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January 29, 2007

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Chapter One

I had watched the other students in my American Literature class file out of the classroom before walking up to Mrs. Tammy Billings’ desk to await whatever she had asked me to stay after for. I could easily see the latest chapter of the romance novel I was writing sitting in front of her, and I naturally assumed that the coming discussion would have something to do with that. Once she had finished writing down some things in a chart, she placed the chart in one of her desk drawers and then looked up at me.

“Steven, how old are you?” she asked.

“I just turned eighteen last month,” I replied.

“Good,” she said. “Would you be interested in sharing a cup of coffee with me after school? I’d really enjoy discussing your novel with you in a more relaxed environment.”

Wow, I thought to myself. This thirty-seven-year-old brunette beauty with her attractive, shoulder-length hair and deep brown eyes had just asked me to join her for coffee so that we could discuss a romance novel I was writing in which she was the woman I had secretly based the older female character on. My heart was alive with excitement at the possibilities that had just suddenly presented themselves to me.

“I would like that very much,” I replied. “Where would you like to meet?”

“Do you know where the Lexington Diner is?”


“I’ll meet you there right after school then?”


Not only could I not help staring at this amazingly beautiful woman, but I also couldn’t possibly have failed to notice the way she was looking at me. It made my stomach feel as though some unseen hand had reached in and was tying it into one giant knot that was getting increasingly tighter with each passing second.

“Well you should go to your next class,” she said, “and I’ll see you after school.”

“Okay,” I replied.

Although I found it quite difficult to turn away from her, I walked out of the room and down the hall with the feeling of being in love as an overwhelming presence inside me. But there was also a worry that she was going to meet me just to talk, with no possibility of romance being in our future; however, my mind kept zeroing in on the way she had been looking at me as a hopeful sign that my worry was unjustified. I would find out soon enough, but the wait would be agonizing as the time seemed to creep by so slowly.

When the end of the school day finally did arrive, I wasted no time in getting what I needed from the locker and walking briskly out to the student parking lot where the truck my dad had bought for me was waiting to take me to Tammy. The thought occurred to me as I was approaching the truck that I had not told her I had a vehicle and didn’t use the bus to get home. We all knew she drove a red corvette with a license plate that read “TAMSTOY.” But how had she known I would be able to get to her without a ride?

Normally I enjoyed listening to various kinds of upbeat music on my drive home, but that day my mind was so awash in thoughts of the lovely woman I was about to meet casually at the diner that music simply didn’t appeal to me right then. I made the drive with only the several scenarios I imagined becoming reality to entertain me until I pulled my truck into the parking space alongside where her car was parked. Upon getting out and looking at our two vehicles, I found myself somewhat impressed by how they looked together. Her sporty red car next to my black Dodge Ram, for some reason, gave me a heightened feeling of confidence as I entered the diner and saw her sitting in a booth located in a noticeably empty area.

“Hi Mrs. Billings,” I said as I got to the booth and sat down across from her.

“Steven,” she said with a smile, “as long as we’re not in school, it’s okay to call me Tammy.”

“Okay, Tammy,” I said, also with a smile.

The different venue we found ourselves in seemed to only make the knot in my stomach more apparent than ever, and this was only aided by my awareness of me sitting in the same booth with a woman whose physical beauty had already cracked my heart open, allowing oceans of desire to flow out uncontrollably. In the beginning of the school year I had looked on Tammy as all teenage boys might. She was beautiful and attractive but probably off-limits, and so I had also paid attention to other girls my own age, several of whom I had dated and broken up with already. But now I doubted that I would ever look at another female again if this worked out the way I so desperately wanted it to, though I knew that for that to happen, I would really have to be careful, yet cunning.

“I know I asked you to have coffee with me,” she said, “but I’m a little hungry. Would you mind if we ordered something?”

“No, I’m hungry, too,” I said, suddenly very thankful that I had followed my dad’s advice and saved more money than I spent. I felt instinctively for my wallet because I knew that I had more than enough to cover whatever I ordered, and this was important because I didn’t want her having to pay for both of us.

It was Tammy’s suggestion that we order a twenty-piece plate of hot wings to share, and so after ordering that, as well as our beverages, I found myself even more hopeful because of the fact that rather than eating two separate lunches, we would instead be eating the same thing from one plate. Although I tended to be a skeptical person at times, this just had to be yet another sign that perhaps I did have a future with her after all. I decided to test this feeling by floating a question that wouldn’t be too obvious and yet would have to reveal something in the way of my being right or wrong.

“May I ask you something?” I said.

“What is it?” she replied.

“When you invited me here earlier, you didn’t ask me if I needed a ride or if I had one of my own? That tends to make me think that it was either an oversight on your part, or you knew that I did have a ride.”

Tammy smiled. “Let’s put it this way,” she said. “I knew that when you got here you’d be in a big, black truck.”

“You saw me in it before then?” I asked.

Tammy nodded.

The waitress came over with our drinks and sat them on the table. “Your wings will be out in a few minutes,” she said before walking away.

“Thank you,” I replied.

Tammy watched her walk away and then resumed looking at me. “You’re looking for me to give you a clue, aren’t you?” she asked.

I seemed to know that she was on to me, and at first I was about to play stupid by asking her what she meant. In fact, I had even opened my mouth to do just that. But I caught myself and then abruptly looked right at her. “And which clue am I specifically looking for?” I asked.

Her smile grew bigger. “You want me to tell you something that will stop your worrying and confirm that I’m interested,” she replied.

A few seconds of brain fog gave way to a simple but nervous-toned “Yeah.”

The smile began leaving her face, being replaced by a much more serious, almost passionate, look. I watched as she reached under the table and did something to her foot, and then almost immediately I began to feel her foot rubbing up and down on my leg. I felt it go up and down three times before she stopped and began smiling again.

“How’s that?” she asked.

“Um, yeah,” I replied nervously. “That was about what I was looking for.”

“Do you want to know why I’m interested?”

A simple nod was all I could muster after that very obvious sign she had given me. My tongue was simply frozen in disbelief, something I felt was not a good thing and had to be rectified.

“I’m going to be brutally honest with you,” she said. “I’m a very passionate woman, and I’ve dated many, many men in my life. And I’ve slept with most of them. It’s a sad reality that I’ve used sex in an effort to find the perfect man, and I failed miserably. I have heard from my friends countless times that the guy I’m looking for just doesn’t exist, except in romance novels and the like. And I was beginning to believe that they were right until I began reading the chapters you were turning in. And though I never told you, I also looked for your name on the Internet and found the erotic stories site where you had posted three other stories, all with the same level of intensity, eroticism, and passion that your current one has. And that is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

“I’ve been looking for a man who can say the things you do through your characters. A man who knows a woman’s body and can, as your character Charlie said, make it sing to the heavens. And a man who knows how to kiss and sweep a woman truly off her feet and make her feel like she’s been whisked away by a dream lover who just stepped out of one of those romance novels we women like to read from time to time. And I’ll tell you something else, too. When it comes to romance novels, I’ve never read anything by a man that was even close to being as good as what a woman can write. That is until you. I don’t know how you do it, or why you’re so different from other guys. But I knew as soon as I read those other stories you put on the Internet that you might just be someone I would be interested in learning more about. ”

“And our age difference doesn’t bother you?” I asked, now sincerely devoted to the mature level this conversation had taken.

“Hon, my sister married a man twenty-two years older than her, and the three years they’ve been together have been the happiest in her life. I know there are issues to be considered, but if it can work for them, then I’m not going to fret about age.”

“You know it’s a little hard to fathom how we have come in just one day from being teacher/student to being, well, whatever we are now. But I’m sure it’s more than teacher/student. I wasn’t aware that my stories had had that much of an effect on anyone really.”

“Well you can pat yourself on the back then.”

“So can I ask if you’ve ever been married or have any children?”

“One marriage and no children. I’ve been told that I can’t have children, which doesn’t bother me because I wouldn’t be able to enjoy life as much if I was to have a baby.”

“Well I hope you’ll forgive my curiosity, but can I ask you why you got divorced?”

“I was young. I got married when I was seventeen to a loser who treated me like dirt and thought it was perfectly okay to beat the shit out of me. I’ll bet you didn’t know that my teeth are all false. My husband knocked so many of them out that I had to get the rest pulled.”

“Tammy,” I said suddenly feeling extremely uncomfortable. “Please don’t ever bring that up again. I can’t stomach the thought of anyone hurting you. I just can’t. You’re like some goddess to me, and it’s inconceivable that anyone would want to hurt someone as beautiful as you.” I shook my head in disbelief. “Now I’m going to be tortured day and night thinking about some asshole punching you in the mouth and knocking your teeth out. It fills me with such rage, and all I want to do is find the bastard and knock his teeth out.”

Tammy reached across the table and rested her hand on mine. “It’s okay,” she said. “I won’t bring it up again.”

“Well let’s change the subject, shall we?” I said. “What do you think of my current story?”

“Well the first thing I remember about it was how surprised I was that it was written so well,” she replied. “When you first told me that you could write and wanted to turn in chapters in a book you were working on instead of what the others were doing for the assignment, I believed you enough to agree, but I had no idea you could write that well. I have read so many romance novels, all of them written by women. And when I finished your, I think it was the third chapter, yeah your third chapter, I couldn’t believe how powerful and intense it was. All my life I’ve wanted to hear a handsome and dashing man say things to me like I was reading, and the fact that the person who wrote those words was a man was nothing short of astonishing. And your talent, and it is a very big one, is that you have an almost perfect way of turning someone’s emotions into words that have the ability to make the reader feel those same emotions. That was incredible!”

“Did you wonder what it was going to be like when they got intimate? I mean were you worried about feeling kind of icky reading about a sexual encounter written by one of your students?”

“Oh no, not at all. I knew it had to be coming. Even though she kept resisting his advances, it was so obvious that the sexual tension between them was so powerful that they had to eventually make love. And, if you want to know the truth, the last chapter before they had sex left me hanging when it became clear they were going to be making love in the next chapter. When I got to the end and found that I was going to have to wait until the following week to find out what their experience was going to be like, I wanted to call you on the phone and demand that you bring in that chapter the next day so I could read it.”

“Why didn’t you? We all turned in our phone numbers, and you would have seen that I gave you my cell number as well as my phone number.”

“Well it wasn’t just the idea of your parents wanting to know why their son’s teacher was calling him late at night. I was so overwhelmed with passion by then that I was beginning to realize just how attractive and interesting you were, and I was a little nervous about that. Believe me. That’s never happened before. I went to bed thinking mostly about what was coming in the book, but here and there I thought about you and whether you really were anything like the men in your stories. And each time I did, I felt this excitement and I would stop thinking about it because it frightened me.”

“Okay here you go,” said the waitress as she came up to the table and laid the plate of wings down along with several smaller plates. “Is there anything else you need?”

“No, that will be fine,” I replied.

“Well just let me know if you need anything else,” she said.

“We will,” I answered.

The waitress walked away, and as soon as I was comfortable with her distance, I looked at Tammy and continued with our conversation.

“Before you eat anything, I really would like to know what you thought about the chapter in which they did make love,” I said.

“Do you want the truth?” she asked seriously.

“Yes,” I replied, thinking that maybe it hadn’t been as good as I had thought it was.

“I can’t believe I’m going to tell you this,” she said as she lowered her head.

For a few moments I felt as though I was being left hanging because of the clear intent in her words to tell me something that would undoubtedly excite me, perhaps even sexually. Then I watched her look back up at me with a very nervous, partial smile on her face.

“I was so hot and wet by the time I finished reading that,” she said. “That was the most erotic and beautifully-written sexual scene I had ever read, and it just blew me away.”

Just then she motioned with her finger for me to draw close to her. I stood up as much as I needed to until I was able to lean forward and meet her face about halfway across the table, with about an inch or two separating our lips.

“I had to masturbate twice before I could finally fall asleep,” she whispered before sitting back down.

I was speechless and probably had my mouth open as I stared at her in complete shock. There could be no doubt, I thought to myself, that an admission like this from such a beautiful woman could only mean that love was in the air, and I was inhaling as deeply as I could. Tammy must have known the effect her words were going to have on me because she acted like it with her grin and the way she looked at me so sensually. I could have been wrong, but that look seemed as though it was clearly giving away her romantic interest in me.

It took me almost a full minute before I was able to respond to her. “Well I’ll have to keep that in mind as I get closer to the end,” I said fighting to keep my smile from stretching from ear to ear.

Tammy laughed. “Well the next time they make love,” she said, “I’m going to need someone there with me to do, um, what needs to be done afterwards. Any suggestions?”

My heart could have stopped beating right then and there. I had just been subtly invited over to her place at some future time to make love to her, and I was finding it extremely difficult to control the subsequent feelings that were unleashed inside me as a result. “Uh, I’m available,” I said very nervously with a few slight nods of my head. “Yeah.”

Tammy laughed heartily and again put her hand on mine as if to say that she was laughing, not at me, but at how I had responded.

We continued to talk as we ate, and by the time we were ready for our checks, Tammy asked the waitress to combine both bills into one.

“What are you doing?” I asked anxiously after the waitress had walked away.

“I’m gonna pay it,” Tammy replied.

“Absolutely not,” I said firmly.

“Why?” she asked, obviously surprised by my tone.

“Because I refuse to do anything that might be seen as taking advantage of you. I have money. I’ll pay my bill.”

Tammy looked stunned. “You’re not taking advantage. I just want to do this.”

“I know, but I don’t want you to. Forgive me for being so old-fashioned, but some guys, including me, don’t feel right when a woman pays the bill. It makes me feel cheap and unimportant.”

“Oh Steven,” she replied with a sympathetic look. “If these were the old days, do you think I would have made the move on you like I did?”

“Well how about you be modern and I’ll be old-fashioned, at least as far as paying the bills for dinner is concerned. I have enough money to pay both our bills, but I just don’t have enough on me. Listen, when I look at you, I see a woman whose been hurt. I see a heart that still beats in hope that the right one will come along, but which bears the scars of all the wrong ones that already came along. Unless you could step inside me and feel what I am feeling right now, you just won’t understand my insistence that I pay my own bill.”

I stood up once more until I was able to lean across the table. “Come here,” I said.

Tammy again met me halfway, and I quickly gave her a brief, yet passionate kiss using only my lips. I expected to see a surprised look on her face, and yet the passionate look that was there before I kissed her remained unchanged. I glanced around for a nanosecond to see if what I had just done had been observed, but it appeared that we were safe as none of the paltry few diners and even fewer staff seemed to have noticed.

“I feel like I want-” I paused for a moment due to the extreme level of nervousness I was suddenly feeling. “I feel like I want to take care of you for the rest of your life.” I sat back down and bit my upper lip for a moment as I considered how I needed to present what I really wanted to ask her. I looked back at her to see that she was motionless and gazing at me as though she was waiting to be kissed and embraced right then and there. “What are your plans this weekend?” I asked.

Tammy shook her head slightly. “I have some things to do regarding class,” she replied, “but other than that I’m completely free.”

“Have you ever been camping?” I asked after a big sigh.

A smile returned to her face. “Not since I was very little,” she answered.

“Well I know a place about four hours from here that would have inspired Monet to no end. It’s so beautiful up there, with mountains everywhere you look and a cabin right smack in the middle of it. My uncle owns it, and he’s told me that when he’s not using it, I’m free to use it whenever I want. I’ve the key right on my key chain. All that’s needed for one weekend where two people can talk and, well, hold each other without ever worrying about being interrupted is your consent to going with me there.”

The look of passion returned to Tammy’s face as she nodded. “I’d love to go,” she said, “but do we have to wait until this weekend to be alone?”
I was afraid the cat had got my tongue again, but I managed to whisper “No.”

“I have to grade some papers,” she said, “but then after that I’m yours until whenever you have to leave. You can even spend the night with me if you want.”

“Alright,” I said in another whisper, nodding my head to reinforce my acceptance of her offer. “I’ve never felt such powerful feelings before. I don’t really know how to deal with them.” My words came out of my mouth so softly that I worried for a moment if she had heard them all.

“Don’t worry,” she replied with almost the same low softness, which left me reading her lips more than hearing the words themselves. “I feel the same way. But I think we’ll manage.”

Tammy did let me pay my share of the bill, and then we walked out.

“You’ll follow me over?” she asked as we got to her car.

“Yeah,” I replied.

She looked torn and tormented as she appeared overcome by some desperate feeling. Her face looked like I felt, and I wanted so badly to throw my arms around her and kiss her without a care as to who saw us, but I fought that feeling and waited instead for her to hopefully say whatever was going to be said next. After a few moments of looking at each other as we had been doing, she took a step towards me and placed her hand on my shoulder.

“When we get to my place,” she said with such an intense passion in her voice that it appeared to be the cause of what sounded like her voice breaking as she spoke, “and when we get inside, I’m going to give you a kiss you’ll never forget.”

“I hope I can wait that long,” I said nervously. “We’d better hurry, because I don’t think I can deal with this anymore.”

“Me neither,” she replied as she moved her hand to the side of my face. “Just one thing. I know I’m going to give you my heart tonight. I know you have the whole rest of your life ahead of you, and it’s so unfair of me to ask you this.” Her eyes filled with fluid, and almost immediately the first tear fell to her cheek and began moving down her face. “But I’m willing to give myself to you tonight, and I won’t hold anything back. And all I ask in return is that you don’t hurt me.”

That was it. I couldn’t stand it anymore, and I embraced her as tightly as I was able before sending my lips crashing into hers with an energy I was no longer able to control. Never before had I known such a fire burning inside me, and the passion with which I unleashed myself on her still gets me every time I think about it. Her body fell back up against the side of her car as I struggled to kiss her harder and deeper than nature would allow. I could hear her passionate whimpers as our tongues waged vicious combat like battle-hardened soldiers determined to win this struggle.

“Wow, mommy!” came the voice of a small child. “Look at the way they’re kissing!”

I instinctively stopped kissing Tammy and looked at the mother who continued to walk passed us with her child in tow, but it was obvious from the look on her face that she was a definite prude who undoubtedly thought we should have been kissing somewhere else. I maintained a steady smile on my face until the woman drove away, and then I looked at Tammy as we both started laughing.

“That was funny,” she said. “But we’d better go because I was really enjoying that, and I don’t want to wait too long until I’m enjoying it again.”

“Okay,” I replied. “Just let me say this. I promise, with all my heart, that I will never, ever do or say anything to hurt you. Ever.”

Tammy put her hand back up alongside my face. “I want to tell you something,” she said, “but maybe it’s too soon.”

“I think I know what you want to say,” I replied. “And I know I feel the same way.”

“Then let’s make it special and save it for another time.”

“I agree.”

“Now let’s go because I really want to be in your arms again. And the next time we kiss, we’re not stopping for anything.”

I gave Tammy another brief, passionate kiss before heading to my truck. I followed her back to her place as a raging desire flooded throughout my body, and even my blood seemed to boil because of it. The thought that this was my teacher I was about to make love to came and went, but always there was just this beautiful woman with whom I had now fallen so madly in love with. Every fiber of my being yearned for her. My heart, so much more than my genitals, ached for her. And so long as she was willing, nothing on Earth would stop me from pouring out my love on her. An emotional earthquake had taken place within our bodies, and now a tsunami of passion was closing in on us.
Having watched the Dark Shadows revival series in the early 1990s, I remember the scene in one episode where the witch Angelique had placed a spell on Josette, who had been engaged to marry Barnabas but suddenly found herself so madly in love with his brother, Jeremiah, who was also under the same spell as Josette, that they consummated their desire for each other and eloped before anyone even knew what was happening. Because of the spell that had been placed on them, neither understood exactly what was happening to them, and yet they both used their free will to indulge in the illicit passions they found themselves engulfed in.

This was exactly how I felt, having just barely gotten through the front door of Tammy’s house, when suddenly she threw herself at me and sent her tongue headlong into my mouth.

Something unseen and unheard seemed to take complete control of us as our bodies struggled to stay standing while we stumbled around the area near the door, feeling as though we were apparently trying to literally climb inside each other’s bodies because the absolute physical closeness we shared just didn’t seem to be close enough.

Our bodies were pressed tightly together as our mouths began filling with each other’s saliva, and yet our spirits longed to be just as close together but were prevented from doing so by some rule or law. It sent us into a dizzying frenzy of kissing and embracing that might have lifted us up towards the ceiling had gravity not been the final word on the matter.

Our hands and fingers seemed to take on a life of their own as they ran up and down our backs and through our hair, regularly stopping to grip each other’s scalp and rub the sides of each other’s faces. My arms broke out in goose bumps, and chills raced down my spine each time I felt her digits move through my hair, causing the nerve endings on the top of my head to explode in ecstasy. So dominated by this energy had we become that the entire world around us just seemed to disappear, with the only reality left being she and I as we released the otherworldly emotions that had stretched our natural structures to the breaking point.

It seemed so crazy at the time. There I was, eighteen and less than a year from graduating high school, and I was making out with my beautiful and sexy teacher. I would never have guessed that morning that by the end of the day we would be kissing each other so frantically. And frantic is the only way I can describe it.

Perhaps it’s the same with older men who are about to score for the first time with a woman they’ve desperately wanted to be with, but I tend to think that the emotions, the excitement, and the experience are so much more intense for a boy as young as I was, especially when the woman is older.

I can remember everything about that night, including the way she smelled. Her hair still smelled of whatever shampoo she had used on it that morning, and her skin and clothes must have been doused with perfume on our way to her house. Even the interior of her home smelled wonderful due to the many mist makers throughout that contained water mixed with liquid potpourri. The beautiful scents seemed to heighten my desire for her, and it was only when I began to feel the bulge in my pants really begin to hurt for lack of her touch that I started to include touching her breasts and behind as we kissed.

Tammy’s failure to respond in a negative way as I touched her private areas excited me all the more. I knew that it was only a matter of time before I was inside her, and by now my heart’s ache for her was matched by my erection’s desire for her.

Because she had on an attractive pink formal outfit that included a skirt that extended to just above her knees, I was able to reach my hands underneath and grab her ass firmly through her panties before letting go and returning them to her back and elsewhere and then moving them again to her backside. Because of the things I had read about a woman’s sexuality on the Internet, I steered clear of touching her genitals for the time being.

As we continued to stumble about the room, we knocked over a small table that had a single candle sitting on it. Both the candle and the table’s marble top were broke when they hit the ground, but when I stopped kissing her to see what damage we had done, I felt my face being turned back to her before our lips reconnected. She didn’t care. The only thing she seemed concerned with was continuing what we were doing until she had satisfied the erotic tension inside her.

With this new seed firmly planted in my mind, I reached down and lifted her skirt up so that I could then insert my hands under her panties and grab hold of her bare behind. For a moment I felt faint as the awareness came that I was actually doing it. I was holding my teacher’s backside as our tongues acted like they were playing a redesigned game of Uncle.

With more force than I was aware I had, I ripped the panties from her body and tossed them to the floor, with a single, muffled moan as her only response. Once this had been accomplished, I felt her fingers grabbing at my belt as though they were in a feeding frenzy. The thought that she might have some difficulty accomplishing what she was trying to do disappeared as my belt and then the button of my pants came undone so fast I hadn’t even realized that it had happened.

As soon as my pants had fallen down around my ankles, they acted like tied shoestrings as I continued to move. In just seconds I fell forwards past Tammy and held out my hands in time to keep my face or head from hitting the floor. My reaction probably would have been either embarrassment or laughter, but Tammy gave me no time for either.

Suddenly she was down on the floor with me, her upper body laying on mine, our lips and tongues again finding each other. Her hand went into my boxers and fondled me as I held her tightly.

“Ever made love on a hardwood floor?” Tammy asked in what was her first deliberate cessation of the kissing she had started since we’d gotten there.

“No,” I replied.

“Well you’re going to.”

With her panties gone and her vagina accessible because of her skirt, Tammy slid my boxers down and was just getting on top of me when I stopped her.

“Not yet,” I said with a grin. “I’m sure you think that because you’re older than me that you are going to just rock my world. But it’s you whose world is going to be rocked tonight.”

And with that, I laid her back gently on the floor and positioned my head between her legs. Her labia were large, and even before I had tasted of her I could smell her scent from several inches away. It was both delightful and different. This was to be the first time I had truly gone down on a woman.

The last time I had done that, with the second girl I had been sexually involved with, I hadn’t had a clue as to what I was doing. I had to again turn to the Internet for information about this and that regarding a truly satisfying sexual experience, and armed with the knowledge I had, it remained for me only to exercise my ability to fool her into thinking I had done this many times before. As I had read, confidence is a man’s best friend.

I took a few, brief moments to survey what laid before me in between Tammy’s spread legs. The lower half of her body was extremely desirable to look at.

Her legs were ever so slightly plump, being neither super model thin nor those of a full-figured woman. Her skin was milky white, and her genitals were very cleanly shaven and sported not one hint of pubic hair. And then there was the scent.

The last time I had gone down on a woman, she had just exited the shower and had no detectable scent between her legs. Since Tammy had gone the entire day without a shower or bath, the scent was very obvious. And yet it was, as I said, very delightful to smell.

I had read on the Internet that the odor of a woman’s vagina was just like the taste in that to truly enjoy it required the man doing the smelling and tasting to acquire an enjoyment of it, although some men might find the scent and taste desirable the first time they encountered them. Fortunately for both Tammy and I, Steven Hall was one of those men who found these two things very pleasant on the first go.

Going by what I had read, I moved to kiss and taste her legs, thighs, and the area just above her genitals. This was supposed to cause the woman to experience greater arousal when her vagina and clitoris were deliberately avoided, and I was interested in putting that information to the test.

I spent roughly ten minutes or so kissing and caressing these areas and savoring the taste of her skin, and her physical and verbal responses appeared to be very positive. Then, using nothing more than gut instinct, I moved in.

My tongue attacked her clitoris suddenly and lashed it six ways from Sunday. Tammy let out an immediate loud moan. I moved my tongue down to her vaginal opening and licked it much more vigorously than I would have an ice cream cone. This seemed to also elicit positive responses from her, and from that point I began paying almost equal attention to her clitoris and her vagina.

Part of the reason was because I was enjoying the taste of her fluids so much, and the other reason was that I didn’t want to ignore her vagina while focusing exclusively on her clit. This also I had read. But the time was quickly approaching when I would need to do just that in order to bring about her orgasm. Once I did begin focusing exclusively on her clit, Tammy erupted in orgasm very quickly.

“Oh God, Steven!” she yelled.

Her incessant moans abruptly became screams as her body began to jerk wildly. Her fingers, which had been gently laying on my hair during the time I was licking her genitals, were all of a sudden replaced by her nails as I felt them gripping my scalp.

Her orgasm seemed to last longer than any of mine had, and the constant and rapid movement of my tongue over and around her clit did not let up until her climax had begun to subside.

“Oh my God,” she said through her heavy breathing. “That was fantastic!”

“I was hoping you would think so,” I replied, feeling very satisfied, though slightly sore under the tongue.

“It did. That was just wonderful. I can only imagine which one of the girls in school taught you how to do that.”

“Well you can keep on wondering.” I positioned my body alongside hers and gave her a lengthy kiss. “I shall carry my secret with me to the grave, my lady,” I said with a big smile.

“That’s okay,” she replied. “I don’t want to know who you’ve been with. You’re mine now, and that’s all that matters.”

Tammy placed her hand along my face and we gazed in each other’s eyes for many moments before she kissed me in what led to a renewal of passionate necking.

I placed my upper body on hers and ran my hand up and down her leg while showering her mouth, face, and neck with an uninterrupted stream of kisses that revived her whimpered moans and inspired her to again run her fingers through my hair. We remained in that state for quite some time, until Tammy finally decided that it was her turn to please me.

“Now I’m gonna go down on you,” she said with a lusty grin.

“Nope,” I replied. “Not yet. When I said earlier that I was going to rock your world, that’s exactly what I meant. I don’t know how many men you’ve been with in your life, but I can guarantee you that I will outlast all of them. You see, the difference between you and I is that when I cum, I’m done. You can cum all night if I want you to. And I want you to. And you will.”

“I’ve never had anyone tell me that before,” she replied with a smile. “Just how good do you think you are?”

“Honey, I’m the best,” I replied, hoping I wouldn’t screw up and reveal my dishonesty. I might have been the best, but I had not proven that to anyone as of yet. “And you won’t have to wait long for the proof. How many orgasms have you ever had in one night?”

“Oh I don’t know,” she responded before appearing to think carefully about it. “I would say definitely not more than three.”

“Three?” I asked, forcing the best look of surprise on my face that I could muster. “That’s it?”

“Well how many do you intend to give me?” she asked, now looking surprised herself.

“Mmmmm. Ten!”

“You’re kidding. Ten? Can you really do that?”

“I’ll make a deal with you. Whoever loses this bet pays for dinner on our next date.”

Tammy’s smile widened. “Done,” she said.

Having only the things I’d read and my confidence at my disposal, we resumed making love after a brief respite, and my first mission was to seek out and find her G-spot, something I had never found on a woman before.

In chronological order, I managed to give her two G-spot orgasms, followed by a dual G-spot and clitoral orgasm, which she immediately said had caused her the most incredible pleasure she had ever felt.

Following right behind this was a combination of my tongue zeroing in on her clit while my index finger entered her behind and began pushing up against the roof of it towards the base of her vagina.

This was new for her, and in fact I had not even read about this anywhere. It was simply something I felt inspired to do, and it worked beautifully. She claimed that this orgasm was almost every bit as intense as the combination ones she had just had.

I decided to have an oral go at her one last time before moving on to penetration at a slightly later time, this being because I wished to give her the opportunity to fulfill the responsibilities she said she had for that evening.

This time, however, my desire to send my tongue probing her most secretive and restricted place had become nearly unbearable. I spent a few seconds on her vagina before finally easing my tongue down until I could feel it gently running over the exit hole in her backside.

Tammy said nothing, and once I had reached this spot, my tongue appeared to not want to leave it alone. I spent some minutes licking that area, sometimes vigorously and sometimes slowly, and at some point I even attempted to penetrate her with my oral probe, without success.

Tammy’s silence gave me cause to believe that, despite whatever feelings of embarrassment and discomfort she may have been experiencing, there must have been some kind of pleasure she was taking in from the sensations she was having. I let this be my green light to continue until I finally had become so lust-crazed that I lifted her entire lower body up from the floor and wrapped my arms around her waist.

With my tongue busily focused on her bottom, my fingers gently massaged her clit at an almost teasing pace. Her orgasm didn’t come as quickly because of the slow movement of my fingers, and yet I had the feeling that the buildup of pleasure and the final explosion in orgasm might also be stronger because of it.

While I don’t know how true that was, the inevitable resulting orgasm was indeed a very pleasurable one for her, especially with her upper body extending down from my arms and her head and shoulders resting on the floor. I couldn’t see her face, and yet her screams and cries of ecstasy were more than enough to motivate me to continue this as soon as her school-related chores were over.

Once we had temporarily finished, Tammy and I sat on her couch holding each other, and we talked for a few minutes before she set about grading some papers, including mine.

“You know I have to admit something to you,” she said.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“I’m very surprised at how things turned out so far tonight. When we were on our way here, all I could think about was how much pleasure I was going to give you after we walked through the door. I was so sure that I was going to, as you said, rock your world. And instead you just took over and-” She paused for a moment as she looked down. “You made me feel things I never felt before,” she continued after looking back at me. “That was just completely unbelievable. I would never have expected anything like that from you. Never. You truly are the best lover I’ve ever had.”

“And you, my queen, are the most beautiful goddess that any supreme being could ever create. Sometimes if I listen very carefully I can hear the gods on Mount Olympus talking about you, referring to you as one of them.”

“Oh sweetheart,” she said softly, clearly taken by my words. “I wish I was a goddess.”

“You are, in every sense of the word, my love. A goddess in human form may lack all her majestic powers and abilities, but even existence in a world of mortals cannot prevent your otherworldly beauty from shining through in your physical form.

“When you look up at the night sky and see all the stars, surely you have to know that they’re there for you, singing your praises, dancing in the heavens for you, and even going supernova when the lure of your beauty becomes too much for them. Nothing can resist you.

“The iceberg that sank the Titanic would have melted in seconds had you been the first person to see it. The Greeks would have left Troy alone had you been one of them, for who in their right minds would have sailed off to some foreign land instead of sticking around trying to win your heart? And one can only wonder what your picture would have been called had you walked in on Da Vinci before he started painting the Mona Lisa.

“There is nothing about you that doesn’t make me tingle with delight. The very sight of you brings untold pleasure to my eyes, and the way you smell so wonderful is nothing short of a sensual smorgasbord.

“I can’t begin to tell you what the mere act of touching you does to me, and when I look in your eyes, my heart is simply overwhelmed by all the beautiful things I see in them. Heaven may be a physical city to be lived in at some future time, but for now it is to be found in your arms and in your kiss. You are truly God’s most beautiful creation.”

Tammy appeared stunned. She gazed at me for what seemed like an eternity, evidently unsure as to how to respond to what I had just said.

I wasn’t making all that up. My heart felt it, and my words conveyed it.

I ran my hand along her face and then sent my fingers through her hair before stopping with a gentle grip of the back of her neck. I held it there for a short time before then tenderly running my hand over her hair, starting from her forehead and continuing along until I had reached her shoulders.

And then I noticed it again, the fluid building up rapidly in her eyes and the almost immediate journey of several tears down her face. She sniffed as her face became contorted from the holding back of a complete breakdown.

“Steven, no one has ever said anything like that to me before,” she said as her voice began to break. “Wherever have you come from, my darling? Are you even real? Or are you a character from one of your stories that just stepped out from the pages and into my life?

“You could be every woman’s dream, and also every woman’s nightmare if you turned out not to be real. How is it possible for you to look at me and say these things? I’m nothing like what you’ve described. Do you see these lines forming around my eyes and mouth? Every time I see them, I’m just devastated. I simply can’t believe that I’m really that beautiful to you.”

“Don’t ever believe that what you just said is true,” I replied. “I could never believe anything but what I’ve just told you.”

“And in twenty years, when I no longer look like this? Will you still believe it then? Would I even have a chance at keeping you with so many beautiful young girls all around you?”

“You listen to me.” I looked at her very seriously. “You are mine forever so long as you will have me. If anything were to happen to us, it would be because you chose to leave me. I would never leave you for anything or anyone. You may not believe that now, but then what woman of any younger age can claim that they are more confident in the longevity of her relationship than you can? How many men married to wives of equivalent age have abandoned them for still younger women? Have I chosen a younger woman?”
“I made the first move on you.”

“True, but if I had known the way to your heart was open to me, I would have made the first move on you. Do you think that if I can have you that I can’t have someone closer to my own age? But I choose you, not them.”

“It’s easy to say that now, but time has a way of making someone look different as they get older. When I’m sixty-seven and you’re only forty-eight, what assurance will I have that you wouldn’t walk in on me one day and tell me that you no longer love or need me?”

“You just told me earlier that your sister married someone who was twenty-two years older than her. What assurance does she have? And I must say this again. What assurance does any woman have?

“I know you feel as though your being older increases the risks, but if you left me now in order to ensure you would never be hurt later, what assurances would comfort you when you were an old woman living alone or with some old loser you settled for that I would not have been there to make your final years as happy as you could possibly imagine?

“Tell me you’re willing to roll the dice and gamble on being better off as a lonely old lady who will never know how things would have turned out, and we can go our separate ways tonight. But could you be sure that the torture of not knowing if you were wrong or not wouldn’t just bring you right back to me?”

“What you say makes sense. There are no crystal balls for me to look into to see whether or not you would still be with me when I’m truly old. And you’re probably right that, especially after tonight, I would come running back to you for fear that I could be wrong in worrying you wouldn’t be there.

“Steven, it took so much courage for me to invite you to the diner today, and even in light of that and what eventually happened there, I never imagined that things would turn out like this.

“To be honest, I was lured to you by the curiosity that the writer might be as good as the people he’s writing about, but I never thought that it would all turn out this wonderful this soon. When I told you earlier that age difference didn’t matter, that was before I realized that I love-” Tammy suddenly stopped.

After a few moments, her resistance ended and the tears started flowing freely as she broke down in uncontrolled crying.

“I’m sorry!” she said as she buried her head into my shoulders and held me tight. “I can’t help it! I love you!”

I held her just as tightly as her tears quickly soaked through my shirt and began licking the skin underneath. The power of this moment was as surprising as it was moving.

“I guess this is as special a time as there could be,” I said softly. “I love you, too, Tammy. I love you so much.”

“Please don’t ever forget your promise,” she said as she pulled away from my shoulder and looked at me with a tear-soaked face and saturated eyes. “There’s nothing more you could do or say that would win me any more than you already have. I have never, ever experienced anything like this before. If you ever left me, I don’t know how I would deal with it. I could just see myself jumping right off a bridge.”

“Don’t ever talk like that,” I said, now feeling the tears welling up in my own eyes. “You don’t have to worry about that day because it will never come.” I paused in order to kiss the tears from her face. “I love you,” I said passionately as I looked straight into her eyes.

“I love you more,” she replied with a slight smile.

“No,” I said, also smiling. “I love you more, and you accept it.

“Not a chance, my prince.”

We gave way to our longing and began to kiss. It was a slower kiss, a much more tender one. But the meaning and message of this kiss was not lost on either of us.

Our passion for each other having already been expressed, now we had confessed this deep, unyielding love for each other as well. Had the timing been right for this when only less than three hours had gone by since the conclusion of our first date? The only thing I knew for sure was that it had felt right for both of us.

Tammy and I were now officially a couple in a committed relationship. Our love for each other was more potent than anything she had experienced in all her years, something that her emotional responses had left no doubt about, and like all committed couples, we felt completely ready to begin facing the future together.

For her the things to worry about were simple. Time and age lingered as her enemies each time she would look in the mirror and see a slightly changed woman staring back at her.

For me the worries were different. How would a teacher and her student, though both of legal age, carry on their relationship in violation of the ethical rules she was supposed to adhere to? What if someone were to see us and give our secret away? And what kind of support from my parents could I look forward to once they eventually learned of the woman old enough to be my mother who was now both the love and the guiding star of my life?

As we both already knew, only time would reveal the answers to us. And because of our age difference, every second would be precious and irretrievable if wasted. A love affair that exceeded anything I could have dreamt up for my stories had begun, but unlike my stories, fate and not I would control every possible outcome. And as I had already learned from Tammy, fate can be waiting for people with some very unhappy surprises in store for them, everything from lost jobs to sudden death.

These were my fears as my mind’s eye looked past Tammy and into the black abyss called the future, the place we had decided to roll the dice on and then step into together. It remained only for the results of our gamble to reveal themselves to us.

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