March 6, 2007

daddy fucking young daughter

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came home early from work one day during the summer to find my teenage daughter home as well. She was getting ready to go for a swim in a bathing suit I had never seen before. It was a white string bikini with a turquoise string. She looked so hot with her long blond hair a little messy and her tits standing up straight barely covered by tiny triangles of fabric being pulled to the sides of her tits. I liked the way she looked and I didn??t mind staring even though she is my daughter. I don??t know if she knew I was looking at her like I would like to kiss her sexy tits that very second she was too busy looking for something in the kitchen.

???What do you need honey???? I asked her as she rummaged through a drawer.

???I was looking for some batteries Daddy, and Oooh goody here they are.???

And with that she scooped up her things and headed for the door. It looked like she had something tucked into the towel she was bringing. Then to my chagrin she turned and said ???Daddy why don??t you come outside and watch me play in the pool, it??s no fun to play all by myself???? And I thought this was a very good idea. (more…)

January 23, 2007

incest stories father daughter

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“Go away, Robbie, and don’t ever try to talk to me again!” I heard my daughter’s tearful voice just before a car door slammed and tires squealed. Sounded like her first date hadn’t been a success. I muted the baseball game I’d been watching as her footsteps approached the den, then shook my head when they retreated again. She wouldn’t want to tell me about it. What red-blooded fifteen-year-old wanted to tell her father about a date, anyway? If her mother hadn’t already passed out (not likely), she’d be the natural one to talk to Ally.
“Mom!” The anguish in her voice was really getting to me. This wasn’t the way my non-demonstrative daughter usually sounded. I tossed the remote control down and walked toward the kitchen. Ally and her mom had their best chats around our table and I knew I’d find them there, if Jen hadn’t been hitting the juice.
“Fuck! This sucks!” That couldn’t possibly be the voice of my little innocent daughter. I forced myself to not roll my eyes. She was fifteen, not a baby anymore. Some of the kids in her grade were already pregnant. Still, she’d never used those words at home. (more…)

January 17, 2007

daddy hot cum

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She snuggled down into her sleeping bag, the air mattress squeaked underneath her. She could hear the laughter and music from her parent??s campground across the road. She knew they wanted her to join them and their friends but she was tired and bored. Her friends were supposed to be there already but they got delayed and wouldn??t make it out for another day. She turned and looked out the screen window up at the stars and thought about the day she??d had. It was good to be home with family, , she needed this long awaited vacation.

It had been a fun day; she??d finally met her dad. He was strikingly handsome, she bit her lip, and she??d always had a thing for older men. He was 48, she was just 18. He probably wouldn??t be interested in such a young thing. She laughed at herself cuz she hadn??t be oblivious to his flirting all day. It was part of the reason why she had only stayed for a few drinks tonight. His hands had wondered on to her back a few too many times when no one else was watching. She started to imagine his hands else where and drifted off to a dreamy sleep. (more…)

January 11, 2007

dad & daughter sex story

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I was so excited, just me and my Dad alone. I was always trying to make him proud and please him. He was always so busy working, there were so many nights I went to sleep before he returned home. Then when he was home, I had to share him with my mother and brother. But during the summer I had turned 18 my brother went away to camp and I stayed home. My mother was busy golfing , so I spent most of my time alone.

One Thursday night my father announced to me to pack some clothes for the weekend, he was taking me camping. I was so happy! I remember dancing back to my bedroom to pack some things. Just me and Daddy! I couldn”t remember when we were alone last. I put together some things and went to sleep with a big smile on my face. I was going to be really good, maybe Daddy would want to spend more time with me.

I was so happy sitting next to my Dad in the car. Listening to the radio, watching the beautiful scenery go by. I would occasionally find myself looking at my Dad. (more…)

December 24, 2006

family incest tales

“I feel a little strange about the way he massages me…” Kay, the mother, was getting ready for her bath, talking quietly with her husband Jim. He was behind her and she had been undressing. He was running his fingers down her bare back. He had showered and was now waiting for her to bathe and then join him for a hot adult sex scene in the bedroom. They stood outside the bathroom where the water was drawing in the bath and where, soon, she would call her son Sammy to come in and wash her back, then move to her bosom and slowly wash each breast, massaging them so that she became wet and hot, eager for the fucking with Jim.

“Do you enjoy it?” Jim asked, rubbing his hands over her bare ass.

“Hmmm, I do, that’s what bothers me.”

“It’s alright. It doesn’t bother me. Do you think about taking it further?”

“Hmm, yes, I want… want him to suck.”

“Oh, yea, that’s a turn-on, do it, do it. Let him suck his mom, and watch his little prick get hard.”

She was in the tub now and he waited on the bed, in the darkness of the bedroom. She had called Sammy and the washing had begun. He got up and quietly approached the bathroom door, left ajar.

my daughter first orgasm

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Even after twenty-odd years of marital bliss, I still find it hard to understand certain actions of my wife. I mean, first, she gets mad at me for having an affair with our daughter… then she storms at me for breaking up the affair. As if that is not enough, she complains that I am not being horny enough! And boy, did she blow her top when our daughter let it slip that we were using protection. And now, she is mad that????..
I guess it all began when I sold my Jag for a 1987 model Harley-Davidson, complete with the leather gear and helmets and stuff. Then again, nothing would have happened if I had not decided to pick up Lisa, our daughter, when she decided to move back in with us. To tell you the truth, one way or the other, I don’t care what really brought about the entire affair – I am glad something did, and that’s all I wonder about.

You would think that a twenty-one year old girl would want the privacy of an apartment away from home, away from the prying eyes and ears of her parents, just so that she wouldn’t have to worry about any fistfights if her boyfriend brought her home a couple of hours too late, and you are probably correct. However, Elizabeth, our daughter, decided that she would like nothing more than coming back to stay with her parents. (more…)

December 16, 2006

incest dad daugther

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I moved back home three months ago just because I got tired of living alone and wanted the company of my relatives. I live with my father, two male cousins and two uncles.

I have always had the fantasy of a man coming to me in the night and making love to me. Right now, that fantasy is even stronger, as I don’t have a man in my life.

At 35, I still have a tight slim body with nice but not overly large breasts, and a strong libido. In other words, I love sex. I work six days a week, so on Sunday, I like to sleep in which isn’t easy with an east facing window. To handle this problem I wear one of the sleeping masks on Saturday night. And late one Saturday night my fantasy came true.
It was very early Sunday morning when I drifted out of sleep and realized there was someone in the room with me, I couldn??t see who it was because of the sleeping mask I was wearing and somehow I didn??t really want to know. There was something familiar about the breathing but I couldn???t identify who it was. Whether it was my dreamy state or something else, I felt comfortable and warm. (more…)

December 11, 2006

daddy daughter sex story

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My name is Crystal. I turned 12 yesterday. What a present
my daddy gave me! He says I’m a woman now!

I guess I should start at the beginning. Dad used to call me his `little
horn-dog’ when I was six. He says it really started when I was 2 or so,
and he and mom would catch me in the bathtub rubbing this little spot on
my pussy which felt really good, you know. Oh. Maybe you don’t know.

If they only knew. It wasn’t just in the bathtub. My favorite place was
in bed at night so no one could see. It felt really good when I rubbed
outside my panties and my finger could slide up and down the material
real easy. It was fun to make my legs twitch with my finger, it felt so

I didn’t get an orgasm until I was six. Dad used to call it a `warm
feeling’. Wait I’m getting ahead of myself. (more…)

dirty old man – incest story

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I always hear the term “dirty old man” referring to a lot of older men that gawk at pretty young girls. Well, no one ever really mentions “dirty old woman” although there are a lot of us out there. I am one of them myself. Here is my dirty little tale.

It was that one summer that changed everything. My husband had died earlier that year and I was left alone in our small country home. My daughter Caroline had just met a wonderful young man whom she would be marrying. Caroline had a very hard youth.

She’d gotten pregnant at the very young age of 18 and the boy who’d gotten her pregnant wanted nothing to do with her. My husband Dan and I were upset just like any parent would be but we stood behind our daughter one hundred percent since we had Caroline when I was only 19. We both helped her raise her beautiful son, our wonderful grandson Luke. (more…)

December 5, 2006

nude daughter

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With the old man sitting on one side of my daughter and myself sitting on the other side of her, she couldn’t do anything that the two of us wouldn’d be able to see. The old man had his eyes looking down her blouse, even as we all said who we were.
You are a blesed man to have such a pretty young lady to take to dinner with you, he said to me. Thank you I told him as I also said, yes my little girl is beautiful and is such a joy to look at. Oh daddy, Debbie said. She leaned over to give me a kiss on my cheek, when she whispered to me, I like the way he is looking at me daddy. You should give him something more to look at honey, I told her.
Straightening herself back up she scooted down a bit which made her skirt rise up her legs. You could almost see her cute little pussy, but not quite. The old guy began to talk to Debbie, askeing her about school and stuff like that. As he talked to her his eyes were looking between her legs trying to look for her pussy. With his eyes glued between her legs I slid my hand down and pulled her skirt up enought to let him see what he wanted.
I looked up at him and said, do you like it? He stumbled on his words saying, I, um, ah, oh yes. I told him that I like it when someone wants to look at my little girl. She really likes it too, I finished. (more…)

November 30, 2006

little girl incest poem

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Can you pick her up when she falls over, and kiss away those burning tears?

Can you hold her tight and squeeze the confidence back into her when she fails?

Can you smile as she struggles to tell a joke that she only half-knows?

Can you kiss her cheek when she asks if she??s pretty, and look down with a kind face as she blushes?

Can you brush stray hair from her cheeks and run your fingers over her trembling lips?

Can you look her in the eye and tell her you want her, you need her, and that you love her more than life itself?

Can you stroke her neck until she sighs, and shifts on her legs, her tension releasing, her chest swelling with love?

Can you lift off her top to air those beautiful breasts you made, and gaze in awe at your own flesh made solid in her? (more…)

my daughter show herself off

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Later that same day I was in the den watching TV in just my shorts. I had been thinking of what happened earlyer and my cock had worked its way down my left leg hole. Just then Debbie came walking into the den. One look at her and my cock grew another three inches, making the head just poke through the bottom on my shorts. She had on the shortes mini skirt I had ever seen, plus a shirt that she had tied around her waist. Non of the buttons on the shirt were buttoned and it bloused away from her body so I could see the outline of her tits.
Do you like my outfit daddy? I put it on just for you. Wow honey, I said, daddy just loves to see you when you look that good. I said I wanted to be daddy’s little slut, will you take me somewhere so I can show you what a good little slut I can be? As she talked she walked over in front of me.
Did I do that to you daddy, she said as she pointed to the head of my cock poking out from the leg hole? Yes you did baby, daddy was just thinking about you. She got on her knees and put her tongue against the tip of my cock. OH baby, was all I could manage to say. It is leaking daddy, um, I like the way it taste too. She continued to just lick the very tip. (more…)

November 29, 2006

daddy daughter incest stories

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For just a few moments I was speechless as Tommy and Amy confronted me. Amy was nude and Tommy was sporting a hard on and was stroking it expertly. “I’m going to fuck her now” Tommy anounced. “Bull shit” I told him but you and Amy can watch as I give her a real fuck now. That was just to pop her and get off. This time I’m going to fuck her good. Looking at the brother and sister had me ready again and I knew I would fuck Amy soon too. “Maybe she’ll suck your cock as I pump her pussy Tommy” “I know she likes that and has been blowing you for a lomg time.”

FUCK the cat was out of the bag now. Looking back at Sandy her legs still spread wide open and her hot little ass propped up with the pillow her cumm dripping pussy available for more use. “Yes baby. I’ve watched you suck several boys off and I bet you blew every boy at the party today. Your my little slut now and I guess you’ll have to fuck all the boys you’ve made wait now. My little Sandy, The school Slut.

At that I shoved my hard cock in her wet cunt and pushed it all the way. She was fucked to the bottom of her hungry pussy and hung there like a rubber doll in some dirty porn shop. Her eyes were gleaming and the smile on her face told me she would be a fucking machine for the reast of her life. “GOD daddy. I can feel your balls against my ass. Fuck me daddy,fuck me hard, I’m your little whore now.” Tommy do you want me to suck your dick while daddy fucks me? I think I need to have it all now. OH I got a better ideal. Amy cumm sit on my face and let me eat pussy for the first time. Today is for all the first time stuff. Daddy!! will you fuck my ass today also. That will make me complete.” (more…)

November 19, 2006

incest pictures wanted for storyline

If anyone has a series of incest pics that move along a storyline, I would like to write a narrative to fit them.

Looking for 10 to 12 pics to take to climax. contact me at papa_want@hotmail[DoT]com

When done, we will email results to whoever requests it.

So… keep in touch.

taboo game

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“Go on dad, let me have a drink of your vodka, I won’t tell anyone?”
“No I have told you before Danni, its too strong for you.” you reply.
“God you are boring at times, I am old enough, and I have had a drink before you know, and if you let me then I will sit down here with you and keep you company, I will even have a game of cards with you if you want.”
“Ok then, but you are not having a lot.”
( 15 mins later)
“Are you alright Danni, you have got a glazed look in your eyes?”
“Yes I’m fine, what shall be play?”
” Poker, no how about strip poker, or are you to chicken to play that?”
“No that’s fine, but we will have to play pontoon, it??s much easier and I’m good at that.” You can’t believe what you are hearing. Your daughter is going to play strip poker with you. Something you have dreamed about. You are wondering if you are finally going to see her taught young body, well most of it anyway. There??s no way she will go through with it, you think. (more…)

October 25, 2006

father daughter xxx

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Finally saturday was here and from the start I knew it was the day I had been waiting for. A thud woke me as I awakened to have Sandy bouncing in between Pat and me singing ” Happy Birthday to me, HappayBirthday to me”. Her mom was as startled as I was and scolded her gently while laughing at Sandy’s antics. Sandy had only a long tee on, and I guesed panties, and her B cup breast and nipples were apparent through the thin material. Pat swatted her butt and told her to get some clothes on but not before I felt her thigh press against my normal morning hard-on. I almost shot my load right then but knew the next time I emptied my balls it was going to be in Sandys 14y/o pussy.

Having recovered from my first shock of the day I struggled down to the kitchen while Pat showered. Sandy was there still in her tee and first thing I saw was her pantied crotch puffing out between her half open thighs. Sitting at the table she was engrossed in a magazine and didn’t catch me taking a good stare at her soon to be womanhood. It was today and I was going to take her to her next big step in life. “More coffee baby” I asked as I poured her cup full and let my robed dick slightly touch her arm. Sandy didn’t move or seem to notice and with a “thank you daddy” reached for the sugar and brushed my cock head with the back of her hand. How the fuck was I going to keep from cumming to soon. (more…)

October 19, 2006

my dad fuck me hard

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I was lying in bed reading a book on erotic art when I heard my daughter coming down the hall. I threw the book over on my wife’s bedside table. Madeleine stopped in the door. “Dad?’

“What sweetheart?”

“When’s Mom going to be back?”

“Not till Friday night.” She came into the room and sat on the edge of the bed opposite me. She was wearing a nightie that barely covered her cute little butt and when she sat down with one leg curled on the bed under her and one leg still on the floor I caught a flash of her mound before the nightie settled between her legs again.

‘Christ.’ I thought. ‘She should be wearing something under that.’ Madeleine was seventeen and a senior in high school. She was in the honors program and carrying a high GPA. But she wasn’t your typical nerd. In fact, she was beautiful enough to be a model, especially the new waif look that was so popular. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, high cheekbones and the full lips that women were getting plastic surgery to have, only hers was all natural. She was tall at 5′9 and very thin. She had small breasts. More than once I had been out with her at a store and watched some middle aged guy run into a wall or a shelf watching her. (more…)

October 15, 2006

daughter daddy incest fucking

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Fucking Sandy was now all that I could think about. Watching her suck cock was driving me nuts and knowing that she was into it to save her virgin pussy was more than I could stand. Speaking of standing, to stand was getting pretty difficult. Just watching Sandy grow into a woman and knowing of her pleasures had me hiding a hard on most of every day. Her birthday would be on Saturday and I shopped for her gifts.

Shopping mostly was at Victories Secret and it was with some small embarrasment to feel through the multitudes of panties and thin bra’s, Sandy didn’t need support, and I included short skirts and revealing blouses. One sales lady was especially helpful and knew Sandy and myself from previous shopping trips. She didn’t mention, or seem curious, about me picking sizes that were obviously for my daughter. The choice of gifts didn’t seem to bother her either and she seemed to come right to me when I entered the store as though to protect me and my pick of gifts from the prying eyes of other customers and the other sales staff. Linda was her name and she was married I had guessed by her rings. (more…)

September 17, 2006

incestuous punishment

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It had been over three years since Lenny’s wife had died, leaving him the awesome responsibility of bringing up his two children, Frankie and Wanda, who were now 12 and 13, respectfully.

Almost from the moment that Helen had passed on, Lenny’s mental attitude toward his daughter began to change. At the time, Wanda had only been ten years old and she still had not displayed any embarrassment by being naked around her Daddy. That had since changed, but for the first year after his wife’s premature death, he often found himself in the presence of his naked daughter.

Almost immediately after Helen died, he found himself having trouble keeping his eyes off Wanda’s young tender flesh, especially the tight looking roundness of the child’s buttocks. Why this had not happened before his wife’s death was a question that he often asked himself.

Within a year, the nipples on the youngster’s breasts began to develop and that only served to cause more angst in Lenny. (more…)

September 15, 2006

incest love

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I’m Bob Grant, now a 38 year old single parent to my 15 year old daughter Tracy. I’m a very successful businessman, and as a senior partner in a large electronics company I am well compensated. Since I can afford it, I support my parents and my good for nothing brother, Tim. Why, it just seems like the thing to do. Seems that I was the family genius, while my brother was good for sports, women and spending money. My money.

I lost my wife, Nora, to cancer two years ago, after fighting the damned disease for a year and a half. My wife was my life, my joy, my happiness and the only love I’ve ever had. We started dating when we were both 16 and were extremely happy together until age 36, or so I thought.

When Nora died, Tracy and I were totally devastated. Our love for each other was the only reason why we are still alive. I contemplated suicide ?? but having Tracy kept me alive.

Yesterday was exactly two years that we have been without Nora. I took Tracy out to the graveyard; we put flowers on her grave and quietly wept. It was as if Nora had left us only yesterday. Then we went and had a meal at the restaurant Nora and I used to frequent.

Back at home, we looked through the albums we had of our good times. (more…)

September 8, 2006

father daughter incest xxx

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It started a long time ago, when my little girl started to develope. She was very cute and her body was fast becoming something to behold.
I would get hard almost everytime I looked at her. She had noticed the attention that I was giving her and really enjoyed the fact that someone older was paying attention to her. Even if it was her own father. She started giving me sexy looks and when I was around she always put on cloths that would show off her nice body.
When I would talk to her I would be looking down her tops or just stare at her chest. It seemed that she liked me looking because she would push her chest out as we talked.
Her mother had gone to visit her sister in Texas who was not doing so good and would be gone for more than a month. So the two of us were on our own.
One day we were out back in our swim suites, hanging out by the pool with one of our neighbors, Tom. Tom lived to the left of our house and was close to my age, although her looked much older. He hung around most of the day, then left around three PM. When he left Debbie, my daughter asked me if I had noticed how much Mr. Anderson was watching her. I said to her, honey you are a pretty girl and nice to look at. But dad, he kept looking at my chest and even between my legs. I don’t know baby, maybe it was by accident. No daddy, because one time I faked like I had to adjust my top. When I did I pulled it away from my body and he bent over to look down it. (more…)

August 13, 2006

free dad and daughter incest stories

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Tracy was somewhat of a throwback for her age. Having just turned sixteen she was a young girl living in the age of the new millennium but with a fondness for the retro fashion and lifestyle of the 70’s. Her hair the color of summer wheat spilled to her shoulders with braided plaits that she wove around her head as if it were a halo. Tracy’s eyes were a hypnotic blue that glimmered like chips of Arctic ice.

Even her taste in music reflected the feel of a time when freedom and love were evident in the songs that filled the airwaves. Tracy’s favorite was Neil Young’s “Cinnamon Girl”, one that she was now listening to on her CD player as she dressed for the trip with her father.

Sliding into her faded hip hugging jean shorts and tie-dyed halter top she checked the bead and rawhide bracelets she wore on her slender ankles and wrists. Tracy’s was going to visit her mother in Louisiana for two weeks as part of her parents visitation agreement resulting from their divorce three years earlier.

July 30, 2006

grandpa incest fucking

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Nicole and her husband, Phil, had been married for four years and they’d been trying to have a baby for over two years without any apparent success. Every time Nicole would take an early pregnancy test, it would always turn out negative. Nicole and Phil had figured out everything they could to ensure that she got pregnant but so far it just hadn’t worked for them. Finally, it became obvious to Nicole that the reason she wasn’t being knocked up by her frequent fucks with Phil was because of his either having a low sperm count or possibly that he was not able to impregnate her.

Nicole was so desperate to have a baby that she began to think of all the possible avenues she could pursue to get knocked up. One thing she didn’t want to have to do was tell Phil that the reason for their failure to get pregnant was him. She felt there were lots of possible problems with his realizing he was virile and potent enough to knock up his own wife. So, Nicole began to try to figure out another way around their fertility problem. She finally decided on a rather unorthodox solution that she hoped would get her pregnant and that would keep Phil from realizing that he was their baby’s actual father. (more…)

July 29, 2006

grandpa takes mom

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When I came home, she was in the kitchen doing something over the sink. The music from the radio was loud and she was swaying to the rhythm. I admired her ass encased in the skin tight shorts she liked to wear around the house. She’s only five two and her waist is narrow, which makes her ass look more prominent. It’s a perfect ass, a magnificent ass, and legs to die for. Her brown hair fell to her shoulders and she was barefooted.

I wanted to push her down over the sink, yank her shorts down and drive my hard cock deep in her wet pussy. I wanted to feel her ass smashing against my crotch and the smooth tightness of her legs against mine. I wanted to hear her moans, her pleadings for me to fuck her harder. I wanted to rut there, like a beast, until my cock exploded and filled her with my cum. (more…)

best family fucking

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Jessica may have been young, but she knew what she wanted. More than anything she wanted to ride her father. Right now. She yearned for his cock, fucking her hard. Hopefully making her pregnant.

She had just entered into the family’s world of sex. But she had quickly grown to love it, and she was pleased to know that her father lusted after her so much. She had that kind of control. But of course, she wanted him just as bad.

She had long black hair, straight and in a ponytail. She had pale freckled skin and small breasts. She shaved all of her body hair, so she was smooth. She was also relatively tall for her age, and skinny. She wished she was more rounded out. She made up for that with the fact she was an incredible lover.

Her heart beat quickly, and her face was beet red. The rest of the family was in an orgy. But she was saving herself for when her favorite lover got home.

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