story virgin cum

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He brought the young girl into Morigana’s house and the three of them immediately went into the basement. A cool breeze blew in from an open window and swirled at the young girl’s feet and snaked up her bare legs, caressing her thighs under her little skirt. The man held the girl by a wrist gently, but tightened his grip if ever she moved away from him.

Morigana smiled faintly in a devilish grin and pointed to a table. Jack took the girl and sat her on the edge of the low, black glass, coffee table and stood to the side of her. The young virgin trembled with fear, watching Morigana and Jack intently.

With one look from Morigana, Jack grabbed both the girl’s wrists and pulled her back and down so she was laying on the table. The young girl gasped and kicked her legs, trying to get back up, but he held her down easily and stood above her head at the other end of the table. Morigana grabbed the girl by her ankles and held her until she stopped kicking then climbed up onto the table over her, straddling her. (more…)

want to be gang raped

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Hi,a good looking built,55yr.old woman,would like to be kidnapped by a bunch of guys and brutally gang raped,I have no limits so you can do anything you want with me.I live in calgary,alberta ,canada .Is there anyone who will fill my fantasy and make my gang rape a reality.

June 6, 2006

virgin teen rape stories

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I met my girlfriend, Margie, when she was only 18 and next week she celebrates her 23rd birthday. My name is Todd, I’m 29 years old and for the last five years I’ve had a sex life that most men only dream of having. Margie looks like a runway model and acts like my personal whore. Most guys I know would love to be in my shoes, or more precisely, my bed.

Margie was a virgin when I met her and like most girls her age she was a little shy and insecure. She knew she was good looking and she liked the attention her looks paid her. I was looking for a woman with a great body, one that would live out my voyeuristic perversions by letting me expose her to men and see her beauty for the first time, again and again, through the eyes of strangers.

Margie fell in love with me and later offered me her virginity and over time lost all the inhibitions of a teenage woman. We started by showing off her exquisite body to strangers in public, in a way that appeared unintentional to give the illusion she was not aware of her exposure. At places like the mall, a movie theater or at a restaurant, once she found a man that couldn’t take his eyes off her I would tell her what she would do next, to reward her voyeur, I am the one always in control. (more…)

humiliation sex

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Riana was disgusted with herself. She was standing in front of Mr. Barnaby’s door and she was already wet. It had been more than a year that he’d been blackmailing her with the pictures of her snorting cocaine – a habit that she had now quit, not wanting to risk any more trouble, but still something that could make her lose her scholarship, and her parents would flip… but that didn’t mean that she had to already be turned on when she went over. Not that it mattered either way to him, he’d fuck her anyway, and he’d keep her there, playing with her, until she came. Just for the added humiliation.

As if having her gorgeous 23 year old body violated by a fat 45 year old wasn’t bad enough. His potbelly disgusted her, the flabby man boobs were revolting, and she wanted to throw up whenever she looked at his back hair. But lately she’d been getting off more and more on the visits, sometimes he’d gotten her off three times before she left, without even trying, just while he was taking his own pleasure. It disgusted her, but it was even more horrifying to realize that she was wet and ready for him before he’d even started manipulating her body. (more…)

June 5, 2006

forced sex model girl

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During the last weeks I have been on a lovely sailing trip with my husband and I am now on deck looking out of the Ocean watching the sun rise. Sitting here alone on deck I have been travelling through the deep dark recesses of my own mind as well as many conversations with others and concluded that my life has been somewhat out of control.

After all I know who I am, having been raised in wealth and abundance, coming from a prominent family, being self-critical and raised to be the best and expected to excel in everything I do or get involved with.

But if I am honest, I have been on a one-way street called disaster after my last weekend with Nero and his two friends when my husband was away and have decided changes have been made, imagining what could happen when I cross the lines of my self respect again. But the truth is also that I have a weakness for sex, there is no sense denying that. (more…)

payday rape

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The young woman watched the wagon train pull out of the meadow. She was being left as tribute to whoever controlled this area of the mountains. She should have accepted one of the marriage offers she had received yesterday while they were still in town. But, no, she had been so determined to make it to the coast; nothing was going to deter her from her goal. Nothing but a bunch of superstitious men who were afraid of someone they had never even seen.

The leaders of the wagon train had been warned in town by the town leaders. Not wanting to frighten the women, they had deliberately not mentioned the existence of someone controlling the mountain pass they would have to pass through. The town leaders could only tell them that if a post was found in the middle of the meadow, a woman was to be left as payment for crossing. Failure to pay the passing fee would result in the deaths of every man in the wagon train. The town had originally been settled by women and children of a wagon train which had refused to pay. (more…)

June 1, 2006

violent rape

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Waiting! She was so tired of it! He was supposed to have been here hours ago…She was beginning to worry that he wouldn’t come. They had planned the whole thing out together- he would fly to the city, where he wanted to rent a car and drive to her home far away in the country. She had told him how to get here. Had she left anything out? She wracked her brain trying to remember, back through last night’s sleeplessness and his call of the morning before. No, she thought, I didn’t forget to tell him anything.

She paced the floors of her large house, wondering what was going to happen. She had met him on the Internet; but never in real life. This would be the first time. This would also be the first time she had ever done any of the things she had told him she wanted to. She wondered- if she told him she didn’t like it, would he stop? She had heard all sorts of stories of horrible things happening to people who were stupid enough to do what she had done- meet someone from the chat rooms in her own home. She was beginning to think that if he ever did arrive here, she might have to just send him back home to Scotland. (more…)

rape & home invasions

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When you open the door, the whole apartment is dark. You call out a name, knowing that your lover should be here… maybe he’s asleep. You hit the light switch on the wall, but nothing happens. You flick it again. You can see the VCR blinking from the other side of the living room, so you know there’s power. Well, maybe the bulb just burnt out.

It never even crosses your mind to be worried.

Walking toward the kitchen, you run into the coffee table and curse. Your eyes are starting to adjust to the darkness, but it is complete enough that you still only see shapes and shadows. You reach the doorway and move to turn the kitchen lights on. (more…)

biker rape

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The poor girl had just decided to have a drink or two in the bar after work. She had been on her feet all day. “Poor thing” the bartender has said as he handed her the drink.

As she was finishing her second drink the door to the bar was opened and in walked six men, all dressed in biker’s leathers. They looked around and before she was aware of it they had surrounded the table…all of them. She looked up startled, but without a word they walked to the bar and began harassing the bartender with their drink orders. She saw them looking in the mirror at her and whispering to each other. With a couple of drinks in her she was a little slow to realize that she was alone in the bar with the six of them. She saw the bartender was going back into the storeroom for a case of beer. One of the gang members quickly blocked the door so he couldn’t get back in. She tried to get up and walk out but as she tried to slip past her audience, two of them stood and grabbed her by each arm and forced her to stay put. Standing in front of the leader she saw the guy who had followed the bartender come out from the back laughing and move to the front door to lock it. (more…)

May 31, 2006

i love rough sex

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She had awakened way too horny to get back to sleep. Her thoughts were always random at such a dark hour, but they often strayed between her handful of lovers of the years and the ones she hadn’t had, the ones whose cocks she only imagined while she masturbated in the lonely hours.

She writhed in the bed while her fingers traced fiery trails over her body. She stroked her neck, but she couldn’t bring herself to squeeze the way she wanted it to happen, though she experimented by herself a little when she was this hot. A bag over her head, maybe? She’d heard of such things, but she dismissed them with the thought that, god, what if she died and her mom read the report about how she was found? The thought made her giggle a little in its absurdity, but her breath caught quickly, back to business, as she found an already-erect nipple and nearly tore it off…

She didn’t move immediately to her pussy, but she was certainly aware of it. She knew it was wet and flowing already, the way it was when she knew she was going to get fucked hard, like she loved it, and she started contemplating moving to get a toy from the drawer, dismissed the idea, and continued to stroke her skin, feeling the heat of the room and the tingling of every nerve ending. What she didn’t notice was the man standing just a few feet from her bed, interrupted in whatever he’d been doing when he’d made the small noise that had awakened her, suddenly no longer interested in petty larceny. The show was about to begin. (more…)

forced sex victims

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Abby and Mark were keen walkers. Abby was a twenty-five year old American woman who had been living in England with her boyfriend, Mark for two years. She was a tall woman at five feet eleven inches, long brunette hair and dark eyes. Mark was twenty-six, a tall and attractive man.

Close to where they lived in northern England were some excellent walking trails. One warm weekend in June they left home, well packed up for the hike. They also planned to take advantage of the warm day and indulge in some sexy fun. They knew of many quiet places.

They had been walking for almost 45 minutes and had not seen anybody. Suddenly three figures came into view – two men and a woman. Mark couldn’t help but notice they were not equipped for walking.

As the three approached Mark was about to acknowledge them when one of the group produced a knife. Tom, the one holding the knife was tall and very slim. Tom demanded Mark hand over his wallet. Mark handed him his wallet. Errol the other male assailant, he was shorter than Tom but quite muscular, snatched the wallet. He was disgusted to find the wallet only contained twenty pounds. (more…)

May 28, 2006

night club girl’s rape

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‘Another boring night out’, Amy thought to herself as she walked across the dance floor to the toilets. She had left her friend, Paula, talking to a man at the bar who only seemed interested in taking her home and fucking her senseless.

The club was packed, everyone nudging into each other, unknown hands freely groping her butt as she edged across the dance floor to the toilet.

A group of young men were stood in a circle, dancing around another man in the middle. She had no patience for groups who took up all the space on the dance floor, and so pushed her way through.

When between them Amy’s arm suddenly got yanked from behind. A tall man pulled her tightly towards him and went for a kiss as his hands roughly caressed her body. She instinctively tried to pull away but he was too strong, his lips connecting with hers, trying to probe her mouth with his tongue. (more…)

forced sex sluts

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“Now what will it be hun?” Luke growled “Are you gonna be nice and do what we say, or are you going to be difficult”. Tiffany sat on the floor of Luke’s Gun Shop; she had come there looking for her sister who had been missing for several days and now she found herself at the mercy of the four men before her.

“No, stop it. I just want to find Sarah.” Tears flowed down Tiffany’s face but the four men didn’t care.

“Fine, we’ll just have to do this the hard way.” Luke grabbed hold of Tiffany’s arm and lifted her to her feet; then he and the other men began stripping her naked, all the while Tiffany begged them to stop.

“Please, NO, DON’T DO THIS.” Her clothes were ripped to pieces pretty much useless, and she was pushed on to the floor. Luke used his belt to tie her arms behind her back. (more…)

May 25, 2006

Milf rape

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((vulgar:)): A (putative) mother found sexually attractive.
1999: Movie American Pie –
“Dude that chick’s a MILF!”
“What the hell is that?”
“M-I-L-F Mom I’d Like to Fuck!”

She had a body to die for, and she was on her knees, lovingly tending the flower beds that she cherished. Robin loved her garden and spent many a happy hour tinkering away outside, pruning the roses, mowing the lawn, sweeping the leaves away or planting little flowers, ready to watch them grow to full bloom as the weeks progressed.

But it was her aching body that Robin thought about most while she was alone in the garden.

From a teenager, she had always been admired, and no wonder! At 18, she had been a beauty queen and attended many of the pageants in many of the towns in the Mid-West state where she came from. She was 5’9, dark haired, with legs that went on forever, and huge, hard breasts that dazzled the kids at college, the men in the district where she lived, and anybody that came into contact with the college girl. She had thought nothing of parading up and down the cat walk in a skimpy bathing costume that showed off her superb curves to their fullest. But the thought that people were lusting after her never crossed Robin’s naïve, young mind. Now, Robin was approaching her fifties, but her breasts were still 39DD, shapely and firm with rigid, dark nipples, and she still had the feminine curves that brought leering looks from men and boys alike. (more…)

war time humiliation

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1942: A small island in the South Pacific.

Victoria Adams leaned on the ornate railing that circled the balcony of the Governors Mansion and let out a slight, satisfied sigh. Life was good for her here. She was married to a man she loved and respected, lived in this luxurious mansion, in the lap of opulent luxury, was the most admired woman on the island and had not worked a full days work in her life. She listened to the Ocean break against the nearby shore and watched as a couple of native women dragged heavy looking fishing nets along the yellow beach, smiled at their honest toil and took a sip from her long wine glass. Yes, life was good for her.

“Darling, come here a second would you?” called her husband from his study along the second floor corridor. (more…)

May 24, 2006

scene with outright rape

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What the hell was it with girls? Linda had flirted with him shamelessly for a long time. She had invited him over while both of their respective significant others were out of town. They had hung out together in her parent’s basement rec room. Her outfit had been very sexy and she had flashed her white cotton panties at him numerous times.

She’d asked him how a boy knows a girl wants to be kissed and he had ended up kissing her. They had ended up on the floor with him on the bottom in a hot 69. He had yanked off her tiny panties and eaten her plump little pussy lips and ass hole with gusto. She in turn had sucked him off. He had made her cum twice with his lips and tongue. So,like any guy of twenty-one, he had assumed that she wanted at least a repeat performance which would certainly lead to a fuck. (more…)

May 21, 2006

rough sex porn

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I have always had this inner desire to see my lady get taken by three men. I know it’s wrong and in some views sick. But I have always wanted this. She on the other hand has not wanted this and has told me so. But! She has made remarks about the times when I’m a little rough. She likes it, and she likes me to talk a little dirty while I’m being rough.

One evening while setting outside, 3 men walked by. The first man said hello but the other 2 just stared at Lin. She had on a sheer tank top in white. You could see clear through the top with out trying. Her shorts were very short, and with her legs drawn up under her you could see her pussy mound very clearly. After the men walked on I asked her what she would have done if those men had come up and made us go inside and tied us up. And what she would have done if they had wanted to rape her? (more…)

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