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September 11, 2006

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It was a new chapter in my life, one journey had just ended and a new one was about to begin. I had just finished college with a degree in Computers and was starting grad school to earn my Masters in Computer Information Systems and Network Design.

I would be working for my MBA with an emphasis in the two areas mentioned. In addition, I had landed a marvelous ground floor opportunity as a Jr. Systems Programmer Analyst with the opportunity for fast track advancement in a booming multinational shipping company.

I was to leave the 3rd week in May and would start my job the second week of June with grad school beginning in early September. This would give me about 3 weeks to get settled in my new apartment and find my way around town before I started my new job and a while to rest up before hitting the books again.

I had always wanted to take a train cross country and to me, flying was overrated Since it was nearly a 700 mile trip(almost 14 hours by train) I decided to take the evening train so I would be able to sleep and arrive early the next day. The month leading up to my trip, I said my goodbyes to all my friends and that day, my parents, along with my best friends took me out to lunch and I spent the rest of the day getting ready for my trip. (more…)

September 8, 2006

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It was a warm Saturday night, and as usual I had a house full of teenagers. I didn’t mind, I loved their company, I don’t think I ever grew up as most of the time I felt more relaxed hanging with them than I did my “grown up” friends. My teenage son was there, and his older sister, and her fiancé John, and a couple of their mates.

We had all been for a drink, then come back to my house, where we smoked a bit grass, and everyone lay about on sofas or carpet chatting and putting the world to rights.

As was usual on these occasions, I seemed to end up having most of my conversations with one of John’s friends, a boy of 20 called Iain. Not only was he smarter than most of the other kids and could keep up with me mentally, but we had a similar sense of humor, and he always made me laugh with his wry quips. Often everyone else would end up crashing on the carpet or disappear to bed and he and I would sit talking until the sun came up. We usually flirted a little too, lighthearted stuff, but enough to make our conversations interesting with a slight sexual edge. I love flirting; I happen to think it’s one of many dying arts; I look at my daughter sometimes and think how all the subtlety seems to have disappeared from relationships. Her idea of flirting seemed to consist of saying to her fiancé, “I’m horny, shag me now.” (more…)

September 5, 2006

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Upon opening her eyes, Mrs. Cummings looked out the window to see it was a dreary and cloudy day. Kind of like her marriage. Will, or Mr. Cummings has become a stranger to her. He stays at work at all hours of the night, and travels a lot on business trips… or so he told her.

Mrs. Cummings was a beautiful woman with a body that many forty-year old women only wish they had. She was also a great cook, took care of the house, and their daughter Symone. All fine qualities to keep a man’s eye at home. Even though she suspected Mr. Cummings of having an affair, she said nothing. She continued to be the supporting wife she had always been.

She slipped on her robe and slippers and fumbled to the kitchen. She stopped to stare at the mess left behind by Symone and Mr. Cummings. With a deep sigh, she picked up the dishes on the table and put them in the sink. She dumped out the coffee from Mr. Cummings and made a new pot, and continued to tidy up the kitchen. An hour passed by the time she finished her coffee and added out the expenses to be paid for the week. As she walked back to the bedroom to get dressed her mind was filled with thoughts of the day’s errands.

Her robe lay on the bed as she looked in the mirror thinking, ” Am I getting old?” She examined her face closely. Not a wrinkle on it. She moved her hand down her neck. Then removed the straps to her nightie and allowed it to drop to the floor. Her breasts developed goose bumps as her hand flowed over them. It was causing her nipples to pucker. Realizing she could take this further than she has time for, she stopped and took a deep breath. (more…)

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At twenty six, I had worked in the maintenance department of the office building for something like eight years. It was a go nowhere kind of job, but no one really bothered me, and I was more or less my own boss. The tenants of the building ranged from travel agents, to wholesalers, and even one attorney. None of which were very interesting people as far as I was concerned.

All but one…

About a month ago, a woman who was an interior decorator moved in and set up shop. She was as unlike the rest of the tenants as night is from day. I had no idea of her real age, but I figured that she was somewhere in the age neighborhood of my mother! Short, well styled, absolutely silver hair framed a still attractive face with piercing blue eyes, and a smile that was totally dazzling. The real thing about her was her build. Well dressed in a conservative manner, she still had the body of a twenty year old which surprised the hell out of me. Curvy, full breasted, with legs that from what I could see which wasn’t much, seemed to be truly incredible.

I hadn’t run into Mrs. Nance very often, and then, it was only a nod and a ‘hello’, so it sort of surprised me that one day, there was a message on my machine to come by her office. Of course, I hurried right up. After knocking on the door, I entered as she said, “Come in?” (more…)

September 2, 2006

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I can’t believe next year I will be going to UCLA on a full scholarship for football - me, Jack Nelson. I’ll be leaving home as an adult. It feels great after always being thought of as a child. My mom and dad are great, I could not ask for better parents. I have a lot of good friends that I will miss but I’m ready to be my own man. I am making extra money this summer doing odd jobs. I don’t really have a steady girl; I was always playing football, basketball, or baseball. I did not date very much.

I looked at the clock it was 6:00 am, I jump out of bed put on some shorts a T-shirt and my running shoes and down the stairs and out the door on my morning five mile run. When I was through with my run I was scheduled to help the Andersons, who have been our neighbors for fifteen years. They were giving a party this Saturday; I was going to help them set everything up. Plus I was making $7.00 per hour, money in the bank! I really felt good, since I have been working out, lifting and running. I was hard as a rock and I was up to 235 lb of muscle. Last year in high school I played at 205 lb, I put on 30lb more which will help me playing next year. I’m 6′ 2″ with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. I think I look pretty damn good. The extra muscle looks hot on my frame. (more…)

August 30, 2006

he gets taken by his mother-in-law

Barry sat down on his computer chair and switched his computer on just as his mother in law shouted up for him to clean his room. Shifting his eyes to look at the ceiling and contemplating a response he simply sighed and shouted okay. He liked his mother in law but she could be very bossy at times and since she was gracious enough to allow him to move in after he’d gotten her daughter pregnant, he always bit his tongue whenever she ordered him about.

The only thing he thought was quiet silly though was the fact she’d insisted he had a room to himself as opposed to sleeping with her daughter, as if the damage hadn’t already been done. Still, it could be worse, so he put up with her little quirks. Truth be told, he quiet fancied his mother in law. After all she was only thirty-eight years of age and he could see she must have turned a few heads back in her teens.

It was Julie that insisted he treated her mother like she was the mother in law for they were planning on marrying in the spring. Barry saw nothing wrong with this and so felt comfortable telling people she was his mother in law. He knew it would be the truth come spring so what the hell.

Quickly tidying up the room he heard his mother in law coming up the stairs and just managed to fold up the shirt he’d left on the floor before she knocked and walked in. (more…)

August 24, 2006

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Vanessa Moore was a very good nurse. Dedicated was what would best describe Vanessa. She was 49 years old and an intensive care unit nurse at Maplethorpe University Medical Center for 21 years. She still loved her work despite it resulting in sometimes tragic outcomes. It was a natural part of the job that not all patients in her care left the hospital healthy enough to resume active lives. Sometimes people did die. That is why she chose to never marry or have children. She desperately wanted both. But she didn’t think it would be fair to raise a family and have a husband, knowing she would always be dealing with life and death. Even her family could understand why she did what she did in this instance.

Her mom, Loretta, stayed home to raise Vanessa and her younger brother, Steven and younger sister, Paula, while Vanessa’s dad, Edward, was an investment banker for 43 years. Vanessa knew her parents to be good, hard-working honest people who loved their children very much. She wanted to live up to their example. She thought she had so far and was proud of herself and her work.

Her pride took a back seat one time three years ago. One very interesting time… (more…)

August 21, 2006

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I looked at my friend Thomas as I chewed the last bite of my hamburger. “No, I’m afraid I can’t make it tomorrow,” I said. “I know that Saturday is your only free day, but it’ll have to be next week. I promised my neighbor I would help her with some minor chores tomorrow.”

“That’s quite all right,” Thomas replied. “I guess I’ll see you in 8 days then. I have to run, got to hit the books now so that I’m finished before Sunday.”

I nodded as Thomas pushed himself away from the table. “Bye, Jerry,” he said as he waved. I waved back at his departing figure.

I signaled for the check as my waiter passed by. Paying the bill, I headed out to walk the 3 blocks to my room-for-rent. I was lucky to find the place, which I furnished in a Spartan manner – a bed and a dresser. (The owners of the house were nice enough to let me have a towel rack in the bathroom for my shower towel and part of the refrigerator for any food I might buy.) It was only 5 blocks from the Northwestern campus in Evanston, and was barely affordable for a college student living on nothing but financial aid. I had enough money to pay rent and live on Ramen, like all good college students. Once a week (Fridays) I would meet Thomas in the local greasy spoon for dinner (cheap burgers): we alternated paying. Normally, we would meet on Saturdays to play chess. (more…)

August 19, 2006

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Eighteen is a wonderful age for a man. It’s the time when he can walk into a store and buy cigs without worry of being “caught”. It’s the age when he can look at as many sexual things that he wants, legally. It is also the time when he becomes legal, himself. This age was no different for me. It marked my entry into legal manhood, as well as, sexual manhood.

It all started, a week after my eighteenth birthday. I was still living at home with my parents, and I had a girlfriend. I was not sexually starved because she would give it to me anytime I wanted. She wasn’t a slut or a whore, she was in love and her hormones were just as raging as mine. The only problem was, one just wasn’t enough.

I looked at all the women in my life with a sexual interest. I watched my neighbor tanning in her yard, I longed to screw my friends at the mall (where I worked), I fantasized about a girl I knew at the restaurant I ate at, I even wanted to fuck one of my girlfriend’s friends and one of my girlfriend’s relatives. Celebrities couldn’t escape my thoughts, either. (more…)

August 15, 2006

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I thought a sunny day was the last thing I needed.

The added heat was almost too much. The movers had done a lot of the work before they left but unpacking was taking extra long. I turned around and almost face-planted, “Jason! Please go find something to do for a minute or two.” With my young son Jason under my feet the whole time I was considering calling it a day. It’s been just Jason and I for over a year and I thought I could handle it. Being 37 didn’t deter me from being a good father, my job kept me in shape and I always figured I could land a good woman. That is until I was forced to move and stress took over. Isn’t a better job always a good reason to move? Well no, not always. I had two good reasons for moving, my ex-wife and her new husband being in the same city as me was the other. I wasn’t happily single, but happier this way than married. I’ll spare the details but lets just say my one wish in life is to never see my ex-wife again. (more…)

August 13, 2006

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Max’s black Chevy pulled into his girlfriend’s drive and he shut the lights off. He was nervous for what he was about to do.

“Max,” he said to himself, looking into his rearview mirror, “You’d better be right about this.” Max took a deep breath and got out of the car, moving at a steady, confident pace up to the front door of his girlfriend’s farmhouse. There were only two lights on; the light in the den and the yard light.

Max knew that Jess was out of the city with her sorority friends. He knew she would be out of town all weekend. But, most importantly, he knew that her mom would be home all alone for the entire weekend.

Jess’s mom, Velma, was home this weekend though, and Max was going to check up on a few of his hunches. He thought he’d seen Jess’s mom looking at him out of the corner of her eye, ogling him, even. Once in a while her nipples would stiffen and show up through her blouse when he walked in, but they’d go back down right away. He was pretty sure that she’d been watching the two of them having sex before, too, but didn’t Max didn’t say anything about it to Jess. (more…)

August 5, 2006

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As normal she was doing her rounds on the ward. Samantha was incredibly bored at the moment, it was the night shift and there was very little to do. Once she’d finished she left for home. At home she started to run a nice warm bath. She looked in the mirror, her nurses uniform clung tightly to her womanly figure. The uniform had never fit her properly; it always strained across her bosom. She unfastened the uniform and let it fall to the floor. Her large heavy breasts were held by a huge unflattering bra.

She never wore anything then a bra and tights; knickers always made her feel hot. Her tights sat on the top of her curvy hips and covered her delicious belly. She removed the tights and let them fall to floor. Samantha had a heavy covering of dark hair over her pussy. As she stood in front of the mirror she gently ran her finger through the hair. Samantha stood back from the mirror admiring her body. She had dark hair and dark eyes with smooth pale skin. Her body was extremely curvaceous with her breasts being by far her best assets. Her hips were wide and her bottom smooth and round. Throughout her life she’d kept in shape and it showed, she suffered from very little sagging. Even at the age of 50 she was in good shape.

August 4, 2006

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I am a 27 years old male, in great shape and pretty damn good-looking if I do say so myself. I have a great job with a large advertising agency in New York City; an office on the 29th floor with a breathtaking view of Manhattan, and my life is going pretty good right now. I am on top of the world so to speak, single and loving it.

“Do I?” I stop shaving and look at myself in the mirror. I have dated a number of girls in the past young, hot, wild. “Mmm.mmm.mmm” I shake my head thinking about the last girl Candy, who was really wild. A dancer at one of the local strip clubs with a body that didn’t quit and neither did her mouth.

She was a tall drink of water about 5′10″, blond hair that was long and wavy, full pouty lips, gorgeous green eyes, oh yeah and triple D’s baby! Fuckin’ hot body! Hips that weren’t small, just perfect to grab from behind and fuck her good. I did every night, but she didn’t stop talking even during sex. I even tried gagging her with panties hoping that would shut her up. No such luck! Shaking my head at the memory. I rinse out my razor and start the shower, testing the water for the perfect temperature.

“Panties.” As I say this word aloud, I feel the blood rush to my cock, look down and there it is looking up at me with that one eye accusingly.

“Yeah, Yeah!” I say out loud, stepping into the hot shower. These are not ordinary panties. I stole them a couple of weeks before from my friend John’s mom, Valerie.

Valerie is a total M.I.L.F. even though she is 23 years older than I am; she doesn’t look it at all. I close my eyes, picturing her, and I feel my body especially my cock get excited. I take my hand and rub it up and down the shaft of my cock, imaging her mouth doing that to me. I picture John’s mom kneeling before me, her brown straight hair falling to her feminine shoulders, blue/green eyes with long black lashes, full lips that are always smiling. Her body is in great condition since she is a Pilate’s instructor, long and lean. (more…)

August 2, 2006

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I was fifteen when Mrs. Smith asked my mom if I could mow her lawn. I was sixteen when Mrs. Smith became Ms. Smith, and I remember when my mom had commented on how Ms. Smith was gonna be all alone in that house of hers. I was seventeen when Ms. Smith began showing an outwardly affection towards me, which I must confess I didn’t really catch upon. Women in general making me nervous and sex being a complete mystery, the physical aspects more so, all the visual aspects being learned in the school Sex-Ed class and from watching my friends fathers porn movies at his house where we would masturbate. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not gay or anything, and I sure wasn’t turned on by watching my friend blow his wad all over his stomach (I used a kleenex to catch my wad). It was just something to do, and he never made any passes at me if indeed he was gay.

Ms. Smith waited until I was eighteen before she solicited sex from me, that way if my mom or anyone found out about our intimacies together they could do nothing as I was now a consenting adult. She had been thirty-nine when I started mowing her lawn, and she was forty-three when we began fucking. (more…)

July 30, 2006

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This story begins when I was a Senior in school. I was your typical 18 year old . I loved to go to parties and like every kid my age, I tried to get laid. I never was successful, so I had to resort to looking at dirty pictures in a magazine and jacking off. Life was unfair, but when our new neighbor’s moved in, my life was about to change.

The family consisted of Mom and Dad and one little guy of 3. Mom’s name was Barbra and as I learned later, she was 41. Her hair was long and blonde. She was 5′9″ and to a kid my age her body was flawless. She made a sweater stick out with her breasts and her legs were long and shapely. The kind of legs you could imagine wrapped around you, as you pounded your cock into her hot pussy.

I now had a real live sexy woman to dream of as I jacked off. Barbra and I became friends and she got to a point where she trusted me to look after her son Luke, when they went out. I took my sitting serious and took good care of him. Barbra could tell and one time when she paid and thanked me, she kissed me on the lip’s. That kiss set hormones into action. The result, a hard cock that needed relief. When I got home, I went straight to my room and as I ran my tongue over my lip’s to taste her lipstick, I fucked my cock with my hand and exploded my cum all over me. I never experienced a cumming like that before. She had sure excited me. (more…)

July 26, 2006

44 year-old housewife

The upcoming Wednesday seemed promising, if only because my school was off and I had barely a single responsibility to fulfill for the day. Aside from sleeping, eating, and catching up on some good ol’ television, the day was all mine. I had gotten up at around 10 o’clock, which was early by my standards.

I was a senior at my high school, an 18 year old guy with decent grades and looks that would sometimes cause heads to turn, but only sometimes. I guess you could say I was pretty average, 5′10, 160 lbs., decent build, but no eye-popping muscles. I had brown hair with blue eyes, and I had attracted more attention from the opposite sex ever since I had decided to let my hair grow as opposed to shaving it as was my previous style. I had fair skin that was very sensitive to the touch of the sun’s rays, especially during the summer, not that I had to worry about that during the middle of February.

Upon completing my previous ‘chores,’ including watching and eating some cereal, I had decided to kick off my rare off day by actually doing something constructive and taking out the trash. I was still dressed in what I had slept in, which consisted of a pair of boxer-briefs and a beater. As I walked outside, the touch of the concrete on my bare feet caused me to shiver as chills ran up my body, for the temperature must have been about twenty degrees. My nipples immediately hardened through my shirt as I raced with the trash bags out to the curb.

July 25, 2006

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It was Diwali night… Almost all our relatives dropped by for a celebration. We had wine, beers and liquors. It was five years since I met all my relatives. To be honest, I did not know some of them. Aunt Chandra looked very sexy in her miniskirt and sleeveless blouse. Rayvathi, my sister was in her long gown serving drinks to our guests. Music was all the way. We danced and talked about our flash back. Due to the heavy alcohol consumption, everybody started to mumble and laughed over it. Mom and dad did not let me have much of alcohol, as I was still aware of what was going on.

It was late night and some of my relatives left. Fortunately (for me) Chandra had a lot of drinks and she randomly picked a room to sleep. Well that was my room! No one knew that she was in my room. I didn’t want anyone to know that Chandra was in my room. If my parents knew, they would tell me to sleep in the guestroom or at the living room. (more…)

July 18, 2006

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God, how embarrassing. A grown woman, squirming in my seat. Jeez. Where do these idiot experts/sexperts come up with the rubbish that men and women are different sexually? It’s only centuries of social encoding that makes some people believe that women are somehow passive and monogamous. Crap. Who wouldn’t spend the day fuckin’ if there weren’t bills to pay? And who’d choose not to have variety in partners? Oh, sure. If a guy committed enough to work at it came along and the two of you made sure that things didn’t get dull. But that’s not going to happen in this lifetime. Not for me anyway. Too old. Too set in my ways. Too independent. Too, too wantin’ that young man up there on the stage accepting his award.

How incredibly attractive he was. Did he know it? Maybe. Maybe not. He didn’t sound cocksure of himself. He didn’t sound unsure either. He had a brain or he wouldn’t be receiving the J.B. Sotheby Award. Annually, the university held an awards ceremony where deserving students cleaned up in scholarship money. The Sotheby was reserved for the very deserving. Brian Cane was, I’d heard, very deserving. He was in the physics program and I’d not had him in any classes. Colleagues had said he’d win the plum prize. Yeah. I’d like to give him a prize. Stuck in his thumb and pulled out a plum. Come here, boy. Sit. Roll over. Let me scratch your tummy. (more…)

sex with teacher

Reaching my doorway, as I fumble for my keys, I feel his presence near me. The feeling that his eyes were upon me, and knowing that is where I wanted them to be.

Reaching to unlock the door, I feel Anthony’s hand lay upon mine. As he says, here let me help, your hands seem to be shaking. The intensity of the heat of his hand on mine, sent chills along my spine. The goose bumps formed upon my arms, as I turned to him and smiled. The door to the classroom now opened. Entering at first morning, the air is a bit cool, since the night air, seems to take awhile in evaporating. Without noticing, the nipples of my breasts become erect, from the chilled air. As I stand next to my desk, turning to Anthony as he hands me the papers that he was so kind to carry for me. As I looked at him, I noticed his eyes feel upon my breasts, smiling to myself. As I gently take the papers from his strong warm hands, he looks at me shyly, almost blushing somewhat. I smile at him, putting him at ease. As I begin to leaf through the papers, finding Anthony’s test.

Pulling it out, I hand it to him. Looking at him as he glances at the grade D. With an embarrassed look, he looks at me, and shrugged his shoulders. The face that he made, had me thinking of long ago, when I had done something as a young girl, in which I knew was wrong, but for the sake of just doing it, then getting caught doing it. The, I know its wrong, but I couldn’t help myself look. I had to smile at that. This grown 30 yr old man, looking like a child getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar shall we say. As I looked at him, his handsome face with its strong cheeks, and narrow chin. His radiant smile, and his gorgeous eyes, so deep and playful. Catching myself staring for what seemed to be minutes but in reality was only seconds, when he opened his lips to say, Ms. Lynn, do you have something you want to talk to me about? I assume it has something to do with this paper. I turn at this point, not wanting you to see my eyes, thinking if he saw the yearning within them, he would know what was on my mind. Placing my hands upon my desk, as I begin to speak. (more…)

July 13, 2006

old professor fucking

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Linda looked around the classroom, filled with over 200 first-year students. My God, she thought to herself, how am I going to get any personal attention out of this class? I enrolled in this university because it sold itself as having an average class size of 25. I guess I’ll have to remind myself what an average is.

She glanced up when the professor entered the room. Ummmm. Not bad, she mused; must be 30 something, maybe 40. Kinda young to be a full professor. He looks nice in that suit, and those sloping shoulders must mean he works out lifting weights. This may be interesting after all.

Linda, 18 going on 30, had a body to die for and a face to match — a long, slender neck on which an oval shaped face reposed. Her soft auburn hair was done in a pony tail, emphasizing the long lines of her neck and the shape of her face. She had piercing blue eyes that missed little and intimidated many. Those eyes sparkled as she contemplated Professor Roger Adams speculatively. She noted the ring on his ring finger but dismissed it as a minor obstacle.

Married men, single men, boys — all had fallen under her sway since she had been a budding teenager. She had sharpened her skills of seduction during high school and felt capable of getting any live man into bed, as long as he was straight. (more…)

fucking businesswoman

“Oh fuck, I’m late!”

Speaking quickly into her cell phone, 41-year old Natalie Franklin grinds her white high heel harder down on the accelerator of the BMW. On the other end of the line, a very girlish laugh is heard.

“What are you giggling at, Tracy?”

“It’s just funny,” she vaguely announces in a very soft voice.

“What?” demands Natalie, already frustrated.

“Hearing you say the F word. You never used to say it before.”

In fact, Natalie looks like about the last person in the world who would say it. Appearing very business like and professional, she’s a little embarrassed, but then remembers that Tracy swears all the time, and checks her watch again.

“Crystal better be at the course already,” warns Natalie. “This is the pro’s last lesson of the day. He might leave if neither of us show up on time. We’ve already canceled twice. I don’t know what Jim would do if we missed this one. He’s even going to quiz us tonight about the first lesson, and he said we better know ‘em all. That meeting would just never end!”

“Why does he want you two to golf so badly?” wonders Tracy.

July 12, 2006

old lady sex

I doubt I was unique in any way. Finishing up my senior year of high school, just turned 18. Not a smashing success with the ladies, although pride compels me to admit that I have had my fair share of attractive girlfriends. Attractive, but without that perfect body girls seem to be clamoring for these days. And, of course, something about older women has always turned me on.

It could be that they are so experienced, and so confident, it could be that their maturity ensures that I do not have to worry about taking control of events, or it could just be my appreciation for a mature feminine figure. Whatever it is, I know I am not alone in being a teenage boy lusting after older women. However, whenever I would fantasize about them, the control they took always extended far beyond the normal boundaries of the confident older woman, or even the aggressive older woman. I realized soon that what I wanted, needed, was a dominating older woman. This is the story of how I found one.

July 9, 2006

seduced straight guy

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Beth sat at the bar waiting for her best friend to arrive. It had been months since they had seen each other and this had bothered Beth deeply. For years they had shared all the highs and lows of each others lives. It was a friendship that Beth felt would always be there. Over the past couple of years they had grown apart and Beth had searched deep within herself trying to figure out why this had happened.

When Beth had finally realized what had went wrong in their friendship it had hurt her deeply. She had finally realized that when all had been well in her life, was the only time when all had been well in her friendship with Kay. As long as Beth was there for Kay they had a good friendship but when the time came that Beth had to put her personal commitments before Kay’s the friendship had began to fall apart.

She had taken the first step to get in touch with her friend in the hopes that they could repair their friendship. Kay was always late so Beth was not surprised that she was sitting in a crowded bar waiting on her friend. After an hour had passed Beth knew that Kay wasn’t coming.

older beautiful woman fuck

I was attending an Exhibition of the Artwork from my Art College as some of my watercolours were on show. One of the patrons was this gorgeous blond woman in a smart dark suit with a tight skirt to the knee, and open at the neck to show some cleavage. I thought she would be out of my league but she approached me and chatted me up. Her name was Julia and she had been a patron for some time and would be buying some of the picture “I like to get them young and fresh” – did she mean the artwork or the artists?

We both had glasses of red wine and she had a gleam in her eye and a smile which was very attractive to me.

After a bit of time she asked if she could give a lift somewhere, which I accepted since I had walked to the gallery.

In the car she asked me where I lived and then said ” would you like to come back to my place for a late night drink?” which I readily accepted, thinking my luck was in! (more…)

July 1, 2006

young boy mature mom

Doing good is its own reward, I’ve heard. It’s true; helping others gives one a certain satisfaction, a feeling that something has been done to make the world a little better. Yet there can be other rewards…

I had found myself in need of some of that sense of self-worth in my college days. Life in the dorm seemed so insular, so out of touch with what was going on in the world. So, at the suggestion of a friend, I volunteered for the local meals on wheels program. It was no great sacrifice, carrying lunch to one lonely, elderly person a couple times a week, visiting for an hour, and going back to my routine, but it made me feel better about myself and about the world.

Today, it was Mrs. Curtiss. I always enjoyed taking a meal to her; some of those I visited were bitter, or unhappy, or sometimes just downright unstable. This lady, however, remained outgoing, voluble, and “sharp as a tack.” I climbed the four concrete steps to her sagging front porch and knocked–the bell had been out of order as long as I had been going there.

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