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July 9, 2006

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I was attending an Exhibition of the Artwork from my Art College as some of my watercolours were on show. One of the patrons was this gorgeous blond woman in a smart dark suit with a tight skirt to the knee, and open at the neck to show some cleavage. I thought she would be out of my league but she approached me and chatted me up. Her name was Julia and she had been a patron for some time and would be buying some of the picture “I like to get them young and fresh” – did she mean the artwork or the artists?

We both had glasses of red wine and she had a gleam in her eye and a smile which was very attractive to me.

After a bit of time she asked if she could give a lift somewhere, which I accepted since I had walked to the gallery.

In the car she asked me where I lived and then said ” would you like to come back to my place for a late night drink?” which I readily accepted, thinking my luck was in!

Her house was a large detached house with its own grounds. As when went in, she explained that her husband had died in an accident at his place of work and she had inherited the family home. “Wow” was my response as I looked at the chandler in the hall and the staircase spiralling up stairs.

“Shall we skip the drink and go straight to bed, darling?” I stammered a yes and followed her lovely arse as she walked upstairs with a sway in every step. She went to the bathroom first and I started to undress in her magnificent bedroom. I was down to my shirt and socks when she came in and I went to have a piddle and clean my teeth.

When I returned she was down to her bra, stockings and knickers, having just taken off her suspender belt. I rapidly took off my shirt and socks and pants, all without taking my eyes of Julia as she revealed her lovely round breasts with large nipples. Then she removed her knickers and flicked them with her foot onto her chair, revealing a nice lightly furred twat between her legs.

She moved to the bed and sat on the edge with her two legs hanging down. “Come and remove my stockings for me,” she commanded.

I knelt in front of her and reached up and gently pulled the right one down, then the left one. I kissed her toes then her ankle, and I moved up to the inside of her thighs. These, she opened for me and I moved up until I could kiss her cunt. It was moist and opened to my tongue. I licked up to her clitoris and down to the bottom. Then I lifted her thighs with my arms and licked her arse hole and pushed my nose right into her vagina.

“Come back to my clit darling” so I moved up and rubbed it with my teeth. She was moving her hips around and up and down as she got excited.

“Come up and put your prick in me NOW!” So I moved up and with my body resting on my arms, she felt between my legs and grabbed hold of my cock and put it in herself. I pushed forward, she was really wet now. I fucked her hard and fast; she pulled me in and I had to push against her strength to pull back a bit before going forward. I went faster and faster then held still with my cock as far in her as I could push. I ejaculated my load of spunk as we both climaxed. I fell of sideways gasping for breath. I hadn’t had sex for some time and neither had she, so it was a great relief to both of us. A wonderful feeling of happiness came over us and we lay there with smiles on our faces in the after glow of sex. We got under the sheets and went off to sleep, happy.

In the morning, Julia woke me with a fresh cup of coffee. She was wearing a nice white towelling bathrobe, which hung open revealing her left breast as she sat on the bed. I finished my coffee and put the cup down and moved forwards to slide my hand in to cup her left tit. She turned her head to me and we kissed with our tongues intermingling nicely. She got up then and dropped off her robe and climbed into bed with me to lay on her left side to face me. I moved my head down to her breasts and licked her long nipples and fondled the smooth undersides and over the hard nipples. My cock stirred into life below me. I moved my right hand down her body to her slit and rubbed her clit to make her wet. She loved this attention and moved her hips against my pressure.

Julia then took over, and swung her right leg over my hips and grabbing my stiffness moved her cunt down my shaft. “I’ll do all the work this time” and she did, moving up and down going faster and faster until she came. I didn’t, so I turned her onto her back and drilled her hard until I came with a gasp of pain as her cunt gripped me to milk my juice.

After resting a bit, we talked about the Barbecue she was organising on that Saturday.

“Would you like to come in the afternoon for a swim, and then to stay for the drinks and the food later.” Of course I accepted. So on Saturday, I arrived at 2.0 pm and we went round to her garden where there was this nice secluded swimming pool, looking very inviting in the summer sun. The food and bar for the evening `do` was all set out on the other side on the patio. We both swam a bit. She was wearing a yellow string tie bikini; her body was a light brown, and looked perfect. After swimming we rested on a large air mattress covered with towels. I stripped off my shorts as they were wet and dried myself. Julia laid down on her front and sun bathed.

“Would you like to put some cream on my back?” She asked.

“Yes, of course” I replied. I smoothed in the lotion, starting at her neck and moving downwards in gently circular motions.

“Mmmmm… that’s nice” she said. I carried on until I came to her bikini. I looked at it and saw the beautiful shape her arse was, and in a trice I undid the ties and pulled down the bikini. Then rubbed cream onto her bum cheeks, and slipped my fingers into her crack. I naughtily pushed my finger into her arse hole, coating the entrance with cream. “Would you like to put your cock in there? My husband often used to use the tradesman’s entrance. Let me get up onto my knees first.”

Julia raised herself up, and pushed her bum out. I wanked my prick to get it fully stiff then gently pressed it against her brown star shaped hole. It slowly slid in. “Hold it there for a minute while I get used to it.” Julia said.

I felt her fingers against my testicles as she

rubbed her clit. Slowly the tightness around my prick eased and I pushed forward. The feeling was intense, part pain, part pleasure. I held her by her arse cheeks and pulled back, then thrust forward again. What a beautiful sight I was looking down on. I thrust faster and faster and came quickly. I pulled out as I grew limp and slumpt down onto the mattress. Julia turned towards me, putting her hand down to my prick.

“Did you enjoy that? How about giving me some pleasure then?” and she turned herself and swung her leg over my head and brought her cunt down to my mouth. I held her by her hips and looked up between her crotch. I could see my jissom flowing out of her arse hole. I licked her hard little bump of her clit, my nose pocking into her vagina. She held my limp prick in her hand and brought it to her mouth, it felt warm and nice.

I licked, I nibbled, I slurpt, I rubbed my face in her glory hole. She moved against my mouth and vigorously wanked my prick. She came hard and juice squirted into my mouth, and I came in her hand. She moved off me and lay down alongside me.

“That’s more like it!” She left me alone then and I dozed in the sunshine.

The caterers arrived at about five to set up for the Barbecue. Julia was hosting it for her husband’s firm; the guests were mostly the firm’s employees with just a few of Julia’s own friends invited. There were bottles of beer in dustbins of ice, opened bottles of wine but no spirits as behaviour got out of hand if people mixed their booze. About fifty people turned up and there was dancing and chatting and laughter; it was a great evening. I chatted up a young copper red head with white white skin, if fact I made a date for the following weekend.

After everyone had gone, Julia locked up and we both went up stairs.

We both undressed and Julia put on a short nightie. We went to the toilet together, I started to piddle and Julia watched and then said,

“Here let me help” and reached round me a held my cock. She even shook it when I stopped. Then she started to pull the foreskin up and down wanking me. I turned my head sideways and kissed her using my tongue. When I was stiff Julia told me to sit on the toilet, and then she pulled up her nightie and straddled my thighs, reaching down to my tool. She tugged it back and forth over her cunt first, before finding her hole and sinking herself down on me. She was wet inside and it felt good. I twitched but managed to hold myself from coming. Anna shut her eyes and stayed still.

Then I felt her warm, wet piss flood over me and flow down the pan. I pulled back a little and thrust up against her, she responded by moving her cunt up and down quickly. I held her by her bum cheeks and matched her movements.

“Put your finger up my bum…now!” I slid my hands further round and slid my forefinger into her dry hole. She came immediately. Her head went back and she cried out, and I joined with her in the ecstasy of the moment. She got up from me and washed herself fanny in the bidet, and I followed suit. In bed we both went off to sleep really quickly!

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