July 29, 2007

humiliation orgy

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Sandra Ann Baxter was awake at 6:30, and smiling. Today was her 19th birthday and she was looking forward to what surprises her family and friends had planned for her. Getting out of bed and into her bathroom, she turned on her shower and slipped out of her nightie. Holding her hand under the water to check the temperature, she felt it was just right and stepped under the cascading water. She loved her morning shower. It made her feel so good and ready for the day. She lathered up her long brown hair and washed it until it was squeaky-clean. After rinsing it out, she conditioned her hair and put a cleanser on her face. She wanted to look as beautiful as she could today because she was going to give herself, at last, to her boyfriend Keith. They had been dating since she was fifteen and he was sixteen, and he had wanted to be her first lover since that day. She had held out until she was sure she had met the right guy and he respected her. Keith promised her he would always treat her right and never cheat on her.

Rinsing out her hair again and then her face, she started to carefully wash her lithe young body. Her skin felt silky smooth in her hands as she lathered it up and covered herself in luxurious perfumed soap she had got as a Christmas present from Keith. Her body felt mature and ready to her hands, she was hoping it felt the same way to Keith’s. Her fingers cupped her firm tits and she caressed the lather over them, feeling her pert, young nipples swelling under her touch. The sensations made her shiver and hoped she would be feeling that and more tonight. Her smooth taut stomach came next and then her tight ass was smoothed over and lavished with care. (more…)

July 25, 2007

forced submission of girl

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She had started dating Greg over six months before, he was nineteen, a year older than herself and had just graduated high school that May. He lived with his father in a really nice upper eastside apartment. His dad, Jason, was thirty-six and wore his age so well that when she had first been over to meet him she had kind of stared and ended up blushing beneath his flashing smiles. He was as cool as he was good looking, he wore his darkish hair longer than most men his age and it was usually tied back at his neck. He was an investment planner or something like that, but he could do a lot of his work from home and had plenty of free time to spare for dating and other things that occupied his time at night.

Her parents had not liked that she wanted to date a boy out of high school already, but when they found out she’d been to his apartment where only he and his father lived, they had pretty much flipped their lids. That’s when Jason had called them, talked to them about his views on her and Greg dating and taking it slow, and had even invited them over for dinner. Now, her parents not only liked Greg, they adored his father and never worried about when she went over to visit. (more…)

July 17, 2007

rough sex tales

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Martin stared out of the window on a wild, windy October evening and waited for Celice to arrive. His heart was pounding, and he had to clench his fists and force himself to stand still and not pace.

He had been friends with Celice for two years. And in the course of that time, he had hidden a steadily growing desire to have her in a way that went far beyond friendship.

He was a man with a rare gift for insight, something that had helped him a good deal where Celice was concerned, because despite being a good listener and friend, Celice kept a careful distance from everyone, Martin included. Had it not been for his gift of reading people, he would know so little about Celice that it would have been difficult to even call her a close friend.

In the past six months, he had actually managed, by some miracle of luck, to get her a little bit drunk, and she had admitted that the few sexual encounters she had had were extremely disappointing and painful to discuss. She had offered no further insight, but as she had spoken Martin could almost see her slipping comfortably into a coat of supreme self control, which she probably wore even to bed at night and in the shower. She lived by her own rules, and Martin knew that she was not a woman to be owned forever by anyone. He had no desire to do that. But he had often seen, in those distant green eyes of hers, a small spark behind the mask, a spark that he longed to fan into flame. Though he would not own her, he knew that if he handled her just right, he could have her, even if only for one night. (more…)

July 14, 2007

women forced to provide sex to boss

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Cindy was the kind of boss most men would love to put over their knee and give a good spanking to. She was an attractive woman in her mid-thirties. Tall with long sexy legs and a slender body. Her breast were smallish, but round and firm enough to catch the eye. She had medium length brown hair which was always styled back to give her the ‘professional woman’ look. She wore large, round frame glasses that gave her more of a schoolteacher look than a business executive. But her attitude and mannerisms were hard core business all the way.

Cindy had scratched and clawed her way up the ladder the hard way. She was now a corporate director, and a damn good one at that. She believed that in order to succeed in a man’s world that she had to be tougher than most men. And she did her best to accomplish that. Cindy was a hard person to work for. Many of the men and women who worked with or under her thought of her as a heartless bitch. And some of those sentiments were indeed earned. Of course there were the usual ‘rumors’ that followed a powerful woman around. It was often said that she was a lesbian, despite the fact that he had been married for 8 years and had a four year old daughter. (more…)

July 12, 2007

torture of the slaves

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As I was being pulled by my hair into my bedroom, my face still stinging, my heart pounding so hard I felt it would burst through my chest in terror, I wondered how I’d gotten into this situation…besides forgetting to lock the back door! But even if I had’ve locked it….would that have really stopped him? To have planned this so carefully, a locked door probably wouldn’t have given him much pause at all. I knew this had all started because of my online audacity. I had teased this man to death and responded to his role-playing with descriptive enthusiasm….my face burned when I remembered all the things I’d written, and how hot it had made me. ….but I’d been safe!! Or so I thought. How naive could I have been?? After all what did I really know about this guy? About anyone I talked to for that matter? He could be a serial killer for all I knew. And here he was…..taking total control in my own home…laughing at my terror, planning God only knew what. (more…)

July 11, 2007

woman at home alone raped

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I was alone that night….a rare occasion. My husband and daughter had left earlier that day…they were going out of town for an in-law get-together that I got out of by pleading my job. Well, I DID have to work a few hours that morning, but the rest of my weekend would be FREE!! I was going to have the house all to myself!! I couldn’t believe my incredible luck.

After taking a long hot shower and smoking a fine phat one, I’d settled in to watch one of my favorite movies….The Blair Witch Project. Just to add to the effect and creep myself out a little further, I turned off all the lights (except my red lava lamp) and lit a few candles. I was really into it….that’s a helluva creepy kewl movie to watch while high…all that raw fear…it always gave me a thrill I could never pinpoint or understand. That night, however, it seemed to be causing a paranoia it never caused before….I seemed to hear things outside the window, and even from the kitchen, but when I’d get up to look I would see nothing. I decided that it was totally normal for me to feel a little paranoid. It was the first night I’d spent totally alone in 6 years at least! Add to that the fact that I was high…and watching a movie in which paranoia very nearly had a starring role! Eventually I ignored the noises. (more…)

July 9, 2007

rough sex master

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Jane opened the door and walked into a one-bedroom apartment putting her purse on the table, she collapsed into one of the kitchen chairs, letting the night drain away. The $22 in tips from last night’s work would her enough to pay the rent for the next month. She have been worrying because her worthless boyfriend did nothing but lay around and drink while she worked all the time. She knew that the landlord would kick her out if she did in have the rent for him, because he had told her that he needed the money. Jane realized that her boyfriend Steve wasn’t even there, she hoped he was looking for a job but she knew better.

She made her way to the bathroom, and took her Band-Aid container from the shelf. Her fingers trembled as he realized that the container was empty. Steve must have found her money, and if he had then he would be drinking all for rent money. Jane retraced her steps to the kitchen and slumped crying into a chair, what was she gonna do now how would she ever get the money now heart. After 15 minutes a crying she finally stopped crying and began to explore options of which there wasn’t many. The landlord was gay so trying to work something out for the rent was out the question, and her parents had been killed in an accident so she had no one to go to to borrow money from. She looked at the clock on all 7:00 a.m. that meant she had three hours before the landlord would be there, three hours to come up with over a $150. She had been giving her worthless boyfriend pussy and head for nothing so she figured maybe it was time for somebody to give her money for some. (more…)

July 7, 2007

my rape fantasies

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It’d been too long. Way too long.

Jayde knew this was true when she caught herself seriously considering the far-too-young hot stud at her office. What the hell am I thinking? Jayde mentally smacked herself back to reality. Yes, he was hot–very hot–and young, and virile, and, well…young. Very young. It wasn’t that he was that many years younger then her–only eight years her junior–but he was a lifetime younger when it came to living.

She was 34 years old, divorced and a single mother of two. He was a 26-year-old stud. Her life was work and kids, making sure the furnace didn’t go out, and wondering if her ex-husband was going to pay his child support this month. His life was working and playing. A lot of playing. According to office rumor he’d romanced nearly every young cutie in the place. Her weekends were kids’ sporting events and scout outings. His were clubbing and more clubbing.

“And getting laid, no doubt,” she sighed to herself, “unlike me.”

It’d been three years since her husband walked out the door, leaving her with a young child and a baby due within a month. Three years since anyone had pleasured her…well, except for herself, with the help of her well-used silver bullet. Definitely not the same, and she was not a woman who enjoyed celibacy, by any means. Even after four years of marriage, she had needed sex several times a week, and probably would have been happily sated being well-fucked daily if her husband hadn’t been so…bland? (more…)

July 4, 2007

housewife turned into a porn slut

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Darrel Zanook’s trip down to the Bahamas in his private Gulfstream V had been uneventful. The medium sized business jet of his never ran into problems with customs, as it was well known that he was an honorary member of the President’s private war on drugs in America. An entrepreneur now for the last ten years he’d made a killing in computer hardware, and having invested wisely found that he wouldn’t have to worry about money for the rest of his life. Of course having nothing to do would probably have killed him, and so he bought himself a hobby, and with it came a whole group of film studios, and other hobbies. Like the women he garnered to star in his, shall we say, slightly distasteful movie kingdom. Beautiful to be sure, like Trish there in the forward lounge area sleeping fitfully on the forward couch.

The former Patricia Holecroft of upper class Bostonian Society. A former debutant daughter of a wealthy local politician who’d married a local brain surgeon, Trish was Darrel’s latest trophy-married-white-slut turned porno queen. Not that she’d wanted to take up a career other than the one she had as wife, spouse, and future mother of a dying dynasty, but she’d been given no choice in the matter once Darrel had spied her sitting with her husband at an off Broadway play. He’d just made her an offer that she couldn’t hardly afford to refuse. By first kidnapping the natural honey blond from the suite they were staying in, and taking her to his studio where he, and seven other black men brought her to one screaming orgasm after another on film. Trish had willingly made 50 different porn films for Darrel since that day. Her latest fuck filled film also staring a rather mangy looking large Heinz 57 stray dog by the incredibly simple name, Rover. Making Trish the lowest of the low as far as her status in the world was concerned if anyone of importance to her ever found out. (more…)

June 29, 2007

bitch force sex

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Jenny goes down.

There is this cute little chick who lives near me that gets me hard just thinking about her. She is of course really rich and a big bitch. So of course i never gave her another thought. Recently however, I was walking by when she damn near hit me with her car. I was so pissed off I grabbed the door and pulled her out and bitched her out and she just stood there looking really hot. I didnt notice this at first but when i calmed down What I really noticed however was how amazingly hot and tight her body looked in her short skirt and tight top. Up till now I hadn’t ever considered her at all thinking of her as a rich cunt that’s not worth thinking about.

Her body however made my second head(my cock;) ) reconsider. I mean was she really that bad?? I asked myself. She was awfully pretty with her brown hair and that amazingly supple body with those huge titties and that tight ass of hers. I knew right then that I had to have her. This little slut had to be taught a lesson in humility and had to be tamed by me.

The very next day I saw her driving by again on her way to her house. The next morning i followed her to her work and got in without anyone noticing and I scoped the place looking for the weak spots etc. I had a brilliant plan. I knew that I could get in again and accomplish this because of my various martial arts training and just because I was so driven by the passion to do this deed. And the fact that my best buddy was a security guard at the place (i found out that night that he changed jobs) didn’t hurt my chances. (more…)

June 13, 2007

hot girl getting rape

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Clara stood in her room and stared out into the backyard. Her step-brother and his friends were hanging out by the pool, doing cannonballs into the water and just generally goofing around. Her breathing quickened as she watched the five of them, their lean, muscular bodies, shining with water as they jumped off the diving board.

At nineteen, she was only a couple of years younger than her step-brother, but they had never become friends during the few years their parents had been married.

However, she had noticed the way he sometimes looked at her. When she was by the pool on quiet afternoons she had caught him staring at her in her tiny bikini, or in the morning when she was preparing her breakfast wearing only a thin silk robe. She liked the heat she saw in his eyes and always tried to do something to turn him on even more, like giving him a glimpse of her breasts bending over for something or reaching up into the cupboards of the kitchen, causing her robe to ride up, showing the bottom curve of her ass.

Out by the pool she always wore white bikinis, the tinier the better to tease him. She would dive in the water, turning the fabric almost transparent and then lay in one of the deck lounges, her body glistening wet, nipples stiff and erect. More than once she had noticed the bulge in his shorts before he either dove in the water himself or just abruptly left.

Normally her Mother wouldn’t tolerate the guys behaving like that, especially making so much noise. However, her Mother and step-Father were away for the month, leaving the house to the two of them. (more…)

May 15, 2007

huge tit rape

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He was ready… after waiting for weeks he was finally ready… and so was she.

She wasn’t especially beautiful, certainly not unattractive though, with short brown hair that came down to her chin. Dark brown eyes were kind and often filled with a smile, just as the smile on her face was never far. At 5’3″ she had rather short legs and a short torso… but none of that mattered. For Bree (that was her name, Bree) was the owner of one of the most luscious pair of tits that he’d ever seen. He’d stolen one of her bras last week (silly girl always left one of the windows open in the house) so he knew that she was a 38DD… and a perky one too. Perky ones were the best.

It hadn’t taken him long to come up with plan… it was a very simple plan after all. He wasn’t going to bring anything in and he wasn’t going to take anything with him. All he was going to do was get in there and play with those gorgeous tits! Not rape… nothing like that… he thought he’d be pretty safe. After all, so few women reported raped, who was going to report that a strange man broke in, played with her tits and then left without raping her? Probably no one. Even if they did he wouldn’t get more than breaking and entering and molestation. It was a nice, safe, easy plan. And he’d get to have his hands all over her teats. (more…)

May 5, 2007

a twisted tale of rape love

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I woke up, uncertain why I had woken up. It was dark and I felt funny, my arms were aching and had that pins and needles feeling. I did not want to move them because I knew it would be painful to do so. My head was woozy feeling; I think I drank too much last night, for I did not remember coming home.

I pulled my arm down from above my head but it only moved about two inches. A strange rattling noise accompanied my movement. Why wouldn’t my arm move more? I pulled again and felt resistance. I shook my arm and heard the sound of metal; something cold was around my wrist. I shook the other arm and it was the same. I could move them just enough to get the feeling back into my arms and that was all.

A cold feeling seeped into me as I realized I was tied to a bed. I tried to pull my legs up to my chest and found them chained just as my arms were. Tied to the bed, only able to move enough to keep the feeling in my limbs and keep me comfortable, well as comfortable as a person who is tied to bed can be. A person who does not know how they got into that bed or even if it was her bed. (more…)

April 24, 2007

waitress rape story

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Cheryl sat in the back of the diner, the smell of stale grease and strong coffee permeating the air. Sipping the black java, she hoped it would keep her awake for the rest of the shift. She worked the graveyard shift and activity in the diner lived up to the name. Checking the clock on the wall, she realized her break was over, so she stood, leaving the coffee cup on the scarred table.

“Your admirer is here again,” Patty, the other waitress, said as she entered the break room.

“Of course he is. It’s Thursday night isn’t it?” He came in every Monday and Thursday night… had for several months now. He always sat in Cheryl’s section, usually in the same booth. The man was a mystery. All Cheryl knew was he was a trucker. She didn’t even know his name.

Wearily, she walked out of the break room and entered the main area of the diner, crossing over to the coffee pots and pouring a steaming cup. She placed it in front of the man and asked, “The usual?”

He simply nodded, and she walked behind the counter to place the order. As she did every night he came in, Cheryl studied the man, as if she could learn about him if she looked hard enough. In all the months he had come into the diner, the only words he ever spoke were to place his order. Cheryl often caught him staring at her. He never looked away or acted as if he were embarrassed at being caught.

April 11, 2007

man rape story

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My wife and I were in a little bit of a rut, so to speak. So we sat down to dinner one night and began discussing our lives together. After almost 25 years together I pretty much thought things were going, as they should. Boy was I wrong!

She proceeded to let me know all about my shortfalls. We finally agreed that the best thing for us would be a divorce. She would keep the house and I would take the motorhome.

I have always been an active biker and decided to take the motorhome and bike to Laconia for the annual rally in June.

This trip would take 2 weeks to make and I was more than ready for it by the time it was time to leave. I headed out of town in the motorhome with the bike on a trailer behind me. I drove for almost 6 hours before stopping and when I did stop it was at a remote campground along the way. I decided to take little nap after setting up and dozed off. About 2 hours later, I heard the familiar sound of motorcycles filling the campground. I looked out the window and discovered that the campground was full of bikers on their way to the same rally I was headed to. (more…)

April 9, 2007

wife gang rape story

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In The Beginning

The bedroom is illuminated only by the dull glow of the monitor. The man is huddled on a swivel chair, peering into the monitor.

The PC sits atop a long table, the 20-inch plasma screen at the extreme left side. The CPU is located at the man’s feet under the monitor.

The man is wearing a loose t-shirt and black boxer shorts. His brown hair is rather long and tufts of it fall down on the collar behind and cover more than half of his forehead in front.

The man manipulates the mouse with his right hand. His eyes glow just like the monitor does as he devours the images flashing on it.

At the moment, the man has no need of the keyboard: the mouse is enough. That leaves his left hand free as well.

The left hand is certainly not free. In the dim light, one can make out the jerking to and fro motions of the left hand that is buried between his legs.

It all started when he first received a response from an admirer out of the US of A. An admirer who liked the way the man wrote erotica for a site on the web. (more…)

March 22, 2007

best rape

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She had been walking for a good hour down the deserted road. A small midstate highway that got little or no traffic. She was feeling dusty and discouraged. She hadn’t seen a ride in hours…except the one that had passed her by , the only sign of recognition a small grubby childface sticking its tongue out at her as it zoomed by.

She pushed damp auburn hair off of her face and poured some water out of her water bottle onto her head, providing small relief from the heat. The water trickled down her face and chest, molding her thin camisole to her slightly heavy, round breasts. She was young, with slender arms and waist….strong legs. Her breasts and ass were ripe and plump… well developed for someone her age. She dumped a little more of the bottle down her shirt and gasped at the quick cool shock.

In the distance she could see a vehicle coming, a slight heat waver making it look like a mirage. She knew she looked silly with her damp hair and shirt, but she shrugged on her canvas backpack and prepared to stick out her thumb….

As the van got closer, she waved her thumb in a little dancy twirly motion in the air. She was getting tired of hitchhiking. She had just taken a year off after high school, and was on her way home from her travels. Her 19th birthday was a few weeks away, and she figured it was a good time to settle down and maybe go back to school. She’d lost some weight while travelling and hiking. too many nights with no money, but her ass and tits never seemed to get any smaller …staying round and full. Her paleness went well with her curvy shape and auburn curls. (more…)

March 14, 2007

rape capture and humiliation

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Zorg, the leader of a ruthless bunch of men captures Bella when they raided her small village in the countryside. Bella is whipped into submission on her first night and forced to sexually service Zorg while bound. The next day, they reach their destination, the guarded hamlet controlled by Zorg and his group of ruthless thugs. She befriends Raisa, another young, innocent girl that has been captured. In order to protect her new friend, Bella submits to a humiliating examination under the eyes of her new master, Zorg. She is then bathed and examined by two servants, a male and a female, her most intimate parts of her body spread obscenely for their inspection.

Meanwhile, Zorg takes Raisa to his room and forces her to strip naked for him. In a humiliating scene, she is forced to masturbate while Zorg watches. Zorg has just sent for Bella, having a desire to satisfy his lust with one of these wenches.

“Come over here,” his voice bellowing his command, the sound bouncing off the walls.

Raisa cringed in fear, getting up from the bed, one arm trying to cover her naked breasts, the other slipped between her legs. It seemed that once she had been forced to cum, her embarrassment returned. She saw the rope in his hands and two sets of black metal cuffs, a thick chain connecting the metal bands. “No, don’t put them on me,” she cried out. (more…)

March 11, 2007

violent rape sex

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The first time I laid eyes on her, at the mall, I was sure I had seen her before, met her even, but couldn’t place when or where. That happens to me a lot, I’ll see the Costco girl at a restaurant, or the gas station guy downtown at the Square, and find myself trying to figure out where I know them. I’m almost always able to put person to face—but not this time.

I saw her again a couple hours later; I was wandering around the Saturday market when she walked right by. About two inches shorter than me, she wore a loose crimson t-shirt and khaki shorts, her soft brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. She was youngish, early 20s maybe, and had a small fanny pack around her waist. It struck me that she was very attractive, could have just about any guy she wanted—and then, she looked at me. When her eyes caught mine, I felt it again: I know her, but how?


I was at home, revising a story on my computer, when the doorbell rang. Wearing only shorts and briefs, I pulled on an Old Navy t-shirt and headed to the door. I wasn’t completely shocked when I saw her standing on the front porch. Surprised, yes; hesitant to open the door, definitely; maybe a little curious? I’d have to say yes to that, too. After seeing her twice earlier in the day, after locking eyes and feeling the tickle of recognition that I couldn’t quite place, I had half-expected her to show up at my door—and here she was. Like I said, I wasn’t completely shocked. (more…)

March 6, 2007

rough free sex

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It was late at night and the Wafflehouse was nearly empty when Amy saw the man come in. He was medium height and strongly built. She looked him over and licked her lips as she went back to clearing the table.

“My god,” she thought “he looks like he could break me in half! And I wouldn’t much mind it.”
The man took a seat at the counter and Amy quickly brought him his menu. “Hi, I’m Amy and if there’s anything I can do for you just let me know.”

He looked up at her and considered the sight: She was young, probably 18 years old? How old did you have to be to work nights here? She was tall and slim with dark hair and eyes. The shape of her eyes and the small pointed breasts pushing against her shirt hinted she was probably half asian. All in all a very pleasing sight.

“Anything you can do for me?” he asked with a teasing grin and a twinkle in his blue eyes.
Amy blushed and turned away, “Well, not like that. But anything else you need” she answered him as she took his order and walked away. She looked back over her shoulder and the guy was gazing intently at her tight ass and her long legs. (more…)

March 2, 2007

stories of rough sex

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For the past several months I had made it a morning ritual to get my coffee at a small café near my house. I was hooked on two things, the caffeine and a sweet young waitress named Jessica. Every morning I took my usual seat by the window, feigning interest in the morning paper while awaiting our encounter. I would steal glances at Jessica as she worked the room, watching as she charmed the customers with her warm smile and flirtatious demeanor.

At first I was just another face in the crowd but as time went on our conversations began to grow. Jessica always laughed at my sarcastic wit and delighted in my appraisal of her morning ‘suitors’. She would blush and giggle whenever I remarked about her ‘other men’, teasingly referring to me as her one and only.

I had become addicted to our little encounters and found myself returning to the café in hopes of catching Jessica at the end of her shift. I was convinced she would think I was a stalker but was pleasantly relieved when she took to stopping by my table and sitting to chat. Our conversations always seemed to flow and Jessica never seemed to think twice about opening up to me despite our age difference. (more…)

February 26, 2007

female sexual abuse

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You’ve been home from work for hours, it’s late, you slump over to the side of the bed exhausted. You’ve been pounding at my holes for hours, and it seems that you just can’t continue. What’s wrong? I’m exhausted. I want more! Later, I’m going to go to take a nap. NO! I want more!! I said I’m going to take a nap. You roll over onto your side, and start to go to sleep. I am angry, I need more, and my fingers aren’t gonna get it. I get up from the bed, and go to the dresser to get my strap out, you’re not gonna get away with this, this time. I need that cock, and I need my release, and you’re gonna give it to me.

I begin to lube up the dildo connected to my strap. Stroking it a few times so that it is good and lubricated, and to make sure I can feel the other side that slides inside of me. I moan softly and reach over to spread your asscheeks. You start to move and before you have the chance to do anything, I slide the toy deep into your ass, thrusting in a few times to get deeper. I moan loudly, it feels so good. You yell out, what the hell are you doing?? I just moan more and thrust deeper. I’m taking your ass. Stop, NOW! I refuse, I continue to fuck deep into you.

You move out from under me, spanking my ass hard. I told you NO! Now you’re gonna pay. You go out of the room and I can hear you on the phone. You come back into the bedroom, and throw some clothes at me. Get dressed. In a few moments there is a knock at the door, and on the other side are two police officers. They take down the information you give them, and then take me away. The charge… rape. (more…)

February 9, 2007

my forced sex fantasies

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I saw his eyes again, staring at me through my bedroom window. I could feel them first; sense his gaze as though it was as tangible as a spring breeze. The darkness outside was oppressive and he was little more than a pale face against a black backdrop so encompassing that he almost melted into it completely. Where were the street lamps? Or the headlights of passing cars? Neither belayed the shadows and I lay there quietly, trying to pretend I didn’t notice him.

There was a feeling in my stomach and chest; a feeling I couldn’t describe adequately. The situation was beyond terrifying. His presence made me ill. It was disturbing and disgusting and any number of other adjectives that describe a person in a state of unrest. My room had always been a sanctuary for me; a haven against the plights of the world but now, it had become a prison. It was a place that I feared against all rational thought and it was all thanks to Jimmy Callum.

I met him at the mall one weekend with several of my friends from school. I attended an all girl’s Catholic school and so our only culture with boys was to be found at the food court a short bus ride from my house. Finally, at the age of eighteen, I could go shopping sans parent. That little freedom, however limited, was greatly cherished. (more…)

February 6, 2007

weird sex lessons

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Shelia Anderson thought of herself as a normal average sort of person at least she used to think such of herself. She is a 22 years old attractive female. She has no children and is very relieved to have just escaped a very bad marriage. She married Steve soon after graduating high school. They had known each other for several years when they began dating and fell in love. Shelia thought Steve was the perfect match for her and in the beginning it was a fairytale marriage. But then Steve began to change.

The problem began with Steve’s long hours of surfing the Internet. Shelia was not aware of it as a problem at first but after a while when at home Steve was always in his study on the computer. On most nights Steve arrived home at 5:30, ate dinner, took a quick shower and disappeared to his study. Shelia would not see him again till the next morning. She would go to bed without him and she would be asleep when he came to bed. This began happening every night and on the weekends it was even worse.

She attempted to discuss her anxieties over the distance growing between them but he was not interested. He would just shrug his shoulder and go back to what he was doing. One night Shelia noticed Steve was looking at very pornographic pictures.

“Steve, I don’t like it you are looking at those kinds of pictures,” she said.

“It doesn’t hurt anything. It’s not like I’m cheating on you or anything,” he replied. (more…)

rough sex or rape stories

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Isabelle sat close to the open window, trying to coax a little breeze into the sour air of her bedchamber. She could smell her husband everywhere and she wrinkled her nose in disgust at the thought of him, coming into her beautiful room and polluting it.

This was her sanctuary – the only place that had been hers since the day she was born, and she hated the nights when he would visit her here. He would come late in the night, when she was fast asleep, and loom over her – always the worse for drink. He would climb onto the bed, lay his heavy body above her and wrestle ineffectually with her clothes. She would feel the sharp stab of his member and he would be inside her – pushing himself against her with his foul breath against her neck.

The only mercy was his brevity – as he was finished in moments, leaving his ‘fetch’ to leak from her even as he dressed and went on his way.

Today – as with every day that followed his visits – she would be left sore and unfulfilled, wishing him away to leave her in peace. She had heard her ladies’ maids speaking about this moment between man and woman – and to hear them was a wonder – something so far removed from what her husband brought to her as to render it unrecognisable. Sometimes she would sit, as she did this morning, and wonder about their version of it – wonder who were these men and women who took pleasure in one another’s bodies and who would moan and writhe as their bodies came together.

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