December 16, 2006

incest dad daugther

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I moved back home three months ago just because I got tired of living alone and wanted the company of my relatives. I live with my father, two male cousins and two uncles.

I have always had the fantasy of a man coming to me in the night and making love to me. Right now, that fantasy is even stronger, as I don’t have a man in my life.

At 35, I still have a tight slim body with nice but not overly large breasts, and a strong libido. In other words, I love sex. I work six days a week, so on Sunday, I like to sleep in which isn’t easy with an east facing window. To handle this problem I wear one of the sleeping masks on Saturday night. And late one Saturday night my fantasy came true.
It was very early Sunday morning when I drifted out of sleep and realized there was someone in the room with me, I couldn??t see who it was because of the sleeping mask I was wearing and somehow I didn??t really want to know. There was something familiar about the breathing but I couldn???t identify who it was. Whether it was my dreamy state or something else, I felt comfortable and warm.

I heard him move towards the bed and kneel on it and lean towards me and I felt his lips touch mine in a gentle caress. He then moved over and kissed my cheek and then the side of my neck. It was wonderfully gentle but it sent tingles throughout my head and neck. He continued down to my upper chest, moving the covers aside to reveal my naked body ( boy am I glad that I sleep without clothes). The gentle kisses the continued down the center of my chest, carefully avoiding my breasts. And as the kisses descended so did the tingling that had started with my head and neck.

When the kisses reached my belly, I started to feel flushed and tingly all over my body. He then spread my legs and got between them and kissed my inner thighs, and yes, at this point I was getting really turned on. I felt his weight shift again, as he leaned forward over me and sucked one of my breasts in his hot mouth and softly tongued my nipple which instantly responded by getting hard. This produced the first sound from either of us, as I moaned. He continued sucking and licking my breast for several minutes and then moved over to my other breast and sucked it into his mouth, producing an even louder moan from me.
After several minutes of this treatment, I was starting to writhe with desire, my whole body was on fire and my pussy was begging for attention. He must have sensed this, as I felt him shift again, moving down between my legs again. And he started to tongue my pussy. His tongue would come out and lick different parts and each time it touched, electric shocks would run through my body… His tongue then found my slit and he started running it up and down between my lips until they opened for him ( I didn’t know that they would do that by themselves, LOL).
His whole mouth then descended on my pussy, sucking and nibbling gently. Then his hot mouth found my clit and my whole body shook from the pleasure, as his tongue started playing with it. He then did something I had never experienced. He put both hands behind my knees and pushed my legs up and out, fully exposing my pussy. He then started running his tongue from my clit down across my pussy all the way to my ass. He then would travel back up the same way to my clit again, stopping to play with it a bit, before repeating the same process. This produced waves of pleasure throughout my body and made me hotter than a fire cracker. When I thought that I could stand any more, he stopped at my clit and sucked it into his mouth and started flicking it with his tongue. It started out gently but as the speed and pressure increased, I could feel my orgasm start to build. It wasn’t long before the orgasmic wave crashed on me, battering all my senses with a total overload of pleasure. It seemed to go on forever, with wave upon wave of pleasure washing over me. I do hope that the screaming didn’t wake any of the neighbors.
As my orgasm finally subsided, I realized that he was still between my legs, gently licking my pussy, but staying away from my clit, which was just as well, for it was super sensitive at this point. The warm afterglow of my orgasm made me rather languid, but the gentle licking of my pussy still produced small waves of pleasure, which would sweep through my body. This was a very pleasant sensation, without being insistent or demanding. After several minutes of this, to my great surprise, I started to get turned on again. How could this be happening so soon after such a fantastic climax.
Soon, soft moans were again escaping from me, and apparently, he took this as his clue, for he again starting gently sucking on my clit. And this caused me to get really turned on again. He seem to know just what I wanted, and when I wanted it because I now really wanted a hard cock in me. And I wanted it bad.
So, he stopped sucking on my clit, moved down somewhat, and put his hands on my hips as if to turn me over. Taking his clue, I rolled over on my stomach and got up on all fours ( my favorite position). I could feel him on his knees behind me and then he started rubbing his hard cock up and down my slit. Every time it rubbed over my love entrance, more waves of pleasure would role through my body. Then he stopped, with the head of his cock at my opening. And then he slowly entered me. I was so wet from the previous climax that he had no problem very slowly sliding into my pussy. When he was about half way in, I couldn’t take it anymore, so I forced myself back, impaling myself on his cock.
I stayed still for several moments, just enjoying the fullness of having him in me. This created such a feeling of love and warmth in my whole body that I never wanted it to end. Then he started to fuck me. He started very slowly, which I love, but very soon I was so turned on that I was forcing myself onto his cock faster and harder. And he responded by fucking me harder and faster. Well, it didn’t take much of this before I was again building towards another orgasm. And from his breathing and actions, I could tell he was also. He was really banging me with great gusto by this time and then I felt his cock swell to a truly impressive size and the first of his hot ejaculate erupt into my pussy. This was all that it took for me.
It was as if a bomb had gone off in my pussy. An explosion of pleasure and pain, as if I was flying apart, and floating in the air, and drowning in emotion. Then his cock spasmed again and more warmth and pressure spread through my pussy, causing another explosion of pleasure in my belly and my mind. It was almost more than I could stand. Using the only outlet available at the time, I screamed, and screamed, and screamed. It was as if time had stood still, for this overwhelming sensations seem to go on forever.
But, finally, my climax started to subside, and the normal sensations started to slowly return. His cock still filled me but he had stopped moving. I was so weak at this point that I slowly eased myself down onto the bed, and he went with me, keeping his cock in me. We lay there with him lightly laying on top of me, supporting most of his weight on his arms, which were on either side of me, and I could do nothing but drift off to sleep.
I awoke the next morning and took the mask off. It was full daylight outside. Was this all a dream? I then sat up and looked at the bed, and it was a mess. And then I felt myself. I was a mess also, and my lips and clit were all puffy and tender. So, it wasn’t a dream, but who could the mystery man be? And will he ever visit me again?

Then I found a note on my bedside table. ???We all love you Honey and have decided between us that one of us should visit you every Saturday night to complete your needs. Please do not remove your sleeping mask or try to guess who is pleasuring you. Love, Daddy!???

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