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December 24, 2006

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Billy was on his hands and knees pulling weeds at the edge of the grass. He was right along the property line between his house and the Collins’ house. Then he heard a car coming up the street. Turning, he looked up to see his neighbor, Martha Collins’ cool, little sports car warbling up the street.

Martha was hot, he thought. And now she would be stopping only a few feet from where he was working on his hands and knees. Maybe I’ll get a shot of her legs when she gets out of the car. Why, I might even see some panty, if she’s wearing any. Just thinking about her not wearing any panties gave him a tingly feeling down in his cock.

He knew that all the guys on the block thought she was a real hottie. Especially for her age. (more…)

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Tushar could recollect every moment of that evening. In fact, that’s exactly what he had done during the last couple of months. He had fought against the desire but in the end it had been too much to bear and he had taken the flight to Delhi. He didn’t know whether she would agree or whether it was right to do this. They were such a nice couple…decent and courteous. They were neighbours of his son and daughter-in-law. He guessed, they were of the same age too. A caring husband with a good career, a lovely kid and a nice home…she had everything a woman could ask for. Why will she be interested in him…a old man in his sixties. Whenever he was in Delhi they would come over and meet him. In fact, Rupa came over to his son’s place almost everyday and would always make it a point to include him in their chat. At times her husband, Sunny, would also drop in. It had looked so hopeless so ridiculous, but…

…the animal in him was relentless in its pursuit. No matter how much he tried, it was useless. That evening was still vivid in his mind. The way she had walked into the apartment. She looked stunning in her black long skirt and white top. The more he looked at her the more fascinated he became. She was tall, slim and long legged. (more…)

old man having sex

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GOVERNOR: Until I met Katie, I thought I was a happy and contented man. After all, I had everything I thought I had ever wanted. I grew up in a lower middle class family in the Midwest and went to an Ivy League university on a basketball scholarship. At 6′4, I was a fairly good athlete, but I knew not good enough to go professional. After getting my BA, I actually lucked out by joining ranks with a fellow student in forming a telecom company which turned out to be a raging success. We were in the right place at the right time and I was a millionaire before I was 30.

I didn’t think of myself as particularly good looking until I met Katie. I am in great shape without an ounce of fat, but have a very toothy big smile which many girls have termed “geeky.” I wasn’t really a ladies man in high school or college, but did get laid enough to keep me reasonably satisfied. I am blessed (or I used to think cursed) with one of the biggest cocks in the world. It is very thick and measures 13 inches hard and nearly 9 soft. (more…)

December 18, 2006

woman fucking with daughter’s boyfriend

Ok. Let’s write this down. I need to find out what I’m feeling. And the only way to do that is to spill my thoughts out onto paper. Sometimes it’s a messy business. I can do a lot of spilling.

Come on Betty, use that analytical brain of yours. Articulate. Organize. Stop crying. Control yourself. Ah, there’s the fucking rub. Control. The one time I relinquish control I have the best might of my life. And the worst. And a hundred other fucking superlatives jump and climb all over me like a pack of crazed monkeys. .

I know myself pretty well, but, of course, you, Ms imaginary reader, don’t know me at all. So who am I? Well, I’m married. I have a daughter. Oh, I forgot. I have two. I’m forty. I never lie about my age. I’m proud of being forty.

December 16, 2006

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Great Great Granddad had settled in this forsaken spot in 1849. The saucer shaped valley with its poisonous springs had not attracted any other settlers, but the grand old man; a salt miner from Russia, had recognised the signs. He had begun a small salt mine and had exported salt lick block down to Texas before it was Texas.

The family had prospered and until my father went to war, the dynasty was secure. I was the only issue of a young marriage, mother was a wan widow. All my uncles and aunts had moved to Frisco, they had all died in road accidents, or other accidents, one was murdered. There were no cousins. Granddad always cursed when he heard mention of that fair city.

I was his great hope for the future and he had spared nothing in my education. He had personally taken me to the best brothel in the valley when I had shown my first sign of wet dreams. He had coached me through high school and sent me to the best college. I was now a fully qualified mine engineer and metallurgist. I was 23 fit and dedicated to continue the family line and business. (more…)

young man meets older lady

Well this started years ago when I was in Nashville on a business trip for the machining company I worked for, I learn quickly and at the age of 21 I was calling on customers for the company, this was not my thinking when I got into the machining business.

I was there for a week and visited the same bar each night because of the food and the music, being a musician myself, on Thursday evening I was seated in a booth in a corner eating their fried fish and fries, (being from the country I loved fried fish) I was listening to this great little band play as they were there Thursday through Saturday night, enjoying the food and music I look up and see this beautiful redheaded lady walking toward me, (she was one of those ladies you lose your sense of being when you see her) she had dark red hair that hung just at her shoulders, hazel eyes that speak to you as they sparkle, and a body to die for.

I finally come to my senses as she was speaking loudly to me, she asked me for the 3rd or 4th time if I was alone I finally swallowed hard and said “yes” she then asked me if she could sit with me, no one else was yet in the bar, what could I say…but. (more…)

December 11, 2006

fucking mother’s friend

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I have always had a fetish for older women well educated, mentally as well as physically stimulating. This is a true story. I was raised by a single well-educated women maybe that is where this fetish started having always had the inside scoop on what women really want & need. My mother had a beautiful three-story house, which typically had a party going on if the weather was agreeable. The house was a three story with three decks an in ground pool and an incredible view of the entire city we lived at the top of the hill. It just so happened that, I was an 18yrs old 6ft blonde long hair blue eye, well built & my mother was having a party in August.

I was the ever respectable & helpful son accepting all my mothers’ friends & cohorts in business into the house. I would help those who had cars filled with food or whatever they brought. The whole time being exposed & introduced to these people as Beverly’s son. When a stranger came upon the house my mother introduced us both & the young lady Liz was maybe 35 years old & looked like a gypsy queen. She made comment in front of my mother that; I looked like a nice young boy. She made comment that, I was and not to make the mistake of calling me a young boy or she would get more then she bargained for. With a smile mom then walked away leaving me to assist Liz. (more…)

student and teacher sex

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All the lights in the room were dark and Christine was sitting at the table waiting for her husband to come home. It was after midnight and she had a class to teach at eight in the morning. She was hoping with dread bundled in her stomach that he was just doing overtime and not out drinking. It seems like a cliche, but he sometimes came home drunk as skunk and he could get aggressive. His drunk fists were like meat cleavers coming dangerously close and at times contacting with her. It was always her body and not her face. He was a good man, when he was sober, a great man. He once refused to kill a spider she found in the bathroom and carried it outside with his bare hands. At church he always talks to others about how humanity would do better if more people found God, like he did. The door knob turned and Christine stiffened. She could tell he was drunk, by how he opened the door. He flung it open, letting it smash with a loud bang against the wall. The whole apartment shook. She was encapsulated in fear, she wanted to let out a moan and call for her mother. Tears were already streaming, somewhere deep, she felt some sort of anger, but not enough.

He gave her a beastly look, with his blood shot eyes and red lobster face. “Why you still up?”

Christine was reduced to stuttering like a little child, “I -I was wor-worried.” (more…)

November 30, 2006

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Gina sat bolt upright in her bed. ‘What the hell was that?’ she wondered, flicking on the bedside table light and checking the windows for gunshot debris or God only knows what else. ‘Must have just been a passing car backfiring,’ Gina decided irately as she glanced at her bedside clock. Although, in her personal opinion there should be a law against people with noisy cars driving around after midnight. Especially when she had an important presentation at work the next morning.

She reached out to shut off the lamp when it happened again, sending her lamp crashing off the nightstand. “Shit.” Gina cursed angrily, retrieving the now useless light before stomping out of the bedroom.

She grabbed her keys off the hook by the backdoor and slammed out of the house, intent on finding the guilty party and stringing him up by his genitalia. It had to be a man. No woman would be so rude. Women understood that night was for sleeping. (more…)

November 23, 2006

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Jake entered Trisha’s office and stopped in front of her desk. Trisha looked up and froze. She had seen him in her office many times before, but not since he had turned her in to the cock hungry whore she was last night. He looked down and smiled. He leaned over and placed both his hands on her desk. His face was right in from of Trisha’s.

“Hello slut.” He said with a wink.

A chill shot down her spine, and her pussy began to tingle. Realizing where she was, she immediately stood and hustled to the door to close it. Turning around she looked at him and said with a stern voice, “Not here. I am an executive here and you are a subordinate. When we are here, we must keep a professional relationship.”

Jake approached her. Now standing in front of her, he reached out and grabbed one of her tits roughly. Then he grabbed the other. Her nipples spontaneously hardened and became visible. He began to tweak them through the sheer blouse she had on. (more…)

November 19, 2006

horny old man

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Lucy straightened her black skirt and checked her tight white blouse one more time, before entering his office. “He” was Maxwell, the man about to give her an interview for a job she so wanted to get. As she entered his office, she felt his eyes upon her. Her skirt was short, which showed the tops of her black silk stockings - the kind that were hold - ups, with lace around the tops.

He signalled for her to take a seat, opposite his long, solid oak wood desk. As she sat, her skirt rose a little, exposing her long sexy, stocking-clad legs. Lucy saw Maxwell lick his lips with a look of desire in his eye. Maxwell found this young, fresh 18 year old very sexy and hot! He was a balding 52 year old, with bushy brows and beard, and quite porky-looking. (more…)

mature indian woman fucking

The man seating next to me looked boring. I was traveling from my place to visit Pune for office work. The bus was to start in 10 min. and it looked empty, so some arrivals were due. I had hoped for a charming company. And my eyes brightened when I saw ‘Padmaja Kaku’ entering the bus. She was looking over her seat and it was at the back of my seat. Kaku was our neighbor, @ 50,and the old age was in her hairs, which had grayed to full white. Otherwise she was in excellent condition. About 5 ft height, full globes and ass and a flat tummy wearing a blue saarry with matching blose. She was a schoolteacher and her husband had been posted at Pune for last six months. She was visiting her husband. Her son was 28, married and two years younger to me.

She settled and just like other passengers and the bus started in few minutes. Hardly it had gone about 5 kms then Kaku she started to talk from behind asking me how come I was on bus and a general talk. She asked her co passenger if he can change place with me, as he had the smell of liquor on his mouth. He consented for my window seat and we changed places. (more…)

fucking son’s girlfriend

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It was an early day for me. I’d left the client’s office with a task list and intended on spending the next three or four hours at home, outlining the project. Depending upon the workload, and whether or not the client really needed me to do the work on-site, I’d often cut loose early and take the work home, where I could concentrate uninterrupted for the rest of the afternoon. This started out to be one of those afternoons, but transformed quickly into a day I’d remember for the rest of my life.

As I approached the street where we lived I saw what looked like my stepson Jimmy’s car turn the corner from our street and onto the main road about 75 yards ahead of me. He looked like he was in a hurry and seemed to be alone in his Jeep. Jim was a good kid, a little fast as a driver and a lot fast with the girls at his high school. Currently a junior, he’d been having sex with girls a grade ahead of him since he was a freshman, and had just the right mix of cocky attitude, good looks, good humor and flattery to charm the panties off his seemingly endless supply of fresh pussy. (more…)

October 30, 2006

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Hi, my name is Katie Kelly and I’m 18. I know I’m a little young to be telling my life story, but my head is so filled with thoughts lately that I wanted to write them down. At least tell you of some of the adventures I’ve had this summer.

First, let me tell you a little about my family, because they play a big part in the stories I want to tell you. They are true stories about my family, only the names are changed to protect the none too innocent.

OK. I’m the youngest daughter of Kevin and Michelle Kelly an all American couple if there ever was one. Dad met Mom when she was a junior in high school and he was a sophomore in college and have been together ever since. Mom was 20 when she got married, and in the next three years, being catholic had three babies me being the last. There were complications with my pregnancy, so after me the shop was closed. My sister, Julie, is now 20, and my brother Dennis is 19. (more…)

business women fucking

Tom had opened a Pandora’s Box when he finally got Mrs Angela Turnbull to fuck. She had made him realise that young school girls with their tiny bodies and little experience could never lay a finger on a wild mum when it came to inventive ball blowing sex.

He was amazed at the way she kept his prick alive. Using her cunt muscles and her hands on his balls, she would stop him from coming time and time again. She used her body to work him higher and higher until they both reached a situation where they were losing control.

She seemed to know instinctively when he had reached a plateau where his brain was telling him this was torture. Then and then alone she would relax those marvellous muscles. Within seconds they both would be moaning and screaming as their bottled up sexual frustration caused fantastic mind blowing orgasms. He had never experience sex like it. It was as if he was a virgin. Every minute with her was new. He described it in his mind as he revisited their love making in his bed at night, “as a series of first times.” (more…)

October 25, 2006

middle-aged woman fucking

The Lady knew more about male psychology than any woman The Lad had ever met. Decades of life experience, along with her exceptionally keen powers of intuition had given her an uncanny understanding of what men really want–even when they didn’t know it themselves! Beyond this, her complete mastery of male anatomy and physiology–thanks to years in professional medical work combined with plenty of recreational “field work” with her numerous lovers–gave her such a level of sexual competence that The Lad often gleefully referred to her as “a penis genius.”

He also admired her confidence, her assertiveness, her habit of declaring precisely what she wanted–and thereby getting it.

Likewise, the Lady was quite satisfied with The Lad. Granted, he was equipped with only average endowments compared with so many of her former boyfriends. She frequently regaled The Lad with lusty stories of her encounters with men whose penises were simply huge next to his own. But he was utterly devoted and obedient to her, and he profoundly agreed with her philosophy about relationships between men and women. She knew with utter certainty that women are, by nature, essentially superior, morally and otherwise, and thus should be the ones in charge. She also knew that men–real men, enlightened men–are actually happiest when they learn to put their own whims and wishes aside in order to serve and satisfy a loving but authoritative female partner. (more…)

October 19, 2006

sexy teacher fucking student

Rick Thomas finished cleaning out his locker on the last day of school. He was in no hurry to leave due to the fact he did not have many friends and he did not really have anything to do today. Rick had turned eighteen a few weeks ago and was still a virgin. He did have a lot of stuff planned to help him keep busy and earn money for college. He was going to take a job as a dishwasher that paid under the table and he volunteered to coach the local little league team because loved baseball.

The sound of a woman’s high heels clicking down the hall made Rick look to see who it was. It was Mrs. Mary Hillman the business education teacher, she too was in her last day of school cause she was going to go back to college to earn her masters. Rick would miss her for she was always one of his most favorite people to dream about while he masturbated. She had on her tight purple skirt that buttoned from the bottom hem to the top of the neckline. She kept the top two and the bottom two buttons undone. The skirt accentuated her body perfectly, her thirty six c breast, her long legs and her nice round ass.

“Hi Rick. Why are you still here?” she asked

“Hey Mrs. Hillman. Well I guess I’m a slob.” he said looking down at the full garbage can.

“Well if you are not in any hurry to get out of here, I got some boxes I need to have taken down to the incinerator and some I would like taken down to my car.” she asked

“It would be my pleasure to take care of that for you Mrs. Hillman.” he said (more…)

October 15, 2006

mature bitches fucking

John got up from the couch and headed down to the apartment complex laundry room. He wished that they would get washing machines and dryers right in the apartments like management had promised but he had to do what he had to do.

John was in his first year of college and his folks had helped him get this off campus place. He was an accounting major of all things and a bit of a recluse. He wasn’t bad looking. John was 6′ about 180 and had a lean athletic build. For all of that he was still a bit shy with the ladies though.

It was a short 2-minute walk to the facility. He didn’t mind because the complex was well landscaped with lots of trees and rock formations. He went inside and over to the dryers and opened the door to check his things. He felt through the shirts and underwear and his socks. His socks were a still a little wet and he was just about to shut the door and put a couple more quarters in when he saw something weird.

Was that a bra in the dryer with his things? He reached in and pulled it out. It was black and looked very sexy and expensive. John also noticed that it was rather large. He looked at the tag and his eyes bulged out of his head when he saw “48DD” in bold letters. “Wow!” He said to himself. “They must be the size of small melons!”

“Ahem!” Someone cleared his or her throat behind him. (more…)

October 12, 2006

mature woman fucking lawnboy

I’ve developed a real familiarity which Charlie. He was in my class years ago. We stayed friendly. He’s been cutting my lawn for 7 or 8 years now and its no big deal for him to just pop in the house and use the bathroom or raid the fridge for a soda when he’s done doing the lawn. Over the Years I’ve been watching him develop and grow up from a scrawny 10-year-old kid to 6’5” 175lb. Mountain of athletic muscle He’s the blond all-American boy with big broad shoulders. A young Adonis with sky blue eyes and the world on a platter set out before him. With a handsome knockout smile that puts everyone who ever meets him instantly at ease.

He always comes in the house after finishing the lawn to BS or have a snack. After a while he says he has to head out and then I pay him for the job and off he goes… this has been our routine for years. I have always given him a generous tip. I know he’s usually working towards saving for something he wants. When he was 10 it was a bike at 14 a computer, and at 16 a car.

After his High School graduation the summer drifted by and this was going to be one of the last times Charlie would cut my lawn before this 18 year old embarked on his Ivy League freshman adventure. Several prestigious schools courted him. As an academic and a jock he had success written all over him and everyone seemed to know it.

I end up watching him as he works, his cut-ff shorts a bit too short with holes in the ass. Charlie’s muscular legs were glistening from the sweat of the days work. I catch my breath as he effortlessly lifts off the grass bag to dump it in the compost pile. Every muscle group perfectly defined beneath his tight t-shirt. I touch myself as he removes his shirt and hangs it from his back pocket. He has the smallest patch of hair leading like a trail down his bellybutton to the waistband of his briefs a mysterious bulge is outlined by his tight holey shorts. (more…)

October 3, 2006

student fucking older cowgirl

It was the late 70s. I was in college and not old enough to drink legally, but looked old enough so that my ID was rarely checked. I worked as a cook in a steak house and my asshole manager, Newman, stalked into the kitchen after closing time and barked “There is some cunt asking about you in the bar. The only reason I didn’t throw her out is because she is spending money. Go get rid of her and get your ass back here to clean up.”

“Fuck you” I mumbled as I took off my grungy apron and went up to the bar. The “cunt” Newman was bitching about was the most fun person I know: my aunt Rhoda. She had the craziest laugh I ever heard and a throaty voice that was so gravelly it seemed phony. Her laugh was not a chuckle, but a bellow, and she made everyone around her laugh as well.

Rhoda was named for a famous nymph in Greek mythology and she took pride in knowing only part of the legend, that is, that nymphs were so sexual that they scared mortal men. They were so sexually free (not ideal for women of that time) that ancient Greek men figured they were evil at their core. Actually, they were female fairies that embodied that Cyndi Lauper hit, “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.” And my Aunt Rhoda embodied that spirit. She was married, to a huge Cajun that loved to cook and sing and had a mean streak, but on a regular basis she drove up to Kansas City from Port Arthur, Texas to visit her favorite sister and go to cowboy bars on the east side of town to find a cowboy to party with for a day or two. Mom hated Rhoda’s loose morals, but loved her laugh and her company, so she overlooked the sexual dalliances and Rhoda stayed with us when she visited. (more…)

September 28, 2006

young boys fucking older women

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John really hated English class.

It wasn’t that the lesson was hard. Not hard at all. In fact he enjoyed the subject matter - he was always the creative type, probably because he had an excellent imagination. The classmates he was with weren’t that bad either, in that the goons stayed out of hi way, and his friends were close.

It wasn’t even the teacher. Not in the usual sense. Most of his teachers were old farts who broke anyone who stepped outside thei rown little set of crusty mental guidelines, and Miss Raven wasn’t like that. Sure, she wasn’t a spring chicken; but she was conscientious. And she appreciated his skill with words.

It was her body.

While most guys his age chased after women with improbable breasts and waists they could fit their fingers around, John liked to think he had more class. He liked curves; he liked soft breasts and thick legs, and an ass he could really get his hands on.

Miss Raven possessed all these qualities, and had a little glint in her eyes behind her glasses, and thick, dark hair; and so English class was an hour of straining erections and sexual frustration.

Shakespeare never really interested him, either. A Midsummer Night’s Dream wasn’t what he’d call the most relevant or exciting literature. (more…)

older lady takes a new sex student

It was winter, near the beginning of a new semester, and Julie Lindsey loved both cold weather and new semesters. Cold weather meant cuddling, and she loved to cuddle. As a literature professor, she had a fondness not only for cuddling with a man, or occasionally with a woman, she loved curling up with a good book or writing erotic stories on her laptop.

Although she loved cuddling, Julie wasn’t a person who jumped into bed with just anyone. She loved being single since getting out of an unsatisfying marriage when she was in her early forties. From that time, she had explored and indulged her fantasies with both men and women, but was choosy and discreet – not secretive, but discreet.

The other thing she loved was new semesters. It was nice to know that the past semester was over and buried, no more keeping up with each student’s grades and having to decide whether to pass or fail, give an A, B, or C for those folks on the borderline. She especially disliked graduate students coming to her office at the end of a semester, whining about needing a B in the course. She usually told them that she didn’t give grades; students earned them.

September 21, 2006

young man sex with older women

Rick Thomas was loading up the trunk of his car with the little league equipment after practice. He was really enjoying watching the little boys and girls learn to play America’s favorite pastime. When Rick got the last bag in he noticed the mother of his second baseman and the woman who was also good friends of his mother. Mrs. Debra Leyton and her husband a long haul trucker and their two sons have lived across the street from Rick and his mother for ten years now. Debra was another woman whom Rick often fantasized about, the woman had no sag at the age of thirty five and having two boys. She looked really sexy in her tight halter top that made her thirty eight d tits look awesome. The tight cut-off shorts she wore made her long tan legs seem even longer.

“Hey there Rick!” she said.

“Hi yah Deb!” he said cheerfully.

“Rick I got a favor to ask you if you don’t mind?” she said shyly

“You want me to watch the boys so you and my mom can go out and have a few beers up and the tavern.” he thought he was on top of her question cause she and his mom did this often. (more…)

September 17, 2006

housewife fucking stud

She slowly unbuttoned her blouse and slid it off her body. She stopped to admire herself in the mirror, rubbing her lacey bra and flat stomach. She paused and appeared lost in thought, before she continued removing her clothes. Her pants came off, followed by the bikini-cut panties and finally her bra. She stood naked again looking in the mirror, and then she walked out of her room and into the bathroom for her shower.

“Damn”, I thought to myself as I watched my neighbor from my window. “What I wouldn’t do to taste her.”

My neighbor was named Julie, a petite brunette who was married and had two kids, both of whom were off in college. Her husband works for weeks at a time, away on construction. I had fantasized about her since she and her husband moved in next to us a few years ago. She had smallish breasts and a wonderful ass, which she always showed off when she sunbathed in her back yard. I did odd jobs for them from time to time, cutting their grass, painting their deck, etc. Once I had discovered that my window faces directly at her bedroom, I watched her room at all hours of the day. Now that her husband worked away I had caught her undressing many times. She seemed to wear sexier clothes, and sometimes very little, around the house. All I knew is that I had to get in her pants. A chance had to come sooner or later… (more…)

September 15, 2006

older woman younger man relationships

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My senior year in high school, it looked as if it were going to be a bigger bore than all the rest. I had just turned 18, the weather was getting warmer and here I was with no job, no car and that meant no girl. On the rare occasions my father let me use his; I’d head to the local drive-in restaurant. I’d sit there ogling all my buddies’ girls, not to mention their cars.

One Saturday morning while I was having breakfast with mom, dad, and grandma was there too; the phone rang. It was Doug. He was a friend whom I’d met in homeroom at school.

“Hey Troy, Jim just had a guy quit and walk out on him here at the gas station. He said he’d give you an interview if you’re interested.”

Brother was I interested! I hung up the phone and leapt from one end of the house to the other. Mom and dad had all the typical questions. How would I get there? What were the hours? Would it interfere with school?

I assured them that I would manage everything. As for getting there; it was a quick 6 or 7 block walk. Well worth it for the opportunity to get some cash, which translated into a car. After getting there and meeting Jim and the guys, it seemed as if he were almost running a shelter for wayward boys. Everyone laughed, joked, and teased each other like they were family. He offered the job and I accepted on the spot. He explained that as we were still in school, our hours would be in the evening. Two or three of us would rotate evenings working. The same went with Saturdays. He expected two and sometimes three in on Saturdays as that was his busy day for mechanic work. One lonesome guy would man the gas service on Sunday from 9am till 3pm. I was told it would be the most boring 6 hours of one’s life. (more…)

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