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March 9, 2006

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Corinne and I continued working together after the “millennium” came and went, and even when the real millennium came and went. We had gone out to dinner several times, but we never took it any further than goodnight kiss. I think that she sensed that I was really falling for her and was probably afraid of things going wrong and hurting me.

I also believed that she was wholly unaware of the real impact that she had had on me. There was something about the way that she carried herself that made me crave her. A craving is probably the most accurate way to explain it. I was falling in love with her. But I could tell that I was the only one.

I remember early in 2000 about 6 months after our sordid affair, Corinne was still on retainer and we were still working closely together. I will admit that it was very difficult to not want to attack her on a daily basis. She was simply put a stunning creature. I’m sure that from a distance people suspected that I was interested in her. I’m just not that good of an actor. But as far as she was concerned I don’t think they suspected a thing. She was cool as the proverbial cucumber.

There was a training seminar offered in New Orleans right before Mardi Gras and attendance for me was mandatory. Management strongly suggested that Corinne attend also, but she said that she had too many things going on and that she would prefer to go in the fall. I tried to talk her into it but my obvious intentions were beaconing out of my eye sockets, and I could see in her face that this would have been exposure overload.

After I made my arrangements I realized that, for her, the thought of being stuck there with me for a week really was just too invasive of her space. I can respect that; I would have intended to invade every one of her spaces repeatedly and as often as possible for a week, so her supposition was absolutely correct.

FUCK! This was going to be so perfect! I could have had her all to myself for a week in the Big Easy. If things went well, we could have kicked around over the next weekend to take in the local festivities. I guess it was just not meant to be. The plane ride was miserable and the thought of wasting a perfectly good opportunity to hang with her for a week really bothered me. But I figured I’d make the best of it. I had been there before and knew several cool spots where I could hang out.

For my money there are few things worse than going out of town alone for more than a day or two. Eating dinner by yourself, traveling single…it’s cool for a while but if you travel often enough you will eventually pack a spoon and a bowl so you can eat cereal before you go to bed. I have.

At the morning mixer I struck up conversation with some of the instructors, each of us bantering in appropriate parlance, excruciatingly boring conversation. After the requisite tea and crumpets the day started with one of the course offerings that I selected from their offerings a few weeks prior. I sat in the back of the room while he went on about his credentials and the course goals. He asked us to go around the room and introduce ourselves, give some of our experience and background, and share something personal if we would like.

I love when they say that.

Everyone is going around the room saying the same boring crap about how much they’ve enjoyed working in blah blah company working on the same whatever project for x number of years. And their personal comment is usually something like “I enjoy reading technical journals.” So when they get to me, I usually do something like this: “My name is Jake. I worked for Vandalay Industries for 5 years as a latex salesman, followed by brief forays into architecture and marine biology before becoming a programmer.” About 90% of the time no one is paying attention as I am saying this stuff, but that 10% of the time, it’s just magic and someone will just laugh out loud.

So I continue: “I do blah programming in whatever…” and say some stuff like that and then I usually say something like, “As for my personal information, I’m a Libra, and my turn-offs are mean people and smoking and my turn-ons are long walks on the beach, the laughter of children, and the warm smell of colitis rising up through the air” or whatever neural firings happen to be activated at that particular nanosecond. What is interesting is that everyone after me has to try to outdo me. It breaks the ice, so mission accomplished as far as I am concerned.

At any rate, after my requisite George Costanza Seinfeld reference I heard this very familiar laugh among the others. Yes, 3 people actually thought it was funny, but because of where I was sitting my view of some of the class was obscured so I couldn’t see everyone. The first break came about 45 minutes later, and on my way back into the room there she was in the hallway, 3 men with pocket protectors already zeroed in on her.

I watched her as she talked to them and was laughing about something.

“Here he is! Here’s my favorite marine biologist. Rescued any whales lately, Jake?” she laughed.

“Hey, I’m not ashamed that my career journey is besmirched with failure. It has helped me find my way.”

“Wow, are you some kind of Zen master now?” she taunted. Manny, Moe and Jack at this point could see that we knew each other so they moved on to other prey.

“How the hell did you avoid me until now! You are really something, girl.”

“A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets, Jakey. That lady in Titanic said that, so it must be true”, she smirked.

The only deep ocean I could see at that moment were her crystal blue, absolutely stunning eyes, a little greyer today than usual I noticed. I can feel the sinking feeling in my stomach just recalling that moment. It was like the rest of the room stopped for a split second and the only motion in the room was her lips, the only sound the words coming out of her mouth.

“Class is starting” she said, and dashed into the room. I sat fidgeting in my seat the entire day scheming about how I was going to get her back to my room. Dinner, then drinks, then a few more drinks, then back to my room. No, wait, not too many drinks, I don’t want to get too tired and I definitely don’t want her to get too tired. Class? What class?

When the instructor dismissed us and I made a direct line for her.

“So, uhhhhh………whacha doin’ for dinner sweet thing?” she asked.

“My schedule is open.”

We chatted as we walked back towards my hotel. We stopped off at the Nelli Deli to have a sandwich and caught a few drinks along the way.

“Pat O’Brien’s is for TOURISTS!!!!”, she insisted. I couldn’t argue, although I did manage to talk her into two hurricanes on the back patio. The warm air swirled around us as we watched the real tourists come to play. We sat not far from the fountain at the center of the patio which provided excellent white noise against the backdrop of people talking and moving about.

I pulled out a few coins and tossed them in. “Three coins in the fountain, Jakey”, she said.

“What? Oh, yeah, three coins in the fountain. We’re not in Rome, dearest”, I volleyed.

“Rome is where the heart is, sweetie,” she laughed.

I asked her where she was staying and she insisted that it was a secret so I played along. We arrived at my hotel and I went towards the door. “So, where are you taking me for dinner, Jakey?”, she asked.

“How about Victor’s?” I asked.

“Wow. Are you buying, hot stuff?”

“Yes I am”, I replied like the overdone rip-off of the Budweiser commercial.

She laughed and said, “I’ll meet you back here at 8 Doctor Gally-Wickets.” She pointed at my chest with her index finder and said, “You better be ready!!!”

I would be ready. What can a man in love do but be ready?

8 bells, and I’m in the lobby. Here she comes, Miss America. I mean she is in a short, black dress, cut up to HERE. Legs that won’t quit, ass solid as a rock, I mean she was just smokin’ hot. In plain words she looked fucking awesome.

Off to Victor’s we were, so we had a few drinks and a wonderful dinner. We talked about the day’s conference and the class. We agreed that the material was more cursory and did not address some of our deeper technical issues. In her opinion the class was a sales pitch, not for people to learn more about the technology. I agreed.

“Jakey, do you know why I am really here?”

“I guess the same reason I am, to learn about…”

“No!!!”, she yelled, in her slightly drunken state.

“I am going to tell you some things so you have to listen. Don’t interrupt me because I don’t know if I will be able to say them again. I am here because I care about you Jakey. You really make me feel like a true woman. I have never felt so sensual, so cared for, so loved, so protected. I love the way you make me feel. I love myself for allowing myself to feel this. I love it! I really do. My heart sees colors it never saw before I met you.”

“Corinne, you are a wonderful person. You know what I think of you. You are nothing short of the most interesting, most gorgeous creature that has ever graced the Earth with its presence. That is what I think of you. It really is.”

“Jakey, why didn’t I meet you 15 years ago?”

“Because you aren’t the same person you were then. We were meant to, I don’t know what this is, but we were meant to do this now. I try to avoid regret because I feel that it is one of the few things in life that has no positive aspects. I mean, I learn from my mistakes, but I don’t regret things. You can waste a lot of time regretting, but you’re probably better off just learning and doing things differently.”

For probably the first time since I met her I had her undivided attention.

I continued. “I guess the real question is ‘What now?’ It should be obvious to you that I care about you. This isn’t just a fetish or fantasy fulfilled. The majority of the time that we’ve spent together has been talking, not in bed. That’s how I know that you are special. That’s why I have reasoned that you and I should give this a chance.”

I reached over towards her and stroked her face with my hand, and moved towards her. Gently, I kissed her left cheek then her lips. She put her hand behind my head and pulled me toward her, filling my mouth with her tongue. I enjoyed her familiar and delicious taste.

After I paid the bill we walked, hand in hand, through the muggy streets of the city. The heat and humidity greeted us on every corner, the sounds of laughter and celebrated insanity on sporadic street corners columned through the narrow streets.

We wound our way back to my hotel room after rambling Rue Bourbon and an hour at Blackbeard’s. Over the course of the evening we argued politics, religion, and the very existence of life. Of course, neither of us was wrong or right, but both left the table feeling the other had conceded the victory.

As we made our way back to my hotel, I asked her if she had ever been in love. “Twice, Jake. Two times. A third I thought I was in love, but I was sorely mistaken.”

“Why so?”

“Love is an AVENUE”, she responded in a resplendent French accent, “and I was dutifully traveling a one-way street.”


“And you, my dear?” she asked.

“Two times, once for real. One time I thought I had what it was that I needed and could return, and once, it was just pure. It was purely that, just love.”

“That’s the way it goes I guess” she said. “Sometimes people are just ’star-crossed lovers’ and that’s what you got. You’re star-crossed and that’s that.”

“I don’t believe that. I believe that you reap what you sow, and the seeds that you plant every day are your harvest in your old age”.

“You’re a romantic Jakey. Beautifully principled, but it just doesn’t work that way.”

We meandered in relative silence back to my hotel.

“Well, my dear, it is the moment of truth or dare”, I said.

“DARE!” she said as she laughed and grabbed my arm and dragged me into the lobby. She naturally made a flirtatious comment to the bell captain and front desk before we hit the up button on the elevator.

The elevator doors closed and I put my hands behind my back and stood upright and was deliberately not kissing her. I had a plan. A few floors before mine the elevator slowed to allow someone on. Right before the elevator doors opened, I grabbed her and started kissing her like crazy. She started laughing out loud so much that the guy that was going to get on decided not to.

We finally got to my room and I pulled out my key card and we went in. We were kissing immediately, and I fondled her back and stroked her beautiful grey hair. I kissed her neck and shoulders and moved my hand to unzip her dress. It fell away and she stepped out of it. She wasn’t wearing a bra and she had on a really cute pair of panties. I nudged her over to the bed and she lay back, legs spread wide. A few rogue hairs were peeking over the edge of her panties and I couldn’t wait to slip my tongue inside her. I licked my lips in anticipation and I could hear her moan knowing the treatment she was about to receive.

I played with her for a while, forcing her panties between her lips, pressing and massaging her clit firmly with my index finger. She was so wet the moisture had wicked through and as I licked her panties I could begin to taste her slick lubricant. As I narrowed the band of fabric covering her vagina, her hairy labia came into clear view. I nuzzled my nose vertically along each line where pussy ends and leg begins. I snaked my tongue beneath the fabric occasionally to remoisten it as I continued my oral work.

“I can’t take this any more” she whispered as she lifted her hips from the bed to remove her panties. She motioned to me that she wanted to kiss me and, as she did, she licked some of her juices from my nose and mouth before moving my head back into position. Her hands firmly but gently gripped and moved my head to increase her pleasure. She approached orgasm two or three times but was trying to hold herself back.

“I want to come, Jakey” she said in a soft voice. “This feels so good please just lick me til I come and then we’ll take care of you.” This *was* taking care of me in a manner of speaking but I knew what she meant.

I quickened my pace with my tongue, pressuring and pinning her clit. I used my nose to massage and stimulate her clit, and I sucked her clit into my mouth and grazed it ever so gently against my teeth. I didn’t neglect her inner and outer lips, being careful not to push, pull or massage too much, too fast, or too often.

She responded with deeper moans and shallower breathing, which made me work even harder to please her. I could feel her grip tightening on my head so I thought I would put the finishing touches on her. My right index finger slipped inside her, followed by my right middle finger. I licked my left index and placed it firmly against her other hole, just pressing against it without entering. This was enough to start her over the edge and she soon bucked against my fingers which soon enough slipped into their respective openings as I continued to use my tongue on her. She began to stiffen, and instead of yelling out loud, she became totally stiff, still, and silent. For a few seconds I was worried, but then she relaxed. I still had my fingers inside her, and about five seconds later a flood of juice poured out of her. I bent down to lick it up but she said, very gently, “I think if you lick me now I am going to jump through the ceiling. Just let me calm down.”

She took my hands and moved them out of the way, got up out of bed and went into the bathroom. When she came back I could see her mascara was a little smeared and I could see her eyes were red. I thought she was crying.

“Oh, honey are you OK?” I asked.

“Just hold me. Just hold me.” So I did. I held her close to me and for a few minutes.

“I don’t know how to say this so I am just going to say it”, she began. “That night that we first were together, it was incredible. I mean it was absolutely great in every sense. I had a great time with you and then the sex. The sex was fucking incredible. I have masturbated every single day thinking about your tongue on me, fucking me, you know, everywhere. I mean it was just awesome. I have thought about it a lot and wondered why it was so memorable and it was because I care about you so much. And that initially terrified me which is why I think I have been distant since then. I don’t want to be distant any longer. I am going to put myself out on a limb and just tell you that I think I am falling for you. I honestly think I might be falling in love with you and it’s OK if you aren’t. My feelings for you are not dependent on yours for me. If you come to feel as I do over time that would be fantastic. This is going to sound bizarre but in a strange sense, it is a sense of accomplishment for me to have the feelings for you that I do. I didn’t think that I would ever get there again and I am and I’m glad. You treat me so well and you are so kind to me. If I do end up falling in love with you it will be a love of the ages.”

I was stunned.

“I think the world of you Corinne. And as far as falling in love goes, you have some catching up to do.”

She took me in her arms and we kissed passionately. We fell back onto the bed and I got out of the rest of my clothes. I was so hard it almost hurt. I continued kissing her and she guided my cock into her tight but soaking opening. The head popped inside and she gripped me the entire rest of the way as I squeezed inside her. I knew I wasn’t going to last long. We continued to kiss as I moved in and out of her tight pussy. In the dim light I could see her gray mound rise and fall as I entered and exited her.

“OK, let’s keep this fun!” she said. “You feel so good in me.”

She was so tight I couldn’t hold back and she could feel the change coming.

“Wait. Don’t come inside me. Jack off on me like you are thinking about me. Jack off like you’re fantasizing about licking my pussy or fucking me up the ass.”

My semen pump kicked into high gear as I pulled out. I remembered what it was like just minutes ago licking that beautiful pussy. I recalled entering her tight ass and shooting come deep inside her. That was it. Clear droplets of precum shot from the tip of my penis and landed in her hair and on her cheek. I released another 4 or 5 loads which spattered her tits, tummy, and pubic hair. She swirled a few blobs of semen together and dipped it into her mouth.

I got a glass of water for each of us and returned to bed. “That was a great idea to suggest to think about those things” I said. “It was like they were happening all over again because you were right here.”

“I hope they happen all over again. I never had anal before I met you. I wanted to try it and I can’t believe I loved it. Let’s do it again when you’re ready.”

I could not believe how candidly she said this. To me, those sentences are what masturbation fodder is made of. We talked for a few minutes and then we started kissing. She went into the bathroom to get the lube and put it onto the nightstand.

“We’ll need this”, she said.

“Whenever you’re ready, doll”, I said.

“Let’s do it. This time I want to lie on my back. Can you still do it that way? I guess we’ll find out.”

She lay back on the bed, pulled her legs up and rolled her ass out for me to see. She took the tube of lubricant and put some on her finger and massaged it into her ass. Then she took a nice big blob and ran it over my entire cock getting it fully lubed and ready.

“I am so ready” she said. “Put that hard cock up my ass”, she whispered. “Yeah, like this” she said as she moved her legs higher to give me a more direct line to fuck her ass. She guided my cock to her anal opening and nudged forward, swallowing the head. “Yeah, that’s good” she said softly. “Nice and gentle all the way in. Nice and steady fucking right up my ass” she said almost in a whisper again, but with a fiery voice. She was really into it.

I held her legs back so that her knees were almost back to her head. I could then move my cock all the way up her ass. Slowly I worked it into her and as I did she worked her clit feverishly. At one point her eyes got really big as I pushed deep inside but she encouraged me to slide in deeper.

“I can feel your balls on my ass. This is fantastic. I love this feeling” she said. “Just hold it there and kiss me. I’ll tighten and move on you.”

As we kissed I could feel her contract and release her muscles and move gently from side to side. She would moan in different positions, some deeper than others, as I maintained my hard penis deep inside her. I wasn’t going to last long this way either. After a few minutes of kissing and moving I was close to coming.

She was really working her clit now. She wanted to time it with me coming in her ass. “Are you ready to shoot it in my ass? How close are you? I want to come when you come in me.”

“I am almost there” I groaned. “Oh, man just a few more seconds if you keep swaying like that Corinne, it feels awesome. It’s so tight in your ass…”

He hand was fluttering over her clit so quickly it was like a baseball card in a bike wheel. I could hear the sloppy sounds of her wet fingers working on her clit as I felt her tensing. That was it for me. I began to unload inside her, building in intensity for a few seconds followed by a flood of warm, wet fluid. At the same time she orgasmed and soon afterward I felt her warm vaginal fluid dripping onto me.

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