November 18, 2008

Kathy invites Mom to sex play

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ИконописиконографияКартиниAnne sat for a while after Matt left, with a smile on her face, remembering the taste of him in her mouth, the feel of his lips at her pussy as he ate her to climax, of the sensation of his rock-hard prick as he took her from behind, taking her over the top to another climax. After four years without any sex after her husband’s untimely death, Matt’s teenaged virility had certainly reminded her of the pleasures to be found.

Her pussy still throbbed, reminding her again, and she stroked herself lightly through the opening of her robe, enjoying the feel of her fingers against her shaved mons. She glanced at the clock. Almost four. Matt had said he’d have Kathy home just after six, in plenty of time for dinner at seven. Anne smiled to herself. She’d make enough to serve three, just in case he could stay, but first she’d better get dressed. She stood, then sniffed her fingers. Another shower first!

In the shower she absently soaped her breasts, cupping them, reminding herself of the feel of Matt’s hands. Her nipples stiffened and she pulled at them gently, then one hand stole down between her legs and she began to stroke herself, to bring herself up to a solo peak, a peak attained quickly on her remembered pleasure. Her climax was strong and satisfying and she hummed to herself as she came down from her high and resumed her washing.

January 20, 2008

Phillip fucks mom and sister forever

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“Oh god, big brother I want you to get that fucking cock into my ass now, please,” Beth was urging her brother, Phillip onward. She was ecstatic that he had kept his word and come over to her place after work. They had fucked in the back room of the bar where he worked to pay off Beth’s tab earlier that evening. Phillip couldn’t believe his good luck as he was having sex with his sister for the second time in eight hours.

He was licking and kissing all over her ass cheeks as he drilled a finger in and out of her tight little back door. He couldn’t believe how great her ass tasted and especially smelled. He pushed his finger deeper and asked, “You damn sexy bitch your ass is so damn sexy. Are you sure you want my cock up there?” (more…)

January 15, 2008

cum with me mommy

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January First, Two Thousand… 1/1/00… the New Year, the New Century, the New Millennium and a new day… 6:10 am; why she awoke she was unsure. But she was awake and alive and still a bit buzzy from the party last night. It was two in the morning by the time the last of the guests had left their house. Quite a blow-out it had been. There was a sense of revelry which seemed to push the boundaries of all other previous New Year parties which they had given.

The kids had been old enough to join in the festivities and had some of their college friends over. The multi-generational mix had added a feeling of rejuvenation for the middle-age group which had traditionally attended their holiday blasts. Perhaps it was a spirit of passing the touch to a younger group of adults as the next era was beginning. Perhaps it was the passing of the joints brought by the kids that the older folks were toking like they were back in school themselves.

January 12, 2008

Nephew have sex with his aunt

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I have this experience to blame (or thank) for all the many years of sexual deviance that followed. But first, a little bit of background.

Like a lot of kids, the moment I turned eighteen, I left home. Only I didn’t have college to go to, but a job designing web pages 1,500 miles from where I grew up in Texas. So I packed up and headed to Maryland, where I had already arranged to rent a cheap one bedroom apartment and start my new life.

My mother and her family were not the best to grow up around. A lot of people probably feel that way about their family so should understand when I say that without me going into great detail. I will mention a few things though so that you will understand why what happened was so unusual. (more…)

January 10, 2008

my mom’s panties

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The fact of the matter is that all women’s underwear is sexy. But, normally, it seems as though black or red panties are talked about the most often as being erotic. When I think of sexy panties there is another color that can be equally stimulating.

One might think of sun bathing under the hot yellow sun or picking pretty yellow daisies. You might even think of the sour taste of lemons. But, yellow is also the color of warning. Don’t cross the yellow line on the street or run a yellow light or you could be asking for more than you bargained for.

So, when I catch a glimpse of ladies yellow panties warning bells go off in my head and my cock gets hard. I love the thought of charging right into trouble. The yellow warning sign is somehow daring me to cross that line and reach out and see what kind of trouble I can get myself into. The only problem is that women don’t often wear yellow panties. (more…)

January 7, 2008

Daddy watches his little girl get gang raped

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The house was quiet as I sat at my computer checking email and wishing I wasn’t alone. My mind wandered off thinking of him, longing for him. I sat there squirming around in my chair, playing with my long blonde hair, with my eyes closed when I was startled by his voice. “Take off those shorts.”

I sat dead still for a moment and then heard, “I said, Take those shorts off, NOW!”

Although my heart was racing with anticipation I felt so excited to hear Daddy’s voice behind me. I quickly stood up and removed not only the thin white shorts I had been wearing, but also my panties. I stood there in only a tight little t-shirt. Daddy said, “Good girl, now I want you to go outside onto the back deck.”

Daddy please no. It’s so cold out and it was well past midnight.

He very calmly but firmly said, “Yes baby, outside- Now go.”

I unlocked the door slowly hoping maybe he would change his mind as he watched my naked bottom standing before him. He didn’t.

January 3, 2008

Son and mother become lovers and swingers

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When Dad was alive he took real good care of Mom. For as long as I can remember Mom has been a sleep walker. Dad had a thin line tied between his leg and Mom’s ankle and when ever she started sleep walking he would guide her back to bed. She did not always sleep walk but when ever she felt stressed she would. Like the time her brother Walter was injured in a car accident. Mom woke up three times that night and Dad had to get her back into bed.

The first time I noticed it was about a week after the funeral. I had not been able to sleep myself and was in the kitchen when Mom came in all wide eyed and totally unaware of where she was. I watched her move around the kitchen for a moment or two and knew she was sleep walking. I gentle took her by the arm and guided her back up stairs and into her bed. She did not resist or try to pull away. The moment her head hit the pillow she was back asleep and I left her there. (more…)

January 1, 2008

incest roleplay in the bedroom

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Debbie flounced into the room, wearing a red tartan skirt, voluptuous breasts pressing against her white shirt, legs clad in white stockings and feet in thick-soled Mary Jane sandals. Tossing her ponytail, she smiled at the man with the shaved head in the recliner in front of her.

“Daddy, I’m ready for school,” she said in her best little-girl voice. “How do I look?”

Jim looked up from his newspaper and raked his “daughter’s” form with his eyes. Debbie’s pussy grew damp as his eyes darkened with lust.

“My baby girl looks a bit slutty for Daddy’s taste,” he said sternly. “You’re so naughty. That’s the third time I’ve had to talk to you about your attire this week, isn’t it?”

She rubbed her thighs together, putting pressure on her clit, which began to throb with the sternness of his voice. It hungered. She hungered. (more…)

December 27, 2007

incest and revenge

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So far it was a very lovely dinner party.

Krista sat at the table with the others, her legs crossed. She slowly brought the glass of champagne to her lips as her eyes danced about the room. She looked over at her mother, Karen, sitting there looking nearly lifeless, a former shell of her energetic self. Krista smiled, knowing all to well, and proudly she might add, that she was responsible for the woman’s lack of energy and near lack of a will to live. Her smile got even bigger as she looked over at her father and made eye contact. He winked and took a sip from his own champagne glass before tapping on his glass with his spoon, motioning for everyone to be silent. The smile washed away from Krista’s face, and was nearly replaced with a look of disgust. She slowly turned her head towards her sister Martha and her soon-to-be groom Alexander. (more…)

December 17, 2007

I’m your whore too

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I had been doing back to back sessions lately, playing pedal steel and six string for a lot of artists. I worked on an album for this new singer named Bobby Riggs, who was being touted by some of the music people in Nashville as a possible next big sensation in the C & W biz.

I had worked several long, hard days on his sessions, and during that time we had sort of become friends. He was a down-home dude who grew up dirt poor and only recently had a taste of fame and fortune, pretty modest though it was at this point. Still, he was no longer living in a tar paper shack at the end of a dirt road, but in a nice Condo in one of the better sections of Nashville.

Bobby invited me over to his condo one Saturday to watch some college football. I was happy to go over and take in some ball with him, and there was something else that piqued my interest. I had heard through the grapevine that Bobby had an older sister who had been a prostitute for years and had just finished serving a prison term. She was living with Bobby, I had been told, until she got back on her own two feet. And she was supposed to be a real knock-out, though everyone said she was also what in these parts they like to call a tramp. (more…)

December 10, 2007

young incest tales

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I had never had any unpure thoughts about my older brother Todd, that is until by best friend Ashley started drooling over him. Todd, I have to admit, was hot! He is about 6′0″ and 190lbs with short dirty blonde hair and almond shaped green eyes. He was 26 at the time and he got his own apartment.

Ashley and I went over every Saturday that summer to go swim in the pool that my brothers apartments had. I was 18 and Ashley was 19. We became friends that year in art class in college. She was a really fun person to hang with and she knew where to find all the hot guys. I was more on the shy side and she was a lot more outgoing.

I always thought Ashley was a lot prettier than me, but many people said we were both beautiful. I was a little bit taller than Ashley. My hair was also dirty blonde with green eyes just like Todd’s. Ashley had long red hair and green eyes. She looked a little bit older than 19 and I on the other hand looked 18 or even younger. Ashley was a little bit more “developed” than I was. She wore a c-cup and I still wore a small b-cup. (more…)

December 9, 2007

Suzi takes her husband’s daddy

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Standing in the doorway of my house, Suzi pulled my head down towards hers and whispered in my ear, ???You can have me if you want me.??? She gave me a little kiss on the cheek, and turned to walk down the sidewalk towards her husband and son, who were getting settled in the car. Brent was buckling the baby into his car seat, and as always, was too far away to have heard what his wife said to his father.

Suzi??s saunter as she went down the sidewalk had that little extra wiggle in it that girls always seem to know how to do. Brent didn??t see this either – it was just for me.

Now you might think that I would have been stunned by all of this, but the fact of the matter was that what Suzi was doing had been going on for some time. And while I wasn??t exactly shocked any more, I was a long way from being blas? about it. I felt a little twinge in my long neglected dick, and the usual ???what if??? thoughts ran through my head.

Suzi was a tiny young girl, whose size didn??t hamper her sex appeal at all. Her figure was just as curvaceous as it could be, just on a smaller scale. She had blond hair, which for some reason she usually kept hidden under a bandana. She had more energy and bounce than anyone I??d ever known. Perky, I guess you??d call her. She was always busy, always hurrying, and as cute as she could be. She had entered our lives just two years ago, and it already seemed like she had always been a member of our little family. (more…)

December 4, 2007

Daughter-in-law fuck daddy

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Just as she always did, Lisa stopped in the doorway and told my son to go and start the car for her. And just like always, he did. Just like always, she made sure that Charlie wasn’t looking and turned back to give me a goodbye kiss. And before she did, just like always, Lisa cupped my face in her hand and whispered in my ear, “You can take me if you want to.”

She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and turned and walked down the sidewalk to the car and her husband.

I shook my head in amazement. Admiring her cool. Missed opportunities. Wishing I was younger. Wondering what went on inside their marriage. Imagining actually taking her up on her offer.

Lisa had met my son in college. I didn’t know at first just what had attracted them to each other. She wasn’t particularly beautiful, but she was pretty enough, with long dark hair and had a killer set of legs. She wore glasses, and they gave her the air of a librarian, which fit her personality to a “T.” Lisa was a quiet girl, with a soft laugh and a gentle soul. The more I got to know her, the more I got to like her. Still waters, and all that. (more…)

December 1, 2007

sex between cousins

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Snow falling tenderly outside. My body being heated by the crackling fire that seems to burn my uncovered, long legs. Gently running my fingertips down my body as though caressing myself missing the touch of him. My thoughts run. It had been so long since he had touched me. God, I miss him. Nothing can replace that feeling of his heated hands stroking my fiery, sweat covered physical being. Oh, how I long to feel him again. Like an addiction, I just can not seem to get enough.

“Michelle, come here”, my dad yells breaking the daydream that I was thoroughly enjoying.

I regain my composure, “Coming dad”.

Standing quickly, my hair is repositioned on my back softly. I am a captivating young woman standing 5′7 in height, long blonde natural curly hair, a light ivory complexion, deep, dark blue eyes, and a 38D chest size that most women would kill for. The high-arched soles of my feet press the carpet beneath me as I walk into the other room to speak to my father. Curious of my plans for the night, he and I speak momentarily as I return once again to the living room to ponder on my previous thoughts. Prior to even falling against the cushioned couch my nipples harden. Moisture begins to stir between my legs. I take a deep breath and scream on the inside. His touch seizes my mind like he is feeling me right then. I am in his complete control; however the feeling of his body against mine will not exist for another few months. Saddened by this, but deeply moved at the same time. Knowing inside the wait is worth it all. The absent touch that I am referring to all began about two years ago, and he is my cousin. (more…)

November 28, 2007

The lawman finds out how much mom loves him

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Officer Christopher Milling took his job very seriously. He was a young 24 years old, he worked out everyday, ate healthy, and he wanted to make a difference. Despite of, or because, of his white trash upbringing. No one had ever encouraged him to be anything more than trailer trash, except his sister, Anna.

She was younger than him, but she always looked up to him, always made him believe that they would both get out of the “Fairmount Trailer Park” and the quick sand of a life-sucking vortex it could create. Once you were sucked in, you could not get out. You were for here and ever after, trailer park scum. If it weren’t for Anna and her encouragement, he would be dealing drugs out of the back of his pickup. He owed her everything and loved her so much. He would do anything to keep her safe from harm.

He sat in his police car just waiting for people to break the law. He was quite the hard ass. He had seen too much growing up to put up with much bullshit. No one was going to get away with anything under his watch. (more…)

November 24, 2007

I am cummin in your cunt mom

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How could you deny the passion felt? You knew you wanted it as much as me. Why do you refuse to let your body go? There will come a time and it will be soon when you give yourself over to me completely. No reluctance will be found, I will take you. Maybe it will be the liquor that will help the way; yes perhaps I should try coaxing you with booze. I know you become docile when you drink. So that is that then, I will ask you over and we will drink together and I will finally get my greatest wish and fantasy. No more reluctance, you will open up to me and give me total consent. Oh how hard I am getting just thinking about our meeting. You will be my queen as I lay you down and take what I need.

“Hey mom how ya doing?” I ask you on the phone. You are excited by my call. You thought I wouldn’t get back to you so soon after your denial of my advances. Oh I could sense your want and desire, but you just couldn’t cross that line. (more…)

November 10, 2007

Grandpa wanna sex too

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Damn, I hate it when nothing goes right. It was one of those days. Nothing I did today seemed to work out the way I planned. I got up this early this morning so I could take a few extra minutes getting ready for work. While putting on my makeup, I discovered that I was out of my favorite eye shadow, the color that really makes my eyes stand out. Then I discovered that the blouse I had planned on wearing was wrinkled, so I had to quickly iron it. And then I ripped my pantyhose. So those went into the waste can. Then, while at work, I spilled coffee on a very important client, just barely avoiding falling and breaking my neck in the process. Which probably would have been better, because now I’m sitting at my desk, playing number crunch and I can’t get the fucking numbers to add up correctly!

The fact that my grandfather was in his office speaking with said important client did nothing to calm my anxiety. If I leave the office to try to relax, my grandpa might need me to get something for him. If I’m not there, I will surely look like a slacker. But if I stay here one more minute, I’m going to throw this goddamn computer onto the floor. (more…)

November 7, 2007

my pervert sister

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I don??t know what pervert said it to my sister but I wish I could find him so I could shake his hand and thank him.

I was home from college when my stepsister, Jenny, came home from high school in a huff. We were not really tight as her mom and my dad had only been married four years and I had been gone 2 of them at college. But she looked at me as a confidant and older brother. She felt she could come to me when she had problems and needed help. Twice in the last month, she had called me at school for help with a school problem and once for a problem with our parents. Jenny is no brain surgeon and has had a lot of problems getting through school, so she cuts class a lot and runs off with her friends and this of course gets her in more trouble with school and our parents.

Jenny is a sweet heart but a real cock tease. She has been graced with her mother??s great looks and today got her a very suggestive cat call that had her perplexed and angry. At 18, she is still only 5??1 and all of 95 pounds. Next to me at 6??3 and 225 pounds, she looks like a little rag doll. She has long brunette hair and a tight little gymnast??s body. She is a member of the ???itty bitty titty club??? but what she lacks in tits, she more then makes up in perky nipples. I have rarely seen her walking around without her perky nipples pushing hard against her shirt or blouse. (more…)

November 4, 2007

Daughter tries to make her father forget her mother

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I had always been Daddy’s good little girl. I never did anything bad, I was always home before 9 pm, and I kept the house neat and tidy, and on top of all that I was still a pure virgin even though I was almost entering my 20s. But that all changed one warm April night. I was in the kitchen making dinner, Daddy hadn’t been feeling too well lately, he’d been complaining that his head was hurting, so I thought I’d make something simple. I thought some lemon chicken with a Caesar salad would be nice. I’d finished with the chicken and placed it in the oven. While I was waiting for the chicken I decided to work on the salad. Then Daddy walked up behind me and put his arms around my waist. I was a little startled. I hadn’t even heard him come in. Daddy kissed my cheek and took a long sniff and then sighed, “Something smells good.”

“The chicken will be ready soon Daddy,” I said. (more…)

October 29, 2007

I’m cumming daddy

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I woke up one morning and signed on to AOL as I always do to check my email. The familiar voice saying “You’ve Got Mail” didn’t surprise me; I always had mail. Almost all of it was junk but the last message caught my eye; It was a message from a website I had an account in.

Curious, I double clicked to find a message from an older man finding interest in my profile and in me and wanting an email back. He gave me a brief description of his looks: 6′3, Blonde hair, blue eyes, broad shoulders.

At first I wasn’t interested, but figured I would give him the common courtesy of replying. “Hey thanks for the email but I’m not exactly interested in anything right now. Thanks though!”

I figured that would be good. I really wasn’t interested in some online role-playing or whatever it was he wanted. I’m 18 years old and that just seemed to be like I was lowering myself and my standards. Many see me as pretty, even beautiful. I never used to believe it until I started to see myself in a new light. I have long chocolate brown hair reaching to the middle of my back, fair skin and beautiful green eyes. (more…)

October 24, 2007

incest family orgy continues

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We were married almost immediately after our cross-country road trip was over. I called my oldest daughter and she and her husband joined your two children and their spouses for the ceremony which really was a simple affair. We dressed in our finery–you in a medium length white dress with a lot of lace and me in my Highland formal wear including my Prince Charlie jacket with its vest–but we did do without the fancy wedding with all the guests. Neither of us wore underwear the entire day. That night the kids joined us for a very fancy dinner at the most expensive restaurant in town. After all, we could afford almost anything we wanted to have after our successful forays into the casinos in Nevada, Cherokee, and Atlantic City.

“Kids, your mother and I have something to tell you.”

“What, Daddy?”

“Well, Fiona is going to have a baby in about another 8 months.”

You could have heard a pin drop at the table when that news was out. You spoke to the kids saying “Well, don’t all wish me well all at once. I know that all of you are pretty well grown, but you’re all going to have either a brother or sister to help me with.”

“Gee, Mom, I don’t know what to say.” (more…)

October 18, 2007

stepsister incest sex

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The first time Chris saw his stepsister masturbating, it was the most erotic sight he’d ever laid eyes on.

She laid on her bed, oblivious to his presence, her hand sliding inside her jeans. Her other hand roamed underneath her tank top. Her cheeks were flushed and rubbed against her bare shoulders as she squirmed over the covers.

He’d come home not ten minutes ago from his dentist appointment. Apparently she’d been so consumed by her task, she hadn’t heard him come in the house. When he’d reached the top of the stairs, he saw that her door was ajar. Before he could knock and say hello, he’d caught sight of her through the crack.

He was instantly mesmerized.

At 22 years old, the only time Chris had seen a girl masturbate was in porn. Now he was watching his stepsister, Laura, feverishly finger herself, working her body into a frenzy.

And he was instantly hard. (more…)

October 16, 2007

fucking my 18-year-old cousin

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My name is Jake and I’m 30 years old. I just landed a new sales job on the east coast. With the new job I visited Florida a lot. Every time I go I try and visit family, even if it’s for an hour. I love it when my 18-year-old cousin comes to greet me at the door. Kathy is somewhat of a tomboy. Always wearing grungy clothes to cover her body up. But I’ve been watching her grow up and I can see that it has been increasing hard for her to cover up those huge breasts that she now had.

On every visit she would always hang all over me. Trying the sweet little girl routine probably trying to get me to go shopping with her so I would buy her something. Of course I would always give in for a hug and kiss on the cheek. (more…)

October 14, 2007

Daughter shares daddy with her best friend

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When you get older, your outlook towards things changes. My daughter, Marilynn, introduced me to a side of life that I was completely unaware of. Now, less than a month later, I have more things to tell you about. Marilynn, Steve, and I have been living in what could only be described as a sexual paradise. At any time, if one of the three of us are in the mood for sex, either or both of the other two can be persuaded to help out. I have had more sex over the past month than I had through the entire 18 years that I was married to Angie. I am not saying that sex was lacking in my marriage, Angie and I had sex on the average of three times a week throughout that entire time. No, I wasn’t lacking, but since my daughter and her friend, Steve, showed me the active lifestyle that I had been missing, we have sex on an average of three times a day! (more…)

October 9, 2007

Sister takes care of her brother

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Patricia was sorer than she had ever been before, and she had been with more than a few men who had been amply endowed. She sat up in the bed and was met by a more intense pain coming from her rectum. She had surely been fucked for all she was worth. This was the one thing that she hadn’t expected from her best friend’s brother.

It started out as a way to get back at Stephanie for sneaking around and taking her white elephant before she had a chance to make her move, but she ended up getting more than she bargained for. Stephanie’s younger brother Kevin turned out to be a real sex machine, and she had all the aches and pains to prove it. The shy young man wasn’t as meek as he pretended to be.

Patricia thought about how hard she had come on to Kevin; baring her cleavage, rubbing hands all over him, placing his hands on her body, and undressing him. All the while he was pretending to be embarrassed. Her first shock came when she took off his shirt and saw his muscular peeks and abs, and the next was when she unleashed his magnificent tool. (more…)

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