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July 25, 2007

young boy sex education continues

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Two days later I went down to the lake to swim. I had been working in the fields all day and hadn’t seen Lisa or Karin. When I went through the gate I saw several kids playing but none of the women. They must have their friends visiting, I thought. I hesitated, thinking about the other two times when they wanted to be alone and swim in the nude. I had been met and pushed away at the gate. Today nobody met me so I thought they weren’t in the nude.

I went to the entrance to the sun deck and stopped paralyzed. Karin and Lisa and two of their friends were there, all naked. Lisa was the first to see me and she smiled and rose.

“Oh, I didn’t hear you coming. You mustn’t be here; this is women only as you can see. So move out. Sorry.” She smiled and giggled and didn’t try to cover herself. The other three made halfhearted tries to shield their charms but it looked as if more for each other’s sake than for being shy in my presence.

I started to leave when Inga, the tall blond woman, said:

“Wait, what the heck, let him stay. I don’t mind. He will watch us anyway as he did before. And you even gave him permission and encouraged him to do it, didn’t you,” she said, nodding at Karin. “In fact, I like being looked at by such a good-looking young man. So what do you say Anne.” She looked at the other woman.

“Oh, it’s all right with me. If he wants to look at this old woman he is welcome,” she giggled. “And for you two, Karin and Lisa, I guess he has seen you plenty of times. So please stay if you wish, John.”

“It’s settled then,” Lisa said a little surprised. “Come on up and say hello to our friends. This is Anne and Inga.”

Embarrassed I got up on the sun deck. But I couldn’t back out from this opportunity. I shook hands with Anne and Inga. They didn’t seem to be embarrassed at all, on the contrary. They shook more than the hands, letting their breasts bounce in front of me.

Inga was a tall blonde with short cut hair. She had good-sized breasts and a full round bottom but the rest of her body looked taut and strong. She had high cheekbones and a stern look. She looked like an amazon, very statuesque and powerful. Her pubic bush was thick and yellowish. She was really impressive but also frightening for a young man.

Anne was the opposite. She was a brunette, smallish, plump and very curvy. Her full ass and ample breasts swayed and bounced. Her thighs were stocky. Her bush was dark brown but small, only a patch over her pussy.

“I don’t think it’s fair that he has his trunks on,” Inga said after a while. “We also want to see a young naked body, don’t we girls.” She giggled, making it sound like a joke but her eyes betrayed her. They were filled of lust.

“Yes, that would be nice,” Anne said. “But I think it could embarrass the children when he gets aroused. And I certainly hope he will be when he looks at our sexy bodies, otherwise he insults us. So John, don’t be embarrassed about your hard-on. We love it.” She giggled so her whole body shook, making her breasts rock from side to side and her buttocks to wiggle. She was very exciting to look at.

“OK, you have a point,” Inga said, a little cross I thought.

The women behaved very unashamed. They were not cautious about how they sat or moved. I saw them from every angle and they exposed themselves in full including their pussies with their legs spread. I even think that especially Anne and Inga put on a show for me. Anne moved around making her breasts and ass swing and bounce. That was a very pleasant sight. Inga showed her precious ass by leaning her arms at the planking, standing on tiptoe and shifting her weight back and forth. Her buttocks raised one at a time and she really showed her imposing curvaceous bottom. Her breasts hang down and wiggled as she moved. She was really sexy. My cock was hard all the time and I let it show to please the women.

Karin caught me several times looking at the naked ladies. Every time she smiled at me and winked.

After about half an hour with this enjoyable show I saw Inga and Anne whisper to each other and then to Karin and Lisa. After a while Karin nodded and came up to me.

“I think you like what you see. Enjoying yourself, are you? Well we don’t mind, in fact it turns us on. Look at the pussies and breasts of Anne and Inga if you don’t believe me,” she whispered in my ear.

I did as she said and got aware of their nipples being erect and their pussies moist. Also Karin and Lisa were aroused but not that much. There was sex in the air.

“How does it feel going around with a hard-on,” Karin giggled, still whispering in my ear but now more loudly. I guess those who wanted to listen could hear and the ladies sure did.

She put my arm around her waist and her breasts pressed against my body when she whispered in my ear. It felt real nice.

“They want you to take your trunks off, they want to see what you have got. Do you agree? There is no risk; these ladies are very friendly towards you, as you have noticed. Maybe they want something more but it depends I guess. So what do you say.” Karin looked inquiringly at me and so did the rest of the ladies.

I was breathless for a moment, shy and proud and excited at the same time. I couldn’t see any reason to say no, they were naked and I had a very visible hard-on, which we all were aware of and liked. So what the hell. And what had that last thing Karin said meant? But she had been good to me in the past and I had nothing to complain about, in fact quite the contrary. So I nodded and all the ladies cheered.

I started to take my trunks off but Karin stopped me with a hand on my arm.

” We must beware of the children so wait a second,” she said.

Lisa went down from the sun deck to the sandbox and talked to the children and started some sort of game. Karin and Inga placed themselves in the entrance blocking the view from the children. Lisa stood below and peered between Karin’s legs.

Anne approached me.

“They have chosen me to do the favor,” she said as she grabbed the hem of my trunks and eased them down, standing behind me so the others got a full front view. Of course my cock got stuck in my trunks so Anne put her hand inside and released it. She pushed the trunks all the way down and followed herself crouching at my feet. I stepped out of them and then Anne turned me halfway and kissed my cock.

I thought I was fully erect before but her kiss made it feel as it stretched even more. She stopped and let the cock stand for itself pointing up in the air.

“Nice-looking, don’t you think girls. And I think he has made us real proud. Having this nice looking thing standing at our attention for so long. What do you say, shall he get a reward?” Anne burst out into laughter but her voice was serious. She had something planned.

The other three ladies looked at us for a while, lust in their eyes.

“He really is good-looking, as I thought,” Inga suddenly said. “Yes let’s proceed as planned,” she added pompously.

“Yes, yes, go on,” Karin and Lisa urged.

“OK, are you game?” Anne asked in a serious tone, which she could not keep. It trailed into laughter. “I want to get you a release but you can’t fuck me,” she whispered. “How do you want it done,” she giggled, again holding my cock in her hand lightly jacking it.

I looked at her. Yes, she was serious. The others were suddenly silent, waiting. I looked at her body and thought about how good her mouth had felt just a minute ago. Then I took in her soft, bouncing breasts.

“Can I fuck your breasts please,” I said aloud.

There was a sudden silence. I guess they hadn’t expected me to ask for anything so special. Anne looked over at the others but got no response. She had to decide on her own.

“Sure, I am glad you like them that much,” she giggled a bit uncertain. “So how should we do it?”

We happened to stand at the cushions. I lifted her in my arms and laid her down on her back. She moaned of surprise and pleasure.

I straddled her sitting on my knees and bent forward so my cock rested on her breasts. She quickly responded and squeezed her breasts around my cock. I started to fuck her breast but it was a little dry. There was no precome yet. Without thinking I reached behind and felt for her pussy. Yes, it was even wetter than before, hot and moist. She gasped when I put two fingers inside her and got some of her juice. I lubricated the skin between her breast and went back for more. She gasped again and pushed her pussy against my hand. The third time she took my wrist and pressed my fingers into her pussy.

I got the message and caressed her the way I had been taught and practiced. The angle didn’t give possibility to go deep but I could search for her sensitive spot. I changed between probing her cunt and caressing her clit, which had emerged from its sheath and was fully erect. It was the longest clit I had experienced, it must have stood out at least half an inch.

It didn’t take long before she moaned heavily and made small cries. Karin realized the problem and rushed forward with some clothing and put it over her mouth so the children shouldn’t hear and come to ask what was going on.

She thrust against my hand and I concentrated my efforts inside her cunt with two fingers and my thumb on her clit. That made it. She came in a shuddering orgasm and she pressed one hand over her mouth.

Anne calmed down rather quickly and smiled at me.

“Oh, that got a little out hand, didn’t it. But thank you, it really felt good. You are clever with your hand, I must say.” She laughed happily and cupped her breasts again. “Now it’s your turn. Get going, maybe I get another orgasm. I have very sensitive breasts.”

And I started to fuck her breasts. I slide easily back and forth and she also opened her mouth and licked my tip when within her reach. I sneaked a look back at the other ladies and saw that they had their hands in their pussies and fondled their breasts.

I felt I was near to come. I had been aroused for so long that I didn’t need much stimulation. I told her and she laughed happily.

“Yes, come for me. Come on my breasts, it feels so good. I think I will come with you. Just a little more please. Yes, I like that.”

I had changed position slightly and she steered my cock to stroke her nipples. That seemed to make it for both of us. I spurted my semen over her breasts and some on her lips and when she felt it she came. Not very violent but there was no doubt. It was a slow orgasm rippling through her body. She had very sensitive breasts with a nerve connection to her pussy.

I slumped down over her, feeling my semen on my chest as well. She held me for a while and then giggled.

“My, my, that’s was absolutely more than we had planned. Please step down from me, you young hunk. And you taste good as well.” She licked the come from her lips and smeared the rest over her breasts, rubbing it slightly in.

“How about you, girls,” she asked looking at the other. “Did you enjoy the show. He was good, wasn’t he.”

The ladies looked a little guilty. Their pussy hairs were slick and their thighs wet. I don’t think they had come because they didn’t look happy. But I didn’t really know.

“Time to take the children swimming,” Lisa announced. “And I think we all need to cool down. John, will you help us play with the children? But put on your trunks, will you.”

We all went into the water for a swim and played with the kids. I let them ride on my back and shoulders and the women were pleased. They helped as well and were eager to come close and brush over my body. They pressed their breasts against my back and a few times I felt my cock being caressed under water. A few times my hand was pressed against pussies. It was all lovely and I felt a stirring in my loins. I could though still keep my erection down.

After half an hour in the water and another half-hour in the sand it was time to go back home. Reluctantly the mothers put some clothes on their children but were slow to dress themselves. Especially Inga was slow. She rummaged through her purse and went up on the sun deck out of sight. I sneaked a peek around the entrance and caught her with two fingers up her cunt. She looked bewildered at first but then smiled and waived at me to leave her alone.

She came back down and talked quietly to Karin, who nodded a few times. Anne came up to me, still naked and hugged me full frontal and kissed my lips lightly. I put my arms around her and let my hands grab her ass checks. I squeezed and felt the full soft moons.

“Thank you,” she whispered in my ear. “I liked it very much. To come twice in such a short time is not very common for me any more. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

And she went and put on her clothes. Karin and Lisa were also dressed. The kids ran along in advance and the mothers collected the last things and were ready to leave as well. All but Inga. She moved planlessly around, picking with her belongings and was still naked. Seeing her among the dressed women was a turn on for me and my cock started to swell.

“Well, we must go,” Lisa said. “Are you coming Inga?”

“Yes, I be ready in a minute. You just go ahead, I will follow,” Inga said.

Karin looked at me and smiled a rather cunning smile I thought. The three ladies left and Inga busied herself as long as they were within hearing distance. I also collected my towel but hesitated to leave. There was something in the air.

Inga went to the entrance and looked. The others were out of sight. Inga approached me, a stern look on her face.

“Take your trunks off” she demanded. “Oh come on,” she said when she saw my reluctance and in one movement ripped my trunks down. My released cock jutted up and stood proud. Inga smiled.

“I want my share of the action. But I want to fuck, that’s why I let Anne have a go with you before, to calm you down a little. Good to see that you are ready again. You want to fuck me?”

“Yes, very much. You are so magnificent and sexy,” I said boldly.

She came close and I put my hand on her breast when she fondled my cock. It didn’t need much encouragement to come at full attention. Inga smiled hungrily. I let one hand wander down to her pussy. It was wet and hot.

“So, how do you want to fuck me, ” Inga asked.

I thought for a moment.

“Your breasts are marvelous,” I said, “and your bottom is fantastic. I think I would prefer to take you from behind.”

“An excellent choice,” Inga giggled. “That’s a favorite of mine too. Do you want it standing up or kneeling down.”

“Oh, kneeling of course,” I said quickly. I wasn’t sure about how the standing up should be carried out. That we hadn’t practiced.

“Oh, the right choice again. I like that. Are you an ass man? It might give us a bonus. We will see.” She laughed throaty. “Come on, let’s get going, I am horny as hell.”

She pulled me to the sundeck.

“Get these cushions,” she demanded. I climbed up with my cock swaying and got a few cushions. Inga placed them on the edge of the sun deck and kneeled on them.

“That should be about the right level,” she said. “Now get down and fuck me.”

I stood behind her. She was right. When I stood on the step my cock was right at her pussy entrance. She lowered her head and shoulders and put her magnificent ass up in the air. She adjusted her knees to open up completely. She was ready for me.

Her crack was light brown and her other cunt lips darker. Her inner lips were pink and so was her clit that could just be seen. Her cunt had opened up a small hole and she was wet

Instead of insertion my cock into her hot, waiting cunt, I kneeled on the step and licked her. She jumped but said nothing. I used long strokes from her clit to her butt hole and grabbed her swinging breasts. I flicked over her clit and then probed her cunt with my tongue. She responded by pressing back and she started to whine. It was a low continuos sound coming from deep inside her.

Her whine stopped abruptly when I probed her brown butt hole. I pressed at her muscle and made my tongue as arrow-shaped I could. She froze wen the tongue opened up the muscle. Then the whining continued and she pressed hard backwards. I pushed in and out for a while and then went back to her cunt and clit. I had steadied her and myself by a firm grip of her breasts and now got her nipples between my fingers and squeezed them.

Her whining got louder and she moaned in between. Her body shook when she came. She pushed back hard at my face when her orgasm rippled through her and subsided.

“Oh, yeah, that’s pretty good for a start. You have a talented tongue, haven’t you? I never thought you would do that for a start when I gave you my hot, open pussy to enter.” She laughed content. “And you are an ass man. There must be a bonus for us.”

She was still on her knees and reached between her legs and took my cock in her hand. She pulled me forward by it and used it to stroke over her whole pussy area.

I suddenly came to my senses. “Don’t we need protection,” I stammered. “I don’t have a condom.”

“Oh, don’t worry. I have taken care of that. You saw me inserting my diaphragm but I guess you thought I was fingering myself.” Her body shook with laughter.

“Now fuck me properly,” she demanded. “I want this cock inside now. And no tricks,” she added laughingly.

I obliged. She placed my cock at her entrance and I lunged forward. There was little resistance and with two thrusts I was buried to the hilt. It felt really good and again I felt the warm smoothness of the cunt against my naked cock. I thrust in and out and felt my balls slap against her ass. I took her by her hips and then bent forward and grabbed her tits using them to press deep into her. Her whining had started again and went from a deep tune to a higher when her arousal increased.

Inga reached behind and fondled my balls and then she placed two fingers around the base of my cock when it slid back. She held my foreskin back when I thrust inwards and that was a new sensation. The feeling was multiplied. She did it a couple of times and then let go. Instead she contracted her cunt muscles. They gripped tight around my cock and I had to a use force to slid back and even more to thrust inside again. It felt like that added to her sensation as well. She pushed back harder and harder. I told her I was near. She intensified her bucking and I thrust with very rapid short strokes. Then I came and splashed inside her cunt. She stopped her bucking and received my come gripping my cock hard with her muscles. Then she came and this time she became violent, cried out and bucked hard at me.

She sat up on her knees and I embraced her from behind and especially her breasts. I fondled, cupped and played with them. They were big and firm, a real handful. I thought I was lucky in my choice of position. I had had full access to her best two assets, her ass and her breasts.

She raised her hands and drew my head forward and we kissed and she laughed so her body shook. As a side effect of that I slipped out of her, my cock no longer long enough to reach inside her. She lay down dragging me alongside her.

“That was a real good fuck. How can a young boy be so good at it,” she asked jokingly.

“Oh, Lisa and Karin have been good teachers,” I said without thinking.

” Well, I expected Karin had something to do with it. It was the way she spoke to you and behaved at my last visit that got me suspicious. She met you nearly naked. But that Lisa was involved was new to me. Tell me more, what have they taught you. Don’t be shy, Karin and I are very close, in fact we all are as you have seen.” She snuggled up to me, holding me tight against her lovely breasts.

So I told her briefly about Lisa and Karin, how they had initiated and trained me in love making and the different positions we had practiced. It took some time and turned me on.

Inga listened with surprise and was very interested. She asked about details and I think she also was turned on. Suddenly she asked:

“Last time I was here Birgitta was here also. I thought she wanted to screw you just like I did today. She certainly showed off making sure you could see her when you sneaked behind those bushes. And she talked to you when we left. Have you banged her as well?” She giggled when she asked the question. “She didn’t return before I left so I wondered what she was doing down here. Now I know.”

I had to admit that we had made love and that she had taught me a few tricks as well. But I didn’t tell about our encounter in the barn.

“My, my, you have been active this summer,” she said. “You are a lucky guy. Five women in such a short time. What will become of you.”

I found this conversation arousing and she was stroking over my body while we talked. She stroked over my cock and felt that it had grown and stirred when she touched it. Her face lit up and she smiled at me.

“You are fast to recover. Don’t you think a bonus is in place for us? Are you ready for another go?” She asked, looking at me smiling.

I didn’t answer but reached down and caressed her slit from behind. She was slick from our juices and my finger slid in easily. I also probed her butt but it was tighter. I went back to her cunt and got some of our juice and smeared it on her butt and then tried again. Inga didn’t seem to mind and she soon loosened up and let my finger in. A spasm went through her body when I passed her muscle.

“I think that was a yes,” she giggled. “You are an ass man. Are you also a butt man?”

“What do you mean by that,” I asked confused. “You have a fantastic ass, I love it.” I withdraw my finger and caressed her ass checks.

She laughed so her body shook.

“Maybe I can teach you something if you want to,” she said. “You may take me up my butt if you feel like it. In fact I very much would like you to. It’s what I like most.” She looked at me to catch my reaction.

” You mean,” I stammered thinking hard, “you mean that I should stick my cock in your butt hole? Can you really do that?”

“Yes, my darling lover boy, that can be done. To have a cock in the butt feels real good I can assure you. But you must do it in the right way. Want to try it?” She pleaded.

“Yes, if you say it’s all right then I want to try it.” I said. My cock got hard, pressed against her stomach. She reached down and stroked it gently.

“Now little man, you will get the experience of your life. Are you ready?” She squeezed and jacked it a few times.

“Give me my purse, please” she said. I got up and got her purse for her. She rummaged inside and came up with a bottle. “We need some extra lubrication,” she said.

” I think we should do this standing on our knees,” she said. “Let’s move these cushions. Come on over for a test.”

She kneeled and made me kneel behind her. She held my cock and aimed it at her butt hole letting it only touch. “You need an extra cushion,” she said and placed it under my knees. “Now we are ready, I think.”

She spread her thighs and leaned forward. I took the chance and dove in again licking her. This time I went directly for her butt hole and licked and probed it trying to get in.

“Oh Yes, that’s right. You have to loosen me up before trying to insert your cock. That’s a lovely way to do it,” Inga purred. “Please go on.”

After a while my tongue got tired and I hadn’t succeeded to come through her muscle. I guess she felt it because she said:

“Lick my pussy and clit and get me aroused.”

I did as she said and soon she started to moan and wriggle her body.

“Now it’s time for the real thing,” she groaned. “Get up and get ready.”

I gave her a few last flicks over her clit and then tried her butt hole again. I nearly at once got in through her muscle. She groaned of pleasure but withdrew from my tongue.

“The real thing,” she said. ” Lubricate your little man and my butt hole with this.” She handed me the bottle. I lubricated us both.

“Now, use your fingers to loosen me up. First one and then two,” she ordered. ” Yes, that’s the way to do it.” I had pressed my finger at her butt hole and it slid in easily. I withdrew and put two fingers at her entrance. The resistance was fiercer but I got inside. I thrust in and out and added a third finger. After a while even three fingers slipped in.

“Give me your cock now. I want it inside but go slow,” she groaned.

I put my cock at her butt hole and pressed. There was resistance so I stopped. I didn’t want to hurt her.

“Go on,” she cried. “Keep pushing, it will open up.” I put my cock back and pushed gently at first and then with more force. She wriggled her ass and suddenly I felt that the tip of my cock got past her muscle. It was very tight and hot.

“Careful,” she said, “thrust gently, don’t go deep yet. Yes that’s the way to do it. Yes, go on, go deeper. Yes move on. Oh, Yes.”

I had listened to her advice and used small thrust and for each one got a little deeper until I was buried in full in her. It was tight all around my cock, a very different feeling from being in her cunt. I started to stroke back and forth, a little bolder for each thrust. She moaned and suddenly her whining started, the low groans coming from inside. It sounded like a primal sound or one from an animal.

“Oh, yeah,” she groaned. That’s real good. Now fuck my ass. I want it hard and deep. Go on, fuck me.”

I did as I was told. I had found it to be a good thing to do with these skilled women. I fucked her ass just like her cunt. She was narrow and her channel gripped my shaft. It was slower to thrust but the feeling was enormous. I withdrew and then pushed forward with all my strength. I held her hips and used my arms to pull her towards me when I thrust inwards. Inga used one hand to caress her clit.

Suddenly my cock was held very hard inside her. Her whine turned into a loud cry and she froze. She had an orgasm. I just stayed inside; it was not much else to do when she gripped my cock so hard.

Then she slowly released her grip and bucked against me. She wanted more so I started thrusting again.

“Yes, that’s right. Go slow and deep,” she moaned. I fucked her and it felt heavenly. My orgasm started to rise and I quickened my pace and used short thrusts. She sensed the difference.

“Are you coming?” she cried. “Wait a second for me, please.”

I slowed down and just held my cock pushed all the way in. She frigged her clit and I could feel her internal muscles contract and then start to ripple.

“Fuck me,” she cried. Fuck for heaven’s sake. I am going to come. Fuck.”

I started to fuck again, short rapid strokes and felt my semen rise in my balls and then rush through my cock. My orgasm hit me and I deposited my come deep inside her butt. She contracted her muscles and her whole body shook in her orgasm. It was a very intense orgasm and she was deep in it for an eternity before she relaxed and her muscles loosened.

She fell forward and I lay on top of her back, my cock still inside her.

I was very happy. She turned her head and smiled at me and bucked her ass lightly against me. My semi-flaccid cock moved a little in and out and it felt good.

“So what do you think. Does your little man like it in there? Will you be a butt man?” She smiled and teased me.

“It is lovely, your ass is fantastic, but so is your pussy. Do I have to make a choice?” I said taking up her tone. “Thank you for teaching me this.”

I kissed her and grouped for her breasts. She helped by raising her upper body so I could cup the breasts and fondle them. I used them to press us more together trying to stay inside her warmth. But finally I slipped out. When she felt that she raised her ass high and bucked making me fall off her. She turned over on her back and lay resting, her legs stretched and feet apart. Her mons with her rich pussy hair stood up. She looked lovely.

I changed my position and lay down beside her and put my face in her pussy hair. It was wet and a strong aroma filled my nostrils. I started to lick her gently and she moaned and opened her legs. I licked down her crack but went back to her pussy. It was wet and a little of my semen was still there, I could taste it. I licked her cunt and her clit while she seemed to rest but she moaned now and then. Then suddenly her whining started and she raised her legs in the air and then clamped her thighs around my head keeping me pressed to her cunt. I licked until she came. Not a very shuddering orgasm but a slow, tender one. She lay immovable, pressing me into her for a long time. There was some space between her upper thighs so I got some air.

Slowly she opened her legs and let them down. She stroked my hair softly and moaned of pleasure.

“Thank you, thank you, that was very generous. You are a clever boy knowing exactly what to do,” she said softly.

We held each other for a while and then she got practical. She had to go back to her children.

We cleaned up and got dressed. She left me, don’t wanting me to go with her.

I sat back for a while thinking about this incredible afternoon. To see those four ladies prance around in the nude and showing off to me. And that they got so turned on that they nearly raped me. About Inga, who wanted to fuck and had staged the whole thing from the beginning. It was Inga who suggested that I could stay, and Inga who wanted me to be cooled off in order to be able to serve her well. How she manipulated to make Anne perform with me. The idea to fuck Anne between her breast was my own though and also to make Anne come. And then how Inga prepared herself with her diaphragm and the way she approached me and taught me several things about fucking from behind and at last the back door way. It certainly was incredible. I felt spent but very, very happy.

When I came home a little late for dinner my mother looked at me and asked if I had had a good time.

“You look so happy and content,” she said smiling. “Is it fun to swim with the ladies?”

I just smiled and she patted my cheek.

The next morning I went out early for my duties. I had spent rather much time lately pleasing my ladies and had a lot to do.

At about nine in the morning I came back home for second breakfast. I met Karin who smiled and stopped me.

“I was looking for you,” she said. “But nobody was at home. We will leave on Sunday as you know but I want to get together with you once more. Can you see me down at the lake in half an hour?” She smiled and stretched her body. Her breasts pressed against her thin blouse. I instantly got a hard on.

“Yes of course, I would like that very much,” I said.

“Settled then, see you,” she giggled and went away with swinging hips.

I quickly had some breakfast and then hurried down to the lake. On the way I was surprised to see that Inga’s car was standing outside Karin’s house. So that’s why Karin can get away, I thought.

Karin kept me waiting but when she came she was dressed in a very reveling low cut blouse and very short wide skirt. When she approached me she pirouetted fast letting her skirt flow out. She wasn’t wearing any panties. Her dark bush was very neat. It seemed as if she had brushed it carefully to make it look good.

She came up to me and we hugged and kissed for a while. It was a little sad, as I understood that this was the last time with her but I soon became hard and lusted for her. We started to undress each other and yes her pussy was very inviting, the hair brushed fluffy. I longed to put my cock in there but didn’t really think I should be invited in.

She read my thoughts.

“No John, you are not allowed in there. I haven’t been able to convince my husband to let me go that far. But Inga stayed the night and we had a long chat when the children were asleep. We had a good afternoon yesterday, hadn’t we? Hope you enjoyed the set up Inga staged. She was clever making us do what she wanted to happen. Not that I minded.” She giggled so her breasts shook and I had to take them in my hands to steady them.

” Inga also told me what happened after we left. She was quite explicit and told me a sexy story. I have heard about back door entry but never tried it so she explained to me.” She giggled a little nervously I thought and looked at me. I smiled back at her and fondled her breasts and nipples.

“Well, I still want to have you inside me. So last night I got the idea how to make it happen without breaking my agreement with my husband. Will you take me in the butt?” She asked simply, looking inquiringly at me.

“Oh, yes of course, I love to,” I said not believing my luck. I would be allowed to fuck this incredible Karin in her butt.

“Well, let’s get going,” she giggled a little uncertain.

We moved towards the sun deck and Karin climbed up first. I got an idea and asked her to sit down on the edge. She hesitantly did as I asked her but looked inquiringly at me.

I kneeled before her and stroked and kissed her thighs down towards her slit and pussy. She soon got the idea and opened her legs and leaned back supported by her arms behind her. I dove in and started to kiss and lick her pussy and occasionally also her butt. But I concentrated on her pussy. It took a while before she got enough turned on to let herself loose. When she did she started to moan and wriggle her body and her pussy got wet. Her cunt lips swelled and the clit and inner lips protruded. I left her cunt and probed her butt trying to get my tongue inside. She was tight and her muscle didn’t relax. I went back to licking her cunt and finally she got a small orgasm. She clasped her thighs around my head and kept my face buried in her until her shuddering ended. Then she slowly released me.

“Hi guys. Enjoying yourself, are you? It looked nice to me I must say.”

The voice really startled us. Karin sitting so she could see who was coming relaxed and giggled. I turned my head and saw that Inga was standing just behind us, a big smile on her face.

” I thought it better to come down and help you out, butt fucking is no game. Better get it right and enjoyable,” Inga said and laughed aloud. “You don’t disagree I hope?”

Karin looked a bit annoyed and then her face cleared and she laughed throatily.

“I think we could need some coaching from a butt expert,” she giggled. “What do you say, John.”

“Well, it’s all right with me. Inga has taught me all I can which isn’t much, so I am glad if she can help me please you better,” I said. This could be really interesting.

“Oh, he has his way with words, this sweet-talker,” Inga laughed. “So you say I can stay then.”

“It’s good that you have started loosen up Karin. It’s a good start to relax with an orgasm,” she said in a teacher’s tone. “Now move on up and kneel on those cushions.”

“By the way, you wouldn’t mind if I take this off, would you? It feels better to be level with you two” Inga said as she unfastened the short teddy robe she had on. She let it slid from her shoulders and she was naked underneath. Her lovely breasts swung and her nipples were erect. Her ass was a lovely sight. Now I had two asses to look at and I took the opportunity to fondle them both.

Karin had knelt and was waiting for more instructions.

“Place yourself doggy style,” Inga ordered. “Come here John, let’s see if the level of your cook is right. We need an extra cushion I think. Yes that’s better,” she said when I had put another cushion under my knees.

Without waiting for instructions I dove in on Karin’s slit. I guessed she had cooled off by the interruption and that she needed to be reheated. So I licked her slit from top to bottom and gave her clit a few extra flicks. I then probed her butt hole and it wasn’t that tight any more. I licked and probed and slowly her muscle gave way.

Inga was standing at the side holding Karin’s ass cheeks aside. She held her by her hips and nudged her to push backwards and put her knees more apart. Karin’s slit was totally open and accessible for my tongue.

I probed deeper and finally I could push the tongue inside as far as it reached. Inga was standing close by and watched the progress. She stroked over my ass and down my crack and cupped my balls and cock from behind. She slowly squeezed the cock and jacked a few times making sure it was fully erect. She let her breasts rest on my back and slowly moved them back and forth. She wanted to take active part in the action.

When she saw that my tongue slid easily in and out she gently pushed my head away and produced her bottle. She smeared it’s content over Karin’s butt hole and took my hand and smeared it too. Then she whispered in my ear to use my fingers to loose up the butt. I put one finger at her hole and without too long delay it slid inside. I let it slide back and forth before taking the next step.

Karin had been rather passive so far, which was unusual for her. She rested on her hands and parted knees; ass pushed back and her head raised. She concentrated to relax and to feel. She gave out small moans now and then showing that she was with us. When I shifted to my finger Inga moved to Karin’s side and caressed her swinging breasts and then gave her clit a rub.

That got a reaction from Karin. Her body came alive and wriggled and she moaned. Her thigh and arm muscles flexed and relaxed. Her butt muscles contracted around my finger but let loose again. I put another finger at her butt entrance and it slid in easily. I tried a third but that met some resistance. But after careful massaging around her butt and probing I managed to get three fingers inside her. Karin gasped and froze for a moment then sighed and moved her body again.

Inga was watching intently, all the time caressing Karin’s body. When she heard Karin sigh she moved to my side and grouped for my cock. Feeling that is was fully erect she smeared it. She whispered to me to get in position. When I had shifted she took the cock and placed it at the entrance.

“Push, but don’t rush inside. Take it slow,” she instructed. She massaged around the butt hole helping Karin to relax.

I placed my cock at the butt entrance and kept the pressure. Karin made small movements back and forth and I felt my cock start to slide in. When my cock head slipped past the ring muscle Karin gasped and held still. Then she started her movements, rocking back and forth. Slowly I went deeper inside her butt canal and finally was buried to the hilt. Karin made some more rocking, testing that I was fully inside. My balls were pressed against her ass.

Inga cheered and fondled our asses roughly. She held my balls sack and pulled it backwards and the feeling in my cock intensified.

“Now it’s time for fucking,” Inga cheered. “Go slow and increase.”

Inga held my hip and directed my movements. Out a little, then back in. Longer and longer strokes. Karin moaned under me and met my thrusts.

When Inga thought I did it properly and with the right rhythm she turned her interest to Karin. She lay down with her head under Karin and caressed her clit and cunt. She inserted a finger in the cunt and I could feel it trail along my shaft. It was a completely new sensation, very intense and I jumped. Inga took my balls in one hand and massaged them gently but let go when she realized that it quickly brought me towards an orgasm.

Instead she concentrated on Karin and her clit and cunt. Karin became violent and her butt muscles flexed around my shaft. It got so tight that she held me there. She started to shudder and her muscles rippled. She cried out as her orgasm hit her.

We all were still for a while. When Inga thought that Karin had calmed enough she put a hand around my balls and pressed back, indication to me to get going again. I was happy to start thrust again because it felt so lovely. Karin’s back canal was smooth and tight and closed around my shaft all the time.
Inga directed me through her grip on my balls in the same way as before when she held my hips. This time she wanted me to use shorter strokes but faster. Soon I banged as fast and hard I could into Karin who moaned constantly and now and then cried out. Inga was back caressing Karin’s clit and cunt and now and then she pressed against my cock through the wall between Karin’s cunt and butt.

I looked over and saw Inga stretched out at an angle from Karin, her head still under Karin’s stomach. I saw that Inga not only stroked Karin’s clit but also her own. She bucked her hips up and down.

I was near to orgasm. Inga, a very cunning and sensitive lady, realized it. She steadied my pace and slowed it down and was very active caressing Karin, who panted hard between her moans and groans. Then she signaled to me through my balls to go fast. She let go of my balls and slapped my ass hard. Then she probed my butt hole.

I grabbed Karin’s hips and pushed myself hard into her when I came in a violent rush. I had waited for so long. My semen flowed into Karin’s butt. Karin shuddered and cried out high and her whole body shook when she got an orgasm a little after mine. I reached down and cupped Karin’s breasts and held them. I was so close to Karin, laying over her back and with my arms around her holding her breasts. It was lovely.

I became aware of a sound beside me. It was Inga who groaned. She was masturbating herself with both hands and writhed and bucked heavily. I let my arm drop and found her breast. I fondled it and soon got her nipple between my thumb and finger. I rolled it and squeezed rather hard. Inga started her primal whining that went from deep to high. When it reached the top she started to buck wildly and shudder. She raised her legs up in the sky and came.

We lay together for quite a while. Inga slipped out from under Karin and she slumped forward with me on top. Inga lay in the opposite direction from us and at a small angle. I had good access to Inga’s body and used it to gently caress her. She purred of delight.

Karin bucked me off her. I lay by her side and she looked at me smiling.

“I am so happy. This was good. It is such an intense feeling, don’t you agree? Thank you both.” Karin had tears in her eyes. It was tears of happiness.

I smiled back and put my head on her stomach. It was warm and soft. I slowly slipped my head down and let it rest in her rich pussy hair. It was not fluffy any more but slick. Her aroma was strong and exciting. I slid further down and changed position so I could kiss her pussy. She let me do it for a while but then she drew me back up. She kissed me.

“That felt nice and I appreciated that you wanted to but I am spent. I am happy as it is,” She whispered in my ear. ” But why don’t you go over and thank Inga?”

She hugged me and kissed me lightly and then pushed me away. I looked at Inga who lay flat, legs stretched, eyes closed. She looked a little tense and not really at ease.

I turned around and lay down at her side my head on her stomach, startling her. She smiled when she realized what had disturbed her. She stroked through my hair and over my face. I cupped her breast and fondled it. She liked it. I turned my head and looked down at her pussy. Her rich bush was still fluffy. The sun filtered through it and moistness glittered in her hair. I moved down and started to kiss and lick her lower belly and thighs. She acknowledged by spreading her legs giving me access to her slit. I was soon licking her all over and she got wild. Her familiar whining told me that she liked it and that she was approaching an orgasm. It didn’t take her long to come. She shuddered for a while and then held me close to her pussy.

“Thank you,” she said simply. “You are a nice boy, giving the ladies what they need.” And she kissed me. It was a hungry kiss and not the light one I had expected.

“So guys, how did you like the back door way,” Inga giggled. “Could old mother Inga teach you anything?”

“It was incredible. I am really glad I found out before being too old. But how should I introduce it to my husband without him getting suspicious?” Karin said smiling.

“Oh, I am glad to help,” Inga giggled. “Just tell me when.”

“Oh no. Stay away from my husband,” Karin snapped, but smiled. “You are far too sexy and experienced to be let near him.”

“Let’s freshen up,” Karin said. “Then I must be going.”

We swam for a while and played in the shallow water. The ladies let me touch them as much as I liked and they returned my caresses. Inga made sure my cock was properly cleaned and when she was satisfied she kissed it. Karin watched us and giggled. She also wanted to check it out and knelt in the water to take me into her mouth.

Finally we got up and dried in the sunshine. Nobody had thought about bringing towels. Reluctantly Karin slowly got dressed; not that she had much to put on. My cock had liked the treatment and had started to swell. Inga saw it and, looking at me, lifted an eyebrow inquiringly. I smiled at her and nodded.

“Karin, can you take care of the kids for a while. I want to have a round with John here. He seems to be ready again,” she asked.

“Well, well, I thought it was too good to be true that you came down only to help us, you horny bitch,” Karin giggled. “I would like to stay and watch but I really must be going. Have a good time then.”

She came over and hugged and kissed me. “See you later, she said. “And thank you.”

She left. Inga moved around showing off her body. She wanted to turn us on slowly. She stroked her body against mine now and then and fondled me. She let her breasts and ass swing and bounce by walking with exaggerated movements. By now she knew what turned me on. I returned her favors by stroking over her body and grab at her ass and breasts when she was close. My cock grew slowly and was standing at half-mast.

She sank down on her knees in front of me and sucked my cock in. She sucked me for a while and then let go. She moved over to the fence and leaned her arms against it. She stood with her feet apart putting her ass out and wriggled her hips. It was a heavenly sight. She looked over her shoulder at me and winked. I approached her and put myself behind her. I took my cock in my hand and started to slide it up and down her crack. She moaned with pleasure. I knelt and licked over her thighs and cunt. I put my arms forward and grabbed her breasts. She acknowledged that she liked it by moaning.

I held her around her waist and lifted her upper body holding her close to me from behind. I kissed her neck and shoulders.

“I want to fuck now” she suddenly whispered in my ear stretching up and back to reach. “Tell me, how would you like to take me.”

I had already thought about it. I had had her from behind in both her holes. Now I wanted to see her breasts.

“I want you to ride me,” I said. “I want to stick my cock in your cunt when you are sitting on me and I want to see your lovely breasts bounce while we fuck.”

“I love that,” she whispered. “Let’s do it now.”

We moved up on the sun deck and arranged the cushions to make it comfortable. I lay down and she stood over my. I probed her cunt with my finger to see if she was ready. She was wet and hot. Her lips were filled and rounded. Her inner lips showed and there was a little hole. Her clit stood out. She was ready.

She looked magnificent from my angle. Her long strong legs, her waiting pussy and her thick bush glistening in the sun. And above that her full, round breasts, standing out and swaying slightly when she moved. She made a marvelous picture against the clear sky.

She startled when I probed her but then she slowly lowered herself to sit on her knees. She held my cock and let it slide back and forth a couple of times. Then she held it against her cunt opening and slowly impaled herself on it. With a few small thrusts she had all of me inside and she started to fuck. I grabbed her breasts and fondled them and squeezed her nipples. She stopped thrusting and sat down on me. Her hips gyrated. I could feel her cervix circle around the tip of my cock. She bent forward and let her breasts stroke my chest. I squeezed her ass cheeks and held her hips. She thrust again, this time with short rapid strokes. Then she sat up and squeezed her cunt muscles. Her breasts bounced. She gripped me real hard and massaged my cock. Her whining had started and I knew she was close to coming. When the whine started to rise I met her thrusts, signaling that I was ready. She got frantic in her thrusts and her whine reached a high tone. She sat down, my cock buried as deep as it would go in her cunt and she came. Her whine reached a very high tone and broke. She shuddered and her inner muscles flexed and relaxed uncontrolled. But they made me come as well. When she felt my come rush into her she seemed to get another orgasm. She cried out and her muscles rippled.

She slumped down and lay against my chest. I held her tight and felt very happy.

Slowly she eased herself up and looked at me. She smiled and kissed me and smiled again. She looked happy. She contracted her cunt muscles around what little was left of my cock. I felt totally spent and very happy and satisfied.

She lifted off me and stood looking down at me. My come ousted out of her.

“Come, let’s freshen up,” she said, and went into the water. I followed and when I came down she attacked me playfully and pushed me under water. She placed herself on my back and I had to lift her up. We played in the water for some time and then got up and dried in the sun.

She hugged me and put her robe on.

“Thank you and good bye, my young stud,” she giggled. “I loved it, it was so good. Hope you enjoyed yourself. You are talented, take care of it.” And she left before I had a chance to say anything. I slowly dressed and then went back to my highly neglected duties.

Two days later, on the Sunday, my mother and I stood and took farewell of Lisa and Karin and their families. They moved back to town. Summer was over.

Lisa came and hugged me. It was a long and rather intimate hug. Karin just shook my hand and smiled. Then they left and I guess I looked a little sad.

“Will you miss them? Has Lisa been good to you?” my mother asked.

“Yes, I will miss them. They have been so good to me,” I said without thinking.

“Oh, I thought Lisa was the one who cared for you,” she said with caution, looking inquiringly at me, a little smile at the corner of her mouth. “You have looked so happy this summer. And you have matured. Do you want to tell me about it?”

I nearly burst to tell somebody how happy I had been this summer. She was my mother so why not? She would understand, Karin had said. Besides she had suspected something.

I told her about the first time the ladies were in the nude at the bathing place and that they allowed me to watch them. Then about how clumsily I had approached Lisa and that Lisa had introduced me to the female body and how she had taken my chastity. And how she then step by step had taught me how to make love to a woman.

“I hoped she would do it and thought that she had done it,” my mother said. “She is such a loving and caring person and a very good teacher. I know that she has done it before. I am really glad that she liked you enough to take you on. Was she good and did you like it?”

“Oh, she was really good and I liked it very much,” I said and hesitated.

She felt I had something else on my mind.

“Did anything more happen,” she asked innocently.

“Yes,” I said nearly bursting of pride. ” Karin wanted to take part and check what Lisa had taught me.”

My mother looked surprised. “Tell me,” she said simply.

So I told her how Karin teased me with her naked body and had appeared when I was expecting Lisa but that she didn’t allowed me to fuck her properly. And how she instead had taught me to screw her breasts and that she had let me come in her mouth and swallowed my come. And that she eventually had accommodated me in her ass.

My mother was stunned and she blushed a little.

“Did she get an orgasm?” she asked huskily.

“Oh yes, several,” I said proudly. “She said she was very happy.”

“How come she allowed you to take her in the ass,” my mother asked innocently.

Then I told my mother how Inga had staged a situation, where I screwed Anne between her breasts and caressed her to an orgasm. How Inga then had demanded me to fuck her first from behind and then in her butt hole. And that Inga during the evening had told Karin who wanted to try anal fucking.

I told my mother that Karin and I had started to warm up when Inga appeared and how she taught us how to fuck in the ass and that Inga also helped us perform.

My mother was speechless for a long time. She looked perplex and aroused and she blushed.

“My, my. I must say that you have been active these last weeks,” she finally said in a hoarse voice. “You must have pleased these ladies since they all have come back for more. This is something to be proud of and remember.”

She hugged me and then looked closely at me.

“You are a handsome young man,” she said. ” But now you must start dating girls of your own age. Don’t get addicted to older women. Grab what you are offered by them but look for girls. Now come, it’s time for lunch. And don’t tell dad, he will only be envious.”

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