January 25, 2006

mom fucks son

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I was a slightly over-weight, over-worked 32 when my husband ran off with a 26 year old. In anger, frustration and the need to forget, I plowed most of my divorce settlement back into the little boutique I’d
started the year before. I worked long hours, six days a week, concentrating on getting rich and staying out of the home I was left with. I didn’t ignore my son. I hired Linda, my 22 year old next door neighbor to look after him until he went to school and after he came home from school. I also hired her to work in my shop.

By the time I turned 33 the shop was very profitable and my son had gone from a gangly twelve year old to an athletic, but rebellious thirteen year old young man. I had hardly noticed. Maybe I worked too hard. Maybe he just looked a bit too much like my ex. I don’t know. I guess the first time I noticed that maturing had changed him in more ways than just a bad attitude was one Sunday morning when Linda (as usual) came over for coffee.

We were sitting at the dinette in the kitchen sipping coffee and eating coffee cake when Linda said, “Honestly, Evalyn. I don’t think you’ve notice what a fine young stud you boy is getting to be”.

“Linda”, I scolded, “how can you talk like that?! He’s just a child!”

“Child?”, she half laughed, “Look out the window. Come here”, she demanded standing up and walking to the kitchen window by the sink.

“Oh, Jeez”, I moaned as I stood and complied.

There at the window behind the sink, the window which looked out on to our patio, Linda opened the blinds. Below the window my son was weightlifting in the bright morning sun. His back was toward us and he had a barbell with lots of weight on it over his head.

“Look at that” Linda whispered, almost in awe. “Look at those shoulders. Look at that cuuuuuute ass!”.

“Oh, Linda”, I said, lightly slapping her shoulder. “How can you say that? He’s just a baby”.

“Baby? Look it, Honey. Just pretend you don’t know him. Just for a second…OK? Now look at him”.

For that instant I was able to forget I was his mother and that is when I saw what Linda was telling me.

His long, think hair fell to his shoulders in beautiful waves, much like Michael Landon. Each dark brown wave was highlighted in sun bleached blonde. His hair was gorgeous! And that lovely hair fell on shoulders that in no way could belong to a child. They were broad and round; as big and shapely as small cannon balls. Each time he pressed the weight upward, deep powerful ripples formed in those shoulders, like swells of a rolling sea. His skin was a deep golden tan, like a surfer boy.

Again he pressed the weights up then down. Perspiration on his back formed a glaze over that beautiful golden satin skin. Again and again he lifted, and the glaze turned into shining beads, glistening on his beautiful, powerful shoulders. This was a stranger; a beautiful young man I never knew. Again he lifted and the beads formed a tiny stream between those muscular, rippling shoulder blades. Again he lifted, and
the stream formed a tiny river which trickled down the deep channel in the middle of his back. My eyes followed that river, mesmerized as it tricked slowly between valley after valley of glistening muscle.
Slowly downward the stream flowed into the partly exposed cleavage at the top of his buns. When those glistening drops slipped into the deep cleavage shadow of those tight buns I actually heard myself pant and felt myself quiver.

“See?”, Linda giggled. “He’s a STUD!”

“Linda!”, I turned to chastise her. “How coul….”.

She cut me off by grabbing one of my big, heavy tits in each hand. “Look!”, she demanded. “Look at yourself!”

I did…and was embarrassed by what I saw. In the air conditioned cool of the kitchen I was glistening with a very light sheen of perspiration. My too large nipples were erect and hard, pushing against the light material of my sleeping bra and poking out at the satin of my summer robe like it wasn’t there.

“You’re turned on! Admit it! Your nipples are erect, your eyes are glassy, you’re sweating and you are actually panting! He turns you on! Admit it! You’ld LOVE to fuck your son!” she demanded.

“Honestly, Linda!” I acted offended as I pulled away, turned my back and walked back toward the dinette.
“How can you say such things? He’s a boy. My own son! What kind of mother do you think I am?”, I said, secretly hoping she had no clue of the things I did with my son when he was still and infant, and feeling twinges of both guilt and desire over the memories.

She followed me over. “I think you are a woman. A woman who is healthy; who has needs and desires. I think you’ve been too long without and I think it’s only natural that a beautiful stud like that would excite any woman who has eyes….or even ears. Listen, Ev”, she continued, “Have you listened to his voice lately. Not his words; just his voice?”

The change of subject was very welcome, so I eagerly played along. “What do you mean?”, I asked, “Of course I know his voice! I’m his mother!”

“OK, OK”, She said. “Maybe there’s another way I can make my point. Listen. Last week he read me a poem he wrote. It was part of his English assignment…to write a love poem. This kid has talent. Listen, Hon. That poem was so good and the way he read it was so sweet I made him read it again while I taped it. I bet it’s still in the machine. Come on”.

Slightly reluctantly (I wasn’t ready to think that stud I just saw was also beautifully romantic…because he was my SON), I followed.

“Yes! It’s here! Sit down and listen. Just close your eyes and let the words and voice carry you”.

I sat on the sofa and closed my eyes. She fiddled with the machine then sat beside me. A few seconds later the stereo was playing a voice I recognized but didn’t. It was my son’s voice, but it was more mellow, deeper, softer than I remembered.

“Let not the difference stand between us”, his gentle warm words flowed.
“For they are not a wall but a bridge we must both cross.
Let not the gorge beneath that bridge frighten us.
Let us cross toward each other, never looking down.
Look only into my eyes, my love, as I look only into yours.
We will not see what scares the others.
We see only each other as, step by step, we grow closer”.

The beauty of the words, the gentleness of the voice, melted over me like warm honey seeping into my soul. I could have basked in that voice and drifted through the dream the words painted if they had stopped right there, but they continued.

“Hear not the roar of rivers below.
Hear not the wail of the wind.
Hear not the cries of others demanding we stop.
For who are those who fear to demand of those who do not?
What power should self-righteous cowards have
Over those who replace fear with love?

Hear them not, my deepest of all loves.
Hear only your heart and mine.
Hear only the song of sweet Desire
As she sings our love song;
As, step at a time we are closer”.

The voice melted in my mind, warm, gentle and strong. The words penetrated my heart like soft
Spring sunshine melting Winters last snows and stimulating little seedling below.

“See what I mean?”, Linda asked. “I’ll tell you, Hon, when he read that to me it was all I could do not to seduce him right then and there”.

“Linda!”, I half-shouted. “How could you?!”

“Oh, get real!”, she came back. “He’s a stud! He’s built like some kind of Greek god. He writes poetry that’s so beautiful it cam melt stone and when he reads it, his voice makes my pussy wet! Are you telling me it doesn’t effect you?!”

Before I could respond she moved. I was no where near as shocked when she grabbed my tits in the kitchen as I was when she suddenly shoved her right hand between my thighs and grabbed my mons. I blurted an involuntary squeal. She gave my cunny mound a quick firm squeeze and jumped up facing me.

“See!” she giggled. “You’re soaked! Admit it! You’re hot for you own son!”.

I was stunned, appalled and angry.

“Get out of here!”, I shouted. “You get out of my home this instant”.

She ran for the door, but was still laughing as she opened it. “Evalyn has a boy friend”, she half-shouted and half-laughed as she slammed the door behind her. I kicked at the slammed door.

It took me a couple of minutes to recover from my shock. In an half-daze I stumbled back into the living room and shut off the tape recorder. Too much had happened too suddenly. Linda grabbing my tits, for one. It shocked me when she did it, but what shocked me more was my own physical state at that instant. She was right. I was HOT. And when she grabbed my tits and squeezed, I didn’t want her to stop. I needed relief right then and there. I admit that in running a women’s clothing store I saw more than one woman who made me wonder about woman -to -woman love, but I let that pass as moments of desperation and having no trust in men.

Seeing my own sweet son, who had, in his unknowing innocence, given me so much pleasure so long ago as a sex object both stunned and thrilled me. Being force to face that confused me. Then, when his sweet words and honey-mellow voice melted my soul, I found myself being romantically swept away. I hadn’t put together the weightlifting stud outside and the beautiful poet winning my heart as the same young man at the time. When Linda grabbed my crotch I was absolutely zapped. A powerful electric bolt of energy zapped through my cunny and clit like lightening. It was wonderful and terrible in the same instant.

“I need a drink!”, I said aloud, and went to the kitchen to mix a Bloddy Mary. I didn’t care that it was Sunday. I didn’t care that it wasn’t even 10 AM. I needed a drink. I tried not to look out the window while I mixed it. I tried not to think of my son as a stud. I kept my eyes down, forcing “motherly” thoughts into my mind while I heard his quick, rhythmic grunting beyond the glass. I didn’t look up when I finished my mixing, but I couldn’t help but think how much his sound resembled the noise of love making, I had to know what he was doing! I looked.

He was doing pushups. His feet were toward me; his head pointed away. The muscles of his back, his shoulders, his strong, lean, nearly hairless legs, lunged up and down. That beautiful tiny ass, clad in only
light, white cotton gym shorts, flexed with each stroke. And, for a second, I could see myself, on my back,
with my thighs locked around those buns.

“Oh, Jeez!”, I whispered, disgusted with myself. I took my drink and rushed back to the livingroom. By the time I had finished the strong mix, I got up enough courage to play the tape again. But first, I fixed another drink, stopped in my son’s room and grabbed his Walkman, then took the tape into my bedroom, locked the door behind me and put the tape in the little machine. After a few sips of my second drink, I put on the headphones, lay back on my bed and turned on the machine.

Again the words began to wash over me. At first I tried to read meaning into them.

“Let not the difference stand between us”,

“The difference?”, I wondered. “What difference? Sex? Culture? Race? Age?”.

“For they are not a wall but a bridge we must both cross.
Let not the gorge beneath that bridge frighten us.
Let us cross toward each other, never looking down.
Look only into my eyes, my love, as I look only into yours.

In could see his soft, sweet eyes before me.

We will not see what scares the others.
We see only each other as, step by step, we grow closer”.

“Hear not the roar of rivers below.
Hear not the wail of the wind.
Hear not the cries of others demanding we stop.

“Others? Demanding we stop?”, I wondered. “Could he be talking about us? About him and me?”

For who are those who fear to demand of those who do not?
What power should self-righteous cowards have”

“Self-righteous? Is he talking about morals? What else could it be? Is it me? Is this poem to me?!”
Those thoughts actually excited me. It didn’t matter who wrote the words. Nobody had ever
written a love poem for me and I was excited!

” Over those who replace fear with love?

Hear them not, my deepest of all loves.
Hear only your heart and mine.
Hear only the song of sweet Desire

“Desire?! Does he actually desire me?!” My heart began pounding.

As she sings our love song;
As, step at a time we are closer”.

Then words I’d never heard carried me beyond analysis.

“When winds are still, across the divide,
Sweet perfumes of your own drift to me,
Tantalizing my spirit with needs.

“When time is right and breezes just so
You’ve lofted your silken hankies to the gods
And they’ve floated them to me.
How many nights I have spent
Faced buried in the love scents they carry;
How many nights longing to sweetly kiss
The bosom which once sheltered this silk.

From far across this great chasm,
I have strained to see your beauty.
I know your motion, your sway,
Your every move,
As a fish knows the currents of its sea.

I am lost within your beauty;
Caught helpless in your spell.
Please walk toward me,
O’er this long bridge.

Let longing be your courage,
For, once we touch,
All warmth and sun shall ever more be ours.”

Through my tipsy relaxed brain, romance mingled with tiny attempts to think.
“‘Silken hankies’? I don’t use hankies. ‘Silken’? Some of my bras are silky. ‘Love scents’?
No! My panties?! Oh, no. How could I think such things? It’s romantic and sooo sexy! It can’t be me…”

My buzzing brained slipped toward peaceful rest as thoughts and desires melted into dreams. The last whispering thoughts I remember were, “It IS me. It is my panties. He sleeps with my panties and loves my smell…he loves the smell of my pussy…he loves my smell…he loves me.”

It was past noon when I awoke. I felt wonderful. I felt loved. I was a bit confused as to whether it was really me he wrote that beautiful poem about. I mean, how could it be…his own mother?! But, I did need to know. And somewhere, in the back of my mind, a plot was forming…a plot to test, to see, if it really was me. And it wouldn’t be hard to start. The old pink cotten panties I was wearing all morning were so wet that they stuck to my pussy like they were melted on.

I was still in a bit of drunken haze when I gathered up a pair of white lycra bicycle shorts, a black French cut bra and a white silk blouse. I was humming to myself. I was happy. I was about to do something I loved to do…something I hadn’t done in a long time; I was about to tease a man. I was about to try and force a handsome young stud to desire me. ”

There’s nothing wrong with a woman wanting to be desired”, I reasoned to myself. “After all, it’s not incest. It’s just desire…besides, even though he doesn’t remember it. we’ve done much, much more already”. Those last wicked memories actually made my cunny tingle and put one more nasty thought in my mind. I grabbed up my ***** and some baby oil as I headed down the hall with all I’d collected.

I heard the TV on, turned to a football game, so I knew my son was in the livingroom and the first part of the plan would work.

“Listen, Honey”, I said to him as I passed through the room, my bundle in my arms. “My shower is not working so I’ll have to use the one in your room. And I need you to do something for me”.

“Awww, Maaa”, he complained. His use of the word “Ma”, made me want to FORCE him to see me as a desirable woman. I thought to myself, “That poem HAD to be about me. It has too! I’ll prove it!”

“Honey, I’m going to throw my dirty close out the door. I want you to pick them up right away and put them in the close hamper in my room”.

“Ma, can’t you do it?”, he whined.

“Don’t give me any lip, young man! You follow me to the bathroom right now! And you wait outside the door and I’ll hand them to and YOU DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD!!”

He reluctantly followed, but as he noticed the little extra sway I intentionally put into my walk, his interest seem to pick up.

Once in the bathroom, I left the door open about four inches and peaked through it ,facing him as I undressed. I felt full of life, absolutely tingling, as, just beyond his direct sight, I stripped. I had to take my eyes off him to step out of my panties, and when I looked back at him, I notice his eyes move from somewhere behind me rapidly back me. When I reached out the door , handing the soiled clothes to him,
I deliberately let most of my big left tit show. His hands were shaking as he reached for my stuff. My hands were shaking too. That moment was so erotic I can not explain it. I wanted to stand right there with most of my tit showing, stark naked behind the door as long as I could, so I repeated my instructions while we both held the smelly material.

“Now, you put these in my close hamper immediately. I don’t want these smelly things to stink up the whole house”.

I could see his eyes getting glassy, his breathing get harder and his face getting red. He tried to pull the material from my hands, but I held the instant a bit longer.

“Now, you tell me what you’re going to do with these”, I demanded.

“I’m going to put them in your hamper”, he obediantly replied in a weak and trembling voice.

It was at that moment that I discovered how to get my rebellious son in line. He would probably do anything just to look at my body. That thought delighted me! I could feel loved and desired by a romantic hunk who might do anything I asked, just for the chance to lust after me. How much more could any woman ask? I let him go, closed the door, warmed up the shower and stepped in.

As the warm shower splashed over me I envisioned him sniffing those soaking panties. I could almost see him with his face buried in the wet crotch. “Is he getting a boner? How big is it? Is he just sniffing or is he sucking?! (That thought actually made my hands go to my cunt). “Is he sucking my love juice and jacking off!?”. My fingers were diddling my huge clit and tickling at my opening pussy hole like foreplay was a big waste of time and cumming was what life was all about. I could actually hear my own voice echo in the shower stall as I closed my eyes, jerked on my clit and started pushing two fingers at my hole.

“Do it, Baby!”, I heard. “Do it! Suck Mommy love oil! Do it! Oh, Yessss, Baby. Do it! Eat Mommy’s pussy juice …suck it!…eat it…EAT MOMMY’S CUUUMMMM!!!!!”.

I know some women deny masturbating at all. Well, they are either fridgid or they lie! I’m not a chronic
masturbator, but when I need to cum and there’s nothing else, I do what I have to and I ENJOY it! And
at that moment, I was LOVING IT! I could just see it! I could see that muscular body straining as he beat off over his Mommy’s cunt smell. I could see his powerful abs flexing as they slammed his narrow hips forward to meet his jerkoff strokes! I could see that tight little ass flexxing as he hammered his hard dick
….and all ove the smell and taste of his own Mommy’s cunt!

Both hands were going crazy on my pussy, in my pussy, on my clit, on my tits! It was like a dozen hands all over my body. My knees were giving out. With my back against the shower, my eyes close, warm water splashing all over, I slid to the floor of the stall. My feet were together and my knees were spread as wide as they could get. Both my hands were poking, pulling, pinching and jamming at my clit and pussy in a mad fever. My thighs were fluttering and my right knee was hammering the sliding glass door. I was on the verge of the first orgasm I’d had in over two years…and I NEEDED IT!!!!

I could hear that voice, “Do it! Baby! Do it! Eat my Cum! Eat Mommy’s CUM! Do it, Baby. Do it! Oh, jerk your cock! Jerk it off! Make it cum ALL OVER!!! OOOOOOHHHH!!!!”.

It was at that instant I heard my son’s screaming voice at the door, “Mom! Are you all right!”.

ch 2

There I sat. Stark naked on the shower stall floor. Three fingers jammed up my needy hole and the thumb and forefinger of my other hand pinching my huge, swollen clit like I was jerking off a small cock. My legs were flailing against the stall and the sliding glass door like a crazy drum roll. I was screaming filthy things, things I really, really felt.

“Oh, Baby! Oh, Baby! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt! Fuck HOT CUNT! FUCK MOMMY’S FUCKIN’ CUNT!”

I was on the verge of the most powerful orgasm I’d had in years,
when my son’s voice and pounding at the bathroom door penetrated my brain.

It was all I could do to try to roll over onto my hands and knees before he came bursting through the door.

“Mom! Mom! Are you all right?!”, he shouted in panic.

Before I could respond, he slid open the glass door. I had barely completed rolling over. I was on my side at the instant that door opened. My tits were flopping and my hands were still in my cunt.

“Oh, God!”, I screamed as I completed the roll. I was on my knees and elbows, still fighting my over -powering desire to cum, fighting to convince my own hands to get out of my crotch, when he squatted down in front of me.

“Mom! Are you OK!? What’s wrong!”, his voice was urgent with concern.

Looking up through the pounding water that rained off my head, the first thing I saw was his feet. Then his wide spread knees and strong tanned thighs. Then there, not three feet in front of my face, poking out from a leg of his shorts, was his cock! His big, beautiful, erect cock! It was much bigger than his father’s and much different. The big purple head was shaped like an army helmet and sweet, clear pre-cum was oozing from it slit. Exactly the thing I’d been fertilizing over and it was right within reach. And I WANTED it!

“Oh, shit!”, I panted, trying to get self-control back.

“Mom?! What’s wrong?”

“I got soap in my eyes”, I lied. “Then I slipped. Honey, get me a wash rag…a clean rag. The one in here is all soapy.”

He leaped to his feet pulled a rag off the towel rack and turned back to hand it to me. By the time he turned had my feet under me and was getting ready to stand…but slipped and landed on my butt.
There I sat, hands at my sides, knees spread wide, showing my handsome young man all my charms.
I didn’t plan it and I would have prevented it if I could, but it was too late. I guess I could have jumped up
as soon as I slipped, but I did land hard and it did take a moment to recover. It took a little longer than it should have, because I enjoyed it. I even looked up at him standing there for one very long moment before I thought about covering up. That moment was wonderful!

His hot young eyes were glaring at my pussy. My eyes followed his. My cunt lips were splayed out completely, glued back in the mat of wet hair. My demanding hole was open from where my fingers were moments before. My clit was enormous. Being something of a deformity in it’s “normal” too large state,
at this minute is stuck out nearly three inches and was pulsing like a throbbing cock.

I crossed my left arm over my 36EE boobs and brought my right hand down to cover my pussy, but something inside me made me move like I was in slow motion and, when my hand moved to cover my cunt, it moved more like it was trying to show it off. With my tits covered (some) and my right hand over my hole, but so low that my entire clit stuck out over the backside of my thumb, I spoke,

“Oh, Honey. I’m sorry. I..I..”, then I looked up.

He stood there, rag in hand, eyes glued to my clit, with a throbbing erection standing out from under his shorts leg. God, it was BEAUTIFUL! I mean it! His throbbing man-meat was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen….”and I created it”, I thought. “It’s mine! That beautiful meat is mine!”

We both froze for a very long minute. All he could see was my big pink clit and all that existed to me was that wonderful, beautiful cock. On their own, the fingers at my hole curled and slid right into my cunt.
I swear it! I didn’t do it on purpose! I couldn’t help it!

Then he groaned aloud and we both looked into each others eyes.

“God! Mom! I’m sorry!”, he blurted as he quickly covered himself with the rag.

I suddenly got hold of myself and leaped, slipping slightly, to my feet. I slammed the glass door shut and turned my back towards him.

“Its…its.. it’s OK”, I panted. “It’s OK. But I think we need to talk about this”.

“I gotta go, Mom. I gotta go pee”, he tried to excuse himself…probably to go beat off.

“You stay right here, young man!”, I snapped. “I could get dizzy and fall again. I hit my head pretty hard, ya know. You sit right over there on the toilet and cover your head with a towel so you can’t see me.
And you wait until I get through with my shower”, I ordered.

It worked. Like a very obedient boy he sat on the stool and covered his head with a large bath towel.
Peeking out the shower door, I said, “Not that towel. I need that one. Use the face towel”, knowing that the tiny face towel probably would only block part, not all, of his view. I WANTED him to see. I knew the
foggy glass of the shower door would distort his view, but I wanted to know I had control over him and
I knew I could tease him into it.

Once again he did as he was told.

Now I couldn’t see his face and he couldn’t see mine. But I was very sure, if he leaned back he could see everything below my neck. Slowly, deliberately I began to soap up. Facing away from him I ran my soapy hands over both arms at once, looking like I was hugging and caressing myself. Then I bent over at the waist and began soaping the back of my right leg with both hands, reaching through my legs with one hand and down the outside with the other. Starting at the ankle, I slowly worked my way up the calf to the knee. Then I moved to the other leg and repeated the process. I moved back to the other leg and, starting at the knee, moved both hands up the back of the leg until one was rubbing my hip side and the
other was at the crack of my ass. I moved to the other leg and slowly repeated the motions.

“Ohhh, shit!”, I heard him groan over the water.

“Honey. Are you OK?”, I asked, barely able to hid the glee in my voice.

“I..I..I gotta go bad, Mom!”, he blurted.

“Well you just hold it (tightly)”, I commanded.

Now, standing upright, I used both hands to slowly soap my butt. I slid one hand, then the other into my ass crack. I did it over and over again, hearing him moaning more. I LOVED it!

Then I turned to rinse my backside, facing him. Peeking through the opening I left in the sliding door, I could see that he was bent double at the waist with both hands pressing into his groin like he was trying to crush. He head was tilted back so he could see as much as possible under the towel.

Again, this time facing him, I started to soap my legs. This time I soaped up the front of one calf and then the other. I was bent at the waist and I’m sure he had a great view of my big hanging tits’ because I was careful to throw my wet hair out of the way and keep my head lifted enough so it wouldn’t block his view.
As I moved to soap the front of one thigh, I pressed my upper arms together, pinching my bib tits against each other and making them jiggle as I “scrubbed” at my thigh. When I switched to the other thigh I did something different. As my hands moved up the leg toward my pussy, I slowly stood and brought both hands to my cunt.

“Aaaaaarrrrrggg!”, he screamed as he stood up. “Aaaaahhhh!. Aaaaaahhh! Aaaaahhh!”, he panted, still bending at the waist, as he grabbed the door and ran out.

“You get back here!”, I screamed. But he did not respond. There, on the tile floor and on the wall and on the door, was the reason why. He couldn’t take any more. He gave me the greatest tribute to her desirability any man can give a woman. His beautiful virgin cum was splattered everywhere.

I stepped out of the shower dripping wet and throw my old yellow terry cloth robe on without tying it. I knelt down, then, on hands and knees, crawled over to the puddles. I can recall it all so clearly now. Maybe this Tequila Sunrise I’m drinking is helping.

The white tile floor feels cold beneath my knees and hands. It’s there, glistening in a pretty silvery stream as it slowly flows down the tiles on the wall. It draws me like a magic call. In a dream, my hand moves toward it, my two of my fingers extend.

It feels so good…so oily and soft. I spread it on the tile and it feels so slick and slippery. Pressing harder I spread it more. It’s squishing between my fingers and it feels so erotic to slide them back and forth against each other. Now I press my whole palm into the goo, spreading it all over. It feels like oily finger paints. I’m finger-painting the wall with my son’s cum.

“Oooooh. Boy cum! Sweet, virgin boy cum! For me. All for me. My sweet virgin baby shot his big load all over the room, just for me!”.

I bring the sticky hand toward my nose.

“It smells sweet! A bit salty, but very sweet!”.

Not believing cum can taste sweet, I stick out my tongue. The tip touches my gooey palm.

“It IS sweet! It’s yummy!”

I lap at my hand like a hungry dog.

“Good! (lap) Oh, so yummy! (slurp, slobber) Oh, I love it! What a filthy slut I am! I’m eating my own son’s cum and I LOVE it! More, Mommy Slut! Get more!”

I see another stream sliding down the wall and lean my face to it licking it off the tiles.

“I love it! Boy cum! Son cum! Warm, sweet virgin boy cum!”

I lap and lap the wall until there’s no taste left. Then I see the big puddle underneath me.

“Oooooh, look at that! A whole bunch of baby boy cum! Just what his nasty Slut Mommy needs”

I don’t care about anything or anyone right now. I am a filthy, horny slut and I love it!

I pivot so I’m sitting with my back against the bathroom cabinet, my legs spread wide and that white shiny puddle only inches from my pussy.

“Mommy’s boy made sweet cum for Mommy”, I sing as I swirl my fingers in it. “Sweet cum he wants to put in Mommy’s pussy. My little Slut Boy wants to fuck his Mommy. He wants to put all his sweet boy cum in Mommy’s pussy”.

I scoop up all I can and smear it on my clit. “Ooooh, yeeeesssssss! Baby cum on Mom’s hot clitty!”
I apply more. “Yessssss! Slut Mommy loves masturbating with baby’s cum! Oh, hot, lovely virgin cum!”

I’m jacking my big clit off with my thumb and two fingers. It feels fabulous!

“Wonderful. Oh, so wonderful. Baby’s cum makes Mommy’s clit feel Wooooonderfuuuuullll!!”

Still jerking my hot clit, I scoop up a big glob with my other hand.

“In Mommy’s pussy! That’s were sweet baby wants his cum. In Mommy’s cunt”.

I jam the whole glob, with three fingers, into my burning hole.

“Oh, Damn! Fuck Mommy! Fuck Mommy! Boy cum! Boy cum! Up my cunt! My baby’s cum up my cunt!
Oh, damn! Oh, shit! Oh, fuck!”

My fingers are pounding in and out in a blur. I’m jerking off my clit like a sex fiend. I’m gonna cum!

“Cum! Cum! Oh, fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK….YOUR….MOM!.. FUCK….YOUR….MOM! FUCK….YOUR….MOM…..OM..OM*…MEEEEEEE!!!!!”

The bathroom door bangs open, slamming my feet. I curl into an upright sitting ball, my hands still in my cunt.

“Jeez, Mom! What’s Wrong!”, he screams.

I jerk my wide spread thighs shut and my knees up against my wet tits. My hands are still in my cunt.

“Just tummy pains”, I groan, not really lying. “and I slipped in something on the floor. Why did you leave me! You know I wasn’t feeling good! Now help me up this instant!”

Dutifully, he moves behind me, stoops over and put his hands under my arms to lift me. His strong hands feel so good. His fingers are touching the upper parts of my swollen tits. I just want to grab his hands and put them right over my stiff, burning nipples! He begins to lift as I pull the robe around myself. My knees are weak and I my attempts to help him only hinder. He’s straining, I’m wobbling. He shifts to balance both of us. We Both slip! Bang!

“Ouch!”, he screams. Bang..crash…plop!

We are both sitting on the floor facing the same direction with me between his legs. His hands are on my naked tits!

“Oh, Jeez, Mom! I’m sorry!”, he hollers as his hands flash from my body like they were burned.

“Just stand up, lock your arms around my waist and lift me up”, I command.

His strong arms wrap around me from behind. They are shaking as he reaches under my tits. He locks his hands together. The robe opens as he lifts. His hands are under my tits, bare skin to bare skin! I could scream!

I’m on my feet. My knees still tremble. I need to be fucked! Right now! It’s all I can do to stop myself…and I’m not doing it well. I turn, in his strong arms to face him. My naked tits press up against his strong, hard chest. I put my arms around his neck and give him a big hug.

“That’s my big boy. I don’t know what Mommy would do with out her wonderful, strong man”, I whisper in his ear. His hands go to my waist and he tries pushing me away as I continue to hold tight.

“Just a little bit longer, Honey. Just until this dizziness passes”, I softly plead. “Don’t push me away. Your old mother is still weak. These old bones may fall again. Just hold this old lady up a minute or two and I’ll be all right”.

“Mom. You’re not an ‘old lady’”, he gently protests as his arms go around my waist. My nipples are getting very hard again. I can feel them press into his firm, tanned flesh. I can feel something else pressing , too. He’s getting and erection! It’s pushing against my mons!…my naked cunt!!! The robe is open! His hardon is pushing through those thin shorts, right into his own Mother’s cunt!

His hips thrust involuntarily. “Mom! I’m sorry!,” he blurts, pushing me away. I slip slightly then catch my balance. I pull the robe around my body, staring at his boner.

“Did I do that?”, I smirk.

“Oh, Mom! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I…I couldn’t help it!”, he protests, covering his crotch with both hands and turning his back to me.

I put both of my pussy slimed hands on his strong, broad shoulders. “Don’t worry, Honey. Mommy understands. It’s perfectly natural for a boy of your age to get sexually excited when he see a naked woman. I guess your body doesn’t care if the naked woman in your arms is your own mother. That is what happened, isn’t it, Honey?”

“I…I..I guess so. I’m sorry”, he stammers.

“Honey. We have to discuss this thing. But maybe right now is not the time. I’ll be OK, now. I’ll tell you what…you stay around the house today. I’ve got a lot of work I’ll need your help with. And maybe tonight we can discuss this thing before it gets out of hand”.

He just nods his head ‘yes’, then leaves the bathroom.

I have a lot of work for him. Plans and schemes unfold from my imagination in an explosion. “It’s going to be a lot of work for him not to CUM!”, I laugh to myself.
Alone again in the bathroom, I turn the shower back on…thist time to as cold as I can stand it. I’ve gotta cool down. Two beautiful oragsms in a row! Both interrupted! I need to cum so bad I can’t stand it. My
tits are on fire. My nipples are so stiff the feel like they’re breaking the skin and it HURTS! The icy water makes them hurt even more, but it helps. The pain is cooling the lust. If I don’t cool down, I’m gonna run out of this naked and wet and throw that sexy little stud down on the floor and rape the hell out of him!
I can still feel his chest on my tits! I can feel that wonderful hard prod pushing into my hot, splayed cunt.
Damn! I need to be fucked! Damn! Damn! Damn.

I’m slapping my cunt hard. Slap! “Stop it, you slut!” Slap! ” Stop it, you cunt! Stop it! He’s your own son!” Slap! “You will not fuck your own son ! No , no , no . Eeeeeeeee!” The cold. The pain. It feels bad! It hurts! It hurts!

Finally that uncontrollable lust subsides. Finally I can think. I turn the shower to warmth. “I’ll show that little bastard he can’t make me so horny then leave me to suffer. It’s his turn to suffer now. Before this day is over I’ll have him begging just for the chance to kiss my feet!

I pick up the ***** and do something I haven’t done in ages; I shave my pussy bald. As each stroke of the ***** pulls and slices through the tangled hair, coolness fills in the bareness. It still hurts to touch my nasty son-loving cunt…that’s good, or that bitch woud drive me crazy. Soon I’m shaved. I get out of the shower, pad myself dry and apply baby oil to my whole body…especially my nake, cool pussy. “God! I feel positively wicked!”, I whisper. ” I’m going to tease my own son! I’m going to give that little shit a hardon so bad it hurts, thenI ‘m gonna make it last all day long!”

I sinch my robe around my waist, pick up my cloths and head back to my own room. “This is going to take some special preparation”, I say loudly enough for him, in the living room, to hear.

In my own room, I strip off the old yellow robe and stand before my full length mirror. My hair is stringy and wet. My makeup is running all over my face. I look terrible! My waist is saggy and my tits need something just to hold them up. I set to work like a determined woman with a plan.

Ten minutes with a blower and a brush and my hair is fluffy and shimmering. I brush it in a style I use at work…the swept back, pulled back, stern business woman look. “It’s not tough enough”, I think. I add styling gel… a lot of it. More brushing and I have the look…slicked back, bitch, dyke-looking.

Next to my makeup. This part is easy. Too much of this, over statement here, too bold a color there. “Now, don’t I look like a whore-bitch”, I giggle to myself. The naked bitch in the mirror looks like a vicious, dominant slut …. and I LIKE it!

Now for some special make up. I carefully apply no-smudge, deep coral lipstick to the big, distended lips of my pussy. That damned son-loving cunt starts to get wet, so I finish as quickly as I can. The I apply the lipstick to the erect tip of my too big, ugly clit. That drives me crazy! I give ‘her’ a few quick, gentle tugs, then try to concentrate on other things. I apply the same coloring to each of my hard, puckered nipples and stand up. Twisting before the mirror I say, “You bitch! You slutty whore! You are nothing but a son-loving slut! Slut Mommy! That’s what you are! You are a stinking, perverted Slut Mommy and all you want is your own son’s cock!”.

Then I pick out my costume. I dig out the black corsette I used to use to “play” with my husband. It still fits. It lefts below the tits, leaving the nipples completely exposed. It sinches tightly at the waist, making my figure the hour-glass shape it should be. It ends in garter straps at the hips. Next I step into the skintight, thin material, white lycra bicycle shorts. They leave almost nothing to the imagination. My
nasty cunt shows its every curve and shape. Fromthe distance of the mirror (about three feet) I can make out each one of my big pussy lips and my ugly clit tents the tight material like a tiny erect prick.

“Damn! What a nasty slut I am! What a sexy, nasty slut!”.

Finally I pull on a sheer white silk blouse. The black corsette shows clearly but my stiff nipples show even more.

“Now I’ll fix that little bastard”, I think. As if destiny, a knock comes on my bedroom door just as that thought passes. I go to the door and open it, thinking, “This will give that little shit an instant hardon”.
When I open the door what I find is Linda.

“Oh, my god!”, she stammers. “You look positively HOT!!!”.

Without invitation or hesitation she steps in the room and closes the door behind her. “What ever are you doing, Evalyn!? You look like you’re gonna fuck the first thing that crosses your path. I mean you look like one of those fem-dom bitches. Are you gonna fuck your son!?”.

I’m in the groove, in my bitch role. I suddenly slap her hard across the mouth! She screams as she falls!
I lock the door and turn on her. “Just who the fuck do you think you are, you tramp!” I shout.

“Mom! What’s going on?!”, my fearful son shouts from down the hall.

“Honey, you go over to Billy’s house and don’t come back till I call you!!” I demand. “Right Fucking NOW!”.

Seconds later the front door slams. I turn on Linda again. She’s standing at the side of my bed.
“Now, you filthy mouth slut”, I shout. “I’ve had it with your filthy mouth and your filthy toughts. You think you’re someone to sit in judgement!? ”

I stride over to her. I’m much bigger, heavier and stronger than her. I grab her by the collar of her polo shirt with one hand, lift her to her feet, then slap her with the other hand. She wimpers. She really is afraid. “Just who the fuck are you, anyway. You’ve got no man. You talk about other womens sexual frustration like its a joke, but you don’t date. What’s with you, bitch!?”, I scream, slapping her again.
“Do you masturbate all the time!? Is that what you do?!”

Then I return the favor she gave to me; I grab her by the crotch and squeeze. She is helpless to stop me, but I get the feeling she wouldn’t anyway. “Is that what you do over there in your little house?!
Are you spending your free time shoving big nasty dildos up your hot cunt?! Answer me, Slut!”

“I…I…, No! Not dildos. No!”, she wimpers.

“Oh, I see. Little Linda just sits and finger fucks this hot little cunt!”.

I can feel her cunt is hot! And I can feel moisture in my palm.

“Is hot Linda slut liking this ? You are, aren’t you slut ? Admit it !”

“Oh, damn! I…I.. I can’t help it, Ev. I can’t help it!” she whines.

“‘Can’t help it’. Poor Slut Linda can’t help it!”, I tease. “I bet you can’t help playing with your own cunt either can you? Tell me, Slut! Admit it! Now! .”

I… I… I can’t. I can’t”, she whimpers.

“You ‘can’t’ what, Slut!? Complete sentences ! Start confessing now or I’ll, I’ll…”. I release her crotch lift my hand then jam it past her waist band, past her panties, to her cunt.
“I’ll rip you cunt lips off!!” My long fingernails dig into the soft, rubber tissues of her soaked pussy lips.
My long thumbnail pinches and scrapes her tiny, hard clit.

“Now start talking, bitch, or I’ll turn your cunt into dog meat!”….then it strikes me…she doesn’t live alone. She has two male Dobermans.

Her words come pouring out. “I can’t help it. I can’t help playing with my cunt. I love to play with my cunt! I love my cunt! My hot, juicy, lovely cunt. I love it! I love it! I love it!” she’s panting. My fingers are strumming her pussy lips like Eric Clapton going wild on his guitar. Her narrow hips are squirming into my hand. She’s vibrating from head to toe.

With my hand at her collar, I force her to lie back on my bed. I slip two long fingers of the other hand up her tight, hot hole.

“Oh, god! I LOVE IT!”, she’s screaming. “I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!”.

I rip my hand out of her shorts and she screams. Before she can make another sound I rip her shorts and panties from her thin hips and yank them to her ankles.

“Show me, Slut! Show me how you do it! Masturbate for old Mommy Evalyn! Do it you little whore!”

Without hesitation her hands flash to her white blonde muff and dig into her pretty pink pussy. Her hips immediately thrust to meet hr fingers.

“You love it, don’t you bitch?!”, I scream.

“I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!”, she’s panting. “OH, FUCK! OH, FUCK! OH, OH, OOOOH!”

She’s about to cum. I grab her wrists and tear them from her cunt. She struggles, so I staddle her waist and pin her arms with my knees.

“Please!? Please?!”, she begs. “Oh, please let me cum!”.

“Now way, bitch”, I laugh. “Not until I hear the truth from you…the whole truth. You play with your dogs, don’t you?”

She’s stunned, trying to avoid me real meaning, “Yes. We play. We play fetch. I play with them. NOW LET ME CUUUUUMMMMMM!!!!”.

I reach behind and slap her cunt. “EEEEEEEEHHHH!”, she shrieks.

“Fuck you, bitch ! You know what I mean! Do they lick you cunt?! Huh!? Do you let your puppys lick your hot pussy ! Tell me, cunt! Tell me the truth ! ”

“Oh, God! I DO! I DO!” she wailed. Suddenly it was like she was pouring out her deepest, uglies confession. “I do. I let them eat me. I suck ‘em off! I fuck them! I FUCK DOGS! I FUCK MY DOGS! I FUCK MY DOGS ALL THE TIME!!!….LET ME CUMMM! PLEEEEESE!”.

I have to admit, I was only partially shocked. I’d seen her with her dogs, how she didn’t seem to mind when they stuck their noses inher crotch. I remembered how she olny giggled when they did it to me.
It all added up…but I didn’t think for a minute she would fuck them. This I have to see!

I leap from, dragging her by the wrists. I grab a pair of nylons off my dresser and tie her wrists.
“I’m going to your house and get your dogs, Slut. And you are gonna show me what you do. Maybe your doggies will make you cum. You would like that, wouldn’t you, Whore?”

She whimpers, “Yes, Evalyn. Yessss! Please let me cum! I’ll do what you want…anything you want. Just let me cum!”.

She’s standing before me. Her white summer blouse is ripped open to the waist. Her firm little titties are poking at the thin white bar she wears. Her white shorts and pink lacy panties are twisted around her ankles. Her white blonde hair is in total disarry, fanning allover her shoulders and face, making her look like Farah Faucet with Sophia Loren’s eyes. Her light tan skin is glowing pink at her neck, down her cleavage. Her long, lean legs are quivering and her narrow, sweet little hips are twitching and jiggling.
Through a barely visible shean of fine blonde hairs, her pretty pink pussy is pouty and redder. Even her tiny littel pink clit is visible.

“Oh, don’t you look cute”, I chide. “You look like a nasty little teeny bopper. I’ll bet you WERE a nasty little teeny bopper, weren’t you? Tell me, Teeny Whore, how old were you when you started “playing” with dogs?”.

She quivered and looked at the floor.

“Damn it! You tell me…now (I slapped her right tit hard).”

“I..I.. was ten”, she whimpered.

“Ten!”, I practically sceamed. “You filthy slut! You filthy, dog fucking slut!”.

“I didn’t let ‘em fuck me then…”, she started, but I cut her off.

“Shut the fuck up, Whore! I just got an idea!”

I threw her on the bed grabbed some more nylons and tied her spread eagle. Then I gagged her. Left the room and locked it from the outside with the only key. I had a plan. A great plan! This slut would do anything I tell her, from now on….and soon my son would too.

ch 4

It took me about thrity minutes to: rush over to Linda’s, bring Hotrod and Ramrod, Linda’s stud Dobermans, to my house; call Billy’s and set it up so my son spent the night there; and set up the lighting and the VCR in the living room. I knew if I could get video of Linda with her dogs, I would own the slut. The only thing I didn’t know was how, now that she had the chance to cool down, I would convince her to do it. That answer was supplied by destiny.

As I put Linda’s house keys back in her purse, I ran across something I suspected, I vial of cocain. I don’t condone the stuff, but at this moment it was just what the doctor ordered. I snatched the vial and the little spoon with it and stomped down the hall. I unlocked the door and stepped in, leaving the door open.

“There she is. My nasty little dog fucking, teeny bopper slut”, I purred. Does Mommy’s Teen Slut still want to fuck doggies?”.

Her eyes were wide with fear. She was vigorously shaking her head “no”.

“Oh, that hurts Mommy’s feelings. You said you would, Teen Slut. I know you want to. Just look. Your pretty little pussy is almost dry. I’ll bet Mommy Evalyn can make it wet again”.

She’s shaking her head ‘no’. Her catlike green eyes are wide with fear. I can hear her screams through the gag. I laugh. I shove my had to her cunt. She bucks and squirms, kicking for all she’s worth.

“BAD GIRL!”, I shreik, digging my hard red nails into her tender pink flesh. She’s screaming through the gag.

“Oh, is Mommy’s little dog fucking teeny slut all upset? Well, Mommy has something that will help. See what Mommy found?”. Holding up the vial and spoon. “Nasty little Linda snorts cocain. I’ll bet nasty Linda snorts this nasty drug to get her all high and hot for dog fucking. Shall we see?”.

I’d seen how it was done in movies so it only took a minute before I held the small spoon under her nose. She sniffed in like it was the most important thing in the world. I gave her a second dose. In less than a minute her eyes were getting a glassy, far away look. A little smirk crossed her gagged mouth. She was humming to herself. That’s when Hotrod and Ramrod trotted into the room.

Without invitation, Hotrod jumped on the bed, sniffed once and put his lapper directly to Linda’s vunerable cunt.

“Whoa, boy! Not yet!”. I drag him from the bed and untie everything but Linda’s hands, which I bind behind her back. I take off her gag.

“Oh, Evalyn. You don’t…”

I cut her off, “You call me Mommy! And you call yourself Dog Slut!”, I command while cruelly twisting her tiny pink nipples.

“Oooooh, Please, Ev..”

SLAP! I slap her pert little right tit! “You call me Mommy!”. Again I grab her nipples between thumbs and forefingers of each hand. Those little nipples are growing harder and hotter. I twist them, loving the power I gain over this slut. “You call me Mommy, because you always wanted to confess to your own Mommy, didn’t you, Dog Slut!?”

“EEEEOOOOWWW! Oooooh! Oooouch! YESSSS! I did! I DID! I DID, MOMMY!!!”

My left hand keeps twisting the nipple. My right drops to her crotch. She actually opens her legs for me.
“You like it when Mommy frigs you, don’t you slut!?”

She squirms her wet cunny into my fingers in respose.

“Tell me, slut. Tell me you like Mommy frigging your nasty cunny! Tell me now!”

“Ooooh! I do! I love it when you diddle me, Mommy! I love it! Oh, Please Mommy, please don’t stop! Please let me cum!”

The dogs are dancing around, trying to get at her crotch. I keep kicking them back while I finger her sweet little cunt more. My fingers are delighted with the sensations of the soft, hot, tender rubbery tissues of her pussy lips. I love the feel of her slipper sweet juices. She is going insane with lust (I know the feeling) and I love it.

“All right, Teeny Slut”, I bark, yanking her to her feet, by the hair. “We’re going to make a movie”.
I kick the door shut behind me, leaving the horny dogs stuck in the bed room.

Linda is wide-eyed as we enter the brightly lit living room.

“Oh, please. Please don’t do this. I’ll do it. I’ll do anything you ask, only please don’t tape it”, she pleads.

“Oh, don’t worry, Honey. There’s no tape in the machine. We’re just going to pretend we are making a very nasty movie. I’ll be the director and you wil be the star”, I lie. “Think of how much fun we’re going to have”.

Her green eyes are dancing with delight. “Oh, yes! Let’s do it! Let’s make a nasty movie that will make millions of me and boys jerk their cocks!” She squealed.

Now she’s in the spirit. It’s time to make the best of it.

“OK, Honey. Here’s the plot. You’re going to be a hot little teenager. See on the couch. I found the costume you wore for Halloween last year, when you went out as a cheerleader. There’s the ribbons for your hair and everything. Now, go in the bathroom and shave your pussy. You know, young girls don’t have hair down there. I’ll get you my make up kit so you can make yourself up to look like the nasty little
Dog Slut teeny bopper you’re going to be…use lots of make up..over do it, like a slutty little girl does. Then I’ll hand you your costume so you can get ready. Now quick, get dressed, you sexy little slut. We are going to shoot a movie that will make men and boys all ove the world shoot oceans of cum! Just think of it, Slut! Just imagine all the nasty, slimy cocks that will be all hard and bloaty. Just think of all the nasty, sweaty men and boys grunting and squirting their cum over your movie.

“Oh, yes! Oh, Yess!! Oh, Yessss!”, Linda chanted, pumping her narrow hips back and forth, fucking the air. “Cum! Cum! Lots and Lots of cum! Oooooh, Yeeesssss!”.

“And women, too, Dog Slut. Women buy porno videos, too. There will be all kinds of nasty bitches sitting alone in their living rooms, in front of their VCR’s diddling their cunts, pulling their tits, even shoving dildos up their holes…just cumming and cumming and cumming. All of them will be creaming over you!
Just think of it! Young girls who steal their daddies’ videos, masturbating their nasty virgin cunts, thinking you are just like them. Thanks to you a lot of nasty girls are going to find out what it’s like to suck their little friends cunnys and get sucked, too. There’ll be older women, too. Women who send the kids to the movies and their husbands out golfing so they can close the shades, turn on the VCR and masturbate like fiends, just fantacizing that you, that nasty teen slut in the movie, are their daughters! I’ll bet your nasty movie will be enough to make some of those nasty Mommys seduce thier own daughters! Just think. Just imagine! Young boys and old men…jerking off over you! Little girls and their mothers figher fucking themselves crazy over you!!! Even lonely old grannies will be frigging thier big sloppy old cunts over you.

“Oh , oh, oooooohhh, yesssss! Let’s do it!”, she squealed.

“Are you ready, slut!”

“Oh yes! Please! Lets do it!”, she squealed.

“Will you do everything I tell you, slut?”

“Oh, yes, Mommy! I’ll be so nasty for you! You’ll see. You’ll see! I wanna! I wanna be a filthy slut and I want the whole world to watch! Pleeeese, Mommy. Pleeeese!!”

I untied her and she ran down the hall. She readied herself in record time and what walked out of that bathroom would have turned a straight church going moralistic hag into a lez loving slut on the spot.

And I hardly had to coach her at all. Once that tape started rolling, she took over in a way so full of pure natural lust that she made professional porn stars look like spinster librarians.

ch 5

“Lights, camera, action!”

Linda comes in the front door, turns locks it, then turns again, resting her back against it. She looks tasty. She’s wearing white tennis shoes with a little blue pom-pom on each toe. White cotton socks run up her slim calves to just below her knees. My camera pans upward, over her tanned knees and half way up her slim thighs, before the hem of her pleated blue skirt comes into view. The lens moves upward. Linda is wearing a white blouse with the blue letter “M” embroidered on her left breast. The blouse is light enough to make out the lines of a lacy white bra hiding her pert titties. I move the focus higher. Her hair is fluffed up and teased in a look that reminds me of Farrah (and, for an instant, I recall that Farrah is a self-proclaimed lesbian, and my pussy tingles).

Linda’s eyes are heavily made up, with green eye shadow in large amounts above her eyes and smaller amounts under them. She has a lot of mascara on and the black eyeliner she has applied make her cat-like eyes look whorish.

“Oh!”, she sighs, leaning against the door. “I’m soooooo hot I can’t stand it! All those football jocks in their tight pants….so many cute asses! Then Ms. Cherbeau (my maiden name) and her big bouncy tits!…”

“Oh, damn that sex slut. How am I supposed to remember our routine when she bounces those beautiful tits in front of me?! Why does the sexiest French teacher in the world have to be my cheerleading coach?
Oooooh, damn, Ms. Cherbeau! You make me so fuckin’ horny!”

She starts rubbing her own firm little titties through the blouse and bra.

“Oh, damn you, Ms. Cherbeau! Don’t you know how much I wanna suck your big nipples!”, she purrs as she slouches lower against the door mauling her own titties. “You slut! All you do is tease me! God, you make me HOT!”

She rips open her blouse and mauls her precious titties through the thin material of the lacy white bra saying, “Your nipples are so BIIIG! And you shower right in front of me! Damn you bitch! Damn you!
You knew I was watching you and all you did was take your time”.

She stands, rips her blouse off completely and walks toward the camera and into the living room. She sits on the couch and I, and the video recorder move around in front of her. I’m getting hot now. I told her the actions, but her dialog is all her own and it is far too real.

On the couch , in her bra and cheerleader skirt and shoes, she looks so cute. In the better light of the living room the camera catches that she even gently applied freckles. And she’s speaking in vocal tones and styles of a 13 or 14 year old. If I didn’t know who she was I would swear she is a nasty over-sexed 14 year old cheerleader!

“I’m so hot!! I can’t stand it! Damn my nipples burn!”, she purrs. Then she reaches below the cups of the
dainty bra and rips them upward, exposing her delightful titties. Her firm mounds are capped with stiff pink nipples, all puckery and hard.

“I wish you knew what you do to me, Ms. Cherbeau. I wish you could see how hard you made my nipples”, she says, grabbing each pretty nipple between thumb and forefinger and twisting. “I’ll bet you DO know! That’s why you took so long soaping your wonderful tits! That’s why your nipples were stiff!
You were teasing me on purpose, you hot slut! Ooooooh, damn! Ooooooh, shit! You make me hot on purpose!”

“Oooooooo! Damn!”, she meows, twisting those delicious buds. “Oooooooo! Ms.Cherbeua, pull my nipples!”.

Again she twists them, pulling them outward hard, “Oooooooo! Pull them you tease! Oh, YEEESSSSSSS!
Twist ‘em HARD!”.

Now her lean golden thighs are wiggling against each other and I am finding it hard to keep the video recorder from jiggling. Even though I’m wearing a loose white cotton dress and no panties, I’m running a fever. I can feel the sticky sheen of perspiration all over my body and my tummy and mons are on fire.

Her right hand goes under the hem of her pleated skirt, obviously pleasing herself down there. “Oooooo! That’s it, slut! Rub your pussy! Stand there in that shower and soap your big, hairy cunt!”, she says aloud to herself. “Ooooooh, damn, that feels good!. Oh, fuck, you make me soooo hoooottt!!!
I’ll bet you do it on purpose! You stand right in front of me talking and patting your big hot pussy dry!
Damn you, Ms. Cherbeau! Damn you! I need to fuck! I need my pussy sucked! And it’s all your fault!”

With that, she stands yanks panties down her long, lean legs. Stepping out of them, still wearing her skirt, socks and shoes, she sits back on the couch and spreads her lovely, tanned thighs.

“Wanna see my pussy, Ms.Cherbeau? I know you want it! You want to kiss it, don’t you? You want to eat it, don’t you?! That’s why you tease me! You want me hot for your bod, so you can suck my little pussy! Oh, God, I need my pussy licked!! Hotrod! Here Hotrod. Come here, lover!”

The big, sleek, muscular animal trots into view. He’s sniffing her thighs. He’s pushing his big muzzle under the pleated little skirt. She suddenly slouches back, forcing her hips forward. Under the skirt the big black head is wiggling.

“Ooooooh Yeeesssssss!”, she hisses. “Lick that pussy! Lick that pussy! Oh, shit, Hotrod! Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Oh, eat me! Eat me! Eat me!”

From my standing position I can’t see under her skirt. I get on my knees and behind the big dog’s shoulder, moving in for a close up. Under the skirt I can see almost all the way to her pussy, but the big dog’s muzzle is in the way. Knowing what I’m after, the nasty “teen slut” pulls up her skirt. The view through the lens is fantastic and the sheer shock of the sight sends a bolt of lightening to my cunt!

I had heard of such depravity! I admit, it even made me curious! But never in all my born days did I dream of how erotic it could be! It’s basic! It’s very Animal! It is lust, pure and simple! No love! No relationship, no games and only one feeling…LUST! I thought I would be repulsed. I was CONSUMED!

The smell of the powerful animal is pungent, rich and very masculine. His body heat, carrying that marvelous male scent, wafts over me in wave after hot wave. It’s chemistry in the air; endorphins created to subdue hot bitches are affecting me the same way my best perfume and the smell of my cunt affected my husband. I could just Swim in this hot, nasty smell.

The sight of Linda’s pink, pretty, shaved pussy is incredible. I think my own pussy is gross. My labia hang down like big earlobes and my clit is so huge it is hideous. But Linda’s pretty little cunny is the most beautiful picture of womanhood I’ve ever seen. It’s so pretty. So pink. So perfect. And it smells like Heaven!

Even through the incredible musk of Hotrod, the sweet, almost honey-scent of her pussy carries. It’s like fresh spring flowers. I never thought of myself as a lesbian, but I Love her smell. It’s attracting, drawing me closer…begging to be suckled and savored. I can hardly hold the camera. I’m shaking all over,,,with pure desire! It’s pure animal lust and I LOVE IT!!!

“Oooooooooh! Fuck me, big boy! Fuck me…right…now!”, Linda’s panting. “Fuck me, Hotrod! God! Fuck…me…, fuck…meeeeeee!”.

She slides even lower the whole of her pert little ass hangs over the couch. The big dog is staggering backwards and, on my knees, and completely dazed, so am I. Pulling the camera back I, see all of Hotrod and his cock is enormous! I’ve seen dogs lick themselves before. I’ve had glimpses of dog cock before. I admit, I even stared at a few…just wondering. But never in my life have I seen one fully erect…all the way out of that furry sheath. It is incredible! His dog cock is deep, wet, bright red and over six inches long.
It’s thick, too. Bigger than my wrist. Amazement is all I feel. I know what is going to happen next, but my mind can’t accept it.

Then, without warning, the big dog rears up, puts his paws down on the outsides of her slim, tanned thighs and hops forward. He’s going to do it! He’s going to fuck her! He’s going to slam that big red dog dig into the world’s most perfect pussy! I’m stunned! Amazed! Enthralled and consumed. “Oh, God! I’ve gotta see this!”, I squeal.

I drop to me elbows, roll to my back and scoot under Linda’s thighs and cute ass. It’s too close for the camera and I don’t care. I throw the hardware down and watch. I can not believe what I see! He’s in her!
Half his big, rage-colored cock is already crammed in between those perfect pink lips! He rams forward! In one, powerful thrust all that monster is shoving in.

“Ooooooooh! Fuck meeeeeee!”, she’s screaming. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oooooooh, Shiiiiiiiiiit! Fuuuuuuck meeeeee!”.

“I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it! You’re doing it! You’re fucking him! You’re fuck a DOG!!! Oh, damn! Look at it! It’s so damn sexy. So fuckin’ hot!!!”, I’m screaming.

Both my hands shoot to my cunt. My right grabs my big clit. Three bunched fingers of my left ram straight into my gaping cunt. I’m soaking wet! I’m jerking off my clit and fuckin’ my hole hard and fast!

“Fuck him! Fuck him! Fuck him!”, I’m screaming. “Dog fuck! Dog fuck! Fuck that DOG!!!”

It’s crazy! It’s wonderful! It’s a rushing lust-wave…a tidal wave of pure, hot passion.

Suddenly I feel a long, hot tongue on my hands. It’s helping me to come! Over and over and over, across my thrusting fingers and over my cunt lips, lapping and lapping….actually slipping in with my fingers.

“Oh, Yesss! Eat me! Eat me! Eat…my…CUNT!”, I’m gasping in screams. I know what I’m doing, but I don’t! It’s a tongue! A big, very HOT, wonderful tongue and, God help me, it feels soooooo gooood!
I grab my big, sloppy cunt lips with both hands and pull them wide apart. That tongue…that wonderful tongue, laps me…slashing right up inside my cunt hole. It feel so damn good! I’m watching a teeny bopper’s gorgeous little pussy get rammed full of red hot dog cock and I’m letting a dog eat my cunt!
The depravity of it all is crazy! It’s SEX, RAW, HOT, FILTHY, NASTY SEX! And I LOVE IT!

That dog cock is pounding her like a jack hammer. He’s pumping so fast it’s a blur! She screaming, gasping, chatting, “Fuuuuuuu…..fuuuuu…….fuc*k! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

I’m screaming too; no words, just choking, grunting screams. My hips are pounding and thrusting up and down like crazy. I couldn’t stop them if I wanted and I don’t want to! It’s a Disneyland of sex I’m my brain. Colors, smells, sounds exploding everywhere! My whole body is on fire! Every cell in me is screaming with pleasure and need! My feet are under my ass. I’m pulling my cunt lips apart so wide they sting, but I need it! I need that hot, long tongue INSIDE ME! I’m up on my toes, lifting my ass way off the floor, giving my cunt to that animal for all I’m worth! I NEED IT! I NEED IT!

The big dog slamming the perfect pink pussy above my chest suddenly stops. He’s buried deep inside her. He’s growling deep in his chest and making little thrusting jerks.

“Ooooooooh, Yesssss!”, Linda’s hissing. “Hot dog cum! Hot dog cum! Fill me up, fucker! Fill me up!”

I’m screaming, twisting, jerking. I love it! I love it! I…..LOVE…..IT!!!!!

The big dog above me pulls out. Linda’s knees give way. Her cute ass rests on my tits. She’s cooing, “Oooooh. Oooooh. Oooooooh. Sooooooo Gooooood!” .

I’m completely lost in wonderful lust. “Oh, God! Eat me! Eat me! Eat me!”, I scream. I need to cum!
I have to cum! I’ll die if I don’t cum!. I can barely feel the girl on my boobs. All I can taste it the feel of that hot tongue. It’s my WORLD! My eyes are closed. My head is thrashing side to side. I feel movement on my chest, but don’t care what it is. All there is in the world is that tongue and my cunt!

Suddenly my head is pinned. She’s sitting on my face. That perfect pink pussy is smashing into my open, gasping mouth and hot pussy juice and dog cum are smearing my cheeks and my lips and running into my mouth. Part of me is repulsed. Instinctively I let go of my cunt and try to push her off my face. At that instant sharp toenails scrape down the sides of my ribs. I scream into the sloppy, hot mush pushed into my face, the something hard and very, very hot rams all the way up my cunt hole!

“Dog cock!”, my raging brain screams!

I throw the bitch off my face and stand screaming like a maniac. I really don’t recall much of what happen in the next few seconds, but I do remember that I threw that bitch, both her dogs and all her clothes right out the front door. (It’s a good thing for her it was dark outside).

The next thing I recall is sitting on the couch, trembling, drinking one slug after another straight out of a vodka bottle. I was so confused. I was dismayed and angry and so damn hot that I couldn’t stand it…all at the same time.

“A dog cock”, I slurred. “Inside me. A dog fucked me! Disgusting. What kind of sick pervert am I?”
But my body and heart disagreed. My cunt loved it. And I loved every lustfilled second of of it. Half of me was angry that I did it at all; the other half angry that I stopped.

I staggered down the hall and took a long hot shower. No mater what I did to get clean, my cunt could still feel that long, hard, hot dog dick and it wanted more. It wanted anything. It DEMANDED to be filled.

After the shower, I threw on a short terry cloth robe and staggered back to the living room. After another long pull on the bottle, I turned on the tape deck and stumbled back to the couch. I fell asleep to the sound of my son’s poem.

When I awoke the next morning I knew only one thing: if my cunt hole was not satisfied immediately I would either rape my own son or fuck Linda and both her dogs. I made up my mind then and there that I need a dildo and I was going to get one…today.

ch 6

I awake to the heat of the morning sun shining in my face through the skylight . For a moment I don’t know where I am. Through my sore eyes I can tell I’m on the living room couch, wearing only an open robe. My hands are at my pussy.

“Oh, shit”, I groan sitting up. It’s then I know I have a slight headache. It’s then the blurry images from last night flash through my mind. Linda fucking her dog… “He fucked me! I was raped by a dog!”, I hear my own voice.

My pussy twinges. ‘She’ (my cunt) doesn’t care that it was a dog. It was a COCK, a big, hard, hot cock! And that is ALL ’she’ cares about. I’m a realist.

“I had a dog cock in my cunt. I didn’t plan it. I didn’t ask for it. And I can’t help it that my cunt can’t tell one cock from another when ’she’ needs one. ‘She’s just a cunt! A nasty, neglected, needy cunt! And she needs a cock…a big, stiff hard cock…right now!”, I hear myself mumbling.

“I gotta do something. I gotta get stuffed…right now”.

I stumble to the fridge , looking in the vegetable bin.

“Shit! Not a thing! Not even a damned carrot! That settles it! I’m gonna buy a dildo today!”

Passing through the living room, I pick up the vodka bottle and take a big gulp. “Jeez, that’s poison!”.

In a few moments I’m standing under a pounding hot shower. The alcohol is effecting me. The headache is gone and uncontrollable horniness is back. I feel NASTY….down right slutty, NASTY! I know my son will be at his friends house all day. I can do anything I want.

“So what if a dog fucked me. It felt good. Hell, I just may go all the way with it some day. Maybe I’ll even fuck my…”. Images of my son’s face and body flood my mind. My cunt spasms hard. My knees are weak.
And I remember. I remember my plan…my plan to drive my handsome stud crazy.

“He’s gonna want me so bad he can’t stand it. His dick is gonna stand at attention every time I walk into the room. No other bitch is gonna get a crack at my baby! He’s gonna live and die for Mommy’s attention. He’ll do anything I tell just to catch a glimpse of my asshole”.

My plan gives me strength. I resist the urge to masturbate (but not easily). I don’t even get “too involved” when I shave my pussy bald. I can’t help giving clitty a few loving strokes, and I can’t help kind of dipping my fingers in my hole when I apply the baby oil…but, hell, what horny bitch could?

I feel like a slut…a nasty whorish slut. It’s wicked. It’s fun. It feels a lot like when I was 11 and would secretly diddle my cunny, knowing that my mother would kill me if she ever found out. I love it.

I take extra time with my hair and I apply so much make up that I look more like a street walker than a mother. I felt like a whore and I wanted to feel 100% like a nasty slut. I dig out things I used to wear to please my husband and I dress.

One last look at myself in the full length mirror in the hallway. I’m wearing a big, soft brimmed black hat, much like a mystery woman in an old spy movie. I wear dark rayban sun glasses with deep brown tortoise frames. My hair is wavy as it falls across my shoulders. I have on a black waist length silk jacket that matches the entire outfit. My blouse is of lovely white silk and I’m not wearing a bra. My skirt is a tight black mini with a hem line only four inches below my crotch. Under it I wear a black garter, black fishnet stockings I wore once for Halloween and no panties. On my feet I’m wearing 4 inch spiked heels.

“You nasty slut”, I tell the woman in the mirror, then laugh as I go out the door. Moments later I’m cruising down the highway in my little old “motherly” Saab with the wind blowing through the vents onto my bare pussy. “I’m a slut. I’m a nasty, nasty slut. I’m a dog fucking, son loving slut”, I sing to myself.

In twenty minutes I hit the off ramp and idle into the red district. I’ve only been here once before, when I was lost. Now I’m here on purpose. I’m dressed like a whore and, judging by the people I see, I fit right in. A few minutes later I’m out of the car and strolling in long, swaying strides, toward my goal…a big, gaudily lit porno shop on the corner. My courage is wavering. Before I get to the corner I duck into a little dark dive of a bar. Sleazy, disgusting men all watch me as I order a double tequila shot and splash it down. The gold liquid burns my throat and stomach as I stride back into the hot daylight.

Soon I’m in the porno shop. It’s poorly lighted and overly air conditioned. There are two old men, a middle aged man and a boy who looked too young to be there. Behind the counter is a fat, bald, prune faced old guy. All of them watch me. I don’t give a damn. I get my bearings and stride straight over to a rack with about fifty different kinds of dildo’s. I’m amazed at the shapes, kinds and colors. I’m, by nature, a careful shopper, so I spend a lot of time looking at them and reading the containers they come in. I pick three items. One is a big, thick flesh tone thing that looks like a 10″ real cock. The next is a smaller, long thin vibrating gizmo called an anal probe Just the idea of sticking that thing up my ass makes me wet.I feel so wonderfully nasty! The last thing I get is a cock cage. I know it’s evil to even think of doing such a thing to my sweet virgin boy, but, what the hell, at least I could look at it and fantasize.

On my way toward the counter I pass video tapes and magazines. Most are about women, but there is a section that catches my eye. Above it is a tacky hand-written sign with the word “FEMDOM”. I am a bit shocked that there even was such stuff. But I’m no fool. It wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t a market. Some men must get off being controlled by a woman. Images of controlling my son race through my mind. I scan through my brain…so does the alcohol. I rifle through one magazine after another. Then I read through a bunch of videos. I pick two magazines and go to the counter.

“Will there be anything else, Miss”, the slimy old man says. “We do have some special things in the back room for those with special tastes”.

“What do you mean?”, I whispered.

“Well, young stuff, for one”, he hissed.

A bolt of excitement shoots through my tits and cunt. “Let’s go!”.

The room is a dark, big, walk-in closet. It’s full of stuff I know is illegal. My hands are trembling as I page through magazines and flip through video tapes. My heart is pounding and my pussy is throbbing so fast and hard it’s like cramps! I find what I want, make my purchases and practically run to the car.

“I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it! Look what I did! Look what I bought! Dildos! Ass dildos! Videos of teenage boys jacking off! Oh, God! What a dirty slut I am! I’m going straight home and watch these videos and shove this big hard dick up my cunt…right now!”

I can hardly hold the keys in the lock as I open the front door. I race in, throw my goodies on the couch and run to the kitchen. I grab a bottle of tequila and take a big gulp. I know what I’m going to do. I WANT to do it! I NEED to do it!

Seconds later I’m sitting on the couch unwrapping my goodies and watching as the video starts. It has no sound, so I turn on the tape of my son reading his poetry while I watch a boy who couldn’t be over fourteen. He’s muscular, lean and tan; not the hunk my boy is, but, oh, baby, is he cuuuute! He’s in what is obviously a woman’s bedroom looking through a close hamper. His back is to me and his tight, firm little butt looks so delicious in those tight, faded Levi’s! I’m getting excited. I can feel a warm glow flushing my cheeks and heating my face.

He’s standing and turning around. He’s got panties!; a pair of soiled white panties. He’s lifting them towards his pretty face. He’s turning the material around I his hands. The extended fingers of his right hand are poking the crotch of the panties outward. He’s sniffing them, deeply inhaling…and smiling!
My nipples tingle like they’re being licked by a billion tiny fires. My hands move to my breasts, lifting and gently squeezing, trying to soothe the growing need in my swelling tits. I feel hot all over!

That beautiful boy just put his left hand on his crotch. He’s rubbing and squeezing himself through the tough blue material. “Oh, you nasty boy! Sniffing Mommy’s panties and playing with yourself! You nasty,
slutty boy!”, my own hoarse voice whispers.

He’s unbuttoning his pants! My pussy jolts with electric shocks. My thighs are quivering. I’m mauling my hot tits now….and it doesn’t help. I’m tearing open my blouse! My tits need to feel skin to skin! I’m squeezing my huge, hard nipples! “Oh, yessss! Oh, Yessssssss! Do it, baby! Get nasty for me! Get nasty!”.

He’s sucking on the panties! He’s sucking his Mommy’s cummy panties! My right hand goes to my bare crotch. He shoves his hand into his pants. He’s really squeezing and stroking himself now. So am I!
“Show me, baby! Take it OUT!!! SHOW….ME…YOUR…COCK!!!!!!*” My right hand is digging at my hole and pinching my clit! It’s so big! So stiff!!

He’s opening his pants! It’s out! It’s hard! “Oh, baby! Oh, baby! What a cock! What a pretty, lovely little boy cock!”. My eyes follow his every move. My hand fumbles on couch till it finds the big dildo. It feels rubbery, like the skin on an uncooked drumstick. I squeeze and it feel’s firm. I’m squeezing my new cock while the beautiful boy squeezes his. I can feel it! A firm boy-cock in my hand. I want it inside me! I need that boy-cock up my cunt …now!

He’s sucking the panties…holding them in his lips. He’s got both hands working his crotch. He’s squeezing his balls. He’s stroking his stiff, pink cock…pointing right at me! I can feel ‘his’ cock at my cunt. It’s soft, firm head is rubbing up and down my sloppy, wet slit. He’s stroking like mad now.
‘He’s going inside! He’s pushing me open! “Oooooooh, Gaaaaaaaaahd! Ooooooh, Gaaaaaaaahd! Fuck me! Fuck me, baby! Fuck….my……hoooooool*e!”.

He’s stroking like crazy. He’s pumping in and out of me faster than a butterfly’s wings. “Eeeeeeeeeh! Eeeeeeeeeeh!!! Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! I can’t hold it! Can’t stop. Can’t, can’t…… Eeeeeeeeeeh! Iiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeh! Fuck, fuck, fu….fu…FUCK! CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMEEEEEEEEENG*! CAAAAAAAAAAMMMEEEEENG. AAARRR! AAAAAARRRRR! CAAAAAAAAMMMM!”.

Purple. Everywhere, deep dark purple. Twinkling with billions of brilliant sparkles, in my eyes, in my skin, in my mind. Floating, bouncing gently, like a silk air mattress on South Pacific sea. Soooo wonderful! Sooooooo wonderful!.

A key at the door lock! “Oh, god! He’s home!”

ch 7

“Oh, shit! He’s home!”

I try to yank the dildo from my hole, but my greedy cunt won’t let go! ‘She’ was in the very middle of a tremendous orgasm, and refuses to stop. Grabbing my goodies, I race, with funny wide leg steps to the VCR, eject the tape and race down the hall as the front door opens behind me. I barely make it to my bedroom as his voice echo’s down the hall.

“Mom. I’m home”.

I slam my bedroom door behind me and sit on the floor. I grab the four inches of the dildo that sticks out. It’s hot and slimy. “Come out of there!”. My cunt won’t yield and ’she’ spasms hard at the feel of me moving the rubber cock. “Oh, oh, oh, shiiittt!” . I can’t help myself! My beautiful come is SO CLOSE!
I’m twisting and pumping the fake boy-cock! I MUST! I MUST! Ooooooh, damn! It feels gooood!

He’s trying to open the door I’m sitting against. I forgot to lock it! He’s pushing! His head is in!

“Get out!”, I’m screaming. “Get out!”. I can’t stop fucking myself! I can’t! I can’t!! I’m throwing my back hard against the door. He lets it slam shut.

“Mom! Mom! What’s wrong!”, his voice yells in extreme worry that his mother is in pain.

“It’s….it’s…just…cramps, dear. Just cramps! I’ll….I’ll be OK…soooooooon! Ooooooh, sooooooon!”.

“Mom. Can I help?! Is there anything I can do!”

“Just talk to me, honey. Just…..(oh, God), just…just (oh, shit) Talk to me…… through …..the…. door. It….helps…just, just (just a few more seconds!) ….hearing you”.

“What do I say, Mom? What should I talk about?”

I’m so close now. I’m ramming the rubber cock hard and fast. My back is banging against the door. Oh, damn! I have to CUM!! I HAVE TO CUUUUMMM!!!!
“Just…..sing! Sing , sing….sing…. Mommy ……aaaaaaaagh….a song. Oooooooh, Please!”

I’m so close…so close! Oh, god, this feels great! So damned close!

His warm, sweet voice starts loud and strong, “Imagine me and you, I do. I think about you every night…”

I’m doing it! I’m doing it! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!! “Eeeeeeeeeh! Eeeeeeeh! AAAAAAAAGH!!!!” I”M CUUUUUUUMMMMMMIIIIIING!

“Mom! Mom! Are you all right!”, he’s pounding at the door.

“Ooooh, yeesssssss, honey! Ooooooooh, yeeeeesssss. I’m all right. I’m very…very…ALL RIGHT”.

Wave after lovely, lovely hot wave washes through every cell of my body. I’m weak everywhere. I hear soft whimpering, grateful moans echoing in my room. What a wonderful orgasm!

Minutes pass.

“Mom. Are you OK?”

“Oh, yesss, honey. I’m fine. It was just some…..some…some very bad cramps. I’m fiiiiiine…. now”.

Well, OK. If you say so. Mom? I’m gonna take a shower now. Will you be OK?”

I’m twisting my big, rubber boy-cock, trying to pull it out, but I can feel another hot orgasm building. I can’t believe it! I’ve never had two in a row, without resting, but I’m about to now. I can’t stop now. I’ve got to slow down…but I can’t.

“NO! No, honey.! Don’t go!…….., Take a shower in my bathroom….just in case”. The idea of my beautiful, muscular son standing stark naked in the room right next to me while I have this big dildo ramming in my twat makes me almost crazy with desire.

For about five minutes I sit on the floor, slowly twisting and pumping my boy-cock in and out of my hot, demanding cunt hole, dreaming of his naked bod.. Finally I hear him in the bathroom.

“Mom. I’m gonna start the shower now. You’ll have to yell if you need me, OK?”

“That’s fine….honey! That’s fine”.

I hear the water rushing. Seconds later I can tell he is under that splashing liquid. I can just envision him standing there stark naked soaping that beautiful body I created. On weak, wobbly legs I stand, holding the phallus in my cunt. I want to be closer. I need to be closer! I have an idea!

At the bathroom door I knock. “Honey, unlock the door. I gotta poop!”

“But, Mom! I’m in the shower. I’m not done”.

“Honey, I’ve seen you naked before. I used to change your diapers”.

“Ma! I’m not a baby anymore. I need my privacy”.

Is he stroking his cock?! Is that why he ‘need’s his privacy?! The very idea gives my cunt a jolt that practically makes me fall over.

“Open the door right now! I gotta go!”

“But, Ma!”

“Just turn off the light and get back in the shower. That way we can’t see each other”.

A couple seconds later the door unlocks. “Just wait a second……………..OK, you can come in.”

I shut off the light in my bedroom. He might be able to see his nasty Mommy holding her big dildo up her nasty cunt if there is any light at all. I step into the bathroom, lift the lid and sit on the toilet seat. It’s dark. I can not see a thing. I can hear the water splashing over him. I can imagine what he’s doing. If he knew what I’m doing he would be shooting his delicious cum call over the place. That thought starts me plunging and twisting the lovely cock again.

“Uuuuugh! Uuuuugh! Aaaaaaaahhh!”, I’m groaning. I’m pumping the cock as fast and hard as I can. “Honey, please sing your old Mom a song. I love to hear your voice” (and imagine you stroking your cock while your nasty cunt Mommy rams this big rubber cock up her hot, nasty hole….with you standing stark naked only three feet away!).

“What should I sing?”

“Sing something fast and lively”.

“Get your motor runnin’. Head out on the highway…”, he starts into a song that couldn’t be more appropriate.

His voice is loud and strong. The music and the lyrics are perfect. I’m cumming! My naked son is singing a hot song for his nasty Mommy.

“Yeah, Doll, we’re gonna make it happen..”

“We are! We are! We are! It’s we’re gonna make it happen”, flashes through my brain.

“Louder, baby! Sing loader!” …I’m so clooooooooose! Harder and louder my nude stud sings! Harder and faster I ram the rubber up my cunt!

“Fire all of the guns at once and explode into space!”


“Like a true nature child, we were born,born to be wild. We can climb so high…”

He can’t hear my happy whimpering. He can’t see the tears streaming down my cheeks. He has no idea how happy he just made his nasty slut Mommy.

“I never want to diiiie. Born to be wild! Born to be wild”.

His song echoes in the room. The lyrics echo in my happy, foggy brain. ‘Nature child”, “born to be wild”…. ….. “Yes”, I think in pure, warm, glowing contentment. “Yes….”.

——————————*———– Five weeks later ——————————*——————–

“It’s been weeks since I bought the dildos; weeks of setting up opportunities to masturbate to the sound of his voice. God, I must have cum five or six times every day. I bought the fuck-tools to keep me from raping my own son. At first they helped, but now all they do is make things worse. Not one time do I masturbate without thinking of him. This morning, while looking out the kitchen window watching him lift weights, I rammed that big rubber thing up my cunt and had a wonderful cum. With my own boy…right there…right in front of me. God, it was GREAT! I need to be able to see him now, or I just don’t seem to cum. This is getting bad!

“I can’t seem to help myself. I spend much more time on my hair and makeup before seeing him in the morning. I keep myself refreshed all day, whenever I think he may see me. I’m dressing a bit too sexy for a mother. I can tell he loves the new look. He’s always covering his crotch with something and his eyes are on my bod all the time. I love it!…but I have to be careful”.

All those thoughts were going through my mind while I showered. Just before I stepped into the warm water, I threw the black bra and panties, the tiny white shorts and the thin white cotton blouse I was wearing out the door, asking my son to take them to the laundry room for immediate washing. Now that I’m in the laundry room I see everything but the panties. A quick look through the clothes tells me they’re missing.

“Could he have just dropped them or did he KEEP them?!” That thought makes my nipples zing and my cunt twitter. Every time (dozens) I masturbated to the video of that nasty boy jerking off while sucking his Mommy’s panties, I saw my own son. No maybe I could see that FOR REAL! I’m trembling as I quietly tiptoe down the hall. From his room the sounds give me part of my answer. “My God! He’s jerkin’ off!”

Slowly and quietly as my anxious mind allows, I turn the knob. In his haste, he forgot to lock the door. My trembling hands slowly turn the knob. I push open his door a small crack. In the reflection of his mirror I can see only his upper body.

“Holy shit!”, I hiss aloud. “He’s sucking on my panties! He’s jerking his cock and sucking on his Mommy’s cummy panties!”. My whole body is on instant fire! I’m quivering inside and out. My every urge is to open the door and rape him, but my plan comes racing into my mind.

Fighting my urges, I tiptoe away, grab the VCR and tiptoe back. I check the image in his mirror. He’s jerking off like crazy! “Oh, Mom! Oh, Mom! Your cunt! Your sweet, sweet cunt!”, he’s panting. The cloth is in his mouth! He’s sucking my cum! He’s sucking his own Mommy’s panty cum! With his left hand he’s pressing the panties all over his face. His eyes are covered. He’ll never see me. I sneak into the room and start filming. For over five seconds I capture footage of my lovely, sexy, tanned stud jerking his absolutely gorgeous prick! (God, I want that thing!!! I’m trembling so bad it’s like the chills). Then he suddenly sees me!

“OH, GOD! MOM!”.

“Now I’ve got you, you disgusting pervert!”, I shout, knowing that, with this film, I have control….and I’m going to enjoy every second of it!

ch 8

“Now I’ve got you, you miserable little bastard! Now I’ve got you! I’m gonna show this tape to everyone!
Your friends, your teachers, your coaches….I might even show it to the cops!”

He rolls with his back to me, trying to hide his erection and my panties. “But, Mom…”

“Shut the fuck up, you PERVERT!!”

He’s silent and his eyes are wide with fear.

“Now, you disgusting, filthy little jerk off, you are gonna do EXACTLY as I tell you! Do you understand?!”

His head nods, “yes”.

“Good! Now roll over on your back!….NOW!!!”

“Good boy. Now take your hands away from your crotch. …….DO IT!!!

“That’s a good boy. From now on you will never, NEVER touch your dick or your balls without my permission. You got that?! Nod if you do.

“You know, for a disgusting little jerk off, you are being a pretty good little boy. Keep it up and maybe Mommy will forgive you. Now sit up and put your hands, palm down behind you.

“That’s a good little jerk off. Get those nasty, cummy panties you had and put them in your disgusting little Mommy-cum eating mouth. ….. That’s a good little cum eater. …. Now put your disgusting little prick pulling hands, palms down behind you. ….. Good. Peepee Puller. Gooood. Now slide backwards and sit on them. ……Good, you jerk off. Now don’t move one damned muscle.

……”Here. Here are some of your ties. Take one and loop it under your little dicky and balls. …That’s right, cum-sucker. Now tie it in a knot above your dick. Tie it tight!!

“Ooooooh! That’s very good, cunt-breath. Very good. Now your cock and balls make such a cute package.
They’re are all big and red. I love that, baby! That’s right. Mommy loves her baby’s pretty cock and balls.

“Now, I’m gonna use those panties and this tie to blindfold you. Don’t move! …….

“Oh, that’s a good little cum-sucker. Don’t you look cute. Your eyes are so blind you could never see what goes on. For all you know Mommy is opening her robe right now.

“Oooooh. Look at how your cock jumps. You must get all excited thinking about Mommy showing her naked titties. Nod your head if you do.

“Well, I’m glad. Because Mommy likes making her nasty, cum-sucking baby horny! Yeeeesss I do! Oooh. I see that makes your weenie bigger too. Oooooooh, it’s so big and so pretty. If it wasn’t for laws against incest, Mommy would grab that beautiful penis in her hot little hands and jerk her baby boy off. Would you like?

“Ooooh. Judging by the way your hot cock is bouncing I’ll be you’d love for your nasty Mommy to jerk you off. I’ll bet you would love it if Mommy jerks her little boy’s cock and makes it shoot hot cum all over!

“Well, my little panty boy, would you like it if Mommy put some fresh panties in your nasty mouth.


“That’s better. Now, if you keep being a good boy, Mommy will put some fresh, cummy panties in your nasty Mommy-cum sucking mouth. Right now Mommy’s panties are getting all hot and wet just looking at her nasty baby’s big cock, all swelled and throbbing. Right now Mommy is soaking her panties for her nasty, perverted baby boy. I’m putting my hand down to my cunt. I’m smearing my panties into my drippy snatch. Ooooooh, baby! It feeeeeels so goooooood!

“Oooooooh! Just look at your dick jump! I’ll bet if Mommy undid that tie, baby would shoot big globs of hot cum all over. Too bad I can’t touch your there. ……. But there’s nothing wrong with Mommy rubbing her own cunny, now is there? Ooooooh, my this feels gooooooood!. My cunt is flowing like a river! These panties are getting so wet!

“I’ll tell you what. You let Mommy tie your hands behind your back and Mommy will put these hot, wet panties in her little boy’s cum-sucking mouth. You’d like that wouldn’t you? ……Yes, I knew you would.

“Now let me tie you. ………………….

“There you go. Now Mommy’s boy won’t be tempted to jerk his big cock.

“……and, for being such a good boy, Mommy is going to take off her nasty old soggy panties and let her baby suck ‘em. …….Oh! My! Look at that cock jump. I’ll bet it want’s to squirt cum soooooo bad!

“I have my panties off, baby. I took off my robe, too. That’s right. Your nasty Mommy is stark naked. Right here. Not five feet away. If you could see, you would know that my nipples are sticking out just as big and stiff as the tips of your little fingers. OOOOOOOOOH! BABY!

“If you could see, you would know that Mommy is tugging on both her big nipples and it makes her feel soooooooooo gooooooooood! Aaaaaaaaaaagh! Yeeeeeeesssssss! Sooooooooo gooooooood!

“And Mommy is soooooo wet! Hot Mommy juices are running down Mommy’s legs. I’m going to have to use these panties to plug that hole…….A little twist or two… then swirl……Aaaaaaagh, swirl them, OOOOOOOH, JEEZ!,……swirl them into …..Oh! Oh! Oh!….into my HOT……AAAAAAGH… hot…

“There in, baby. Nasty Mommy twisted her panties into a cock shape and pushed up her hole. Now I’m standing here, with my pink panties hanging our of my wet snatch and tugging my nipples. I bet you’d love to see, wouldn’t you? Well you can’t!!!! You better feel luck I’m even telling your about it, you little perv!

“Maybe there’s a way I can give you a clue. You sit there, perfectly still. Don’t move one muscle! Mommy is gonna walk up really close. Then I’m going to move my hips back and forth and whip your shoulder with the end of the panties that is hanging our of my cunt. Now don’t move.

“Feel it? Can you feel it? Feel…it..slap Oooops. I almost touched you with my hips. Now that might be incest. I better step back.

“You were such a good boy that I’m going to keep my promise. Mommy is pulling the stinking, wet panties from her soggy hole …..OOOOOOOOOOOOH! AAAAAGH!….There! Now open your mouth.

“Open wide. Here comes your treat….fresh, hot Mommy cum. Just what a sick pervert like you loves!

“There, baby. There. Let me push it in a little further. ….There. Oh, my! It looks like your dick is gonna throb itself to pieces. Look at that monster jump. And, ooooooh, look at that slime oozing out of the tip. Yummy! If I weren’t your Mommy I would lick that stuff. I’ll bet it’s so sweeeeeeet!

“You’d love that, wouldn’t you panty boy! You’d love to feel the tip of Mommy’s nice hot tongue in the slit of your pisshole. Oh, yesssss! I can see! You’d die for the chance to feel Mommy’s tongue tip wiggling in all that sweet boy slime.

“Let me tell you, honey. I AM TEMPTED!!! Right now I’m jerking off my clit. It’s big. I bet you didn’t know that did you? Mommy’s clit is almost as big as baby’s thumb….and I’m jerking it off. I’m holding it between…..Oooooh!….between my thumb and……Oh!, Oh! Oh!…and two ….SHIT!….fingers…and…E*eeeeeigh!….and strokin’ it……Aaaaaaah…strokin’ it like……JEEEEEZ THIS FEELS GOOD!….like you did your dick!

“And that’s not all I….not all I…Oh, God!….not..all..I’m….Aaaaa*aah…DOING! SHIT! FUCK! Oh, MERCY! I have two…..Oh,oh,oh,oh,oh!…two fingers up ….Aaaaaaah DAMN! ….UP MY CUNT!!

I’m masturbating, baby. Your nasty Mommy is masturbating. Right here. In the same room. Right here. Right next to you. I’m…..damn! oh, jeeeeeez!…..I’m finger fucking my cunt and jerking off my clit and I’m…..I’m…….OOOOOOOOOOOO*OOOOH, GAAAAAAAHHHDDD! I’M CUUUUUMMMIIIIIING!!!

“Oh, baby! That was sooooo goooood. And just look at you. Your poor cock and balls are purple and they’re just covered with sweet boy slime.

“I’ll tell you what. I’ll untie you and I’ll let you take off that tie around your cock and balls. I’ll even let you jerk off your nasty Mommy-loving cock if you promise to do one thing. Whoa! Don’t nod your poor little head right off! You don’t even know and you’ll do it. That’s good. Now what I want you to do is to leave the blind fold on, keep Mommy’s cummy panties in your mouth and jerk of as hard and fast as you can ….with both hands. Then, when you shoot your juicy boy-load all over yourself, I want you to scoop up every drop with your hands and eat it.

“Will you do that? …..Gooood boy. OK. Here we go.

“Grab your cock! Squeeze your balls! Hard! That’s it! Stroke, baby! Stroke! Jack of that cock. DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! GO BABY, GO!

“That’s it! SQUIRT! Oh, yesss, baby. Squirt!!!! Oh….alll..over…your…self*!!! Oh yesssss!. That’s soooo beautiful; sooooo sexy!

“Now keep your promise! If you do, Mommy will have many other wonderful surprises for you . Maybe next time Mommy will let you watch. Now eat your cum. Eat it all up like a good boy, while Mommy goes to bed.

Good night, sweet boy. And thank you. Tomorrow we will have some more fun.

ch 9

“Good morning, love!”, I’m absolutely joyous. “Don’t say one word unless I tell you, OK?”

“Good, boy! Now, did you have fun last night?….I thought so. You were such a good boy. And you ate your yummy cummy all up like you promised! You made Mommy very happy. So, today, Mommy will make you happy….IF you’re a good boy”.

“Now pull back those covers and let Mommy see your lovely cock and balls.
Oh, don’t be shy. Pull them back.

“That’s a good boy. ……Ooooooh, baby. Your cock and balls are so beautiful….and just look! You’re getting hard again! That makes Mommy very happy! Mommy loves to see her little boy’s dick get all big and strong.

“Now, don’t touch it, honey. Not at all. Not unless Mommy tells you to, OK? ….Good boy.

“You like jerking your pretty cock off, don’t you? Yeeeessss, I know. Mommy’s naughty boy likes to jerk off his big hard cock all the time, don’t you? I’ll bet you would like nothing more than to jerk it off for Mommy right now, but you better not touch it. Not yet anyway.

“Do you know something else? Mommy is happy that you like sucking her cum out of her panties. Yes, baby. That’s right. Mommy thinks it is a complement. Do you like the smell of Mommy’s pussy juice?

“I thought so. Do you like the taste of Mommy’s pussy juice. Oh, yeeesss. I’m so glad you do, because you make Mommy’s panties wet all the time. I bet you didn’t know that did you? Well, it’s true, baby.
I bet you would never guess that your nasty Mommy plays with her pussy every day and every night, just dreaming about her little boy’s big, hot cock. Well, I do, honey. Mommy has been playing with her pussy wishing she could fuck you for months and months.

“Now, I have something behind my back that might amaze you, too. See this nice big rubber cock. It’s called a dildo. And Mommy uses this to pretend her boy is fucking her. Oooooooooh, my! Look how hard your cock is! I think you better tie up your cock and balls, just like you did last night. We wouldn’t want you to squirt your lovely cum too soon. Women hate that, you know. …. Now, here’s your tie. Wrap ‘em up nice and tight.

“Oh, such a goooood boy! Now, where were we?…..oh, yes. This big dildo and how nasty Mommy pushes it up her hot, wet cunt just wishing it was her little boy’s big hard dick. I do, baby. Almost every night this big rubber dick slides into Mommy’s hole. I push it in and out and…..

“And I feel like doing it right now. Would you like that, baby? Would you like Mommy to dildo fuck herself for you? Oh, my! Your poor cock is so hard and red, I think it might explode. It makes nasty Mommy so hot and horny that she just has to push this pretend dick up her nasty cunt hole really soon.

“But, honey. I can’t let you watch. If I did that it might be incest. Just talking nasty is not incest. But letting your see, or letting you touch me…that would be very wrong. So, be a good boy. Pick up those panties and that tie there, and blindfold yourself just like last night.

“That’s it honey. Let me see. ….Yep. Looks to me like you can’t peek out. So now Mommy can didlo fuck herself. I need to so badly. My poor cunt hole needs to be stuffed full right now.

“Oh, my. Look at this. My panties are just soaked. Now, what…

“I’m only kidding. I know you want my to put these panties in your mouth. I know that having Mommy’s hot, wet pussy juice in your mouth makes, baby very happy. Open wide.

“Oh, honey. You look so cute and nasty sitting there. It just makes Mommy so horny she can hardly wait to feel this rubber dick inside her. But we do have to wait. There is one more thing you have to do for Mommy first.

“Reach out your hand. That’s right. ….. Now here is a bath towel. Mommy wants you to wrap it around and around your cock and balls, so you can hardly feel anything through the towel.

“That’s a good boy. Now here is another tie. Wrap it around the towel and tie it up tight. We don’t want the towel to come off.

“OK. You did that very nicely. Mommy is so pleased with you. Now, roll over on your hands and knees.

“That’s right. Now put your head down on the pillow and you cute little butt up in the air.

“Oh, baby! Your young ass is so pert and firm! If I wasn’t your Mommy, I would kiss it and nibble it. I might even lick your pretty little asshole. I bet you would like that. I bet you would love to feels Mommy’s hot tongue wiggling in your pretty butthole, wouldn’t you. Well, honey. Mommy would love to do it. But that would be incest, and that is against the law. But, baby, Mommy is sooooo tempted.

“Now, baby, Mommy is as naked as the day she was born. That’s right. Mommy is standing here right next to your bed without a stitch of clothing on. Isn’t Mommy NASTY! Mommy is almost as nasty as her nasty, panty-sucking baby, isn’t she. It’s very, very nasty…and its’ very FUN! Mommy loves being nasty with her nasty slut-boy. That’s what you are, you know. Any boy who would steal his Mommy’s panties and suck out her cum while he beats off is a nasty slut-boy. And Mommy loves her nasty slut-boy very much!

“Now, baby, Mommy wants you to take both hands and spread your beautiful ass cheeks. That’s right. Spread them wide. …. ! That’s sooooo sexy! Now Mommy is going to get really close to your nasty bottom and blow her warm breath on your pretty little asshole. Hold still, now.

Wwwwwwwwwwwwssssss. Wwwwwwwwwwwwwsssssssss.

“Do you like that? It feels good doesn’t it. Maybe someday I’ll let you do it to me. Mommy would really love to feel her sweet son’s hot breath tickling Mommy’s asshole. You would like that wouldn’t you baby?
It’s not touching, so it’s not incest. I know I would love it, too. But, for right now, Mommy needs to feel this big, thick rubber cock in her poor empty cunt. That’s right, baby. Mommy is going to pull up this big easy chair chair and put her feet on the edge of your bed, and bend her knees and push this big dick up her cunt.

“But before I do that for you, before I fuck myself silly with this dildo for you, you have to do something more for me. ……Stick out your right hand. …. Good boy. Now make your hand so you have just two fingers sticking out. ….Goooood. … I’m going to help you dip those fingers into this jar of Vaseline.

” There! Now, baby, you know it wouldn’t be fair for Mommy to be fucking herself if her sweet boy didn’t do the same. So I want you to take those greasy fingers and start wiggling ‘em into your butthole.

“That’s right, baby. Just start workin’ ‘em around. …..Oooooooh, yessssss! Sooooo sexxxxxxy! Sooooo haaaaaaht! Wiggle ‘em around, and try to push the tip of one into your tight little hole. ….That’s it. Push it in. Oh, yes, baby! Push it in further!

‘That’s it, honey. Keep wiggling it. Oooooh, up to the first knuckle! That’s very, good. Now, I want you to wiggle it in deeper. …..That’s it. Keep going. While you do that Mommy is going to sit down.

“Can you feel my feet on your bed? My knees are bent and my legs are spread sooooo wide. Mommy is rubbing the tip of this big rubber cock up and down her nasty, wet slit. It feels goooood, baby. It makes Mommy feel soooooo goooooood. … Start pumping that finger! Pump it into your ass hole! Oh, YES! Good Boy!

“Deeper! Now pull it back! Now jam it in. …Back! …In!…. AGAIN!….AGAIN! That’s it, baby! That’s it! Fingerfuck your asshole! Fingerfuck your tight, sweet assholeform Mommy. ‘Feels good, doesn’t it, baby! I know it feels good. You know why I know…because I’m doing it to! That’s right, baby. Your nasty Mommy is fingerfucking her asshole, too. I love it! I love being nasty! It’s so wicked! So fun! Fuck, baby! Fuck that asshole for Mommy! Fuck it.

“Let’s do it together, baby! Let’s do it together! Oh, yes! Do it! Fuck your ass! Fuck your asshole! Oh! Do it! Do it….with me! Do it…with me! Fuck our assholes! Fuck our assholes! Baby! Baby! Baby! DO IT!

“Oh, baby! I can’t wait! Mommy’s gotta push this big cock up her cunt sooooooooon! Do you want it?! Do you want it?! Do you want nasty cunt Mommy to fuck herself with the dildo?! I want to, baby! I want to!
But, I can’t! I can’t because you have to have TWO fingers up your asshole first. TWO fingers…all the way to the second knuckles!

“Hurry, baby! Hurry! Mommy can’t take this much longer. Push….in…two!

“Oh, yessss, baby! Oh, yessss! That’s it! Fuck your ass! Finger fuck your ass. Pound ‘em in, baby! Faster! FASTER!

Now…I…can….do…it! Baby! I’m doing it! Mommy is pushing the big dick up her cunt! It feels good! Soooo goooood! I’m doing it, baby! I’m doin’ it! Can you feel the bed wiggle can you feel Mommy fuckin’……her…cunt….sil*liieeeeeeeee?! FASTER! FASTER! FUCK MY CUNT! FUCK MY ASS!



“Oh, shit! Oh, my lord, shit! Oh, damn! …….that was so gooooood, Baby. Mommy has such a wonderful orgasm! So goooood. Soooo goooooood. So fucking gooooood! Fingerfucking my ass and didlo fucking my cunt….right here next to my nasty, cum loving son….right here while my nasty baby fingered his ass. Soooooo goooood.

“Oh, oh, oh damn! Mommy is pulling the rubber cock out. Oh, oh, oh, yeeessss. So goooood. It’s out now, and you know what ….it’s just covered with thick, slimy Mommy-cum.

“Now Mommy is pulling the two fingers out of her nasty asshole. …Eeeih! Oh, baby…that was wonderful!

“Now take your fingers out of your pretty asshole, Baby. Because Mommy has a reward. You hold perfectly still while I take off this towel. …….There!. …..Oh, baby. Your poor peepee! It’s so swollen and purple. I know baby needs to cum. And Mommy will let you. But first you have to do what Mommy says.

“First spit out Mommy’s nasty panties. Now, Mommy is going to put this big, slimy, cummy dildo in your mouth so you can suck fresh, hot Mommy-cum. You’d like that…I know. You’ll love it. But before I do, I want you to untie your cock…BUT DON’T TOUCH IT!!

“Good. Good. Oh, baby. Your poor cock is drooling all over.

“Hold still. …………. I just put your frizbie under your cock. Now we can catch all that lovely boy cum.

“Now, honey. I want you to push your two fingers back up your pretty asshole. Right away!

“That’s it! Good, nasty, sexy boy! That’s it! Strart pushing ‘em in and out.

“Good Boy! Fuck your ass again and open your mouth wide. Here comes the dildo.

“Oooooh, you nasty, sexy PERVERT! Suck that dildo, Suck Mommy’s cum! ….Fuck your ass!
Fuck your ass and suck Mommy’s cum! That’s it! That’s it!

“With the other hand, GRAB …YOUR ….COCK! GRAB IT AND JERK OFF!


“Mommy’s jerkin’ off too! Mommy’s jackin’ off her big, stiff clit, honey! Mommy’s…jerkin’……off….*..her cliiiiiiit! Damn, baby! Damn! Fuck!
I’m gonna cum again! I’m gonna cum!



“Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Baby! That was so goood, soooo sexxxy! Sooooo hot! Oh, baby! I came….all…Over!
So did you. So did you! Look at all that sweet boy-cum. That frizbie is filled with it.

“Oh, my. Would you look at this chair?! It’s just soaked. I squirted so much Mommy cum that this chair is drenched!

“Here, baby. Reach underneath and hand me that frizbie. Careful. We wouldn’t want to spill any.

“Now sit up. ….Take my hand. ….put your feet on the floor and slide out of bed to your knees…carefully!

“That’s good. Now you’re kneeing right in front of my chair. I’m sliding my butt way back in the seat.

“Now I’m going to take your head in my hands and I’m going to move your mouth right up to the chair.

“There. ….Now stick out your tongue and lap all the fresh Mommy cum off the chair like a good boy.
And while you do….oh, yes. Your breath is so hot and your mouth is so close to my cunt!
While you do, Mommy is going to watch.

“Ooooh! What a good boy you are! Lick it! That’s it! Lick it!

“Ooooh, baby. It makes Mommy so hot to see your pretty tongue licking so close to her big naked cunt. It’s all I can do not to shove your face into my twat. Damn! I wish you were eating Mommy’s cunt! It’s driving me crazy, baby!

“Mommy is going to take my hands off your head, so don’t you try to move any closer.

“Aaaaaaaah! Yessssss! Thaaaats better! ….. Do you know what Mommy is doing”? You know Mommy has her legs up over the arms of this chair? Do you know Mommy is fingering her nasty juicy pussy right in front of your face?!

“I am, baby! I am! Mommy is jerkin’ off her big, stiff clitty with one hand and jambing three fingers up her hole with the other. What a nasty slut Mommy! What a disgusting pervert Mommy! I’m masturbating. I’m fingerfucking my cunt right in front of my baby’s face! What a wicked, nasty slut-Mommy!

“Oh, baby! Your tongue! Your breath! Mommy’s so close! So Cloooooose! Soooooooo cloooooooose!

“Sit back, baby! NOW! Right…fuckin’….now! …… Now lay on the floor..face up….and open your mouth. HURRY!

“Mommy’s gonna cum! Mommy’s gonna cum! Lay there! Don’t move! Mommy is standing over you. I’m straddling your face…..I….I…..fuckin’ myself crazy! I’m fingerfuckin’ my cunthole like….like….oooooooh…lik*e….uuuuh…..aaaa aahhh, oooooooooh…like CRAZY!!!!

“Mommy’s gonna cum! Mommy’s squating very close to baby’s face! It’s dripping! It’s dripping! Open your mouth, baby! Open your mouth. Taste Mommy’s fresh cum! Taste it! Taste it! Taste….oh, ma…ma…

“It’s dribblin’ all over your! It’s dribblin’ all over your mouth and your cheeks! Oh, God! It’s so hot I can’t stop! I can’t stop!


“Oh…..oh….oh….eeeeeeih..*….ooooooooh! Ooooooooh, baby. Ooooooooooh, honey. Ooooooh, Mommys slut-boy. Oooooooooh, wow! You are so damn sexy!

“Oh, shit! Oh, fuck! Oh, damn that was goooood! sooooo gooood! Oh, my sweet nasty slut-boy, you’ve made your nasty cunt Mommy sooooooo happy! Soooo happy!

“For being such a good boy, I won’t make you eat your own cum. I’m gonna take it with me. Now you count slowly to ten before taking off your blindfold.

“Bye, baby. And thank you again.

“Tomorrow Mommy has a special surprise for her good boy”.

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