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May 31, 2006

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The full moon sent beams of light down through the trees to light my way. Here high in the mountains at night the air gets real cool and is a refreshing after the heat of the city. My weekends are my only keep from going fucking nuts. However this weekend I have added a slight change to my routine. I asked my aging secretary to join me. I say aging because she is older than me by twenty years. Is she old in years I truly don’t think so? I am thirty six while Trudy is fifty four or so. Women’s years are not always the same as men’s years.

Trudy lost a friend a week ago and it seemed to me she was not getting over the shock of his death very well. I asked her to come along and told her she would have the entire weekend to relax. I told her I would be out on my boat fishing so she would have the run of the place all to her self. I assured her there was plenty of food, lots to drink if she was so inclined and I even had a Jacuzzi she could relax in.

On the ride up she did not say much but I could tell she was already starting to relax. “Trudy it will be after dark when we arrive so if you want you can read, take a shower, eat or anything you want. As for me I like to take along walk down by the lake. It relaxes me and by the time I get back I am ready for a good night sleep.” I said.

“I think I will just take a shower and read myself to sleep.” She answered me.

“I did tell you the guest room is down stairs off the Great room next to the kitchen. If you feel like using the Jacuzzi it is right out side on the back porch. It is enclosed and always 100 degrees so feel free to use it. I some time use it after my walk. A good soak at 100 degrees will make you sleep like a baby.” I told her.

I popped the trunk and took Trudy’s hand bag and over night bag. I needed nothing because my things were already here. So I carried her bags in for her. Trudy walked ahead of me. I had notice she was a big lady. But until she was two steps ahead of me and at eye level I never noticed that she had a rather shapely rear end. Her waist was small for a women her size. Her legs were also shapely just some what larger than some. Of course a lady of her weight also has a generous bust. Trudy mostly dresses in suits that hide her size but not the size of her breast. When she came to work for me six years ago she had just become a widow a year or so before that. She is a good worker and I have come to regard her as a friend. So there was no sexual thought on either side of our relationship. But here I was looking at her rear with indecent thoughts in my head. I wondered what she looked naked.

Setting her bags on the bed I said “I’ll see you later.” and departed leaving her on her own.

The air was getting cooler so I jogged slowly to keep the blood flowing. I was after ten when I got back. Trudy was not about so I shower and slipped into a pair of trunks and went down to the Jacuzzi. Being by my self most of the time I am naked when I use the hot tub. It is completely screen and around back out of sight.

However tonight I had a guest so I put on trunks. I forgot there was a window just around the corner beyond the hot tub that opened into the guest room. I was about to open the screen door when I noticed a light shining around the corner. Spying on others is not in my nature especially a friend like Trudy. But for some reason I peeked around the window edge like a peeping tom.

Trudy was just stepping from the shower. She bent forward to towel her hair which was much longer than I thought it was. Her hair was a mix of gray and sandy red. She was rubbing her head vigorously making her large hanging breasts swing and bounce like great white melons. Her belly was not hanging for women her size. She turned so her rear end was there before me in all its glory. Broad, with solid cheeks that showed powerful muscles round and solid above her legs slightly parted and muscled from years of holding her weight. She turned to check herself in the mirror and I saw she had a mass of dark curly hair that formed a wide vee up her belly and almost to both hips.

When she lifted her arms to again rub her hair I saw a beautiful pair of round pointed breast with long nipples of a light rose color. I thought “Trudy you’re a beautiful woman and sexy as hell.” But my gaze was once again attracted to her almost flat belly and wide hips. I caught my self gripping my erection. My cotton trunks were soft and did nothing to hide my hard-on. I almost hoped Trudy would turn and see me but more over I wanted her to see she excited me. I moved shamefully back and hide my self in the Jacuzzi. I soaked and played with my dick trying to get Trudy out of my mind. I had to do that if I were ever to look her in the face again. I relaxed and finely felt comfortable enough to get out and towel my self off. I walked back in stopping in the kitchen for a cold beer to take up to my room. The house was dark except for that little light in the refrigerator. I still had a hard-on and it stuck out like a flag pole on the side of a building. I grabbed a beer and turned with the light out lining my cock when I hard a gasp.

I turned surprised and there Trudy was standing in her night gown. I was stunned and did not know what to do. So I stood there like a dunce. I said “Trudy; ah, ah is there some thing I can get for you”

She was also tongue tied and only made the sound of someone sucking air deep into their lungs. My eyes started to focus in the dim light. Trudy was looking at my hard-on. She said “Oh my, oh my. I, I” she stammered.

I said “I thought you were asleep. I did not want you to see me like this. I am sorry. I, well I Oh, shit Trudy.” And we both started to laugh. I laughed till I almost cried. But I never closed the door to turn off the light and I never lost my hard-on.

It was Trudy that moved first she came closer and very calmly asked “Do you have another beer in there?”

I handed her a beer after twisting off the cap. I opened my beer and closed the door plunging the room into darkness. “Want to sit and talk?” I asked.

So we moved to the great room. I took a chair by the fireplace and Trudy took a seat by the bay window. I was sure she had no idea just how bright it was with the moon shining in that window. Her thin silky gown cling to her curves and the shadows gave me a sight to behold. God what a great body. What a great pair of tits and that broad ass was gorgeous. She could not see me or how my dick was throbbing. I actually grabbed my dick and held it I was so aroused I thought I might come.

We sat there for the longest time with out words and then Trudy said “I want to thank you Paul for inviting me up for the weekend. I really did need to get away. ”

I said “Trudy you have become a friend and I saw you needed to get away. I want you to know I think the world of you and I don’t want to loose you as a friend or from the company. I need you to much in both capacities.”

“I truly hope you do think of me as a friend.” She said. I waited and she went on. “I know you invited me with out any ulterior motives. And I know I acted like a stupid old lady when I saw you were aroused. I guess I hoped in a way I was the cause of your emotional state. But I know better and it is none of my business why you’re aroused. I guess young men just get that way. So Paul please forgive me for acting badly.”

“No, please don’t think you’re not an attractive lady because you are. I do see you as a highly desirable woman. I would never try to take advantage of you in any way. But, well; you see you are the cause of my arousal. Trudy I am not a peeping Tom kind of guy however when I went to use the hot tub I saw you naked coming out of the shower. I am sorry. I tried not to look but you see I do think you are a very sexy lady. As you I lost my lover some time ago and it has been hard for me to get over it. I come up here to get away and reflect on the good things and try to get my life back on track.” I said. After my words faded into the darkness I though you ass. You said way too much.

“Paul you can’t think of me as a sexy female I am old enough to be your mother. Besides I am old and fat. A young man such as you needs a young pretty girl to be with.” She said. But I thought there was a touch of something in her voice that may have been searching for a compliment or maybe she was trying to see if there was any truth in my words.

I stood and moved to the window beach where I sat down next to her. I said “Trudy I would never ask any thing of you that I thought you were not willing to give or would I ever force you into any thing you did not want to do freely. But right now I am highly charged because I think I would love to make love to you. I do think you are sexy, desirable and our age difference is not important to me. I hope you will not let it keep you from showing your feeling for me.” I put my arm around her shoulders and hugged her to me. She did not resist nor show any fear of me. I tilted her chin up and lowered my mouth over hers.

That first kiss was soft no more than a brush of my lips over hers but it lit a fire that set us both aflame. I lowered a hand to capture a breast. My hand had no sooner touched her breast then I felt her hand caress my erection. Her hand was shaking and I was trembling as I kissed her harder. I let my tongue slip between her lips and she opened her mouth to receive it. I felt her nipple stiffen in my palm. My cock jerked showing her how excited I was. “God Paul, I never thought this as going to happen.” I could have taken her words two ways. But either way I liked what was going to happen. I brought her to her feet and hand in hand we went up the steps to my bedroom. There I made love to her not once but three times before I rested. Trudy was quick to climax and did often. I am not a super stud but we did fit well together and she felt very good to me as I ended by jerking, thrashing and pumping my sperm deep inside her. We hugged in the dark and fell asleep till the dawn lighted the room with a dull reddish glow. I woke first and wondered if the light of day would chase away the lust of the night.

Trudy found me I the kitchen putting on the coffee still dressed I my thin cotton shorts. She moved slowly letting the silky gown flow around her with shimmers of gold and silver. She came up to me stopped and said “Paul do you regret what we did last night?”

“Not at all. You were all the woman I hoped you were and more. You gave more than you got I fear but I certainly do not regret making love to you.” I said as I pulled her to me and kissed her.

“Oh, Paul you make me feel like a school girl on her firs date. I want so much to make you happy.” She turned away took a step turned back around and said “I want to see you naked. Drop your shorts. Let me see what gave me so much pleasure last night.”

I was looking at her too because the morning sun was behind her showing me her body as if she were naked. So I dropped my shorts and ask her to remove her gown. She laughed and said “You have already seen me naked I just wanted to make us even.”

I said “Trudy, let us both be naked and I want to see all your glorious beauty and I want to see your lovely breasts.” And then shamelessly I added “I want to see your sweet broad behind. I think you got a fine butt.”

“Don’t tease me. I know my rear is too big. But that kind of thing comes with age.” She said almost blushing.

“Trudy I fell in love with your ass the first time I saw it. I think you have a beautiful ass. In fact I would love to get some of it if you will let me.?”

She blushed and asked “Are you asking me for anal sex. You want to put your beautiful cock in my behind? I have heard of such a thing but never had any one want to show me how it is done. It sound like, well shell we say naughty. But at the same time it sounds kind of erotic.” “Trudy you are a true treasure a truly exciting and very sexy lady. See how you arouse me? In all our love making last night we never got around to enjoying oral sex either. Now that sounds like fun to me” I told her opening my arm for her large frame to come into. I dropped both hands to grab her by the hips and pull her close to my hard cock.

“Would like me to suck your cock? I think I would like that.” Here she waited for a few seconds before she said “Paul Darling if you wanted to talk a little dirty to me I think I might enjoy that.”

I laughed and said “Well aren’t you full of surprises this morning.” The idea of talking sexy to Trudy had never crossed my mind but now that she brought it up I found the idea very erotic. Trudy blushed again and then laughed with me.

Trudy dropped to a squatting position holding my cock in both hands and looked up at me and smiled before her closed her mouth around the head. Something caught my eye so I turned to look out the front windows at open out on to the porch. Standing there was my very good friend Ranger Tom Skills. He was beaming from ear to ear. I waved him off and he quickly moved out of sight.

I would get back with Tom later but now I had a sexy lady sucking my cock and I had to say something to encourage her to finish the job. “Now every time I look at you in the office I will see you with my fucking cock in your gorgeous mouth. Yes Baby suck my cock Oh yes you’re good Baby.” I said in a strained voice. Then I let go with a load. Trudy licked and swallowed it as fast I could pump it out. Trudy looked up at me opened her mouth and let my limp cock slid from her perfect mouth.

“Well it will not get up again for a few minutes you really are a wonderful cocksucker Trudy. So your sweet ass is safe till then.” I said laughing.

Trudy stepped around me and went to the rear so she could see the lake. “It is beautiful here Paul. You have the perfect place to relax and recoup from a hard week at work. Paul there is a Forest Ranger standing down my boat house. He seems to be waiting for something. Do you know him?” She ask standing tall by the window in al her naked glory. I wondered if she realized he could easily see her with sun shining this way.

“Yes I know him his name is Tom Skills we are good friends. You know if he looks up here he will see you plain as day.” I told her as I came up behind her kissing her on the neck. “I really don’t care if he sees me or not. You have made me feel so good I am proud to be here with you. Oh, my kissing my neck will get you any thing you want.” She purred like a satisfied Pussy.

“Well if your game let us both step out on the porch and wave at him. Let him see what kind of lady I have up here and let him know we are lovers.” I suggested to her. But what I was thinking I was not sure. But jiggling around in the back of my head was a memory of Tom and I doing a double on a girl way back in College. I thought Trudy could take on two guys easily she sucks, fucks and is wiling to try anal sex. So why not let her enjoy two at the same time. Trudy is a big girl and she is older she may fine the thrill of two to her delight. So I said very softly as if there were other listing. “Trudy My Sweet what do you think about us inviting Tom up for a little fun later after he gets off duty?”

“Paul you’re bad. My you’re so very bad you want me to let your friend fuck me with you while you watch?” She asked back not turning around but proudly standing in the lighted window.

“Well not so much watch you as join in on the fun. You know one in front and one in back. Just think you could have a cock in your mouth and another in your pussy at the same time. Now don’t that sound erotic and exciting?” I whispered in her ear. Trudy shivered and wiggled her ass back into my swelling cock. I waited for her response. She wiggled and took a coupe of deep breaths. Her lips moved but only giggling little sounds made it past her lips.

“I am sure Tom will find your broad ass as inciting as I do. You are so provocative and sexy I want to show you off. You are so fucking sexy I just can not get enough of you. I’ll talk to Tom later but now me want suck your clitoris and lick your cunt to a climax. I want to thank you for the great fucking blow job. My Trudy, my delightful fuck, my Trudy my wonderful cocksucker. Trudy, Trudy, Trudy I need you so fucking bad.”

She started to cry as I turned her around into my arms. Her hands were on my cock as we kissed. I squeezed her tits twisting the nipples till she winced in pain. Trudy gasped and bit my lip. I twisted her nipples till she cried out in pain. But she did not say for me to stop.

I stepped back and said “You fucking bitch. I will spank your fucking ass till it turns red if pain is what you want. I’ll rip your fucking ass hole wide open Bitch.” I growled in a deep voice.

“Please don’t hurt me you rotten little son of a bitch.” She said as she gripped my cock tighter. “Make it hard Bitch make it hard enough for me to jam it up your fat old ass.” I yelled at her.

Trudy’s eyes were glazed over and I was sure she did not see me. She screamed at me “Bastard; you’re not man enough to fuck my ass. I’ll rip your fucking cock out by the God damn root if you fuck with me.”

I slapped her across the tits smacking the nipples hard. Trudy brought up both hands and pounded me on the chest. It surprised me and knocked the breath out of me. I grabbed her arms and jerked her to the floor. Rolling her on to her belly I smashed my flat hand to her plump firm ass. She cried out as I smacked her again. Then she stopped wiggling. I stopped beating her ass. Rolling her over on her back I dove between her legs forcing my mouth tight to her throbbing pussy. My tongue ran wildly across her clitoris. I shot a finger up her ass as I bit down on her soft mound. Trudy cried out as she jerked her ass up off the floor. A warm sweet river of nectar washed my face. I licked sucked and drank as if I were dieing of thrust. Trudy screamed and passed out cold.

I am a big strong man but there was no way I was about to move Trudy from the spot where she lay. So I got a blanket covered her put a pillow under head and laid down next to her. There was movement by the time I woke fully Trudy was gone. I heard the shower in the guest room. I went to my room shower and returned to the kitchen. Trudy was still in her room.

I fixed a Hamburger-helper, salad and a green vegetable and went to Trudy’s door.

Knocking I said “Trudy I have fixed us something to eat. Please join me.”

I went back to the kitchen poured coffee and waited. It was a very long minute but the door opened and Trudy came out dressed in a sweat shirt and jogging shorts. We were almost sheepish and had few words. We ate in silence till I poured her second cup of coffee.

“Paul, I never. ” She stopped, blushed and then said “You know hit any one in my life. I am sorry.”

“No; no it is I that should be sorry. I am so sorry I smacked you. I never did anything like that before either. Will you for give me. I don’t want anything to come between our friendship. I value you too much to loose you.” We fell silent again for a long time. I picked up the dishes put them in the sink and reached for a beer. Holding the refrigerator door open she said “You got a second beer in there?” Then we started to laugh and laugh till I took her in my arms and kissed her.

“Trudy you are remarkable you are about as perfect a person as I have ever known. I really do have a lot of respect for you.” I told her.

I handed her a beer and arm in arm we went out on the porch as watched the sun slip down behind the hills. Sitting close on the swing we sipped the beer.

“Hello, Any one awake up there?” Came a voice from the trail down below.

“Tom come on up and meet a dear and wonderful lady.” I called back.

Trudy whispered “Did you call him?”

I whispered back “No.” Tom stepped up on the porch.

He paid no attention to me but went straight to Trudy held out his hand and said “Hi. Lovely lady I am Tom the local Ranger and friend to this jerk off.” Trudy lifted her hand and Tom took it held it and bending down kissed it.
“Oh, my I do like your friend Paul a real gentleman.” Trudy said then turned back to Tom and said “Hi I am Trudy I work for this jerk off. I am his secretary.”

“Well I always said Paul knew how to pick an American beauty from a thorn bush. The Thorn bush being that damn crazy company he owns. Now that is out of the way where is the beer?” Tom went in got a beer and returned to sit on the railing.

It was dark but still we could see one another’s faces. Trudy said “I can see why you guys are buddies. You both have the same line of bull you feel the women.”

“Yes something like that we have known one another since high school. The only difference I came here to the woods to get away from work and Paul became a successful business man.” Tom said smiling like he wanted to say more but thought better of it. I only smiled and thought I would let these two get to know one another and see what happened. “I saw you earlier today Tom down by the boat house why didn’t you come up then and say Hi?” Trudy was testing the water to see how much Tom saw and knew of what was going on.

“Well Trudy I may as well confess I did see you in all our loveliness. In the area of women Paul and I often have the same tastes and I must say I can se why he desires you. I think you’re absolutely gorgeous. When I saw you standing up here naked my tongue got so hard I could not speak for a couple of hours. So you see that is why I did not come up and say Hi.”

“My God did you guys get stamped out of the same mold?” Trudy was laughing.

Then Tom reached out to her lifting her to her feet, taking her in his arms he kissed her. Trudy did not resist. No Trudy was already thinking ahead to a sexual threesome where she was going to be the prize for us both.

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