March 5, 2006

free teen rape

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It was the summer of 1999. Within a new community of homes a 20 year old student of Purdue University was visiting his parents. While he was studying in his room, he looked out of the window and saw a bikini clad girl a few houses away. He grabbed his binoculars and studied her. She was laying belly up getting a nice dark tan. All by herself in the back yard with no dogs or anything. He thought of how nice it would be to fuck her.

While he was in school he managed to rape three students on dates. None of them has ever reported the assault. He decided to see if he can easily rape this morsel before he returns to school next week.

The next few days and nights he studied the coming and goings of he house, and through talking with neighbours he found out that only she and her mother lived there. Her mother was a ugly bitch who worked late at night. He watched as her mother left each night and the time. He also found a hidden back door key. Watching the house he located the next victims bedroom. (more…)

March 4, 2006

group rape xxx

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I have gone to some party where there are mostly men, something I don’t notice when I get there. I have a few drinks, enjoy myself, but after some time I am starting to get sleepy. So I sit down, en just before I fall asleep, I realize that somebody must have put something in my drink. Then it all goes black. When I wake up the next morning I don’t remember a thing, so I think I had a pleasant evening.

Next day I go to work, and everybody’s smiling at me. So I think they are all in a good mood. Then someone calls me over to his computer and asks me to check something out. On the screen I see pictures of me on that party, naked, and being used by a large group of men, all at the same time. I can’t look away from the screen, surprised, horrified and shocked. There are many pictures, from different viewpoints, but all with one face, mine.

All the people at work have now gathered and are watching it with me. One of them says something like; “so that’s what you like” and puts his hand on my ass. I am unable to react, still looking a the screen. The others see there no reaction, so they start touching me as well. I feel their hands rubbing over my clothing and some have already started to open my blouse and trousers. I realize I’m being raped but I can’t do anything else then look at the pictures of me on the screen. I feel hands sliding over my ass, my thighs, my stomach, my breasts! (more…)

fuck babysitter rape

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My name is Kim. I’m 18 years old. This is a story about the worst night of my life. I got a call from my next door neighbours asking me if I’d watch their kids for Friday night and most the day on Saturday. I needed the money so I said yes.

Well, the weekend came and before I knew it I was watching their four kids. Their names are Nick 14, Mike 12, and Darrein and Jack both 10 year who are twins. They had a pool so I laid out in my bikini to get some sun. Nick and Mike just stared at me like I was some sort of food. After a while when I got hot I jumped in the pool to cool of. The pool was very cool so my nipples stiffened up and what made it worst was my bikini was light yellow so you could sort of see through it to my nipples. This really got all the boys attention. See I’m a cheerleader at my high school my measurements are 36-24-34, and I have long brown hair and a pretty nice tan. As all the boys watched me I slide out of the pool slowly fixing my top so my breast would bounce. I figured they were going to jack off thinking about me anyway why not give them a little show. (more…)

March 2, 2006

forced straight sex stories

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At eighteen, Janet Cole was an attractive young lady. Although considered tiny at 5 foot 4 inches and only 98 pounds, her body and legs were well proportioned and shapely. Her beautiful, heart shaped face had the delicate features of a porcelain doll, with large blue eyes, full pouting lips, and an upturned button nose. She wore her blond hair long, reaching to the centre of her back. Somewhat self conscious about her height, Janet usually wore four inch high heels with short skirts to give the illusion that she was taller than she really was.

Janet was in the ” Touch-a-Glass” night club with some of her girl friends. They had known each other for years, and it was normal for the four of them to go the nicer clubs in town on Friday nights if they didn’t have dates. Not ” on the make” , they were here to dance and talk and just have some fun.

Janet sipped her drink, only half listening to Christy’s story about her date the previous Saturday. While Jenny and Denise were interested, Janet had heard all about it at lunch. The guy had seemed really nice at first, but later in the evening turned into an octopus. (more…)

March 1, 2006

fantasy rape story collection

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I have many fantasies of my girl being raped and love to chat about it/roleplay etc. I also love stories written about it too. Examples are home invasion, raped by a young boy or a group of them, drugged etc.

February 27, 2006

brutal gang rape

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It was turning out to be a really bad day. For the first time since my boyfriend took off with one of my mates, one of my friends finally talked me into joining them for an evening on the town celebrating my nineteenth birthday.

As I was dressing for the night, I thought ” I have to get me something tonight, it’s been more than a month since last time” . I felt incredible horny and sexy slipping on the thin, long and narrow dress I had bought just for tonight, and in a flash of insanity I left my panties in the drawer. It made me incredibly horny to feel the abscense of fabric between my thighs and the occasionally brush of cold air on my pussy as I was walking down the stairs to the taxi and my friends.

Me and three of my mates from work had entered the fourth night-club half an hour ago, and my friends had already made themselves dates for the night and I was still alone. I guess it was my own doing, because every time a guy made attempts to get into conversation or ask for a dance, I kind of saw my old boyfriend for my inner eye, and ended up offending the guys before they even knew what hit them. Every single of them backed off as soon as they discovered the mood I was in, and by closing time I was a little drunk so to say and still alone. I figured out I best got home before the rush started and it would be impossible to get a taxi. (more…)

incest rape xxx sex

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Hi, my name is Andrea, I’m 20 years old and currently a student. I’m 5’5″ tall, slim and, (according to my former boyfriend.) very good-looking with long, dark hair, slim, well-trained legs, firm round behind and just appropriate sized breasts. I work out a lot, and I’ve always been fond of outdoor life and nature, thus very fond of going long trips in the woods and on the mountains.

What I’m about to tell you, happened to me just a few days ago, at the new-year-evening, to be exact. Just about a half year ago my family, that is my half-brother of 18, my parents and me moved from another part of the country to where I’m living now.

Not long after I started studying, I met the boy I thought was the right one. We stayed together all the time, had a wonderful sexlife, and I was so happy I didn’t think anything could go wrong in my life. I was about to find out that I was very wrong on that assumption.

As the millennium celebration got closer, I planned to be with my boyfriend and some of his friends. My brother should celebrate with his friends, and my parents would visit some of their old friends where we used to live before. They left at dec. 27, and on that day catastrophe struck my life. (more…)

February 26, 2006

rape tale

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Memories 01: Macy’s Summer

When I was growing up we lived in small town in rural Kentucky. During the school year we didn’t notice how under-populated the area was, what with after school activities and studying and stuff. But in the summer when we didn’t have a bus driving us an hour to see our friends, we sure did. There was a group of us: Billy, Greg, Otis, Marshall, and me. My name’s Ben. We’d hung out during the summer all our lives, even though we were all different ages and never saw each other in school. The summer of 1973 didn’t start out any different.
We all lived within a couple of miles of each other and usually spent most of the days at my place since instead of fields like most of the county, we had forest on our land. My mom and dad had me late in life, something of a surprise to them, I think. My dad ran the drugstore in town and my mom stayed home, though at fifty-four years old she didn’t actually have the energy to chase after me. As a result, the guys and I pretty much did what we wanted.
Greg was Billy’s brother and, at 12 years old, was the youngest of us. Marshall was thirteen and a year younger than I was. Otis was sixteen. Billy was eighteen and home for the summer from college. The only other kid around was Macy, a fourteen-year-old girl who had moved in the house closest mine about a month before school ended. She lived there with her mother alone because her dad had been killed. They didn’t have much money and I guess there were a lot of old expenses because her mother had two jobs just to pay the bills. (more…)

February 25, 2006

female rape xxx

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Same rapists, different victims.

In addition to peddling Deborah’s cunt on street corners every weekend and using her daughter as the shared gang whore, Roland also had other matters to see to. He and most of the Rangers gang were present at school everyday. They seldom attended any classes. They didn’t have to. No teacher would ever dare give any of them anything less than an A, even for work they didn’t do. Roland thought it important for them to be visible on a daily basis just to remind everyone, students and faculty alike, who ran things. There were also various business matters which had to be attended to, like the one he was about to take care of that afternoon. With several members of his gang he walked into the gym just as the girl’s soccer team was about to begin practice.

“Practice is cancelled today,” he announced. “All you bitches over here.”

The team, including its coach, a pretty blue eyed blond with a nice figure and knock out boobs in her late 20s named Angela Catrwright, knew better than to argue. They all gathered in the corner of the gym he had indicated. Roland turned to one of the gang members and said, “Go use the phone in the coach’s office and call that bitch principal. Tell her to get her butt down here.” He then turned to Angela and crooked his finger at her. The frightened teacher walked over to the boy warily. “You missed your last two weekly payments,” he told her. (more…)

free female rape stories

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Deborah Henderson was not expecting anything out of the ordinary as she arrived home from work that afternoon, unlocked the front door, and stepped inside.

WHAP! Something hit her in the side of the face sending her crashing to the ground. After a few seconds of being momentarily dazed, she attempted to get up only to be shoved back down on her stomach by a shoe jammed into her mouth. She opened her mouth to scream but a hand was clamped over her mouth and she heard a male voice say, “If I take off this hand and let you up, you gonna keep quiet and behave?” Frantically, she nodded.

The foot was taken from her back and the hand over her mouth was removed. Upon getting to her feet she was shocked to see several teenage boys in her living room. More shocking, however, was the sight of her 17 year old daughter, Estelle, standing in front of one of them. The boy had a fistful of her long, blond hair in his hand. With a gasp, Deborah started to go to her daughter but the boy yanked her head back harder and shook his head. Deborah froze in her tracks and, in a tremulous voice, asked, “Wh-who are you and what do you want?” Then, without waiting for an answer, she said, “Take whatever you want only please don’t hurt us.” (more…)

February 24, 2006

strip girl rape

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I walked into the club hoping maybe that tonight might be a little different, after all it was my 40th birthday. I did not put much stock in the mid life crisis thing, I was an average white male, married for several years with children, I had fantasized about other women but had never been unfaithful to my wife.

The guys at work had decided to throw me a 40th birthday bash at the club, it was a strip club and tonight was amateur night, amateur night brought out mostly want-to-be strippers, they usually were not very good dancers but a lot of good tits and nice asses could be seen. I had to let my eyes adjust to the smoke in the crowded room before I spotted my fellow co-workers, they immediately began hollering and waving for me to join them. Brad, one of my best friends jumped up and began shaking my hand.

” How’s it going old man, bet you could use a drink” he said. (more…)

real war rape

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The building wasn’t much more than a tattered amount of plaster and timber but it was our main HQ for the time being. The Afghanistan countryside looked almost like back home in Arizona. That’s where all similarities stopped. My men and I were part of a task force to weed out and harvest information from known Talibon sympathizers.

All of the men with me lost someone dear to them of Sept. 11th. I needed these types of men to help me in my objective. Our methods were questionable but extremely effective. We already accounted for the discovery of several Talibon strong holds.

Amat Hussel was a big beefy Turk that spoke the lingo perfectly. Just like a native. His wife and son were aboard the plane that struck the first tower.

The prisoners made their way in. There was always some type of surprise each day. Today the Afghani countryside coughed up four women in military attire. (more…)

February 23, 2006

football rape

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Emily was a pretty 15 year old who lived alone with her mother. She was kind of shy and didn’t have many friends. Several of the older girls often teased and picked on her, especially her next door neighbour, Angela, an 18 year old Junior who would be graduating the following year. She was also a cheerleader, girlfriend of Darby, the captain of the football team, and extremely popular. That was why Emily was extremely surprised when, as she was walking down the sidewalk one warm Sunday morning, Angela and three of her cheerleader friends, pulled up beside her and asked, “Hey Emi, some of us are camped down at Miller’s lake. We won’t be coming home until tonight. We just came into town to pick some things up. Want to come hang out with us for awhile? I’ll run you back later.”

“Sure!” the girl replied, delighted. “Let me just go tell my mom.”

“Don’t bother,” Angela went on. “We’ll have you back before she knows you are gone.”

“OK,” she agreed, not wanting to miss the opportunity, and got into the car.

About an hour later they arrived at a remote location on the shore of the lake. There were several tents up and some more of the cheerleader girls, about ten all in all were there.

“Well,” came a male voice from Emily’s left. “I see you got it, babe.” (more…)

February 22, 2006

brutal rape sex

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The weekend was my idea; we hadn’t had much time alone lately, what with the kids home for the summer and family vacation and such. So we arrived in the city on Saturday evening, checked in, and dropped our small bags in the room. After a slight debacle as we looked in vain for the second room key we just had in our hands, we set out for the evening.
Dinner was great and, as we returned to the hotel, Sarah and I retold the jokes we liked best from the comedy show we had seen afterward. So far, this weekend trip to the city was working out exactly as we had hoped; no kids, no distractions, just the two of us together for a change.
Sarah is 38, a natural redhead with a 38D bust, a slight stomach from childbirth, and long legs that are pale and freckled like her shoulders. She has a pretty face that is always smiling and laughing.
I unlocked the door to our room and followed Sarah inside. Once in, I flicked at the wall switch. Sarah gasped as the light revealed two men in our room, one held a black handgun on us. They both wore facemasks and were larger than me. Sarah looked as if she might scream until the one with the gun pointed it right in her face. (more…)

February 21, 2006

group rape

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Actually it was Fred’s idea. He was the ring leader. He knew that an Amish family lived several miles out in the country on a farm and he had seen them occasionally when they had come into town in their horse drawn buggy: a man with a long beard, his wife, and their two teenage daughters. All three females were nice looking, at least as well as he could tell covered from head to toe like they had been. He had wondered what it would be like to fuck an Amish bitch.

He didn’t give it much more thought until he heard that the Amish were extreme pacifists who would not commit violence even to protect themselves or their families and that they never reported anything to the police believing “vengeance is Mine, sayeth the Lord”. That gave him the idea. Getting his three friends Ed, Mark, and Lou, they all four descended on the farmhouse early one evening. The whole family had been gathered around the dinner table when the four men had busted in.

The father had been no trouble. He was big but dedicated to non violence, it hand’t been hard to tie and gag him then throw him down into the cellar. Then they started on the women. Herding the three of them into the living room they were ordered to strip. They of course refused. The two girls, Mary the 17 year old and Elizabeth, the 16 year old, were crying but Rachel, the attractive 35 year old mother (Amish married and started having children young) was standing her ground stoically.

“Suit yourselves,” Fred remarked. Then to the others he said, “Let’s pluck these dumb clucks!” (more…)

rape video

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I was this young beautiful Asian conservative girl brought up in a Western society. Fighting between the desires of a western culture and the conservatism of Asian culture, I grew up to be a conservative professional woman on the inside and an insatiable bitch for sex on the inside.

So I married conservatively to a young Asian doctor, surprising my deepest sexual desires in sex. But I could not surpass my deepest desires. Deep down inside, I felt guilty for having them, but also love to fantasize about the depraved sexual acts done to me. I often hide from my husbands rape videos to watch when I’m alone at home. Watching the videos, I imagine myself being the woman in it, and often masturbate myself to an orgasm in front of the TV set.

One day, while alone at home, I put a gang rape videotape in to watch. Seeing twenty men tied down a woman and savagely rape her turned me on tremendously. My fingers slowly found my cunt and fucking it. When I was in a frenzy of joy from the masturbation, I heard a knock on the door of my house. Frustrated with the distraction, I went to see who it was. (more…)

February 20, 2006

police officer rape

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The guy who had taken her to the club had told them that the men in the club had have a lot of fun with her helpless victim. The boys always got horny when they are thinking about the hot fuck they had.

“So why we don’t do it again?”

“Yeah!And when we are ready we call our friend, I am sure he will agree to take our next fucktoy to the club too.”

“Does anybody know whats happened to Christiane?”

“Oh he told me about that she had been fucked again and again and also sold to some friends. But at least they have sold her in slavery to a bordello for special guests…hehehe!”

“Okay, who should be the next?”

“I know someone, it would be real hot. She is the mother of a guy in my school. He is 15 y.o, called Mark and the best one in class, oh I hate him. His mother, Veronica is a real cutie. She is about 35 y.o. and watch out…she is a police officer. She always does workout to be in shape, so she has a sexy body. I have seen her at the lake last year with her sunny” boy in her swimming dress. She is real hot. She is about 5`8` inch high and her weight must be at about 115 pounds. She has brown curled shoulder length hair, a lovely face and sweet soft lips. Think she must be a good blow job!” (more…)

gangbang rape stories

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What a long trip. The 2 couples had been on the road for the better part of a day, but finally, they’d made it to the cabin. They had left Memphis before sunrise, and were fully exhausted by now. Mark and his wife Kathy, along with his brother Barry and his wife Diane were beat. They never knew it would take so long to get here. Mark had found an ad for this cabin. It was a bit rundown, but it was cheap, and most importantly, it was private. The ad said there was no civilization for hours in any direction. It hadn’t lied. They hadn’t seen so much as another car for the last 3 hours.

Knowing they were headed for the deep woods of the Boston Range of the Missouri Ozarks, they stopped as they crossed the Mississippi River in West Memphis. The food was cheaper, and unlike Tennessee, you could buy hard liquor in the same spot you could buy food and beer. They stocked up for the 5 days they were to be away. Plenty of food and booze.

Mark and Barry were not only brothers, they were also partners in their own law firm. They had each worked in the legal sweatshops of the larger, more prestegious firms in the Bluff City. Their reputations were well earned. Departing their firms had been a cordial affair. The partners knew there was little they could offer these 2, and gave their blessing when the time came to go out on their own. They even managed to take some of their better paying clients with them.

As for their wives, Kathy and Diane, each had grown to enjoy the life of a lawyer’s wife. Both came from middle class families, and suffered the long hours and little pay when things first got going. But now, things were so much better. Gone were the days of hamburger helper for supper. Now, they were members of the Memphis Country Club. There had been the mandatory trips to the Carribean of course. The couples had always been so close. You rarely saw just 1. Barry and Diane had even bought a house in Central Gardens, across the street from his brother. Quite a step up from the 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment they had to accept in Whitehaven.

The original destination was to be Europe. They had wanted to go for so long. Then Kathy got to announce to the world she was pregnant. Life had indeed gotten better.

Then 2 weeks ago, just as all the arrangements for their trip were being finalized, Kathy fell from a chair she was standing on, cleaning a fixture. She was fine, and the doctor told her she could have more children. Still, she cursed herself for running her mouth. Everyone always told her she should wait until she was out of the 1st trimester to make her announcement. Suddenly, Europe didn’t seem like such a good idea. She had become sullen, withdrawn. Then, quietly, she asked Mark if it would be ok if the 4 of them just went on a road trip. Someplace quiet, peaceful.

The cabin fit the bill, in spades. (more…)

February 19, 2006

father daughter rape stories

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My father began raping me a week after my mother’s funeral. I was fourteen
years old. I was a slender, blonde tomboy, fairly pretty, but not unusually
so. Minnesota produces pretty blondes by the thousands, most of them
prettier than me, and taller. I endured for nearly two months but one
night, when he tried to fuck me anally, I resisted. I hit him with lamp
during the ensuing struggle and when I couldn’t find a pulse I panicked and

I traded blow-jobs for food and rides. My father had trained me well by
whipping me whenever my teeth grazed his cock. I was pretty good at it by
the time I took to the road. I assumed he was dead although I never read
anything about it in the newspaper. I was too small to fight, only 5′ 4″
and 110 pounds, so the only thing I had going for me was my sexual skills. (more…)

rape of school girls

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I had been dreaming about this for a long time. Well was a long time
for me. I was a horny virgin who was certain that he was the only one
who hadn’t made it with a girl by his senior year of high school. She
had just graduated and I was taking the one course I needed to get my
diploma. I didn’t know why She agreed to go out with me — I had only
been asking, begging her for three years — but when she said yes I was
thrilled and not going to question why. No way.

It was she who suggested that we go to the beach after the movie. It
was a hot summer night and we went skinny dipping. Then while drying on
the beach, I made advances. She really did not object but just was coy.
Lying there, my nostrils filled with her heavenly scent, you can well
imaging that I was harder than I had ever been before. She even allowed
me to caress her luscious form. Her long tresses, so soft and fine.
Her full round breasts whose nipples stiffened from my kisses. Her cute
little navel, proved super ticklish with its silver ring when touched by
my tongue. And best of all that wonderful slit in the mound between her
legs. I’m certain that She moaned with joyous pleasure as I caressed
it. Even her Venus fur was soft and golden in the bright moonlight. A
young man’s dream coming true. I moved closer and closer. I got on top
of her and she smiled. (more…)

February 18, 2006

wife rape club

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Frank was sitting in the kitchen of his apartment with his wife Jessie sat opposite and his business partners Rick and Tom sat in the other seats.

Frank had fucked up big time, lost a lot of money in a bad deal and this was supposed to be a clear the air meeting. He was scared shitless of Rick. It was rumoured that Rick had mob connections and had battered to death one of his previous lover’s ex boyfriends with a baseball bat. How true these rumours were, Frank didn’t know, but he sure didn’t want to find out. Rick however, was the only person that Frank could get to lend him money for this deal which went south very quickly.

‘Frankie, Frankie, Frankie’ said Rick in a patronising voice. ‘You’ve fucked up big time and I’m afraid I’m going to have to punish you for it’. ‘I want you to shut your mouth and not say a word until I leave coz if you do, Tom here is going to have to shut it for you’. Frank looks over to Tom who to his surprise pulls a metal bar from his coat jacket and lays it on the table without saying a word. (more…)

February 16, 2006

rape sex slaves

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The phone was ringing. Ayla looked over at the clock 2:30in the morning. ” This had better be good.” She thought ” Hello.”

” Get your asses out of bed.”

She heard some one say ” Razor?? What do you want?”

” I thought you girl wanted to come with us.”

Ayla woke up ” I thought you didn’t want us along this time.”

” One of my friends had to drop out so I thought of you two.”

” How nice of you.”

” Well after all you did find them.”

” Like always.” She said

” Get ready. They are leaving in 3 hours. So get ready. Were coming by to get you in two.”

Monica rubbed her hand on Ayla’s back and she looked back at her ” What’s going on?” She asked

” Looks like one of Razor’s friends backed out and we get to go.”

She sat up right ” Are you joking. Because this isn’t funny.” She handed her the phone ” Razor.”

” Hello love.”

” This had better be on the up and up.”

” Where coming to get you in two hours be ready. C-yeah.” He hung up the phone

She looked at Ayla ” Looks like we get to help train some more.” (more…)

bondage forced lesbian sex stories

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Every now and then I would hear them. They would come and swim in my pool at night. The next door neighbour’s fifteen-year old daughter Jill. Blonde hair, green eyes and breasts that where about my size. She and her friends would sneak in and swim with their boyfriends having sex no doubt. And I was so sick on it. But didn’t know what to do.

Three nights later0 I woke up to hear some one in my pool again. I looked out the window and saw that it was only Jill. I close the window shade and was about to claim back into bed when the old fantasy came to me. I would make sweet love to Debbie, Jill’s mother. She had very big breasts. But in her place this time was Jill. It got me so very hot just thinking about it that my hands made they way down my leg and rubbed my clit. After five minutes I stopped and laughed that such a little girl could do this to me, a black woman of twenty-five years of age. I licked my fingers and walked over and put on my robe and headed down stairs. (more…)

February 15, 2006

women prison rape

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First things first. I have said it once and I’ll say it again. Rape is a crime of, which is punishable by imprisonment. If you have done or are thinking of doing it for real seek help before you destroy some ones life. Please I beg of you. Look at this person. This Person you’re thinking of doing this should be given the respect that any human being should be given. I myself have only kept it in my head and am happy. I have my stories….. You should think about writing some for yourself. But remember keep it in your computer. The real world won’t be so nice to you once it’s known that you’re a Rapist.

I stepped into the courtroom with my father at my side with his two lawyers. I looked at him

” It will be all right honey.” my father told me.

And she believed him. And I went with the lawyers and sat down. I took a look over at the cop sitting at the other table. He still had the black eye I gave him. Anna turned away as he looked over at her. Minutes later the judge came out and called for my case. After a while one of my lawyers stood up and pleaded my case. But the Judge would hear none of it.

” This young lady hit a police officer and was found with a number of assorted drugs on her.” He looked at some papers on his desk.

” My client wants to apologize…..” (more…)

fantazy rape stories

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Ding! Dong! Grace Thompson hurriedly went into the front door to open it. Now who could it be? She thought absently. I’m not expecting anyone today. Robbie’s in a summer vacation with his grandma and grandpa, and I’m on live in my secretarial job in a small firm for at least another week.

” Its probably just another sales agent,” she sighed. ” Oh well…”

While she walk into the front door, Grace admired her house. Living in mid-salaried, suburban area had its advantages. For one thing the crime rate in her community is almost zero. The large front door was facing the flush spacious living room. Two smaller ones flank the long, black spacious sofa in the centre of the room. In the middle was a low, crystal-clear glass table. To the right of the sofa dominates the glass sliding door leading into the small swimming pool outside. She almost smiled in seeing that. The pool was Michael’s pet project. (more…)

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