February 18, 2006

mother seduces son

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I never intended to become my son??s lover but I was sexually deprived. My husband became so engrossed in his work that he completely forgot about my needs. Oh I tried hard to revive his interest but there was scarce time to do so. He worked so many hours per day and then it became worse. He was appointed superintendent of the production team for the second shift of the manufacturing plant where he worked. This gave him a whopping big salary raise and a huge responsibility. However, it also meant that he had to work from about 3:30PM until well after midnight, with loads of overtime hours. When he came home it was frequently 3:00AM, he just slept, ate and went back to work.

His only day off was Sunday and he was so exhausted I couldn??t even get an erection on him. I tried everything. I gave him body massages, wore skimpy clothes, went naked in front of him, sucked his soft cock, nothing worked. He would just become embarrassed when I tried and turn away. I just cried and cried in my sexual frustration.

I had no where to turn, it went against my principals to seek other men but I had to do something. I tried masturbation of course but got very little satisfaction from that. It??s OK on an occasional basis but not for a full time lifestyle.

My son seemed to understand what was wrong with me as I fell into a depressed state. He began to give me compliments along with flowers and candy. He would come into the kitchen and hug me and tell me I was beautiful which did perk up my spirits. Occasionally, I noticed that while he was hugging me, his big hands would slip down over my ass. I just moved them away without saying anything. I think this gave him other ideas that perhaps I wanted him to fuck me since he knew his Father no longer did.

I??m an artist and I??ve been teaching my son to paint since he was only five years old. Now at age 17 he had become very good, he had a natural talent inherited from me and my Father who was also an artist. My agent was already selling his paintings as fast as he could produce them for very handsome prices.

Then something happened that changed my life forever. I walked into the Bath as my son walked out of the shower. My son is very good looking, 6??4??? muscular build with huge muscles from foot ball and weight lifting. But what shocked me was his huge beautiful cock. It was at least 10 inches long and 4 inches thick. He just stood there looking at me with a slight smile on his face while I flushed and stood there gazing at his cock. It was the largest I had ever seen and it poked out in front of him so completely hard, just ready for me. It was all I could do to refrain from kneeling right there and taking it into my mouth, I was so sex starved.

I finally got my wits about me and stepped out of the bathroom, I was sweating all over and my panties were sopping wet! I leaned against the wall hoping I wouldn??t faint. After I recovered, I went about my work but I couldn??t get the picture of him out of my mind. He looked like a Greek God to me and I began to fantasize about having sex with my own son!

The next morning I stood naked in front of the mirror in my bedroom and appraised my body. At age 38, I still looked good . My breast at 34B were not huge but didn??t sag either. My body was firm from working out 5 days each week. My feet were well maintained and cute, I noticed him looking at my feet a lot as though he had a foot fetish.

It was time for his art lesson so I just put on my robe instead of the old shirt and jeans that I usually wore. I had nothing on underneath. I knew that I was going to seduce my own son and I had no shame. He came out of his room wearing only a pair of cut-off jean shorts with no shirt. Looking at his muscular body with my ???new??? eyes I could feel the juices flow down my legs. The huge bulge in his shorts told me that he was thinking along the same lines as me.

He walked over to me as I stood in front of my easel and took me into his strong arms, my 5??5??? frame made me feel so small in his arms. He said ???good morning Mom??? and then slowly lowered his face to kiss me. His mouth covered my mouth and an electric shock went through me as his tongue parted my lips. I took his tongue and started to suck on it as I felt his huge bulge press into my tummy. I moaned and said ???I didn??t know how bad I needed you.???

???Sure you did Mom, it just took you awhile to come around to accepting me.??? He removed my robe and stepped back to admire my body. ???Gosh Mom, you look absolutely beautiful!???

I said, ???well don??t you think you??re a little overdressed.??? He unzipped his shorts and slid them down off his firm buttocks and his huge cock sprung free. I grabbed it and started sinking to my knees to put it in my mouth but he held me up and just said, ???Not yet!???

He picked me up like a little baby and carried me to his room and laid me on his bed. He began kissing me and caressing my breast. As he flipped my nipples with his thumb they became solidly erect. He was clearly in charge and I felt so submissive to him, it was a most wonderful feeling. His hands were so huge that he could almost engulf them both with only one strong hand. When he started sucking my breast with his hand on my pussy, I had my first climax. I screamed, OHHHHHHH MY God!!! But he didn??t even slow down, he just kept lick and sucking my breast and fingering my clit and plunging his fingers into my pussy. I had a second and third screaming fit as I climaxed again and again. It was sooooo good and it seemed would never stop.

I??m finished I said, ???Can I suck your delicious cock now????

No Mom, I??m just getting started on you!???

He started kissing and licking all over my body, my arms hands, fingers, tummy. Down my legs on my outside thighs and down to my feet. After kissing my feet for a long time he began to suck my toes and I had another orgasm. After he had done both feet he began to kiss my inside legs, slowly to my inner thighs and near my pussy. I was squirming on the bed as he kissed so close all around my pussy without even touching it. I became frustrated and said ???dammit lick it – no more teasing!??? He immediately thrust his long tongue deep into my hole, I climaxed strongly. He licked my sensitive clit and I climaxed over and over again.

I became weak from so much energy expended with oh so many climaxes, but he continued. He mounted me as I lay there helpless and inserted his huge tool into my still throbbing pussy. I didn??t know if I could take it all but he filled me up and soon had his pelvis crushing my clit. He fuck me hard with no mercy and I loved it, I knew I would belong to him and only to him! As he fucked me hard, fast and furious, I had five more climaxes.

???Please son no more, I??m exhausted!???

???Just one more thing Mom and I??m through.??? He picked me up like a rag doll and tossed me face down on my tummy. Before I even knew what was happening he spread the cheeks of my ass and with my plentiful juices plunged his huge cock into my ass!! The pain was deafening and I screamed for him to stop but he just plunged cruelly harder into my innards. Then my feeling changed and it began to feel good. In fact very good, ???fuck me hard son, fuck mommy??s ass: I said. That put him over the edge and I could feel his hot spunk shooting into my ass.

???Are you finally finished,??? I said. Without a word he grabbed me by my hair and plunged his big cock down my throat. I sucked as I never sucked before on his big hard rod until he began to shoot rope after rope of his manly juice down my throat.

I couldn??t move a muscle. All I could do was say , ???when do you think we can have a repeat performance????

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