February 20, 2007

young incest

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Hi all this took place when I was 13 and my sis was 12

It had been awhile that I had started to touch myself and I often liked to sneak around the house naked. I tried so hard to ejaculate but at this stage I didn??t know how to do this I kept watching my dad??s movies which showed people having sex.
I seen that girls would suck on the guys penis and eventually they would ejaculate, this made me have fantasies about my sister who was just under a year younger than me.

She was a cute girl with long black hair very thin and had a butt that was so small and cute she didn??t really have tits, but rather what looked like dimples that you could just make out when she wore tight tops. Her legs were long and thin leaving a large gap between her legs that gave that keyhole look from behind, and when she wore her swimmers you could see the bulge between her legs when she bent over. She would often wear those tight bike pants that followed her figure so tightly you could make out her two butt halves and also the sweat shape of her vagina. Her tops were just boob tubes, and you could just make out the form of her developing breasts.
She was very naive when it came to her looks and never thought of herself as someone to be admired.

It was a warm day and we had decided to go for a swim at the pools that , I got changed into my swimmers and T-shirt so did sis she had her bathers on under her T-Shirt. I got my bike and met her around the front of the house she would always sit on my handle bars and I would double her to the pools.

We started riding down the street when the air would catch under her T-shirt and cause it to blow up like a balloon and ride up her back exposing her butt I had never been so close to her butt which was covered by a thin bikini bottom that was riding up between her butt cheeks as she moved. When we arrived she hopped off and I noticed that her bottoms had gone right between her cheeks and she quickly pulled them out pulling her bikini right away from her body giving me a glimpse of her naked butt. By now I had an erection that was hard to hide in my shorts but sis didn??t notice and we went off for a swim.

After a few hours we decided to go home so she hopped back on my handle bars and we started to ride when she said she needed to pee, I told her we would be home in 15mins and to hold it, but she said she had to go now. I pulled over on the cycle way and rode off the main drag into the trees alongside the cycle way and stopped. Well sis this is as good as we are going to find, at first she was a bit hesitant but she really needed to go, she started to walk away from me when she said she need me to keep an eye out to see if anyone was coming i said that was fine. She was about 5meters away from me when she told me to turn around so I did. When I heard her pee trickle I had to look as I was getting an erection just thinking about my sis swatting bare assed. When I turned around she had her back to me with her T-Shirt held up around her waist and her legs spread and she was leaning forward with her beautifull vagina in perfect view. I could see a stream of pee coming from her lips and a puddle forming under her she had no hair on her vagina at all and her butt hole was white and clean.

She must have heard me as she turned her head around and yelled at me whilst she continued to pee I guess when u start its hard to stop. I turned away and said I was sorry when she finished she said that it wasn??t fair that I had seen her pee and now she wanted to see me pee. At first I got excited and thought that this was great only problem I was as hard as I had ever been.

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