January 11, 2006

incest dot com

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incestdot.comThe best of “classic” incest web sites available. Ever dreamed about having sex with your mother, sister or maybe even daughter? Want to see some real examples of what incest actually is and to read about experiences of people involved? Inside you will find the most complete incest archive available on the Net. We have tons of high-quality images, real-life photos, videos and stories.Just imagine mother and her own son, father inserting his big cock between his daughter’s virgin legs… Frequently exclusive updates and large present members area.
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forced brother/sister incest

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“Fucking cock tease,” John thought as he tramped up the stairs to his bedroom. He tripped over a stair, the result of the four Jager shots he had drunk after the bitch Maggie refused for the fourth time to so much as touch his dick. The endless attempts to get in her pants, even a damn hand job, left him with blue balls night after night. Tonight he had been so sure. The smoking hot tank top with no bra. The mini skirt, though sadly with panties.

But no. Another fucking beat off night, he thought as he stumbled through a door. John stripped off his clothes, leaving them in a heap on the floor. He suddenly realized that this wasn’t his room. It was Denise’s. The big pink bear on the bed gave it away.

Denise was 11, tall for her age and had begun wearing a bra six months earlier. She had dark hair and crystal blue eyes, just like her brother. Her baby fat was just starting to melt away or at least move to her chest and ass.

Naked, John looked at his sister. No way he thought that’s just sick. But his boner spoke louder. Any girl is good and I’ve been so patient it told him. She’s as good as any. He touched it. It felt like it was dragging him there. His lust was taking over. When the tip of his dick touched her lips he heard himself say, “Open your fucking mouth and never tell anyone. Or I’ll fucking kill you.” (more…)

January 10, 2006

Pure mom son

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pure mom son is incest website fully dedicated to mother and son incestous relations! Do incest fantasies involving mother and her son excite you? Have you ever dreamed about your own mom? Then you are in the right place. This website contains tons of real materials related to the mother and son incest. Busty moms and big cock sons, mother sucking young boy’s dick, or lad banging best friend’s mother. On photo and video.15+ GIGs of selected, real incest videos. Only real incest acts. forget about all other bs and cheap imitations you ever seen before.
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daughter incest

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Sue Elton lived a life of leisure. Her husband, Jack, owned and operated a successful import export business, and Sue only had one child to raise, a fifteen-year-old daughter who no longer needed raising. Sue spent a great deal of her time staying in shape and keeping their lovely home in shape. Her hobbies were working out, playing tennis, supervising endless home improvement projects, and fucking craftsmen.

Jack knew about three of her hobbies and suspected the fourth. His sexy wife certainly wasn’t staying sexy for him, and her projects took longer than federal projects. Fortunately, Sue got much better deals than the federal government. (more…)

January 9, 2006

Global Incest

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global incestThe website is not specified on one incest theme(like only mom-son or dad-daughter, both of them are present here). Have you ever thought about fucking your mother, sticking in her ass and watching her having violent orgasm?… Have you ever dreamt of your elder sister fucking your dick and filling her mouth with your hottest cum?… Or, probably, you are obsessed with the idea of banging your daughters tight virgin pussy squeezing her little swit titties and making her scream? If yes, this is exactly what you have been looking for!
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In the shower with mom

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Wow. It’s been so many, many years. I am almost 50 now; mum is in her 70’s. But the recollections are like yesterday. I seem to have a memory for things that happened to me when I was between 4 and 5 years old. Sex play with a little neighbor girl (is that a story!), sex play with other kids, and being in the shower with mum. Reading this incest blog brought back some vivid memories…

I must have been 4 or 5, I’m not sure. I remember that I was in the bathroom with my mum, who was about to take a shower. She was in her 20’s then, trim and very nice looking in 1959 or 1960 (from pictures that I have from the time). Why I was there, I don’t really know, other than it was during the day, dad was at work, and she and I were at home alone. (more…)

January 8, 2006


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x incestHorny young sons fucking and licking their mothers. Mothers giving their sons head everytime they come from school. Daddies pumping thier cherry daughters full of cum every time that no one is around to see. It has even been documented that some families even have regular family orgies. Just think of all the incredible taboo fucking that goes that you will never get to see, that is until now! We have incredible collection of hardcore incestous action that can’t be matched by any other site.
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January 7, 2006

Gay family incest

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Gay Family Incest
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Daddys Whores

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Daddys Whores the unique and exclusive site about dad and daughter incestuous relatioship. Looking for sweet ripe daughters getting fucked by their horny old dads? Or wanna see sexy naughty girls seducing their own fathers? You’ve come to the right place. Come inside and see innocent daughters and their pervert dads in full action on videos and in real incest photos! Fresh horny sluts were never that easy before… Click here to enter DADDYS WHORES!

January 6, 2006

Brother sister story

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I keep thinking about when I walked in on you yesterday and you were masturbating. I don??t know whether it was the joy of rubbing my cock for a few moments and watching you before you noticed me, or that incredibly beautiful smile that you gave me when you noticed. But now you are all that I can think of. It??s like all time has stopped for me, and all I see is the most beautiful body in the world lying before me; your hands own those sexy purple panties that I have taken out of the clothes hamper so many times to lick, smell touch and Fantasize of you as I masturbate.

You can imagine how surprised I was when you told me you knew that I took them and that is why they were always at the top of the hamper.

I??m so happy that you took them out, freshly stained with your brother??s cum and wore them a few days more before she washed them. (more…)

Seducing Mom

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The Relationship between Danny and Katherine as continued. Their fooling around came to a halt, when Katherine told Danny and John that she is pregnant and that Danny was the Father. Then they all started making plans for the new addition/additions to the family unit.

One night when John and Danny were home Katherine called them into have to dinner, as they chit chatted back and forth, Katherine deliver some earth shaking news. Katherine said; Boy’s I just came back from the gynecologist today and I have some news??s that may be a bit shocking to you.
Well said Danny and John together. What did the doctor say …John Asked? Well, Said; Katherine. You know that I haven’t been felling myself lately, and I had missed my period and I was worried that there was something wrong. So I went to the doctor’s, and he ran some tests to give me a full check up and then I waited for the results of the test. He came back about an hour later with the results and pre-natal care medicine. What for? Danny Asked. OH NO, John said. Danny said?? what it is going on?????? Katherine finally said; I am pregnant and Danny your the father. And what??s more, I am carrying twins. Danny fell out of his chair, feeling the shock of the news. (more…)

Drunk incest

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drunk incest
Wow! Absolutely unique site!!! You’ll be impressed & satisfied! Naughty boy uses his mom when she is drunk! Pussy is pussy, he thinks… The fact that she is his own kind mom, only excites him more! This innocent older lady never thought she’d raise such a horny fucker of her son! He properly planned the seduction of his proper mom… Bought some strong vodka, made mom drink it and the plan started to work… In no time he was sucking on her tits and exploring the forbidden flower of a mother’s pussy!
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January 5, 2006

Incest Art

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incest art place where forbidden thoughts, dreams and wishes of family members take their place on the paper sheets. The site is full of excusive stuff. One of the main parts of the site is our Art&toon section. Tons of first class incest drowings created by professional artists, drawn by realtives involved into incestuous relations or submitted by our members. Each toon set is the absolutely real incest situation.
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January 4, 2006

incest blog

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Welcome to incest blog. Feel free to post your urges and thoughs, speak out your mind, you will always be heard by many, many people out there?? start blogging!

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