May 4, 2007

daddy hardfucking young daughter

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Even though she was my daughter, I couldn’t help staring from under the
brim of my cap as she walked out the patio door, across the tiled surface,
around the deep end of the swimming pool toward her favorite sunning
chair. She had blossomed over the past year, transforming from a tall,
scrawny, awkward girl into a bouncing, curvaceous goddess. No matter how
many times my mind screamed, “She’s your 15 year old daughter!” My cock
twitched each time I saw her – no matter what she was wearing. And right
now she was wearing next to nothing.
When she wore her sundress, the fabric turned elegantly to follow her
round, heavy breasts, and the line of it seemed to move through the flat
of her young, taut stomach only to reverse its course as it swept around
her ass. Her more proper Sunday dresses offered no help in distracting my
mind from the lines of her body either. On her mother’s advice she had
recently taken to dipping necklines that consistently drew my eyes down
her throat, across her smooth, baby soft skin, to her breasts – which sent
electricity straight to my balls. Shorts, jeans, stretch pants, sweats –
none could hide her body from my mind’s eye or stop the deep gnawing
desire in the pit of my stomach.
Today she wore nothing – well, almost nothing – since her goal was to
offer as much of her smooth, delicate skin to the sun as possible. Tanning
was another of her newfound pursuits that seemed to have arrived with the
swelling of her breasts. Her breasts… My god… How do I describe their
siren song to every testosterone pumping male who saw them? (I saw lust in
the Preacher’s eyes when he thought no one was watching.)
I don’t know sizes, 36 C/D, it doesn’t matter because their size only
brought men’s eyes to their true beauty. Smooth as the surface of a pool
of milk, like you could dip a finger into one of them and pull it out
covered with their sweetness. Firm in that special way that only freshly
grown breasts can be. Shaped as perfectly as a Greek statue,
unyielding…. That is, until she moved. When she walked I could feel more
than see the imperceptible tremble as the vibrations of her steps carried
up through her body to her lovely globes. Or when she played, (which she
still did with childlike abandon) her sudden movements would cause them to
surge and bounce with the resilience of one of those super-balls that
bounce higher and faster as they ricochet around a room, always quickly
catching up with their assigned place and shape with lightning speed.
Today her breasts stood free from her body, covered with her bikini top of
florescent orange. They swayed ever so slightly as she bent over to put
her towel on the foot of the lounge chair. Only the lightest string held
the fabric to them, one strand around her neck, the other tied at her
back, which at this moment seemed to flash the hot sun off it’s light tan
My eyes slid down her back to the curve of her ass, covered with the same
thin, bright fabric as her bikini top. Her bottoms were high waisted,
tying together above each hip. They showed the smooth skin of her thigh
and hip, but covered her developing ass quite properly. The front was a
slightly different story. Her pubescent pubic hair was obviously still
young and sparse and tame, because she had no fear of allowing only a
narrow channel of fabric to cover her pouting mound before it raced up,
across her flat tummy, to meet the waistband again.
I didn’t move as I watched her. I was lying on my back, sunning myself
also, about fifteen feet away, my chair pointing slightly toward hers. I
had on no shirt and loved letting the sun deepen the tan on my broad chest
and flat stomach. I wore normal, lose, swim trunks. The lining in them
contained my growing bulge from tenting my shorts or extending down my leg
and straight out the opening. I believe she thought me asleep since she
didn’t say anything. My ball cap was down, the brim shading my eyes from
the sun. I had a folded towel behind my head. She had just put down her
towel, picked up the bottle of Tropicana Oil that she always left under
the chair. Then she began oiling herself to maximize the sun’s warming
A bead of sweat tickled my chest hairs as it sought the channel at my
breastbone and slipped down toward my stomach. It was a hot June day in
Florida, but that bead of sweat was not caused by the heat, but by
watching my 15 year old daughter, Rachel, rub herself with oily hands from
ankle to thigh. Her long, straight, chestnut hair hung like a veil every
time she would bend over with slippery hands to run them up her calf,
across her knee, around to the inside of her thigh ending at the edge of
her bikini bottoms. Over and over again she repeated the process around
her legs until they were prepared perfectly. Then she moved on to her
stomach, shoulders and arms. I watched it all from under the brim of my
My eyes nearly popped out as she attempted to oil her own back. She would
arch her back and throw one arm up around her neck, or double it back
trying to get to the small of her back. Each time her chest would heave
and her breasts would strain at the material. My dick was throbbing and
moving, straining as if it knew that at any second her top would pop
loose, unveiling at last her beautiful nipples to my eyes. My favorite
hobby of late had become closing my eyes and imaging what her nipples
looked like. In my mind I would try differing versions on her, from flat
nipples with huge brown areolas to small, pink, thick, hard nipples that
popped out like thimbles when aroused.
Her top stayed on, but my mind continued to race and my cock continued to
throb as she laid down on her back on the chair. The chair was adjusted so
that she was sitting up slightly, just as I was. She tilted back her chin
to making her neck available to the sun’s fingers. I wanted to go kiss it,
to bite it, to lick it and suck on it as I ripped off her scant clothes
and made her my own. I knew she was still a virgin. Her mother wouldn’t
allow her to date until she was 16 – which was 3 long months away. Eve, my
wife and the one who gave Rachel the genes for her gorgeous body was very
protective and made sure Rachel only attended the most closely chaperoned
parties and dances. And Rachel’s innocent eyes, more than any controls and
restrictions, told me she was still untouched. Which made me desire her
all the more.
Watching her lying there, her legs slightly spread, knees bent, throat
exposed, her back slightly arched, my urges short circuited my mind. My
cock was oozing pre-cum. My body stiffened to rise, to go over, to take
her, to possess the beauty of her. When I started to get up, the sliding
glass door slid opened (unusually loudly in my mind) and Eve, my wife,
stood there dressed in a business skirt and jacket.
“Jack, I’m going to my meeting now,” she called out.
My head snapped around, my face flush. “Ok, baby,” I managed to say. “How
long are you going to be gone?”
“At least 4 hours,” she said. “You know how these Saturday meetings drag
on. You and Rachel enjoy the sun.”
Then, before turning back into the house, she said, “Bye Rachel, don’t
give your father any trouble.”
Then she turned and she was gone.
My breath came in gasps as I sat there on the foot of the lounge chair. I
couldn’t believe what I had almost done. I was about to rape my own
daughter violently with my wife in the house and in the open yard where
any scream would surely be heard by a neighbor. I was still struggling for
breath when Rachel started talking to me.
“Hey Dad, I’m sorry mom woke you up. Are you going in the house now?”
I looked over at her. She had flattened out the chair and was now lying on
her stomach, her chin on her hands, her feet up in the air behind her,
crossing and uncrossing. God, she was gorgeous. I wanted her just as badly
as two minutes ago. My dick broke free and strained at my shorts pushing
the front out at a sharp angle. Crossing my hands across my thighs I
quickly formulated a plan that would allow me to take her without too much
resistance…. I hoped. If it worked, my desires would be quenched; if
not, the neighbors would probably stone me to death.
“No, Honey,” I replied as calmly as possible. “I was about to slide into
the pool for some laps. You want to swim with me?”
“You know I can’t swim,” she said.
Which was true. We had only moved into this house in Florida, with its
giant pool, over the winter. This was our first summer with a pool and it
had taken Rachel this long to overcome her fear of water enough to wade
and splash around in the shallow end. I knew this, and my plan was based
on her fearing water more then anything else.
I hopped up, and in two steps, dove into the pool. I popped up along the
wall next to her chair.
“C’mon in!” I said. “I’ll teach you how to swim in no time.”
She propped herself up on her elbows and shook her head, her eyes growing
wide and her breast jiggling beautifully.
“I don’t care if I ever learn how to swim. I’d rather stay right here in
the warm sun, or at the most in the shallow end.”
“Well then, come in the shallow end,” I implored. “The water feels
fantastic. It really cools you off.”
It had certainly helped me. My dick, while still swollen with blood, was
now only three-quarters erect.
Rachel got up, walked over to the steps – her ass dancing above me as she
passed – and then, slowly, she descended into the 3 foot section of the
pool. My dick began to grow again as I watched the water rise up her
thighs and engulf her young, bikini covered pussy. She took two more steps
into the shallow end, bringing the water up to just above her hips.
“Ooo, it’s cold!” she yelped.
It was time for me to either act on my plan or run scared into the house
to masturbate while imagining what I ‘might’ have done. I decided to act.
“It’s warmer in the deep end. Come deeper,” I said.
She shook her head no. “This is deep enough for me. I’m scared I’ll slip
and go under.”
Rachel, at 15 had still never willingly put her face under the surface of
any water – not even in the bath as a child.
“You can hold onto me,” I said as I closed the distance between us. “Here,
hold my hands like this.”
I quickly took her hands before she could react and started walking
backwards, facing her, as I pulled her toward the exact center of the
She resisted slightly, but I just continued on. Her mouth silently opened
as the cold water touched her breasts. Then her breathing became ragged
and her hands gripped mine fiercely. The water was up to her shoulders and
she was standing on her tiptoes, bouncing slightly. Her hair seemed to
float around her shoulders on the water.
“I want to go back!” she said with fear in her eyes. “This is too deep. I
want to go back. Take me back!”
The water was only slightly below my nipples and I knew that in one more
step she would not be able to keep her chin above water without swimming.
So I just did it! I watched her eyes, took one more step back and pulled
her closer to me. This took her past the point where she could stand. The
pool dropped off 3 more inches and it was too much for her to stretch
above. She sunk down quickly, thrashing her head. The water only rose
above her eyes, but that last three inches were 100 feet as far as she was
concerned. She broke her hands free and clawed in a craze up my arms to my
shoulders, pulling herself on to me like a lifeline.
Her arms were wrapped tightly around my neck, her legs around my hips, her
chin up next to my left ear as she tried to climb me like a pole to get
higher out of the water – which was still only chest deep for me. She was
choking and coughing, her body convulsing more out of fear than any little
bit of water she had drunk.
I carefully took two more steps toward the deep end without Rachel
noticing, bringing the water up to just below my shoulders. Once she
caught her breath she fairly screamed, “Oh my God! I almost drowned! That
was a mean thing to do, Dad!”
I only heard her with part of my mind. The rest was relishing having my
15-year-old vixen wrapped around me like a wanton whore in heat. She had
been totally distracted by the fear of death as she climbed me and had
noticed neither my raging hard-on, nor my hands sliding up and down her
sides, over her smooth back and even down across her ass and the backs of
her thighs – where they were now, holding her up high on my body. Her wet,
covered pussy was pressed against my belly now. Her body was now so high
that the top of her breasts were right under my chin. It was time for me
to start preparing her mind for what was to come.
I lifted her up another inch and turned my cheek down against the top of
her soft tit. I spread my hands out on the back of her thighs and wrapped
my fingers around to her inner thighs near her pussy. Then I turned my
mouth down and quickly kissed to top of her creamy breast as I spoke.
“Well, Baby, you’re going to be shocked to hear this, but I’ve only just
started being mean. I’ve wanted your smooth, young, sexy body for a long
time. And now I’m going to take you, right here, in this pool.” Then I
slid her down quickly until her ass felt the solid presence of my raging
hard-on against it.
She shrieked and clambered up my body to get away from it.
“What are you talking about, Daddy?” she said in shock and fear.
I brought my arms up around the small of her back and pulled her back down
to face me, my cock shoved down at an awkward angle between her thighs and
right against her young twat. “I mean I’m going to fuck you right here,
right now.”
Her eyes turned the size of saucers.
“Oh no you’re not!” she shot back, and pushed herself away.
I had turned 180 degrees during all the action, so that now her back was
to the deepest section of the pool. I let her go. I even pushed her away
slightly, but I did keep a light grip on her left wrist with my right
She sank! The water was now truly deeper than she was tall, and having
never swum, she didn’t have a chance. She went under completely. Only the
ends of her long hair touched air as they floated on the surface. They too
disappeared quickly as she thrashed under the water. I let her thrash for
a full 5 or 6 seconds before I pulled her up by her wrist, holding it out
at arm’s length. Her face broke the surface and she coughed and gagged the
words, “Help me.”
I said, “You will beg me to fuck you or I’ll drop you to drown!” Then I
dropped my hand, putting her under for a second time, this time I kept her
there for at least 10 seconds – which was an eternity to a girl whose face
had never been submerged. Then I pulled her out, yanking her back to me.
Her arms went around my neck.
She was now crying and sobbing. “Daddy I can’t… I can’t…. I can’t do
this…. Why are you doing this to me?… I’m your daughter…. I’ve never
even been with a boy…. Daddy don’t…” and she buried her head in my
shoulder crying and sobbing.
I almost changed my mind and told her it was OK, that I was just kidding.
But my dick was now trapped between us; and her sobbing made her hard,
firm stomach quake as her body shook up and down. And I didn’t. I still
had to have her.
My arms were around her back again. It was a simple thing to tug the two
strings holding her top on. The strings fell away and the only thing
holding her bikini top on was the fact that her breasts were smashed
against my chest. She felt the strings let go and started to push away
again as she shouted, “NOOO!”
I quickly said, “You asked for it!” and dunked her under again, this time
with my hand on her head, forcing her deep under the water directly in
front of me until her cheek rubbed the side of my cock inside my swim
trunks. Her suit top floated next to me. I watched through the clear water
as her magnificent boobs swayed in the water. She thrashed her head
slapping my hard dick against one side of her face then the other, trying
to get out from under my hand. Then I pulled her up. The whole thing had
lasted 15 seconds.
She came up terrified on more than one level. I could see it in her eyes.
She was terrified of drowning, terrified by my bold statements, terrified
of that huge thing under my shorts that had rubbed against her cheeks and
eyes and nose and mouth, and (I saw it in her eyes) terrified of the knot
that had grown in her stomach and spread warmth to her virgin pussy,
making it hot! I could see it. She was shocked as she came out of the
water but her focus wasn’t on me for a full 3 seconds. Her focus was
inward on the little spot of wetness between her legs. I saw as she
suddenly realized where she was and pushed away on instinct.
I pulled her to me hard, my strong arms around the small of her back, and
said very quietly through clenched teeth, “If you scream one more time, I
will drown you before the sound leaves your mouth. Do you understand!”
She nodded her head quickly and rapidly, her eyes wide. Her hands were
still against my chest pushing with all her strength, but her mouth was
clamped shut.
She had her upper body pushed away from me with the palms of her hands,
her elbows locked straight as she pushed hard with one hand then the other
against my hairy chest. I looked down, ignoring her glare, to finally see
the object of all those nights of fantasy when I would stoke my cock in
the dark. Rachel’s nipples! The crowning glory of her young, full, pert
breasts. They were a rosy shade of pink, darker than I expected, almost
red. The areolas were average in size, about the size of a half-dollar,
and perfectly round. In the exact center of each was a small, pointed
nipple. They were swollen to a quarter of an inch, and as I watched them
they grew!
Rachel had stopped fighting and was looking down at her own nipples. He
eyes shifting periodically up to my face. She saw the joy of me seeing
her, and was as amazed as I was to see them grow before my eyes to over
half an inch. I moved my hands to her hips, grasping them tightly I lifted
her body until her left nipple touched my lips. Then I sucked it in.
Opening my mouth I sucked a large portion of her smooth, breast into my
mouth, my tongue dancing on her nipple, testing the size and shaped and
hardness of it. I sucked hard, bringing my teeth down on her titty softly.

Rachel was still for a moment while I sucked her nipple and breast with
abandon. Then she softened, her arms wrapping around my neck and pulling
my face harder against her. Her forehead dropped down and touched the top
of my hair. And then, as if snapping out of a trance, her body went
straight and stiff. I heard her say, “Oh my God,” softly and then she
pushed my mouth away with all her strength, snapping my head back.
She slapped me first with one hand, then the other. Then got two firm (for
a girl) blows in on the top of my head before I came to my senses and
literally threw her into the center of the deep section of the pool about
6 feet away from me.
She flew through the air, her body turning, her arms wide, and struck the
water breasts first with a smack. She thrashed on the top of the water,
her feet obviously kicking for dear life. She kept her face just above the
surface, repeating over and over again, “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,”
in time with her kicking feet, and panting – blowing water droplets with
each breath.
Then she said, “Help me, I can’t swim!”
I stood there and watched for a second and then said, “It looks like your
swimming to me. Keep it up for a few more seconds, then I’ll help you.”
I heard her say, “Nooo…” as I dove under the water. I swam over beside
her hip, watching her. Her legs flashed in a frenzy as she fought to keep
herself afloat. I stayed clear of her flailing feet as I quickly tugged
one knot free and then the other. I grabbed the flapping back of her
bikini bottoms and pulled them quickly from between her legs. I ran one
hand along her gorgeous ass and the other across her flat tummy above her
sparse bush before I surfaced about 3 feet from her.
“Daaaddddeeeee, help meeee,” she begged as she bobbed at the surface.
I said, “Your going to have to balance on me if you want help. Be still
and good, or I’ll pull you under!” Then I took 5 deep breaths, filling my
lungs with oxygen and slipped back under the surface.
Unlike Rachel, I had grown up with swimming pools as a constant source of
play. They were my babysitter, as I would spend 6, 8, 10 hours a day in or
around our apartment swimming pools. My friends and I would race and make
up games and challenge each other to feats of strength in swimming. My
claim to fame had been my ability to hold my breath. While most of my
friends struggled to swim the length of the pool entirely underwater
without breathing, I could swim the entire length, and back, and nearly
back again before my lungs gave out. Without the exertion of swimming I
could hold my breath for almost two full minutes.
This skill came in handy for what I was about to do. I swam down and took
a firm grasp of each of Rachel’s ankles, pushing up so that she would know
she wouldn’t go under. Then I slipped my head between her thighs and
planted my feet on the bottom of the pool. Straightening my legs I lifted
her two full feet with her thighs on my shoulders and her heavenly pussy
against my chin. Still under water I placing my hands under the two full
hemispheres of her ass and lifted her slightly more so I could drive my
tongue right into the cleft of her – parting her pussy lips with one
smooth stroke.
Pulling her ass to me I buried my tongue deep in her pussy, leaving the
cold, chlorinated water of the pool and entering the slick, smooth, heavy
wetness of a woman in heat. Her pussy fairly gushed on my tongue. I
adjusted my hands so that my thumbs could intervene and spread her slipper
pussy lips wider until my entire mouth was engaged in her hot twat. I
tongued deep as heavy, wetness spread around my mouth. I sucked and
swallowed sweet, hot nectar – swallow after swallow. I felt as if my
tongue were pumping a well of heaven. My upper lip presses hard into her
rock hard clit. I even grazed it hard with my upper teeth as I fought to
get my tongue deeper.
I couldn’t hear anything under the water, but in less than 30 seconds of
sucking her clit and pussy, Rachel’s hands grabbed the hair on the back of
my head and she pushed my face into her as her hips began to hump me. I
teased her tight, small asshole with one finger while I tongued her deep,
fucking her with it, grinding my face into her young, ripe, virgin
opening. She was on fire at this point and bucked like a bronco on my
open, willing mouth.
My lungs began to burn, but I didn’t want to separate myself from this
well of honey. I sucked harder. I bit and nibbled at her. Then I slid my
mouth up ever so slightly and sucked in just her clit – catching it
between my teeth. I held it fast, like a dog holds a rope toy as I
inserted first one then two fingers between her swollen pussy lips. I slid
them in, feeling the engorged flesh, searching deeper for my prize. And
then I hit it – Her virginity, her hymen. I pressed in against it and she
tensed and pulled up. I slid my fingers around and pushed again, the same
reaction. By this time my body was screaming for oxygen and I knew there
was only one tool for penetrating that special barrier.
I pushed her off my shoulders and slid up the front of her body, my face
sliding against her skin, my hands running over her hips and up her sides
until I broke the surface with a gasp. No sooner had I taken a breath than
my daughter’s open mouth pressed hard into mine and her tongue invaded me,
moving hungrily. Her hands were still grasping the hair on the back of my
head and she kept pulling me harder and harder into her face, sucking my
lips, running her tongue around in my mouth, pressing against my tongue
and cheeks and the roof of my mouth, searching out every secret place.
I kissed her back with abandon, my hands on her soft little cheeks, my
fingers curling around the back of her neck. I felt her toes climbing up
the front of my thighs, scraping down and then jumping higher, like she
was trying to climb a slippery tree, higher and higher until she reached
my shorts, then higher until… she hooked the top of my trunks with one
big toe, and then the other, and then pushed down hard, pushing my bathing
suit down.
She never broke the kiss, she was sucking the taste of herself from me,
and breathed life into me while her feet did their magic work quickly. She
hooked one leg around my torso and pushed the back of my swimsuit off with
the same grabbing action. At last my painfully hard dick popped free and
the suit fell to the bottom of the pool wrapped around my ankles. I
stepped out, spreading my feet for balance and took hold of my sweet
teenaged daughter’s ass. I pulled to stretch her asscheeks apart and held
her there for a second… two seconds… three… My cock was pulsing and
throbbing, a thin tendril of pre-cum dancing off the head, her hot pussy
was an inch above it, spread and radiating moist heat through the water.
My breathing was ragged, my desire at its height. But I wouldn’t do it
until she begged me.
Reading my mind, she screamed into my mouth, “Please, OH GOD, PLEASE
I slammed her down onto my cock. Her pussy yielded like a tight sheath of
lambskin. Every nerve in my thick shaft exploded when her hymen tugged
then snapped in surrender in an instant. I didn’t stop until the thin
hairs of her mound met the coarse, thick hair of my balls, filling her
everywhere. Then we froze.
My daughter’s teeth were buried hard in my neck, her breath coming in
great pants around her open lips. I squeezed her tight to me. I could feel
the muscles of her cunt twitching, adjusting to the pressure of my fat,
long shaft, and sending sparkles up my spine. When her bite began to
relax, but her teeth remained clamped to my neck, I slowly – easily at
first – in miniscule movements, began shifting my fat cockhead in and out
- first finely, then in longer and longer strokes.
Her breathing picked up again when I was pulling halfway out and then
driving back into her with steady force. By the time I was fucking her at
three-quarters speed she was crying and moaning at the same time. I kept
the pace even, feeling the hot fire of my daughter’s virgin pussy grip my
shaft. And then I started fucking her with force. My hands dropped to her
hips, taking control, her arms were wrapped tight around my neck as she
gnawed and sucked on me.
With my strong hands controlling her hips and my hips countering the
action, I pounded into her with growing force. I brought the ridge of my
cockhead to the threshold of her opening before I pounded it back in,
sliding forever into her before I smashed against her womb. Again and
again, harder and harder I fucked my daughter. Her teeth released me as a
low groan began to rise from deep within her and she repeated, to herself
as much as to me, “Oh God Daddy Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck me!”
The water splashed between us. Great waves crashed into the walls of the
pool, sloshing water onto the deck. I was in heaven as I fucked my only
daughter outside, in the swimming pool, in front of God and everyone.
Rachel came in a great scream, stifled quickly by my mouth against hers. I
continued to pound into her with abandon, feeling the sap rise up in my
balls. She screamed into my mouth. Tears streamed down her face. And her
pussy exploded for the first time in her life, drenching my cock with a
burst of heat.
I fucked her hard, slamming her into my hips. Pumping more and more virgin
cum from her sweet well. Then my balls began to tighten and I felt it
coming from the pit of my stomach. I broke the lock of our mouths and
arched my back, my face to the heavens. Rachel’s fingers gripped into the
flesh of my shoulders and she watched me, her pussy gushing it a song of
passion. She watched my face… my eyes tightly shut, my mouth hanging
open, the veins of my neck distended, as I came from the soul of me.
Pumping blast after hot, stick blast of heavy cum into her warm, waiting,
willing cunt.
And then it was done. I stood there panting, her limbs wrapped around me;
her cheek against mine, her wet hair stuck to her shoulder and neck. The
waves in the pool were subsiding, the whitecaps disappearing, the dying
echoes of my animal lust for her, and now hers for me. It was done…
Then, the sound of a slamming car door came to us over the house. Eve, my
wife, was home early! My heart stopped. I had to do something, but I
didn’t know what. Rachel’s head snapped up, her eyes looking at me wide in
terror. I spun around in the water, with Rachel still attached to me like
a kitten, searching for somewhere to hide. There was nowhere to go. Our
towels were too far away, especially since Rachel couldn’t swim. I spotted
Rachel’s bikini top floating a few feet away. I grabbed it and said, “Put
this on and keep your mouth shut.”
We were at the side of the pool closest to the sliding glass door. I
stepped over to the wall in three strides, extracted Rachel from me and
pushed her to the wall. “Just hold onto the wall!” I said. “I’ll tie your
top on!”
She clung to the wall, her elbows out, arms resting on the deck. I tied
two quick knots and pressed myself against the wall right beside her just
as the curtains parted and the sliding glass door moved.
My last thought was, “Please don’t ask us to get out of the pool,” then
Eve was standing there in the doorway 10 feet away.
“Hey guys, my meeting was cut short,” she said cheerfully.
“Hey” we both said, in unison, probably a little to quickly. Eve’s eyes
shifted slightly, but she didn’t say anything. Seeing her standing there
after I had just made passionate love to our daughter brought back a flood
of memories. Eve was as much of a goddess as she was 15 years before when
we got married at 18 due to her “condition”. Rachel was a lovechild,
created by passion on my parents bed when Eve and I were Seniors in High
School. I immediately realized that as much as Rachel looked like her
mother when dressed, in the throes of passion she was the spitting image
of the young Eve. She even bit me on the neck the saw way Eve did when we
were inexperienced, young lovers. My dick began to involuntarily stir
I was snapped back to attention when I noticed that Eve was focusing on
the steps by the shallow end of the pool. Something was floating in the
shallow water covering the first step. Eve started walking over. There was
nothing I could do since I was pressed up against the wall to hide my
Upon reaching the curved steps she said, “What is this?” as she reached
over and plucked my swim trunks out of the water.
She looked at me, then back down. Rachel’s bikini bottoms had found their
way under them and were swaying, half submerged, above the step. Eve
fished them out, and then looked over at Rachel, who was blushing a
crimson color. Then I saw Eve’s eyes move down my body. The water was
crystal clear and she noticed what she hadn’t at first from the distance
of 30 feet. My ass under the water! Two steps more to change her angle and
she saw Rachel’s beautiful, while globes under the water too. Her eyes
slowly scanned the pool. My head snapped around to look where she was
looking, and right there, where we had coupled so fiercely, in the water,
thin strands of cum and sperm, like a latticework underwater.
I looked back at Eve as her eyes refocused inward, searching her mind for
something to say. It took 10 unending seconds before she formulated her
response. Holding the two suits in her hand she walked over and stood in
front of the two of us – about 5 feet away.
First she turned to Rachel and said, “How are you feeling young lady? Or
should I say Woman?”
Rachel smiled, then let out a stifled giggle, and then said, “Mom, I’ve
never been better!”
Then Eve turned to me and said, “Michael, I knew this would happen one
day. You are too much a sexual creature for your own good. To tell you the
truth, I thought you would rape her and I would have to have you thrown in
Then she smiled and said, “And GOD I would miss that big, gorgeous cock of
I was shocked. But once I thought back to our early years of marriage,
when Rachel was just a baby, I recalled how experimental and lust-driven
Eve was. We had shared our bed with two different men and another woman –
each on a separate occasion. We had made love in dangerous places, and
gone thrill seeking among dangerous people. I had always though Eve had
outgrown that (even though I sorely missed it). I suddenly realized she
Rachel’s mouth hung open at hearing her mother praise my cock. Eve turned
to her and said, “Don’t you think your daddy has a gorgeous cock?”
After a second of shocked pause Rachel replied in a slightly pouty voice,
“I don’t know, Mom, I’ve never seen it. I’ve only felt it. But it sure
feels good!”
Eve’s face broke out in a crooked smile and her hands went to her
beautifully shaped hips and she said, “Well, we’ll have to fix that, won’t
we? You two stay right where you are. I’m going to go get two towels
because I’m going to take you in the house and dry you both off
personally….. And by the way, your neck used to look like after you
fucked my teenaged brains out too!!”
With that she turned, still holding the wet bathing suits, and disappeared
into the house. I noticed a bounce in her step I hadn’t seen in many a
I turned to Rachel, and she to me, and we kissed – her young, sweet tongue
playing parry and thrust with mine for a moment. Then her eyes went wide,
she broke the kiss and said, “I can’t wait to tell Mom I learned how to
swim today!”

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