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June 16, 2006

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As I was pulling out of the driveway going to work being happy it was Wednesday and the week was half over, I happened to look behind me to make sure there was nothing in back of my car. As I did I saw the plastic cleaner/laundry bag hanging in the back of my wife’s car. I figured she had forgotten to bring it in last night after her volunteer work was done at the local Servicemen club. You see each Tuesday and Thursday Alice works at a Servicemen Club and always takes a change of outfits with her just in case someone or something spills coffee or juice on her.

That actually happened once and she had to work with her boobs all wet from a drink being spilt down the front of her. She told me how embarrassed she was when her nipples stood out prominently against the front of her blouse all dam night for the “boys” to see. She calls them the “boys” because they are much younger than she is. She told me she got quiet a lot of looks from the soldiers and a few sexual offers of which she laughed off. But, from then on Alice always took a change of clothes. She told me all the ladies did. I have met many of the people who work there and felt they were a very decent group, but were mostly women. They did have two fairly large guys to help with the heavy work and maybe to handle a soldier who might get out of hand from time to time. But by and large the women run the place, and Alice was one of the new evening supervisors who handled the finances.

She also helped with whatever they need her to do like serving food or drinks. And sometimes she got to sit and talks with a serviceman when he needed someone to chat with. Most of these young men are in there early 20s but many are still teenagers a few years younger than our son. They live so far away from their love ones and are very happy to talk with Alice when they had a big problem. In many cases she is old enough to be their mom. She has been doing this now for 2 years and has told me many times how much she enjoys it, especially when she gets to chat with the young men and help him solve his problem.

Alice is in her late 40s and I’m in my mid-fifties, 6 years older than she is. Both of our kids are grown and live away from home. Alice stays active and enjoys tennis and golf as well as the club. I usually work out at the gym 3 or 4 days a week to try and keep my gut under control. I think we are both in very good shape. Alice especially, while there has been some sage in her breasts and ass, for the most part she is still very attractive. Her breasts are now much bigger than when she was in her 20s and after nursing two kids, her nipples are much longer and thicker. With 38D breasts she requires a bra and with the size of her nipples, the bra has to be a good one. Her stomach is small and almost flat which is a credit to her hard work. It’s not like when she was in her 20s but she still turns most men’s head. Her hips and ass are small compared to the other 40-50 year old women I see. She works very hard running and walking on the treadmill to keep it that way. I am proud to be her husband knowing she doesn’t look almost 48 but more like 35 -38. Her hair is a wheat color blond and use to be natural. But now she uses bleach. Her eyes are green and she stands 5′3″ and weights maybe 115.

Like I said she is a good golfer and plays at least 3 times a week shooting in the mid 90s. Her tennis game is OK and she loves to play doubles.

I work for a large company and usually leave around 7AM and arrive home around 6:30 PM, some days later depending on the work demands placed on me. I make a very good income and we travel a great deal with the 6 weeks vacation I get each year. If I get to use it! We had just acquired another company and I’m the person in charge of making the merger work. So this year so far I have been working a great deal longer hours than usual.

Turning the car into the street I stop and decided to take the clothing bag into the house for her. As I went in I could hear her upstairs. She was on the phone and I wondered who would be calling this early in the morning? I walked up the steps and heard her say, “Yes Davie! Tuesday. I’ll be there on Tuesday and I’ll make sure we get to spend some time together. Yes, alone Davie I promise. OK! Great see you then. Bye babe”

I wondered who she was talking to and what they had been discussing? I walked in and she jumped saying, “GOD John! You scared me to death I heard you leave. Why did you come back? Is something wrong?”

I said, “Saw this hanging in your car and figured you want to wash it. It looks like it has been used and it smells like smoke!” I handed her the clothing bag.

She took it out of my hand and put it on the bed. Her face was getting red. I asked, “What the matter? Why are you so red? What have you got hidden in that bag, a nasty sexy outfit you wear for the boys down at the SERVICEMEN CLUB?”

I started to laugh and she said, “That’s not funny. I’m red because you scared me half to death. I didn’t realize you came back into the house again until I turned around and saw a man standing there. Thank you for bring in the bag for me. Next time yell!”

I looked at her and she seemed very nervous. I asked again, “Is something wrong Alice?”

“No”, she replied “nothing at all, why?”

I said, “Who was that on the phone?”

She said, “Oh. One of the guys at work he wanted to make sure I was going to be there Thursday night that’s all.”

I looked at her but she didn’t look in my face when she answered me. I said, “You call a guy at work babe and this early in the morning? And you are going to spend some time with him ….. alone? What the hell is that all about?”

She didn’t answer immediately then she just looked at me and said, “Oh that! He called me from his house. You see I am going to sit with a boy from Utah Thursday and let him tell me about his sad Dear John letter. I’m going to try and help him with his sadness. That’s all. The folks know I’m good at talking to these young guys. They wanted to be sure I was going to be there for him.”

I let it go. I didn’t ask, “And the babe stuff, what’s with that?” I let it drop and figured I only heard one side of the conversation anyway. Besides my wife had never given me any idea she hadn’t been faithful completely over the years we have been together. So I kissed my wife goodbye and headed to work again. But driving I wondered if what she told me was the truth. I have never had any doubts about my wife and I guess I should have finished my questions. Oh well I’ll talk to her some more when I get home and we are together.

That day was hell for me and I forgot all about her and the phone call. I didn’t get home until well after 9PM. I was beat and once I ate the food she had put in the refrigerator I died in the chair with the TV on. Around 11:30 PM Alice woke me and told me to go to bed.

The next morning I was up and ready to leave around 7AM. Alice was just getting up and told me, “Remember you’re on your own tonight, it’s SERVICEMEN CLUB night for me. I should be home before 11PM.”

Then as I was walking out of the room she said, “Oh John! I might be a little later. You remember that boy Davie I told you about yesterday, the one with the Dear John letter?”

I said, “Yes, what about him?”

She said, “Well he’s scheduled to talk with me at 10 PM. So I may be a little later than 11PM if he wants to talk more, I can’t just leave him can I? I’ll be home as soon as I can babe. But you don’t have to wait up unless you want too. I’ll be as tired as you were last night. I know you have been working very hard and you’re tired. I’ll wake you when I get home. Why don’t you just go to sleep and get your rest?”

I said, “And while I’m thinking about it, why did you cal that guy babe?”

She laughed and told me, “Oh hell John, you know I call everyone babe. It’s from when I lived in Baltimore, everyone calls everyone else babe. You remember my mom called you babe one time.”

She smiled and I left for work.

I told her I would play it by ear about waiting up or not. I kissed her goodbye again. I told her I loved her and would see her later. And off to work I went.

Around 11AM I got a call from one of the members of the conversion team at the other company and he told me he was coming to town. He wanted to know if I was free for dinner. Seems he was coming in on the 6 PM flight from Seattle and wondered if I could pick him up at the airport. He would spring for dinner. I told him he had a deal since Alice wasn’t going to be home I knew I would get a much better meal that if I cooked one at home. Plus it would get me out of the office at a decent hour.

I called home to let Alice know I wouldn’t be home until late just in case she was looking for me later that evening when she was out at the Servicemen club. But there was no answer. I said, “Shopping I’m sure, she’s always shopping.”

But, I tied again at 2 PM and 4 PM and still no answer. At 4:15 PM I called the Servicemen Club and got Roselyn whom I had met a few times. I asked for Alice and she told me Alice was gone she left at 1:30PM. She figured she was home by now. I had no idea why Alice would be at the club at 1:30PM if she wasn’t scheduled until 5PM. Maybe the boy she was going to talk with had to change the time. Who knew? But I tried to call home again and still got no answer. I finally left a message on the machine.

I hopped into my car and drove to the airport. I picked up Jim and on the way back into town I tried to call Alice again. It was almost 7PM now and still no one was home. So I called the Servicemen Club again and a man answered. It was Frank one of the few men in the place and he was Alice’s boss. I asked Frank if Alice was there and he told me he let her off at 1:30 PM. She said someone was sick at home I don’t remember who she said now John. Sorry she gone.”

So then I asked, “So if Alice isn’t there, who is going to spend time with Davie?”

Frank said, “Davie who? There’s no Davie working here that I know of.”

I told Frank the story Alice had told me about the poor serviceman and the letter etc. Frank said, “She must be pulling your leg. We don’t let the ladies have one on ones with these horny young men. Especially your wife, she would create an orgy!” He laughed but I didn’t!

Jim was sitting in my car as we drove listening to my conversation and when I hung up he asked, “Can’t locate the wife? That’s not good! And I should know, I have lost two wives in ten years to this dam company John.”

I said, “I’m sure I got things mixed up Jim. I’m sure my wife is OK. There’s no problem I’m sure.” And off we went to dinner.

I tried calling home every hour on the hour until 11:30 PM. Then I thanked Jim for dinner and told him I better get home and see what the fuck is going on! He shook my hand and as he was getting out of the car in front of the Marriott he said, “Just bee cool John! It could be and most likely is a simple dam mistake or misunderstanding. And I hope it is. But it could be something worst. Just stay cool and make sure of every thing before you do anything wild or crazy. If you want my help or suggestions just let me know. I’ll see you tomorrow, which isn’t far off buddy. Good luck.”

I laughed, thanked him and said goodbye but deep down inside I was worried, very worried! On the way home I called home again and got her. It was almost midnight and I said, “Alice where then hell have you been. I have been worried crazy wondering where you are. I have been calling since 11 AM!”

She said, “Oh John I just got in. Davie couldn’t wait to talk with me and so I met him at 2 PM today. We spent the day in the park talking and then I took the poor kid to dinner. He was so messed up even thinking about going AWOL. So we had dinner and sat and chatted. Then when I looked at my watch I almost died. I’m sorry I didn’t realize what time it was until 11:15PM. I told him I had to get home and drove right here. Where are you at babe?”

I said, “Well you worried the hell out of me. Frank told me he doesn’t allow the ladies to have one on ones with the servicemen. It’s against the rules!”

She said, “Oh God John you didn’t tell Frank I was with a kid did you. I’ll get fired! We have a small group of 5 ladies who do this on the side. Management doesn’t know about it. It’s a great help to the boys and no one gets hurt. Oh shit I’ll have to come up with something to tell him tomorrow. I’m sure he’ll call me.”

I was turning the corner to our street and told her I would be home in 2 minutes. She said, “She had to pee bad from drinking so much water. She hung up and a minute later I was pulling in the driveway. When I came into the house I heard the shower running and went upstairs and knocked on the bathroom door. She said, “Hi John! I’ll be out in a minute.”

I got out of my suit, which I had on for 17 hours. I sat on the bed and waited to get into the bathroom when she was done. I was piecing all this information together and as I sat there in my underwear she came out with her hair wrapped in a towel and her baby blue Victoria Secret pajamas on. She looked so beautiful. I watched her walk down the hallway towards me smiling. She came to me and bent down and kissed me. My hands seemed to automatically come up and cupped her large full breasts. She slipped her tongue into my mouth and tongue fucked me for a minute. Then she broke of the kiss and said, “OH John! Don’t start something I won’t be able to finish tonight! I’m beat to my socks. That kid I talked with tonight has 100 problems. Did I tell you he was seriously thinking about running away from the service? That would be the end of him.”

I sighed and aid, “Well you call me the next time you change your plans please. Leave a message for me if I’m not in. I have been thinking all sorts of things today. It’s not been a very pleasant day. If it wasn’t for Jim the day would have really sucked.”

She said, “Jim? Jim who babe?”

I told her about Jim and about the meeting we were going to have together in the morning. I also told her I would most likely be late again. She said, “why don’t you bring Jim back here and we’ll have dinner? IT would be nicer than him eating alone wouldn’t it?’

I said that was a great idea and I would call her before lunch and let her know for sure. I kissed her again and held her beautiful body against me running my hands over her as and between her legs. She moaned and as I started to unbutton her top she said, “Can’t we do this tomorrow John, I’m so tired and stressed out tonight?”

I kissed her and said, “Sure it’s late anyway. Tomorrow for sure Alice it’s been a while for us.”

She kissed me and rolled over so we could spoon. She placed my hand on her left breast and I felt the hard thick nipple poking my palm. I moaned and pushed against her as with my hard cock. She said, ‘For sure tomorrow night babe! I’m just as horny as you are. I can feel your cock against my ass.”

I said, “Well your nipples are as hard as my cock. Are you sure you don’t want to do a little playing now?”

Alice rolled over and smiled at me. She said, “Tell you what! How about you lay back and let me jerk you off a little and we’ll see.”

I rolled over and stripped off my shorts in record time. Alice laid her head on my chest and slowly began to stroke my hard cock. God I was so worked up already. My dick was throbbing and pulsing with desire for her. She giggled as she saw it jumping and moving in her hand as she played with me driving me nuts! Alice could really be a tease at times and what she did to me in bed on those special nights when we both wanted it made me so hot and full of lust.

As Alice ran her hand up and down my thick cock shaft she slid down closer to it and I could feel her warm breath blow on my hot cock. I shuttered as I pushed her head gently further down. She looked up into my eyes and said, ‘Do you want me to suck your big dick John? Is that what you want? Would it make you feel better if I did this.” And with that she engulfed my cock head and ½ my shaft a she began to fuck me with her mouth. She moaned and sighed and sucked like a demon! I held her head and cried out, “Oh yes! Oh fuck yes Alice! Suck it baby! OH fuck! I’m going to cum! Oh God your mouth! Your mouth feels so good! Oh God Alice suck it!!! Suck my cock!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!” She was driving me wild with desire and I arched my ass up of the bed and held her head so her mouth was tight around my cock. I shot a huge load into Alice’s mouth as her eyes shown bright as she looked up into my straining and passionate face.. She took it all and licked and cleaned up my cock until there was no cum remaining. To her surprise I stayed hard! She smiled up at me and said, “Looks like my little blowjob wasn’t enough for you babe. Well now I’m fully awake and the taste of your cum has made me hot and I want to do it too now! I started to sit up and she pushed me back on the bed and rolled over on top of me!

“Oh Jesus John! Your cock feel so big tonight babe”, she said as she smiled at me. Lowering her beautiful body down on my cock, she held the base and slid her sloppy wet pussy down saying, “See how wet you have made me! God John! I can’t believe how much I want to fuck you now! Oh God!!”

As her pussy swallowed my cock I was in a dream world as Alice’s wet throbbing pussy came all the way down on me. As our bodies met she opened her eyes and sighed as she began to ride my dick. The excitement of seeing my loving wife bouncing up and down on my stiff cock was always a sight to see. When I cupped her large full breasts she cried out as I felt a gush of wetness covering my cock. I knew she had just had a small orgasm and it was her cum that was covering my cock and making it wet. At least that was what I believed at the time.

I said, “Jesus Alice you are really turned on! I have never felt your pussy more wet and hot! Oh God baby! Ride me! Oh shit! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh Alice your pussy feels so good baby! Fuck me!”

Alice was bouncing up and down as fast as she could go now and her pussy made slouching sounds it was so wet it actually was dripping and her cum was running down my shaft and onto my body! as she bent forward putting her hands on my chest and started grinding away back and forth on my dick buried in her cunt. Alice tossed her head back and moaned as she rocked back and forth on me. I felt the cum building again in my balls and told her I was going to cum. She sat up and said, “NO!! Not yet John! Please not yet!”

I tried to hold off but she was just going wild on my cock. I have never been fucked better. Her body was magnificent and she bent forward and said, “Suck my nipples Hurry John! I want to cum with you suck them Johnny!”

I grab bot of her big tits and buried my face in them as I pushed the two together so I could suck the 1-inch long thick nipples at the same time. She cried out as the first shot of my heavy cum slammed into her hole. She screamed as she began to cum with me. Our bodies went wild together as I held her hips and pushed her ass and pussy down on my cock holding it as deep as I could get inside her cunt. She fell forward moaning and her body gyrated around rotating her cunt on my cock as I continued to pump more cum into her. She kisses me and I sucked her tongue as we both finished cumming together.

We lay together panting like teenagers. I held her and she made small whimpering sounds as our bodies began to relax again from one of the best sex sessions we have ever had. I said, “God baby! What started out as I’m to tired became one of the best sex sessions we have ever had.”

She looked up into my eyes and smiled saying, “Yes it was good tonight wasn’t it?”

I smiled back and said, “I so happy you enjoyed it John! I know we haven’t had sex much later. And I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

She said, “Oh John! I know you have been working hard and long hours. I’m very pleased you talked me into it tonight! God it was intense wasn’t it?”

I said, “Man you can say that again! Now roll over and let me finish you off.”

She smiled and gladly rolled off of me. She smiled as she opened her legs and I moved between them. Over the years Alice has learned to really love me eating her both before and after sex. I think she especially likes it after sex. At first she hadn’t wanted me to have me do it. She would tell me, “Oh don’t John! It’s to nasty down there now babe.” But as time went by she seemed to become OK with it. Now she seemed to look forward to it.

As I started to lick and suck her cunt I was amazed of the amount of cum I was sucking out of her hole. I looked up seeing her smiling down at me with my face covered with our love juice. She held my head and said, “You sure you won’t drown down there? I’m really full with our cum tonight!”

I licked and sucked and fingered that pussy seeing how red and swollen it was. I was thinking, ” God! We really fucked tonight! Her cunt is flooded. As I sucked her clit she arched and elevated her pussy up into my face and held my head moaning over and over again, “Oh yes! Oh fuck yes! Oh John that’s so good! Yes! Yes! Yes! Keep going! Oh fuck John! I’m…I’m…I’m cumming OH fuck!! YES! JOHN! EAT!! ME!!!! EAT!! MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JOHNNNNNNNNNNY!!!!”

She slammed her cunt into my face and fucked my face like she had just fucked my cock. I know it was a good three minutes with her cumming and screaming and having one orgasm after the other!!.

Finally, she released my head and I came up her body licking and kissing it. She pulled my head up and smiled seeing the wetness almost dripping off my nose and chin. She used her pajama top to wet me dry. She held me and said, :My poor cum covered husband, I love you so much! Oh God John that was a really good one! Thank you! I love the way you eat my wet pussy after we fuck!! God I’m so glad you talked me into that! Oh God babe! I love you so very much!”

We held each other until we both fell asleep.

The next morning was Friday! Thank God the week was almost over. She rolled over in the bed and I kissed her goodbye. She smiled and said, “Thank you again for last night it was magical babe!”

I said, “Well let’s plan n doing it again tonight earlier! OK? I’ll be home on time, I hope!”

She said, “Great I’ll have dinner ready at 7PM and then it’s to bed for both of us.” She smiled a very evil smile and said, “See you then babe! Have a good day!”

She kissed me again and as she did I quickly lifted her top exposing those beautiful full breasts. I could see a couple of small red mark on the side of her left tit. I sat up and now in the full light of the day, I saw a couple on the right side too. One was directly next to the big nipple. I said, “Where the fuck did you get that? Who gave you the hickeys Alice? What’s going on?”

She tried to pull the top down but I held it up. She looked down and almost looked surprised to se them. She said, “I..I guess… I guess you did John. I guess it was you, who else do you think? We were pretty hot last night.”

I said, “I don’t remember doing that to you?”

She said, “Well I remember you sucking on my nipples. I guess you just went a little wild. But it was fun wasn’t it?”

I aid, “I don’t remember doing that to you. No Alice I didn’t do that.”

But before I could say anything else she got a really mad look on her face and aid, “Well then it must have been your spirit John! Who the fuck do you think it was?”

I said, “I don’t know that’s what I’m asking!”

She said, “You think someone else is sucking my tits! What…what the fuck is wrong with you? You think I’m having an affair? Is that it! Jesus John you sure know how to take the air out of our sails! YOU DO IT! YOU ASS!! GO TO WORK!”

I sat up and aid, “I’m sorry I just don’t remember doing that! You always told me, “No suck marks!” I haven’t done that since we were at the drive in years ago. I just don’t know.”

She said, ” You better go to work John before you really piss me off. My husband thinks I’m having an affair! God john! How fucking dumb can you be! It was you dam it! Who else could it be. There is no one else John! It was your mouth sucking on me last night, sucking all over me, everywhere! I might even have some around my pussy from the way you were going at me last night!”

I said, “OK! OK Alice! I’m going see you tonight.”

She said, “Bye!”

I left but I was still not sure the marks came from me. I was upset but didn’t want to wreck the day and the night that was to follow. When I got there Jim was waiting with coffee. The first thing he said was, “Everything all right at home man?”

I told him I wasn’t sure. He asked if I wanted to talk about it and I told him yes. I explained everything, without going into depth about the sex, from the time we left the restaurant until this morning when I saw the red marks on my wife’s tits. He asked, “So was it you?”

I told him, “I truly don’t know. It could have been we were really going at it last night if you know what I mean. I might have and just don’t remember.”

He said, “Well like I told you last night, be cool and make sure before you go crazy. Don’t accuse or show your hand until you are positive she is cheating on you. I hope for your sake she isn’t John but maybe we can work together on that project too just to make sure. Let’s get the business out of the way and then we can discuss your personal situation. I’m sure we can come up with a way to prove once and for all if your wife, Alice is it, is cheating on you.”

I said, “Yes Alice. OK I appreciate your suggestions.”

We worked on the merger project and at 11:30AM Alice called me. I took the call and she reminded me that we had talked about inviting Jim over for dinner tonight. I had forgotten all about it. I told her I would call her back in 10 minutes.

I asked Jim if he would like to have dinner with the two of us and he told me his plane was leaving at 8:30 PM. But yes if we could eat early enough. I called Alice back and said, “Can we eat at 5 PM or is that to early? Jim has a plane to catch at 8:30 PM and I’ll take him to the airport at 7 PM.”

He smiled and shook his head yes. Alice told me she could have dinner ready at 4:30 PM if we liked. That way we could have a drink and eat and when I got back for the airport we could go to bed early like we had planned. She laughed a little when she said early!”

I told her to have it ready at 4:30PM and we would see her then.

When I hung up, Jim said, “It might be a good idea if I met her anyway. Then I can give you opinion about her. I seem to know now from the reaction of her body language and the way she dresses if she is cheating. Hell I caught two wives doing it, so I’m almost an expert. Plus I can chat with her a little if you leave the room for a few minutes a couple of time. This might be a good thing having dinner with both of you. Thanks.”

We finished up and left the office at 4PM. When we arrived, Alice was dressed in slacks and a nice cream color top. Not much there to go on I was a thinking she was more dressed up than usual but then she would always get a little dressed up when we had company over the house. She greeted Jim and made him feel welcomed. We had two drinks before dinner and then I stopped. Since I had to drive him to the airport, I didn’t want to drink any more. Jim and Alice both had one more and then dinner was ready.

I excused myself three times during Jim’s stay, once to get more wine from the basement, once to go to the bathroom and then finally just before we left for the plane. Jim thanked Alice for the wonderful meal she had prepared telling her, “The worst thing about being on the road and John can attest to this, is eating alone or at some place you don’t know. It was great to have a home made meal. Thank you again for your hospitality Alice.”

She kissed me goodbye and shook his hand saying, “My pleasure Jim. John has told me so much about you I really think I knew you before we met. Have a great and safe trip. See you soon babe”

She smiled at me and off we went. Once in the car I said, “So?”

He said, “It’s hard to tell for sure John. She was very nice to me and even called me babe when you weren’t in the room. She is a flirt I can tell you that much but then I’m sure you know that already. I can’t say for sure but I think we should put our plan into motion and see what happens. It can’t hurt anything and it just might let you sleep better knowing for sure if your wife is fooling around or not. How old did you say she was?”

I said, “48 why?”

He whistled and aid, “Man she sure don’t look her age, I would have taken her for maybe mid 30s at the most.”

I said, “Thank you I think!”

he laughed and said, “I’ll call you I a day or two and let you know when my son can get up there to start the test.”

As we pulled into the airport we were just finalizing the test for Alice. Jim got out of the car and thanked me for everything wished me the best with my wife and off he went into the terminal. I drove home still wondering about her.

When I pulled into the garage all the lights were off except the bedroom. I knew Alice would be waiting for me. My brain was on fire two ways, one because I knew what great sex we were about to have, and second because I was still unsure about my wife and if she was cheating on me. I walked in and up the stairs. The phone rang and I answered it just before she did.

“Hello is Alice there?” the male voice asked.

I said, “Who’s calling?” and then Alice said, “Hello. This is Alice. I have it John!”

I listened until she said again, “John I have it hang up dear.”

I did and walked up the steps and into the room. She was standing at the window and was talking low. I heard, No I cant. No I can’t work it out tonight.” Then when I walked into the room I heard her say louder this time, “No I can’t come to work tonight, we have guests and you’ll have to find someone else to do it. Yes, Tuesdays and Thursdays, right, Ok. Yes, thanks for calling. Goodbye.”

I sat on the bed and looked at her. Alice had on the smallest pair of panties I have ever seen, a tee shirt that was stretched so tight the full outline of her breasts were visible, The tee shirt was cut just under her breasts and were showing off the bottoms of her full tits. My cock was hard. She turned and said, “Work! It’s getting as bad as your work!”

I asked, “So who was that man?”

She said, “Oh that was Roy he works some nights that Frank doesn’t. He told me they were three people short and wanted me to come in and work until midnight.”

I asked, “And are you going?”

She shook her head and said, “No. I told him we had guests.”

She walked over to me and stood in front of my. I looked up at her big tits and her beautiful face and smiled a little. She said, “Maybe I should have said I was as going to have sex with the greatest husband on earth. That would have set old Roy back a little.”

She laughed out loud as she moved between my knees and stood looking down at me. As she did I put my arms around her beautiful round his and ass and pulled her even closer to me. My mouth went to her stomach and then I licked down to the tops of her micro small panties. She wiggled from the touch of my tongue and said, “Careful no suck marks John! Tomorrow you’ll want to know who put then over my pussy.

I said, “OK! OK! I got your message baby!”

She smiled and said, “I have a surprise for you tonight John! While you were gone with Jim, I did something nasty but I really think you’ll enjoy it. Want to see?”

I looked up into her beautiful but so evil sexy face and said, “Nasty huh? Sure I want to see.” Then as she took a step back, I asked, “By the way, where did you get that small pair of panties?”

She said, “These? You don’t like them?”

I said, “No I love them as long as they stay in our bedroom. Another 4 inches and they would be panties!”

She smiled and said, “I got them at a new shop in the mall that just opened. It’s called “Just For Ladies! They have things that are even better and sexier than Victoria Secrets. So how do I look in them?” She was turning around to show me all of her body.

I said, “God Alice you look so beautiful. You look wonderful! So sexy so young I can’t believe you’re 48!”

She smiled and said, “Oh Johnny you say the nicest things to me all the time. And the right things too! Now let me show you my surprise.”

Slowly, I mean cock hurting slowly, Alice began to take down the panties exposing her pussy to me. As she slipped them down further I saw she had no hair around her cunt. My cock sprang to attention. She smiled and said, “I shaved for you Johnny. I saved it all off just for you babe!”

She let the panties fall down around her feet and stepped out one foot at a time. She was completely shaved between her legs. I licked my lips and she laughed saying, “Hungry Johnny baby? Want mom to come over and sit on your face?”

I shook my head my mouth was to dry to say anything. She moved between my knees again and I held her around her as and hips again. She said, “Feel. I’m smooth as a baby’s butt!”

I ran my hand down between her legs and she opened them wider for me. I lay back on the bed and said, “Come up here and let me get a closer look at this beautiful shaved pussy of yours. I love what you did to it!”"

She moved like a cat up my body until she got to my cock, which was sticking up, in the air. She covered it with her mouth and started to suck on it. I swear I was like a teenager and in a minute I was read to cum. I pulled her up off my cock and she sighed loudly as she moved up to my mouth. We kissed as she rubbed her new shaved pussy all over my cock and things. Finally I told her, “You know what? I think I should taste it before it gets all covered with our cum tonight.”

She smiled and moved quickly up the rest of the way and straddled my shoulders with her knees. She smiled down and at on my chest letting her cunt about 2 inches from my mouth and nose. I could smell her sex as it filled the air around my face. I looked up into her eyes and heard her say, “Oh Johnny, eat me babe! No more fooling around eat my pussy. I want your tongue in my pussy bad tonight babe! Eat me and make me cum Johnny!”

I used my hands to pull her lower body closer to me and placed her pussy against my lips. My tongue slid slowly into her slit and I started to lick up and down the length of her wet pussy. As I reached the top she was already pulling the skin back exposing a hard round clit. It was so close to me I could almost hear it throbbing with the beat of her heart. She held my head and said, “Suck it! Suck my clit! Oh God John I need to get off so bad tonight. Eat me babe! Eat my pussy good!”

I moaned from her words and did my best to make her cum. Actually in the 20 minutes she was pushing her cunt into my mouth I got her off four times, not bad for two old people. Finally the taste and the smell of her sex was driving me wild. I moved my mouth off her cunt long enough to say, I want to fuck you now Alice. I want to fuck you hard and fast!”

She smiled down and rolled off of my face and smiled again as she saw her juices coating my face. She had already taken off that tee shirt and used it to wipe my face. Then she lay back on the bed and said, “one more time Johnny please! Eat my pussy one more time and I’ll fuck your brains out!”

I moved between her open thighs once again and buried my face into her hole. She arched as I sucked her clit into my mouth and hummed on it! She cried out as I inserted three fingers deep into her cunt hole as I could get them. I started to finger fuck her as I sucked and licked her pussy!

Alice rolled her head from side to side and arched her hips up to meet my mouth. My fingers located her little ass hole and I pushed a finger into that hole too. She went crazy when I did and I could taste and feel her cum almost running out of her hole. Finally when her orgasm had slowed and her ass was back on the bed, I looked into her eyes and said, “I can’t wait any longer Alice, I’ll eat you again later. I have got to fuck you now.”

She opened her arms and told me. “Yes! Oh yes Johnny! Put that big cock in me and fuck me!”

And I moved like lightening until the head of my hurting to cum cock was knocking on the door to her pussy hole. She said, “Let me put you in!”

I said, “Hurry babe! Hurry!”

She positioned the thick mushroom cock head at her opening and I pushed in. The feeling was divine! As my cock moved into her body I could have died aright there the feeling was so great. She pulled me own on to of her and kissed me long and hard as I filled her with all of my cock. .

Now that we were merged together full body to body again, I began to pump my cock in and out of her sweet body. She held her large breasts up to me and I sucked each nipple moving from one to the other and then back to the other one again. She encouraged me to suck them harder. I bit them and pulled on those big long fat nipples with my teeth. She was rotating her hips and pumping back into me as I fucked away on her. We were in heat bad tonight. Her body was moving like she was in her 20s again. We fucked and fucked and fucked until I just couldn’t hold back any longer and moaned her name saying, “Oh God Alice I’m going to cum! I’m going tocum! Oh fuck! Yes baby! I love you so much! AHHH JESUS! I CAN’T HOLD BACK! OH GOD! YES! YES! YES!YES! YES! OH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!”

My cock was thumping like a machine gun with each shot of cum I pumped into my wife. There was so much of it tonight, but not as much as last night. But boy was I shooting a huge amount of cum into her.

Alice began to orgasms too. She felt the shots of cum pumping into her body and wrapped her legs quickly around my stomach and elevated her hips lifting us both up off the bed as she held me down deep inside her as far as she could get me squeezing her legs. Her feet pushed on the back of my ass trying to get me even deeper. Her pussy squeezed every inch of my hard cock holding it in her tunnel. And she held her arms around me as we both strained and strained holding the joint orgasm. At that point I didn’t feel anything but our love for each other. We stayed like that for as long as we could.

Finally, I felt her body relax and her ass lower to the bed again. I lifted up and kissed her. She had tears in her eyes as she looked at me. I asked what was wrong and she told me, “Nothing absolutely nothing. I’m so happy I’m crying! Oh John I love you so much!”

Women I could never figure them out.

We stayed like that for a very long time. Then she said, “Are you going to finish me to night like always?”

I asked, “Do you want me too?”

She moaned and said, “Of course silly. It almost my favorite art of sex now. I love you going down on me after we fuck!”

I smiled and moved down her body saying, “I wonder if your new freshly shaved pussy will taste any better?”

She pushed my head down faster and said, “Oh God come on John! Eat me! Don’t tease me!”

I went to work again on her pussy. It took a while since there was a great deal of our cum n her hole. But I licked her clean of all of it that I could. I even used my fingers to scoop out what my tongue couldn’t. Then I came up and shoved my cum coated tongue into her mouth. Alice sucked on it like a hungry baby does a bottle. We began again. This time I tit fucked her and she licked the head of my cock until I shot off al over her chin neck and of course her big beautiful breasts.

It was Friday night and we fucked until neither of us could do it any longer. Alice and I fell asleep. Than on Saturday morning I woke up and looked down and saw my soft cock still net to her mouth where she had slept all night. I couldn’t help but see that shaved pussy still all coated on the outside with the remaining cum I haven’t licked out of her the night before. I used my fingers and woke her sweetly y licking and fingering hew beautiful cunt hole. As we made slow gentle love now I couldn’t help my brain drifting back to what had happened and what would lay ahead next week when Jim’s plan started.
Jim’s nephew Bobby was in the Navy and was a 1st class petty officer. He was stationed in Mayport, FL about 20 miles from where we lived. Jim was going to explain what we wanted Bob to do and why we wanted him to do it. Then Bobby was going to try and hook up with Alice at the Servicemen Club to see what was going on. He was going to ask her out and see what she would say. If she got upset or mad he would tell her he had just been dumped by his girlfriend of 4 years and lived 1,000 miles way in Utah. He was going to tell her how lonely and sad he was and wanted and needed companionship. The plan was to see if old Alice would meet him after work and go out with him and/or go back to his apartment that had been sub-leased for the next two months. Bobby was to see how far Alice would go to cheer him up so to speak. If nothing happened Bobby would tell Jim and he would again relay it back to John right away. If something did happen he would contact Jim and they would show up at his apartment with Alice there and catch her in the act.

But this weekend John took advantage of all the sex and loving Alice was giving him and man was she hot and ready. They spent almost all of Saturday in bed before getting up and getting ready to out to dinner and then some dancing.

John was going to take her to a place where servicemen went to see if anyone knew her. He would let the guys dance with her and see how far Alice would let the men go with her husband there. Or, John could see just how upset Alice would when she found out where he was taking her. John wanted to see her become upset when the guys all started to hit on her with him around. Then it was back to the house for some more sex that night.

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